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"Lessons From Granny" (F/f)

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For the first decade of her life, Jan lived a very normal family life. Her parents subjected her to very normal discipline, virtually identical to that of most of her friends. Spanking was used as a last resort, and on those rare occasions it was always her father who led her to the privacy of her room (usually at bedtime) and reddened her little bottom, always with just his hand and usually over her panties except when special emphasis was needed.

Jan’s parents disagreed deeply about corporal punishment, but had reached a workable compromise early in their marriage. The compromise was simply that Jan’s mother would not oppose her husband’s decision to spank Jan, but he would limit punishments to moderate hand spankings. Furthermore, they agreed that bare bottom spankings would be rare. Over the years, both parents honored their side of the deal, and Jan never detected any tension between her parents concerning her discipline.

When Jan was about 12, her father’s health began to decline. Since Jan’s father was the family’s sole spanker, her spankings gradually became rare and finally disappeared altogether. As her father’s health worsened, Jan started spending considerable time at the home of Ellie, her maternal grandmother. This worked nicely because both parents wanted Jan to have an escape from the grimness of her father’s now terminal illness and it gave Jan’s mother (Mary) more time to care for her husband. Jan and Ellie became very close, she often spent several days at a time at her grandmother’s house during her father’s worst spells. Although Jan never complained about her grandmother, Mary was quite disturbed to discover that her mother had twice spanked Jan’s bare bottom with her old hairbrush. From past experience, Mary knew that Ellie’s views on discipline were firmly held and that there was no changing them. In particular Mary was intimately (and painfully) familiar with that same old hairbrush from her own childhood years.

Finally it happened; Jan’s father died. Although his death was expected, there followed the usually flurry of grief, out-of-town family, painful viewing sessions, and finally the funeral service. Weeks later, life had returned to a new version of “normal” with Jan and her mother finding a new way of life together. Jan now saw much less of her grandmother, but they still spent many Saturdays together. Mary dealt with her grief by throwing herself into her profession. She told herself that she was doing it so that she could afford to give Jan more opportunities, such as saving for her college education, but gradually her job grew to where it began to crowd Jan out of her life. The result was that Mary became increasingly unavailable to Jan, both physically and emotionally.

Not surprisingly, Jan’s behavior began to decline. First there were problems at school, but Mary blamed the school administration. Things got worse. After each incident, Jan seemed remorseful, but Mary’s (non-physical) punishments were having little effect. In desperation, Mary asked her mother for suggestions, but always received the same answer “Do you want to borrow my hairbrush?” Stubbornly sticking to her earlier rejection of spanking, Mary always ignored her mother’s advice.

It was when Mary received the phone call from the music store that she realized that things had to change. The security guard had caught Jan stealing a music video. Since it was Jan’s first shoplifting incident, the manager released Jan to her mother rather than involve the police. The ride home was quiet. Jan’s shoplifting seemed senseless to Mary; after all, Jan had enough money to buy several music videos.

When they arrived home, Mary and Jan had a long conversation. As usual, Jan seemed truly sorry for what she had done, but offered her mother no explanation for her behavior.

Finally, Mary sent Jan to her room and phoned her mother. “I am desperate Mom; what should I do?”

“I have told you several times what to do,” Ellie responded, “you just never do it.”

“I…I don’t know if I could bring myself to do it,” responded Mary, “but I know that I need to do something different. I might not be able to bring myself to spank hard enough, or I might spank too hard and injure her. Can’t you help me just this once?”

There was a long silence, finally Mary heard her mother say; “You are really asking me to spank Jan for you?”

“Well, tomorrow is Saturday and Jan was coming over anyhow; I am really desperate, I need any help I can get.” There was silence on the line; finally Mary surrendered completely; “Yes mom, I guess that you have probably been right all along, Jan needs to have her bottom spanked.”

There was another long silence. Ellie finally made up her mind: “It will be my way, and you know what that means!”

“Yes mom, I remember exactly what that means”.

And then finally Mary got her answer; “OK, just this once, and only because this needs to be a truly hard spanking. After this, you need to take that hairbrush home and use it as necessary.”

“Thanks Mom,” Mary breathed, “I will go break the news to her right now, she will be there tomorrow morning at the usual time.”

