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"Instant Fatherhood" Part 1 M/f

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Ed Collins was facing the first real challenge of his new parenthood. Last night when he discovered what she was doing, he could have taken hasty action, but he didn’t. Ed was the type who liked to think long and hard before doing something this important.

Ed, a widower for the last two years, called his teenaged niece into the kitchen for desert. Karen Collins had recently moved into his home following a tragic accident a mere six weeks ago that killed both of her parents. The weeks following the funeral had been a blur of attorneys and judges, but now it was all but official, Ed was now Karen’s legal guardian. It was not lost on Ed that he needed Karen almost as much as Karen needed him. Sad as he was to lose his brother and sister-in-law, suddenly having Karen to care for had given his life new purpose. Thankfully, with the resiliency of youth, Karen was finally beginning to come out of her shell and act more like her former self.

On the table, Ed had laid out dishes, spoons, and a pint of the best hand-packed butter-pecan ice cream that he could find. It had not taken him long to discover that this was Karen’s favorite treat. After calling his new charge to the table, Ed said: “There is a conversation we really need to have, and parts of it may be a bit awkward for both of us, but there is no reason why we can’t have a little fun while we are at it.” Karen looked at her Uncle curiously before finally responding, “OK, I give up; what are we going to talk about Uncle Ed?”

“Well” he said, drawing it out, “first let me divvy up this ice cream, except we are going to pretend it is something else.” “What else?” she asked curiously. “We are going to pretend that it is truth serum,” Ed declared. “It is going to make both of us tell the absolute truth, even if we get asked an embarrassing question.” The slim girl brightened, “Does this mean I get to ask you embarrassing questions too?” Ed pretended to think about it, “well if we are both eating this truth serum, I guess we won’t be able to help ourselves.” “Neat” Karen declared, “let’s dish it out!”

Karen took three quick bites of the ice cream and savored its rich flavor with a contented smile and looked at her guardian expectantly. “I have told you that my expectations for your behavior will be about the same as your parent’s expectations were; right?” Her mouth full of ice cream, Karen merely nodded agreement. ‘So now I need you to tell me what happens when you get into trouble with your parents.” “Don’t you know that?” she asked, “You knew which hairbrush to make be pack.” “Oh I know the answers to some of the questions I must ask,” he explained, “but I really need to understand reality from your point of view. Can you be totally honest with me?”

She took another bite and rolled the rich treat around in her mouth. “Can you feel that truth serum working?” Ed asked. “Oh yes” she joked, but then in a more serious voice she said, “OK, nothing but the truth…ask away.” “It was mostly your father who spanked you, right?” Ed asked gently. “After I was ten or so, it was always Daddy. Mommy would even make me wait until he got home.” “What did he spank you with?” She paused a moment before answering, “always the hairbrush.” Ed nodded, and paused to take a bite.

“OK,” he continued, “pretend that I am a fly on the wall and your father is about to spank you; what room are we in?”

“My bedroom”

“What is the position of your pants?”

She paused for a bite of “truth serum” and finally answered without looking up, “in a pile on the floor.”

“…And your panties?”

“Uncle Ed!” she protested. “I really need to know these things,” Ed said gently. “Remember, you are going to get your chance at me.”

“OK” she finally said grudgingly, “my panties are on the floor next to my pants.”

“Did the fly see you take them off yourself or did your father take them off?”

“I wish I had a fly swatter” she mused, but then finally answered, “he told me to take them off, so I did.”

“And then he told you to get over his lap?”

“Yes” she said, with the beginning of a tear in her eye.

“How hard did the fly see you get spanked?” Ed asked.

“Not enough information” Kathy answered, “What did I do to get myself spanked?”

“I guess you are going to have to tell me” Ed explained, “If I am going to treat you the way you are used to being treated, this is exactly the stuff I need to know.”

Finally gaining a bit of comfort with the conversation, Karen explained; “Well first you need to understand that Daddy really only had three types of spankings and they all started out the same.”

“Go on” urged Ed.

“Well first there was the plain old spanking where he would whale away at my bottom until he heard a certain type of crying that he said I can’t fake, and then he would stop. That spanking would leave my bottom red and it would hurt and itch for a couple of hours, but it would be OK the next morning.”

