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The 8PM Peep Show

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The 8PM Peep Show

It was nearly 8 PM.  John crouched in the bushes in front of his neighbor’s house expectantly  peeking into the living room window.  This was the home of Bob Dover, his best friend and schoolmate.  John’s single mother worked late to make ends meet, so John often “hung out” at the Dover’s house, so John knew this room.  Inevitably, John had a crush on Bob’s older sister, Jan.  Similarly inevitable, Jan had no interest in a 13 year-old boy.  So any involvement with Jan was pure fantasy.  But momentarily, John hoped to see more of Jan than ever before!

John liked to think of himself as a detective, a phantom, an Indian scout, anything other than the reality.  In reality, he was just a pitiful little kid guiltily peeping on his friends most private and embarrassing moments. 

The Dover kids were secretive about their spankings, so it had taken months to discover the basic details.  John hadn’t been spanked since his parent’s divorce five years ago, but was strangely fascinated by the subject.  So he fed Bob stories of imagined spankings to trick him into describing his own spankings.  Finally, he successfully pieced together the Dover family punishment procedure, and had even peeked in on two of Bob’s spankings.

 He learned that the Dovers called them “bedtime spankings” but they actually happen in the living room in front of the family.  And they always happen around 8 PM.

He also knew that the Dovers lived by that old rule, “ Spanked at school, spanked at home.” Since everybody knew that Jan had been paddled for smoking in the girl’s room today, she was sure to also “get it” at 8 PM.

So now you know why John was hiding in the bushes.


The empty armless chair looked out of place sitting directly in front of the couch.  From previous nights, John knew its purpose.  John’s friend Bob, sat on the couch next to his mother.  They both had a certain concerned & expectant look on their faces that the boy had seen before.  Jan stood nervously in the middle of the room.  Her stricken look confirmed that the chair was there for her. The father walked purposely into the room.

Peeping through the gap at the edge of the closed window shade, the boy felt safe.  The shade had obviously been closed for privacy while the parents dealt with Jan; but it was a double-edged sword because the same shade hid the face of the young lurker from those inside.  Moreover, that closed shade on the front window acted as a signal flag to John.  Although John often knew when Bob or Jan were “in trouble”, those living room shades were always lowered when a spanking was imminent.  Of course, spankings in the Dover household were not a regular event, but they happened often enough that the boy learned to watch that window shade every evening!

In his hiding place the boy felt invisible.  Besides that wonderful window shade, a low shrub hid him from the sidewalk and a spreading tree in the Dover’s front yard threw the area into shadow.  Since he had figured out the Dover’s secret, he had narrowly missed seeing Jan get spanked once, but had twice seen Bob spanked; once with a hairbrush.  Today would be the first time for him to see Jan “get it”.
At 13, John had probably never heard the word “voyeur”.  If he had, he was certainly too young to understand the word’s full adult context.  He was also too young to understand why the mere thought of a spanking caused him to get an erection, but he was plenty old enough to know why seeing a “hot” girl like Jan get her bare bottom spanked was more interesting than seeing the same happen to Bob.  


In the Dover living room, the domestic drama unfolded before the apprentice voyeur.  Momentarily ignoring the armless chair, the father sat on the couch next to his wife.  Now Jan faced her entire family. 

Partly because of the double-glazed windows, and partly because Jan and Bob’s parents seldom raised their voices, the boy could hear little of the conversation.  From spying on Bob’s previous two spankings he knew a bit about the Dover’s spanking procedure, and assumed it would apply to Jan also.

As John expected, the parents had a discussion with Jan that continued for several minutes.  Surprisingly, this particular discussion took longer than usual.  Against all odds, Jan seemed to be defending herself, perhaps arguing for a reprieve, or at least for some lesser punishment.  He could see that Jan’s parents were far more patient than his mother would have been, never yelling, and always letting their children “speak their piece” before passing final judgment.  That said, he could also see determination in their eyes.  Jan and Bob’s parents were no pushovers!