Jan seemed a bit taken aback, but took the news stoically. She again apologized, and then mother sent her to bed early. Her mothering duties finally over for the evening, Mary went downstairs, turned on her laptop, and buried herself in her business affairs for the rest of the evening.

The night was rough for both of them, especially for Jan. No sooner would she get to sleep than a red-bottomed vision of herself would wake her up. Regardless of Jan’s and Mary’s trepidation, morning arrived exactly on schedule. Mary rousted Jan out of bed at 7:30 and told her to be ready and down for breakfast by eight. Breakfast was a quiet affair; it was obvious that Jan was thinking about her impending punishment. “I am really sorry Mommy,” she finally said.

“I am sorry too Jan, but this seems to be something you need.”

“I…I guess so,” Jan conceded, “Is it going to be with the hairbrush?”

“You can bet on it,” Mary said, “and if I know Mom, it will be on the bare and be the hardest spanking of your life.” Jan took this news with a tiny tear in her eye.

Moments later, they were in the car. As grandmother’s house and Jan’s punishment got closer, the girl started sobbing. By the time they made it to Ellie’s porch, Jan was bawling.

“Jan? Jan?” Mary asked, “Are you going to be OK? I hate to leave you like this but I really need to get to the office you know. There is some work I really need to catch up on.”

“No Mommy, NO! Don’t make me face a spanking alone!” Jan bawled, “I love grandmother but you’re my mom and I need you with me for this.”

Just then Ellie opened the door. “Naturally your mother is going to stay for your punishment,” Ellie said. She turned to her daughter, “Your office is closed today and can do without you just fine. Isn’t your daughter more important than your office?”

Subdued, Mary mumbled an apology and escorted Jan inside.

Ellie quickly embraced the trembling child and gave her a kiss, and then pulled Mary into a 3-way embrace. In a husky voice she said, “Both of us love you a whole bunch Jan. We are going to punish you for thievery. We are going to make your bottom hurt enough to teach you a lasting lesson, and then we will forgive you and go on to more pleasant things; OK?” Reluctantly, the girl nodded. Ellie pressed on; “You know that you need this spanking; right honey?” Sobbing, Jan nodded again.

“OK”, the grandmother said, “first of all use the bathroom, and then just like the other two times I spanked you, you will fetch the hairbrush, put a dinette chair in the living room and get bare; right?” Still sobbing, the girl nodded again. “Then go; we will see you in the living room soon.” Ellie sent the girl off with a swat to her bottom.

With the girl out of earshot, Ellie turned to her daughter, “What the hell were you thinking about Mary? Did you really think it was OK to just drop your daughter off here for a spanking?”

“I’m sorry Mommy, I don’t know what I was thinking about.”

Slightly mollified, Ellie asked. “Are you serious about taking that hairbrush home and using it when Jan needs it?” “Yes Mom, I am convinced now; but I’m still afraid of hurting Jan.”

“Well you can pick up some pointers today, and I can be with you the first couple of times”

“Thanks Mom,”

“…and you can give Jan her warm-up spanking today.”

Mary stood open mouthed, “But…but I thought you were…”

“Yes Mary, I am. But she needs to have her bottom warmed up for the hairbrush. Just spank her tush nice and red with your hand and get her crying freely. Then it will be much easier for her to take her hairbrush spanking; you will be doing her a favor.” Reluctantly, Mary agreed to spank her daughter for the very first time.

With that decided, the two ladies went into the living room. They found the wet-faced girl standing next to the dinette chair in the center of the living room with pants and panties lowered below her knees. She was holding the feared hairbrush in one hand, and covering her groin with her other.

“Oops,” Ellie said, “I guess I wasn’t specific enough. You need to be naked for this punishment. And don’t worry about covering yourself like that; we have both seen everything you’ve got hundreds of times before.” Jan actually started to protest; “but why naked Grandma?” Ellie instantly cut her off; “What I should be hearing is ‘Yes Grandma.’ Actually I will explain in a minute, but get everything off first”.

Balancing on one foot at a time, Jan pulled off her socks and then pulled her legs out of her jeans and panties. Coloring slightly, she completed the job by removing her blouse and bra. “Fold those clothes up neatly and pile them on the coffee table, you will need them later,” Ellie ordered. Blushed with embarrassment, the girl complied.

