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Cutting the Cards

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Cutting the Cards

It’s the 1950’s in small-town west Texas.  Most students in Westview High School come from modest homes on modest farms and ranches.  Most have several brothers and sisters, and most deal with livestock daily.  Resultantly, the basics of reproduction and the anatomical differences between genders are no mystery to them.  Knowing this, perhaps it won’t seem so strange that teachers in Westview High were empowered, (required actually) to give the occasional bare-bottom paddling in front of their mixed-gender classrooms.  


As Mr. Kane droned on with his lesson, he observed his class through his deceptively sleepy looking eyes.  He pretended not to notice as Lynn Taylor looked around with that special guilty-nervous look of a student who is about to break a rule. 

As he continued his history lecture, he saw Lynn pick up a pencil.  He doubted that she suddenly felt motivated to take notes.  She wrote in tiny letters on one corner of a paper, and then tore the corner off.  His heart beating faster, Mr. Kane carefully avoided looking directly at his prey.

He waited until she had the note neatly folded and secreted in her left hand before suddenly calling her name.  He almost smiled when she started guiltily. 

He asked pleasantly; “Lynn, would you come up to the board please”?  The teacher watched carefully to see if she ditched the note.  The girl put on an innocent expression and walked towards the board.

As Lynn tried to pass his desk, Mr. Kane’s hand shot out and grabbed her left arm.  “May I see what’s in that hand please?” he asked.

Knowing she was busted, the girl sheepishly gave up the note.

“You have a simple choice” the teacher said, “I can fill out a referral slip and send you and this evidence to the Assistant Principal’s office for a sure thing, or you can take your chances with the cards.”     

The “sure thing” Mr. Kane was talking about was a bare bottom paddling from Mr. Foster, the school’s stern AP.  For Lynn, that would mean another “sure thing”; a note home and a strapping from her father.

“I’ll take the cards.” She replied. 

The choice had actually been simple.  The single advantage of being punished by the AP was that the process was comparatively private.  “The cards” meant a probable paddling in front of the class, perhaps even a bare-bottom paddling.  But unlike Mr. Foster, teachers were limited to six swats and seldom sent notes home.  This way, it would all be over in five minutes.  


“The cards” had been the invention of a previous Principal.  Somehow, the idea appealed to the fun-loving Texas culture.  The teachers liked the concept because it protected them from being accused of discrimination.  The school’s strict rules mostly decided who got punished, and “the cards” decided if an in-class paddling was done over clothing, over underwear, or on the bare.  The teacher only had to decide the number of paddle strokes.

The school board had actually paid to have the special decks of cards printed and distributed to all teachers.  Each deck had 33 cards.  Ten cards each were printed with “Clothed”, “Underwear” or “Bare”.  To add an element of fun and mercy, the final three cards said “Get Off Free”.  Obviously, the errant student’s fate rested on which card he or she happened to draw.


Mr. Kane opened his top drawer and drew out his paddle and the deck of cards.  He offered the deck to Lynn.  “Do you want to check the deck before we start?” he asked solicitously.

“No sir” Lynn said nervously, “I trust you”.

He shuffled professionally, and then laid the deck on his desk.  “In that case, cut the deck and show me your bottom card” he ordered.

With her eyes screwed tightly shut and her fingers crossed, Lynn reached down and pinched the top half of the deck.  Eyes still shut; she showed the bottom card to Mr. Kane.

“Show it to the class” he ordered, barely able to keep the pleasure out of his voice. 

She turned and flashed the card towards the class.  There was an excited murmur.

“You can look at it now” he suggested.

With trepidation, Lynn opened her eyes and swiveled her wrist to bring the card into view.  Instantly, her eyes filled with tears.  The card said “Bare”.

“OK you know the rules” Mr. Kane said in a businesslike tone as he cleared papers from his desk.  “Lower everything down below your knees, and then get into position.

Like most girls in that school, Lynn was wearing a skirt, so lowering everything wasn’t a problem.  Girls that happened to be wearing dresses when they pulled the “Bare” or “Underwear” card either had to hike them over their shoulders or doff them completely.

