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"Family Circle" (M/m, M/f)

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The King family was a very ordinary family of six living in a medium-sized Southern town. If you knew them, you would think of them as fairly religious, and you would probably be envious of the loving, closely-knit style of life that the parents, Jan and Jeff King, cultivated for their family. One of the key customs that the couple maintained to keep the family close together and the household operating efficiently was the “Family Circle”. Although different times were tried over the years, the best time for “Family Circle” seemed to be every Sunday, shortly after the family returned from morning service, because the entire family always went to church together and this was the one time that they could guarantee that every family member would be present. The family normally returned from morning service, changed out of their church clothes, and then, without being told, met in the living room for Family Circle.

“Family Circle” always started out with a short devotional, and then a lively discussion of family matters usually developed. This was a time for the entire family to work together to allocate chores, air grievances, plan family outings and vacations, give recognition of the children’s good deeds, and dispose of all manner of family business. The family would sit in a large circle, usually with the three youngest children on the couch, Sally (the oldest) in the easy chair, and the two parents (Jim and June King) in armless chairs borrowed from the dining room.

If you were a fly on the wall at a typical “Family Circle” meeting, you would probably notice that some of the King children showed up in street clothes and others in pajamas. At first this difference would not seem important, but towards the end of the discussion of family business, you might see one or two of the King children fall particularly silent, or perhaps look at any implements that might be lying on the coffee table and squirm nervously. If there happened to be a hairbrush or perhaps an old belt lying on the table, you would probably notice one of the children looking particularly concerned, perhaps even in tears.

If you were a particularly discerning fly, you would probably guess correctly that “Family Circle” was also “Punishment Circle” for any of the King children that had ran afoul of their very fair household rules over the previous week.

When all of the discussion had finally wound down, all four King children would fall silent and look expectantly at their parents. Mr. King would finally designate one child to “go get the calendar”. On that calendar, in the children’s own hand, would be any of their minor offenses committed over the last week, each offense would have a number next to it assigned by a parent. The parents called this number “demerits”, but the King children thought of it as simply “swats”. Demerits were disposed of by one swat on the bare bottom for each, or (at the parent’s option) one hard swat with a hairbrush for each five demerits.

After clearing any demerits that the King children had happened to earn, the parent’s attention was then directed at any of the children who happened to have earned a spanking. Spankings were given in front of the entire family with the pajama bottoms removed (no underwear was allowed under the pajamas) and were normally given with the hand, but a hairbrush spanking was possible.

Rarely (very rarely) one of the King children would have committed one of the special offenses for which the family’s ultimate punishment was prescribed, a whipping with the family’s spanking belt. This was always done last, and, in keeping with the more serious nature of the offense and punishment, was always done with the offender nude.

It should have be noted that the King’s would have preferred to spank their children privately, but there was one overriding factor that argued for the entire family to be present; all of the children received the benefit of the lesson involved in each spanking with only one of them actually feeling any pain. In other words, the Kings figured that each child would receive fewer spankings if they were allowed to learn from the errors of their siblings by witnessing each other’s punishments. For them, this strategy seemed to work. Often the Kings enjoyed several weeks of “Family Circles” before one was marred by a spanking or whipping. Demerits, on the other hand, were much more common and it was a rare week where there was not at least one child who did not have to lower the back of his or her pajamas and bend over a parental lap to dispose of his or her weekly accumulation of demerits that had been recorded on the kitchen calendar.

There was one particular “Family Circle” that would stay on the entire family’s memory for a long-long time. Sally, the family’s oldest child, was an energetic, good-looking, intelligent girl who singularly seemed to have learned to live almost perfectly within the King family rules. In fact, it had been nearly a year since the girl’s name had been on the demerit calendar, and nobody could even remember her last actual spanking. Sally’s mother and father both talked often about what a pleasure it was to have such a trouble-free daughter; but because of her excellent record, they were perhaps a bit too quick to grant the high-school senior new privileges.

