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Instant Fatherhood Part 4: "The unfair spanking" (F/f, M/F)

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This story springs from two roots. Without both roots, the incident would never have happened. The first root is from Part Three: Ed allowed his fiancée, Jenny, to assist in his daughter Karen’s punishment for violating Ed and Jenny’s privacy. Ed would later realize that he had not been careful enough with that situation, so Jenny was somehow left with the mistaken idea that Ed had given her carte blanche permission to discipline Karen.

The second root actually traces back to a few weeks after Ed and Jenny had met. On an evening when Ed and Karen, his adopted teenage daughter, were home alone, Karen asked Ed if they could have “truth serum” (Actually, Karen’s favorite ice cream) for desert. “Sure” said Ed. But then, looking at Karen’s serious face, Ed asked, “Does this mean that we have something to talk about?” Karen looked at the floor and mumbled “Yes”.

Later, when Karen had emptied half of her bowl of ice cream, Ed finally prodded her, “Karen, wasn’t there something you wanted to talk to your Daddy about?” Karen’s face instantly fell, “Yes, we need to talk about something, but then I am afraid you are going to want to spank me.” “Let me be the judge of that,” Ed said soothingly, “just put the truth out here on the table so we can both talk about it.”

“Well” Karen said, as if she didn’t know where to start. “I…err…I have been doing something bad.” “Go on” Ed urged “I know this is hard for you, but you are half way there now.” “I…I…I have been doing something I know is bad and I can’t seem to stop.” Ed instantly relaxed, guessing what it was. “Do you mean something you do in the bedroom by yourself?” The girl looked startled, “How did you know?” “Because virtually everyone does that when they are growing up, it is a normal part of growing up and turning into an adult.”

“Do you mean it’s OK to do that?” The girl asked with mild amazement. “Well” Ed temporized, “as long as you do it in private and not so often that you crowd other things out of your life, or make yourself sore and… “And what?” “And as long as you promise to wash your hands afterwards.” Ed said with a grin. “Daddeeee, yuck!” Karen squealed, “Of course I wash my hands after my hands are…err…there”.

In a more serious tone, Ed added, “I guess this is something we should have already talked about, but we parents tend to avoid it because it is uncomfortable for us. First of all, the proper word for it is ‘masturbation’ and it is something that almost nobody talks about and fewer people admit to actually doing.” Karen nodded her understanding but added, “some kids at school told me that it is bad for you and it is a sin.” “Well Honey,” Ed said, “everything I have read on the subject says it is perfectly normal, and I know that some people think it is bad, but I believe that they just have an old fashioned idea.”

Karen looked at Ed with large innocent eyes, “Did you ever masturbate Daddy?” Ed blushed deeply, “Err… Like I said, this is something that almost nobody talks about… This is just between me and you right?” “Sure” said Karen, already knowing the answer. “Then ‘Yes,’ Ed admitted reluctantly, “Can we move on to another subject now?” “Sure” said Karen with a bit of a smirk

Now that you know the two roots to this story, you can probably guess some of what comes next.

It was about two weeks later, when Ed had to work a rare half-day on a Saturday. Jenny, (who was spending more and more time at the Collins house as the marriage date approached) came by after breakfast to take Karen to a shopping trip, and found the house seemingly empty until she found Karen’s bedroom door closed. She called Karen’s name and received no answer, so she opened the bedroom door expecting to find Karen asleep. Instead, she found Karen on her bed, her eyes screwed tightly closed, with her pajama top wide open, her pajama bottoms at her ankles, her knees bent, her thighs wide open, and her hand working industrially somewhere just inches below her navel.

Karen did not even notice that the door was open until she heard Jenny loudly clear her throat. Karen’s eyes flew wide open and she instantly abandoned what she was doing to reach down and pull up her pajama bottoms. “It’s too late for that Karen” Jenny snapped, “just kick those pajama bottoms off and we will deal with this girl-to-girl.” Having no idea what was on her future mother’s mind, Karen obeyed, finding herself nude in front of Jenny except for her unbuttoned pajama top.

“It looks like I got here just in the nick of time,” started Jenny, “It is important that you don’t get addicted to that kind of behavior. It is a sin, it is bad for your body, and it will lead you straight to slutty behavior with boys, which will likely lead to your pregnancy. I don’t want your father to be hurt by knowing what you were doing, so I am going to ‘nip this in the bud’ right now.”

Karen was simultaneously confused, ashamed, and scared. She was plenty old enough to understand Jenny’s tone of voice, and knew that a spanking was coming, and she was certainly ashamed at having been discovered masturbating. But in the light of the conversation she so recently had with Ed, Jenny wasn’t making any sense to Karen.