“OK” said Ed, “and the second type?”

“It was the same as the first, except he would add a few hard spanks at the bottom of my butt that left marks that I could feel every time I sat down for a few days.”

“And type three?”

“Well, he hardly ever did that one unless I did something really bad, but he just added more hard spanks until my whole bottom was marked. That would hurt bad for two or three days.”

“OK, the worst is over,” promised Ed, “now just tell me the types of things that have gotten you in trouble over the last couple of years.”

She screwed up her face in thought, a habit that the man found disarming and impossibly cute.

“Well,” she said, “my mouth got away with me twice and I talked back to my mother. The first time I got a type 1 spanking, and the second time I got a type 2, and then I guess I learned.”

“Go on” he urged,

“Once I was out too late and scared my parents; I got a type1 for that, and twice I got in trouble at school, they were both type 2.”

“Anything else.”

She took another bite of ice cream and avoided his eyes before admitting; “I got caught shoplifting.”

“Type 3 huh?” he asked.

“Yes, big time type 3” she said. “Don’t I get to ask you some questions Uncle Ed?” “Sure,” he said, “but I get one more when you are done.”

“OK,” she said, “tell me about your spankings when you were a kid.” Relieved that the question hadn’t been about his sex life, he answered, “Well you know that I was your father’s big brother, so everything that happened to him happened to me first.” “So Grandpa gave you the hairbrush?” the girl asked directly. “The hairbrush and the belt.” answered Ed. “Did you get the hairbrush bare bottom?” she asked innocently. “Yes” he answered honestly. “And the belt?” Ed’s ears turned red. Mimicking Karen’s earlier behavior, Ed stalled by taking a bite of ice cream. “We got the belt bare…really bare.” he finally admitted, “but I won’t ever do that to you, I think you are plenty smart enough to get the message without that treatment.” he said with a slight shudder. Anxious to change the subject, he asked the girl, “Do I get my last question now?”

“Go for it.” she said.

Ed’s heart thumped at the next question he had to ask; “take your last two bites of ice cream, the last question is a doozie” warned Ed. The girl emptied her bowl and looked at Ed questioningly. Finally the man spoke; “Please tell me what kind of spanking your father would give you for smoking.” The girl’s eyes grew wide in understanding, and suddenly gushed tears. “I didn’t get away with it after all.” she said wonderingly. “A non-smoker can smell a cigarette a hundred feet away, there is no way you could smoke in your bedroom without me knowing Karen. Besides, I found the butt where you threw it out your bedroom window.” He handed the girl a tissue before insisting; “Look me in the eyes and give me an honest answer.” She really seemed to think about it before finally answering with amazing candor; “I would be hoping for a type 2, but it might turn out to be a type 3.”

“Is there any reason why it should not be tonight?” Ed asked gently.

The girl hid her face with her hands, but that did not stop the tears from leaking out. “No, I guess not” she finally said.

“In that case young lady, I suggest that you go take your shower and get dressed for bed. When you are ready, put your hairbrush and all of your cigarettes on your bed and then call me in.”

“Yes Uncle Ed.” The girl sobbed. As the girl got up, the man stood and gathered her in a long, gentle hug, and then propelled her towards her bedroom with a gentle pat on her bottom. Halfway to the stairs, she stopped and turned around, “Uncle Ed?” “Yes?” he asked. “Can we do it with my panties on?” He had an answer all ready, “The short answer is ‘no’.” he said, “Your smoking was a deliberate act, and you knew quite well what the punishment would be.” In a kinder voice he continued, “The long answer is that I was married for 25 years and I have a grown daughter. I know very well what girls look like and I doubt that I will be seeing anything new tonight. In short, you can be perfectly comfortable with me. This is your home and you are safe here.”

With new tears streaming down her cheeks, the girl nodded and went to her room.

It was nearly thirty minutes later when Ed finally heard the voice of his niece calling him up to her room. He entered to find her in her pajamas, the hairbrush and an opened pack of cigarettes on her bed.

