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Appointment for Contrition, Part 9

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                                                Appointment for Contrition, Part 9

It was the Sunday after Dr. Lee’s had delivered his very first “Contrition Appointment” spanking,  Sister Gilbert had been the willing recipient.  Dr. Lee’s sermon had been well received, and the entire service had gone smoothly.  As usual, Dr. Lee stood at the door to shake hands and to greet congregation members as they departed.   Sister Gilbert and her husband hung back, last in line.  Dr. Lee noticed that they were holding hands, her face looked relaxed and happier than he had ever seen it.

When it finally came their turn, Brother Gilbert seized his hand and shook it energetically.  “Bless you for what you did for Glenda.  It’s been years since I’ve seen her so happy and relaxed.”  He looked around to see that nobody else was in earshot before continuing.  “There’s…errr, that other matter between myself and Glenda.”  Dr. Lee saw Sister Gilbert’s face tense just slightly as her husband continued, “Can we talk privately about that?”

A few minutes later, Dr. Lee escorted the couple to his private office.   As soon as the door closed, Sister Gilbert spoke up, “Henry thanked you, and now it’s my turn.  That spanking you gave me hurt, but it was worth it!  I’d been living with that guilt so long that I thought it was permanent.  Now it’s gone!  Since Henry is here to chaperone, I can do this…”  She pasted a kiss in the flustered young Pastor’s cheek followed by an energetic hug. 

Finally the Pastor got everyone sat down.  Although the Gilbert’s had been married long enough to have grown children, they were obviously still in love.  Before sitting, they had pulled their chairs together.  They sat holding hands.  Yet again, the Pastor longed for that type of physical and spiritual togetherness with a woman.  Swallowing his sexual frustration, Dr. Lee led the couple in prayer.  That done, he looked at them expectantly, wondering what this was about.

Brother Gilbert spoke first, but with a bit of a blush; “To be clear, Glenda and I have discussed what we’re about to ask of you and we both agree.  We both equally hope you will help us.”

Dr. Lee’s ears perked up.  He had no clue what was to follow, but expected something interesting.

Now it was Sister Gilbert’s turn to blush, “Just so you know, my bottom really hurt for a couple days after you…you know…spanked me.  There were some marks, but now they’re almost gone.  So it’s almost time for my…”  She couldn’t manage to finish the sentence, so she tried again, “I mean it’s almost time for Henry too…” She choked on the next word, but finally got it out “s-sp-spank me like he promised because I was so untruthful to him for so long.”

Dr. Lee was curious but didn’t trust himself to speak, so he just sat back with what he hoped was a look of polite detachment on his face.

There was a pause, but finally Brother Gilbert spoke up.  “You see, it’s been 25 years since the last time I…err…spanked Glenda.  Now I’m afraid I'm out of practice.  I don't want to harm her.”  He stopped, flustered, unable to continue.

Bravely, Sister Gilbert stepped into the breach.  “Pastor Lee, what we’re trying to say is that we would like to invite you to our house Thursday evening for supper…and a spanking… my spanking of course.”

Instantly the young Pastor’s heart rate doubled.  He paused, not trusting himself to speak.

Finally, carefully, he spoke, “You are both sure that this is truly what you want?  This is a very private matter between the two of you.  I wouldn’t want to intrude.”  Both looked straight in his eyes and nodded solemnly, hopefully,

 “Then how can I refuse?”


Dr. Lee’s mouth was slightly dry as he rang the Gilbert’s doorbell at the appointed time.  The couple warmly greeted him, and then led him directly to their dining room.  They sat down at an elaborately set table.  Dr. Lee said the blessing, and then with a flourish Sister Gilbert brought out her masterpiece; pot roast.  The young Pastor groaned inwardly to himself.  Every time he was invited to supper at a parishioner’s home, the lady felt it necessary to serve her prize dish, and it always seemed to be pot roast!  He smiled weakly and ate with artificial relish.

As they ate, the three chatted, chatted about everything except the real purpose of the evening.  As the meal proceeded towards its inevitable conclusion, he noticed with interest a bit of sweat forming on Sister Gilbert’s upper lip.  Although she pretended otherwise, her imminent punishment was clearly on her mind.  He had been concerned about spanking her immediately after a meal, but noticed with relief that she only nibbled at her food.

It was Brother Gilbert who first mentioned the real reason Dr. Lee was there, and then only peripherally.  “I suggest we hold desert until later.  Why don’t we adjourn to the living room and let supper settle a bit before we move on to…errr…what we talked about Sunday.”  As he talked, Sister Gilbert blushed, it was an amazingly deep blush that started at her neck, went to her cheeks, and proceeded all the way to her ears.  Middle aged lady or not, that blush made her look innocent and ravishing.