It was Friday night and Sally had been given permission to go out with a group of her friends. Later, that evening, the parents were shocked and concerned when their daughter did not return home by her midnight deadline. At nearly 2AM, the couple was just about to start calling Sally’s friend’s homes when Sally finally appeared. After listening politely to a rather lame excuse, they were telling her how disappointed they were that she did not even think to call them, when Mrs. King noticed the heavy smell of peppermint on her daughter’s breath. Thinking that was really odd because Sally was known to hate peppermint, June sniffed more carefully and noted the distinct odor of beer under the cloying peppermint smell. “Sally Wray King!” She said sternly, “I can’t believe it, you have been drinking beer!” The girls face collapsed into tears, and the parents knew immediately that it must be true. “And you tried to cover it up with the peppermint didn’t you?” Jeff King (Sally’s father) accused. Mr. King’s answer came in the form of a torrent of teenaged, feminine tears. Choking back the angry words that almost bubbled out, the father finally said, “Right now I think we all need to go to bed, but the three of us are going to have a long talk in the morning young lady.” Sally choked out a barely coherent apology, tearfully hugged her disappointed and angry parents, and fled to the sanctuary of her bedroom.

The next morning, June had to nearly drag her daughter out of her bedroom for breakfast. Later, Sally was summoned into her parent’s bedroom for the promised “talk”. “First of all, your ‘excuse’ is flimsy nonsense young lady”, June started, “even if you couldn’t get someone to take you home, there no reason why you couldn’t have called us, your father and I are always happy to pick you up, even at midnight.” “Yes Mommy” Sally agreed, “I don’t know what got into my head.” “I think your mother and I agree that it was alcohol that got into your head”, scolded Mr. King, “not only did you ignore one of our strictest rules, you broke the law! Possession of alcohol by a minor is a crime in this state, and that is just one of the reasons why we have forbidden you to drink.” “What do you have to say for yourself young lady?” Naturally, there was nothing for Sally to say in her own defense. “I am so sorry,” she blubbered.

“OK Sally,” Mr. King continued, “tell us what the punishment is for drinking alcohol.” Sally spoke so low that her parents could barely hear; “the belt” she said. “That is right,” Sally’s mother bore in, “but we aren’t done yet. Tell us the difference between lying to your parents and trying to deceive your parents.” Sally looked at her mother uncomprehendingly, “what?” she said. Mr. King rephrased the question, “What is the difference between lying and deceit?” “Ummm, I guess I don’t know” Sally finally responded. “The reason you don’t know is because there really is no difference”, June King responded, “They are just different shades of the same thing.” Sally look quizzically at her mother, still not sure where this conversation was going. June soon made things clear; “when you used that peppermint to try to cover the smell of the beer so we wouldn’t notice, weren’t you trying to deceive your parents?” “I’m sorry about that mom, really I am.” Sally implored. “Oh you are going to be much sorrier young lady”, June replied, “Remember when we agreed that lying and deceit were the same thing?” Sally did not actually remember agreeing, but now she was horrified to understand exactly where this conversation was going; “No Mommy, I didn’t mean to lie to you.” Sally sobbed. “Oh yes you did young lady, and you planned it all in advance, but you got caught.”

“Sally, ” Mr. King said almost gently. “I know that you are not used to being in trouble, and perhaps all of this is moving a bit fast for you. Should we leave you by yourself for a few minutes and let you think everything through?” “I’m OK daddy, really”, she implored, “I know I did wrong and I want to get this over with.” “OK then honey let’s continue, please tell your parents what the punishment for lying to us is?” Sally’s mouth flew open, “You can’t! I am already going to get the belt. Please don’t whip me twice! She sobbed. “You are getting ahead of us Sally” Jeff said patiently, “tell us what the penalty for deliberately lying to your parents is; we have always made it perfectly clear.” Sally could barely get the words out; she looked down at the floor, hoping it would swallow her up. “A whipping with the belt” she finally said.

