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Corporate Justice II

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Corporate Justice II

December, 2047
It had been a long day at work, but the worst part of Jill’s day was just starting.  The summons had been no surprise.  Her house had been raided and she had been officially booked two weeks ago.  Her appointment with the Administrative Rule Adjudicator (ARA) had been conveniently scheduled for after working hours, but that was for the convenience of the corporation that employed her, not for Jill’s benefit.

Even though they effectively replaced millions of dollars’ worth of judges, clerks, and prosecutors, ARAs were among the government’s pettiest and lowest paid bureaucrats.   The musty office she was escorted into held an overweight, pompous man with an inferiority complex.  In an apparent bid for legitimacy, his walls were covered with certificates of attendance to countless governmental employee seminars.  Tellingly, no real diplomas were in evidence, certainly no law degree! 

Her file sat on his desk.  “You are charged with operating an illegal beauty parlor in your apartment,” he intoned.  “How do you plead?”

“It’s just something I do for friends” Jill explained, “No money changed hands.” 

“That’s fortunate for you,” the bureaucrat explained, “Or you would be guilty of a currency violation in addition to your charges of unfairly competing with a corporation and tax evasion.”
“But…but, I wasn’t running a business, it was just friends helping friends…”

The man cut her off, “Yes!  They all say that!  But you do something for your friends, and they do something for you.  Even with no money involved, it’s all part of the underground economy, and the underground economy steals business from legitimate, tax-paying, job-generating corporations.  We can’t have that!  That’s why you’re here!”

Under the onslaught, Jill simply sobbed.  Tears ran down her cheeks.

“Since you offer no defense, I will enter a guilty plea so we can discuss your punishment.”  The man said in a condescending tone of voice.  “Have a seat while I check a few things.”
Jill sniffed as she sat in front of the man’s desk.  The hard chair creaked and rocked on the uncarpeted floor.

He mumbled to himself for several minutes as he consulted his computer screen and tapped a few keys.  Finally he spoke: “You are a very lucky lady.  There’s one slot open in our in-house Quick Correction (QC) facility today.  That will save you one of the two Overnight Correction (OC) sessions that the guidelines recommend.  I will escort you directly to the correction facility for today’s session.  In due course, you will receive a summons to the OC facility for your overnight session.  Naturally, that will be more severe than today’s correction.  This is special consideration because you are a first offender, so be thankful!”

Jill had trouble being thankful.  She cringed and her buttocks squeezed as she processed the news of her imminent punishment.  Her first offense, this would be her first experience inside a correction facility.

 The bureaucrat escorted Jill downstairs to the in-house correction facility.  As he walked, he ruminated on the injustice of it all.  Jill was the best looking “client” he had ever dealt with.  He knew that soon Jill would be naked, and would be doing a horizontal dance across some lucky person’s lap whilst her bottom was spanked to a brilliant red.  But ARAs weren’t allowed beyond the QC facility’s reception area, so the man who made it all happen wouldn’t be allowed even a quick little peep.  It just wasn’t right!  He resolved to write yet another memo outlining how ARAs had a professional need for a “more intimate understanding of the entire correctional process”.  


The reception area was a dismal affair with one lady sitting at a desk, and a few chairs lining the walls.  The lady wore the iconic tan uniform of the Governmental Correction Service (GCS).  Some of the chairs held people exhibiting various combinations of nervousness and sadness.  The ARA walked Jill to the desk and handed over her file folder.  Then with obvious reluctance, he departed, leaving Jill to her fate.

The lady asked Jill to stick her hand into a gadget on her desk.  She felt a tickling sensation as the machine verified her biometric identity and sniffed her blood for painkillers or other drugs.  “OK, that’s good,” she said brightly, “and we just received your medical clearance from your employer’s health clinic.  So everything’s in order.  Have a seat until your Correction Administrator (CA) comes for you.”

Jill tried to stutter a question, “How long…err, I mean how soon…”

“How long to wait for your punishment?” the lady asked, “Sorry, I’m not allowed to guess.  Uncertainty is important to the correctional experience.  All clients will be dealt with in due course.”

