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"Investment Strategy" (F/M)

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Just for fun, I wrote this story starting from the title of a random spam on SSS. Perhaps it was boredom (or some other mental defect) that made me take the idea of writing a story to fit its title (rather than the other way around) as a bit of a challenge. So here it is, hot off the computer.

Investment Strategy

It all started innocently enough as the two couples (the Birds and the Evans) were enjoying a quiet evening together in the Evan’s kitchen. The card game had somehow wound down and finally was forgotten altogether as the couple drifted into a free-ranging conversation. Nobody remembered how the subject of their childhood discipline experiences morphed into a totally unrelated discussion of investing, but that is the way things happen sometimes.

All was well until June Evans complained that her husband Sam had always insisted on taking exclusive charge of the couple’s investments, even including making decisions concerning June’s 401(k) account. “Woman can invest just as well as men can,” insisted June. “I am sure that they can,” agreed Sam, “as long as they have the proper background in business, that is. I majored in Business but you majored in Interior Decorating. What do you know about investment strategy?” “I…I think I know enough to manage my own money,” retorted June. June’s friend Sara chimed in, “You know, Bob is the same way, we won’t even listen to my ideas about our investments.

From there, the conversation deteriorated into a male-against-female struggle. Sam and Bob claiming that their educational background made them more qualified to make important financial decisions, and the ladies asserting that all that was needed was common sense, (of which they felt they had plenty).

Finally, the two couples decided on a friendly competition, the ladies teamed up against the men. The rules would be simple. They decided that each person would be granted a virtual $5,000 to buy a single stock or fund. The result would be two portfolios (a “male” portfolio and a “female’ portfolio) each initially valued at $10,000 and each consisting of two stocks. After 90 days, the portfolio that was worth the most money would be the winner.

It was Sam who started the trouble: “We should make this interesting,” he said, “what does the winning team get?” The idea of discipline must still have been in Sam’s head, because he suggested, not seriously, that the losing team should get red bottoms. Surprisingly, it was Sara who picked up on the idea; “well,” she opined, “at least it is something we can all afford and we know that a spanking would be nothing new to any of us.” Sam (who always wanted to see a bit more of Sara) came up with an idea that he expected to be quickly vetoed: “If we win, the girl’s spankings should be together, right here in this kitchen.” Bob (who always wanted to see a bit more of June) upped the ante a bit: “I agree; it should be real spankings right here, delivered the same way the four of us were spanked growing up, with pants and undies all the way off.”

Again both men expected this to end the conversation, but instead, the girls retreated to the next room for a moment to caucus.

The ladies were gone for about five minutes while the men sipped on their coffee and strained their ears to hear what their wives were talking about. Finally Sara and June returned with smirks on their faces. Sara spoke for both of them, “OK guys, this is what we propose. If we lose, we will remove our shoes, pants and panties and then stand together in front of you two and ask you to give us real spankings to remind us not to doubt you again. We will willingly go over our own husband’s lap and expect simultaneous hard hand spankings, with red bottoms and probably real tears.

To Sam, this sounded like a dream come true; “this is going to be like taking candy from a baby” he muttered. Bob, an engineer, took a more analytical approach; “and if you girls win?” he asked cautiously.

Now June did the talking; “Well…you know that us girls are not as strong as you big guys…so we would need a bit of an advantage.” “Here it comes,” thought Bob. June continued; ”we would expect you two guys to bare yourselves and submit to a real belt whipping…with substantial belts that you would submit tonight for our approval.” Bob gasped, but Sam had no doubts about his ability to win. “Done” Sam said. Both Bob and June said, “Wait!”

Bob and June look curiously at each other for a moment and finally he nodded for her to continue. “In the home I grew up in, the belt was always given bare, really bare. That is the way I am expecting you two to take your punishment. You will take every stitch off in front of us and then stand side-by-side and admit that we girls can invest just as good as you men can, and then you will bend over and hold position while we each spank our own husband’s bare bottom with the belt. Is that clear enough? “I think that is a little too clear for me,” said Bob, “no thanks!” Sam, still feeling invincible, wheedled; “we can’t just chicken out like that Bob, let’s go in the other room and talk.” Reluctantly, Bob followed his friend out into the living room.

