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Appointment for Contrition, Part 2

© Guyspencer 2012
Appointment for Contrition, Part 2

Dressed only in modest bra and white panties, and with butterflies in her stomach, Beth crept up the church's front staircase.  As usual, she had undressed in the privacy of a downstairs room.  Unfortunately, today it wasn’t for one of her usual “Contrition appointments” with her Pastor, Dr. Lee.  No!  Today she was here for an “Intervention Gathering”, and she was to be the guest of honor.  Or is it dishonor?  

She had heard footfalls in the sanctuary over her head, and had heard faint voices, so doubtless there would be a group of church members waiting for her.  All adult members were invited, but normally only the ladies showed up since “Gatherings” happened during work/school hours.  This time though, Beth's husband Dave had accompanied her to the church.

She peeked out the door at the top of the staircase into the church's foyer.  As she expected, it was empty except for the stately and formidable Sister March, who was guarding the front door.  The schedule for the gatherings was strict.  Nobody was allowed to enter late.  Sister March locked the church's entry doors and beckoned her into the foyer. 

Beth looked Sister March in the eye.  “I know the Contrition protocol is really important to you Sister March, and I want you to know how sorry I am.  I subverted it for my own carnal needs.  That was totally wrong, but I’m here to set things right.”

“I’m glad you feel that way.” The grey-haired lady said, “But you know I still have to…”

“Oh no!” Beth interrupted with a blush. “I’m not trying to reduce my punishment.  On the contrary; please let me have it good!”

“Good.” Sister March said in a gentler voice, “First you’ll receive a proper intervention, and then forgiveness and reconciliation will naturally follow.  I’m sure you’ll do fine.”  After a quick encouraging embrace, Sister March walked into the sanctuary and quietly took a seat, leaving Beth alone to face her fate.

Beth peeked into the sanctuary, and was astounded.  Her bottom involuntarily squeezed as she saw an usually large crowd for an intervention gathering.  It was nearly half the congregation, and included several husbands, who had apparently taken off from work for the occasion.  She blushed deeply when a few heads turned to look at her curiously.

Fighting the urge to flee, (and perversely fighting the urge to pee) she took the long walk down the central aisle, walking past the sea of people towards the altar.  Dave was sitting in an aisle seat.  He reached a comforting hand to her, briefly squeezing her hand as she passed.  At the end of the aisle facing the altar, was a sturdy chair.  Folded on the altar, was her white “truth gown.  Beth was here to win it back. 

One of the more difficult aspects of an Intervention Gathering is that the member (or members) being punished must lead the proceedings.  This adds stage fright to all the other mental baggage that accompanies receiving a physical punishment.

Standing next to the chair, mere feet from the folks in the front row, Beth turned to face the congregation.  As with every meeting at Faith Temple, Beth asked all to stand, and then opened with a prayer.  That done, the congregation sat back down and looked at her expectantly.  There was dead silence, as if the congregation was collectively holding its breath.


When Dr. Lee had strapped her for improperly spending money and then misleading her husband, (both were things that Beth had invented then falsely confessed to) he had purposely left marks in areas that Beth's husband could hardly miss.  This left Beth in a situation.  She would have to tell Dave something.  Ultimately she opted for the truth, the whole truth.

She sat her husband down, poured them each a glass of wine, and then carefully confessed her hunger for discipline and explained its connection to her sexual self.  That hunger had always been there lurking in the corners of her mind, but it was Dr. Lee's methods that brought it to the fore.  Her need for spanking had become so great, that she had begun “making up little stories” to induce her Pastor to spank her.  This week, she had finally gone too far.  “I need to get this straight with Dr. Lee” she said with a tear in her eye, “but then I must rely on you for my discipline needs.  Could you do that?”

“Let me get this straight” he asked in a puzzled voice, “I’ve noticed how great our sex is after your Contrition Appointments.  So spankings sexually excite you? “

Studying the floor, she nodded. 

“So how can I discipline you and give you sexual gratification at the same time?”

She thought before answering.  “I guess the difference is in the severity.  The strapping I got today was defiantly punishment and not stimulation. 

