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Appointment for Contrition, Part 5

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Appointment for Contrition, Part 5

Things were progressing nicely with the Ladies Circle and the gradual introduction of the Contrition Protocol.  Dr. Lee was quite busy with his Contrition Appointments, although punishments (interventions) weren’t yet a part of them.  Even so, he felt that he was making progress in understanding and (perhaps) helping the ladies’ issues, and saw no urgent reason for spankings.  However, events overtook him.

Dr. Lee was in his office working on his Sunday sermon, when the phone rang.  It was Police Sergeant Jones, who fortuitously was a member of the congregation. 

“Dr. Lee, we have Sara Osborne in custody here.  I can’t believe it, but she’s been arrested for shoplifting.  Officially, I can’t do anything to help her.  Can you please come downtown right away?  Perhaps we can figure some way for you to help her.”

Dr. Lee knew Sara Osborne well.  She was a member of the congregation, a married lady in her early 20’s, with no children.  He remembered Sara as an attractive lady who always seemed to be dressed a bit better than those around her.  Her husband was an oil worker who was gone for weeks at a time.  At her Contrition Appointments, Sara had admitted to a few problems, but shoplifting wasn’t among them.  There had to be some mistake!

At the police station, Sergeant Jones took Dr. Lee into the evidence room to play a surveillance tape from the store where Sara had been arrested.  Her crime was unmistakable.  She had clearly looked all around, but had missed the surveillance camera before palming the item and hiding it in her purse.

Claiming error or innocence was impossible, so his efforts turned to getting her released.  After gaining permission from the church board, Dr. Lee quickly drove back to the church, to pick up a check.  Back at the police station, he left a substantial check as a returnable bond, and then drove the released Sara back to his office.  In the privacy of his office they talked and prayed for nearly two hours.  After first denying it, Sara finally confessed that she had been “living a lie”.  She had been shoplifting since before her marriage, and had never before been caught.  Her husband had no idea of her thefts.  She had no particular money problems, her husband actually made good money.  Shoplifting was just an adrenalin addiction with her.

After a long talk, Dr. Lee decided that Sara was truly repentant and truly ready for a change.  But now what?  How to get her out of her legal situation?  To be fair, jail was unlikely for a first-offense, but a criminal record would publicly stigmatize this young lady for the rest of her life.  Could that be avoided?

Dr. Lee realized that he had options that weren’t available to any judge.  A plan started to form.  His plan even came with a new name; “Church-Based Correction”.  He laid it out to Sara.  “First, you would have to accept a real punishment.  It would be humbling, memorable and painful, but not dangerous.  Then we will work together on your counseling and behavior modification.  We will find you a community service volunteer job to keep you occupied.  I think that will really help us with the judge.  If you wish to do this, I will require your full cooperation for the next several months until we’re sure that you are cured.  Alternatively, we must work your case through the criminal justice system; it’s your choice.  Either way, your church family and I will be here to support you. ” 

She asked for more details of that “humbling, memorable and painful punishment” and was shocked when the Pastor frankly described it without the slightest sugar coating.

He waited several long moments for her answer.  Finally, with a sigh and a blush, she agreed. 

“Must it really be bare?” she asked.

He answered firmly.  “Your Church-Based Correction wouldn’t be negotiable.  You either agree to give up all control and to fully obey, even when obeying hurts or is difficult, inconvenient, or embarrassing.  Your only other option is with the criminal justice system.  Do you wish to reconsider?”

Her answer was clear, “No, Sir.  I’m ready for my spanking.”

“Sorry to make you wait,” he replied, “but spanking you now would cost us leverage with the store manager and the judge.  First, we’ll face the store manager to try to convince him of our plan, and then we will request a private meeting with the judge.  We must convince the judge, but it’ll help if we convince the store manager first.  This will be difficult for you, but consider it part of your punishment.”


The interview with the store manager was tense, and initially unpromising.

“Naturally you’re here to talk me into dropping the charges.  That’s what all shoplifters want from us, but it’s our policy to always prosecute to the full extent of the law.”