“First I would like to see you flush those cigarettes and then I would like a promise that there won’t be any more as long as I am taking care of you.” “Yes sir,” she said, “I promise, no more cigarettes.” At that, the girl solemnly shook the rest of the pack into the toilet and flushed. They quickly became waterlogged and spun their way down to oblivion.

A short talk followed, where Ed impressed on her that chemicals like nicotine would not help her adjust to her new life, that cigarettes were bad for her health, and that most boys these days have little desire to kiss something that tastes like a used cigarette butt.

After a pregnant silence Ed finally spoke gently; “I guess you know what comes next.” Karen nodded and sobbed out loud before finally reaching to her tiny waist, pushing her pajama bottoms past her rounded hips, allowing them to fall past her long legs, and stepping free of them. Neither staring at the girl’s exposed charms nor looking away from them, Ed noted immediately that Karen had not bothered with panties. Picking up the hairbrush, Ed motioned his charge into the traditional position.

Ed understood that he was being tested. The previous evening, it had been the faint but unmistakable smell of cigarette smoke that had confirmed Karen’s misbehavior, but it had been her subsequent cough that had betrayed that she was basically a non-smoker. Consciously or unconsciously, Karen had lit that cigarette simply to find out if her new “parent” would provide her with a safety net of firm, loving and fair limits. Ed was about to deliver!

Under the circumstances, Ed had decided against warm-up spanks or any other preliminaries. He intended for his new charge to remember forever her first spanking over her new guardian’s lap. Secretly and guiltily enjoying the feminine sight he looked down on, Ed raised the hairbrush high.

At the first spank, Karen bucked and gasped in surprise. She had imagined that her uncle would start gently and perhaps work his way up to a proper spanking. As it turned out, Karen lasted only three swats before squealing and then squalling like someone half her age.

Ed had forgotten how loud a proper spanking could be. The sharp sound of hairbrush violently impacting teenage bottom filled the bedroom, spilled out the door, and reverberated through the house. Loud as the spanks were, Karen’s lusty vocalizations quickly drowned them out. It was a sultry summer evening, and Ed hoped fervently that his neighbors were running their air conditioning so that they would not hear the sounds that must be leaking out of the house.

It probably seemed forever to Karen, but actually the first part of the spanking lasted less than three minutes. Ed noticed immediately when her cries changed in a manner that was difficult to describe and her movements became less urgent. It was plain that this was now a girl who now accepted her punishment rather than a girl simply crying because a hairbrush was hurting her bare bottom.

There was a pregnant pause in the action as Ed stopped to evaluate his work, while still firmly holding Karen’s hand in the small of her back. Finding her bottom to be a nice, even bright-red color from the top of her bottom crack to a point well below the crease where bottom meets leg, Ed patiently waited until Karen seemed to notice that she was no longer being spanked. Finally the girl quieted down and looked back at her guardian, fearful, yet curious. “Well Karen”, he asked gently, “would you accept that as a pretty good ‘type one’ spanking?” “Yes” she said fervently, “That really hurts; I have learned my lesson now.” “Tell my why you are being spanked.” Ed ordered. No dummy, the implication of the word “being” was not lost on Karen, besides, her uncle still had her torso held firmly over his lap with her right hand held firmly in his grip. “Please Daddy” she sobbed, “no more spanking.”

Tears suddenly appeared in Ed’s eyes. This the first time that Karen had begged for her spanking to stop, but far more importantly, it was the first time that she had ever called him “Daddy”. Ed almost choked up, but he forced himself to stay in character: “I told you to tell me why you are being spanked, now do it!” he commanded. “Because…because I smoked a cigarette.” She sobbed. “Are you ever going to do that again?” “No sir”, “Are you ever going to keep cigarettes in your room again?” “No sir.”

“I like your attitude and I think you are learning your lesson pretty well,” Ed said, “let’s just finish your spanking and get this over with so you can go back to being a good girl.” “No Daddeeee, noooooo.” The girl wailed as she felt Ed’s grip on her wrist tighten.

