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Choices (M/f, F/m, f/m)

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Sara Dover’s parents had learned a long time ago that their children (and Sara in particular) cooperated much better with their discipline when they were given at least a little choice in the process. Perhaps it was because having a bit of choice in the matter gave a kid a tiny feeling of control, or perhaps it helps the child feel more like a respected family member rather than a mere victim of a parent’s wrath, but probably it started out as just a simple method of distracting the miscreant from normal childhood denial and fruitless begging so that events could proceed more smoothly to their necessary (and often painful) conclusion. At first the choices the Dovers offered their children had only to do with preference of time or venue for their punishment. For example, rather than simply announcing to a child that he/she was to be spanked, they might ask if it would be best to get it over with right now, or would it be preferable to wait until bedtime? Or the child might be asked if he/she would rather be spanked in the child’s own bedroom or the parent’s room. The choices were actually very insignificant, since either way the child got the same punishment, but for the Dover’s particular trio of offspring, the choices seemed to be valuable. In particular, these choices seemed to help Sara (their oldest of three children) cope with the families strict but fair discipline process. Sara was probably the least trouble of their three kids. As Sara grew into her teens and learned to control her impulses, her punishments became much more infrequent, and her parents came to trust her with more substantive choices. Specifically, she was often offered a choice between spanking and grounding for her rare punishments.

As you can see, Sara’s parents had come to be comfortable with Sara having a bit of input in her own discipline process. When Sara was in “trouble”, they had learned that an honest, frank, 2-way discussion with her worked far better with her than a “one-way” scolding or lecture. In fact, although the basic decisions on punishment were always made by the parents and were not subject to negotiation, Sara was not only often asked about her ideas concerning a fair punishment for herself, but her ideas were seriously considered as part of the parent’s decision making process. All that said, nothing prepared the Dovers for the evening when their oldest daughter came to them and earnestly requested a spanking, a very hard spanking.

To fully understand this story, you should know that one inflexible Dover family rule was that the penalty for being caught in a deliberate lie was always (at minimum) the maximum corporal punishment appropriate for that child’s age. “Appropriate” means only hand spankings for the younger children, with the possibility of the hairbrush being added around 8, and the prospect of a rare strapping emerging around 12. As Sara is 16, it is safe to say that getting caught in a lie would be a very painful experience for her. Like many families, another firm Dover family rule was that a spanking at school always resulted in a spanking at home.

Sara was almost the perfect daughter; she was smart, well behaved, attractive, successful in school, and obedient. In fact, Sara was all of the things that a parent would want except one; she had a distinct problem with organization and neatness. Sara’s grades would have far worse if her mother had not gotten in the habit of requiring her to list her upcoming assignments so she could monitor her daughter’s progress and make sure that no important deadlines were carelessly missed.

This incident actually started when Jan Dover, Sara’s mother, was reading Sara’s final report card from her junior year in high school. The grades were all pretty good, but looking at the grade for her final term paper reminded her of the many books that her daughter had checked out of the library for the project. “Sara, did you return all of your library books from your term paper research?” she asked her daughter. “Yes Mom” Sara replied with more confidence than she felt. “Are you sure that you got them all?” Jan asked, “In that messy room of yours it would be easy to miss one.” With slightly less confidence in her voice, Sara replied that she was sure that all of them had been returned. This probably would have been a good time for Sara to go to her room and double check, and quickly confess if she found a book, but she was a busy young girl and had other things on her mind. She gave her mother a kiss, and raced off to bigger and better things.

Perhaps Jan should have pressed the issue, but she decided that it was time to give her maturing daughter a little more benefit of the doubt. In fact, Jan gave no more thought to library books until two days later when a familiar-looking white envelope, addressed to Sara, appeared in the Dover family mailbox. Jan knew exactly what it must be, an overdue notice. With a grim look on her face, she stuck it in her apron pocket.

It was two hours later before Sara came bouncing home, fresh from a mall-prowling outing with some of her friends. “Sara, come here in the kitchen” Jan called, “I have something to show you”. Jan sat Sara down at the kitchen table and pulled the envelope from her pocket. “Would you like to open this now?” Jan asked with surprising calm. Sara looked at the envelope and blanched. “Do I have a choice?” Sara finally asked.

“Not really.”

Sara opened the envelope looked at the contents and gasped. “This has gotta be a bad mistake.” Reluctantly, she handed the damning form over to her mother. “Well” Jan decided aloud, “what we really need to do is go in and clean out your room. If we don’t find any library books, perhaps it really is a mistake.” “That’s OK mom,” Sara offered brightly, “I can clean my room out myself”. “No” Jan said firmly, “I thought that perhaps you were growing up, but it looks like your mother still needs to spend some time being your mommy.”

Jan grabbed some cleanup tools and led her reluctant offspring to her messy room. They started by filling up two baskets with the dirty clothes that were littering the floor. That very quickly uncovered the first book. “Mistake huh?” Jan asked. Sara cringed; “There is no way that there could be four library books in this room Mom, I KNOW I took all of my library books back…well, most of them anyhow…” she trailed off lamely. “Sara” Jan said seriously, “you understand that you told me that you were sure that all of your books were returned; do you remember me asking you about that?” “Yes mom” Sara replied honestly. “You know we are in punishment territory now?” Sara studied the carpet before answering, “Yes mom.” “For your sake, those other three missing books had better be some kind of library error.” Jan replied ominously. “Yes mom.” Sara said, her buttocks clenching involuntarily.

The next book was found hiding almost out in the open, propping up the front of Sara’s computer monitor. It began to look like the other two books really weren’t there, until Jan ran the vacuum hose under the dark confines of her daughter’s bed. She hit something heavy under there and got down on her knees to look. There they were! Sara bent down to follow her mother’s gaze and finally croaked, “I’m sorreee Mom!” “Oh you’re going to be sorry young lady!” Replied Jan, “You lied to me and you know what the punishment is for that in this house!” Sara gaped incredulously at her mother, “Lied? I never lied to you mommy.” “What did you tell me when I asked you if you had returned all of your library books?” Sara stuttered a response, “Ah, err, I guess I told you that I had returned them all, but I really thought it was true!” “Did you really Sara? Stop and think about it for a moment.” Sara did, and then the face fell. “Well, maybe I thought perhaps it could possibly have been true.” She finally conceded. Suddenly Sara realized where this conversation was going; “Please mom! Does this really mean that I have to get it with the belt?”

Now it was Jan’s turn to reconsider. “Well, you certainly told me an untruth, and you have certainly been hugely irresponsible …so you are definitely going to get seriously punished…” then she paused thoughtfully. “It was certainly disrespectful of you to not give my question the proper attention but lie? I just don’t know; I guess I am going to have to talk this one over with your father.” She continued contemplatively; “I suddenly find myself thinking about what the real definition of a lie is, and you have my promise that your father and I will consider your punishment very carefully before we decide what to do with you. I want you to know that I am very disappointed with you and I am sure your father will be also. You are to stay right here in your room and think about your actions until your father gets home young lady.” “Yes Mommy” Sara sobbed, “I am really-really sorry and I know you are trying to be fair.”

Chapter 2: A Remembered Spanking… M/f

Leaving her very sorry daughter, Jan lugged the cleaning tools back down to the kitchen and sat down alone at the table in an attempt to relax and gather her thoughts. As she did, her mind automatically went back to Sara’s last spanking, more than a year ago…

Sara, along four other girls, had been involved in a prank at school that had gone bad and ended up with moderate damage to school property. Jan first found out about the incident when the secretary of the private Christian academy called to report that Sara had been involved in the prank and had received five swats with the principal’s paddle over her panties. Immediately sensing the depth of Jan’s horror at her daughter’s behavior at school, the secretary attempted to put things into perspective by explaining that Sara was just a bit player. Mary, the ringleader of the prank, had cried loudly while receiving ten swats on her bare bottom while the other four girls had been made to watch, while thinking that they were going to get the same. “It was a very good object lesson for your daughter” the secretary assured Jan, “I don’t think your daughter will be involving herself in anything like that ever again”. “That may be so” Jan said, “but we have a rule about school spankings around this house.” “Yes, I think I know exactly what that rule is”, the secretary replied knowingly, “I hear that most of our students can expect more at home when they get spanked here. I think we can safely leave that matter to your discretion, but I will be happy to report to the Principal that Sara will be ‘well taken care of’ at home.” With that, the secretary said her goodbyes and hung up so she could complete the job of calling the rest of the miscreant’s parents. (Those that the secretary could not get on the phone would be sent notes to be signed and returned.)

Knowing that her mother must already know that she had gotten in trouble at school, Sara did not delay her trip home after school was dismissed. She walked in the side door, and at the sight of her tight-lipped mother instantly burst into tears. “I don’t know how I could have been so stupid Mommy,” she sobbed. Jan had a lecture all planned, but the sight of her distraught daughter made her realize that a lecture was unnecessary, it was time to precede straight to the subject her daughter’s punishment. “Well”, Jan said, “I have already talked to your father about this so it won’t be a surprise to him when he gets home. You remember what the punishment for getting spanked at school is don’t you?” This was greeted with a fresh burst of tears; “Please Mommy!” she cried, “can’t we do something else? Grounding? Anything? I am too big for a spanking.” If Sara had any chance at all of talking her parents out of a spanking, she had just lost it with those words. Her mother snapped at her firmly, “You become too big for a spanking when you move out of this house and your parents are no longer supporting you. Is that clear young lady?” Startled, Sara wisely answered “Yes Mommy”. “OK, Sara, tell me exactly what the penalty for getting spanked at school is in this family.” “We get spanked at home,” Sara sobbed, looking down at the floor. Hearing the correct answer, Jan held out her arms and gathered her distraught daughter into a long, comforting hug. “You know we have to do this; it wouldn’t be fair to your younger brother and sister to let you off just because you are the oldest, even though you are normally such a good girl.” “Y-Yes Mommy,” Sara blubbered, “I guess so”. “Then let’s talk about this like adults” Jan continued, “We can delay supper and take care of this little problem as soon as your Dad gets home, or your spanking can wait until just before your bedtime. In either case, I expect you to take your punishment like the obedient young lady that you are and I expect you to be at supper in as good spirits as possible. At supper, you must explain to your brother and sister why are being punished and what your punishment is (or was). Which is it going to be; before supper or at bedtime?”

