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Instant Fatherhood Part 3 "Caught Eavesdropping" F/f, M/f

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After Karen’s “punishment day”, life quickly returned to normal. Karen was sore for a few days, and sitting in school was tough. Her appointment with the Principal that next Friday was particularly rough on her already sore bottom, but Karen’s biggest fear was that the Principal would look at her marked bottom and put off her paddling. Karen wanted to get these unpleasant things behind her! As it turned out, the Principal did remark on her bottom, but went ahead and paddled her anyhow. “It is supposed to hurt,” he explained afterwards when Karen finally regained her composure, “and given the condition of your bottom, I am very confident that it did.” Her final two appointments with the Principal on the next two following Fridays, were almost as bad.

Karen took the Principal’s advice and prepared for these sessions by slipping into a stall in the Girl’s room, removing everything under her skirt, and stuffing her balled-up undies into her purse. That way, once bent over for the paddle, the Principal only had to flip up the back of her skirt to gain full access to her bared bottom. After leaving the Girl’s room, Karen would take the long walk to the front office and report to the school secretary, who would take her into the Principal’s “inner sanctum” and remain standing just inside the closed door to serve as the required witness to her punishment. The Principal was not an unkind man, but he was always businesslike enough to give Karen a full measure of attention with that fearsome paddle (he said it was “all in the wrist”). Karen was always able to hold out for one or two swats, but she would be crying freely by the fourth swat, and, to her shame, would always greet the fifth and sixth swats with shrieks. When the paddling was over, the Principal’s demeanor would immediately soften and he was always kind enough to keep her in his office and supply tissues and a shoulder to cry on until Karen was able to regain her composure. The entire process was very embarrassing because she knew that the sounds of that paddle against her bare bottom, and the sound of her squalling were clearly audible in the outer office, and there always seemed to be people out there for various reasons. After she left the Principal’s office, Karen would walk home still pantyless, enjoying the cool breezes on her scorched bottom

Her final paddling was a bit different. Rather than escort her into the inner office, the secretary gave Karen a genuine smile and told her, “You may go right in, the Principal is expecting you.” Surprised, Karen knocked on the forbidding door and was invited to enter. Inside, she was further surprised to see her father sitting across from the Principal. Being quite sure that she was in no new trouble, Karen nodded politely at the Principal but then went straight to Ed for a hug. “I thought that I would come to give you moral support for your last paddling and then the three of us can review your progress before I can drive you home; OK Honey?” By way of answer, she gave her daddy another long hug and then looked at the Principal expectantly. “Hello Karen, are you ready to complete your punishment?” he asked in his usual businesslike manner. “Yes sir,” she said, “If you don’t mind my saying so, I hope this is the last time we meet like this…ever!” “You know, that is very possible,” he said reasonably, “Statistically speaking, most girls make it through the entire school year and never even see my paddle. All you have to do is follow the rules.” “I will do my best sir,” she replied soberly, “honestly I will.”

Moments later, Karen was in the familiar position, bent over the Principal’s desk with her skirt flipped up as high as it would go. Ed had little reason to see his daughter in this position, and when the Principal suddenly remembered to call the secretary to hold his calls, he had much clearer view than on the previous occasion. He mused that Karen would be quite embarrassed if she realized how exposed this bent over spread-footed stance left her. The Principal, having daughters of his own and having to do this particular on-the-job duty with some regularity, seemed to take no notice.

Soon, the Principal hung up his phone and picked up his paddle. Karen tensed as she felt the familiar and unwelcome touch of the paddle on her bottom as the Principal got his range. The she heard a tiny grunt from the Principal, felt a brief breeze, heard the “snap” of its landing, and then suffered the astounding pain of that paddle. She sucked air through her teeth and braced for the next swat, wanting to be brave for her father. The next swat was not long in coming. This blow elicited a desperate groan from the girl and she wagged her bottom for a bit as if she were trying to put out a fire back there. The Principal steadied Karen’s bottom with a firm hand at her waist and applied the third swat, which immediately pushed Karen “over the edge”, and triggered open sobbing. Her sobbing got considerably louder and more urgent after the fourth fall of the paddle.