Karen tried to explain to Jenny but got nowhere; “but…but” “but nothing Karen!” Jenny insisted, the only ‘butt’ around here is going to be a red one! I love you Karen but I am going to do you the huge favor of making your bottom hurt so much that you will never want to abuse yourself again. You are just too nice a girl to be treating yourself that way.” The girl tried again; “But Jenny I….”. Jenny stopped the girl before she could explain; “What did I tell you Karen? There is nothing to talk about! Your hairbrush is here in your bedroom right?” With a dry mouth Karen answered, “Yes Mam.” “OK then” Jenny responded, “fetch me your hairbrush and let’s deal with this right now before your father gets home and finds out what you were doing while his back was turned.”

Sobbing in fear, frustration and mortification, Karen did the only thing she knew to do; she obeyed. As Jenny watched the pretty young teen turn and walk to her dresser, she admired the girl’s round bottom and budding figure and knew that her future daughter was maturing fast. As the girl retrieved the feared hairbrush from her dresser drawer and turned around with it in her hand, Jenny noticed that the girl’s silky fine pubic hair was still wet and matted. The realization that this was evidence of Karen’s recent sin filled Jenny with a new resolve, she must act now or this girl would go irretrievably down the slippery slope to sluthood. Reluctantly, the wet-faced girl handed Jenny the hairbrush. Sitting down purposely on the edge of Karen’s bed, Jenny laid the hairbrush behind her and motioned for Karen to stand at her right side. “Every time you get the urge to do that…that thing…to yourself, and you WILL get the urge, I want you to think of yourself getting caught and then I want you to think of yourself across my knees getting your bare bottom walloped; understand?” Karen nodded sadly. “OK,” Jenny ordered in a no-nonsense tone of voice, “you may put yourself in place so we can get started”. Obediently, Karen did exactly as she was told.

Fortunately for Karen, the spanking started without further scolding. Karen was still confused and a bit numb; but that did nothing to protect her bottom! Jenny folded Karen’s pajama top high on the girl’s back, leaving her virtually naked. Without bothering with a slow warm-up, Jenny started right out with a brisk hand spanking, applied in that same uneven random style that Karen unhappily remembered from the day she had been caught eavesdropping on Jenny and her father. Almost immediately, Karen was crying freely as her bottom bounced and jounced from the firm spanks and her torso futilely tried to twist her quickly reddening buttocks away from the worst of the blows. Of its own accord, Karen’s right hand came back to attempt to shield her tush from the blows, but Jenny easily caught it and pinned it in the small of Karen’s back.

The spanking continued until Karen’s bottom was significantly redder than the other time Jenny had spanked her. Finally Jenny stopped to take a breath and inspect her work. Karen had barely enough time to realize that her spanking had paused before Jenny shifted the girl’s weight slightly, moved her right leg out from under her, and used it to trap Karen’s legs.

Purposely picking up the hairbrush, Jenny spoke to Karen for the first time since the spanking began; “Karen, are you listening to me? … Karen!” Finally Karen realized that she was expected to respond; “Uhhh, yes maam?” “Are you thinking about what this spanking is all about?” “Yes Mam, I…I won’t do it any more.”

“OK Karen,” Jenny said, “I want you to visualize what you were doing when I opened the door and caught you, … Are you doing that?” “Yes Mam,” Karen sobbed. “OK then Karen, I want you to hold that thought in your head and forever connect it to this…”

The only warning that Karen was given was a tightening of the hand that was already firmly pinning her right hand in the small of her waist, before Jenny used the hairbrush to unleash a furious fusillade on Karen’s bottom.

Pinned in place with her bottom exploding in impossible pain, Karen could do little but arch her back and howl. Copying Ed’s previous performance, Jenny took about two minutes to first turn Karen’s bottom an angry dark shade of red, and then continued until a few darker splotches showed; these would later turn unto painful marks on the girl’s bottom, which would serve to reinforce the “lesson” every time Karen sat down over the next few days. By now, it was clear from Karen’s diminishing struggles and cries that the punishment had reached its logical conclusion. With a final two extra-hard swats to each cheek, Jenny released the sobbing girl, helped her to her feet, and gathered her into a long tender hug. It took at least 15 minutes before Karen regained her composure. Jenny continued to hold the girl a bit longer, relishing the quiet and this closeness with her soon-to-be daughter. Finally, she walked Karen into the bathroom to wash away her tears.