Sara had no problem with that question; “I would like to get it over with as soon as possible, please Mommy,” she answered with a trembling chin. “Then you had better get up to your bedroom right now Missey,” Jan replied firmly. “You have about an hour before your daddy gets home and it would be far better for your bottom if he does not find you in a messy room.” Immediately comprehending her mother’s meaning, Sara’s eyes grew wide and she rushed up to her room to start an emergency cleanup.

45 minutes later, Jan appeared in Sara’s bedroom door, handed her a bath towel, and told her daughter that it was time to stop work on the room and to prepare for her spanking.

(A little bit of explanation is required here: Like most families, the Dover family’s punishment rules were an amalgam of ideas taken from the parent’s upbringing, plus a few that they had developed themselves over time because they seemed to work best for their own particular children. There was one rule that Jan had insisted on from the beginning; she did not like to argue about clothes before a spanking and she certainly did not want clothing in her way while she was trying to deliver a spanking. So, like her own parents had done with her, she insisted on having a “clear field of action”. Specifically, the Dover children were expected to prepare themselves for a spanking by removing everything “from the bellybutton down”. (To remove drama from the process and to eliminate the humiliation of stripping in front of their parents, the children were normally given a bit of solitude before a punishment to “get ready”.) Now obviously that meant that pants, skirts, panties, or underpants had to go, but also any upper garment, even a t-shirt, which hung below the navel had to be removed. In practice, this meant that the girls wore only a halter-top and/or bra for their spankings, and the boy usually wore nothing at all. However, when Sara reached puberty, Ben, Sara’s father and the family’s principle spanker, became distinctly uncomfortable with this frontal nudity. So a simple procedure evolved to allow an unencumbered spanking with a minimum of frontal exposure; the child was normally allowed to cover him/herself with a towel wrapped around the waist until the moment it was time to bend over for punishment.)

The urgent room cleanup project had done Sara the favor of taking her mind off of her impending punishment, but now that it was time to face it again new tears appeared. Sara screwed up her courage to ask an important question, even though she was afraid of the answer; “Am…am…am I going to get the hairbrush Mommy?” Jan considered her answer carefully, “Frankly, your father and I haven’t discussed that yet, and so it will just have to be a surprise. Whatever Dad uses on you, I am sure that sitting down for supper will be very uncomfortable for you.” “You may bring a pillow down with you at suppertime if you wish.” she added wryly before leaving her daughter alone to prepare for her imminent spanking…and to stew.

Sara removed her school uniform, which consisted of a skirt, a blouse, and a tie. Next to go were her shoes & socks, followed by her light slip. She completed the job (with visible reluctance) by removing her panties. Clad only in her training bra, (which was beginning to strain against new developments) Sara carefully hid her dirty clothes in the hamper and, with a nervous look at the door, wrapped the towel carefully around her tiny waist. Now she had only to pull her straight-baked desk chair out to the middle of the room to complete her preparations. That done, she sat on the edge of her bed to contemplate her immediate future.

Moments later, Sara heard the normally welcome hum of her father’s car as it pulled into the drive. For the next few minutes, the lonely girl listened to the normal sounds of her father arriving home, the slamming door, the greetings to wife and children, the creak of the refrigerator door as he grabbed some ice water…and then all grew quiet. Sara guessed correctly that her brother and sister had been told to stay in the house, but not go upstairs while “Daddy and mommy go upstairs and deal with your big sister”. Sure enough, the sharp-eared teen soon heard that special squeak that the stairs only made with the weight of adults climbing them. Her heart raced, her belly flipped, and she had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom as her innards reacted to her near panic.

As her bedroom door opened, all Sara could think about was the hairbrush. She examined each of her parent’s hands, as her father and mother seemed to take forever to pass through the doorway. Finally, she established to her great relief that both of her parents were empty-handed, and she was apparently only going to receive a hand spanking. Jan caught her daughter’s glance and said, “Yes, to answer your earlier question, it’s going to be a hand spanking, but don’t be too relieved, your father and I have discussed this and it’s going to be a memorable one.” Sara gulped. Ben (Sara’s father) spoke for the first time, “I think that we all three know exactly why we are here, but first I want a moment to hug my daughter and tell her how much I love her.” Ben hugged his daughter so tight that she actually grunted. “Hi baby,” he said, “I love you a bunch and I really hate it when we have to meet this way.” “Me too Dad” she sobbed. He spoke gently while reaching a hand under her chin to tilt up her head, “You know that I am really disappointed in you Sara?” Sara choked and nodded silently, her chin quivering. “OK”, Ben said with surprising gentleness as he turned the desk chair around and sat down, “Stand up and come over here and let’s get this over with”

Sara slowly walked over to her father’s side and looked meaningfully at her wide-open bedroom door. “Don’t worry” Ben said gently, “they won’t dare peek, and I know you don’t like it, but I need them to hear exactly what happens to a big girl who misbehaves in school so they won’t be tempted to follow their big sister’s example. You don’t want them to get in trouble because of you do you?” Sara shook her head soberly. “That is one reason why I need to give you a good hard spanking today, so your little brother and little sister can learn a useful lesson from your bad example, the other reason is because you deserve a good hard spanking. Do you understand Sara?” “Yes dad” Sara said in a surprisingly steady voice.” “Are we ready to begin baby?” Ben asked gently. “Yes Daddy” she said is a voice that was squeaky with suppressed sobs.

“OK Sara”, Ben said, “unwrap that towel, hand it to your mother and get across my lap.” As the words escaped from his lips, Ben graciously turned his head away so she could keep her modesty and a bit of dignity for the moment of time it took for her to lose the towel and hide her frontal nakedness in her father’s lap.

Ben felt an all-to-familiar weight across his lap. He looked down, expecting (for some reason) to see a pure-white set of teenage buttocks waiting for his parental attentions, but was strangely startled to see that they were already marked with paddle-blush from her previous session in the Principal’s office. Suitably reminded exactly why this particular teen was across his lap, Ben set out with a new determination to properly do his duty towards his oldest daughter. No more words were necessary; Ben adjusted his daughter slightly higher on his lap so that most of her weight was on his left leg. This position not only presented her bottom and upper thighs at an advantageous angle for correction, it forced her to put both hands down on the floor to support a bit of her weight and maintain her balance, making it awkward for her to reach back and cover her bottom. Ben’s left arm circled Sara’s tiny waist to hold her securely as his right hand raised high for the opening spank.

Although forbidden to climb the stairs, Matt (Sara’s younger brother) and Kimberly (Sara’s little sister) knew enough to hover near the stairway to listen for events. Their sharp young ears were even able to follow a bit of the conversation floating out of Sara’s room, which happened to be right at the top of the stairs. Sara’s higher-pitched responses to her parents carried especially well, so from that, and from previous unhappy personal experience, they could guess with some accuracy how things were progressing in Sara’s room and had no reason to be startled by the sound of the first spanks. The sound of exactly four spanks rang through the house before the kids heard Sara’s first agonized response, first squealing and then screeching. The loud spanks continued relentlessly, apparently with no regard to Sara’s obvious distress. The two siblings looked at each other in open-mouthed awe. Matt had intended to sneak at least halfway up the stairway so he could better hear his sister’s punishment, perhaps even brave a quick glimpse of the action, but he quickly gave that idea up when he realized how hard his sister was getting spanked; he would take no chance of sharing her fate!

Jan had accepted the towel from her daughter and watched the nearly naked girl quickly climb across her father’s lap, her trip probably speeded up by fear that her father might turn his head too soon and see that new, all-important, tuft of hair between her long legs. She watched Ben make some final adjustments to his daughter’s position and then start the punishment without further words. The parents had jointly decided that there would be no gentle warm-up this time, so Jan was not surprised by those first, very hard, spanks; but the same cannot be said for the recipient of the spanks! A tear formed in Jan’s eye as she saw her daughter doing her very best to hold her position so that the spanking would not be interrupted, even while she was squealing, crying loudly, promising to never again be bad in school, and begging her father for even a moment’s respite from the unrelenting onslaught of spanks. After a preliminary flurry of perhaps 20 hard spanks to the fullness of the girl’s nether cheeks, Ben shifted his target area down below that horizontal crease where buttock becomes leg. Here, in this less-padded area he switched to a lighter, faster, spanking motion that produced moderate stings that, in themselves, would be very bearable, except that they added to each other, and finally seemed to multiply until their cumulative effect made the girl desperate for respite. The girl screamed and tried to twist away, but her father’s firm hold on her waist made that impossible. Her next move, made in spite of her desire to be “good” for her punishment was momentarily successful; she bent both legs at the knees, momentarily covering the area that her father was attending to.

Without being asked, Jan stepped over and gently, yet firmly, grabbed her daughter’s ankles and pulled her legs back down to the horizontal while at the same time, pulling them apart so that Sam had a bit more virgin territory to spank. “Oh no” Sara shrieked as the spanking promptly started again exactly where it had left off. This caused Ben to see a few bits of his daughter that he would rather not, but he just grimly concentrated on the job at hand. Ben’s goal for this part of the spanking was to make marks that would last a few days and extend well below daughter’s gym shorts to send a silent but unmistakable message to Sara’s teachers and classmates that her misbehavior in school had not been tolerated by her parents. This would cause Sara a bit of embarrassment, but a red bottom was certainly not an unusual sight in this strict school where most of the students came from families where such misdeeds were never winked at.

Sara bawled and wriggled and squirmed, but there was no way that she could move the target area away from her father’s punishing hand. Downstairs, Sara’s sister actually shed a tear or two for her big sister, while her brother listened in awe, seeing Sara’s bare, red bottom in his mind’s eye. No fool, he knew that it could just as easily be him upstairs lying across his father’s knee and bawling, so he vowed to himself not to repeat Sara’s error. Just as their parents had intended, all three children were learning a valuable lesson that day.