He spoke ominously, “You’re right about needing to confess to Dr. Lee.  He should give you punishment too painful for you to enjoy.  But first, there’s business to be settled between you and me.”

Without another word, Dave started undressing his wife.  As she rapidly became naked, Beth stood nervously in their large airy eat-in kitchen, eyeing the undraped windows, and wondered what was visible from the street.  He pulled her over his lap, and then gently kneaded her bottom, renewing some of the tenderness from her strapping. 

Expecting to be spanked by her suddenly forceful husband, Beth squirmed uncomfortably.  He examined her punished bottom closely, and found the sight strangely stimulating.  Almost immediately Beth felt her husband harden under her.  She pumped her hips erotically.

“Open your legs,” he ordered, “You must hide nothing from your husband.”  With interest, he noticed that Beth’s strap marks even extended inside her thighs.  His finger probed, and easily found evidence of her arousal.  “Your bottom can’t take another spanking today. So I owe you one.”

With that, he led his wife to the bedroom.  As the wine sat forgotten on the table, the two spent the evening enthusiastically making love.

A fast learner, Dave quickly appreciated the new sensuality that Beth’s attachment to spanking brought to their marriage.  Still, her misconduct had a serious side.  The next day he had a long phone conversation with Dr. Lee.

Meanwhile, Dave had placed Beth was on a sort of restriction until she could be properly punished.  In the house, Dave assigned her daily chores and forbid her to wear anything from her waist down.  Her strap-marked bottom made a darling sight wriggling its way around the house.  Sex had instantly gone from a weekly event to daily.  Forsaking sleepwear, they started sleeping nude again, spooned together with Dave’s hand cupped on Beth’s bottom.

Thursday morning, just as he was leaving for work, Dave dropped a bombshell.  “Be naked when I arrive home this evening.  Your bottom is ready for that spanking.”  

All day, neither of them thought of much besides that spanking, nor did either accomplish much work.  As ordered, she met him at the door that evening dressed only in her birthday suit.  She felt that familiar “butterfly” feeling in the pit of her stomach as that ancient “flight or fight” reaction dumped habit-forming adrenaline into her body, making her heart pound and causing her to gasp greedily for air.

With the front door still wide open, he grabbed his naked wife into a full-contact hug.  Perhaps neighbors saw, but neither Dave nor Beth cared.  With blood roaring in his ears, Dave tried to remember what he was supposed to do.  Affecting sternness, he took her by the arm and led her to the bedroom.  Sitting on the edge of the bed, he positioned her in front of him and delivered a credible lecture. 

Then Beth found herself again across her husband’s lap.  For Beth this was totally liberating, because, unlike with Dr. Lee, she now had no reason to restrain her sexuality.  As he pulled her towards his lap, she reached down to boldly caress his erection.  Moments later, she was bouncing, twisting, and humping across her husband’s lap, her bottom reacting to both the spanks and to her hormone-induced arousal.   

Sensually speaking, this spanking was a spectacular success.  As punishment, we must rate it a failure.   Yes, Beth cried real tears, yes her bottom ended up painfully red, yes, she even begged for it to end.  But the event was too rushed, and it never took Beth past her limits.  Dave wasn’t sure if he had undressed himself, or if it was a joint effort.  Anyhow, moments later, they were together on the bed, both nude, doing that special thing that couples do.  Two hours later, they dragged themselves out of the bedroom to share a late supper.


Naturally, Dave kept Beth on “restriction” until the matter with Dr. Lee was resolved.  Since the sight of his bottomless wife kept him in perpetual heat, this was an easy decision for him.  He gave Beth's bottom a week to heal, and then arranged with Dr. Lee for an unusual Saturday evening joint Contrition appointment.  They arrived at the church, and then went downstairs to prepare Beth.  When they walked hand-in-hand into the church office, Dr. Lee was startled by the strange sight.  Dave was fully dressed, but Beth was nude and carrying her truth gown. 

Beth laid the neatly folded gown on the surprised Pastor’s desk.  They sat down for the traditional prayer, and then Beth soberly confessed, confessed everything.  She finished with the words, “I’m ready to accept whatever punishment you decide.”