“That is exactly right honey,” the father said gently. “If we were to give you two whippings would that be unfair of us?” “No, I guess not.” Sally admitted reluctantly. “There is also the matter of you being two hours late and not even bothering to call us. Your mother and I haven’t even talked about it, but that should be good for either a bunch of demerits or a good spanking; don’t you think? Sally looked down at the floor, “Yes sir” she finally said heavily. “Well your mother and I have already talked about it, and three punishments is not what we have in mind,” Jeff announced, “We are willing to just give you one whipping, but we will expect you to take full responsibility for your actions. You will be receiving an extra hard whipping tomorrow at Family Circle and we expect you to cooperate with your punishment to the very best of your ability. Sally found herself nodding, almost eagerly agreeing to a thrashing she knew she would feel for days. The three went on to discuss Sally’s role in tomorrow’s Family Circle.

Sally spent most of that Saturday in her room. Like a bad tune that you can’t get out of your head, the language of corporal punishment kept running through her head, especially the King family’s penultimate punishment word, “whipping”. Her! Getting a whipping? Why couldn’t it merely be a hard spanking? Then she re-ran her “talk” with her parents through her head for the umpteenth time and realized to her horror that “whipping” was not quite correct; actually her father had said “extra hard whipping”. Like a painful but loose tooth that you can’t stop moving with your tongue, Sally just couldn’t let the subject go. The sad girl remembered the family’s last whipping. It has been last winter. She remembered Billy sprawled over the easy chair’s arms, buck naked, bawling at the top of his lungs, his bottom striped and crimson. More specifically, she remembered the unique view that she had had of the back side of her brother’s “male part” and of his little pucker hole as his legs kicked and splayed in reaction to the blows from that nasty belt. Tomorrow, it would be her naked across that same chair. Could she manage to keep her knees together throughout the entire performance? In her heart, she knew it would be impossible. There was no part of her that her siblings would not see tomorrow. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she would be bawling like a baby through the whole thing! Alone In her room, Sally bared her bottom in front of the mirror and tried to imagine it looking like Billy’s bottom had looked; then she tried to imagine how it would feel after the belt had done its work; then she cried once again.

Her two brothers were too oblivious to notice that Sally was acting unusually subdued, but Jane, Sally’s little sister noticed right away. “What’s the matter Sally?” she asked, when she found her sister gently sobbing in her room. “I’m going to get a whipping” Sally sobbed. “That’s not fair” Jane said. Red and wet-eyed, Sally looked up questioningly at her sister; “Not fair why? You don’t even know what I did.” “You’re too old to get spanked” Jane replied. “I wish that were true,” Sally said thoughtfully, but mom and dad are head of the family and we all have to live by their rules as long as we live here.” “But you are grown up and have breasts and everything. They’re not going to make you get naked are they?” Jane inquired. “I’m afraid so Jane, but I did something really bad and when you hear about it, you’ll know I deserve the whipping you are going to see me get.” “What did you do?” “You will hear all about it tomorrow at family circle just before I ’get it’” Sally hedged, “until then, let’s just keep this between us girls, OK? “ “OK,” Sally’s little sister said dubiously before leaving her sister alone, “I guess so.”

Explaining things to her younger sister actually helped Sally put her situation into perspective for herself. As much as she dreaded her coming date with the spanking belt, she knew that her parents loved her and that her coming ordeal was entirely her own fault.

After a Saturday that seemed to last forever, Sunday morning finally arrived. The King family filled their usual pew in church. Sally was aware that her parents had made some discrete calls to some of the other parents in the group that she had gone out with to tell them about the beer, and it was obvious from their squirming that some of her friends were particularly uncomfortable on the hard wooden church pews. Even though she had not yet been touched, nobody in the building was more uncomfortable than Sally.

After church and Sunday school, the Kings finally arrived home. As was their usual routine, everybody went to their respective bedrooms to change from their Sunday outfits. Mrs. King changed quickly so she could pop Sunday dinner into the oven before the family meeting; Mr. King took a quick shower before he changed into casual clothes. Mr. King had already checked the calendar and knew that today’s “Family Circle” would be an unusually busy one. Billy, the oldest boy, and Jane both had demerits to deal with. Bill had only ten demerits, but Jane had 50; ten from not cleaning up her room and forty for talking back to her mother, an incident that very nearly cost her a spanking rather than mere demerits. Gathering the hairbrush and the spanking belt, Jeff King went into the living room and placed the items on the coffee table, and then borrowed two chairs from the dining room and arranged the furniture in the living room into a big circle.