“I am really sorry I had to do that Karen” Jenny said gently “I am sure that we will never need to have that particular conversation again will we?” Still confused, Karen said what she knew was required of her “No Maam” “OK then” Jenny said brightly” Let’s forget this ever happened, get you dressed, and then go do that shopping just like we planned”.

Still confused but feeling vaguely guilty, It took two days before Karen could bring the subject up with Ed. “Daddy, remember that talk we had about things we do by ourselves in the bedroom?” “Yes honey” He replied, wondering what was on the girl’s fertile mind.

“I…I guess we had some sort of misunderstanding a couple of weeks ago when we talked about mas…mas…masturbating.” “I thought we were pretty clear on that Karen” Ed replied, “What is the misunderstanding?” Karen kind of choked and finally replied: “Well Jenny kind of…sort of…caught me…doing it. She said that it was a very bad thing to do and that it was a sin.”

With Ed’s patient probing, the entire story of the incident with Jenny came out, including Karen’s spanking. For a moment, Ed felt like his world was closing in on him. Afraid that Karen would think that his anger was directed at her, Ed made a monumental effort to keep the anger he was feeling out of his voice.

Although Karen was not normally shy in front of her new father, it was very difficult for her when Ed insisted on viewing the “damage” from her spanking. His eyes grew wide and he gritted his teeth when he saw the angry marks on his little girl’s bared bottom.

Fortunately, Jenny had a church committee meeting that evening. After the meeting she would go home to her own apartment, so Ed had a full day to cool down and consider how to confront his fiancée. On reflection, he felt partly responsible for not making it clear to Jenny that his previous permission to spank Karen had been a one-shot deal. On the other hand, Jenny had failed to listen to Karen’s explanation and by contradicting his previous advice to Karen, had directly undermined Ed’s authority with his daughter. Worse yet, Jenny had kept the whole incident a secret from him! Upset as he was, Ed was not ready to ditch Jenny over a single incident, even one as serious as this. Jenny had obviously acted without thinking; Ed silently vowed not to make things even worse by doing the same himself. He silently vowed to be patient with Jenny and to hear her side of the story before acting.

The next day, Jenny was supposed to come over for supper, but Ed called her at work and asked if they could “cancel supper” and said that he would like to see her at her apartment that evening. Jenny could instantly tell by the sound of Ed’s voice that something was wrong, but could elicit no further explanation from him.

After Ed had a quiet dinner with Karen, he washed the dishes and then checked that Karen was industrially doing her schoolwork. He gave her a hug and a fatherly kiss on the cheek, reminded her of her 10 PM school day bedtime and left for Jenny’s apartment.

Jenny waited nervously in her apartment for Ed’s arrival. A thousand thoughts went through her mind, but she hadn’t a clue what was on Ed’s mind. Finally she heard a familiar knock on her door and rushed to let him in. Holding a brown paper bag in one hand, he distractedly gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek before leading her to the couch. “What’s going on Ed?” She asked.

Ed got right to the point: “Tell me about Saturday morning.” “We had a nice day and got all of our shopping done.” Jenny replied. “No” Ed said, “I mean before you two went out shopping.”

“Oh” said Jenny, “I wanted to save you that worry. I am sorry you had to hear about that.” Without raising his voice, Ed firmly insisted, “Jenny, I asked you to tell me about Saturday morning. Will you please do that for me?”

At that, Jenny finally told Ed the entire story, starting with finding Karen “in the act” and ending with the hairbrush spanking. “I really thought it was best for all concerned to keep this ‘just between the girls” she concluded. “Did Karen try to explain anything to you?” Ed asked evenly. “What’s to explain?” Jenny responded, “I caught her in the act.”

“There are several problems here,” Ed explained. “First, I am Karen’s father, and there should be no secrets about Karen kept from me. Second, I never gave you carte blanche to discipline Karen without even talking to be first, especially not to spank her.” “But…but” Jenny started. “Jenny” Ed said, “I know you meant well, and I am trying not to be mad at you, but I am not done. Please let me finish.” Mollified, Jenny replied “OK”.

“I think the first error you made was not listening to Karen. If you had let her talk, she would have told you that we had a talk about masturbation about two weeks ago and I gave her the best information I had available.” Opening the bag he continued: “I got the information right out of these child care books, and on the subject of teen masturbation, all three generally agree.” My pastor gave me one of these books when I adopted Karen, and the other two came highly recommended from friends. At the time, I figured I needed all the help I could get!”

“What is there to read?” Jenny asked, “I learned when I was growing up that masturbation is bad for you, it leads to early sexual activity, and it is a sin against nature. We all know that”. “Yep,” agreed Ed, “I ‘learned’ that too when I was a kid, but it seems I learned wrong. I am going to leave these books with you and I want you to promise to read them, and then I hope you will do your own research. When you are all done, we don’t have to agree about masturbation, but I want you to promise to open your mind.”