That portion of the spanking completed to his satisfaction, and finding himself slightly winded, Ben’s arm suddenly stopped its motion. Jan released her daughter’s ankles, and moved over to her husbands left side so she could stroke her distressed daughter and mumble comforting words in her ear while Ben caught his breath and took a moment to inspect his work. At first Sara seemed to take no notice, crying as if she were still being spanked, but gradually her bawling simmered down to mere blubbering. Finally, her mind cleared enough for her to realize her situation. Although it was obvious to Sara from the firm hold that remained around her waist that her punishment was not over, she knew from previous experience that this pause signaled that her spanking was near the end; but the hardest spanks were always at the end! Gradually Sara’s cries began to escalate anew as she pleaded with her parents to not spank her any more. This was always the hardest part of a spanking for Ben and Jan sensed her husband’s resolve start to waver. She gave her husband a firm yet loving look, moved to the left to regain her grip on her daughter’s ankles and a made a spanking motion with her hand. Grimly, he nodded to his wife and resumed his parental duty.

“Sara” he said with more firmness than he felt, “stop that noise right now and tell me why you are being punished” “Uh…uh...uh…because I was bad in school” she blubbered. “That is right Sara”, Ben replied “and I want you to hold that in your mind while I finish your spanking.” “No daddeeeee, not yet!” she howled. “I love you sweetheart, but for your sake we gotta do this thing right.” He father replied lovingly yet firmly. Ben gently readjusted his daughter to a more balanced position with her red bottom bent and presented at a perfect angle and her torso more fully supported by his left leg. “Hand me your right hand Sara,” he ordered firmly. Slowly, the hand snaked back; Ben caught it and immobilized it in the small of her back.

There was no further discussion. First, there were about a dozen moderate spanks targeted here and there where Ben had detected area’s that still needed a few touch-up spanks. (Ben thought of them as “quality control” spanks). When Sara felt her father’s left hand suddenly press her down very hard into his lap, she immediately began screaming, knowing that the final spanks were imminent. She did not have long to wait. His blows were hard, well planned for maximum effect, and well placed. Within the space of 60 seconds he had landed two devastating blows on each sit-spot and three on each already bright-red buttock. The girl shrieked and bucked like a bronco, but it did her no good, her parents had her in pinned down and had thoroughly expected her reactions to the finishing spanks.

Both parents now bent over their daughter and mumbled calming, reassuring words of love as she sobbed piteously, still squirming as if she were still being spanked. No matter which child was involved, this was always the part of a spanking that Ben hated the worse. For just that emotional minute after a spanking is over and his child was still in sobbing in pain, Ben always felt a bit like some sort of bully.

A moment later, the still-sobbing girl was on her feet, daintily rubbing her bottom through the towel which was once again securely wrapped around her nakedness. Jan gave the girl a long hug, and told her how much she loved her and how much it hurt to punish her. She left the room with the words, “I have to go down now and finish supper. It will be ready in 30 minutes and remember that we expect you to be there. You may bring a pillow if you wish. And oh by the way; if you want to talk later, daddy and I would like that.” “Yes Mommy” the chastised girl replied.

At the first sounds of movement, Sara’s brother and sister quickly scattered. Although they were technically not doing anything wrong, just standing at the foot of the steps and listening, this was not a time that they wanted to do anything to risk the wrath of their parents.

Ben was now alone with his daughter. He held out his arms and the girl crawled up into his lap for a long cuddle. For several long minutes, he just rocked and hugged his oldest child as her sobbing gradually decayed to mere sniffles. As he did, he reflected on how simple certain things are in childhood; one simply goes through the few minutes of hell over a parental lap, and emerges forgiven. “If only such instant gratification were available to adults,” he mused. When it finally seemed to be the time for words, he gently told the girl that all was forgiven and added that this could easily be the last spanking for a good girl like her. (Unfortunately, it was not to be.) Suddenly aware of the passing minutes, he looked at his watch and informed the girl that she had only ten minutes to get ready for supper. With a final kiss on the forehead, Ben put his daughter on her feet and left her bedroom to give her privacy to prepare herself for supper. He was almost out the door when she stopped him, “Daddy?” He turned around, “Yes baby?” She looked at the floor and dug a toe into the carpet, “I…I…I just wanted to say ‘thanks’”. Surprised, he asked, “Is my daughter actually thanking me for a spanking?” She seemed to consider that for a moment and actually seemed to be a bit embarrassed that the conversation had gone this far, “Well I really meant ‘thanks for everything you do for me’. She paused for a long moment and then continued, “But yes, thanks for the spanking too, I earned it fair and square”. With that, Ben gave his daughter a hearty hug, another kiss on the forehead, and left her to her preparations for supper.

Sara made sure that her bedroom door was closed firmly, and then dropped her towel and backed up to her mirror to inspect the damage from her spanking. It looked every bit as bad as it felt. Eschewing the discomfort of pulling tight panties over her swollen bottom, Sara searched out and donned her softest fuzzy cotton pajamas. After a quick trip to the bathroom to wash the tears from her face, the girl returned back to her bedroom and experimentally sat down on the desk chair that was still dominating the center of her room after so recently being used for her spanking. The girl quickly stood up and rubbed her bottom. She grabbed a pillow before she left for supper, her bottom still hurt so much that she would just have to bear the embarrassment of using it for a cushion.

Supper was a somber affair, but Sara did her best not to pout. Frankly, even though her bottom throbbed painfully, she was terribly happy to have her punishment over and done with. Now just one embarrassing little detail remained. When supper was over, Sara’s brother asked permission to be excused from the table, this was Jan’s cue to say, “Before anybody leaves, I believe that Sara has something to say to the family.” This was a Dover family tradition, whenever anyone received a formal punishment, (mostly spanking or grounding) the miscreant was required to tell the entire what he/she had done and to describe the resulting punishment. In front of her parents, Sara told her brother and sister how she had been bad in school and then described her paddling at school in gory detail, and ended with, “and then I guess you both heard daddy give me get a hard spanking. It really hurt and I am really sorry that I did something so silly and so stupid as getting in trouble in school.”

Chapter Three: Back to the Present…MF/f

The sound of Ben’s car in the driveway brought Jan back to the present. She had been hoping that there was something in her memory of Sara’s last spanking, a spanking that had happened more than a year ago, that would help her with today’s dilemma, but she found nothing obvious. Last year, when Sara had gotten in enough trouble at school to get paddled, she had crossed a definite line and there had been no question about what the punishment should be. Today, the line was much fuzzier; did Sara really lie to her mother, or was it something less than a deliberate lie that she should be punished for?

As soon as Ben walked in the door, he could tell by the look on Jan’s face that all was not well in the Dover household. He gave his wife a one-armed hug and a wet kiss, and then sat down next to her, “Let’s have it.” he said. Starting from the beginning, Jan reminded Ben about her previous problems with Sara not being responsible about her library books. With that background in place, she told her husband about her daughter’s behavior and the untruth that she told Jan. Finally, Jan confessed her doubts about what Sara was actually guilty of, and reminded Ben that if it was truly a lie, then the punishment was the belt. Ben almost physically shuddered at the thought. He had used the belt on Matt (Sara’s younger brother) one time, and he never wanted to repeat the experience again if he could help it; especially on one of his cherished girls (he thought guiltily).

Ben really didn’t have to think about it. “The family rule is that we use the belt when we are sure that one of our children is caught in a deliberate lie.” he said, “We are not at all sure that (in her mind) what Sara said to you was a lie, or that it was deliberate. Now if she had told you that she had returned all of those books while she knew that they were in her room and then snuck out the next day to return them, then my belt would already be laying on the table ready to go.” Finally, the Dover’s came to the conclusion that Sara was guilty of negligence for not keeping track of the books, and that the untruth that she had told her mother, while not quite a deliberate lie, was a serious misbehavior that had earned her a serious punishment. From there, it only took them a few minutes to agree on a strategy.

“Sara, come down here” Ben bellowed up the stairway. When his daughter’s face appeared in her bedroom door, he said in a lower voice, “Come in the kitchen and let’s sit down and talk about this.” “Y…yes Daddy” she replied.

Most parents would have kept Sara standing and lectured her about her behavior, but that wasn’t how the Dover’s preferred to do things. Instead, they offered her a chair at the kitchen table. As she sat down, Ben said, “Sara this is your chance to tell us your side of this, you have been up in your room thinking about this for over two hours, and I suppose you know what your mother has told me; what do you want to add?” “Only that I don’t think that I lied to mommy” she sobbed, “Please don’t strap me daddeeee.” “OK”, Sam said reasonably, “when you told your mother that you had returned all of the books did it feel like the truth?” Sara looked down at the table “Not exactly sir” she finally responded “but I guess I thought that it might be true or…I guess I was just hoping it was true.” “That is exactly what I think” Ben replied, but that is still a serious thing isn’t it?” The tear that instantly appeared in her right in her right eye and ran halfway down her cheek gave the Dovers their answer.

“Sara, what should your punishment be for telling your mother an untruth after she asked you an important question, when you could easily have taken the time to look for the books and then tell her the truth?” “Sara looked down at the table for a long time. Just as her parents thought that they weren’t going to get an answer, she finally looked up with tear-streaked eyes and said, “I am so ashamed, I guess you are going to have to spank me or ground me. Oh dear!” she blubbered, “I can’t believe what I just had to say, I thought I was done worrying about spankings and now I have messed up again.”

“Well, I agree that you need to be punished, and punished seriously, but we are pretty impressed with you. You are saying the same things that your mother and I have been thinking, and we like the way that you have taken responsibility for your behavior.” Sara managed a tiny smile at her father’s praise, but waited tensely for the verdict she knew must be coming. She didn’t have to wait long, “Sara, your punishment for misplacing the four library books is one week’s grounding.” Sara gulped. Jan added ominously, “you know our rules about grounding and they are no picnic.” “Yes Mommy” she replied. Ben continued, “For the other matter, we have narrowly decided against the belt, but have decided to offer you a choice; a spanking tonight or an additional two weeks grounding.” Sara decided instantly, “I will take the grounding.” “OK then its done” Ben declared (secretly relieved that he would not have to spank is darling), “You are grounded for the next three weeks starting right this minute. Mark the date on the kitchen calendar and then help your mother get supper ready. You can explain all this mess to your brother and sister after supper.”