In spite of Karen’s best intentions to be stoic, she greeted the last two paddle smacks with shrieks, just like every time before. It was clear to all three in the room that practice was giving Karen’s bottom no immunity to the pain of that paddle. His job done, the Principal allowed Karen to straighten up and Ed stood to allow his daughter a long cry on his shoulder. A few minutes later, with the two adults sitting and Karen standing and still sniffling a bit, the Principal got out his folder and reviewed Karen’s progress over the last few weeks. The results were good! Ed’s patient tutoring had helped Karen dramatically improve her grades, Karen had no more discipline problems at school, and Karen seemed to be making friends and working out her initial social problems at school.

They both thanked the Principal for his help and Karen left the school arm-in-arm with her new father, so happy to be officially “out of trouble” that she had already forgotten the pain of her recently paddled bottom, (which was still quite bare underneath her skirt). Although she sometimes missed her natural parents terribly, suddenly life with Uncle Ed, her new “Daddy”, was better than she ever imagined possible.

For some reason, Karen felt more grown up around Ed than she ever felt around her natural parents. Probably this is because Ed had not raised her from babyhood through toddlerhood and into adolescence as her natural parents had, and there was lots of mental “baggage” that never had a chance to build up between them. Whatever the reason, she found that she could talk about things with Ed that she could never have been able to broach with her natural parents. Naturally, sex figured high among the delicate subjects that were gradually becoming of consuming interest to the developing girl.

As it turned out, sex was also a growing field of interest for Ed. Before her death, Ed had a wonderful relationship with his wife. Even through her illness, they clung to each other and her desire for real intimacy continued to manifest itself at the oddest times. Their last sex had been just weeks before her death. For a full year after her death, he could not imagine the thought of wanting any other woman. Having Karen around had changed everything for Ed, now he felt his mind opening not only to the possibility of having a relationship with another woman, but such a relationship was fast becoming an imperative.

It did not surprise anyone when Ed found an interesting woman through an introduction from a mutual friend. Jennifer Smith was in much the same situation as Ed. A widow for slightly less than a year with a son who was a freshman in a distant college, Jenny made it clear to Ed from the beginning that she was not ready for anything “physical”. It took Ed nearly three months of patient attention before he was finally able to see tiny cracks on her armor.

All through this campaign, Ed was careful to not neglect Karen, or to allow her to get jealous. He made sure that many of his dates with Jenny started out with supper in a nice place so he could bring Karen along and made sure that she was included in the conversation. Then they would take Karen home and the couple would go off by themselves. More and more, Jenny was comfortable on these occasions to simply invite Ed to her apartment where they would sit on the couch, neck like teenagers, and enjoy a movie.

Unfortunately for Ed, Those “necking sessions” rarely got much past serious kisses and long hugs. Jenny occasionally relieved Ed’s sexual tensions manually, but that was as far as it went. As much as he would have like to, Ed was never allowed to properly explore the tantalizing world inside Jenny’s panties.

Frankly, Karen was more curious than jealous. She genuinely liked Jenny and began to see the possibilities of perhaps gaining a new mother. The two of them became fast friends, sometimes “ditching” Ed at home and going off on shopping trips that were “just for the girls”.

One thing that worried Ed was that Karen was becoming increasingly inquisitive about Ed and Jenny’s love life. It started out by her asking oblique questions during some of their “talks” about sex. Ed tried to be as “straight” with Karen as he could. He told her (to her surprise) that a 50-year-old man like him still had sexual feelings and (frankly) was still very capable of enjoying sex. He explained to her how much he had loved his wife and that he was starting to develop those same kinds of feelings for Jenny. Karen pried for more information, but that was as far as Ed was willing to go. “Jenny and I are adults and some things are going to have to remain private between us,” he explained, “Jenny is a very private person and is still getting over the loss of her husband, who she loved very much, and she would not be comfortable with me sharing private details with you.”