As soon as they got out of earshot Sam turned to Bob and convincingly made his case that they could not lose this bet. “They know nothing about investing, we hold all of the chips in this contest.” And then he delivered the clincher, “Think how cute they are going to look standing side-by-side naked from the waist down, knowing they are about to get spanked. How could you possibly turn that down? I think we should go back and take that deal right now before they come to their senses.” With butterflies in his stomach, Bob followed his eager friend back into the kitchen where the deal was sealed over fresh cups of coffee. Whatever happened, there were going to be two sets of red buns in 90 days.

It happened to be the 28th of the month, so it was decided that everybody would submit his or her stock pick on the first of the month, and then the bet would run until the end of the third month. Sam went into his bedroom to rummage for a suitable belt, but fortunately Bob happened to be wearing one that the girl’s found acceptable. June accepted the two belts; “We are going to put up a graph of our portfolio performance and it is going to be framed by these two belts,” she promised. “In that case,” said Sam, “us men will do the same. Would it be too forward to request a pair of panties from each of you to properly accessorize our chart? They will symbolize the panties you will be removing for us when you lose.” Both ladies thought that Sam’s idea was a bit tacky, but ultimately agreed to the request.

The next day, both men feverishly researched their stock picks for their portfolio. Bob went at it in a very analytical fashion, and came up with what seemed like a safe choice. “There has not been a single 90-day period in the last three years when the NASDAQ composite index has failed to increase at least a bit; I am going to put my money in a fund that tracks that index.” “That sounds like a pretty safe choice,” Sam acknowledged, “Even if it does go down a bit, I have a blockbuster stock that will make up the difference and make our portfolio the winner.” That term “blockbuster” raised alarm bells in Bob’s analytical mind. “What stock is that?” he asked warily. “Its symbol is NBAT,” Sam said enthusiastically. “They are a tech firm that has invented a new battery. It is being sold for limited government applications now, but it is going to be the latest and greatest thing for laptop batteries.” “What is going to be so great about them?” Bob asked with a bit of hope in his voice. “They are going to be cheaper and safer while having greater energy density than lithium batteries,” Sam enthused. “Not only that, but once they get a few bugs worked out, they are going to revolutionize electric vehicles. With those batteries, we are all going to be able to drive to work without using any gasoline!”

Since Bob was an engineer, the word “bugs” should have told him to do some research on his own, but when Sam told him that he had some inside information that there was going to be a “big announcement” in just a few weeks, he decided that it must be OK.

When the ladies announced their choices of stocks, it was hard for the two men to keep from smirking knowingly. When Sam asked June why she chose that particular insurance company stock, he could not resist a snort when she told him that she thought their gecko was cute. Likewise, Bob was encouraged when his wife selected a fast food franchise because she liked that Chihuahua with the Mexican accent.

60 days later, the lady’s portfolio was up modestly, but the guys weren’t doing so well. Bob admitted it first, “You know, the NASDAQ hasn’t done so well the last couple of months, there seems to be a sudden weakness in the tech sector. When is that big announcement supposed to happen for your stock?” “It should be any day now,” Sam said with a little less confidence than before, “there seems to be some delay and I am trying to get my source to find out what is happening.” “It had better come through,” Bob grouched, “or our ass is grass.”

With two weeks to go before the deadline, Sam came to Bob with a long face. “Well, NBAT finally posted that big announcement today,” he said without enthusiasm. “Well?” Bob asked. “It seems that there are still a few technical problems to be worked out. The laptop batteries work well when new, but are only lasting 4 months in field trials.” “Did that hurt the stock price?” Bob asked, not really wanting to hear the answer. “Actually, it tanked big time,” Sam admitted. “Their lender lost patience with them and called the loan. It looks like bankruptcy.” “Are you trying to tell me that my ass is about to taste leather?” Bob asked evenly. He was not happy with the answer. “Yes Bob, we are screwed, we may as well get it over with now and save ourselves two weeks of anticipation.”