Dr. Lee sat back, his face an unreadable mask.  He and Dave had already talked, so little of what Beth told him was news. 

Finally he spoke, “The Contrition protocol is part of the bedrock that this congregation rests on; yet you have cheapened and prostituted it to suit your own carnal desires.  This hurts the entire congregation.”  Shocked to hear it stated in those terms, Beth broke down into tears.  The Pastor stood, took Beth by the arm, and escorted her out of his office and into the sanctuary.  Dead center at the altar, he made her kneel.   “Look deep into your own soul.  I’ll discuss this with your husband, and then decide your fate, and then I’ll figure out how we’ll fix this. 

Leaving the still-naked Beth at the altar, he strode back to his office.

Alone and naked in the sanctuary, Beth listened.  She could barely hear the buzz of Dr. Lee’s and Dave’s voices as they talked, talked about her.  Increasingly, she became aware of passing traffic, and thought of the front doors to the church.  Dr. Lee preferred them unlocked when he was present, so the church would be open to anyone in need.  But what if someone walked in now?  She heard a car slow down.  Her heart raced until it finally went past. 

In the office, Dave had his own concerns.  With a bit of guilt, he confessed his constant sexual arousal since Beth had told him of her need for spanking and its sexual connection.  “This is a serious matter Dr. Lee, but all I’m doing about it is having erections.”

“That’s not so,” Dr. Lee soothed.  “You called me, we discussed it, and you brought Beth here to confess and to make things right.”  With wisdom beyond his years, the Pastor continued, “God’s plan is for husbands and wives to be sexually attracted to each other.  Therefore you should never feel guilty about loving your wife!  We have some issues to resolve, but when this is all over, you and Beth will be left with a new intimacy.  That can only be good.  Frankly, almost any man would envy you.  Beth is a beautiful woman and a wonderful wife. 

Their talk over, Dr. Lee sent Dave out to fetch Beth.  Even though she feared she was about to be severely punished, Beth was thankful to escape the public part of the church.  She stood and followed Dave back into the privacy of Dr. Lee’s office.     

Dr. Lee stared at Beth for several long heartbeats before he spoke.  “For the next few minutes, I need truth, brutal truth.  Can you do that Beth?”

“Yes Dr. Lee, She said respectfully. 

“Are you afraid of my spankings?”

She considered her answer.  “The most honest thing I can say is that I have mixed emotions.  I crave them, but when they’re actually happening, I usually want them to stop. “

“If not spankings, then what are you afraid of?”  

“After that last time,” she said carefully, “I’m afraid of your strap.  And, and…I’m afraid of facing an Intervention Gathering.” 

“Then that’s what you shall have.”  The Pastor said firmly.  “Both.”

Beth gasped.

“Next Thursday at 2 PM, you will have an Intervention Gathering.  Since you are the subject of the gathering, you will lead it.  After the congregation has intervened with you, I will also intervene by publically strapping you.”

Dave led his weak-kneed wife out of the office, and then took her back downstairs where he tenderly dressed her.  The next few days before Beth’s Intervention Gathering passed in a blur of dread, dread which was only partially mitigated by her new intimacy with Dave.


So that’s how Beth came to face a dreaded Intervention Gathering.

Facing the congregation, her near-nakedness a symbol of total truth and openness, Beth told the whole story of how she had lied to the Pastor and subverted the Contrition protocol.  She ended with an apology and an invitation, “I have prostituted and soiled an important institution of this congregation, and sinned by lying to Dr. Lee.  I am here to rectify that error.  Already I see forgiveness in many of your eyes, but I ask you to save that until after my intervention.  I deserve severe punishment.”

There was a long silence in the congregation, but then a discussion materialized, “Where there other ladies who found their Contrition punishments stimulating?” 

Dr. Lee stood to carefully deflect the question, “Contrition appointments are a very personal thing.  Different ladies respond in different ways.  What I have learned from this incident is that I must work harder to involve husbands.  God made some woman to crave discipline.  Satisfying that need is therefore part of God’s plan for husbands.  I suggest that husbands, ask Brother Dave to privately share what he has learned.”

Dr. Lee sat down again.  The church again fell silent, with all eyes on Beth. 

