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Edna’s Contract for College

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Edna’s Contract for College

The title at the top said “Contract for College”.  It was a simple, straightforward document, freely negotiated between parents and daughter.  Bluntly put, Edna wished to continue living on her parent’s largess while they paid her way through college.  Some kids are enterprising enough to work their own way through college, but Edna just wasn’t grown up enough yet.  The parents wanted the best for their daughter, but the expense of sending her through college was a major sacrifice to them.  They didn’t wish to see their money wasted; thus the contract.  The contract allowed the girl to attend the local community college, while protecting the parent’s interests by stipulating minimum grades, demanding maximum academic effort and setting certain rules.  It also extended parental rights through the girl’s college years.  Edna knew exactly what that meant, but still the contract explicitly defined “parental rights” as the right to mete out punishments including grounding and even spanking if Edna breached her contract.  So now you know where this story is going…


All went well the first semester, but the girl began to occasionally rebel during the second, breaking her evening curfew while delaying her homework until last-minute frenzies which disrupted the house and produced inferior results.  After several warnings, the parents finally grounded the girl over an entire weekend.  The family’s rules for grounding were simple.  No leaving the house except for class or church, no entertainment, and no computer except for schoolwork.  The “grounding uniform” was pajamas.  No privacy was allowed except for normal use of the bathroom, so her bedroom door remained open.  Breaking any “grounding” rule meant an immediate spanking.  Additionally, the slightest show of “attitude” would cost one item of clothing for the balance of the day, always starting with the pajama bottoms.    

It was tough on Edna to be grounded.. Embarrassed for her younger brother and sister to see her in that position, she didn’t react well at first.  Shortly after breakfast on Saturday she gave her mother a bit of lip, and lost her PJ bottoms.  The rest of the day she was forced to flash her panties around the house.  After that little incident, she seemed to learn her lesson, so the rest of the weekend passed without incident.  The girl even took the opportunity to thoroughly catch up on her homework.

It was only three weeks later when it happened again.  On a Friday night, Edna overstayed her curfew  by more than an hour.  When she got home, her parents were waiting.  Edna was at first puzzled by her father’s announcement that she would only be grounded until Saturday evening. But her father’s plan soon became clear!   

“And then” he explained, “You will be spanked and sent to bed”.

The following day was hell for the girl.  The only thing worse than getting her first spanking in two years was being made to wait for it!   Shortly after lunch, things got worse.  The parents took the girl aside and explained that she had a simple choice to make; be spanked in front of the family wearing her underwear, or be spanked in the privacy of her bedroom without her underwear. 

“Don’t tell me now,” her father explained, “You will tell the whole family right after supper.” 

“How…how hard?” the girl started to ask.

“You’re a big girl, so you should expect a big spanking.” The father warned, “Other than that, the details are up to us.” 

That didn’t stop the girl from pushing her luck!  “Will it be with your hand?” she asked “Or…or?”  . 

The father cut her off immediately.  “If you want to keep those pajama bottoms, this conversation is over!”  Wisely, the girl asked to be excused and went to her studies.  

Edna’s mind worked on the problem all afternoon.  Should she take a private spanking on the bare or do an embarrassing, albeit covered, “lap dance” in front of the whole family?  How embarrassing would it be for her father to see her nude?  Her mind kept churning.  She must have changed her mind back and forth a dozen times!  In the process, she even thought back to that contract.  Was it really worth it?  She was now over 18, so she could always quit school and leave home.  On contemplating that huge step of giving up her future and then finding a job and her own place to live, she wisely decided to take the spanking and try to learn from the experience.

The pressure started to show on the girl’s nerves.  She slammed a door a bit too hard, so her mother took her PJ bottoms.  “Waving a finger in the girl’s face, the mother declared “Any more problems and the next clothing item you lose will be your panties, young lady!”  

The girl really doubted that her parents would make her expose herself for the rest of the day, but she wisely decided not to push her luck.  She gave her parents no more problems that day.

Supper was a quiet affair

After supper, the parents ordered the dishes removed before gathering everyone back around the table.  “I think you all know that your sister is in trouble” Father began, “she will explain to you exactly what she did wrong, and what she will do differently next time.  …and then she will tell you if she wishes to be spanked in front of the entire family in her underwear, or get it bare in the privacy of her bedroom.   

With only minimal prompting, the girl managed to choke out her story and then lapsed into silence. 

“You didn’t tell us the last part.” Mother prompted.  “With or without your underwear?”