Mr. King checked that all was going smoothly in the kitchen and yelled up the stairs towards the children’s bedroom, “Family Circle in five minutes”.

Jimmy, the King’s youngest child at 10 years old, was the first to show up. Although Jimmy often had at least a few demerits to settle, today he was to be the only King child to show up in street clothes. He was staring in surprise at the belt on the coffee table when Mr. King asked him to fetch the kitchen calendar on which the demerits were written, they would soon need it. Billy and Jane arrived almost simultaneously, both wearing pajamas. Mrs. King walked in from the kitchen wiping her hands on a dishtowel, and was slightly concerned to see that Sally was not yet there, but then she heard a faint flush and understood immediately that her daughter was taking the precaution of a last minute trip to empty her bladder. Blushing furiously, Sally walked into the room, wearing a pair of demure pajamas, the first time in nearly a year she had appeared so dressed for Family circle.

After leading the family in a short prayer, Mr. King told the family that instead of a bible lesson, Sally would deliver a little talk on the evils of alcohol (he had warned her to be ready). Surprisingly, Sally did a creditable job, spending about five minutes explaining the down side of imbibing alcohol. She reached the end of her talk with a little catch in her throat; “I had a little experience with alcohol recently, and there will be more about that later.” At that instant, all the King children guessed correctly why the belt was there and why Sally was wearing her pajamas.

The meeting now went into routine family matters. The family was planning an upstate camping trip in a few weeks and the boys were detailed the task of checking the family tent and other gear. Mrs. King talked about a problem with bedroom neatness that had developed over the last few weeks. With the business done, the room lapsed into an awkward silence.

Mr. King reached for the calendar and said, “Well, we have a rather unusual batch of disciplinary problems to deal with this week, congratulations to Jimmy for being the only one not on the list.” Jimmy beamed at the rare praise.

“Billy,” Mr. King continued, “You are first on the list, I see you have ten demerits. Please stand and tell the family how you earned them.” Billy blushed, then stood and explained that he had ignored his mother’s warning to clean up his room. “OK, come here and prepare yourself.” The father ordered. As Mr. King spoke, he turned his chair 90 degrees to the left so that Billy’s bare bottom would be facing towards the center of the circle, visible to all. Obediently, Billy stood at his father’s right side, lowered the back of his pajamas, and put himself in position across his father’s lap. The boy bucked slightly as Mr. King slowly delivered five medium-hard hand spanks to each bare buttock. The boy did not cry out, but he clearly had tears in his eyes when he was allowed to stand and readjust his pajama bottoms. Relieved that his punishment was over, the boy hugged his father and mother and then regained his seat.

The next name called was Jane, a normally sweet girl of 12 who had had a rather bad week. Jane had also earned ten demerits with a messy bedroom, but that was the least of it. Jane had allowed her mouth to run unchecked, and had regrettably given her mother some “backtalk”. For her performance, she was quite fortunate to have only earned 40 demerits rather than a spanking. Mr. King made her read off her offenses from the calendar and informed her that she would be receiving 10 hand spanks followed by 8 with the hairbrush. Jeff King informed his contrite daughter, “I think you are getting off lightly with just demerits and this had better not happen again, I will not have my children disrespecting their mother. Come here and prepare yourself!” Reluctantly but obediently, the girl went to her father, lowered her PJ’s in back as her brother had, and started to bend over her father’s lap. He stopped her; “Not so quick young lady, the hairbrush will need a bit more target area than that, lower them below your hips.” As the girl pushed her pajama bottoms further down in back, the elastic stretched, strained and snapped down in front. Her face reddening, the girl quickly got into position to hide her nakedness against her father’s lap. As her feet dangled down to the floor, gravity betrayed her by pulling her pajama bottoms well south of her knees. Demerits were supposed to be a brief, measured punishment, so the father began by swatting Jane’s bare bottom with exactly the same force that he had earlier used on Billy. As usual, Jane responded much more energetically than her brother, kicking and squalling her way through the ten firm hand spanks. “Mr. King paused, picked up the brush, and announced, “OK, eight with the brush! Remember! Never again to talk back to your mother.” “Yes Daddy” the girl sobbed.