As Jill sat, she noticed the other “clients”.  There were five of them, three men and two women.  She hadn’t yet seen the punishment room, but she could clearly hear sounds of at least two people being punished.  Jill wished that she had picked another seat, because the man sitting next to her was sobbing.  She turned to comfort him, but was stopped by a glare from the desk lady.  Apparently “clients” weren’t supposed to talk to each other.

After about twenty minutes, two tan-uniformed CAs escorted two very stricken-looking “clients” into the room.  Even though one of the CAs was female, they both had the impressive physique characteristic of all CAs. Both clients walked with obvious pain, both sobbing and rubbing their bottoms through their clothes. The CAs left the pair at the desk with their files, and picked up two fresh files.  Every gut in the room constricted as the CAs skimmed the files, cleared their throats, and finally each called a name.  The man next to Jill gasped in relief as two others reluctantly stood to be marched away.   

Shortly later, a single, female CA brought in a client who was so stricken that she needed to be supported.  She moved a chair to the front of the desk, and sat the client down, “Call a cab for this one.  She’s in no shape to take a bus home.”  Then, seemingly unconcerned, she selected a fresh file from the desk.  As she did, she looked right at Jill.  Jill shivered in fright.  The lady was truly frightening.  She had the normal look of a Correction Administrator, and she wore the usual uniform, but it was her eyes that scared Jill.  They were the eyes of a psychopath.  Jill knew that CAs were carefully screened and the lady couldn’t possibly be a danger, but still… 

Jill sagged in relief when the name the lady called wasn’t hers.  The sad man next to her whimpered, and then wobbled to his feet.  The CA escorted him from the room.

It was only a couple more minutes before another CA led another freshly-punished client into the room.  He picked up a file, read it, and then called Jill’s name.

Jill had vowed to be brave, but tears immediately gushed.  She was barely able to follow the man from the room.  She had expected to go straight to the punishment room, but instead he led her to a tiny interview room, “First the paperwork.”

Seated across from the small table that held her open file, Jill’s eyes finally dried enough to get a good look at the man who was soon to beat her bottom.  She gasped!  He had a winning smile, a twinkle in his deep blue eyes, wavy blond hair, and the body of a male pinup.

It had never happened to her before, but somehow she knew this man was as interested in her as she was in him.  They sat quietly across the table with erotic sparks flying between them.  Automatically she checked his ring finger.  No ring!  Looking up, she caught him looking at her unadorned left hand.  After a couple false starts, the man finally spoke, “My name is Adam.  Is…is there anyone else?” 

“No” she assured him, “I’ve been too busy with my job and my hairdressing appointments to find a boyfriend, but it seems I’ll have more time in the future.  You?”

“No” he said, “there’s nobody else.”

Perhaps once in a lifetime, a person will experience a sudden attraction, infatuation & excitement when first meeting someone.  We call this rare phenomenon “love at first sight”.  Rarer still is when that feeling is instantly mutual between two parties.  Vanishingly rare, is when both are not only mutually attracted to each other, but also both free.  Both Jill and Adam had grasped what was happening, but there were two little problems; 1) An ARA had awarded Jill a painful and embarrassing punishment, and   2) It was Adam’s job and sworn responsibility to conscientiously apply that punishment to Jill’s bare bottom.

Finally Adam regained his senses and remembered his job. There was a simple remedy enshrined in GCS regulations for just this situation.   Any CA who felt strong emotion (anger, lust, etc.) towards a client should refer that client to another CA. 

 “Under the circumstances I can’t possibly spank you. Another CA is interviewing a client in the next room.  I’ll switch clients with her.”

Remembering the scary lady, Jill pleaded furiously, “No, no, please don’t!  I know I must be punished.  Do your worst, I’ll recover just like everybody else and then I promise no hard feelings.  Since I must be spanked, I’d prefer it happen across your lap rather than someone else’s.”