Looking down, the girl finally mumbled “In my bedroom please.”

Looking at the brother and sister the father announced “I want you two to be seated in the living room at eight o’clock.  Your sister’s bedroom door will be wide open so you can hear her punishment, but she will be naked, so you may not peek.  You are to learn from your sister’s punishment so this doesn’t happen to you.  Unless you wish to share her punishment, you will not tease her…understand?  The children nodded solemnly.

Looking straight at the girl the father instructed, “Be in your bedroom, showered and ready for bed at eight. “  Still looking down, the girl nodded.  Nobody needed to tell her that’s when her spanking would happen.  

The evening seemed to drag for Edna, yet suddenly 8PM loomed all too large.  At 7:30 she took her shower.  Not really sure how to dress for a nude spanking, Edna donned a fresh bra and panties.  Then, leaving her bedroom door wide open (per the grounding rules) she sat on the edge of her bed to wait out the last few minutes. 

Shortly before 8, her brother and sister peeked curiously through her open bedroom door as they passed on their way to the living room.  Moment’s later; the outline of her father filled her door.  As soon as Edna saw the hairbrush in her father’s hand, she broke down into tears.

Speaking neither harshly nor apologetically, her father said, “Yes, you get the hairbrush, not just a hand spanking, and I’m afraid that you can expect a real blistering. 

He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled the sobbing girl to him.  She expected to be dragged right over his lap, but that didn’t happen.  Finally, her eyes cleared enough for her to see that the hairbrush was lying on the bed, and there was a sheet of paper in her father’s hand.  “Can we talk for a minute Princess?” he asked gently.

Edna nodded.

“Do you remember signing this contract Edna?”

She nodded again.

“Do you remember when the three of us hashed out every paragraph and every rule until we came to an agreement?”

Edna could only agree.

“Do you still think this agreement is fair for both you and us?”

After a moment’s thought, Edna nodded her agreement.

“Are your mother and I keeping our side of the agreement OK?”

With new tears in her eyes, Edna choked out “Yes”.

“Then you understand that you could have avoided this spanking by keeping your side of the agreement…right?”

It was like a flashbulb went off in Edna’s brain.  Suddenly she realized that she was entirely wrong.  Her parents weren’t imposing rules on her, these were rules that she had helped make for herself.  She had been acting childishly, selfishly, and even dishonestly.  With a flood of new tears in her eyes, she wrapped her arms around her father’s neck and climbed into his lap.  Mother walked into the room just in time to hear Edna blubber, “I’m sorry dad, I don’t know what I was thinking.  When this is over, you won’t have any more trouble with me, I promise.”

Swallowing a lump in his throat, the father said, “I’m really glad to hear you say that, and somehow I believe you.  But you know I can’t reduce your punishment…right?”  Miserable, the girl nodded reluctant agreement.  “OK then Princess” the father continued, “your brother and sister are safely in the living room.  They’ll hear but not see.  Let’s get those undies off.”

Reluctantly, but obediently, Edna reached behind her to unfasten her bra.  She laid the frilly garment on her bed before reaching for her panties.   The girl shivered slightly as she stood naked before her parents.

As the father looked at the wholeness of his daughter for the first time in several years, he saw a shapely, pretty, compact girl who was fast approaching full sexual bloom.  Her firm breasts defied gravity, staying in perfect position without help from the bra.  Her waist was impossibly tiny; greatly accentuating the curves of her hips, and making her buttocks seem to swell fetchingly.  Her flat belly was decorated by a tiny navel.  A thin path of downy hairs led the eye down from the navel to a sparse delta of pubic hair that accentuated, rather than hid, her sex.

He viewed his daughter with the classic mixed emotions of a father.  He felt pride that his progeny had turned into such a perfect specimen, but also feared that every male within miles posed a distinct threat to his daughter’s future.

The girl squirmed and blushed under her father’s gaze, which pulled his mind back to business.  He said, “OK we have another decision to make.  I’m about to give you a very hard spanking with this hairbrush.  We can start right now, but that will be a huge shock to your unprepared bottom.  If you wish, your mother will give you a warm-up spanking, but that won’t reduce the paddling you get from me.    

Both parents found the girl’s response heartwarming and encouraging, “I’ve given mother a hard time that she didn’t deserve.  To show her I’m sorry I’ll go across her lap first, and it…it…it probably should be a…h…hard spanking.”

Eyes shining with tears, the mother sat on the edge of the bed and patted her lap.  Edna put herself into place.  “OK” the mother warned, “You get your wish, expect a nice hard spanking.” 