Ignoring the spanking chair for a moment, Mary and Ellie sat down together on the couch and motioned the naked girl in front of them. Both ladies realized at that moment that it had been some time since either had actually seen Jan fully nude. Both Jan’s mother and grandmother looked at the girl’s flowering body with a mixture of love, pride, and a bit of envy. Below the trim girl’s pretty face were tiny, firm breasts that barely justified an “A” cup bra. Her flat belly was decorated with a perfect navel. Trailing down from the navel was a narrow line of barely visible down hairs that led the eye down to a triangle path of longer blond hair that was not yet sufficiently luxuriant to obscure her female anatomy. A pair of hips that were just now starting to round out in anticipation of future motherhood served to make her waist appear impossibly tiny and framed her pubic mound perfectly.

The pause grew long and uncomfortable. Naturally, the pause was especially uncomfortable for Jan. Finally Ellie broke the silence: Do you remember the other times you have felt this hairbrush? “Yes Grandma, the first time I got spanked for sassing you and the second time was when you caught me with the cigarette.” “And you have never done either of those things again have you Jan?” “No Grandma, I haven’t.” “See?” Ellie said, “That hairbrush really works! Now on a scale of one to ten, how hard would you say those spankings were?” The girl stopped to consider her answer: “They were really hard Grandma; I guess a nine or a ten?” Ellie broke the news to her granddaughter gently: “Actually I would call those fives. Today you are going to get an eight. It probably should be a ten, but I want you to have something special to look forward to if you ever steal anything again.” The girl looked at her grandmother soberly. “Mary”, the grandmother said, turning to her daughter, “I am sure that you have already scolded Jan and had a long talk with her about her behavior so we don’t have to cover that ground again, right?”

Mary pointed at her daughter; “Let Jan answer that.”

“Yes,” Jan assured her grandmother, “Mommy and I had a talk last night, and then she talked to you on the phone and then she told me I was going to get sp…spanked by you.”

“OK that covers that,” declared Ellie, “Now for the next item; you asked my why you had to be naked for this spanking, and there are several reasons. First of all, it is going to be a very hard spanking that I want you to remember for the rest of your life so we never have to do it again and being naked will make it just a bit more memorable. Second, when I am done with you and you are done dancing and crying and rubbing your bottom, all you are going to be thinking about is going to bed for a while and you will already be dressed for it. Third, it is kind of a symbol for something I am going to need from you right now.”

There was a long silence until Jan finally asked the question that seemed to be required of her: “What is that Grandma?”

“I need the naked truth,” Ellie said, “I can see the whole outside of you, but now I need you to help me see what is inside. Will you help me with that?”

“I will try Grandma,” the girl said with obvious curiosity in her voice.

“You did what you did and your punishment is all decided. Nothing you say in the next few minutes will change your spanking for better or worse; understand?” The girl agreed with a silent nod. “OK,” the wise old lady said,” I want you to think back to the moment you walked into that store, it was only yesterday, this should be easy right?”

“Yes Grandma,” the girl agreed.

“Tell us what you were thinking at that moment; the moment you walked into the record shop.”

Jan stopped and thought for a moment, “I was thinking about Mommy.”

“What about your Mother?”

“I was wishing she was with me, but there was some work she had to catch up on at the office so she told me to go to the mall by myself and get something to eat and she would meet me there.”

In a softer voice Ellie said, “I happen to know that you had enough money to buy that video if you had really wanted it, and I happen to know that the one you ‘stole” was by Dave Matthews and you don’t even like his music.”

“She doesn’t?” blurted Mary, “I didn’t know that.”

It came out before Ellie could stop herself: “Perhaps if you paid a bit more attention to your kid you would know these things.”

As Mary sat back stunned, Ellie turned back to Jan and motioned for her to talk, “I was mad at Mommy, because she promised me she would be there and she wasn’t. Maybe I wanted to get caught just to teach her some sort of a lesson.” Both Jan and Mary were more than a little taken aback, Jan because she had revealed more than she had planned on, and Mary because the truth had cut her like a knife.