From Jan’s body language, it was clear when she finally acknowledged defeat.  She sagged a bit and her face collapsed.  Spontaneously, perhaps to show that there were no hard feelings, the wet-faced girl bent over to tearfully hug her parents.  That done, she stood before them with a new dignity, obviously resigned to her fate.  At a word from her father, the girl’s hands nervously fluttered down to her tiny waist.  She unhooked her wide belt, and then fumbled with the button on her jeans.  

Outside, John felt a sudden pressure in his groin.

Because the girl was still facing her family, who were all seated on the couch, John only had a rear view as her jeans descended.  Removing them wasn’t simple!  Her jeans were tight, so she had to wriggle her way out of them.

As the jeans finally unmasked Jan’s hips, the boy’s heart rate accelerated and his half-mast erection became painfully rigid.  He saw her naked bottom! No panties? 

Jan had made a nervous error.  When she finally got her jeans bunched around her ankles, they wouldn’t go past her shoes, which she had forgotten to first remove.  Flustered, she shuffled to the still-empty armless chair and sat down momentarily to untie and remove her shoes, and to finally extract her feet from her jeans. 

When Jan stood to lay her jeans and shoes on the coffee table, John finally figured out (to his disappointment) that Jan was indeed wearing panties.  Their flesh color and their sheerness, had fooled him, allowing Jan’s firm bottom flesh to shine through the fabric.  From the front view, he saw that the material joined in a “V” at the front, making that part disappointingly opaque.

Facing the window, and unknowingly displaying herself to John, Jan crossed her hands in front and tugged up on her shirt.  Actually that shirt was too short to interfere with her spanking, but John clearly recognized this as part of the Dover’s spanking procedure.  As her arms went over her head, John managed a clear enough view of her groin to make out the cleft of her sex.  His heart rate redoubled.  The shirt joined the pile of clothing on the coffee table.  Jan now wore only bra and panties. 

In response to a pain in his groin, the boy reached down to rearrange himself.  Absently, his hand remained there, massaging the hardness.

Again Jan turned to face her family.  From previous observations, the boy knew that this was the point were the parents would have their final say before the actual spanking.  But this was also the point where they had once sent Bob to fetch the hairbrush for use on his own bare bottom!  The boy held his breath.  He didn’t wish Jan bad luck, but he was totally hooked by the drama.  Would she get the hairbrush? 

The rear view of Jan was spectacular!  Where her panties stretched over her buttocks, the material became impossibly sheer, seemingly stretched to the max..  The material had just enough substance to make her nether cleft a mysterious foggy canyon.  Were the panties molding her bottom or was her bottom molding her panties?   He hoped to find out soon!  Bob’s underpants had always come completely off for his spankings; so John hoped that the rule would also apply to Jan.   

It was this moment, when John’s mind was totally consumed with Jan’s body, her panties, and the hairbrush, that a car turned from a driveway across the road.  Its headlights silhouetted the outline of John’s head on the translucent shade.  Mr. Dover saw the head-shaped shadow on the shade, but had the presence of mind not to react. 

Continuing the Dover procedure, Father pointed Jan towards the master bedroom, where that special hairbrush waited.  Jan reacted tearfully, but obediently went to fetch it.

With Jan gone, Father whispered a few words into his wife’s ear, sidled beyond the window’s viewing angle and disappeared. 

Meanwhile, Mrs. Dover moved purposely to the spanking chair.  When Jan reentered the room, she went to her mother and reluctantly handed her the hairbrush.  Although both Bob and Jan were temporarily mystified, Mother created a masterful delaying act. 

Mrs. Dover first accepted the hairbrush, and then tucked it behind her.  Then with Jan standing directly in front of her, she reached out and tucked her thumbs into the elastic of her daughter’s panties.  Surprisingly, the panties stayed up... mostly.  Mrs Dover delayed by looking Jan in the eye and restarting a conversation about the dangers of smoking.   As she talked, her thumbs worked, but the panties never lowered enough to show more than the top of Jan’s nether crack.