Karen never really gave up, her developing hormones apparently drove her curiosity, and her curiosity about their relationship was not going away anytime soon. She even tried when she got alone with Jenny; childishly trying to disguise her questions as “girl talk” but it was all to no avail.

All went well until one evening when Jenny came by looking very low. The original plan had been that Jenny and Karen were going to cook supper for the three of them and then Ed and Jenny were going to go “out” while Karen worked on the second draft of a research paper for school. Ed could immediately see that something was very wrong with Jenny. “I have a really big problem Ed,” she finally said. Ed turned to his daughter and asked; “Karen, would you mind just throwing something very simple together for supper, it looks like Jenny and I need to talk.” At that, for the first time ever, the two of them disappeared into Ed’s bedroom.

This was a new turn of events for Karen. Though immensely curious, she at first did as she was asked, getting out cold cuts, sandwich makings, and throwing together a quick salad, but soon she found herself immensely curious about what was going on in her father’s bedroom. Not sure what to do, she knocked on her father’s bedroom door and announced loudly that supper was ready.

The two adults came out of the bedroom, ate a bit of supper with Karen, thanked her, and then promptly disappeared back in Ed’s bedroom. 30 minutes later, they were still in there and Karen could barely contain herself. In her mind’s eye, she was sure that Jenny and her father were in there “doing it” and she desperately wanted to know what “it” was all about.

Inside, Jenny and Ed were having a serious talk. It seemed that Jenny’s apartment had changed hands and her lease was not going to be renewed. To move into a new apartment would cost Jenny two months rent plus a security deposit, plus her rent at the new place would likely be much higher. Since Ed and Jenny had talked obliquely (and perhaps vaguely) several times about a future together, the question was immediately obvious to both of them. Could they “put things together” in the 90 days that Jenny had left and perhaps end up as a married (or at the very least cohabiting) couple by then? This was serious stuff! Ed was very direct with Jenny, “We both have known for months where this relationship is going. Unless something goes very wrong, I hope to convince you to share life with me and Karen right here…and yes, I frankly hope to convince you to share my bed also.”

At that, Jenny started sobbing. Was it happiness at Ed’s “near proposal”? Was it frustration? Did she want to break things off? Ed was trying to figure it out. This was truly a delicate moment when the futures of three people hung in the balance.

Outside the bedroom, the temptation had finally become just too much for Karen, she tiptoed up to the door and listened. Her sharp young ears could pick up was the occasional indistinct buzz of adult voices ane she thought she heard heavy breathing, or was it sobbing? She put her ear up to the door, and heard her father saying something to Jenny about “love”. She held her breath and listened with her whole body and soul. Then Jenny replied…

Inside, Ed noticed a shadow under the door appear and then linger. Guessing what was happening, he motioned for Jenny to keep talking while he crept towards the door. Very slowly, he turned the knob and then suddenly jerked the door open. Ear first; Karen literally fell into the bedroom.

The instant that the door flew open and Karen was busted, there was no doubt in Ed’s or Karen’s mind what was going to happen to Karen’s bottom, the only question was when the spanking was going to start and what kind of spanking it was going to be. Jenny was quite upset, she had never before seen Karen seriously misbehave, and Karen couldn’t have chosen a worse time to do so. To make things worse, Jenny was horribly embarrassed for Karen to see her crying.

It took a moment for Ed to find his voice. He first turned his attention to Jenny. “Jen, we still have a lot to talk about, but it looks like there will be a slight delay while I deal with my daughter. Could you go out in the kitchen and make us a pot of coffee while my daughter and I have a little heart-to-heart talk?” “OK, said Jenny doubtfully. “I know you are a bit upset Jenny,” he said, “but please don’t leave, we all need to deal with this right now, and let’s not let it change anything.” “OK Ed,” she said, “I guess I understand.”