Dr. Lee saw his chance!  “Yes, the ‘full extent of the law’, but I’m not trying to reduce Sara’s punishment, I’m here to propose ‘Church-Based Correction’.  The church can go considerably beyond ‘the full extent of the law’, at least beyond man’s law.  I propose to give Sara a humbling and memorable punishment what isn’t available to the judge.  Then we will find Sara a volunteer job to keep her occupied.  She will do real community service.  In addition, her shopping will be supervised by either her husband or other church members, and she will attend regular counseling sessions in my office until I’m confident that her behavior is altered.  The judge could only do a fraction of that.”

The man rocked back in his chair.  “I understand everything except that first part.  And how will I know that you would actually do any of these things you promise?”

“You could accept my word as a man of God.” Dr. Lee responded.  “Are you a believer?  A church member?”

“Yes, both,” the man said somewhat defensively.  “I’m a member of Central Baptist.”

“Great,” Dr. Lee enthused, “That’s Reverend Februs, a valued colleague. To set your mind at ease, please invite him to our Ladies’ Circle meeting at noon next Wednesday.  He will see Sara here confess her crime to the group, describe her punishment, and ask the group for support.”

At this revelation Sara blushed darkly, but nodded her reluctant agreement.

Jotting the information down, the manager said “I’ll do that.  Now elaborate on that first part you mentioned.”

Reluctantly, Dr. Lee turned to Sara, “May I Sara?  Realistically, the Judge will need to know also.”

She looked at the floor, wishing she could disappear into it.  Finally she nodded.

Turning to the manager, Dr. Lee said, “This stays in this office?”  The man nodded.  “Then I’ll tell you, in confidence.  Sara will receive a spanking, a memorable spanking.  I will do the job myself.  That’s a punishment that’s totally outside of any Judge’s power.”

The Manager looked at Sara, “You have agreed to this and you promise to submit to it and to fully cooperate through the rest of the program that Dr. Lee has outlined?

Sara met his eyes.  “Yes Sir, I do.”

He blew out his cheeks and laid his head back in thought.  “OK, I’m convinced.  I’ll notify the Judge today that I’m dropping charges.  But you’ll still need to convince the Judge.

“Thank you sir,” Dr. Lee enthused, jumping up and offering the man his hand.  “You won’t be sorry.”

The next day, they had a meeting with the Judge, which went somewhat easier.  He listened carefully as Dr. Lee outlined his proposed “Church-Based Correction” plan for Sara.  Not surprisingly, the judge had a few questions.  His first one was to clarify “that first part”.  His eyebrows shot up when Dr. Lee gave him a clear answer.  The judge looked at Sara, “Do you freely consent to this, errr, program?  …all of it?”

She looked him straight in the eye. “Yes your honor.”

“Then see that you do,” he warned, “At one word from your Pastor, you could be right back in front of me.”

 To ensure Sara’s compliance, the Judge didn’t immediately dismiss the charges, instead putting the case on 180 days abeyance.  The judge returned the church’s bond and officially released Sara to the recognizance of Dr. Lee and the “Faith Temple Church-Based Correction Program”.   If Sara complied fully with her church-based correction and counseling program to Dr. Lee’s satisfaction and didn’t re-offend, then he would automatically expunge her file.  Dr. Lee promised to provide regular reports on Sara.

By then, it was nearly evening.  After calling ahead, he drove Sara to Sister March’s house for supper.  Sara didn’t really wish to face Sister March, but Dr. Lee gave her no choice.  Sara expected scorn from Sister March, but instead found compassion.

Sara missed her husband, who would be working on an oil platform for several more weeks before returning home.  Eating with Dr. Lee and Sister March was almost like family life again.  They enjoyed a nice home cooked meal followed by desert.  She helped Sister March clear the table.  Only then, over coffee, did they sit down to discuss Sara’s situation.  First, he told Sister March of their success with the Judge. (She already knew of the meeting with the store manager and the entire church-based correction program.) 

With a gulp Sara said, “I guess the next step is my errr…”

“Spanking?” Dr. Lee said helpfully. 