In hopes of currying a bit of favor, Sam and Bob took their wives out for an early supper that evening at a nice Italian steakhouse. As they were waiting for the main course to be delivered, June asked innocently “To what do we owe this great favor?” Both men instantly blushed and suddenly developed a sudden interest in the texture of the tablecloth. Finally Sam answered, “This is our way of telling you that we are ready to pay up on our little bet. The company I picked is in big trouble, and the stock price is through the floor” Both women looked at each other in astonishment.

That evening found the two couples back in the Evan’s kitchen where they had made the bet nearly three months ago, only this time the dress code was much different. The two ladies were still wearing the nice outfits that they had donned for their dinner, but Sam and Bob were standing together in their altogether, having just formally admitted their pending loss and requested their punishment. There were two neatly rolled up belts waiting on the kitchen table.

After a pregnant pause, calculated to intensify the butterflies that indubitably inhabited the pit of men’s guts, June finally spoke up: “Well men, as we agreed, this whipping will be the real thing. However, we have decided to leave one detail to you. Do you want to get the belt ‘cold turkey’ or do you want us to prepare you first with a hand spanking? Either way, it will be the same whipping.” Bob turned to Sam, “Did you get the belt much when you were growing up?” “Enough to know what it feels like,” Sam admitted. “Did your parents give you a ‘warm up’ spanking?” “Usually” Sam said. “And which way do you prefer it?” “Well,” Sam finally said, “Mostly I learned to avoid the situation altogether, but if I had to get the belt, it was better with the warm up.” Bob agreed and told the ladies, “we will take the warm up spankings please.”

As their nervous husbands watched, the ladies pushed their chairs away from the dining room tables and situated themselves far enough apart so that the spankings could take place simultaneously. June hiked up her skirt to get it out of the way, but when Sara tried to do the same thing, it was too tight. With a shrug, Sara stood, worked for a moment at her hip, stepped out of the garment, neatly folded it, and laid it across the back of her chair. Bob had seen Sara much more exposed in a tiny bikini on several occasions, but this, his first view of her in her panties startled him. He suddenly felt a familiar feeling in his groin and quickly lay across his own wife’s knees to hide the unwelcome swelling of his member. Likewise, Sam lay across his own wife’s lap, and the spankings began without further ceremony.

Both men were able to take their warm up spanking quietly, but an involuntary wiggle of their bottoms told the ladies that the men were feeling it. After about three minutes of determined spanking, the ladies had imparted a satisfying patina to the men’s bottoms as well as a distinct sting to their own hands. It was time for the main event.

“OK men, let’s not delay” Sara said to the two naked men who were ruefully rubbing their smarting bottoms, “Pick up your belt and let’s get into the living room so we can finish this job.”

At the lady’s direction, the men pulled the couch away from the wall. Each handed his belt to his wife, and then one man was directed to bend over the padded arm at each end of the couch. “Now I want you to grab hold of each other’s wrists like performers on a high wire act and don’t let go no matter what happens; got it?” The two men did as they were told. With their interlocking grips, reaching back to protect a burning bottom would be impossible. “Here are the rules,” June explained, “You will both get the same number of swats, but the whipping will continue until the two of us decide that it is over. Make all the noise you want, but we expect you both to stay in position. OK?” Both men nodded sadly.

Belt in hand, the ladies moved behind their respective husbands and simultaneously started their work. Almost immediately, what should have been a simple whipping turned into a bit of a competition between the two men. Neither man wanted to be the first to make a noise or to have his hands restrained by the other. The ladies naturally took all of this silence and stillness as a sign that they were not swinging their belts hard enough, so that also turned into a bit of a competition between the ladies.

In the end, the men did plenty of urgent squirming and made far more noise than either would have wanted.

Chapter 2

After the whippings, the men ruefully rubbed their red and swelling bottoms and did their best to look as manly as possible given the situation. Sara helped her husband replace his outer clothing so they could make their exit. Sam and June saw their friends out the door and then quickly prepared for bed. Minutes later, both ladies were in bed with their mates, applying the time-honored universal cure to their husbands. In both cases the treatment worked well, although Sam and June mutually decided on a repeat treatment.

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