All went well for about three days. As you know, being grounded in the Dover household is not fun. Sara was allowed no TV, no phone, and only approved reading. She was only allowed to leave the house for school, job, or church. Unfortunately for Sara, school was out, and the only job she had was the occasional babysitting job. Jan kept Sara busy as much as possible. It was easy for Jan to think up jobs for Sara because it happened to be time for spring-cleaning. Three days into her first week of grounding, Sara was wishing that she had taken the spanking instead of the extra two weeks. If she had taken that spanking three days ago her bottom would now be mostly healed and she would only have four more days until her freedom.

All this was running through her mind when the phone rang. Forbidden the use of the phone, Sara let her mother pick it up. Just a moment later, Sara was mildly surprised when her mother handed her the phone saying, “I guess it is OK for you to talk to your favorite aunt for a moment, she said she needs to ask you something important.”

Jane, Sara’s aunt, was actually much more that just Sara’s favorite aunt, she was the one adult that Sara most wanted to emulate. Specifically, Jane was a 6th grade teacher at the local public school, and Sara had long wanted to be a teacher just like her aunt.

“Sara, I have great news” Jane gushed. “I just found out that I can get you a free student’s ticket to the teacher’s convention. It is going to be at the teacher’s college in Capital City. You can ride with me and we can sleep in a dorm room for free, There is a lot for you to learn at the convention, but if you get bored it would be OK for you to wander around your future campus and get the know the place. In the evenings, we can prowl around the city and I will show you the hangouts.” Sara could hardly believe her ears! “Oh thanks Aunt Jane” she gushed, “what should I wear and when is it?” “Just plain old school clothes will do fine,” she said, “and is about a week and a half away, we would leave on the 12th.” Suddenly Sara’s face fell, “I…I…I am sort of grounded Aunt Jane” she admitted sheepishly, “and I will still be grounded on the 12th, and you know how strict my parents are about that.” “See if you can work something out with them,” Jane advised, “don’t worry, I will go ahead and get the ticket and keep the space for you just in case you figure something out so you can go.” “Thanks Aunt Jane” Sara said in the bravest voice she could muster, but she hung up in tears.

Seeing Sara’s distress, Jan immediately asked her what her aunt had said to get her so upset. Through her tears, Sara told her mother about her aunt’s invitation. “I’m so sorry Sara, but there is no way that your daddy and I will let you off of your grounding. Your grounding is for an entire three weeks, not just when it is convenient for you.” “I know,” Sara sobbed, “that is why I didn’t ask.” Jan said no more, but just like Sara, she was trying to figure a way around this sudden dilemma, she recognized that teacher’s convention as more than just a pleasant trip, it was a prime educational opportunity for her daughter.

It was Sara who figured it out first, and the answer scared the pee out of her!

It took Sara a few minutes to get over her tears, and then she threw herself into the cleaning chores that her mother seemed to be able to constantly conjure up for her, it helped her to forget what was on her mind and she wanted to be sure her mother on her side.

Dinner was a quiet affair. When Ben had arrived home from work, Jan had pulled him into the bedroom for a quiet talk and told him of Aunt Jane’s kind offer. While they both wanted her to attend the convention, they decided that Sara’s punishment must take precedence. She would never make it through teacher’s college unless she learned some responsibility. Nothing more was to be said about teacher’s conventions.

After dinner, it was Sara’s job to clean the table and wash the dishes. Jan came into the kitchen to be with her oldest daughter for a few moments and to help her dry the dishes. “Mommy” Sara said, “I would like to have a little talk with you and daddy when we get done.” “Sara,” Jan warned, “if you are getting ready to ask what I think you are going to ask, the answer will be ‘no’.” “Don’t worry Mommy,” Sara replied almost vaguely, “I am not going to ask to get out of my punishment or even for you to suspend my grounding so I can go with Aunt Jane.” “OK” Jan said doubtfully, “Let’s go see your father. I hope you know what you are doing!”

They found Ben in the living room. At Sara’s request for a “talk” Ben turned off the TV to give his oldest daughter his full attention. As Sara looked at her parents she saw “NO” written in their eyes. It was obvious to Sara that her parents were prepared to give her a polite hearing and then a firm refusal. Nevertheless, she bore in, starting with how important this conference was to her future as a teacher. When she finished that part, she could see that she had made no progress through the brick wall that was her parent’s resolve. Next she worked on her mother a bit; “I know that I have four more days of the first week of grounding left, and that is enough time to complete spring cleaning, I promise to work real hard for you mommy.” Her mother looked at her honestly puzzled and asked, “Yes Sara, but what about the other two weeks of grounding?”

Finally, with her stomach full of butterflies, Sara laid out her plan. “Remember last Friday when you gave me my choice of an extra two weeks grounding or a spanking?” She saw both of her parent’s eyes widen in immediate understanding, but she also saw her father’s head swing from side to side in a gesture that gave her an immediate “NO”. Sara continued on desperately, “Yes, I know that I don’t get to change a choice once I make it, but this is different! None of us knew this was going to happen.” Sara now sensed her mother was wavering, but knew that she still had a ways to go to convince her father. She went for broke, “I know that if you allow me, just this once, to change my choice of punishments, the spanking you give me will probably have to be harder than I would have gotten last Friday; you could even give me b…b…belt if you want to.” Ben seized on this, and Sara thought that she had blown the whole deal. “We never negotiate your punishments with you, and we never will.” He said in an uncharacteristically loud voice. We may give you choices concerning your punishment, but it is always us who determines what your choices are going to be.”

“Y…yes Daddy,” she said quickly, “I guess I was just trying too hard to help.”

One look in her father’s eyes and Sara knew she had lost her case. He was just opening his mouth to tell her “no way” when Jan reached over and touched his arm. “Ben, we really need to talk in private about this, let’s not make a snap decision” she said firmly. “OK, we will talk,” he said reluctantly, “Sara, go up to your room and come back down in about 30 minutes. That should be long enough for us to decide what we are going to do.” Just as Sara was nervously turning to leave, her mother stopped her, “One more thing Sara,” she said, “Before your daddy and I talk about this; are you sure this is what you really want? It could be a really hard spanking you know.” “I have been thinking about this every minute since Aunt Jane called, I really don’t want to miss that conference Mommy.” Sara replied with all the confidence she could muster. “Then you agree that you have had your last chance to change your mind about this and you will cheerfully comply with whatever your father and I decide?” The girl considered that for a moment and replied with commendable candor, “Whichever way your decision goes, I will have some crying to do, so I can’t promise to be cheerful; but I promise to be obedient to the best of my ability, and I promise to get over my tears as quickly as I can.” “OK” Ben said, “I guess that is the best we can hope for, go up to your room and let us talk.”

As Sara climbed the steps to her room, the “butterflies” in her stomach suddenly multiplied, and she suddenly was almost afraid that her mother would succeed in convincing her father to spank her. In fact, Sara was desperately afraid of being turned down, yet at the same time desperately afraid of getting her way and so actually getting the spanking she was requesting. Caught between so many competing emotions and priorities, the young girl trembled and her teeth actually chattered a bit as she waited for her parent’s verdict. Through her terror, Sara saw the wisdom of her mother’s “last chance” talk, now she wasn’t tempted to run down and ask her parents to forget the whole thing!
Sara distracted herself for the first fifteen minutes by taking her evening shower. Back in her room she donned a pair of pajamas and sat down to worry and wait. It seemed to take forever for the minute hand to creep its way around the clock the final 10 times. Actually Sara cheated a couple minutes and crept down the stairs a bit early. She came into the living room just in time to see her mother say goodbye to someone on the phone and replace the handset. Jan turned to her daughter and explained that the had just called Aunt Jane to make sure that their understanding of her offer was correct and that the deal was still available. “You see Sara, “ her mother said, “we don’t have any way to unspank you so we wanted to be sure that nothing had changed.” Sara’s knees suddenly grew weak at the sudden dual understandings that she had 1) “won” and 2) was about to get a bare-bottom spanking. “Oh by the way,” Jan said, “your aunt said to tell you to be brave, it only hurts for a while.” “You told her?” Sara squealed. “Sure, why not.’ Jan said brightly, “she knows what it is all about, goodness knows she got enough spankings herself while she was growing up; just ask her.”

“OK sweetheart, “Ben said, “I guess you have figured out that you are going to get your way and your bottom is in big trouble.” “T…t…thanks Daddy, thanks Mommy” Sara managed to say. “Don’t thank us,” Ben said, “You asked us to reconsider your punishment and now we have. You understand that you are *NOT* being spanked so you can go to a conference and you are not being spanked because of your request; you are being spanked because of your behavior! “Yes sir.” The girl replied. Ben continued relentlessly; “You were irresponsible, you were disrespectful to your mother, and you were dishonest. That makes your parents very sad and disappointed in you. Your new punishment will be a long, hard spanking that is going to make your bottom sore for the next several days, do you understand?” “Yes Daddeeeee,” Sara sobbed. “I see no need to delay, your bottom is going to need time to heal before that conference, so right now is the best time I can think of for you to get your naughty bottom spanked.” Sara nodded in solemn (if somewhat nervous) agreement. “In that case, let’s have some hugs all around and get started. Remember, no matter what rules you break, your mother and father never stop loving you. Punishing you, especially spanking, you is very hard for us.”

As Ben gave his beloved daughter a lingering hug, her could feel her heart thumping against his chest, it felt like he was holding a trapped animal. Jan massaged her daughter’s shoulder blades in an attempt to get her to relax a tiny bit. Finally Ben released his daughter with a kiss and told her, “Go and find Matt and Kim and send them here so we can explain to them what is about to happen, and then go to your room and prepare for a spanking. We will be up in a bit to deal with you.” “Yes Daddy.” Sara choked. “You do remember the rules about preparing for a spanking and you fully realize that they still apply to you; right?” Jan asked her daughter. The bright flush that immediately came over her daughter’s face gave her answer before Sara could say, “Yes Mommy.”

