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"Instant Fatherhood" Part 2, "School Trouble" M/f

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It was just a few weeks after Karen’s spanking when school started. Junior high school is hard enough on a girl, but when the girl finds herself in a strange school full of people she has never met, things are much harder.

Ed had suffered through the uncomfortable job of taking his new daughter to the mall to shop for a new school wardrobe. Although he always missed his wife, he found himself aching that day for her special female expertise. Karen was incessantly trying to bamboozle him into buying clothes that were overly expensive and overly brief (in Ed’s opinion) to wear to school. A lady clerk at the department store finally took pity on Ed and stepped in to help. “All I want is for her to blend in,” Ed explained. “She is new in town and needs a nice school wardrobe. Please just show us what everybody else is buying.” Two hours later, they had Karen fully outfitted, albeit not fully happy. In the end, even Karen grudgingly admitted that her father’s strategy was probably best until she had been in school for a few weeks and had a chance to “get the lay of the land.”

The first semester seemed to be very difficult for Karen both socially and academically. It only took Karen three weeks to earn her first paddling in the Principal’s office. As best Ed could figure out from Karen’s explanation and from a short phone conversation with the Principal, Karen had responded badly to a somewhat bullying student and ended up is a shoving match in the cafeteria. The Principal had felt slightly sorry for Karen, but she had broken one of the school’s strictest rules and Karen and the other girl had both been paddled.

Ed understood well that Karen was just doing what she felt she had to do to establish herself in the social pecking order of this new school, but he also understood that he had a job to do as Karen’s parent. Shortly after supper, Karen’s skirt, pantyhose, and panties all hit her bedroom floor and she found herself over her new father’s lap for the second time. This spanking was considerably different from her first. Ed wanted to properly correct his daughter, but he did not want to discourage her. This spanking would only be a “Type 1”. To Karen’s surprise, her father did not immediately pick up the hairbrush. He began spanking her with his hand, and the first spanks barely qualified as mild slaps. When he had totally covered her bottom and thighs with those slaps, he started again, only very slightly harder. By the fifth time around, the spanks were just hard enough to make her squirm and gasp. By the time Karen’s father’s hand finished its eighth tour of her bottom, the girl was bouncing and squalling under truly punishing blows. It was only then that Ed picked up the hairbrush for the really serious work.

After that warm-up spanking, it took Ed less than 60-seconds work with that hairbrush to bring his daughter’s bottom to a bright red hue, and to transport Karen to that special “spanked girl” place that Ed again had no trouble recognizing. Moments later, Ed was comforting his still bare bottomed daughter, and hearing her heartfelt promises of perfect behavior in the future, while wondering if she would be able to keep them.

The next day, Karen shyly brought up the issue of the “warm-up spanking” with Ed. She said that her “first’ father had never done that, but had always started out hard with the hairbrush. Karen said that the spanking Ed had given her was “just as hard” and that she “really learned her lesson” but that somehow it was easier to take when he started off “not so hard like that”. She asked Ed if he was always going to spank her like that, and Ed answered that he would always make that decision depending on circumstances and Karen’s attitude at the time. The girl accepted that answer, but it was clearly not exactly what she wanted to hear.

The next hint of trouble occurred near the end of Karen’s first semester in her new school when Ed came home from work to find something subtly “different” about the apartment. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but the place had sort of a “lived in” look. It sort of looked the same as it did on one of those “teacher work days” when Karen was home all day, but he knew it was a school day. He asked his daughter if she had made it to school on time, and her answer was that she “hadn’t been late”. This evasive answer puzzled Ed, and he resolved to watch Karen’s behavior more closely.

It happened again the next Thursday. This time, Ed checked things out more closely. He noticed that there were 5 empty soda cans that had not been there when he left for work that morning. On a hunch, he checked out his cable TV account and found that there were two “pay per view” movies that had somehow ended up on his account that day. This time he asked Karen directly if she had been to school that day. Her answer was “Yes.”

It was the last school period the next day and Karen was just daydreaming about the upcoming weekend when the intercom chime interrupted the class. A distorted version of the school secretary’s voice requested that “Karen Collins report immediately to the Principals office”. Honestly puzzled, Karen gathered her things and walked down the hall to the imposing main office of the school. The secretary was waiting for her with a disapproving look and immediately escorted her into the Principal’s private office, where Karen was surprised to see her father sitting across from the Principal’s desk. On that desk were two fraudulently signed excuse notes that the girl found all too familiar. Karen knew immediately that she was busted!

“I am really disappointed in you Karen” her father said sorrowfully, “You played hooky twice and lied to me twice. We have a lot to discuss at home, but first you and the Principal have ‘business.’” Instantly, tears jumped to the girl’s eyes, “I’m sorry Daddy, really sorry,” she blubbered. The Principal handed Karen a paper. “I am going to make this short if not sweet. Please read this out loud,” he ordered. Through eyes swimming with tears the uncomprehending girl read:

“I, Edward Collins, legal guardian of Karen Collins, specifically waive the protections of school board rule 103.11 (a) as allowed in paragraph 103.11 (b).

She could see that it was signed and dated by her father. The girl looked up at the Principal with questioning eyes. He lost no time in explaining: “Rule 103.11 is the rule that normally prohibits me from adjusting a student’s clothing prior to corporal punishment. In light of your behavior this semester, your father has just waived that rule. We ask parents to do that when their children have to be paddled here more than once in a semester, and most are very cooperative.” Understanding where this conversation was going, the girl’s buttocks clenched involuntarily.