Each spank with the brush was worth 5 demerits, so Jane’s father put much more energy into these final strokes. From previous experience Jane knew exactly what to expect, but that previous experience had granted her bottom no immunity to the effects of that nasty implement. From the very first spank, Jane kicked, squalled and bucked. By the third swat, her right legs had jerked free from her bunched-up pajama bottoms, and her kicking caused the garment, still attached to her left leg, to wave like a flag of surrender. No longer attached to each other, her legs splayed in opposite directions. Seconds later, her ordeal over, the sorry girl was allowed up on her feet. Fortunately, the long-forgotten pajamas slipped off of her remaining leg, so she did not trip as she squalled, danced, rubbed, and generally seemed inconsolable, inadvertently revealing all of her charms to her brothers who took no special notice. The King children had been punished together for as long as they could remember, and they had all seen each other several times before. As usual, the girl quickly recovered, her dance quickly giving away to a rueful rub. Next, Jeff King enjoyed of those tender moments that all parents live for. Proving that she held no hard feelings for her red and stinging bottom, his wet-faced, still-bottomless daughter spontaneously climbed back up on her father’s lap and hugged him hard as she indulged in her last few sobs. At her father’s suggestion, the red-bottomed, wet-eyed girl went to her mother, hugged her, apologized for being disrespectful, and promised that it would never happen again. Mrs. King forgave the girl with a hug and a kiss and helped her put her pajama bottoms back on.

Sally watched all of this with tears streaming down her cheeks; she knew that she was next and that she had a far worse punishment coming.

The family’s newest drinker did not have long to wait. “Sally,” Mr. King said firmly, “I believe you have something to say to the family.”

Sally stood, faced the family, and burst into tears. Her mother spoke up gently; “Sally, we are going to all sit here until you say what you have to say. Calm yourself down and get it over with.” With visible effort, Sara pulled herself together and choked out the words; “I…I…I gave in to peer pressure and drank beer Friday night…and then I was afraid to come home and ended up being two hours past my curfew…and then I did something terrible.” The distraught girl went on to explain how she had tried to fool her parents with the peppermint and how she now understood that doing that was the same as lying to them.

“I…I did three things wrong, and two of those things could earn me a whipping, but Dad and Mom are going to consider it all one thing and give me just one whipping, but it is going to be…” at that point, the girl could go no further. Mr. King finished for her; “She is going to get just one whipping, but it is going to be extra hard. You have all been warned; so we are not likely to be so tolerant in the future, understand?” Three King children nodded solemnly in awe, there had previously been a few “extra hard” spankings, but never before an “extra hard” whipping; this was truly going to be a “Family Circle” to remember.

There was a long silence as the parents waited for Sally to compose herself. Finally, she seemed to be able to pull herself together again, and faced her parents bravely, ready for her punishment. “Billy?” Mr. King asked as he picked up the belt from the coffee table, “Would you please help Sally rearrange the furniture for her whipping?” The two kids lifted the coffee table out of the way and slid a wide-armed easy chair into place several feet in front of the couch. They oriented the chair so that Sally’s bottom would be facing her sister and brothers’ while the belt was doing its fearsome duty. That job done, Billy thankfully regained his seat.

“You understand that everyone in this room loves you, right Sally?” Mr. King asked gently. Her eyes stinging with tears, the girl nodded her agreement. “Do you have anything else to say before we begin?” She shook her head “no”. “OK,” said Mr. King heavily, you have a price to pay and you and the other three all have a good lesson to learn from this. You may prepare yourself for your punishment.”

Instantly the girl blushed from her scalp all the way down to her neck as she obediently reached for the buttons on her pajama top. It was a blush that Mr. King knew well; he had first seen it on Sara’s mother 15 years ago as they had prepared to share their first exciting intimacies. The father knew well that when Sara’s pajamas came off, there would also be other things that would remind him of a younger Mrs. King. He wondered how he would bring himself to do his stern duty to his precious first-born. This must be the most severe punishment he had ever delivered to any of his children and he secretly wished it had been anyone but Sally.