Standing in front of Mr. Kane’s desk and with her back to the class, Lynn unhooked her skirt and dropped it to the floor.  After an apprehensive glance at Mr. Kane, she lowered her panties to just below her knees.  Without further instructions, she laid herself across the desk, her bare bottom jutting out towards the expectant class.

Although he carefully kept a severe look on his face, Mr. Kane was in his glory.  At 16, Lynn was among the better developed girls in her class.  Although he was doing his job exactly the way the school board wanted it done, there was no harm in a bit of secret enjoyment…right?

Although Mr. Kane was still young enough to sometimes let his hormones do his thinking for him, he wasn’t a mean person.  He didn’t give her the full six strokes that he was allowed.  The school’s standard paddle was heavy enough to seriously hurt when applied to a protected bottom.  On a bare bottom, he considered four to be plenty.

He delivered them slowly, one bruiser to each of Lynn’s perfect nether cheeks, one across the divide, and the final blow down low.  The girl squealed, sobbed and danced a bit in place, but otherwise held her position bent over the desk.  Unable to hold her legs still, Lynn’s panties slipped down to her ankles, and then off to the floor.  In the process, the poor girl showed her all to the class.  Of course, the boys all sat up and paid rapt attention, but none would even bother mentioning the incident later.  After all, it could be any of them taking their chances with that same deck of cards tomorrow, or even in the next class.

The prescribed punishment delivered, Mr. Kane quietly told Lynn to get dressed, and then he settled down in his chair to watch the show.  Eyes wet and puffy, nose running, tears running down her face, the girl stood up, rubbed ruefully a few times and then looked around for her panties.   With no graceful way to get dressed, she kept her back to the class as she bent over to retrieve her panties and then step into them.  Mr. Kane enjoyed the show from the front, while the boys in the class got a bonus rear view.  Finally, she restored her skirt to its rightful place, made her way back to her desk, and sat down with elaborate caution.

Doubtless this all seems strange and unbelievable to you, but this was just another normal day at Westview High.  The point to the school’s rigid discipline was to make law- abiding citizens out of these potentially wild prairie children.  In this, the school mostly succeeded. 

Lynn’s paddling was successful in more ways than one.  First, she got the message:  She had much more respect for the school’s rules from that day on.  It was her last time across any teacher’s desk. 

More importantly, there was a boy in her class who took special notice of her charms.  Wanting exclusive access to that wonderful bottom he had glimpsed, the future ranch owner lovingly pursued Lynn until their marriage three years later.  Their life together was prosperous, exciting, loving, and fruitful.


Blogger Paula said...

Great site great story full of detail thats given my husband and me new ideas for great spanking sessions thanks for great site

12:44 AM, July 07, 2013  
Anonymous Robyn Adaire said...

What a great concept! Wish I'd thought of it first! I must find a way to weave a pack of cards and all the elements of chance they could bring into one of my own stories. Best wishes, Robyn Adaire

11:03 PM, December 04, 2013  
Anonymous sixofthebest said...

"Cutting the Cards", is a most enjoyable spanking story, of a teen-age school-girl, who is corporally punished on her bare bottom, by a teacher, for being naughty.

10:57 PM, December 16, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My spouse and I have 3 dice for punishments, similar to this.
The first roll determines state of dress - 1-2 is pajamas and undies, 3-4 is undergarments only, 5-6 is bare.
The second determines impliment after a handspanking - 1 is none, just the handspanking. 2 is a paint stick or ruler. 3 is a wooden spoon. 4 is a hairbrush. 5 is a belt. 6 is a hickory switch freshly cut from our backyard.
The third is how many strokes with the impliment.
We decided also on a thrill gamble - after we roll we can elect whether or not to do a double or nothing roll - one roll. If we roll a 1 we get no spanking at all. If we roll a 6 we get double the strokes bare. 2-5 means as is.

6:01 AM, November 08, 2016  
Blogger Paula said...

Love it great idea must try soon

1:14 PM, November 08, 2016  
Blogger Paula said...

Love the dice game must try soon

1:18 PM, November 08, 2016  

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