Clearly tempted, Adam temporized.  “Let’s discuss the process.  First you must totally disrobe, and then you’ll receive a fifteen-minute spanking.  That’s the basic punishment that everybody gets.  It hurts, it seems to last forever, and it’s memorable, but that’s just the beginning.  Your ARA has sentenced you to a number three correction today, that’s the maximum correction we do at this facility.  After your 15-minute spanking, you’ll be allowed up to a ten-minute break, and then you will either be fastened over a trestle for a strapping, or you’ll get the medium paddle while across my lap.  Either way, your bottom gets bruised. “

Jill gulped, but then spoke carefully, “Regardless of who does it, it’s the same punishment, so what’s the problem?  Nobody need know that I don’t find the idea of you spanking me totally repugnant. “

He smiled at her, which made her melt, “Truth is, I don’t find the idea of having you across my lap totally repugnant either.  So now we’ve been honest with each other.  Just remember that we’re talking about a real punishment here.  Giving you any break would violate my oath.  Besides, we have quality control here.  You’ll hurt for days.”

Jill looked at him wide-eyed, “OK.”

He took her hand, “Promise not to be mad?  Err…I’d like to see you someday… soon.”

“I promise” Jill said with relief in her voice.  That scary lady in the next room was no longer a threat, and suddenly there was a glimmer of a future that included this Adonis of a man.

With new authority in his voice, Adam addressed her.  “First, I must remind you of the reason for your correction.  You were caught dealing in the underground economy.”

Dutifully, he parroted the official line, “That’s illegal because our whole economy depends on corporations.  We need our corporations healthy; therefore we can’t allow unfair competition from the underground economy.”

He continued, “You’ve been sentenced to today’s punishment at severity level three, plus an Overnight Punishment session at a future date at severity level four.  Understand?”

She nodded soberly.

His ears turned red, “Now I must ask a personal question.  You will shortly disrobe…completely… for your punishment.  Is that…errr… Will that cause you any…complications?”

She blushed when she caught his meaning, “It’s not my time of the month if that’s what you’re asking.”

“Sorry,” he said, “I’m uncomfortable with that question, but I’m required to ask.”

He insisted that she make use of a small lavatory, and then escorted her to the punishment room.  This was a loud place, with lockers lining one wall and implements arranged on the opposite wall.   The middle of the room featured a neat installation of heavy spanking chairs and punishment trestles.

Several CAs were energetically working with their “clients”, thus the noise.  All of the clients were naked, except for one man who was standing at a locker undressing.  Adam led her to the adjoining locker.  “As you can see, this is a mixed-gender facility.   Undressing will feel strange at first, but just ignore others and they will ignore you.  Shortly after your punishment starts, your modesty will become a non-issue.  You have five minutes to disrobe and remove your jewelry.  Lock your locker, and then hang the key around your neck.  That key should be all you are wearing.”

Then Adam left Jill with instructions to meet him at Punishment Station #3.

Jill stood uneasily looking into the empty locker.  The man standing beside her, clad only his briefs, was the person she had sat next to in the reception area, the same sad man who had went with the scary lady CA.  He hadn’t been happy then, and he was less so now.  The man sobbed softly.  Just then, the lady CA yelled at him to hurry up.  With a groan, he finally shucked off his underpants and tossed them in the locker.  As he slammed the locker door, Jill automatically looked over…and down.  She wasn’t impressed.  Charitably, she assumed that the punishment room’s frigid air had shriveled his “man bits”.

With the man gone, Jill undressed.  A chair would have helped, but none was provided.  She kicked off her shoes, and then balanced on each leg to remove her pants and socks.  Too soon, she faced that terrible choice; should she save her bra or her panties for last?  In the end, it made little difference; Jill was as naked as every other client in the room.

Perversely, as Jill undressed she thought of Adam, and gradually became excited.  She was embarrassed that she had become distinctly damp “down there”.  Would Adam notice? If so, what would he think?

Finding Punishment Station #3 wasn’t difficult; there was a large digit hanging over each spanking chair.  In doing so, she gave station # 6 a wide berth, because that’s where the scary lady CA was loudly spanking the sad man from the next locker.

Adam sat in his spanking chair, watched Jill approach, and mused about his job, “What a job.  First you meet the world’s most beautiful girl, and then she gets naked, and then you spank her.”  He hoped that Jill would keep her promise to not be mad at him.  But regardless, she must get the “full treatment” regardless of his feelings.