Wasting no time, the Principal continued. “You have cut school two times and submitted two fraudulent excuse notes, that is four paddlings that you have earned for yourself. You will report to this office ten minutes before the final bell every Friday for a paddling until your slate is wiped clean. Is that clear?” “Y…Y…Yes sir” the girl replied. “Good” the Principal replied. “We will take care of your first paddling right now, your father will serve as the required witness.” Karen looked down at the floor and finally replied, “Yes sir”.

“Good” the Principal replied. “Here is how it will work, kick off your shoes and then reach up under your skirt and lower whatever you’ve got.” Although Karen should have been warned by the document she had just been made to read, she found herself staring open-mouthed at the Principal until she heard a familiar voice behind her order, “Do it!” Quickly, the girl reached up under her skirt and hooked her thumbs under the elastic of her panties and panty hose. Seconds later, the combination of her pink panties and her nearly transparent panty hose came into view below her skirt. With the tangled mess just above her knees, Karen straightened up for her next order. It was not long in coming.

“Lower them all the way to the floor and step out of them.” The Principal ordered. With a sob, the girl complied. “You may pick them up and put them in your purse,” the Principal suggested.
Bending at the knee to protect her modesty for a few more precious seconds Karen picked up her tiny panties and panty hose, wadded them up, and stuffed them in her purse. “For the rest of your paddlings, you may avoid a little embarrassment by doing that in the girl’s room before you report to me,” the Principal suggested helpfully, “and also be sure to not wear slacks on those days. The procedure for slacks is considerably more…err…revealing.”

“Yes sir,” Karen replied. The Principal opened a desk drawer and removed an impressive paddle. “OK Karen,” he said while standing up, “I believe you are familiar with the procedure.” With a sob, the girl stood three feet back from the desk, bent over, and braced both of her hands on the edge. The Principal briskly walked around to the front of his desk and flipped up the back of Karen’s skirt, exposing her perfect orbs. With a steadying hand on Karen’s lower back, the Principal carefully took aim and landed a very firm swat exactly in the middle of the girl’s nervously clenching bottom. Karen was amazed at the difference in the pain of the paddle when bare compared to the previous time when she had been paddled over her clothing. She grunted in surprise at the first swat, was barely able to remain quiet for the second, and was crying profusely by the time the fourth stroke landed. She greeted both the fifth and the sixth swats with shrieks that were easily heard in the outer office.

After the sixth swat, the maximum he was allowed, the Principal stepped back, giving Ed a full view of a very red bottom. The Principal laid the paddle down on the desk, hugged the sobbing girl around her shoulders, and helped her lift herself up off of the desk, allowing her skit to drop down into place by itself. “It is all over for now, you were very brave.” he said gently, “See you next week,” he said as he propelled the girl towards her father.

Ed was very impressed by the damage the Principal could do with only six swats, and thought that the Principal’s procedure for giving girls a bare-bottom paddling with such a minimum of exposure was very fair. He shook the man’s hand and left with his still sobbing, still pantyless, daughter.

In the car, Karen blubbered, “You must really hate me now.” Ed was actually happy for the question. “There is nothing you could do to make me not love you sweetheart,” he said, “but I was just sitting here wondering the same thing. You know that I have to punish you like I have never punished you before; right?” “Uh huh” she sobbed. “Will you hate me when we are done?” “No Daddy, I know you have to spank me,” she sobbed. “It’s going to be more than once, you know,” he warned, “you skipped school twice and lied to me twice, and there is nothing you can do that is worse than lying to me. We can’t deal with all that with only one spanking.” Karen simply nodded her understanding and put her head in her lap. The rest of the trip was made in silence, with both of them wondering what her punishment would be.

Supper was a somber affair. Ed had asked Karen to change out of her school clothes and then set the table while he cooked up something simple. After the meal, the two of them worked together to clear the table and wash & dry the dishes. Then Ed sat his daughter back down at the kitchen table for a serious talk. He started out by explaining that he had seen her bottom after the Principal was done with her, and that there would be no more spanking today. “That takes the pressure off of us.” He explained, “Tonight we can just talk.”

And talk they did. Ed had a long talk with her about how damaging a lie can be. “I can punish you and then forgive you, but it will be a long time before I can stop wondering if you are telling me the truth,” he carefully explained. “That is why lying is the worse possible thing you can do to me.” This brought new tears to his daughter’s eyes, but he saw that the lesson seemed to hit home.

Then they talked about Karen’s problems at school and how truancy could only make them worse. Ed explained that he would never punish her for low grades, but lack of effort was another matter altogether, and truancy was the ultimate in “lack of effort.”

Their talk over, Ed hugged his daughter and then cut them each a slice of pie. After desert, Ed said, “I have been thinking a bit about your punishment and I would like your opinion; can we talk about that?” Karen nodded grimly. Ed explained that he had two ideas running through his head. “By rights, you should get four ‘Type 3’ spankings; one for each time you lied to me and one for each time you skipped school,” he explained. “But I figure that one a week is all you can absorb, so it would take us a month to do that, plus you would still be getting the paddlings at school.

There was a long silence as both of them contemplated what a solid month of spankings would mean. Almost afraid to ask, Karen finally spoke up; “What was your other idea Daddy?” “Well,” he said, “I was thinking of some kind of ‘punishment day’, but the concept is still kind of fuzzy in my mind.” “You mean that you would give me all four ‘Type 3’ spankings in a single day?” she asked, shuddering at the thought. “No”, Ed explained, “Your bottom would never take that. You would probably get several spankings during the day and do serious corner time in between. You can be sure that your bottom would be black & blue by the end of the day though. The advantage for both of us would be that your punishment would be all done after that one day. You could go back to being a good girl, and we both could get on with our lives.” “I’ll do it Daddy” Karen said impetuously, “Can we get it over with tomorrow?”