She colored prettily, “Yes, that.  Trying to lighten the mood she said, “My bottom is at your disposal sir.”

Trying not to think too hard about Sara’s bottom, Dr. Lee responded. “You have one choice concerning your punishment.  All other details are up to me.”

“Yes sir?” she asked.

“Your punishment will occur tomorrow morning in my office.  Do you wish it in private, or would you feel more comfortable with Sister March as a witness?  Before you answer, remember that you must disrobe for the event.”

Her bottom tightened at that reminder, but finally she answered. “With respect Sister March, I totally trust Dr. Lee.  I would prefer my punishment in private.

Shortly later, Dr. Lee drove Sara to her home.  As she got out of the car he said, “I’ll see you at nine o’clock sharp tomorrow morning.”

She gulped and unconsciously reached for her bottom. a gesture he found darling.  “Yes sir”, she answered.

That night was torment for Sara.  Not showing up for her punishment was unthinkable.  She had promised to be there, so she would.  Part of her was dreading tomorrow’s ordeal, but a secret, rebellious part of her thought differently.  She found herself dreamily picturing herself totally at the young Pastor’s mercy.  What would that be like?  What did he mean by “disrobe?”    Did that mean just her outer clothing? Raised skirt and lowered panties? …or truly everything?  Would it be with some implement?  …or just his hand?  Whenever she tried to raise any of these questions with Dr. Lee, he had just reminded her that her spanking was non-negotiable and totally up to him.

Those weeks when her husband was away at the oil platform, it wasn’t unusual for the young wife to masturbate herself to sleep.  That’s what it finally took that night to make sleep come.  But to her private shame, it was Dr. Lee who she was visualizing when those delightful tension-easing contractions started.


In his bed, Dr. Lee was having similar problems sleeping.  For the last two days, he had been watching the outline of Sara’s bottom in whatever outfit she was wearing.  Tomorrow, he would see it bare.  He would see the rest of her too!  It took all of his self-control, but he didn’t touch himself that night.  Tomorrow morning, when he dealt with Sara, he wanted the pressure to be freshly relieved, so he waited until morning before finally pleasuring himself.  The relief was truly heavenly!

The next morning, Dr. Lee arrived at his church office at his usual time.  As he walked in, he was carrying a shopping bag.  Inside the bag, were several items he had borrowed from Sister March.  Thirty minutes later, at precisely nine, there was a knock at his office door.  Even today, Sara was dressed up.  As was typical for her, she wore a businesslike skirt and blouse.  Her hair was done up high, she was wearing makeup and various jewelry along with platform shoes. Dr. Lee had already figured out that this penchant for “dressing up” was part of Sara’s defense against the world.  But it was his job to strip away her defenses!

He greeted her, offered her a cup of coffee, and then after a prayer he started a counseling session with no reference to her coming spanking.  He surreptitiously watched as she squirmed in nervous discomfort. 

Finally, just when she was starting to allow herself to believe that there wasn’t going to be a spanking he asked, “Is there anything else we need to cover before your punishment?” 

She colored, her heart rate doubled, she took a gasp of air, “No sir.”

He stood, reached into the bag, and produced a washcloth, towel, a small paper bag and a sheet.  “Leave your purse and shoes here.  Take these things to the ladies room.  Scrub off all your makeup and let your hair down.  Then remove everything from your body that you weren’t born with, except your wedding ring.  The bag is for your jewelry.  Use the facilities if you can, and then wrap yourself in the sheet before you return here.  Don’t delay.  Be back here in ten minutes, preferably less.

With a tearful nod and a sob, the lady took the items and then left the room.

While he was waiting, Dr. Lee dialed Reverend Februs at Central Baptist.  He confirmed the Reverend’s visit to the next Ladies’ Circle meeting.  The Reverend had some questions!

“Oh yes!” Dr. Lee answered, “I’m quite serious about spanking the young lady.  In fact, she’s in the lady’s room preparing as we speak.”