The naked version of Jill didn’t disappoint.  Naturally, Adam viewed countless naked women as part of his job, but never anything like her.  Her tiny frame was padded with girl-flesh in all the right spots.  Her modest breasts defied gravity, yet jiggled provocatively as she walked.  Her tiny waist accentuated the perfect curves of her hips.  Her skin was unblemished and golden.  He couldn’t yet see her bottom, but he had high expectations.  Atop it all was the face that he had so recently fallen in love with.  To his consternation, he felt himself stiffen.

He blushed as he saw Jill glance down at his groin and smile.

He groaned, “I’m, I’m sorry.  This doesn’t usually happen.  I’m supposed to be a professional.”

“I’ll take it as a compliment.  Besides,” she admitted with a small blush, “I’m having much the same problem.”

Adam looked around guiltily, and was relieved to find nobody close enough in this thankfully loud room to catch their conversation.  “OK, he said.  This will be very painful for you and very strange for me.  I suppose you know the position.”

Jill had been puzzled by the heavily padded rail to the right of Adam’s spanking chair, but as she obediently put herself into position, its purpose became immediately clear as her legs slid underneath.  It restrained her from raising her legs much above the horizontal, yet otherwise left them free to kick and splay.  It likely made Adam’s job much easier.

“This will be a standard fifteen-minute spanking,” he warned.  “It’s timed by this little gadget around my neck.  It’s OK to struggle a bit, but if you succeed in stopping me, I must add at least a minute for each incident.  Understand?”

Her eyes wide from the feeling of Adam’s impressive erection poking so close to her groin, Jill nodded.

“OK then here we go, “Adam warned, pushing a button on the gadget. It beeped, indicating that it was timing the punishment.  Immediately, Jill felt the first of what would be countless slaps to her bottom. 

All CA’s carry a small rubber paddle, carefully designed to be equal in severity and feel to the human hand.  To avoid repetitive motion hand injury they use the paddle almost exclusively.  For Jill, Adam made an exception.  Who could blame him for wanting to touch Jill’s bare flesh?

Her brain wrapped in a protective erotic fog, Jill rode out the first minutes of the spanking without trouble.  She bounced from Adam’s blows, and ground herself into his lap, leaving a wet stain on his tan uniform pants.  However, by the five-minute mark the sting and pain had finally penetrated and Jill was suffering.  She struggled, but Adam easily controlled her, so she ineffectively kicked and howled.

Adam had passed an extensive three-month training course to become a CA.  Much of that training was in the art of delivering the standard fifteen-minute spanking.  It was supposed to be an unforgettable experience for the recipient, but the real art was in the requirement that every spankable square inch of the client’s bottom be rendered bright red, but without bruising.   As Jill painfully discovered, Adam had been a very gifted student.

Those fifteen minutes gave Adam time to spank far more than just Jill’s perfect pear-shaped buttocks.  As she screeched and begged, he methodically spanked down past her sit-spots, and then along her legs almost to the backs of the knees.  That done, he widened the field, spanking both outer thighs, and then forcing her to open her legs to allow him access to her tender inner thighs.  In desperation, she tried to roll off his lap, but she never had a chance.  Adam was not only strong, but a true spanking professional. 

Jill was almost glad when Adam returned to his original targets for the last several minutes.  She kicked her legs wildly, her feet thrummed on the floor, and the backs of her calves bounced off the bottom of the padded rail, but it was all for naught, the spanking continued remorselessly to its conclusion.

Finally Adam’s gadget beeped loudly and her ordeal was over.  Adam held the squirming, squalling girl down until he judged she would be safe on her feet.  Finally vertical, she danced, rubbed, and squalled like a person possessed.  Adam watched with professional concern.

When she quieted enough, he reminded her, “We’re not done.  If you’re smart, don’t delay.” 

Remembering, that there was still punishment due, Jill forced herself to calm down.  She looked at him soberly.  “Yes sir, can we finish it?”