“Whoa, wait a minute,” Ed said quickly. “First of all, we are not negotiating here, all of the details would be up to me, and I would need your solemn promise to obey and cooperate all day, no matter what! This will be no picnic, I intend to make this a lesson that will last you a lifetime!” “OK,” she said soberly, “I know it will be a really bad day for me, but I will obey you no matter what you tell me to do.” “There is one other thing for you to remember,” Ed warned. “What Daddy?” “This does not change your situation with the Principal,” Ed explained, “You still have three more bare bottom paddlings ahead of you from him. “Yes Daddy, I know,” she said sadly.

“Are you sure that this is what you want to do honey?’ Ed asked, “This will be your last chance to back out.” “Yes Daddy, I want to get this over with.” “OK,” he said firmly. Go upstairs and get ready for bed and then come down for a hug before you go to bed early. Then I expect you to be down here at 7 in the morning showered and dressed. Don’t even think about being late!” With a firm pat on the tail, he sent the girl to her room.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear. Neither Karen nor Ed actually got much sleep that night, both were dreading Karen’s punishment day. Karen finally gave up trying to sleep at 6 AM and got up early for her shower. As she was drying herself, she heard her father rattling pots and pans downstairs. Temporarily donning her pajamas, she went downstairs to ask her father what she was supposed to wear for her coming punishment day.

As she expected, Karen found her father in the kitchen. Ed gave his new daughter a kiss on the forehead and pulled her in for a long hug. It nearly broke his heart when he felt her heart pumping like a trapped animal trying to escape. “Scared honey?” He asked gently. Her head buried in her father’s chest, she nodded and sobbed a bit. “You know I love you right?” She nodded again, slightly more vigorously. “You know that it is my duty to make a really-really good job of this right?” With a grunt that was actually a bravely suppressed sob, the girl nodded again.

“You can hang with me for a while if you want, but you need to have all your ‘bathroom’ stuff done and be down here dressed by 7; OK? The girl finally found her voice, “What do you want me to wear?” “Whatever you are comfortable with, we are going to have a nice sit-down breakfast and then we’re going out in the backyard for a few minutes, so dress accordingly.” “OK Daddy,” the girl replied. He explained that he wanted her to start out the day with a good meal, but left unsaid that neither of them would have much stomach for food once her punishment session started. She set the table for breakfast and sniffed the delicious smell of bacon frying before finally disappearing upstairs after several nervous glances at the kitchen clock. Upstairs, she quickly took off her pajamas and dressed in panties, bra, Denim shorts, T-shirt, shoes and socks.

Breakfast was a silent affair, Ed desperately was trying to think of something to say to lighten the mood, but there is really little a father can say to a girl who is about the spend the day getting punished. After breakfast, he piled the dirty pans and dishes in the sink as Karen watched awkwardly. “Would you like me to wash those?” she asked hopefully. “No honey,” he said gently, “we have other business to do first. Get yourself ready for your first spanking.” “Should I go upstairs first?” “No, you can do it right here; you know what to do.”

With her breakfast balling up in her stomach, the sad girl kicked off her shoes, undid her shorts, and then lowered her shorts and panties together. She stepped clear of them and looked at her father expectantly. “This will just be a ‘warm up’ to pink up your bottom and put us both in the proper mood,” explained Ed, “the heavier punishment will have to wait until you have had a chance to digest your breakfast.”

With those words, he pulled out a dining room chair, turned it away from the table, sat down, and patted his lap. Moments later, Karen was in place across her father’s lap with her hands firmly griping the rungs of the chair. Ed looked down at his daughter’s bare bottom and was momentarily surprised to see the angry paddle marks from the Principal’s earlier efforts. “Honey, does this still hurt?” he asked gently, rubbing her tush. “Yes sir,” Karen sobbed. “Why didn’t you say so? We can do this tomorrow and give that a chance to heal up some.” Karen looked back in a panic, “No daddy, please NO! I want to get this over with.” “OK honey, I understand, but you know I can’t go easy on you just because of this, right?” “Looking down at the floor, Karen nodded vigorously.” “Then let’s get started.” Ed said in a tone of determination.

Without further words, the spanking started. Just like the “warm-up” spanking he had done before, Ed spanked several laps around Karen’s bottom, each time slightly harder. Soon the girl’s bottom was bouncing from the spanks and Karen was bawling. Through the fog of her pain, Karen noted that her father was spanking a larger area today. Ed had “pinked up” an area that extended down her legs almost to the backs of her knees and all the way around to her hips and thighs. Finally the spanking stopped. Karen was expecting to be let up, when she finally noticed that her father was insistently giving her an order, it was something about her legs. Karen finally realized that she was supposed to “open her legs.”

Finally, the girl was made to understand that she was supposed to spread her legs, and she complied. Ed insisted that it was not enough, “Wider,” he commanded. She opened up a bit more. “Get your thighs apart now!” Ed commanded. Shifting her weight slightly, Karen opened her legs as wide as she could, with one leg against her father, and the other one actually off of his lap. That must have satisfied him, because suddenly her inner thighs exploded in impossible pain as Ed firmly spanked them.

A minute later, it was over and Karen found herself upright on her father’s lap bawling her heart out with her arms firmly wrapped around his neck. This was breaking Ed’s heart, but he knew his day’s work was just starting.

He gave her perhaps ten minutes of comfort, and then gently disengaged her. “Get yourself dressed sweetheart,” he said not unkindly, “we have a job to do outside.”

