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Sara's Dutch Uncle Part II

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Sara’s Dutch Uncle: Part II

Needless to say, that first spanking wasn’t Sara’s last trip over her Uncle Wilhelm’s lap.  Sometimes she made it a whole month without a spanking, but every two or three weeks was a more common interval.  However, both Mary and Wilhelm noticed a slow but steady improvement in Sara’s behavior.

There was one spanking in Wilhelm’s studio that would have greatly surprised Sara had she been allowed to know about it, because it involved her mother!


Wilhelm was gradually becoming more known in the community.  He was active in local cultural affairs and fund raisers.  Thanks to his relationship with Mary, nobody suspected his sexual orientation.  In fact, many of the local women were quite jealous of the auburn-haired beauty that was so often seen on the arm of this distinguished, virile-looking man with the charming accent.

Just as Mary was good for Wilhelm, the opposite was also true.  The two supported each other in many ways.  In particular, Wilhelm was helpful in raising Sara, being the “father figure” in Sara’s life, babysitting, and countless other things.

Since Mary had a regular job, Wilhelm often did errands and handyman jobs for Mary.  And then there was the financial help…

Wilhelm had begun to notice that Mary was looking increasingly distracted.  He asked her more than once what was wrong, but she never gave a clear answer.  But one day Wilhelm was doing an errand at Mary’s house when the lights suddenly went out.  He investigated and found a man in the back yard disconnecting the power for nonpayment.  Wilhelm’s bank card quickly solved the matter.

That evening when he asked Mary why she hadn’t paid the electrical bill, she burst into tears.  Wilhelm soon established that Mary was behind in all of her bills. 

We should stop the story here to explain that Mary made just enough money to handle all of her normal expenses.  Wilhelm quietly helped at irregular intervals with unexpected expenses, such as car repairs.  But this was different.  There had been no recent unusual expenses and Mary had been pretending that all was well. 

Wilhelm made Mary lay out all her records on the kitchen table.  A look at her last few credit card bills solved the entire mystery; Mary had made several amazingly irresponsible purchases.  When her credit card maxed out, she had simply applied for a second one, and then another…   Making the payments on all the cards had become an impossible task.

Wilhelm gathered the bills and demanded the credit cards.  He would pay the accounts, and then cancel all the cards.  They negotiated a strict new budget for Mary that would gradually pay back Wilhelm without Sara being hurt by the resulting austerity.

Wilhelm looked at Mary appraisingly.  “If Sara had done something this irresponsible and this deceitful, what would you do?”

Mary’s already sad face collapsed into tears.  She put her head on the table, her shoulders shaking in sobs.

Wilhelm sat patiently, and then realized that it wasn’t really fair to pressure Mary just then.  “I need an answer to that question, but I’ll give you time to think.” He said.  After an affectionate squeeze and a chaste kiss to her forehead, he left.

He got a call the next day.  First she apologized profusely and thanked him for his help.  Then she addressed “the question”.

“To answer your question, you know exactly how I would have punished Sara if she had done something as bad as what I did.”  There was a pregnant pause, then a sniffle…   “She has a study date at the library Saturday morning.  I’ll drop her off and then come by the studio.  …And, oh yes; I’ll be wearing a loose skirt.”    

“You don’t have to do this…” Wilhelm began.

Mary cut him off; “Oh yes I do.  I don’t think I need anything worse.”

“I agree.” Wilhelm said, “I just don’t want to force you into anything.”

“Don’t worry” Mary replied, “I’ve given this lots of thought.  Feel free to do a good job on my bottom.  I won’t expect to sit comfortably for a while.”

“I love you Mary” was Wilhelm’s only reply.

With a sob Mary replied “I love you too” before cutting the connection.