“OK” Jenny agreed. “And then,” Ed continued, with just a tiny bit of steel slipping into his voice “We need to talk again about Saturday morning, because we are not even close to being done. We still need to talk about why you refused to listen to Karen and why you decided to punish her without even telling me. Can we do that tomorrow?”

“I guess I am in trouble huh?” Jenny asked soberly,” That would be an understatement.” Ed agreed, “As things stand today, I still want you to be my wife, and Karen still wants you to be her mother” Jenny started to relax, but Ed continued, “But how we proceed depends a lot on your attitude about what happened and if I think that this incident signals some continuing problem”.

“OK”, sad Jenny, “I promise to do my homework. When do you want to get together tomorrow?” “See you at our place for supper tomorrow? Ed asked. Jenny quickly agreed. After a few more minutes of small talk, Ed made his excuses, gave Jenny a hug and a quick kiss, and departed. It was not lost on Jenny that the Ed failed to linger for their usual “fooling around” session. Lately these had been wonderful events that increasingly ended up with the couple between the sheets.

It was nearly midnight when Ed’s phone woke him from a sound sleep. When Ed picked up the phone, a very distraught Jenny was on the other end.

The words tumbled out of her mouth: “I, err, did my homework, and I did a lot of thinking. Yes, my ideas about masturbation were about half a century behind the times. I can’t believe how stupid I was about this whole thing. I made a terrible mistake with Karen! How am I ever going to make it up to her?”

Ed’s response was not as helpful as Jenny was hoping for: “First we need to settle this matter between you and me before we can even start to talk about how you might make this up to Karen”. Jenny’s only response was an anguished sob. “I was planning to talk to you about this tomorrow Jenny, but your two biggest mistakes were not listening to Karen, and then trying to keep the incident secret from me. Both of these things make me question your basic judgment ability.” “It seems to be a curse in my life that every time something really good is about to happen to me, I do something blindingly stupid and end up sabotaging myself” Jenny blubbered.

“Well, what do you suggest we do now” Ed asked, “How can you convince me that you have truly learned a lesson here and that this will never be an issue again?” There was a long silence at the other end of the line. Ed, determined to “keep the ball in Jenny’s court” waited, forcing Jenny to finally respond. If I tell you how Sam (Jenny’s late husband) and I would have handled this will you think I am some sort of pervert? You and I have been intimate long enough that I would know by know if you were a pervert Jenny” Ed replied, “Just say what is on your mind”.

“Well,” Jenny started, “Perhaps I should have told you about this before, but I was afraid to.” :”Just get it out,” Ed said, “I really doubt that it will make me think worse of you, and it may help.” “OK”, Jenny said as she drew a big breath, “Sam and I had sort of a deal. When I did something like this; you know…something stupid or something wrong, we had sort of a deal…” “Go on”, Ed said encouragingly. Finally she continued: “When something like that happened, he…he…spanked me. Not just a baby spanking, he spanked me really hard…on the bare bottom.” Ed could almost hear his fiancée blush over the phone. “And then the second half of the deal was that I always learned my lesson from my punishment so it would never need to be repeated, and Sam always forgave me as soon as the spanking was over. Our most important rule was that the end of the spanking was the end of the incident, as if it had never happened.”

“OK, let’s make sure I am clear on this”, Ed said, “You’re suggesting that you will willingly submit to a spanking to settle this incident, and after that, you will never do anything like this again?” Her heart beating furiously, Jenny breathed, “Yes”. Ed bore in, “…and I get to decide when I am going to give you this spanking, where I am going to give you this spanking, how long it will be, how hard it will be, what clothing you will take off first, and what I am going to spank you with?” Jenny gulped and answered, “Yes, I will have no say in the punishment.” Ed wasn’t done, “… and after that, we will have the same agreement that you and Sam had? You will submit to a spanking any time I reasonably decide you have earned one?” “As long as you hold up your end of the bargain,” Jenny agreed, “when the spanking is over, the entire incident is over and I am forgiven.” “OK,” Ed agreed, I am ready to go along with your suggestion, but there is just one more thing that I want you to consider before we “seal the deal”. “Go ahead” Jenny said, wondering what was next.

“I saw Karen’s bottom. It seems only fair that I should use that same hairbrush on you and that your bottom should look at least as bad as hers did.” Jenny heart rate accelerated even more, but there was only one answer to give: “Under the circumstances, I guess that’s only fair,” she managed to say. “I will do my best to cooperate and stay in position, but you will probably have to hold me down and don’t expect me to be silent! But when it’s over I will only blame myself for my sore bottom.”