Beth’s buttocks had clenched when she noticed was what was negligently hanging from Dr. Lee’s right hand; the strap.  It took her a moment to remember what she was supposed to say next, “Is there any more discussion?”

Again, silence.

She swallowed, and again she felt the urge to pee, even though she had taken the precaution of doing so only. a few minutes ago.  Knowing what was next, some men looked away, but most of the congregation waited in rapt attention.  Her voice choked with emotion she asked, “Sister March, will you please prepare my bottom for the Intervention?” 

Ready to play her part in this solemn ritual, the stately widow stood, “Yes Sister Beth, kindly bare yourself.”

Leaking a tear, Beth reached behind to unhook her bra.  It fell away, exposing her ample breasts.  Then, without turning away from the congregation, Beth quickly lowered her panties and gracefully stepped out of them.  She kicked the garments under the chair and faced the Gathering nude.

Watching from his seat, Dave felt both stiffening at his groin and a burst of pride.  Yes, everyone would see all of Beth today.  She would feel embarrassment and some real pain, but then she would be quickly returned to the good graces of the church family.  However, there was only one man who would take this beautiful creature home tonight, and that would be him.   

The formidable Sister March, a retired seamstress and a widow, was an influential member of the church council.  She was proud to be recognized as one of the originators of the Contrition Protocol.  Contrition proved so popular and so successful in building the church, that it had been recently copied by two other local churches.  Today’s “problem” represented the first stain on Contrition, so Sister March was anxious to set things right.

Stately and regal as always, Sister March made her way to the front of the sanctuary.

With her heart in her throat, Beth turned her back to the congregation and placed herself over the back of the chair.  Her bottom outthrust, her feet apart for stability, she grabbed the seat for support.  The lights dimmed in the sanctuary.  A single spotlight illuminated Beth’s shapely bottom.  It was a captivating sight.  Her bottom glowed as if it were the center of the church’s universe.  The light wasn’t so tightly focused that it missed illuminating those charms that might normally have hidden in shadow in those dusky secret valleys of her body.  Although many had resolved otherwise, every man (and most women) stared enthralled at those charms; Dave no less than anyone else.

Without ceremony, Sister March put her left hand flat on Beth’s back to secure her, and then started firmly spanking her with her right hand.  Naturally, Beth tried to brave the sting quietly, so Sister March simply increased her efforts.  Soon those efforts were rewarded, Beth began squealing, wriggling her bottom and prancing her feet in a lewd rumba.  Sister March took no notice of Beth’s distress, as she turned the spotlighted bottom bright red.  The spanking sounds filled the sanctuary, as did the sounds of Beth’s gasps, squeals, sobs and pleas.

As Beth’s warm-up spanking progressed, the congregation stood and quietly queued up to Beth’s left.  The line stretched across from the altar’s center, then trailed along the walls.  

When she had the “target area” satisfactorily outlined in vivid red, Sister March produced a wicked little hardwood paddle.  She raised it dramatically in the air and turned to the group. 

“Brothers and sisters, we have an unusually large gathering today, so you each get only one swat.  Make it count!  We are all here to forgive Sister Beth, but your forgiveness must wait until after the intervention.”

Then she plunged the paddle down onto Beth’s right cheek, multiplying its force with a deft snap of her wrist.  There was a loud “POP” sound as wood collided against buttflesh.  Beth shrieked.

Satisfied with her preparation and demonstration, Sister March handed the paddle to the first person in line, and then gently restrained Beth by her shoulders.  She nodded for the intervention to proceed.

It was the longest, strangest, and the most excruciating spanking that Beth had ever had.  As each parishioner took one swat, and then passed the paddle to the next before moving on, she only received two or three spanks each minute.  She had no idea where the next spank would land, nor with what force.  She knew from attending previous Gatherings that the weaker ladies would aim lower where their lighter blows would be most felt.  All Beth could do was endure as best she could.  Still she shrieked, she kicked, and she danced.  Against her will, she sometimes even splayed her legs lewdly.