The two men settled in the living room.  Sister Gilbert brought them coffee, and then nervously excused herself to clear the table.  By now, Brother Gilbert was also showing his nerves.  Dr. Lee noted that the drapes had been closed.  Apparently the spanking would happen right here.

Dr. Lee cleared his throat, “Brother Gilbert…”

“Call me Henry please,” he replied, “I suppose you’re wondering why we asked you here and what your role is to be?”

Dr. Lee relaxed, “Yes, exactly.”

“As I think you know Dr. Lee, I’m deeply in love with my wife.  She was untruthful to me for several years and must be punished for that, but hurting her will be very difficult for me.  My goal this evening is to give her a spanking at least as severe as the one you gave her, but I don’t want to risk injuring her.  I’m not totally unfamiliar with spanking; I have grown kids you know.”

“And you also mentioned something about spanking Glenda many years ago?”

Henry blushed, “Yes, but that was hardly ever for err…punishment.  These games were too noisy to play around children so we stopped them long ago.”

“There is no sin in loving sensuality between husband and wife, regardless what form it takes.” Dr. Lee soothed, “and it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Thanks for that,” Henry sighed, “The problem is, I just don’t know if I have the mental strength to hurt my wife.  I was thinking that if you would sort of ‘break the ice’ by starting her spanking, I think I might be able to take over and finish the job.  Then you would tell me when to stop so that I don’t stop too soon or too late.  Could you do that for us?”

Dr. Lee took a couple sips of coffee while he carefully considered his response.  “Suppose we do it this way.  I’ll spank one buttock and one thigh to what I consider is the perfect shade of red.  Then you take over, and just spank her until everything matches, but then there’s more...  Pause for a bit, and then give her five or six scorchers on each side of her bottom, those will be the ones that leave mild marks that she'll feel for the next few days.”

Henry gave a long sigh.  “It’ll be hard, but I’ll do my best.  It’s important that we do a good job so that Glenda and I can get this behind us and move on with our life together.”

“Then it’s agreed. “  

Just then Glenda came back into the room nervously wiping her sweaty hands in her apron.

With tears in his eyes, Henry stood to embrace his wife.   Glenda responded with a sob and a few tears of her own.  Dr. Lee stood to lead the couple in prayer, asking for wisdom and guidance for Henry and for acceptance and forgiveness for Glenda. 

Henry embraced his wife again, and told her how much he loved her.  Glenda responded in kind.  There was a long silence as they clung to each other.  Finally Henry ordered in a husky voice, “Go change as we discussed, and then bring us a dining room chair.”  Tearfully, Glenda left the room.


They waited several awkward minutes until the somber Glenda reappeared.  She was carrying an armless dining room chair, and was wearing the white translucent “truth” gown that she had just received from Sister March.  From all indications, she was wearing nothing under it.  Henry pointed to where he wanted the chair placed.  Then he led his wife to the couch, where he sat with her standing in front of him. 

The next few minutes were difficult for husband and wife, as Henry expressed his disappointment that his cherished wife had hidden the truth from him for so long.  “We can only truly be a team if there are no barriers between us,” he said, “and untruthfulness is certainly a barrier.”  He also talked about the opportunities lost from her years of unhappiness.  “Just facing the truth years ago could have made our lives so much better.”

Through her tears she agreed, and apologized profusely.

Finally they both fell into a long silence.  It was obviously time for the spanking, but neither seemed anxious to take the first step. 

Bravely, Dr. Lee stepped in, “Sister Gilbert, I think it would be appropriate for you to get down on your knees right where you are and say a prayer of Contrition.  Ask our God for forgiveness.”

Tears streaming down her cheeks, she dropped to her knees.  She said her prayer aloud.  Then, with a new light in her eyes, and a fresh determination, she spoke to her husband, “I’m forgiven and ready for my punishment now Henry.  Would you like me to remove my gown sir?”

Wordlessly, Henry stood and motioned for her to rise.  Then he took her into his arms.  As Dr. Lee watched, they embraced for one last time as Henry whispered something into her ear.  Glenda nodded, and then raised her arms.  Henry reached down for the hem of her gown, and whisked the garment off his wife.  She stood there naked. 

