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Shower Time (?/?)

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Shower Time

Normally a punishment session in our home goes like this:

We are alone in the living room and I have requested Jan, my beautiful wife, to stand in front of me so we can have a “discussion”. At first she acts bit perplexed, and then finally I see in her face a sad realization and then acceptance as she finally realizes the depth of her error. By now, she knows exactly where this “discussion” is going. After a bit of a pause, I finally utter the words; “I think it is shower time, don’t you?” I see a bit of a quiver in her chin and tears spring to her eyes as she nods her head in sad agreement. I stand, give her a kiss and a long hug, and send her off to the bathroom with a firm pat on her bottom. Shortly after her shower, she will return for her spanking.

I am a salesman by trade, but the best and most important “sale” of my life was wooing Jan and winning her for my wife. We have been married now for about five years, and neither of us carries the slightest doubt that the two of us has truly made the “deal of a lifetime”. We both agree that the success of our marriage is due to our habit of identifying sources of tension in our lives and dealing with them as soon as possible. One issue is our childlessness. After five years, we have nothing to show save the excitement and anticipation triggered by a few missing periods. We had a long talk about this, and decided together that we would just live a life complicated neither by contraceptives nor fertility doctors. If children happen, that will be a wonderful thing. If our fate is to simply enjoy each other’s company for the rest of our lives; that will also be a wonderful thing.

We regulate other, more mundane, issues of life by a written agreement and a list of rules that we first negotiated early in our marriage. This agreement sets out our responsibilities to each other, and codifies the domestic rules that bring order to our home and our relationship. Should we violate this agreement, the consequences are clearly spelled out. To avoid one possibility of conflict, our agreement specifies that the consequences of violating certain of our rules are inescapable. Specifically, if Jan violates a rule that is marked in our book with an “S” then she must submit to a bare bottom spanking; if the mark is “HS” (hard spanking) then Jan’s bottom will also gat a painful dose of the hairbrush.

After the spanking comes the most important part of our agreement; instant and complete forgiveness. If possible and practical, the incident will never again be mentioned.

You won’t find it anywhere in our agreement, but it has come to be that a punishment spanking is always preceded by a long, solitary shower. This shower does several important things for us. First, it forces us to spend a few minutes apart to allow any residual anger or conflict to dissipate so the spanking that follows can be delivered (and received) in the proper spirit with a minimum of raw emotion. Second, it allows each of us time for silent contemplation to ensure that the pending punishment is truly fair. This paid off once when Jan was to be spanked for overdrawing our checking account. While at first accepting responsibility for the error, Jan ran through the sums in her head while showering and decided that there must have been enough funds to cover the check that she wrote. She emerged from the bath, hairbrush in hand, obediently prepared for her punishment, but asked for one last look at our bank statement before her sentence was delivered. To our mutual relief, we discovered that the bank had somehow deducted our rent check twice. Jan had been spared an unjustified trip across my lap! We celebrated the way that happy couples are known to celebrate such things; with an impromptu and vigorous lovemaking session.

A third reason for the pre-spanking shower is that it always leaves a person perfectly dressed for a punishment spanking; naked. This eliminates all drama over the adjustment of clothing to prepare for the spanking. There is no question (for example) if panties should be lowered to half-mast or taken totally off. Our little procedure assures that all punishment spankings are delivered pretty much the same way and eliminates hard feelings that could result from this detail.

A minor reason for the shower is that Jan is convinced that a spanking hurts more on a wet bottom. I am not so convinced, but it is enough that she is. Punishment spankings are supposed to hurt, so Jan considers it her duty and a matter of respect to me to ensure that she presents herself in as vulnerable a condition as possible. For this reason, Jan only towels herself off in front, leaving her bottom still dripping wet for her spanking.

As I wait, I can normally hear the shower running. While waiting, I consider myself honor bound to do nothing but sit here in the living room, think through the entire situation, and prepare myself for the job ahead of me.