When the bedroom door closed behind Jenny, Ed explained to Karen the basics of what she had interrupted, why Jenny was crying, (though Ed wasn’t really sure himself) and why this was such a terrible time for her to misbehave. Finally he said, “tell me the truth; what was going through your head to make you do such a childish thing?” “I…I thought you and Jenny were…” her face turned red and she couldn’t finish the sentence. “You thought we were making out in here and you wanted to snoop?” She looked at the floor, “I guess that about covers it,” the girl mumbled.

“I think we both have a pretty good idea what your punishment is going to be, and I can tell you that it is going to be real soon; but what are we going to do about Jenny?” Ed asked. “I guess I had better go out and apologize,” said the girl. Ed spoke thoughtfully, the concepts not yet clear in his own mind; “This is a suggestion, just a suggestion Karen, and I won’t make you do it, but…since Jenny saw you misbehave and since Jenny is thinking about being part of our family, why don’t you ask her to see how we deal with this?” “You mean see me get spanked?” Karen asked wide-eyed. “Yes, that is exactly what I mean,” said Ed, “Jen and I have had some long talks about our childhoods and our ideas about parenting, and I think it is OK for me to tell you that she won’t be shocked to witness a bare-bottom hairbrush spanking.” “OK,” Karen said simply, “I will go tell her how sorry I am and then I will ask her to stay for my spanking.”

Moments later, Karen found Jenny in the kitchen. She put her arms around the lady and sincerely asked for her forgiveness. “It was silly, childish, and selfish for me to do what I did,” she said, and then she took a deep breath and asked; “since both Daddy and I want you to come live with us, I think that you should see me get punished for what I did, and then I hope that you will forgive me forever.” “You mean that you are going to get a spanking?” Jenny asked. “Yes,” Karen said with a slight catch in her voice. “Did your father tell you to ask me this” Jenny asked directly. “Well,” she admitted, “It was his idea, but he said that I didn’t have to ask you…but I really do want you to be there. Honest!” “I don’t know,” temporized Jenny, “I am not sure this is a good idea.

Slightly desperate to set things right, Karen had a sudden thought. “Jenny?” she asked, “can I ask you a personal question?” “You can try,” said Jenny, “the worst I can say is ‘no’.” Karen paused to think about what she was going to say, finally it came out; “Did you ever spank your son when he was bad?” Jenny laughed, “You mean ‘DO I ever spank my son when he is bad’,” she declared, “The answer is ‘yes’, with some regularity in fact. At least it was that way before he went off to college, and it still could happen now.”

“I get spanked pretty regularly myself,” Karen admitted, “Daddy is waiting to give me one right now. Will you please come back in the bedroom with me so we can get it over with? …Please?” Jenny finally acquiesced, “OK kiddo, let’s go.”

Jenny followed Karen back into her father’s bedroom where, just as Karen had predicted, they found Ed waiting expectantly. To Jenny’s surprise, Karen went straight to her father and whispered something in his ear. Jenny could mostly just hear a buzz, but she was pretty sure that she heard her name mentioned. “I hadn’t thought of that,” said Ed to his daughter, “go use the bathroom then bring me your hairbrush and I will talk to her about it.” With her spanking obviously close at hand, Karen replied somberly, “Yes sir,” and left the room.

As soon as she was gone, Ed turned to Jenny “Karen just suggested that you share in the spanking duties, and under the circumstances, I think it is a real good idea. Will you please give her a warm up spanking?” Jenny made a sour face,” Do you really think that is a good idea Ed?” “Yes Jenny, Karen wants to show you that she is really sorry and I think this is her way of doing that. Of course, she has nothing to lose, she is going to get the spanking anyhow.” Finally, Jenny softened,“OK, if you put it that way; what do you want me to do?” “Well Jenny, just take her over your lap and give her a good hand spanking to get her ready for the hairbrush. Start off kind of easy and gradually build up the heat. Before you are done, her little bottom should be bouncing from your spanks and there should be genuine tears; OK?”

“OK Ed,” Jenny agreed, “If you are really sure that it is the best thing for her. Where do I sit?”

