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If you're not already familiar with the Library Of Spanking Fiction, you are in for a treat.  See the bottom of this page for more info.  For spanking stories in e-book form, I recommend LSF Publications

Two New Stories, 8-11-17: Concierge Punishment and; The Viper
     Welcome! I hope you enjoy what you read, but if you are under 18, please go somewhere else. Unless otherwise noted, all of my work is pure fiction. All characters, places, and events are strictly fictional and have no relation to real events, people, or places. This is fiction; please do not try to imitate anything from my stories in real life, particularly as they relate to children.
     Spanking stories are for only those readers who happen to like this sort of thing. If that is not you, I understand 100%, I respect that, and I invite you to pursue whatever reading you enjoy.
     All of Guyspencer's stories are Copyrighted. You may keep an electronic copy for your own use, but please do not post my work anywhere else or publish in any way. That said, for those who ask nicely, I may grant non-exclusive permission to post my work to non-commercial sites.

     Some of my stories depict the spanking of children. I am conflicted about this, but spanking was a real part of my life and I see no reason to be so politically correct as to pretend that it never happened. As a child, I was spanked at home, at school, and even at church. As far as I know, all my friends and relatives were spanked. That is just the way life was.

My Commercial Stuff: I'm not in this for the money.  That's why I have never monetized this site.  That said, some of my stories are published through LSF Publications .  Many of those same stories are available free here. Also, under the name Wayne Gray I publish western-themed romances.  So far there is The Rancher's New Bride and Tex and the Stray .

Stand Alone Stories:
*8PM (M/f, F/m, M/m) 
*A Bottom Watcher's Paradise  
*A Chain of Error (M/F)    
*A Lesson Learned  
*A Lord's Husbandly Privilege M/F  
*A New Captain Takes A Bride M/F   
*Amanda's Curiosity 
* Asking For It Early (f/MF)
Awww Mommmm!(F/M) 
*Backpacker's Campsite 
*Before Breakfast   
* Brenda's Homecoming 
*Brenda's Punishment Swap 
* Caught Cheating (F/m, M/m)
* Choices (M/f, F/m, f/m)
Clint And The Empty Chair  
*Concierge Punishment  NEWEST!!! 
* Cutting The Cards 
Daddy's Second Thoughts  
*Daytona Beach Correction (M/F)
*Deliverance (M/F) 
*Double Jeopardy   
*Drop Your Drawers (M/F)  
*Dual Stories 1: Single father, Teen Daughter 
*Dual Stories 2: Single Mother, Teen Son    
*Edna's Contract for College (MF/f)  
*Ellie's First Time  
*Family Hour (Mostly M/f)
*Frontier Doctor 
*George Asks For It (FM/m) 
*Girl, Get Ready! (F/f) 
*Girls Get Into Trouble Too F/f  
*Grandpa’s Belt (F/m, M/m)
*Groundhog Day At Jefferson Arms (F/M)  
 *Her Last Family Council (M/F) 
*Hurricane Resurrection  
*Icarus Vicarious    
*If Only... M/F  
*It Works Two WaysNEW!
*Just 4 Kids, Part 1  
*Just 4 Kids, Part 2  
*Justice, Post Apocalypse  
*Knotty Pine (Mostly M/m)   
*Ludicrous, Texas  
*Luring Mr. Stanley   
*Master ClassNEW!
* My Big Mouth (M/m, F/m)
*Nudist Camp Spankings M/f   
*One in Ten    
*Pineville High's Celebrity Student, Part 1 
*Pineville High's Celebrity Student, Part 2
*Punishment Day   
Queen For A Day (f/M)   
*Reclaiming Her Son 
*Reptile Dysfunction (F/M)   
*Rite of Passage M/f  
* Shower Time (?/?)
*Spanked By The Female Gym Teacher 
* SpankFight       
*Special Sentencing      
*Sue's Gym Storeroom Paddling  
* Take Off Your Panties (M/f)  
*The 8 PM Peep Show   
*The Albatross Panties 
*The Cable Guy 
*The Choosing 
*The Day I Lost My Panties 
*The Dreamers   
*The Girl's Coming-Of-Age Ceremony 
* The Governor's Daughter
* The Great Escape (MF/fffffff) 
*The House at Vauxhall 
The Hysteria Treatment  
*The Hot Seat 
The House Squatter   
*The No-Panties Option  
*The No-Panties Day 
*The Panty Choice  
*The Panty Parade  
*The Pastor's Pointed Finger  
*The Principal's Bench  
*The Road Not Taken 
*The Spanked Aviatrix 
*The Spencer’s (M/F, F/M) 
*The Texas Two-Step  
*The Viper  NEWEST!!!!
*Their First Punishment Spanking (M/F)
*Their First Time (M/F)   
*Thief In The Night 
*Thou Shalt Not...   
*Turnaround Meeting  
*Turning Eighteen  