“That’s fair enough.” Ed said. “I think that we have figured out a way out of this mess.”

“Not quite” Jenny said, “What do we do about Karen? There is no way we can ‘unspank’ her! Who do I make this up to her? Will she ever respect me again?” There was a long silence on the phone.

“I think that Karen respects you right now.” Ed said carefully. She has been through a lot in her life and she knows that her parents are human and make errors. Why don’t you start out with a good apology? “Naturally I will do that but still…” Ed had another idea: “I may decide that Karen has a right to know about your punishment, but that will take a bit more thinking first. Come here tomorrow straight from work and we will talk to her.”

Jenny gulped and finally asked the next question on her mind, “When…when will I get my sp…sp…spanking?” “Don’t worry Jenny,” Ed said in a reassuring tone of voice, “I won’t keep you waiting for long.” After a bit of “sweet talk” the couple said “good night” and hung up to finish their night’s sleep.

The next afternoon, Jenny arrived at the house just moments after Ed’s car pulled in the driveway. They both greeted Karen, who had been home from school nearly an hour. Then the couplw went into the kitchen to prepare supper. Fortunately, Karen went back to her bedroom to finish her schoolwork so the two had a few moments’ privacy.

Ed realized with a start that he rarely saw Jenny dressed in her office suit, and he found the tightly-skirted outfit to be strangely sexy. As soon as they were alone, he pulled her into a tight hug. Moments later, they were kissing and Ed’s hands were wandering. When he cupped both of his hands around her buttocks, the sensation, though pleasant, served to remind both of them about today’s “business”. Almost apologetically, they stepped back from each other. “Still OK with what we talked about last night? She nodded. “This is your last chance to change your mind” Ed offered. “No”, she replied, “I am nervous as a cat, but I really want to get this over so our life can get back on track.”

Finally she asked what was uppermost on her mind; “Have you thought any more about telling Karen about my spanking?” “Yes”, Ed replied, I have been thinking about it all day, but I still haven’t decided. I think that I will just see how she reacts when we talk to her and then I will just trust to my parental instinct and make the decision on the spot.” “Ok,” Jenny replied nervously, “I will just follow your lead then.”

Supper was a simple affair. Jenny sliced some cold cuts while Ed tossed a salad and warmed up some canned beans. Moments later, they had the table set and called Karen to the table. At first, they ate in silence. Ed noticed that Jenny was barely picking at her food. He was considering encouraging her to eat, but then thought that it was probably better that he not put her across his lap with a full stomach. When they were done, Ed picked up the dishes and brought out bowls of Karen’s favorite ice cream. “Oh wow”, the girl enthused, “truth serum!”

“Close” Ed replied, “but tonight let’s just call it ‘serious talk serum.’ I believe that Jenny has something she wants to say to you”. A few tears instantly betrayed Jenny’s inner turmoil. “It’s about Saturday morning Karen. I was totally in the wrong. You did nothing wrong, and then I didn’t listen when you tried to explain. And then I just went ahead and paddled you with that hairbrush. I would give anything if I had a way to take that spanking back. I am terribly, terribly sorry. Can you ever forgive me?”

“I was mad for a while,” Karen admitted, “Well; perhaps ‘confused’ is a better word. But dad explained everything to me, so I guess I understand what happened now.” Karen stood and gave her future mother a hug. ”You are officially forgiven” she said. Then the girl got a thoughtful look on her face, “I sort of feel that I told on you. Did I get you in trouble with Dad?”

“Whoa.” said Jenny, “It is always OK for you to talk to your father…or your mother. You did nothing wrong and you did not tattle! As for the rest of the question…” She gave Ed a questioning look.” “Yes, Jenny is 100% right,” agreed Ed, “you may always come to either of us, or both of us together, with anything that you have on your mind.” Ed hesitated, obviously considering his next words. “Karen, you have been very grown up about this whole thing so I am going to let Jenny answer the second part of your question, but first I want you to promise that what we talk about next will remain strictly family business. You may not talk about this to anyone except me or Jenny.” Karen nodded soberly; “Yes sir, I promise.”

Ed looked at Jenny, “OK, go ahead and answer the question.” Jenny reached out and took both of Karen’s hands. “You asked if I am ‘in trouble,’ and the answer is yes. I have not yet been forgiven by your father, and (just as important) I have not forgiven myself. Perhaps it was not my fault that I had old ideas about…about what you were doing, but I was wrong to punish you without hearing you out, and I really should have consulted with your father before punishing you. I thank you very much for forgiving me Karen; but yes, I am still in trouble”.