She started with spanks that were little more than mild slaps.  Mother gradually increased the force of the spanks until Edna started squirming and her bottom finally took a distinct pinkish tint.  No sounds had yet escaped Edna’s lips.

Without warning, Mother shifted her target area down to the sensitive area of Edna’s thighs and started delivering nearly full-force blows.  Edna bucked, squealed, exclaimed “Noooooooooo” and finally dissolved into genuine tears.  Having received the desired reaction, Mother shifted back higher and finished painting Edna’s twin orbs an impressive shade of red as the girl bucked squealed, and kicked.

Mother released the girl, who quickly recovered sufficiently to give her mother a tearful apology and a long hug.  Regretfully, Mother reminded the sobbing girl that her punishment had barely begun. 

In the living room, the brother and sister looked at each other.  They had both clearly heard a bare-bottom spanking, so they wondered if Edna’s spanking was over.  Mother had sternly told them to not move until they were released, so neither dared spy on the proceedings.

With Edna back on her feet, the parents changed places on the bed.  Father gave the girl a peck on the cheek, and spoke to her in a special firm, yet controlled voice that he only seemed to use when he was disciplining his children.  Soon, the nude, red-bottomed girl was draped across her father’s lap, and the hairbrush was raised high for the first blow.

The brother and sister’s eyes simultaneously got large when they heard the repeated “crack” of the hairbrush against their big sister’s bare bottom, and heard her anguished howl as their father did his parental duty.  Picturing the scene in Edna’s bedroom, the brother was ashamed of his feelings, and ashamed of the “boner” he hoped to hide.

Father saw no particular reason to draw out her punishment, so the spanking was given quickly and without respite.  Edna’s bottom quickly took on a spectacular range of colors.  It took less than five minutes for him to spank his daughter’s bottom the maximum that he deemed safe.  He held her in place firmly, his left hand holding her torso, his right leg pinning her legs down.  Held so tightly, she could do little more than kick her legs ineffectually while twitching her bottom.  Her bottom flattened with each blow, but each time, it sprang back into its proper shape as if inviting the next fall of the hairbrush.  Father’s last bit of business was to place several blows on each sit-spot.  She would be feeling those for several days.

When released, the blubbering girl did a brief spank-dance, but then curled up in her father’s lap for a good final cry.   

After a long 3-way hugfest with her parents, the girl finally recovered enough to apologize and assure them that there would be no more trouble.  Working as a team, they got her ready for bed; the father washed the tears from her face while the mother applied lotion to her livid bottom.  After final kisses, they turned out the lights leaving her face-down in bed.

Exhausted and drained, Edna slept.

Later that night, she half-awoke.  In her semi-dream state, she re-lived a sexualized version of her recent spanking.  This time her spanker wasn’t her father, but a blurry, idealized dominant lover; a lover still somewhere in Edna’s future.  She pulled her knees under her, thrusting her bottom high to receive the imaginary spanks.  Tensing her still-livid buns, she re-ignited a delicious burning from her previous spanking.  Her secret place lubricated, swelled, and tingled with desire.  Of its own volition, her hand found the dampness and did the job her lover would someday do. 

Satiated, Edna slept like a baby. 

This story has a happy ending.  Edna’s spanking wasn’t wasted.  Surprisingly, Edna really did “get it”.  Her grades improved enough over her sophomore year that her parents re-negotiated her contract to give her more freedom.  Showing even more confidence, they sent her to the state university to finish her degree.

At it turned out, this wasn’t to be Edna’s final spanking, but that’s another story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi,A good idea and it encourages the young lady to work hard in school and do homework on time! It encurages parents to reward their daughter for good work and reports ! However it is essential that parents do check the girls work.There must be no letting her off if she pleads and promomises she will work harder next term!Take the paddle or cane to her bare bottom and give her a sound caning! Jack

9:00 AM, May 09, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our daughter Jan,19, lives with us and is doing a degree course in the local university! We pay her fees but in return she agreed to sign a Spanking Agreement which has prooved to be very effective ! We take it turns to cane or spank her ,always on her bare bottom! She has acceptr our Rules are for her own good but not without some heated arguments!Our biggest worry has been that she started smoking and has had several spankings and caning recently ! As I writes she is in the corner waiting for me to take her panties down and cane her ,giving 15 strokes for again being caught smoking! We love her and only want the best for her, which she tearfuly understands and accepts! KL

9:56 AM, October 20, 2016  

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