Naturally, this piqued the Reverend’s interest.  He had several more questions, each more detailed than the other!  Finally, Dr. Lee arranged for him to arrive before the meeting, so he could be briefed on “Church-Based Correction” and on the emerging Contrition Protocol.  Then he could attend the meeting and see for himself.
Suddenly, Pastor Lee had an inspiration.  “Say Reverend Februs, don’t you have a low-income day care program at your church?”

“Yes,” the Reverend replied, “but it’s struggling.  Good help is scarce at the salary we can afford to offer.”

Reverend Februs happily accepted Pastor Lee’s offer of Sara’s volunteer services.  Now Sara had her community service job!

Pastor Lee barely had time to place a sturdy chair into the center of his office before Sara’s return.  With her hair down, her makeup and jewelry removed, and without her platform shoes she looked like a different person; a much shorter, younger person. 

The sheet wrapped around her made him smile a bit.  The first image that popped into his brain was the Statue of Liberty.  Yes, she was swaddled like the statue, but she hardly looked regal right now.  The other image was that of a long-ago freshman college toga party. 

He had a simple way to dispel the toga party image; “Lock the door behind you, and then remove the sheet Sara.  That was just to cover you for your walk back through the church.  Don’t bother folding it up, you’ll need it after your spanking”

Sara colored.  Reluctantly she relinquished the sheet, draping it over an unused chair. 

This was the moment that Dr. Lee had been dreading.  The sight of the undraped lady had a predictable effect on the young man.  Sara was a married woman.  Surely the meaning of the bulge in his pants wouldn’t be lost on her.    

Quickly he grabbed the last item from the bag, the pillow from his own bed.  He plopped himself on the chair, before placing the pillow in his lap.  He motioned Sara to his front, before giving the lady a long look.  He tried to concentrate on her eyes, but that was quite impossible.  Besides the full unveiling of her near-voluptuous body, the change in her was astonishing.  Gone was the sharp, nicely-dressed façade she usually presented to the world.  This person looked more like a fully-blossomed high-school girl than a married lady.  Her frame was compact, but her figure was memorable.  If you subtracted ten pounds and two bra sizes, you would probably call her petite. From the front, the swell of her hips promised a round, spankable bottom.  He would see that seen enough!  If he had been a bit more experienced with women, the neat trim at her groin would have told him that she wore brief swimwear.

“Do you understand why I needed you to appear without your mask?”

Perplexed, she asked, “Mask?”

“Yes Sara, mask.  You never let others see the real Sara, do you?  Just like you hid your shoplifting, you never let others see the real you, that beautiful person that God made.”

She thought a moment, “You’re talking about my makeup and my hairdo and stuff, and not about me being naked?”

“Exactly Sara!  Your shoplifting isn’t the only thing you hide, there is much more.  We need to bring out the real Sara, there’s no need to hide her.”

The Pastor had struck a nerve.  Sara started to cry, tears that weren’t about her imminent spanking.  He wanted to hug her, tell her all be better soon, but he didn’t dare.  The gesture might be misconstrued, or worse, it might not stop there.  He gave her a tissue.  A few minutes later she had regained control.  It was time for her spanking.

Modulating his voice to something he imagined was “gently stern” he said, “I’m not your parent, so you don’t get a lecture, but there’s a definite message to this spanking.”

“Yes sir?” She said

“What’s the eighth commandment?”

She wasn’t entirely sure, but the context gave her a big hint! “Thou shalt not steal?” she asked timidly.

“Exactly!” he said sternly. “If nothing else, that’s today’s lesson.  As I spank you, I want that phrase running through your head.  If in the middle of your spanking I ask you what you are thinking, what are you going to say?

“Thou shalt not steal”.

“Correct” he enthused, “and don’t think I won’t ask!” 

“Is there anything else you wish to say or ask before we start?”

He face twisted in an attempt to stop a sob, the lady shook her head “No”.

He patted the pillow in his lap.  “Then climb aboard, so we can get this behind us.”

She walked to his right side, took a couple mincing steps that put her knees against his hip, and then gingerly lowered herself across his pillow-covered lap.  With his hands on her hips, he adjusted her.  Her feet were off the ground, her hair brushed the ground.  She didn’t seem to know what to do with her hands, but finally settled for a death-grip on the chair legs.