Stiffly, the girl reversed the preparations for her recent spanking, reinstalling her panties, shorts, and shoes in their proper places. Fully dressed, she looked at her father for her next order.

Ed walked across the kitchen, opened a drawer, and rummaged around, gathering various tools. He handed several to Karen, “here, take these out in the back yard.” Ed quickly poured himself a cup of coffee, and followed Karen outside, “just drop that stuff on the picnic table Honey,” he said.

Ed handed a pair of pruning sheers to his uncomprehending daughter. “I want you to go around the yard and cut yourself several switches.” Holding her hand he continued, “The smallest should be about the thickness of your little finger, and none should be thicker than your thumb. They should all be substantial enough to sting like the dickens and whippy enough to not cause you harm.” Karen looked at her father with big eyes. “Go ahead,” he urged, “cut me five or six nice straight ones and I will choose from them.” Squelching his male impulse to give his daughter further “help”, Ed sat on the picnic table and sipped his coffee as he watched his sad daughter walk around the yard cutting switches to be used on her own bottom.

Karen laid the first four switches next to her father and went off in search of more. Ten minutes later, there were 7 candidates spread out in front of Ed. “OK, sit down next to me” Ed ordered. He picked up the switches one-by-one and examined each, swishing some of them through the air experimentally. Finally selecting three of various weights, Ed set the others aside and picked up a razor knife. On each of the selected switches, Ed made lengthwise slits through the bark. Handing Karen a pocketknife and a switch, he showed her how to peel off the bark and remove the buds to make a smooth spanking tool. After pouring himself another cup of coffee, he sat down to watch his daughter finish work on the other two switches.

It took her about 20 minutes, but finally the job was done to Ed’s satisfaction. He picked up the tools and said mildly, “OK Honey, bring them inside and we’ll try them out.”

Once inside, speaking in the same conversational tone of voice, Ed said, “You won’t be needing any clothes until tomorrow.” She looked at her father oddly but did nothing at first. “Take your clothes off Honey,” he urged. “You need to be bare for the rest of your punishment.” Quickly the girl removed her shoes, shorts and pants as she had before and looked up at her father who was staring unblinkingly at her. “Keep going,” he ordered. Her t-shirt and tiny bra quickly joined the pile of clothing on the floor. Both father and daughter blushed slightly, as they both realized that this was the first time that Ed had seen his daughter truly naked.

Ed picked up the switches and walked briskly into the living room. Without being told to, Karen trailed behind her father. Ed picked up the coffee table and moved it aside, creating a large empty space in the middle of the room. “Stand there” Ed said, pointing at the center of the space. Fearfully, the naked girl complied. Laying down the two smallest switches, Ed stood at his daughter’s left side, facing her, and grabbed her slender upper arm in an iron grip. “I am going to give you a short whipping” he announced, “Stand still and whatever you do, don’t reach back.” Before Karen could process her father’s last statement, she heard a short whistling sound and shrieked as her bottom exploded in pain. In an involuntary attempt to escape each stroke of the switch, Karen took a step forward, but her father’s strong grip on her arm kept the two together so that they ended up making two complete circles as Ed delivered six firm swats with the switch, producing six welts on Karen’s bottom and causing Karen to fill the house with her heartrending shrieks.

After her short whipping, Ed cuddled his daughter for a mere five minutes before he led her to a corner. He left her there and returned moments later with a hard desk chair. “Here is how the rest of the day is going to go.” Ed said, “You will remain in this corner, sitting or standing; your choice. I will occasionally bring you out for a new punishment, but you may have hours to wait in between. You may go to the bathroom without special permission as long as you don’t abuse the privilege, but you must leave the bathroom door wide open. I will keep a water glass within reach and you may have light snacks on request. Is all that clear?” “Yes sir” she responded.

“OK Honey” he said, “Your next punishment will be severe and it will be specifically for lying to your father. While you are waiting, I want you to think about lying and how it damages everything.” “Yes Father.” The girl sobbed. “I love you Karen,” the man said before he left his red-bottomed daughter looking alone and sad in the corner. “I love you too Daddy” she said, hoping that he was still close enough to hear.

Ed went and washed the breakfast dishes, poured himself another cup of coffee, and went into the living room to sit quietly near his daughter. After he finished his coffee, he got up and rearranged the furniture, pulling one end of the couch well away from the wall. He laid the switches on the back of the couch where they would be handy for his use and then went upstairs to borrow two pillows from Karen’s bed. Shortly before eleven o’clock, he finally called to the still-naked girl; it was almost time for her thrashing.

Looking tiny and vulnerable in her corner, the girl shivered noticeably on hearing her father’s voice; she knew that it must be time for the “severe” punishment that her father had mentioned. Ed instructed her to “go pee or whatever” and then to come to him. Karen croaked an indecipherable acknowledgement and then walked to the downstairs bathroom, leaving the door wide open as she had been instructed. Karen used the toilet, quickly washed her hands and face, and then obediently went to her father and stood in front of him, ready for whatever was going to happen to her.

“Do you remember the ‘night of the truth serum’ Karen?” he asked the girl. “Yes Daddy.” “Did you tell me the truth that night?” “Yes Daddy.” “Was it easy to answer those questions?” “No, it was hard.” “That is right Karen, it was very hard for you, and very awkward for me. But how did you feel when that evening was over?” The girl thought a moment, “Good…really good.” In a softer voice Ed replied, “That night was the first time you called me ‘Daddy’ and I will remember that for the rest of my life. My point is that you told the truth and it brought us closer together; right?” “Yes.” The girl agreed. “OK, then in contrast, how did you feel after you deliberately lied to me?” “I felt like shi…I mean I felt really bad.” “Exactly Karen, the truth might be really hard, but the truth brings us together and lies do just the opposite. They always end up hurting us more that the truth.” The girl nodded her understanding. The new tears gushing down her face gave Ed hope that the lesson was making an impact.