“Go ahead honey,” urged Ed, “tell her the rest.” Jenny gulped and continued, “I have asked your father to please spank me, and he agreed that was the best thing to do. After that, he has agreed to forgive me and forget this mess ever happened.” She choked a bit and finally added, He says my spanking will be at least as hard as the one I gave you. In fact, I think we will need to borrow your hairbrush. Is it still on your dresser?

Karen’s eyes got big and she hugged Jenny. You’re sure you’re not mad at me? Karen asked. “No sweetheart,” Jenny sobbed, “I am mad at me. May I please borrow your hairbrush?” “I wish it were just to brush your hair, but yes; it’s on my dresser.” The girl replied honestly.

“Karen,” Ed said in a businesslike voice, “I want you to gather your school books. I am going to drive you over to the library. I think you need to do an hour or two’s research…right? “Please no daddy,” Karen insisted, “I want to be here to help comfort Jenny after her spanking. That hairbrush hurts!”

“Honey,” Jenny explained gently, “Like you, I assume that your father is getting ready to spank my bottom. If you stay in the house, you will hear my spanking, and that won’t be a pleasant thing for you to hear. I intend to cooperate with your father to the best of my ability, but I also know that he will quickly bring me to tears…and then I will probably beg him to stop, but that won’t do me any good. And then, there is no telling what noises I might make.

“But I know what a spanking sounds like.” Karen insisted, “and I know what that hairbrush feels like, and (she blushed just a bit) I know what a spanking looks like too. I don’t need to see you get spanked, but I am part of this family and I want to be here to comfort you when it is over.”

Jenny looked at Ed. Ed looked at Jenny. They both shrugged. Finally Ed spoke, “Yes, I guess spankings are no mystery to you. I am going to take Jenny in my room for her spanking. I want you to stay in your room until you are sure it is over, and then you can join us for a few minutes. After that, we will need some privacy to …err, talk; so I want you to go to bed early. Does that sound like a fair compromise?”

Karen smiled and hugged her father, “Yes, thank you Daddy.” “OK,” Ed ordered, “then it’s time for you to get to your bedroom, and Jenny; you had better follow your daughter so you can borrow that hairbrush from her.” The girl and the lady left the room.

Shortly later, Jenny timidly returned with the hairbrush in her hand. Ed took her by the arm and led her into his bedroom.

Ed sat on the edge of his bed, stood his woman in front of him, took the hairbrush, and laid it behind him. “Anything we need to talk about before we start?” he asked. Looking him straight in the eye, she shook her head “no”, and then changed her mind. “Just…just remember that I’m not particularly fragile Ed. It is OK to do a good job. I promise not to be mad at you.” “That is a brave thing to say.” Ed said with true admiration in his voice. “Let’s get you ready and then get it done.”

He reached up and unbuttoned her Jacket, helped her shrug out of it, and then carefully folded it and placed it on a chair. Next he fumbled at a single button and finally unzipped her skirt, which dropped to reveal a filmy slip that he had never seen before. The skirt was actually a new experience for him, usually she wore pants. As before, he carefully folded the skirt and placed it on the chair. He felt just a bit guilty to be enjoying Jenny’s unveiling, but then he rationalized “why not?” She was a beautiful woman and she was definitely his, so why should he not enjoy getting her naked? Starting at the bottom button, he unbuttoned her blouse and helped her out of it. This, he placed on the back of the chair.

Now he returned for the slip. It fastened with three snaps. It dropped to the floor, finally revealing her frilly panties. He spun his finger in the air & she obediently turned around so that he could undo her bra. As it fell from her breasts, she caught it and tossed it to the chair. With her still facing away, Ed reached down to her waist and lowered her panties, revealing her soon-to-be-red bottom cheeks. He planted a kiss on each nether cheek and then lowered the panties all the way to the floor, holding them while she stepped out. He left the slip and panties on the floor.

In a new businesslike tone of voice, Ed demanded, “OK, now tell me exactly why you are being spanked.” Jenny stammered out a reasonable explanation. “I guess that’s good enough.” He agreed judiciously. “You may put yourself into position.” With her heart pounding and her stomach flipping furiously, Jenny obeyed, putting herself across her fiancée’s lap.

Ed massaged both of Jenny’s nether cheeks, as if taking their measure to decide how much punishment they could truly take. When the spanking finally started, it started with spanks that were barely more than love taps, spanks that barely stung. Jenny squirmed at the sensation. Ed took his time, gradually dialing up the strength of the spanks until he was painting a delicate pink blush on her slightly tanned buttocks. Though she remained quiet, Jenny’s squirms became a bit more pronounced.