She knew when Dave took his turn because she felt a familiar but comforting touch to the small of her back. He paused, the recited loudly.  “This one is from the Gathering”.  Beth grunted as her left cheek exploded in new pain.  “This one is from your husband” The pain in her left cheek suddenly had a new twin in her right cheek.   

When roughly half of the parishioners had landed their paddle strokes, Sister March announced, “A moment of mercy for Sister Beth.”  More quietly she said to Beth, “Take two minutes to catch your breath and clear your nose.  Your intervention is half over.”

Temporarily released and on her feet, Beth pranced, danced, and rubbed, oblivious to her exposure.  Sister March handed her a tissue.  Sobbing, Beth blew her nose, then looked fearfully at the line, and then back at the chair.

Sister March noticed, “Yes Sister Beth, it’s time to finish your Intervention.” 

The last 30 or so swats were somewhat easier to take.  Perhaps her bottom was becoming a bit numb?

Finally all the parishioners had taken their turn at Beth’s poor bottom and made their way back to their seats.  Normally it would be over, but not today.  Without releasing the distraught Beth, Sister March announced, “I now turn the meeting over to Dr. Lee.”

“Please allow Sister Beth up for a few moments.  I wish her to face the congregation.”

Immediately, Sister March released Beth.

He turned to the congregation, “Normally, the intervention would be over at this point, but today is different.  Sister Beth lied to me personally, and improperly used me.  For that, I have promised her a public strapping.   Immediately after that strapping, we shall all forgive Sister Beth and this matter will be over.  Bend back over the chair Sister Beth.”

Beth didn’t see how her bottom could take any more punishment, but she obeyed, shakily placing herself over the chair’s back.

Dr. Lee walked up to Beth and examined her bottom with a practiced eye.  He was thinking the same as Beth; her bottom couldn’t take much more.  However, he had promised the lady a strapping, so he must deliver.  He lifted the strap and then gave her one full-strength cut. 

Beth rocked forward and shrieked.

He moved to her other side, and then gave her a left-handed cut.  It was the best he could do from that position, but it was neither as hard nor as accurate as the first blow.  Beth shrieked again.

It had only been a token strapping, but it was enough to fulfill his promise.   He spoke with deep emotion, “Enough!  Sister Beth please stand and receive your gown.

As Beth sobbed with a potent mixture of relief, pain, and happiness, Dr. Lee unfolded the white “truth” gown and slid it over Beth’s head.

He spoke to the congregation, “Come receive Sister Beth and welcome her back into the full good graces of her church family.”

Soon, everyone crowded around Beth with hugs, greetings, and words of forgiveness.


It was 30 minutes before Dave could get Beth free of the congregation and out of the building.  He didn’t bother gathering her clothing; instead he just drove her home still dressed only in the white gown.  The car trip was painful for her, and drew a few last tears.  At home he removed her gown, and laid her face-down on their bed.  He gently slathered her bottom with a cooling cream before removing his own clothing and joining her on the bed.  In spite of his need, he simply watched as she dozed off. 

Dave figured that sex wasn’t an option that night.  It seemed reasonable that Beth’s painful bottom would overcome her libido.  So he did the gentlemanly thing by cuddling with her, yet abstaining from any sexual advances.  As it turned out, Dave had underestimated the power of Beth’s libido.  A post-midnight tap on his shoulder changed quickly ended his self-imposed gentlemanliness. 

At Faith Temple, the incident was quickly over and forgotten.  That swift resolution of issues was one of the wonders of the Contrition Protocol.  For Beth and Dave however, their marriage had undergone a sea change.  Occasionally their bedroom would ring with spanks, but forever they would be a closer couple       

This wasn’t the only success that Dr. Lee had in strengthening the families in his flock.  Soon, the fame of Faith Temple spread throughout the area.

© Guyspencer 2012


Anonymous Ordalie said...

I've read quite a few stories of discipline taking place in those sort of churches.
Fantasy or reality? And how could grown women and men submit of their own free will?

2:48 AM, August 27, 2012  
Blogger Jewels said...

I don't know the answer to your first question, but I do know the answer to your second. Namely, not easily. But when you know it's what you truly need, regardless of what you want, you can do it.

2:49 PM, January 08, 2016  

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