Ed stood and wrapped his arms around his precious bundle while she sobbed. Finally he disengaged and murmured, “Are you ready to get your whipping over with?” “I guess so Daddy.” Karen sobbed. Nobody needed to tell her that it was going to be with those ferocious switches.

In a more businesslike tone Ed explained; “This punishment will be specifically for lying to your father. I want you to pay attention because this is what will happen if you ever again tell me a deliberate lie. Just like today, you will cut and prepare your own switches and then take off every stitch of your clothes and then bend over the end of that couch to have your bottom thrashed; understand?” Wide-eyed, she silently nodded. “OK Honey, get yourself over the end of the couch. One pillow goes under your hips to raise your bottom, and the other is for your face.” Karen took a fearful look at the back of the couch where the switches were lying handy for use, and then obediently put herself into position.

“When this is over, I will allow you to rest on the couch for exactly 60 minutes and then you must go back to the corner; understand?” The girl nodded into her pillow. With a hand on each hip, Ed adjusted his daughter’s position slightly and instructed her to hug the pillow tightly. There was a silence as he hefted the switches, finally selecting the middleweight one. The girl jumped as her father swished the stick through the air and then touched her bottom with it to get the range.

Ed raised his right arm high over his head and brought is down hard on his daughter’s waiting bottom. Karen bucked and screamed into her pillow. As Karen continued to jump and squeal, Ed lashed her bottom nine more times with that nasty switch. Each swat made a sound like an angry wasp as the switch sped through the air, and then a “Snap” as it buried itself into teenaged female bottomflesh, leaving a livid weal that would hurt for several days. Each stroke of that switch dragged a scream from Karen’s lips; each thankfully muffled somewhat by the pillow. The preliminaries done, Ed barely missed a beat as he grabbed the lightest switch to continue his duty.

Karen did not even seem to notice that her father had swapped switches, continuing her squalling, bouncing and kicking as the switch continued to sting her bottom. Ed knew that the lighter switch would do little damage to Karen’s rear, but would sting like a cloud of angry bees. Ed took his time; he wanted this to be a memorable experience. With her entire bottom a new, brighter hue of red; the switch finally strayed beyond Karen’s round bottom cheeks to stimulate the nerve endings in her legs. Almost immediately, Karen bucked and howled with a new intensity and one leg curled up, spoiling his aim. It only took three rapid swats to the back of her calves to make the errant leg return to its proper place so that Ed could resume his job. Ed used that little switch for a further five minutes before he decided that Karen had all she could handle for a while. By then, she had long since stopped screaming and was making a heartbreaking keening sound.

“Don’t ever make me do that to you again!” Ed ordered, and then he helped his very sorry daughter crawl up on the couch and lay down for her promised rest. Ed sat on the floor and rubbed the girl’s back as she finally cried herself into some sort of stupor. 60 minutes seemed to go by way too fast for both of them, but Ed timed it to the second and then felt like a heal when he roused the sore girl and made her return to her corner. Sitting on that hard chair was out of the question with her tortured bottom, so Karen stood.

Ed knew that the afternoon would really be hard on his daughter, but that was the whole idea of a “punishment day”. The move into the corner brought on a new session of sobbing, but that soon ended, and now she seemed to be having trouble standing in one place. Ed could see that she longed to sit down, but her bottom was way too tender to tolerate that hard chair. She stood on one foot, and then the other, and then tried to somehow find a comfortable position leaning on the chair.

Without asking her, Ed went into the kitchen and warmed up some tomato soup. He brought her a cup of soup and some crackers. After telling her to turn the chair around from the corner, he laid the food in the seat of the chair, and told her to get down on her knees so she could eat facing into the corner, using the chair as a table. She ate slowly, savoring the unexpected lunch and (not accidentally) maximizing the time off of her feet. She nibbled at the crackers, but finally she was done.

As Ed picked up the cup and spoon he told her “The afternoon punishments will be dedicated to punishing you for your truancy. For this reason, and to save your bottom for later, your next two punishments will be traditional school punishments that don’t involve your bottom; understand?” “Yes sir and thank you sir,” she replied. “Oh don’t thank me!” Ed corrected, “They will hurt like the dickens.”

“Just like before, I want you to be thinking about how important your education is to your future happiness. Remember, you don’t have to be a genius or even make the honor roll to make me happy, all I ask is an honest effort.”

“Daddy?” the girl asked unexpectedly, “What?” “Did you ever skip any classes?” Ed thought a moment; “Honestly, no; but you’re father did once…I…I mean your first father,” he clarified awkwardly.

“Did he get in trouble?” Karen asked.

“Oh yes” Ed remembered. Forgetting Karen’s punishment for a minute he told the story:

It had actually been only a half-day that Andy, (Ed’s younger brother and Karen’s future father) had skipped. It was a spur of the moment thing. There was a substitute teacher that day, and Andy had convinced himself that she would never miss one less student for the afternoon. He slipped out at lunch and enjoyed the afternoon in the woods, and slyly slipped in with the crowd of students walking home that afternoon. He arrived home at the usual time, as if nothing had happened. Unfortunately for him, his mother had already received a call from the school about his absence.

He only made it five feet inside the house before he ran into a buzz saw of an angry mother. After several loud minutes of angry questioning and lecturing, he was told to undress on the spot even though it was possible that his sisters would see him. Just before she raised a hand to the boy, she realized that she was way too mad to think about spanking anybody. So, buck naked, young Andy was sent to his bedroom to await the arrival of his father, and his father’s work belt.