Ed raised the hairbrush and brought it down on the underside of Karen’s left buttock much harder than any of his previous spanks. The girl squealed in anguish and curled her legs over her bottom to protect herself from another blow, but Ed just waited patiently. “This can be fast or slow, your call. When you put your legs back down, we will continue.” It seemed like a long time, but it probably only took two minutes for Ed to place five more spanks in the same area, and slightly less time for him to repeat the process on her right “sit-spot”. Throughout this part of her spanking, Karen squealed, blubbered, and begged for an end, but she also did her best to stay in position so that Ed could finish his job.

Ed again surveyed his work, and found it sufficient. Her bottom was bright red with welts on the sit-spots that she would be feeling for the next several days. What he was seeing was the results of what Karen thought of as a “Type 2” spanking. He could have gone on and made it a “Type 3”, but Ed wisely decided to leave something to Karen’s imagination. After a pause, deliberately made long enough to make her wonder if there was still more spanking to come, Ed abruptly released the girl. “Will that be sufficient punishment to help you remember to not smoke in the future?” he asked mildly. “Oh yes, yes dad…err…Uncle Ed” the girl blubbered. “I promise, no more smoking.” “That better be true,” Ed said, “because the next time you can expect a ‘Type 3.’ spanking.”

As he helped the girl to her feet, the floodgates seemed to open, her sobs seeming to come from deep within her. The girl took just a couple of minutes to do a little post-spanking dance and to gently explore her newly tender nether territory with her fingertips before she surprised and delighted her uncle by climbing back up into his lap and throwing her arms around his neck. As the girl continued to cry, her uncle held her and rocked her gently. Actually, Ed was quite uncomfortable; to protect her throbbing bottom, Karen supported her weight with her knees, one of which was nearly in her uncle’s groin, and her hug was nearly breaking her uncle’s neck. In spite of his discomfort, Ed cradled the girl for nearly half an hour as the tears pored out of her.

The man knew that the tears were about far more than just the spanking. The girl had not shed a tear since her parent’s funeral, and it was a time for her to purge herself of some of the mental poisons that had built up in her tender, young psyche during the last few life-changing weeks. Ed would always remember this spanking and its aftermath as the divide when the two stopped being a “guardian and his charge” and started truly being “a father and his daughter”.

Finally, the girl seemed to recover enough for Ed to ask the one question that was really bothering him; “are you mad at me?” She seemed to have no trouble with the answer, “Well, my bottom really hurts, but I guess I deserved it so… No, I’m not mad at you…D…err…Uncle Ed.” “You seem to be having trouble with my name all of a sudden.” Ed prompted gently. “Well,” she said, “It’s kind of embarrassing, but I hope I didn’t make you mad when I called you ‘daddy’.” “Sweetheart”, he replied with a lump in his throat, “I know that I can never replace your real parents, and it will always be OK for us to talk about them, but if you want to call me ‘daddy’, I would be honored. If you’re not comfortable with that, and want to keep calling me ‘Uncle Ed’, that is perfectly OK also. I will love you the same either way” “OK Daddy.” The girl replied, and that was the end of the matter; at that moment, they became father and daughter.

Karen squirmed a bit on her new father’s lap, so Ed unwrapped his arms from around her and allowed her back on her feet. Suddenly the girl seemed to remember her state of undress in front of Ed and reached down to cover herself. Ed grinned at the girl and reminded her, “Relax, I have already seen that and a lot more. He stood up and pulled back the covers on the girl’s bed, and without further invitation Karen laid herself face-down on her sheet and buried her face in her pillow. Ed patted her back for a moment and then winced when he finally took a good look at her spanked bottom. “Oh, that must hurt. We need to do something about that.” he said, “I will be right back “

Ed quickly went to his bathroom, opened the medicine cabinet and found a bottle of lotion that he had not needed since his grown daughter’s last spanking years ago. Returning to Karen’s bedroom he said, “This may hurt a bit going on, but I promise to be as gentle as possible”. She jumped as the cold lotion hit her warm bottom, but gradually relaxed as Ed lovingly smoothed on the soothing balm. Just as Ed was trying to remember what you say to a girl you had just spanked, he noticed that her breathing had become deep and regular.

The new father gently laid the sheet over his sleeping daughter, gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek, and turned out the light on his way out of her bedroom. Karen was a spirited girl and there would surely be new challenges in the future; but tonight, all was well in the Collins household.

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