Henry pointed to the chair, “Dr. Lee, will you please sit there?”  To Glenda he explained, “Dr. Lee will start off your punishment, and then I will finish it.  He will also help me assure that you get the proper amount of spanking, not too much or too little.  Are you ready sweetheart?”

Wordlessly, she nodded.

Henry took Glenda by the arm and walked her to Dr. Lee, who was seated in the armless chair. 

Automatically, she laid herself across his lap. 

Dr. Lee adjusted Glenda’s mature, pure-white bottom into exactly the proper position, and then started spanking without further ceremony.  However, this spanking was different from any that he had ever delivered before!  He started with five hard swats to her left buttock only, and then after a slight delay, he resumed the spanking; to her left buttock only.  As Glenda was a full-figured lady, this still gave him significant territory on which to demonstrate his considerable spanking skill.  He had positioned her well out on his lap so that no part of that quickly-reddening mound was protected by his stomach.  

Henry watched with an odd mixture of sadness and prurient interest as his wife writhed under the corporal attentions of his young Pastor.  As the spanking progressed, gradually the sadness dissipated, to be replaced by wonder and vague guilt at his growing arousal.  It even occurred to him to wonder if Dr. Lee was aroused.  Charitably, he finally came to the inevitable conclusion; “There’s a naked lady doing a horizontal jitterbug over the man’s groin; how could he not be aroused?”    Regardless of his Pastor’s erectile state, he fully trusted the young man to act in a moral and professional manner.

While Glenda knew that she couldn’t possibly take her punishment without noise or struggle, she firmly believed that she deserved and needed this spanking, so she had resolved to hold out as long as possible under this onslaught of sting, pain and emotion.   As it turned out her resolve didn’t last long.  She as totally unprepared for the uncomfortable effects of Dr. Lee’s one-sided spanking.  Somehow, the contrast between her rapidly reddening left side and her untouched right side made the spanking seem much worse.  She twisted, kicked, and squirmed, as her entreaties gradually became more and more shrill. 

Dr. Lee stopped, and talked quietly to the sobbing lady to give her a chance to catch her breath, and to remind her of the reason for her punishment.  When he decided that he again had her full attention, he resumed the spanking, but this time he spanked her left thigh.  She shrieked her appreciation and kicked with a new vigor. 

After twice revisiting Glenda’s left buttock and alternating with that left thigh, Dr. Lee finally decided that his part in this punishment was over.  He allowed the lady to calm a bit, and helped her to her feet, standing himself so that Henry could take his place.  Her hands automatically went to her bottom, but Dr. Lee gently but firmly removed them.  He steadied her until her husband’s lap was ready, and then guided her into place.  Henry wasted no time resuming Glenda’s punishment.

Watching Henry spank his wife, Dr. Lee quickly ascertained that his help had never really been needed.  Henry spanked his wife with true authority, and seemed to have no lack of confidence.  Glenda bawled and kicked as her half-spanked bottom quickly became a fully spanked bottom with an all-over bright-red hue. 

Her legs splayed wide, showing the young preacher more than he really wanted to see.  Red faced, he moved to her other side to allow her that tiny bit of privacy.  As agreed, Henry looked up at Dr. Lee for approval when he had spanked her bottom to an even color, and received a “thumbs up” from his preacher.  He shifted Glenda’s position a bit to give himself a good swing, and trapped her legs with his right leg, and then delivered the finishing full-strength “scorcher” spanks as Glenda bucked and howled.

Soon Glenda was in her husband’s arms.  Both of them in tears.  Their kisses started out tender, but quickly turned passionate. 

Very quickly, Dr, Lee realized that both him and the desert had been forgotten.  He let himself out the front door.
The young Pastor drove home in a state of personal and sexual frustration.  What had long been in the back of his mind now came to the fore; he wanted a relationship like Henry and Glenda enjoyed, wanted it more than anything else in the world. 

In a flash of insight, he realized why he had really been invited to the Gilbert’s home that night.  It wasn’t about Henry and Glenda, it was about him!   Henry had never needed help to spank Glenda.  Actually, they had wanted to give him a not-so-gentle nudge in the direction of marriage.

They had wanted him to see what marriage could be.

His eyes full of tears, he pulled to the side of the road to collect his thoughts.  The young man made two silent vows.  He would diligently and prayerfully search for the right woman, and he would find a way to thank Glenda and Henry for their kindness.  

© Guyspencer 2012


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Wow! I have just finished this series of stories and let me tell you how much I have truly enjoyed them. I really hope you continue with this, I couldn't stop reading and am longing for more. Please let us know what is in store for Pastor Lee. Love your writing!

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