Sara found Matt down in the basement rumpus room and her sister reading up in her room. After sending the puzzled kids to the living room to see their parents, Sara stopped at the linen closet to retrieve a large bath towel and then went to her room. After making sure her door was securely closed, Sara took off her pajamas. As she had not earlier bothered with underwear, she was now quite naked. She dug into her bureau drawer for her newest Bra (a B-cup that she now nearly filled), put it on, and then wrapped the bath towel securely around her rounded hips. She completed her preparations by placing her straight-backed desk chair in the middle of the room, and then nervously sat down on the edge of her bed to await her fate.

Downstairs, the Dover’s were explaining to their two youngest children why their big sister was about to get spanked. Kim took the news quietly, but Matt seemed to be full of questions. “Does Sara get to keep her panties on when she get spanked?” he asked. “The same rules apply to her as to you and Kimberly.” Ben replied with more patience than he was really feeling. “Do girls her age cry when they get spanked?” “Yes, they do.” Jan replied. “Will she get it hard?” “Yes, she has earned a hard spanking and she is going to get it.” He as told. “Will she get the belt?” Ben had to think about that one a moment. “Matt, before your mommy and I spank any of you, we have a private talk and decide the particulars of your punishment. We talk about what is fair and what is safe to do so we don’t harm you. It also makes sure that we have had time to get over being mad at you. Your mommy and I are going to have that talk in just a minute, before we go upstairs. We don’t have secrets in this house about punishments, so you can ask tomorrow if you still want to know.” Finally, Matt ran out of questions and they ended the discussion with a firm warning to the kids to stay on the ground floor of the house and not even consider coming upstairs until Sara punishment was over. Furthermore, they were reminded to not tease Sara about her punishment.

After dismissing the children, Ben and Sara spent a few minutes planning their daughter’s spanking. Ben made a quick trip to the master bedroom to pick up a certain cherished family heirloom and the two started up the stairs to Sara’s room.

Upstairs, Sara was sitting on the edge of her bed crying inconsolably and did not even notice that her parents were in her room until she felt her mother’s arm around her shoulder. “It’s OK Sara, you have been spanked before, it will hurt, but your punishment will wipe the slate clean and we can start all over again.” It was several minutes before Sara could talk, but finally she managed, “You don’t understand Mommy, I am not crying because I am afraid of getting spanked, I am crying because I suddenly realized that I have been denying the truth.” “Go on Sara, tell us more” Jan urged. “Well,” Sara started, “I know that daddy always make us tell him why I am going to get spanked just before we go over his lap, so I was thinking about what I was going to say…” “Keep going.” Ben said gently. “…and I ran it over and over in my head and then I realized that what I really did was tell Mommy that I was sure I had returned those library books when actually I knew that I didn’t have a clue! I lied to Mommy and then I got things all confused by arguing that it COULD have been true, so that somehow made it OK.”

“Daddy,” Sara sobbed, “I was crying because I now know that I am truly wrong and I deserve to be spanked with your belt.” “Perhaps so,” Ben agreed, but we have changed things enough, we will just go ahead with the punishment that we have planned for you and I don’t think your bottom will know the difference in the morning.” It was then that Sara noticed that her father was holding the Dover family hairbrush and that her mother was sitting in the desk chair. “What is going to happen to you Sara, “ he continued, “is that you are going to be spanked by your mother. It will not be just a warm-up spanking; it will be a long, hard, thorough spanking. Usually that is my job, but this incident started between you and your mother and we both feel that it is appropriate that your punishment start the same way.” “Start?” Sara asked. “Yes start” Ben replied. After your spanking, you will be allowed a few minutes to recover and then your mom and I will change places and you will bend over my lap to be reacquainted with this hairbrush.” “Yes Daddy” Sara gulped.

“Lets get started.” Ben said briskly, “Drop that towel and then go see your mother.” As Sara unwrapped the towel from around her waist, Ben did not bother to look away. He would be seeing much more of his daughter before this punishment was over. The sight of his unwrapped daughter almost took his breath away, reminding him of Jan when they had first met.

Sara walked to her mother and gave her a quick hug and kiss. “I am really sorry Mommy” she choked out. “Me too.” Said Jan. The girl allowed herself to be guided into place over her mother’s lap. Jan looked down at her daughter and had a sudden idea, “I know that the rule is that you only have to be bare below the bellybutton, but somehow it just doesn’t seem right for a girl who is getting punished for lying to be allowed to cover anything.” At that, she reached down and unhooked Sara’s only remaining garment. She gave the straps a light pull, and the bra fell to the floor. The spanking started almost too gently, with light, stingy, swats intended to prepare her daughter’s derrière for the hard spanking soon to come. Sara was crying gently, but they were the sobs of an embarrassed, guilty girl, not the frantic wails of a girl in the midst of a serious spanking, but that was all soon to change.

Jan stopped for a moment as if inspecting her work, and then landed a single hard spank on the meatiest part of Sara’s right cheek. Sara bucked, grunted, and sucked in air, but made no other sound. When that first spank’s twin landed on her left buttock, Sara bucked again, kicked the floor and made a desperate whimpering sound. Her bottom was now a uniform pink with a perfect, dark red handprint (exactly the size of her mother’s hand) on each cheek. Ben had to admire his wife’s technique; he guessed correctly that these spanks were calculated to help Sara make the transition from “embarrassed girl” to “spanked girl”. Now Jan landed a series of perhaps 20 medium-hard spanks at an unvarying pace of about one per second. By the first ten Sara was kicking, twisting, and in full voice.

Downstairs, Matt and Kim were listening at the foot of the steps just as they had been doing for Sara’s last spanking more than a year ago. As they had a year before, the parents had left Sara’s bedroom door open so Kim and Matt could get profit by the example of their big sister’s correction. Matt was a well-meaning but impulsive boy, who easily received more spankings than his two sisters put together. Today, his impulsiveness was again going to be his downfall. When Matt heard the spanks and his sister’s agonized cries, he found himself imagining his sister’s maturing naked bottom bouncing across a parental lap, and decided that he just had to have a look. On hands and knees he quietly crept up the steps and down the hall to his sister’s bedroom door. Kimberly tried to stop him, but he barely noticed her pulling on his shirt, and Kim was far too smart to follow her brother more than a couple of steps up the stairs. Being young and highly intelligent, Matt figured that everybody in Sara’s room would be concentrating on the business at hand and a face peeking into the doorway way down at floor level would never be noticed.

He was almost right. What Matt saw inside Sara’s room was better than anything he could possibly have imagined. To his surprise, Sara was totally nude. In her facedown position over her mother’s lap, her breasts were hanging down and jiggling from the regular blows being applied to her posterior. His sister’s bare- red bottom was moving up and down and from side-to-side as she futilely tried to dodge her mother’s unerring spanks. Suddenly the now-squalling girl surprised Jan with a particularly violent twist. Her legs splaying, the girl twisted so far that she was presenting her entire front to the partly open bedroom door. For the young hormone-saturated boy, this sight was like a gift from heaven. He watched mesmerized, no more able to move than a bug pinned to a specimen board. It was Jan who saw the face first, quickly followed by Sara who screamed, “Matt”! Ben turned just in time to see the face disappear. He ran to the door just in time to see the boy’s shirttail disappear down the stairway. “Matthew Edward Dover!” he roared, “Get your butt back up here right now!” The boy turned around, and the waterworks were virtually instantaneous. He walked to his angry father, sobbing in fear and at his sudden change in fortune. Ben grabbed the boy by his collar and duck-walked him past Sara’s door to his own bedroom. “You get in your room and stay there until someone tells you that you can come out. Listen carefully to the rest of Sara’s punishment, because that is exactly what is going to happen to you.” He warned, “In fact, you can go ahead and take your clothes off while you are waiting.”

Sara’s spanking had temporarily stopped; Jan was comforting her daughter who was sobbing loudly from a combination of mortification from her brother’s spying and from her stinging bottom. “He SAW me Momeeee, he saw everything!” she wailed. Her mother responded with real compassion, “Sara, I am really sorry about what your brother did.” Turning to her husband she said, “I think that Sara should be there when Matt gets his punishment.” Ben thought that over a minute and them finally agreed, “yes, they are both old enough that the anatomy should be no surprise, and it certainly sounds fair enough under the circumstances.” Turning her attention back to her daughter, Jan spoke firmly, “your spanking is not even half over Sara, we need to forget about Matt and get this over with.” Sara responded with new sobs. “Before we start, I want you to tell me again why we are here” “B…b…because I lied to you Mommy” Sara managed to sob. “That is right Sara, you earned a hard spanking for lying” Jan responded, “OK here we go Sara, try to stay in position this time.” With those words, the spanking started anew. Jan’s new target area was Sara’s untouched upper legs.

Sitting in his bedroom, Matt heard the resumption of his sister’s spanking; first he heard just the spanks, quickly accompanied by Sara’s begging for respite. Sara’s pleas and promises of future truthfulness quickly became incoherent blubbering, which further regressed into out-and-out bawling as the spanking continued unabated. Every iota of the spanking, crying, sounds reverberating through the house seemed to go right through the boy; because he had no doubt that he was next. Morosely, the boy started stripping off his clothes as his father had ordered him too. This would not be a good time to make his parents any madder at him than they already were!

Ben watched the spanking of his daughter with a critical eye. The shade of her legs quickly morphed into a shade of red that matched her bottom-cheeks, but he knew that Jan would be going considerably further, because they had decided that this less-padded area below the “sit-spot” would be off-limits to the hairbrush and it would be up to Jan to accomplish the whole job. After what seemed like forever to Sara, Jan paused for a moment and ordered, “Spread them.” Sara begged, “No Mommy, please nooooo.” Unmoved, Jan repeated, “spread them…NOW!” Reluctantly, Sara’s thighs opened a bit. “Do it!” Ben ordered. Finally, Sara’s thighs opened enough so that Jan could spank the tender area between them. Sara screamed and started to curl her legs, but Ben, expecting exactly that move, caught her ankles, gently pulling his daughter’s legs down and apart to allow Jan to complete this part of the punishment, a part that was hated by all three of them, (and considered absolutely necessary to this punishment by at least two of them). Ben hung on gamely as his daughter bucked and tried to twist away, yet he cringed at the view he had of his daughter, a view normally reserved for husbands and doctors.