When he was finally satisfied that he had spanked an even blush over Jenny’s entire bottom, Ed finally started applying more force to his spanks. Now the “pops” from Ed’s hand landing on Jenny’s unprotected bottom were finally loud enough to carry into Karen’s bedroom. Jenny squealed just a bit, but then bit her lip and forced herself to remain silent a while longer.

At last Ed started seriously ratcheting up the force. Jenny was still not making loud noises, but her shoulders were shaking from barely audible sobs. Now that his spanks were finally having a noticeable effect on Jenny, Ed slowed the pace just a bit, giving him a chance to judiciously aim each blow.

Finally, Ed decided that Jenny’s “warm up” was over. He knew that Jenny was teetering on an emotional edge, barely in control. Her bottom was a nice even shade of red from just below her waist to just above her sit-spot. Now it was time for the “real” spanking to start.

Speeding up his spanks, but keeping the same “fairly hard” force, Ed moved his target area down to Jenny’s hitherto untouched sit-spot and upper thighs. He received an instant response to his efforts. Jenny first tried to twist, splaying her legs, and then her right hand automatically came back in a vain attempt to protect her bottom. Expecting that move, Ed simply grabbed her hand and gently but firmly held it in the small of her back in classic OTK style. Now Ed’s spanks moved higher up into more familiar territory, where he finally allowed himself to apply full-force spanks. Her self-control finally spent, Jenny finally wailed her anguish. Now Karen could easily hear the progress of Jenny’s punishment.

Not much later, Jenny’s entire bottom had been spanked to a brilliant red. Jenny had finally given up all semblance of self-control. In fact, she felt like somebody who had been thoroughly spanked. Unfortunately for her, she still was being “warmed up” for the main event, the hairbrush.

Sitting in her bedroom, Karen heard the spanking peak briefly in ferocity and then suddenly stop. For a few moments, Jenny remained in full voice, even though the spanks had obviously stopped. From previous, unhappy, experience Karen could guess exactly what was happening, her father was reaching for the hairbrush!

Ed brandished the hairbrush. “OK Jenny, now you will feel your REAL punishment and then this will finally be over. Remember what this is all about. Do you have that in your head Jenny? Do you remember why you are being spanked?” It took a moment for the question to sink in to Jenny’s overloaded brain, but finally she nodded. Ed decided that given Jenny’s condition that was as good an answer as he was going to get, so he resumed Jenny’s spanking, this time with the hairbrush.

Jenny howled in pain and thrashed and twisted with amazing strength, managing to momentarily hide her bottom from the brush. Ed paused, admonished her to get back into position, and then resumed his duty. After the first hairbrush stroke, Jenny was again howling in full voice. She obviously was struggling to keep herself in position, but after a mere dozen spanks, Jenny again managed to break loose from Ed’s restraining grip and twist her bottom back out of range.

What followed was bit of a struggle, but Ed eventually prevailed. Before the spanking was over, Ed had had to stop and reposition Jenny several times. He was not mad at her, her was certain the Jenny was doing her best to hold position, it was just that she was much stronger than Karen, so spanking her was a very different experience. On the other hand, Jenny’s spanking would have been over much quicker and probably with fewer spanks, if she had just been able to be more cooperative.

Finally Jenny’s punishment was over except for the final spanks. By now, Jenny was nearly spent. Her struggles were not nearly so formidable, and the volume of her yelps and cries was diminishing. Ed did not rush this last part. He wanted to “brand” his lady’s bottom in a way that she would be sure to feel for the next few days, but he also wanted to do so carefully so as not to risk injury to her.

He started with several carefully calibrated hairbrush strokes to each sit spot, with a pause between each stroke so that he could judge its effect. Then he used a series of lighter strokes to work on her upper thighs, just below the sit spots. Finally, he closely inspected his work, adding “touchup” strokes here and there, to get little spots that he had missed. Finally he declared the job done, and laid the hairbrush down on the bed.

He did not immediately release the blubbering lady, but instead rubbed her back and massaged her shoulders as she gradually regained awareness and control.

In her bedroom, Karen had listened to Jenny’s entire ordeal. She heard the spanking start and stop several times, so it was hard for her to know when it was finally over. When two full minutes went by without hearing any new spanks (she actually watched the sweep second hand on her alarm clock) Karen walked out of her bedroom and timidly knocked on her father’s bedroom door. True to his word, he called her in.