As promised, Mary showed up at the studio the next Saturday morning, wearing a colorful loose skirt.  She was full of conflicting emotions, and nervous as a young colt.  Her head was a spinning amalgam of guilt, fear, frustration and sexual arousal.  Mary’s sex life consisted of fantasizing about Wilhelm whilst alone in her bed; and then doing what comes naturally.  Last night had been no exception, but the fantasy had included an erotic spanking.  Although she had climaxed only last night, she was embarrassed to feel a distinct dampness as her spanking neared.  Would Wilhelm notice? How would he react?  Should she flee?  

“How long do we have before you need to pick up Sara?” Wilhelm asked.

“The rest of the day if we need it,” she responded, “Sara is going out with her study group after they’re done at the library.

“Good,” he said, “I don’t want to spank you then just send you away.  I want to be sure you’re OK first”

Wilhelm noticed her unease, but assumed it was mostly due to fear.  To calm her down, he led her to a table, and showed her the progress he had made straightening out her affairs.  “Are there any more surprises on the way?” he asked gently. 

She answered honestly, “I made such a mess of things that I won’t be 100% sure for a couple weeks.  Again, I’m so sorry!”

“As you know, this takes far more than an ‘I’m sorry’ to fix” Wilhelm said.  “But we’re off to a good start.  I’m really proud of your attitude so far.”  

That made Mary feel better, but only for a moment, because now it was time for Wilhelm’s lecture; “I can’t believe that a wonderful person like you could be so dishonest.  You were dishonest to yourself, to me, and to the people you borrowed money from.  You knew you couldn’t pay it back on time.”  Her face fell, but the lecture went on for several more minutes.

Finally he stopped and just looked at her.  In spite of herself, she squirmed.  She guessed that the next order of business involved her bare bottom.

“This is your last chance to opt out of your punishment.” He warned, “If you don’t, I’ll expect you to stay for the entire punishment, and it will involve a bruised bottom.”

She answered with a question;” Should I prepare myself now?   

He nodded curtly.  “I believe you know the procedure.”

She stood, moved the sturdy old armless chair to the proper place, and then kicked off her shoes.   

Wilhelm stood, watching her next move with interest.  He looked at her from the particular viewpoint that a gay man has for an intriguing woman.  It’s not quite the same sexless ambivalence that straight men have when seeing see each other naked in the locker room, because femininity always involves a bit of mystery.  She reached up under her skirt, gracefully pulled down her panties, and then stepped out, leaving them on the floor.  Today’s panty color was white.  

But then she did the unexpected:  “Screw this” she mumbled, “We’re adults, let’s do this the easy way.”  She reached behind her skirt, unzipped, and then unhooked.  The skirt dropped to the floor.  Wilhelm raised one eyebrow.

“Well that will simplify things just a bit” he finally commented.

Exposed from her waist down, Mary looked at Wilhelm’s surprised expression, and then looked down to his groin…nothing.  

Regaining the initiative, Wilhelm sat down in the spanking chair and motioned Mary to stand in front of him.  “Here’s what’s about to happen,” he explained.  “I will spank you for your irresponsible behavior.  It will be a hand spanking much like I give Sara.  By the time I’m done, you’ll be sore and in tears.  Then I’ll give you time to recover.  When you’re ready, you will go to my bedroom and get the hairbrush from my bureau.  It’s the same one you gave me to use on Sara.   Then I’ll paddle your bottom for your dishonesty.  Sitting will be painful for several days.  Understand?”

“Yes sir” said Mary.  (She rarely called him “sir”.)

“Then let’s start” Wilhelm said, motioning to his lap.

Mary’s bottom was a fuller version of Sara’s.  Wilhelm estimated that it could take considerable more punishment that her daughter’s smaller model so he intended to deliver!  Moments later, Mary was bouncing across Wilhelm’s knee as he landed the first few spanks; big ones designed to rob Mary of what little composure she had.  

Mary squealed, and then shrieked, before dissolving into tears and incoherent blubbering.  With the mood properly established, Wilhelm switched to faster, but “stingy” spanks.  These were spanks just hard enough to build together into an unforgettable sting, but not hard enough to cause damage.