The new batch of tears in Jan’s eyes kept her from noticing the daggers in Ellie’s eyes as she looked at Mary. Understanding that she shared some of the blame for the incident in the music store Mary started to say, “Perhaps we shouldn’t spank Ja…” but instantly Ellie cut her off,

“Oh yes, Jan gets spanked! She did the crime and now she gets the ‘lap time’ just like we promised. We can ‘discuss’ your part in this later.”

Ellie stood and gave her granddaughter a long, comforting hug and then held her at arms length. “I think we have gotten to the bottom of this thing and I think we now can make a few changes that will help out in the future. Are we all ready to start your punishment?” Jan nodded miserably. “OK honey” Ellie said gently “your mom will give you a warm-up spanking and then I will do the honors with the hairbrush.”

At that, Mary reluctantly stood, gave her daughter a squeeze and a peck on the cheek, and then led her by the hand to the dinette chair in the middle of the living room. Mary sat on the chair, and Jan automatically put herself in the traditional position across her mother’s lap.

Perhaps Jan and Ellie expected the spanking to start immediately, but Mary had her own ideas. Starting with her tense neck muscles, Mary massaged her daughter as she spoke gently to her. She told Jan that things were going to be quite different in the future, and that both of them were going to be more accountable in the future. She explained that the hairbrush would be going home with them, and that Jan would once again be subject to regular spankings should they be needed. She also promised that she would change her priorities to make more time available for her daughter. By this time, she had worked her way down so that she was massaging Jan’s back.

Finally, Mary explained to Jan that her behavior in the music store had been not only been wrong, but willful. “It is time for you to pay for your actions and learn a lesson that will last you for the rest of your life.” she concluded as she massaged Jan’s clenched buttocks. Jan made a response that may have been intended to be an apology, but the best she could manage was an inarticulate sob.

There was a silence as Mary continued to massage her daughter’s bottom. Mary was trying to compel Jan’s gluteal muscles to relax, and also sort of taking the measure of her target area before she began the unfamiliar task of spanking her daughter. When she finally had the girl’s buns relaxed, she took another minute to work her way down the backs of girl’s upper legs.

Without warning, Mary steeled herself, raised her hand, and struck her daughter’s bottom for the very first time. Jan bucked and squealed in surprise and pain. Mary looked down at the red handprint on her daughter’s bottom, gulped and sobbed. Realizing the huge step her daughter had just taken, Ellie found herself blinking back tears. Mary continued to stare at her daughter’s quivering bottom, so Ellie decided to break the spell with a bit of motherly advice.

“Start off kind of soft and then slowly build up the heat until your spanks are just a little harder than that one was.” Mary nodded her understanding, pinned Jan’s tiny waist with her left hand, and grimly went to work.

A few minutes later found Mary was doing a creditable job of “building up the heat” on her daughter’s bottom. Jan’s entire bottom was turning a bright red, and Jan was long past the stage where it was possible for her to remain silent. The girl was crying real tears and her nose was running prodigiously, making the girl gasp uncomfortably for air between her cries. Jan was not the only one with wet eyes. As Mary spanked, she was spanking a bottom that was greatly distorted by the tears running from her own eyes. Regardless, the mother grimly soldiered on, doing her duty as she now saw it. Jan’s bottom was not difficult to find; she could have done the job blind, and the increasing blush of her bottom’s skin showed through her teary vision just fine. Twice, Mary had to warn Jan to get her right hand away from her bottom before Ellie finally suggested that Mary capture it and hold it in the small of Jan’s back.

Finally, Mary sensed that her part of Jan’s punishment was complete. She stopped spanking her daughter, looked up at her mother, and was rewarded with a smile of approval. Mary held Jan in place for a full minute to allow her time to calm down. “OK, honey, Mary said in a businesslike tone, “we are going to change spankers. Stand up next to the chair, keep your hands away from your bottom, and do not move.” Still crying freely, the girl stood up. Although she barely succeeded in keeping her feet in one place, she hopped up and down and wiggled her bottom in a vain attempt to sooth the sting.