Finally Mr. Collins (Karen’s grandfather) arrived home from work. There was the usual “calm before the storm” while the mother filled the father in on his son’s misbehavior, and then there was the usual pregnant moment while Mr. Collins stalked to his son’s bedroom. All the kids listened for the first fall of the belt, but were surprised to hear nothing. 20 minutes later, Mr. Collins finally walked out of the bedroom leaving his son unspanked. All the kids were shocked at this turn of events, and were totally mystified when Andy, wearing only underpants and looking very unhappy, showed up for supper. Their parent’s attitude did not encourage questions, so the other kids remained mystified as to what was happening to their brother. The finally decided that he must have somehow escaped a spanking and instead been sentenced to some type of restriction. Just before dessert, Andy was dismissed from the table and sent back to his room.

About an hour after supper, just as it was getting dark, the parents called all of the kids into the living room. Andy was waiting there, still wearing just his underpants. “OK, tell them what you did Andy,” ordered Mr. Collins. Andy told the whole story of his truancy, the story only occasionally interrupted by the boy’s sobs. “You see, Andy thought that he was smart enough to get away with it,” said Mr. Collins, “but kids have been trying this stuff since they invented kids, and it usually doesn’t work. Those teachers weren’t born yesterday and they have a pretty good system.”

“And then,” said Ed to Karen, “your grandfather told us the same things about school that I have been telling you, all about how important it is.” “Did my father get punished?” asked Karen. “Oh yes! He got punished,” said Ed. And continued the story:

At the end of his “talk”, Mr. Collins ordered Andy to tell his brothers and sisters what his punishment was going to be. “Right after this meeting I am going to get whipped with the belt and you are all going to hear me get it,” the boy sobbed. At that, Mr. Collins took his work belt from around his waist and handed it to the boy. “Take this to your bedroom, leave the door wide open, and get those underpants off,” the boy was ordered.

“And then,” Ed continued, “Mom and Dad told us all to stay right there in the living room until we were told we could leave. None of us dared moved a muscle! Both Mom and Dad went into that bedroom. I heard later that Dad made him bend over the bed and Mom held him there and we heard the worst whipping happen that we have ever heard. You could hear that belt snap against your father’s bottom all the way out in the living room and his screams were just pitiful! Usually dad’s whippings where actually kind of short, (though it didn’t seem like that if you were the person getting it) but this strapping seemed to go on forever. That was the last time that any of us kids skipped out on even one minute of class, and that was exactly why my parents did it the way they did. They wanted all of us to get that lesson, not just Andy”

Ed suddenly came back to his senses; he was supposed to be punishing Karen, not entertaining her with stories! “So we all learned a lesson that day, and today is the day for you to learn that same lesson; are you learning?” “Yes Daddy, I will never cut classes again, honest!” the girl said convincingly. “I hope so Karen,” Ed said “I hope so.” Getting back to business, Ed continued; “OK, it is time for you to get back to some serious corner time, and I need to go and do some preparation for your next punishment.” “Yes Daddy,” the girl said sadly, as she put her face back into the corner.

Ed went back into the kitchen and found some heavy scissors. He took them to his bedroom and rummaged through a drawer. He finally found a belt of the perfect dimensions. He experimentally slapped the tail of the belt against his own thigh and jumped at the results. This was a favorite old belt, and with genuine regret, he took the scissors and cut an 18-inch length off of the end. Ed had now made the best copy of a traditional school strap that he could manage on short notice.

He gave Karen another hour of corner time before he walked up behind her and ordered her to turn around. “It is now time for your next punishment,” he announced. She started to walk out of the corner but Ed stopped her; “No, we can do this right here,” he said. “Like I said, I have two traditional school punishments in mind for you, and we will do the first now. Hold out your right hand!” Karen looked at her father dumbly. “I said hold out your right hand,” he repeated, “I want it palm up.” Finally the girl complied. “OK, support it with your other hand.” “Like this?” Karen said. “Yes, that will do,” Ed said, now close your eyes tight.” Karen obeyed her father. Ed took the strap out of his pocket, made sure her eyes were still closed, gritted his teeth, and slapped his daughter’s palm hard with the strap. Karen screamed and shook her hand as if it were on fire.

“Now switch hands!” Ed ordered. Fearfully, the girl complied, staring at the short strap that Ed held in his hand. “Close your eyes tight.” Ed ordered again, “otherwise you are sure to flinch.” The instant her eyes shut, the strap snapped down, eliciting another scream and another dance that made her little breasts a study in motion. It took several minutes for Ed to complete his duty, but Karen endured five swats on each palm, and Ed had waited patiently as each one triggered its own version of the same dance. “OK, that is over now Honey” he finally said, “I know that was hard for you, but you did good. Turn back around now, you have some more corner time to do.” Still crying from her stinging hands, the girl obeyed.

It was 4:30 in the afternoon when Ed decided it was time for her next punishment. He had pictured what this punishment would look like in his mind, and decided that it would result in just a bit just a bit too much exposure, even for an already naked girl. He went into the kitchen where her clothes were still laying on the floor and retrieved Karen’s panties.