When I hear the water stop, I will get up, place a dining room chair in the middle of the living room and sit down on it, waiting expectantly for Jan to emerge. If it is to be a “hard” spanking, I will expect her to be carrying the hairbrush. The issue of the hairbrush is almost never a matter of discussion between us. We both know the rules perfectly well and even though she especially dreads a hairbrush spanking, she will always bring it if its use is called for, in fact, according to our agreement, she must insist on it.

As she comes through the door, I will catch my breath. I don’t know why it is, but this is the moment that she is so beautiful and desirable that I can hardly think of spanking her. Her flesh will still be warm and slightly damp from the hot needles of the shower. She will have a squeaky clean woman-smell that will drive me crazy. There will be tears streaming down her cheeks and the coming spanking will be the only thing on her mind, so I must try to hide my arousal.

The scolding is already complete so there is little left for us to say, therefore I motion her across my lap without further delay. As she willingly puts her naked body in position for her punishment, I will note appreciatively that, as usual, she has obediently left her bottom dripping wet. After just a second or two to make sure she is in position and ready, I will start with a series of firm spanks randomly placed on the fullest parts of her buttocks. She will do her best to take her punishment quietly, but after just a few spanks she will fail. She also will do her best to stay in position, but as her bottom heats up, she will finally fail at that as well. I will hold her firmly, and perhaps resort to trapping her legs with one of mine to hold her in place. Even that may fail in the end, and she might manage to twist her body and move her bottom out of range. In that case, I may need to halt the action for a few seconds while I coax her back into position so I can resume her spanking. Even so, I will know that she is doing her very best to be “good” for her spanking, so I will not get angry or even threaten her with extra spanks.

This first part of Jan’s spanking will hurt me almost as much as her because her entire weight will be on the rock-hard evidence of my arousal. The force of the first spanks pushing her pelvis into my lap will make things worse, her urgent squirms as her bottom tries vainly to avoid the spanks will be particularly excruciating. When I finally get my mind totally into the job at hand, my erection will finally, though very temporarily abate, greatly facilitating the last few and the sternest, moments of her correction. If the hairbrush is to be used, I will pick it up after I have thoroughly prepared her bottom with my hand.

When the spanking is over, she will curl up in my lap for a cry and a long cuddle. These are some of our tenderest moments together. My arousal will soon return with a vengeance, but I continue to hold, kiss, cuddle & talk to her, careful to make no sexual advances until she signals that she is ready. Finally it will happen; she will leave the shame and pain of her punishment behind and allow nature to take its course: She will announce her growing ardor with a little nibble or by adding a bit of tongue action in a kiss, or perhaps by moving her hips in a certain way. Often, I will pretend not to notice, which has the delicious effect of increasing both her and my own excitement. If I wait long enough (I can’t always) she will finally take the offensive, either reaching inside my pants for what she wants, or, (if I am really lucky) by sliding down to her knees, opening my pants, and using her wonderful mouth to get my full attention. Shortly thereafter, we will be in bed, doing what sensual married couples so love to do.

It is an understatement that this entire cycle of sin, confession, enforced punishment, and guaranteed mutual forgiveness, along with the shared joy of the “making up” process, serves a powerful cleansing and renewing function in our relationship.

OK, now you know how a punishment session normally happens in our home, but today is not normal, at least to me it isn’t normal. Today, I am the one who broke a rule. It is never easy for me, but I have kept my part of the bargain by confessing my “crime”. Now that we have finally finished our “discussion”, it’s time for me to go take a shower.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you make a story about a boy being spanked by a sports team coach or a gym teacher in front of the other boys, please?

9:07 PM, May 09, 2012  
Blogger guy said...

Anonymous... I don't do custom stories, but your request did trigger memories of my old elementary school gym. The result was two "gym" stories. Neither exactly match your request. "Spanked by the Female Gym Teacher" and "Sue's Gym Storeroom Paddling".

Give them a shot!

6:48 PM, May 31, 2012  
Anonymous Ordalie said...

And that's a very effective way to prevent grievances from piling up!

12:10 AM, November 24, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would really like to hear how the husband handles his punishment. Love your stories.

11:36 PM, February 18, 2013  

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