Finally, there was a rap on the window.  Bob jumped in surprise, but Mrs Dover seemed to expect the signal.  Without further delay, she whisked Jan’s panties to the floor and held them so she could step out.  She guided the puzzled girl across her lap, and started her punishment with a vigorous hand spanking.   


John, of course, had been caught red handed by Mr. Dover.  Mr. Dover grabbed a handful of the lurking boy’s shirt, and instantly recognized John.   Fortunately for him, John had kept his pants zipped, but Mr. Dover made note of his tumescence.   As he yanked the boy out from behind the bushes, Mr. Dover rapped on the window, the sign for Jan’s punishment to proceed.

John begged to be released, and struggled a bit, but had no chance against Mr. Dover.  He pushed the boy through the back door, and sat him down at the kitchen table.  By now the sounds of Jan’s spanking echoed through the house, but John was too panicked to notice. 

Mr. Dover phoned John’s mother, who was naturally appalled at her son’s behavior and shocked because she thought he was studying in his bedroom.  Moments later, she knocked on the back door.  Entering the house, her eyes widened at the sounds of Jan’s spanking.  

When she saw her son, she forgot the spanking to zero in on him.  She yelled, “What have you done!  Are you turning into a pervert?  You’re supposed to be in your bedroom young man!  How often have you been sneaking out of the house?  That spanking I hear gives me ideas about what to do with you!”

Not given a chance to respond to anything his mother yelled at him, the boy visibly recoiled.  His mother often yelled at him, and often threatened spankings, but never delivered.  Mr. Dover interceded in a calming voice, “Let’s sit down and allow John to explain himself.”

“I’m sorry” John sobbed, “But there’s no explanation.  I guess I am just a pervert.”

“No John” Mr. Dover said, “You’re no pervert.  Curiosity is normal, and it’s certainly normal for a boy like you to be interested in girls.  But just like you see things in the store that you want, but you know not to shoplift, you’re old enough to know that it’s wrong to violate somebody’s privacy.”

The spanking in the living room seemed to end.  John’s mother looked questioningly at Mr. Dover.  “She got caught smoking in school” he explained, “This is just a pause, The hairbrush is next.”

Briefly, they questioned John.  When they ascertained that this was the third time he had peeked on a spanking, his mother sobbed, “I just don’t know what to do with him.”

“I think I do,  Mr. Dover replied, “Let’s talk outside.”

John sat there with butterflies in his stomach.   He could guess what Mr. Dover might suggest to his mother.  He didn’t really think that his mother would ever spank him; but the Dovers?  Perhaps!  He feared the possibility of being spanked in the Dover’s living room, but a perverse part of him prayed for it to happen.

He strained to hear the conversation happening outside the rear door, but new sounds from the living room interceded; “No Mom.  Mom No!  Not the hairbrush!”

Then he heard the “crack” of hairbrush colliding with bare feminine buttock as Jan’s paddling started in earnest.   Jan shrieked pitifully as the brush did its memorable work .  To John (and certainly to Jan) the paddling seemed to take forever, but actually it was over quickly.  It left Jan bawling, and with a bottom that would hurt for several days. 

Moments later John’s mother and Mr. Dover returned.  From the looks on their faces, John immediately guessed his fate. 

“OK John” Mr. Dover said “You get what you just heard Jan get.  It happens just as soon as we get Jan calmed down and get her in a robe.”

“And perhaps not for the last time either.” his mother added.

He pictured himself naked across Mrs. Dover’s lap, with Bob and Jan watching him kick and bawl as his bottom was spanked bright red.

Tears sprang to John’s eyes.  He shook with fear and mortification. 

But part of him couldn’t wait. 

© Guyspencer 2012


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