This gave Dr. Lee his first good look at Sara’s backside.  Her bottom was as perfect as he had imagined.  Unlike Sister March’s bottom, Sara’s was so firm and resilient that her mounds remained slightly separated.  A little pucker-hole peeked up at him from the bottom of her secret valley. Her clean-woman aroma assaulted his senses.  Had he been a truly experienced connoisseur of femininity, his nose might have detected the faint overtones of female arousal.

Lying across her Pastor’s lap, Sara was well aware of her arousal.  It made her confused and slightly guilty.  Perhaps it was fortunate that she was too overwhelmed to notice her Pastor’s condition.  This whole morning had been such an emotional roller coaster that her brain was simply too muddled to notice such things.

His stern voice brought her mind back to the present; “What are you thinking Sara”?

Her mind had to scramble for the proper answer. “Thou shalt not steal.”

“Hold that thought” he commanded.  She felt his restraining arm tighten.  Moments later, her right buttock, and then her left erupted in pain as the Pastor planted one hard smack in the center of each. 

As he watched the white handprints quickly turn red, he was reminded of watching an image suddenly appear on a photo paper dunked in a developer tank back in his childhood. 

“Say it again Sara.”

“Thou shalt not steal”

This time the Pastor responded with a flurry of medium-hard spanks.  Sara tried to buck and twist, but to little avail.  The surprise and the overwhelming sting took her breath away.  Totally against logic, it occurred to her that there must be some mistake, a spanking wasn’t supposed to hurt this much.  Frantically, she tried to explain that concept to Pastor Lee. “Oh no, it hurts, wait-a-minute, stop, wait, STOOOPPP!”  She only succeeded in verifying that her spanking was off to a good start.  His response was to dial up the heat another notch.

Sara’s voice quickly rose up through the octaves.  The spanking sounds and her shrill response filled up the little office.  Enough sound leaked out to be clearly audible anywhere in the sanctuary.  Fortunately for Sara, there was nobody there to hear it.

In many ways this was a new experience for Dr. Lee.  Sara was smaller and lighter than Sister March, and seemed to be much more mobile.  In response to the sting, she fluttered her feet, which imparted a charming kinetic aspect to her bottom cheeks.  Compared to Sister March, Sara was a drama queen, making an amazing fuss over her spanking.  Unfortunately for Sara, much like a cheering section, her fuss actually spurred the Pastor on, to greater efforts.

When he felt Sara’s struggles decrease, and her crying take on a less strident, but deeper character, the spanking entered a new phase.  Now he spanked slower, more deliberately, as he looked for any missed spots on her bottom or upper thighs, and carefully ensured that her entire bottom was spanked to an even, deep patina that was just short of bruising.  

He paused.

“What have we learned today Sara?”

To her, his voice sounded far away, almost in another room.  The proper answer to the question seemed similarly remote.  Finally she dredged it up, “Thou shalt not steal.”

“Say it again!”

“Thou shalt not steal”

“Do you think you’ve learned that lesson now?”

“Yes sir!”

“OK then,” he warned, “We’ll give you a few more spanks just to be sure.”

He tightened his hold around her waist, and then quickly rained ten last spanks down on her bottom.  They weren’t bruisers, but were calculated to be just hard enough to re-ignite every nerve ending in her bottom.  The lady shrieked and kicked wildly as she rode out the last few seconds of her punishment.    

Together they endured several awkward minutes as Sara cried herself out.  Again, the Paster longed to comfort her, to take her in his arms, to hug her until her tears stopped; but that simply wasn’t appropriate.  He allowed himself to rub between her shoulder blades and speak gently to her, but that was as far as he could go.  When she finally seemed to gain a bit of composure, he allowed her up. 

The first part of Sara’s “Church-Based Correction was over.  Looking back later, Dr. Lee would realize that this spanking was a turning point for not only Sara, but for the entire congregation!      

© Guyspencer 2012


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