Soon Karen jumped at the sound of her father’s voice behind her, “It is time for your next punishment Karen, I need you to put these panties on first.” With her face a question mark, Karen donned her panties, making a face as she pulled them over her tender bottom. Ed pulled the chair away from the corner. “I know it will hurt your bottom, but I need you to sit on the edge of the chair.” Wincing, Karen obeyed, looking up at her father with new tears in her eyes. Ed explained Karen’s next punishment to her, “This is another old school punishment I read about somewhere, I think it came from England and was usually used on boys. It was a handy punishment because the boys only wore short pants to school.” Karen looked at her father with big eyes. “Now I need you to spread your thighs wide, as wide as you can.” Karen obeyed as best as she could, the effort causing a new wave of pain from her tender bottom. She could see immediately that her father had done her a small kindness by letting her have her panties to hide her wide-open sex. The next thing that Karen knew, her father was holding that same wicked little strap that he had used on her hands earlier. Ed moved off to her right side and raised the strap high.

For the second time that day, Karen’s right inner thigh exploded in impossible pain, only this time, much worse than before. Karen screamed and writhed on the chair, not even noticing the new pain to her bottom that her violent movements had caused. Somehow, the girl had managed to keep her thighs open after that first blow, so the strap fell again. This time, of their own volition, her thighs snapped protectively shut. Speaking in a very gentle tone of voice, Ed explained, “You get five on each side for this part of your thigh spanking; we can get it over quickly, or you can draw it out by closing your thighs. For your sake, I hope it is quick.” With a groan, the girl opened up again and Ed immediately gave her stroke three. She squirmed and howled, but managed to stay open for the next but then they slammed shut again. “One more and we are done on this side, I need you to open up so we can finish,” Ed urged. Finally the right side was done, and Ed moved to the left side of the blubbering girl to complete that portion of the punishment. It took a bit longer, but Ed managed to lay the required five stripes on Karen’s left inner thigh. Once she flinched so badly that Ed had to repeat the stroke.

Her inner thighs done, Ed prepared the girl for the next part: “Close your legs tight and lean back in the chair.” Watching that little strap like it was a rattlesnake; Karen obeyed her father, ignoring the pain in her bottom as she leaned as far back in the chair as possible. “Now reach down and grab the chair and hold on tight.” The girl did her best, gripping so hard that her knuckles turned white. By know, she had already figured out Ed’s next move and her quiet sobs turned to loud blubbering.

Ed stepped directly in front of Karen, raised the strap high and brought it down on her left thigh. As Karen screamed and writhed, Ed alternated thighs until there were five livid marks on each side. Then he dropped the strap and comforted the thoroughly distraught girl with a long hug. Finally he released the sobbing girl and placed her chair back in the corner. “OK honey,” he said, “back in the corner with you. There is just one more punishment ahead of you, and I will be back to explain that in a while.”

After another hour of corner time Ed returned to place a clock next to Karen’s water glass where she could see it by just turning her head. It said 5:32 PM. “OK, I have told you and demonstrated to you, what will happen if you ever lie to me again, now it is time to do the same for any future truancy. The girl solemnly nodded her understanding. “If you ever cut classes again, you will get that school strap on your hands and thighs just like today,” The girl nodded again, but her eyes grew wide when he continued, “…and you will present me with your hairbrush and go over my lap for a long, hard “Type 3” spanking…just like today.

The girl instantly understood Ed’s plans for her and, for the first time that day, protested. “No Daddy, please no! My bottom hurts too much to take the hairbrush.” Ed calmly explained reality to the distraught girl. “If you wanted your hairbrush spanking to be on a fresh bottom, you could have told me the truth the first time you skipped school and we would have been all done in just a few minutes, or you could have asked me for the four separate ‘Type 3’ spankings a week apart as we discussed; but this is a different deal, this is a ‘punishment day’.” Glumly, the girl agreed. “OK Daddy, I suppose so.” He mollified the girl a bit by explaining that except for a general redness and a few painful welts from the heavier switches, her bottom was quite unmarked, and purposely so. “Your spanking will hurt like hell on that tender bottom, but you won’t be injured except for the paddle marks you would normally expect from that type of a spanking.” Looking at the floor, the girl unenthusiastically mumbled her understanding.

“Here is how the rest of the day will go,” Ed said, “anytime between 6 PM and bedtime you may ask me for a long, hard hairbrush spanking to remind you to never skip school again. I will then tell you to go up to your room and get ready. Be sure to use the bathroom if you can, get rid of those panties, and get your hairbrush for me; understand?” “Yes daddy” “OK Honey, after that you will wait for me up in your room. When your spanking is over, you will go to bed and stay there for the night; understand?” “And that will be the end of my ‘punishment day’?” She asked hopefully. “Yes Karen, then you go back to being my ‘good girl’, and our lives go back to normal. For the first time since yesterday, the girl smiled just a bit.

6 PM came and went; Karen now had the option of ending her “punishment day” at any time by simply requesting her final spanking. Ed would not force the issue until bedtime. Ed understood her dilemma well, because he had purposely crafted it. Karen could opt for the spanking right away, which would take a certain amount of courage (though 6 PM was a bit early to go to bed for the night), or she could do the human thing and put off the misery of her spanking until bedtime, which would have the small advantage of giving her bottom a bit more time to recover from her earlier punishments, but with the disadvantage of extra uncomfortable corner time. Ed just sat back to see; what was she going to do?

As it turned out, Karen compromised. She stayed in her corner frozen in indecision until almost 7 PM, when a trip to the bathroom became necessary (Ed had been faithfully keeping her water glass full). As she used the toilet and washed, her stomach felt like it was full of butterflies. She wondered to herself; would she have enough courage to bring her “punishment day” to an end? As she walked out of the bathroom, she saw Ed watching from a living room chair. Had she not seen him, she probably would have crept back to the safety of her corner, but she managed to croak out “Daddy?” before she could stop herself.