A moment later, Mary and Ellie had changed places and Jan was across her grandmother’s lap. For just a moment, Ellie ignored the naked, red-bottomed girl lying across her lap, and started giving Mary spanking pointers in a manner that was almost clinical. “Mary, pay attention to how high I raise the hairbrush and how fast I bring it down. Remember, this thing multiplies your strength and you have to be careful with it. The idea is to impart a memorable sting without doing any lasting damage.” Mary nodded her understanding.

Finally Ellie turned her full attention to Jan, who was sobbing anew. A moment later, Ellie was firmly holding Jan in place and that old brush was doing its awful duty.

A mere two minutes later, it was all over but the crying. It had not taken the determined grandmother long to deliver approximately 30 moderately harsh wallops to Jan’s rump and a flurry of lighter strokes to the lesser padded regions on the backs of her legs. Her bottom had at first turned a new darker shade of crimson, and then took on a mottled appearance that presaged moderate bruising. Her resistance broken down by her session over Mary’s lap, the girl had filled her lungs and shrieked from the very first stroke of Ellie’s hairbrush. Ellie had expected this, fortunately she had closed all of the windows before Jan and Mary had arrived. At least she would not be answering question from nosey neighbors!

It took a full 60 seconds for Jan to stop her keening cries and notice that she was no longer being spanked. Ellie said a few calming words to the girl and urged her up on her feet. Jan’s hands immediately reached back to her stinging bottom, and then flew away as her desperate rubbing reawakened thousands of outraged nerve endings. Jan had to settle for a sort of lewd dance with her hands trying to wave some cooling air onto her overheated bottom.

Finally, Jan went to Ellie for a forgiving hug, and started to climb into her grandmother’s lap. “No Jan,” the old lady said, “I love you but that is your mother’s job.” The next thing Mary knew, she had a lapful of daughter desperately hugging her and sobbing on her shoulder. Mary held her daughter for several minutes, rocking and whispering calming words before Ellie finally suggested, “why don’t we get your little girl in my bed so that we can doctor up her bottom and let her get some rest?”

Mary led Jan towards Ellie’s bedroom while Ellie ran ahead to pull down the comforter and top sheet. Without prompting, Jan stiffly climbed up into the bed and lay facedown. Mary looked at her daughter’s livid bottom with a special interest; she knew that her own bottom deserved the same treatment for her part in this matter.

Mary rubbed her daughter’s back and neck and spoke soothing words to distract her while Ellie gingerly applied a soothing cream to Jan’s swelling buttocks. Ellie threw a single sheet over the girl and soon the girl fell into an exhausted, endorphin induced sleep.

Ellie looked at her daughter and with a slight edge to her voice said, “I think we need to talk while we have the chance. Let’s go out in the living room.” Obediently, Mary followed her mother.

Mary and Ellie had a long talk about Mary’s parenting style. Ellie made Mary understand that she had been shortchanging Jan in favor of her job. Mary needed to change her priorities. When the conversation was over, both women looked at the dinette chair still sitting in the middle of the living room with the hairbrush lying on it. Both knew what the other was thinking…

Some indeterminate time later, Jan was awakened by the sound of a spanking. She clearly heard the “pop” of the hairbrush as it repeatedly collided into someone’s bottom. That “someone” was making lots of noise. Obviously, these sounds made no sense to Jan’s sleep-dulled brain. She was the only non-adult in the house; how could she be hearing a spanking? Perhaps it was too-vivid a memory of her recent spanking… perhaps it was just a bad dream…perhaps…perhaps… Her brain settled everything by dragging her back into a deep sleep, a place where a girl needn’t worry about spankings.

An hour later, Jan stirred and was surprised to feel a warm presence next to her. She reached over to find her mother laying naked on her belly, apparently in a deep sleep. Suddenly remembering her “dream” and developing a suspicion, Jan lifted the sheet and inspected her mother’s bottom. She winced at what she saw, and then realized what her grandmother had done for her.

Mary opened one eye, smiled sweetly at her daughter and the two dissolved into a mutually comforting embrace and drifted back off to sleep together.

Jan’s final thought before being overcome by sleep was a certainty that everything was going to be different now. Grandmother had taught two lessons today.

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Great story, loved it

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This was an excellent story! It was totally believeable, too! Bravo!

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I was spanked on my bare bottom by my gran with a hairbrush till I was 24 she told me I will never be to old to be put over her knee

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