It was then that Wilhelm started to notice that Mary’s movements while across his lap were considerably different from Sally’s.  In fact, they were distinctly erotic!  Clearly Mary was finding this part of the spanking arousing.  Some spankers would get angry at this point, but Wilhelm’s typically Dutch permissive attitude towards sex led him to assume that Mary’s apparent arousal wasn’t her fault.  He simply ignored it, and continued the spanking.

When Wilhelm spanked young Sara, he usually confined himself to her buttocks and sit spots, with Mary, he felt free to range considerably further, taking time to redden her upper legs and outer thighs before making her spread her legs so he could spank her tender inner thighs.  This made her screech anew.

Finally the spanking was over, but Mary’s movements weren’t.  She continued to hump and “scrunch”, obviously in need of relief.  In his earlier, “undecided” years, Wilhelm had gained some experience with women, so he knew basically what to do.  Keeping her across his lap, he gently urged her legs apart before feeling for the natural lubrication.  He was a bit clumsy at first, but with Mary’s eager tutelage he brought her to what must be called a massive orgasm.  It was the first non-self induced orgasm that Mary had felt since her husband’s death.  Although still sobbing from the spanking, now her shoulders shook with great sobs of relief.

Wilhelm kept her in that position for perhaps ten minutes, rubbing her back gently, watching her cry, and marveling at the color of her bottom.  Although he had felt little sexual reaction to Mary’s arousal, pleasuring her gave him a surprisingly warm, satisfied feeling.  A germ of an idea started to form...

Finally she regained composure and caught her breath.  He let her up.  Her face was a mess!  Mucus from her nose mixed with mascara, which mixed with her tears and sweat.  Wilhelm left her standing for a moment while he ran for a damp washcloth.  He washed her face as if she were a child, and then sat down and invited her into his lap.    

“Now you must think I’m some kind of slut.” She blubbered. 

“No” Wilhelm murmured, “I think you’re sexually frustrated, and perhaps I’m the cause.  I’m sorry I can’t be like other men.”

Her head shot up.  “You have nothing to be sorry about.  You’re the way God made you, that’s not your fault.” 

“We will come back to this discussion, because I actually liked what just happened.” Wilhelm said, “But remember, your punishment isn’t over, not by a long shot.  Are you ready for your paddling?”

“The sooner we start, the sooner it’ll be over.” Mary said soberly. 

She climbed out of Wilhelm’s lap and checked her legs for steadiness before shambling off towards the bedroom to fetch the hairbrush.  Noticing that her blouse was clammy with sweat, she pealed it off and left it draped over an easel to dry.  Now she was wearing only short stockings and her bra.

The paddling was relatively brief but almost brutally intense. The pops of wood against firm bottomflesh were loud, but were easily drowned out by Mary’s wails.  It took him perhaps two minutes to thoroughly brand Mary’s tush with the hairbrush, then a further couple minutes to thoroughly check his work and “touch up” a few spots that he suspected hadn’t received enough attention.  His goal was a well-bruised bottom that would give a painful reminder whenever Mary sat down for the next few days.  His mission was a resounding success.  This time, Mary felt no arousal, only pain

Wilhelm again had to console Mary and help her calm down.  He soothed her, reminding her that her punishment was over and all was forgiven.  Noticing that she was again a mess, and was nearly nude anyhow, he suggested that she take a shower.

As she showered, Wilhelm gathered her clothes and put them in the washer.  As she got out of the shower, he met her with a big towel.  He helped her dry off, being especially careful to pat her bottom dry gently, then laid her on his bed for an application of lotion.  Exhausted from her spanking, climax, and paddling, Mary quickly drifted off. 

Feeling closer to Mary than ever before, Wilhelm, fully clothed, lay down next to her, enjoying her warmth and her nearness.  He awoke two hours later to find a still-nude Mary unzipping his pants and pulling at his y-fronts to expose a massive erection. 

His heartbeat accelerating, he closed his eyes and awaited events.

Her tongue felt exquisite.




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