She found Jenny still across her father’s knees, her shoulders shaking with sobs, her bottom bright red and mottled. Although she had been able to tell by the sound of the spanks that Jenny’s was “getting it” on her bare bottom, she was slightly surprised to find Jenny totally naked. “OK let’s help her up” Ed said. Together, they carefully set the still-sobbing lady on her feet. Ed held her lightly under her arms until he was sure that she had her balance. Jenny did a typical little ‘spank dance” and then clutched her bottom, which caused a new wave of crying. Finally, she collapsed into the arms of her future husband and daughter. As Jenny and Ed hugged her and kissed her wet face, Jenny shed her last tears and gradually returned to her normal self. “God that hairbrush hurts!” she exclaimed, Then she turned to Karen. “Your bottom must have felt just like that after I spanked you for nothing; how could you possibly forgive me?” “I did and that’s all that matters” Karen replied. “And now your punishment is over, so we can forget the whole thing.”

“Thank you Karen, I love you and I will never forget this.” Jenny enthused, pulling Karen into her bare breasts. At that, Jenny suddenly remembered that she was naked. Both Ed and Karen could see the lady’s embarrassment. Karen spoke up first, “Err, Jenny, you need some lotion on the bottom. Why don’t you lay down on the bed and I will get it for you. Still wet-faced, Jenny agreed and laid herself face-down on the bed, while Ed placed a pillow under her head. Karen ran to the master bath, retrieved the jar of aloe cream, and brought it into the bedroom.. Reaching for the cream Ed thanked his daughter and suggested, “Give Jenny a last kiss and I will spread the cream. You go get some sleep. I promise to take good care of Jenny for you.” Understanding that her father’s suggestion was really a polite command, Karen reluctantly obeyed, disappearing into her bedroom for the night.

Predictably, Jenny jumped as Ed smeared a cold blob of cream onto each hot buttock. But then she squirmed in pleasure as Ed gently smoothed the soothing balm over her inflamed derrière. As Ed rubbed, Jenny gradually noticed a welcome effect, the pain in her bottom gradually dissolved, but was replaced by a delightful tingling is a slightly different place. When Jenny’s “squirms” began to look more like pelvic thrusts, Ed allowed one finger to stray between her legs and found a telltale dampness. Encouraged, Ed followed the dampness to its source, and was quickly rewarded by a groan from Jenny. Moments later, Ed had managed to discard his clothing and, with Jenny’s eager assistance, entered her from behind. The sex that followed, was somewhat brief and athletic, but was uniquely satisfying to both of them.

When their heart rates finally returned to normal, the couple kissed & cuddled, and then finally snuggled & snoozed. Their repeat performance later that night was more gentle, more conventional, but no less satisfying. The third session just before Ed’s alarm was due to go off was the ‘icing on the cake”. It was the first full night the couple had ever spent together, and the first night Jenny had ever spent in Ed & Karen’s house.

The couple took a quick shower together, and then went out to prepare breakfast for themselves and Karen. When Karen saw Jenny wearing one of her father’s bathrobes, she seemed pleased, but not surprised to see that Jenny had obviously spent the night. Instantly Karen realized, this was the opening she had been waiting for!

Jenny bustled back and forth setting the table for the three. When Ed and Karen sat down to eat, Jenny busied herself in the kitchen, leaving her breakfast untouched. Finally, Ed called her to the table, but she seemed reluctant. Finally Ed insisted that she sit down. Gingerly, Jenny finally did, but winced when her bottom touched the chair. She blushed prettily when Ed and Karen gave her knowing grins. “It will be better in a day or two” Ed assured her.

Now Karen saw her chance. With a mixture of teenaged impatience and wisdom beyond her years, Karen asked, “It’s only four weeks before you two get married; why doesn’t Jenny move in now? What’s the point in waiting?” “What would people think?” Jenny exclaimed. With a fake sarcasm that only teens can manage properly, Karen replied, “Duuuhhh! They would think that you two were in love and wanted to be together? What’s wrong with that?” “It just isn’t done” Ed replied. “People would talk, and it just isn’t worth it.”

Karen moved smoothly to “Plan B”.

“OK”, perhaps you’re right, but I need a complete set of parents, and you two obviously love each other, so you are elected. It’s Friday; let’s all three “play hooky” from school and work. We could get you two legally married at the courthouse, and then spend the rest of the weekend moving Jenny out of her apartment. You can be together, and you can still have your church wedding next month just like you planned.

Jenny looked at Ed. Ed looked at Jenny. “The girl makes sense,” Jenny remarked. “Yes, she does,” Ed agreed.

That day, a new family was born.

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