Sara finally finished undoing all of the buttons on her pajama top and then seemed to freeze. Suddenly spurred on by a stern look from her mother, the girl quickly removed her pajama top, revealing firm breasts that had doubled in size since the last time that the father had glimpsed them. The girl laid the garment over the chair arm where she would soon be bent, and then reached to her waist to finish the job of baring herself. Quickly, she lowered her pajama bottoms, gracefully stepped out of them, and laid them over the other arm of the chair where they would soon absorb her tears. Sally stood before her family, her rapidly maturing body revealed to her family for the first time in over a year, dread hanging like an anvil inside her tummy.

He father gulped, took a breath, and finally spoke; “Get over your mother’s lap, she will prepare you for the belt.” The King’s had spoken at length about how they were going to handle this punishment. This had to be a memorable ordeal for Sally, but it also had to be safe. A whipping was already the considered the “ultimate punishment” for the King children; so how would they safely deliver the promised “extra hard” whipping? They finally decided that they would make it longer, not harder, and that they would start with a “warm-up” spanking. Mildly surprised at her orders, Sally went to her mother, gave her a peck on the cheek and a brief, teary hug, and put herself in the traditional position across her mother’s lap.

The spanking started with a flurry of rather light spanks that covered Sally’s bottom from her waist down to almost the backs of her knees. When every inch had been covered, Mrs. King stopped to inspect her work, and started again from the beginning, only with slightly harder spanks. After about four repetitions of this treatment, each slightly harder than the one before it, Sally was squirming, her bottom reddening to an ever-darkening patina. At this point, Sally was sobbing, but sobbing more from the shame and mortification than from the pain of the spanking. Mrs. King knew that her daughter was still “fighting it” and had not entirely given herself to her punishment. She intended to change that before Sally was allowed to bend over the chair to feel the belt.

Mrs. King paused one last time. Giving no hint of what was coming next, the mother suddenly unleashed a flurry of perhaps 20 full-strength spanks to the fullest part of Sally’s buttocks. Caught totally by surprise, Sally seemed to lose her breath and could at first only manage a gasp. Her arms and legs splayed, her knees curled up, and her right arm came back in an attempt to defend her buttocks from the unexpected assault. Mrs. King paused just long enough to immobilize the errant arm, and grimly started again. Now Sally found her breath, and her howls filled the room. With that, the mother pronounced the daughter truly ready to go to her father for her real punishment.

Back on her feet, the bawling girl immediately reached back to rub her bottom, but her father quickly grasped her elbows, brought the girl’s hands to her sides, led her to the chair, and urged her across its padded arms to continue her punishment.

With the still-sobbing girl in place, the father picked up the family’s spanking belt, (an old well-oiled work belt) and carefully wrapped it around his right hand three times leaving a business end that was only about 18 inches long. He turned to the three rapt children who were sitting side-by-side on the couch and said, “I’m sorry that you need to see this, but so that I won’t have to do this to any of you, it is important that you know what happens when you are untruthful to your parents or drink alcohol; understand?” Three wide-eyed children nodded earnestly.

“Sally, are you listening to me” he said sharply, A different-sounding sob and a nod of her head told him that she was. “Pull your arms underneath you and keep your hands clasped together. In no case, are you to reach back, that belt won’t feel good on your hands”. The girl looked back fearfully at her father and the belt. Sobbing even louder, she obediently retracted her arms underneath her body and clasp her hands together tightly. “You are a big girl so I am going to expect you to stay in position for the punishment you have earned. If you don’t, this whipping will take a lot longer than it should, understand?” The girl nodded again.

The girl felt leather brush against her bottom lightly as her father carefully gauged the range to her nervously clenching bottom. Sally was really glad that she had earlier made that trip to the bathroom because now she felt nervous enough to pee. Finally it started. The sound of the first collision between buttflesh and leather rang through the room; Sally bucked and howled piteously as a crimson stripe formed in the middle of her left nether cheek.