Finishing with the legs, Jan completed her portion of Sara’s punishment with six hard spanks to the “sit spots” and a dozen equally hard spanks placed higher on the fullness of her bottom. Her part done, Jan loosened her grip on Sara’s waist a bit and simply waited quietly for her daughter to calm down. Finally, Sara looked back fearfully. “Ok, Sara” she said tenderly, “you may get up and recover a bit before you go over your father’s lap”. With no apparent thought to modesty, the girl got up, gingerly touched her bottom, and then, sobbing anew, did a bit of a spanked-brat dance for her parents.

Jan was quite happy to relinquish her seat to her husband, who sat down and placed the hairbrush on the floor next to the right-rear chair leg. The lady walked over to her sobbing daughter, gave her a gentle hug, a kiss on the forehead, and her nuzzled lovingly as the girl tried to regain control of her emotions. “You OK honey?” she finally asked. “It hurts Mommy, it hurts; and I can’t believe what Matt did!” the girl sobbed. “I love you Sara, but you know that you earned every spank I gave you, and every spank that you are still going to get.” Jan said, gently reminding the girl that her punishment was not yet over. Still sobbing, the girl nodded her agreement, slinging tears in the process. “Are you ready to go to your father and finish this Sara?” Jan suggested gently. I…I…I need a few minutes Mommy,” the girl blubbered. “OK” said Jan, “but for your own sake, the sooner you go see your father, the sooner it will be over.” Sara looked over at her father and then down at the hairbrush, and dissolved in a new torrent of tears.

Ben simply watched this tender scene, not trusting himself to talk. He noted that Sara had apparently forgotten that she was totally nude, and he hated the thought that it would shortly be his job to bruise that shapely, already bright-red bottom. Jan finally moved away from her daughter, realizing that she must be left to make her own decision about when to resume her punishment. The girl turned her back on her parents and stood sobbing and gently rubbing her bottom for a full three minutes, before she finally turned and faced her father resolutely. “Are you ready to end it Sara?” he asked gently. The girl nodded miserably and walked slowly towards her next spanking.

Matt sat naked on the edge of his bed and listened to his sister’s sobs slowly subside after her spanking. It had obviously been a severe spanking, and the boy had no reason to expect that he would be receiving any less. His sharp young ears had picked up a bit of conversation about him just before Sara’s spanking had started. He wasn’t sure, but he thought that he had heard something about Sara getting permission to watch his spanking! He wondered glumly if his parents would take him into Sara’s room to be spanked or if they would bring Sara into his room. By now, he heard nothing at all coming from Sara’s room and his heart started beating hard; it must be his turn now! It was just then that the boy was stunned to hear Sara’s spanking start again with a new vengeance!

Sara had started to willingly drape herself across her father’s lap, but Ben stopped her and guided her between his legs and bent her over his left leg, pinning her legs with his left leg. He asked for her left hand, which he firmly pinned into the small of her back where it would be safe from the hairbrush. Then she felt him reach down for that generations-old hardwood hairbrush which was hardly ever used to actually brush hair. He swallowed hard and said very formally, “Sara Ann Dover, this spanking is for lying to your mother. Don’t ever make me do this to you again!”

There was nothing fancy about the spanking; nobody counted strokes, there were not even any more words exchanged between them, certainly not from Sara who was almost instantly incoherent after the first spanks from that terrible hairbrush. It was inevitable that Sara would try to buck and twist and kick and to reach back to protect her screaming-hot tush, but her father had thought of everything and she was helpless to do anything but shriek from the force of her punishment. The noises made by both the hairbrush and Sara rang out through the house, thoroughly impressing both Matt and Kimberly (just as their parents had hoped). Even though Sara had carefully closed both of her bedroom windows to keep the sounds of her disgrace from escaping the house, the next door neighbors would hear enough to know that someone in the Dover household had really “got it” that evening. After the first minute of her father’s steady blows, Sara shrieks finally decayed to mere bawling and the fight was clearly gone from the young lady. Now Ben slowed down just a bit and was a bit more careful and selective in where he placed his spanks. Ben’s goal was to use that hairbrush as a tool to leave marks that would be painful for several days, but far more important, to impress on Sara a lesson what would last her for a lifetime. It worked, decades later; Sara would remember that day as a turning point in her life.

After a mere two minutes of enduring that terrible hairbrush on her bare bottom, it was all over but the crying. It was a few moments before Sara dimly realized that her father was no longer spanking her. She looked back fearfully, but realized instantly from the relaxed look on his face that it was all over. He released the sobbing girl and helped her up, only to have her bury her face in his shoulder and start bawling anew. She tried to curl up in her father’s lap, but at the first pressure on her bottom gave it up as a bad idea. Sara peeled the covers back on the girl’s bed, and Sara laid face down. The parents spent a further 20 minutes attempting to calm their punished/forgiven daughter down and reassuring her of their love, but she was inconsolable. “Matt is going to tell everybody at school what he saw…I am dead.” She bawled. “Sara, don’t be silly,” cooed Jan “we will take care of Matt, and all he saw was a naked girl. Before this is over, you will be seeing a naked boy, and neither one of you had better say anything about private matters to anybody outside this house!” Finally they placed a single sheet over the unhappy, still naked girl and turned out the lights.

I the hallway, they conferred briefly about Matt and decided that he would have to wait until tomorrow for his punishment. They were both too angry with him to punish him just then, and Sara was in no condition to witness his punishment.

When the parents walked into Matt’s bedroom, Ben was initially surprised to see Matt naked, and then he remembered telling the boy to get undressed. They could tell by the look on his face that he expected to be spanked then and there. “I just can’t believe you Matt,” Ben said, “you have not only disobeyed your parents and seriously violated Sara’s privacy, you have gravely upset your sister at a very bad time. She is in there crying right now, not so much because of her spanking, but because of what you did to her.” Matt’s face fell. “I…I guess I knew I was taking a chance on getting caught” he said, “but I never wanted to hurt Sara, I guess I never thought she would ever know.” Ben spoke next; “Matt, like I told you earlier, you are going to get the same spanking that Sara just got. Not only that, but Sara is going to be in the room when it happens and you will not be allowed the courtesy of a towel or any other covering, because you denied the same to Sara. Is that clear?” Matt was sobbing, “I never wanted to hurt Sara honest Dad, honest Mommy!” Jan reached down and hugged her son. “You are going to have to explain that to her yourself”, she said, “but right now isn’t a good time, I don’t think she is in any condition to listen.” Ben spoke next; Yes Matt, and because of that and because your parents are so angry with you right now, your spanking is just going to have to wait. Until then you are restricted to your room. Dress only in your pajamas, and do not leave your room except to go to the bathroom. We will call you down for your meals or bring them up to you. Is that clear?” “Yes Sir.” Matt replied, looking dejectedly at the floor. “One more thing son” Ben said in a softer voice.” The boy looked up. “You parents are perfectly capable of being angry at you and loving you at the same time…and we do love you.” The boy sobbed loudly and accepted hugs from both of his parents. Before Ben walked out of the room with Jan, he placed the hairbrush on the boy’s dresser where he would have to see it and be reminded of what was ahead of him.

Chapter Four: Matt’s Punishment f/m F/m

The next morning an almost eerie silence settled on the house. Ben was getting ready for work. The two girls were at the breakfast table, although it had been necessary to remind Sara that she was still grounded and needed to get up so she could help her mother. Naturally, Sara had brought a pillow down to sit on, and Ben knew that doing housework all day with a sore bottom would be no picnic for her, but that was the deal she had agreed to. Ben could see that his wife had something on her mind, but she did not reveal it just yet. “I need to have a girl-to-girl talk with Sara” she explained as she poured Ben’s second cup of coffee, “we will be right back.” With that, she took Sara out to the living room. Just as Ben was finishing his coffee and thinking about taking breakfast up to Matt, Jan came back into the kitchen and said, “We need to talk before you do that.”

The couple ducked into their bedroom and Jan came straight to the point. “I want Sara to spank Matt.” As she expected, Ben’s eyes suddenly became wide as saucers. “Wait a minute, hear me out,” she said, “It is not as weird an idea as it sounds. First of all, mad as I am at him, I hate to make him wait until tonight to get his spanking. Second, it will kind of clear the air between Sara and Matt, I really want them to be friends and I don’t want this to fester. Finally, it is kind of a mother-daughter thing; she could be a mother in as few as two or three years (though I hope not) and this is a rare chance to pass on some child-rearing training to my oldest daughter. Don’t worry, I want Sara to do most of the work, but I will be right there to makes sure Matt is safe and to make sure he gets a good blistering.

Ben was not totally convinced. “OK,” he said doubtfully, “I agree with all of your reasoning, but somehow it just doesn’t feel right to me. Here is what I am willing to do, I will present the idea to Matt and offer him a choice: A hard spanking from you and Sara this morning verses a hard spanking from both of his parents this evening. Either way, Sara will be there. How is that?” “That is fair enough, “ Jan replied, “If he really had a problem about being spanked by Sara, I wouldn’t force him to go through with it anyhow.”

A few minutes later, Ben carried Matt’s breakfast up to him. As Matt ate, Ben explained to the boy his two choices for his punishment. The boy had a terrible time making up his mind. Finally Matt asked, “I want to get it over with this morning, but could I talk to Sara first and tell her how sorry I am?” “Yes,” Ben said, “I think that is a really good idea and I hope that you and Sara can ‘bury the hatchet’ before your punishment because spankings are supposed to be about punishment, not revenge. And remember; your punishment is coming from your parents, not Sara. You can’t blame Sara for your punishment and you can’t ask her to go easy on you; your mother would never allow it anyhow.” “I know” the boy replied, “I deserve to be punished. This way I get it over with quicker, and it gives me and Sara a chance to be friends again.” “Yes you certainly do deserve to be punished,” Ben agreed, “and I am sure that we can both depend on your mother to be sure that it is done properly. I know it is going to hurt, but cooperate as much as you can.” “Yes Daddy.” The boy said sadly. Ben kissed his son goodbye, quickly told Jan about Matt’s decision and the boy’s request to “make up” with his sister before his punishment. Kissing his wife goodbye, Ben reluctantly left for his day’s work.