"A Sister's Practice Spanking" Series: 
*A Sister's Practice Spanking, Part 1 
A Sister's Practice Spanking, Part 2
A Sister's Practice Spanking, Part 3
* A Sister's Practice Spanking, Part 4 

"After The Rapture" Series:
*After the Rapture, Part 1 
*After the Rapture, Part 2
*After the Rapture, Part 3
*After the Rapture, Part 4

 "Corporate Justice" Series: 
*Corporate Justice I
*Corporate Justice II 
*Corporate Justice III
*Corporate Justice IV  
*Corporate Justice V

"On Courting (and Spanking) A Christian Girl" Series:                                         
Chapter 1 (Genesis)
Chapter 2 (Ruth)
Chapter 3 (First Timothy) 
Chapter 4 (Lamentations) 
Chapter 5 (Second Timothy) 
Chapter 6  (Ephesians)
Chapter 7 (John) 
Chapter 8 (Titus) 
Chapter 9 (Exodus) 
Chapter 10 (Proverbs) 
Chapter 11 (Colossians) 
Chapter 12 (Song of Solomon)  
Chapter 13/Conclusion (Revelation) 

"(DCS) Disciplinary Charter School" Series:
 * Disciplinary Charter School (DCS)  
*The Skybox (A DCS Story)
*Sex and the Single DCS Student

The "Appointment for Contrition" Series: 
* Appointment For Contrition, Part 1  M/F  
* Appointment For Contrition Part 2 
* Appointment For Contrition Part 3
* Appointment For Contrition Part 4
Appointment For Contrition Part 5
Appointment For Contrition: Part 6 
* Appointment For Contrition: Part 7
Appointment For Contrition: Part 8  
* Appointment For Contrition: Part 9  
* Appointment For Contrition: Part 10
Appointment For Contrition: Part 11  
* Appointment For Contrition: Part 12 
Appointment For Contrition: Conclusion

The "Sara's Dutch Uncle" Series: 
*Sara's Dutch Uncle: Part 1   
*Sara's Dutch Uncle: Part II  
*Sara's Dutch Uncle; Part III  
*Sara's Dutch Uncle; Part IV  

The "Instant Fatherhood" Series:
* Instant Fatherhood, Part 1 ( M/f)
* "School Troubles" I. F. Part 2 (M/f)
* "Caught Eavesdropping" I.F. Part 3 (MF/f)
* "Jenny Learns a Lesson" I.F. Part 4 (F/f, f/F,M/F)

The "Detention" Series         
* "Detention with Corporal Punishment   Part 1"
* "Detention with Corporal Punishment Part 2"
* "Detention With Corporal Punishment Part 3"
* "Detention With Corporal Punishment Part 4" 
* Detention With Corporal Punishment Part 5   
* Detention With Corporal Punishment: Part 6

"The Date" Series:  
*Part 1 (MF/f, MF/m)
*Part 2 (M/f)
*Part 3 (m/f)
* Part 4 (m/f)  

"Maryanne's Public Spanking" Series 
*Maryanne's Public Spanking, Part One
*Maryanne's Public Spanking, Part Two
*Two Bare Bottoms at Assembly 
*Three Bare Bottoms After School 
*Maryanne & Danny's Assembly   by Canadian Spankee 

The "Punishment Day" Series 
*Punishment Day
*A Disciplinary Picnic 
*Another Disciplinary Picnic

Some Guyspencer stories posted at:
"Oiling the Belt"
"My Punishment letter"
"Passing the Torch"
"The Question"
"Sweet Confusion"
"The Spencers"
"School Remembrances"

I you love spanking fiction, you will love The Kilahara Library of Spanking Fiction You will find over 20,000 stories by many authors (yes, including Guyspencer). It's a noncommercial  site with no advertisements, popups or other such junk.  The library offers both free and paid memberships.  The library blog is at

My western-themed romances available as e-books:

The Rancher's New Bride           and              Tex and the Stray

 The Rancher's New Bride                                    Tex and the Stray

If you like F/M, try "Disciplined By His Landlady" by one of my favorite Spanking authors, Lucy Appleby.

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