Ed was pointing Jenny to the edge of the bed just as Karen walked back into the room with her hairbrush in her hand. “I will take that.” Ed said firmly, “Now get that bottom bare.” Karen nodded soberly and kicked off her shoes. Next came her jeans, which she folded neatly and placed on the floor. With a shy glance at Jenny, her hands went to her waist, elastic stretched, and her pink panties made the long trip down to her ankles. She stepped out of the tiny panties, picked them up, and placed them on her pants. Naked from the waist down, the girl looked back and forth at the two adults obviously unsure of what was next.

“Karen Collins, do you have the slightest doubt about what you are getting spanked for?” Ed asked sternly. “No sir, I know exactly what I did and I am really, really sorry,” Karen replied. “OK then Karen, you may get across Jenny’s lap for the first part of your punishment, and then you have a date with me and this hairbrush.” “Yes sir” Karen said as she walked to Jenny’s side. Jenny gave Karen a firm hug and a peck on the cheek and then patted her lap purposely. Karen knew exactly what to do.

The spanking started almost immediately. Kathy was surprised that Jenny was a very different kind of spanker than her father. While Ed was a very careful and predictable spanker, Jenny believed in the element of surprise. Although she started out with softer spanks and gradually worked her way up to harder spanks, she continually kept Karen mentally off balance by varying how hard she spanked, varying the delay between each spank so the girl never knew when to expect the next slap on her bottom, and varying the placement of her spanks in a seemingly random pattern. One thing did not change; after a very few minutes, Karen was sobbing, bucking, kicking, and frantically (though hopelessly) trying to somehow wriggle her bottom out of range of range of that relentlessly punishing hand. It was very clear to both Ed and Karen that Jenny’s years of parenting her son had given her plenty of opportunity to perfect her spanking technique. Ed had never had the opportunity to meet the young man, but (judging from Jenny’s spanking technique) he correctly guessed that Jenny had taught him some good manners.

Finally, when she judged that her job was done, Jenny looked up at Ed for approval. He rewarded her with a “thumbs up”. Soon after that, Karen was back on her feet, crying, hiccupping, and rubbing her bottom. Ed gave Karen time for one quick comforting hug from Jenny, and then traded places on the bed with Jenny and picked up the hairbrush purposely. Her cries starting anew, Karen laid herself across her father’s lap for what she well knew would be the hardest part of her spanking.

“Jenny, would your reach Karen a pillow please?” Ed asked. Karen took the offered pillow and wrapped her arms tightly around it, burying her face into its softness. Without further ceremony, Ed put the hairbrush to work on his daughter’s already red bottom. As usual it took Ed less than two minutes work on his daughter’s already prepared bottom to transport her to that special “sorry spanked girl” place, and as usual, he had no problem telling when she had arrived. After she calmed down a bit and finally seemed to notice that she was no longer being spanked, Ed allowed his bawling daughter up from his lap so that both he and Jenny could hug, cuddle, and comfort her. It had only been a “Type 1” spanking, but it had been plenty hard enough to get the point across to Karen.

Finally, Ed led his still-bottomless daughter to her bedroom, and folded back the covers on her bed. Without being told, the wet-faced girl laid facedown so her father could gently apply lotion to her bright-red bottom. As had happened before in that situation, Karen quickly drifted off to sleep.

Finally, Ed and Jenny were able to finish their conversation in total privacy. It took well over an hour, but at the end of that hour Ed and Jenny found themselves engaged to be married…and something else had happened for the very first time…something very private and deeply satisfying for the both of them.

Later the evening, the couple sheepishly got dressed and woke up Karen to tell the sleepy, well-spanked girl the great news that life for her would soon be significantly different; Karen was again to have a full set of parents.

Weeks later, Ed would look back at that evening and realize that by allowing Jenny to spank Karen, he had sewn the seeds of a huge misunderstanding, a potentially devastating misunderstanding that would ultimately put that hairbrush back to work.
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