What followed was the most careful, deliberate punishment that the King children had ever known. The belt slashed down again and again, but always after a suitable pause carefully timed so that the target area had time to steady itself from the effects of the last stroke so that the aim of the next stroke would not be ruined. To make the spanking last longer, he exclusively strapped the left cheek until it looked like a bright red firehouse ladder, leaving the right side still untouched by the belt. After the first few strokes, he had his range calibrated so precisely, that the belt would connect solidly with the left cheek and then the nearly supersonic tip of the belt would barely caress the right cheek as it dug its way into her butt crack to leave a tiny welt that she would feel for days after the other evidence of her whipping had faded.

Sally had real problems staying in place for the first half of her strapping. Her father’s technique of spanking only half of her bottom at a time must have produced an uncomfortable contrast in pain on her bottom, and frankly, Sally had no experience in properly holding position for a punishment. She had never before been strapped and she had been firmly held across her father’s lap for her previous spankings, which were well over a year ago. At first she would howl, buck and writhe after each swat, and her father had only to wait a few seconds for the target to return to its proper place, but then the writhing became more of a twist that hid her bottom from the strap for a few more seconds each time. Finally, the poor girl twisted far enough around to give her father a pitiful, pleading look. Thoroughly uncomfortable, the father explained to the girl in an even non-threatening voice, that her punishment must continue and she was just making it worse on herself. With new determination, the girl put herself back into position, but after a few more hard strokes, a hand sneaked back in an attempt to protect her bottom. Mr. King had been expecting this, and had a plan. He immediately switched his target to his daughter’s lower, left thigh where the hand could not reach. Sally screamed and howled piteously, but her father was steadfast, and continued working on the entire area below her left butt-crease until she was red and marked almost down to the backs of her knees.

In the same flat tone, loud enough to be heard above her cries, but still sounding patient and controlled, Mr. King told his daughter to put her arms back into place. “We are almost halfway through” he said, “but I need to work on your bottom some more”. Still sobbing profusely, the girl complied, pulling her arms underneath herself.

A few more swats finished off the left cheek, and the father immediately started on the untouched (except for the warm-up spanking) right buttock. Sally’s screeching and bucking started anew, but, perhaps partially exhausted, she seemed to be able to hold her position better for this part of her spanking. Soon, Sally’s left and right sides were made to match each other and her punishment was almost over. “Hang in there Sally, just the finishing swats and we are done” her father announced. He stepped back and unwrapped one turn of the belt from his hand, leaving a longer tail. This time the belt finally slashed down across both sides at once, right on her “sit spot”. As his precious daughter bucked and screamed, the father carefully laid three more identical stripes in the same general area. Mrs. King had insisted on these “reminder marks” that Sally would feel every time she sat down for the next few days.

The father looked at his wife for approval, and she rewarded him with a solemn nod. She agreed; Sally’s punishment was finally over.

He dropped the belt and kneeled down next to his sobbing daughter, put his arm across her heaving shoulders and told her that she had taken her punishment well and was forgiven. Looking up at his other children he suggested, “Come over here one at a time, give your sister a kiss and then leave quietly. Your mother and I will take good care of her and get her to bed. Don’t forget what this was all about! No alcohol and truthfulness!” The three children nodded solemnly and complied, Billy first, whispering a few encouraging words in her ear, and giving her a quick peck on the cheek before going on to meet the rest of their day.

Alone with their hurting girl, the parents escorted her to her bedroom applied a soothing lotion to her livid bottom, and put the still-nude girl tummy-down in her bed with a single sheet over her body. After explaining to Sally that her punishment was over and she was free to get up and get dressed whenever she was ready, the parents tiptoed out of the girl’s bedroom.

As usual, life quickly returned to normal in the King household. Sally did not show up at Sunday dinner, so this gave the parents an opportunity to explain to that other children that Sally’s punishment was over, and that Sally was still their “big sister”, and that she still deserved their respect just as before. They were told that Sally would be hurting for a few days and that they should show her love and understanding. Finally, the children were warned that teasing Sally about her punishment would not be tolerated. As they had hoped, it was the last incident of alcohol abuse or major dishonesty involving any of their children that the Kings had to deal with. Their “lesson plan” was a success.

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