“Yes Honey?” Ed said curiously. “I…I…I think I am ready now Daddy,” the girl managed to say. Ed crooked a finger at her in summons. With her innards roiling, she walked past her corner haven to stand in front of her father. “You need to do much better than that; what did I tell you to say?” The girl scrunched up her face and thought just a moment; she wanted to get it right. “Please give me a long, hard, hairbrush spanking to remind me never to skip school again,” she recited. “That is better,” said Ed.” He opened his arms and allowed the girl in for a long hug. “I really love you Kiddo,” he murmured. “I love you too Daddy” she croaked.

Gently gripping her shoulders and holding his darling at arm’s length Ed finally said “Go upstairs and get yourself ready, I will be up presently.”

Knowing that the waiting would be almost as memorable as the spanking itself, Ed made the girl stew for a full 30 minutes before he even started his preparations. Finally, he went into the kitchen and prepared two large icepacks. Wrapping them in a towel, he found a bottle of a soothing antiseptic skin cream, carried everything upstairs and laid it in the hall bathroom for later use. Back downstairs; he gathered the three used switches and the small “school” strap. Finally, he walked into Karen’s room and found her sitting naked on her bed, the hairbrush in her lap.

On seeing the strap and the switches in her father’s hand, Karen visibly flinched and drew back. “Oh no,” Ed said, “I didn’t mean to give you the wrong impression; we are done with this stuff.” Karen looked visibly relieved. “Which drawer do you keep your spanking brush in? Ed asked. “The…the upper right one,” the girl answered. “Well, this little strap is going to live there with your spanking brush where it can keep you reminded not to skip school; but it is only for truancy and we should never need it again…right?” “Right Daddy, I promise!”

“Good, that is really good Honey,” he said, “I hope it never sees the light of day again.” Holding up the three switches, he explained, “These will soon dry out and be useless for spanking, but I would like you to keep them somewhere in your room where you can see them once in a while. They will serve as a ‘visual aid’ to remind you to never lie to your father again. They won’t fit in that drawer, but perhaps you can put them in a corner of your closet.” “Yes Daddy” Karen said.

“Are you ready to finish your ‘punishment day’ now Honey?” he asked kindly. “Yes Daddy” the girl replied in a tiny voice. Ed swallowed hard and finally said, “OK, stand up and let’s get your spanking over with so you can be my good girl again.”

With obvious trepidation, the girl stood and handed the hairbrush to her father, who took her place sitting at the edge of the bed. He placed the hairbrush next to him on the bed. Without being told, Karen bent over her father’s lap at a slight angle, her legs dangling, but her torso supported on the bed. Ed’s lap felt the pressure and the warmth of his precious girl, finally ready for her final punishment of the day, the punishment that officially would make her his “good girl” again. Automatically, Ed reached a protective hand around her tiny waist and pulled her in close. He reached out and pulled a pillow to his already sobbing daughter, who gratefully buried her face and wrapped her arms around it.

Ed looked down at the perfectly formed but obviously tender bottom that he must spank and almost started to weaken, but then he realized that doing anything less than what the girl expected him to do would weaken his authority forever. With a new resolve he raised his right hand and started his sad job.

The spanking started out as a carbon copy of the “warm-up” spanking that Karen had endured that morning just after breakfast. Using just his hand and starting off with little more than “love pats” but relentlessly “turning up the volume” until he was delivering a serious punishment, Ed systematically reawakened every nerve ending in Karen’s tush and upper legs. By the time he was done with that part, Karen’s bottom was bouncing, her feet were drumming on the floor and she was howling piteously into her pillow.

Now it was time to finish the job, and once Ed got started with that hairbrush, it was all over in a mere two minutes. Ed picked up the hairbrush, gritted his teeth, and slammed it into Karen’s already livid bottom. Karen was far too spent to give him any real opposition, save a half-hearted attempt to reach back and cover her bottom, an attempt Ed easily foiled by simply grabbing her wrist and tucking it in the small of her back. He covered every inch of her bottom at least once, and then started over again with the extra hard “bruisers” all over her bottom that made it what Karen thought of as a “Type 3” spanking.

His job done, he laid down the hairbrush and watched the well-spanked girl continue to cry as if she were still being spanked. Finally she calmed down a bit and looked back anxiously; “It’s all over Honey,” Ed said gently, “Your ‘punishment day’ is over and you are my good girl now.” Stiffly, Karen got up off of her father’s lap, crawled up on the bed, and threw her arms around her father for a long cleansing cry.

When she finally calmed down a bit, Ed laid her facedown on her bed and spent the next 30 minutes nursing his daughter. He put an ice pack on each nether cheek, and occasionally moved them around to treat the entire area. Finally, while the cheeks were still numbed by the cold, he gently rubbed in the soothing cream.

He covered her with a single silk sheet, turned out the lights and, still fully clothed, laid next to her on the bed so he could rub her back and reassure her that she was loved and wanted. She finally drifted off to sleep, and inadvertently so did Ed. The “punishment day” had been physically and mentally exhausting for both of them. It was midnight when Ed woke, realized where he was, and tiptoed out of the room, his fatherly duties finally done for the day.

Copyright: Guyspencer 2006

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful story! I am sooo glad that you are not a writer that makes the dad seem like a total perve! I was a truly remarkable story that I will always remember!

6:59 PM, September 13, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow. your first story was better, it made me cry. but this one was very good and quite original. if you want a truly heartwrenching story,go to, ignore all of the other stories, and choose looking for love part 1. its kind of long, (6 parts) but it made me cry 3 times.

2:26 AM, December 01, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You write really inspiring loving family stories. If families acted so honestly, responsibly as regards the needed discipline but at the same time ovingly and trly forgiven our world would be a better place to live in!

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