Jan sat down with Sara at the kitchen table and poured her a cup of coffee. Even though she had to add a bunch of milk and sugar to get the bitter stuff down, having coffee with her mother made Sara feel grown-up. “OK, both Dad and Matt are willing, so you have a spanking to deliver.” She told her daughter. “One thing that is very important is that you and Matt have a talk first and (no matter how long it takes) I need to two to end up not being mad at each other. You know that your parents never spank when they are mad.” “It will be hard,” Sara said, “but I am willing to give it a try.”

It was actually easier than she thought. Jan walked Sara up to Matt’s bedroom, stayed long enough to be sure that the two kids weren’t going to tear each other apart and left them together with the following instructions: “Take five minutes or an hour, I don’t care, but I want you two to talk until you work things out between you and can at least shake hands. When you are done Sara, I want you to bring that hairbrush down with you so we can talk about how to use it. Matt, as soon as your sister leaves, get ready for your spanking; and this time, that means bare!” Both kids nodded at their mother, and she turned and left the room. They both heard her descend the stairs and knew they were alone.

Matt immediately fell all over himself apologizing to his sister, “Sara, I don’t know what got into my head, but I never wanted to hurt you. I hated upsetting you more than I hate thinking about that spanking I’m going to get.” “When you saw my…err…front, it really freaked me out.” she said seriously. “And I know that I really deserve the bruised butt I am going to get for doing that.” Matt admitted. In spite of herself, her heart almost immediately melted. A few minutes later, they were talking about Sara’s recent spanking as if nothing had happened between them. At one point Matt turned red and stammered a bit, “I don’t suppose this is a good time to ask but…” “You’re wondering about the damage?” she asked impishly. “Yes” he admitted. The girl looked nervously out the open bedroom door, loosened the top button on her pants, turned her back to her brother and lowered her pants and panties just enough so that her brother could see the painful mess that was her bottom. “I deserved that too you know,” she said to her brother, “I lied to Mommy and actually I got off easy.”

Finally, the conversation got around to Matt’s imminent spanking. “How much of it is Mommy going to let you do”? Matt asked, curious in spite of himself, “She said I would be allowed to do all of it if I can “ Sara replied helpfully. She will just ‘fill in’ if I can’t do a good enough job.” Matt shuddered just a bit: “You know, I am not allowed to ask you to go easy on me,” he began, “but is it OK if I ask you to spank me hard and get it over with fast? I will try not to kick or fight you or anything, but I am afraid that I will scream my head off…and I promise…no hard feelings. Sara wiped a tear from her eye and held out her hand, “OK squirt she said, “I had better get down to Mommy now…see you later…shake?” Matt ignored the hand and gave his sister a brotherly hug and a kiss on the cheek Sara picked up the paddle, winked at her brother and left.

It did not take Matt long to get ready for his spanking. First, even though it was a warm June day, he closed his bedroom window so his friends (who he could hear playing outside) would not hear the sounds of his disgrace. Even though it was virtually impossible for anyone to peek into his second-story window, he closed the blind tightly to give himself more of a feeling of privacy. He had to turn on the lamp to compensate. Next he made a quick trip to the upstairs bathroom to take a precautionary pee (he would be mortified if he wet his sister’s lap). Back in his room, he removed his pajama top, laid it on the bed, and then reached for the elastic band of his PJ bottoms. He only had to push the waistband past his narrow hips and over his butt cheeks before gravity finished the job for him. Now naked (he hadn’t bothered with underwear that morning), he reached down and picked up his bottoms and neatly placed them on his bed. He completed his preparations by picking up his desk chair and placing it in the middle of the room. Then he sat down on the edge of his bed to await his fate. It seemed to take forever. As his spanking got closer and closer, Matt got a distinctly sick feeling in his stomach, he suddenly regretted having breakfast, but he regretted getting into trouble even more.

Jan had a long talk with Sara about the techniques and reasons behind spanking. Then she very specifically told her the steps involved in Matt’s coming spanking. Sara readily recognized everything she was about to do to her brother, it had all happened to her just last night! Then, to her surprise, Jan had Sara sit down on a kitchen chair, placed a firm cushion in her lap and insisted that she practice spanking it. Jan gave her some tips on how to hold her hand and how to get a little more effect with a quick snap of the wrist. After a few short minutes of instruction, she was able to give that cushion hell! Now Jan handed Sara the hairbrush. After a few safety tips, she showed the girl how to use the brush with devastating effect.

Jan’s next move totally shocked Sara. Jan removed the practice cushion from Sara’s lap and replaced it with her own clothed bottom! To Jan’s surprise, her daughter yelped in pain. “My bottom” Sara yelped. “Oh, your sore bottom, I forget,” Jan said sheepishly “Run upstairs and get yourself a pillow to sit on. Remember, your brother weighs just slightly less than me.” Sara returned with a pillow, sat on it, and invited her mother over her lap. “Is that better now?” Jan asked. “Yes Mommy” the girl replied. “OK, give me a few good hard swats with your hand, don’t worry, I will tell you when to stop.” Jan said bravely. Jan did not seem to feel the first few swats, but As Sara continued and seemed to gather courage, strength, and technique, Jan began to squirm. “OK, that will do just fine,” Jan finally said. “What you were doing for those last few swats would really be effective on a bare bottom, now try it with the hairbrush.” Jan suddenly stopped Sara after only four swats and jumped up to rub her bottom. “Oh gee, I forgot how much that hurts” she said urgently. “Perhaps us parents out to be made to take a reminder spanking now and then.” “I am available anytime you are willing,” Sara offered helpfully. “Maybe later…a lot later.” Jan replied. “Right now you have another bottom patiently waiting for your services. Let’s go upstairs and get this over with”

Matt stood nervously as his mother and sister walked into his bedroom. Incongruously, Sara was carrying the hairbrush in one hand and a pillow in the other. As required, the boy was nude. To his credit, his hands were at his sides rather than making a futile attempt to cover his modesty.

Sara walked straight her son and tenderly wrapped her arms around him. She felt her heart soften when she felt the boy tremble. “You know that your mother really loves you don’t you?” she asked tenderly. “Your sister loves you too,” she belatedly added. “Yes mom, I know.” the boy sobbed. “And you know why we are here?” she asked needlessly. Yes Mommy, you two are here to spank me,” the boy blubbered. In a softer voice Jan asked, “Are you ready to get this over with Matt?” With fresh tears in his eyes the boy nodded that he was ready. “OK Sara,” the mother said, “sit down in the spanking chair.” Sara placed her pillow on the chair and carefully sat down. Jan stood behind the chair and told Matt: “Stand in front of your sister”. Suddenly Matt felt terribly exposed and ashamed to be naked in front of his big sister. It was all he could do to keep from covering himself, but he sensed that if he tried, his mother would make him move his hands and it would be even more embarrassing. For her part, Sara could not drag her eyes off of the part of her brother’s anatomy that was suddenly displayed mere inches from her face. Sara had done enough babysitting, and diapered enough boy babies to know what boys looked like, and then there were the diagrams girl’s health book that her mother had bought her, but this was the closest thing to a mature penis that she had ever seen. Matt suddenly got very red in the face as he felt blood start to rush to that part of him that was normally kept private. He desperately tried to think of anything, ANYTHING, that might keep it from happening, but at Matt’s age, it seems that the fear of having an erection is exactly the thing that makes an erection inevitable. Sara’s eyes grew large, as the downward angle of Matt’s penis gradually became a jaunty upward angle. It was Jan who came to Matt’s rescue: “Ignore it Sara, it’s not his fault” she said gently, “It just happens, especially at his age.” In a desperate attempt to change the subject and quickly move events past this awkward moment, Jan ordered: “Explain to your sister precisely why you deserve to have your naughty bottom spanked until it is black and blue.” The boy obviously expected this question, but still he had to choke pack sobs as he said, “Because…because…my parents told me not to go upstairs until they were done with your punishment and I disobeyed them and went up anyhow…and then…and then I snuck and looked in your bedroom while you were getting spanked and you had no clothes on. And then later I found out that I had really freaked you out and my peeking made your punishment worse for you, when it was already bad enough. I had no business violating your privacy and I feel bad and I am really sorry. Please spank me hard and then I hope that you and Daddy and Mommy will forgive me and know that I have learned my lesson and will never do something like that again”

“I guess that about covers it” Sara said. “I guess I already forgive you squirt, but I agree that you deserve to be punished.” She looked her brother straight in the eye and continued; “I am supposed to tell you a little about what is going to happen. You are going to receive two spankings, just like I did last evening. The first will be a long, hard, thorough, hand spanking. (At the word “thorough” Matt winced, he knew that was a family code word meaning not only a bright-red bottom, but also well-spanked thighs) After that, you will be allowed up to compose yourself for a few minutes before you bend back over my lap for a hard spanking session with the hairbrush, which (believe me, I know) you will feel for the next several days.” Matt gulped and nodded his understanding. Matt’s mother clarified things a bit; “ I am here to make sure that you are safe, but also to make sure that you get a full measure of punishment. If Sara can’t, or won’t, properly complete the job, then it will be up to me to do so.” Matt solemnly nodded his understanding. “Also,” Jan continued, “After your spanking is over, your punishment is complete. You will probably want to stay in your room for a while, but you are free to get dressed and go out and play as soon as you feel ready. Your sister on the other hand, is still grounded for a few days.” Sara nodded her agreement, “I know Mom, and we still have lots of cleaning to do also.” “That’s exactly right” Jan said, “let’s get this spanking over with so you and I can get on with our work.” Without bothering with more words, Sara put her hands on her brother’s waist and guided him over to her right side. Without being ordered to, Matt bent over his sister’s lap.