He pointed to a wall that held several implements.  “Go fetch me a medium paddle, it’s the red one.”

Jill wasn’t stupid.  She realized that Adam had done her a favor by reminding her not to delay.  Tempting as the idea of a temporary respite was, she hurried to get the paddle.  Professional or not, Adam enjoyed the sight of her red bottom wiggling its way across the room.  On her return trip, Jill noticed the sad man fastened to a trestle, and the scary lady CA swinging a strap.  She was thankful that Adam had decided on the paddle for her rather than the strap. 

Obediently, she handed Adam the paddle.

He was straight with her, “This will be far worse than before, but much shorter.  Let’s get started so we can finish.

Obediently, she lay across his lap to present her already livid ass for further correction.

He spent the next two minutes using that paddle with moderate blows to re-ignite every nerve ending in her bottom.  She kicked, and splayed, and twisted and screeched, but all to no avail.  When he was finally satisfied that the job was totally done save the finishing touches, he paused and whispered “sorry”.  Then, using most of his very considerable strength, he “branded” her with three quick but vicious blows to the summit of each buttock, and then two similar blows to each sit spot.  Jill screamed so loudly that half the people in the room turned to look.

Still pinned across Adam’s lap, Jill seemed inconsolable.  Naturally, Adam had seen this same distress hundreds of times, but he had felt only professional concern for all those others.  Jill was different!  Would she ever talk to him again?  

Adam waved the Quality Control manager over.  His job was both to ensure that Jill had been properly punished, and also to check for any injury beyond normal bruising.  He had already noticed Jill’s body, so his exam was extra-thorough. He even urged open her legs to check her inner thighs for proper redness, and to feel carefully for “skin abrasions”.  Adam felt a definite jealous reaction before the man finally finished and complimented Adam on his work.  The man lifted Jill’s folder from the holder on the back of Adam’s chair and signed his approval.  Then he replaced the folder and finally ambled away.

Reluctantly, Adam helped the still-sobbing girl to her feet, told her today’s punishment was over, and pointed her towards her locker with instructions to dress.  He wanted desperately to hug Jill, but that was strictly forbidden.  Besides, although she had promised otherwise, he feared that she was angry.

As Jill shambled towards her locker, she saw the sad man pulling on his underpants over a red and mottled bottom.  By now, modesty was the last thing on her mind, so she ignored him and opened her locker to dress.

As Jill dressed, Adam sanitized and replaced the paddle, and then signed Jill’s folder in the appropriate place.  Although he wasn’t hopeful, he jotted down Jill’s address and phone number on a scrap of paper.  As he did so, he glanced across the room where Jill’s body was too -quickly disappearing inside her clothing.  He wondered if he would ever see that body again.  Since he was often assigned to the Overnight Punishment center where Jill would eventually go, there was at least a chance that he might see her again professionally.

Over at the locker, Jill found that dressing immediately after a spanking could be an uncomfortable affair.  It hurt to pull her panties over her livid bottom, and that was just the beginning, she still had to deal with her tight jeans.  Next time she vowed to wear a loose skirt without panties.  There was still no chair, but sitting was the last thing on her mind. 

She leaned against an adjacent locker as she painfully lifted one leg and then another to pull on her jeans.  As she did so, she saw Adam and the chair that they had so recently shared.  Despite her lingering pain, she felt her former arousal return with a vengeance.  Now she had two reasons to squirm as she dressed.  

Finally she was dressed.  Adam motioned her towards the door.  She needed no further encouragement to leave this place.  She knew that she still had another punishment session remaining in her sentence, and that it would be worse than today’s session, but she would worry about that another day.  Right now she had other things on her mind.


As Adam led her down the hallway back to the reception area to be released, he mustered his courage, “Is…I mean…can I call you in a day or two?”

Jill hesitated.  On one hand her body was making urgent demands, on the other hand she was afraid that he would think her a slut if she said what she was really thinking.  As was typical for Jill, she finally spoke her mind, “Yes, a call would be good, but a knock on my door would be better…especially if it were tonight”.

Adam’s smile lit up the room.

© Guyspencer 2012


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