When Sara felt her brother’s weight push her pillow-padded bottom down into the straight-backed chair, she was instantly reminded of last night’s spanking, but she ignored the pain and directed her full attention to the matter at hand. Jan took a position kneeling in front of Sara where she could effectively supervise, assist Sara, or quickly stop things if a problem developed. At her mother’s coaching, Sara urged Matt further over on her lap into the “over balanced” position where he would have to support some of his own weight with his hands, (exactly the same position she had been in herself the previous evening). This position would make it difficult for Matt to reach back to protect his bottom, and it also had the advantage of temporarily taking some of his weight off of Sara’s tender bottom. Matt next felt his Sister’s hand roaming around his bottom as if she were taking its measure, gauging its firmness and trying to somehow locate his most vulnerable spots. Finally Matt felt the hand rise off of his bottom and he clenched his bottom in unhappy anticipation…

The first few spanks were distinctly tentative, as if Sara thought that she was dealing with something delicate and fragile. Noticing that those first spanks had no effect, it took only seconds for Sara to experimentally raise the ante until she elicited a definite squirm from her brother. The next escalation in her efforts earned her some distinct groans and yelps from Matt and instilled a much more urgent movement to his bottom. Seconds later, she finally overcame her initial timidity and was delivering full-fledged spanks that quickly broke through Matt’s reserve, leaving the naked boy bucking, bawling and loudly apologizing to Sara, his parents and the world in general. Sara quickly noticed that her brother’s firm bottom felt far different from both the cushion, and her mother’s clothed bottom that she had been practicing on earlier. The skin-on-skin impact of this bare-bottom spanking put a definite sting in her hand. Sara did her best to ignore the pain, she was taking her job very seriously and figured correctly that what her brother was feeling must be far worse than the temporary sting that she had to endure.

With both cheeks a nice initial shade of red, Sara gave Matt’s sit spots special attention for a few vigorous moments before she moved down to the boy’s legs. As she started spanking his legs, Sara could tell that Matt was struggling mightily to stay in position, but now it took almost the full strength of her left arm to restrain his torso, and his kicking was beginning to be a distinct problem. Seeing the problem develop, Jan simply wrapped her left arm around the boy’s calves, so that Sara could easily slap the back of the boy’s upper legs into a color that almost matched his bottom. That part done, Sara stopped abruptly. Remembering her brother’s request to not draw out his punishment she told him, “you know what comes next Matt, get them wide apart.” Jan immediately released her hold on the boy’s legs to see what would happen. Matt groaned, but complied, spreading his legs wide so his sister could spank his tender inner thighs. If Matt hadn’t been hurting too much to care, he would have blushed beet red at the view he was giving his sister. Sara forgot herself for a moment, staring at this view of her brother’s pucker hole and the back view of his male parts. Jan brought the girl’s mind back to her job, “Sara, remember what I told you about this part, be very careful to not strike even close to his scrotum, that is very delicate equipment. “Yes mommy” Sara said, as she started spanking her brother between the thighs, just as her mother had done to her the evening before.

Matt howled, cried, and begged piteously for respite, but Sara gave him no quarter. Twice, in spite of himself, the boy slammed his thighs shut, but Sara just landed monstrous blows on his bottom while she demanded that he open up again so she could finish her grim job. Finally, that portion of the punishment was done and Sara told her brother to keep his legs together for the finishing spanks. Sara started just above the backs of the boy’s knees. And gradually spanked her way up to just below the waist. When she finally worked her way up the buttocks, her spanks became much harder, and (just like a pro) she lingered at the sit-spots for a few extra spanks. By the time she was done, all three of them could easily agree that young Matt was a well-spanked boy.

Just like he had predicted, Matt did not hold back on the tears or his vocalizations. All through the spanking, Sara felt that Matt was truly remorseful for his misbehavior and was cooperating with his punishment to the best of his ability. Especially towards the end, his bottom was a study in motion, but he never did try to reach back to protect himself. She honestly hated what she still had to do to him, but first they would both get a few minutes’ rest. His buttocks were bright red but not bruised; not YET bruised that is. When Sara finally stopped, she looked up at her mother for approval, and received a silent “thumbs up” for her efforts. After waiting a moment for the boy to calm down and realize that the first of his two spankings was over, she released him and helped him to his feet. Matt seemed to totally forget all notion of modesty for a few seconds as he danced and rubbed his rear, his penis bobbing up and down with his efforts. Then he seemed to realize the show he was putting on, and turned his back on his sister and mother, and actually put himself in the corner. As the boy sobbed in the corner, Jan whispered to Sara that she had seen him do this before a few times after a good spanking. “He will be OK in a couple of minutes” she predicted. Finally Jan got up and put her arm around the boy. “I am so ashamed”: the boy blubbered into his mothers shoulder. “Ashamed about what?” Jan asked tenderly, trying to draw the boy out. “Ashamed at what I did” Matt said. “You have been taking your punishment very well so far”, Jan said encouragingly, “Sara and I are very proud of you. Just a couple more minutes across your sister’s lap and all will be forgiven” Jan promised. “I know I will never mention it again, and Sara had better not if she knows what is good for her!”

It was Sara who spoke up next: “You said you didn’t want to draw this out Matt,” she said gently, “Are you ready to finish the last part?” New tears appeared, but he nodded bravely. Jan spoke firmly; “OK Matt, I want you to pick up that hairbrush and hand it to your sister. Ask her to spank you very hard with it.”

The boy did as he was told. After he handed the brush to his sister, he said; “I am so sorry Sara, please let’s finish this and then please forgive me. I…I…know you have to do it hard” “Don’t worry squirt, you are all ready forgiven; but you still get the spanking.” She said, brushing away a tear or two of her own before she impetuously wrapped her arms around the boy’s waist, pulled him to her, and placed a wet kiss on his bare chest. Suddenly realizing that this move had snugly nestled the e boy’s penis between her breasts, the girl colored and eased some space between herself and her brother before shooting her mother a baleful look. Sensing that the boy’s mind was likely far more concerned with his bottom than his penis, Jan simply shrugged and smirked at her daughter’s unintentional gaffe.

As Jan carefully supervised, Sara maneuvered Matt into position for his hairbrush spanking. Jan showed Sara how to take the boy between her legs and then use her right leg to effectively pin the boy’s legs securely into position. “Put your hand in the small of your back Matt” she ordered. As the boy complied, she cautioned Sara to hold that hand very tightly, and to immediately stop spanking if she lost control of it. “We want a very well-spanked bottom,” she cautioned, not a hand that has been injured from being walloped with a hardwood hairbrush.” Jan explained.

With Matt properly pinioned into place, Sara raised the hairbrush high and began her brother’s second spanking. For the first several blistering spanks, all that was heard from Matt was something that sounded like a gasp and perhaps a grunt. Jan and Sara thought for an instant that the boy was being amazingly brave to remain silent under that terrible onslaught, but actually the pain from that bouncing brush was such a shock to the boy’s system that he could not get enough breath to form a proper scream! Finally he managed. His shrieks filled the house and enough sound filtered out of the house, that his friends stopped their play to listen not only to Matt’s agonized vocalizations, but also to the easily recognizable sound of hardwood colliding with bare adolescent rump. Later that afternoon when he finally ventured out to play, Matt would be a temporary celebrity.

Matt would remember this part of the spanking as sort of an out-of-body experience. With only slightly detached interest, he saw a screeching, frantic, writhing, boy getting his bottom tanned by a familiar hairbrush. Suddenly, he was back inside the spanked-boy and he was horrified to feel the boy lose control of his bladder! Thanks to Matt’s previous precaution of emptying his bladder, the flow was a dribble rather than a flood, but an embarrassing wet spot that would later be noticeable on Sara’s jeans appeared underneath the boy’s groin.

As had happened with Sara the night before, Matt eventually quieted down, his shrieks becoming merely urgent cries, and his movements becoming less violent, even though the spanking continued on unabated. Recognizing the change, Sara took this time to slow the tempo of her spanks and carefully aim at a few spots that were not quite as red as others. Finally she finished with a few blistering spanks to his sit-spots and looked up at her mother, hoping for final approval of her task. Jan took a long moment to examine Sara’s handiwork, and finally decided that it would do. As they say, it was all over for Matt but the crying.

Later, Matt could not even remember how he got off of his sister’s lap and ended up facedown on his bed crying into his pillow. As he gradually came back to his senses, he found his sister on one side and his mother on the other, both trying simultaneously to calm him down. Even though his bottom was stinging and throbbing urgently, there was only one thing on Matt’s mind. He finally looked at his sister through tear-clogged eyes and managed to croak “Sara, I think I…I think I…” “Peed on me?” she offered helpfully. Matt buried his head in his pillow in mortification and nodded that his sister had guessed right. “Don’t worry squirt” she said generously, “I just took it a evidence that I was doing a good job; don’t worry, it was just a drop or two and you will never hear another word about it. You took a very hard spanking and I think you were very brave, but now it is over and I truly forgive you.” Relieved, the boy finally allowed himself to believe that his ordeal was truly over. A great calm came over the boy as he realized that he was forgiven and had instantly recovered his position as a member-in-good-standing of the Dover family.

Looking back over the decades, an older Jan and Ben would look back at that spanking as one of the most difficult, yet most successful punishments of their child-raising years. Matt never repeated the offenses that earned him that sore bottom, and the lesson also seemed to painlessly transfer to the two girls.

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This was an excellent, well written story, full of drama and good, hard, spanking action! However, there are a few changes that ought to be incorporated in any later versions of this story due to their illogical nature. They are:

Aunt Jane's invitation for Sara to accompany her to the teachers' conference changed everything. The parents should have realized that it would have been in Sara's best interests to attend the conference with Aunt Jane and then, at least, have offered to change Sara's punishment from the two weeks grounding to a spanking. Instead, the father refused to consider it... he refused to do what would clearly have been in Sara's best interest! No loving parent would do anything that was not in his child's best interest. Instead, Sara and her mother had to talk the father into changing the grounding to a spanking. A minor error occurred when the father position Sara over his lap for the hairbrush spanking. The author had him bend her over his left leg, then took her left hand and held it out of the way behind her back. It was her RIGHT hand, not her left, that should have been held. Her father bent Sara over his left leg, then pinned her legs with his left leg. His RIGHT leg would done this, not the left!

Barring these exceptions, the story was very well done!

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