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Their First Punishment Spanking (M/F) NEW!

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“Just another pleasant end to another work day” thought Pete as he parked his Prius next to his wife’s red sports car. Both Pete and Sara usually got off work at the same time but Sara worked closer to home and, to Pete’s constant frustration, drove much faster. As a result, Sara usually had supper preparations well underway by the time Pete arrived home. This time of day, Pete would take the side door directly into the kitchen where his nostrils would normally be pleasantly assaulted by the aromas of their evening meal complemented by the feminine scents of his young wife. He never got tired of that combination!

But today turned out a bit differently; today, Pete found no supper and no Sara waiting in the kitchen. Since Sara would occasionally delay supper in favor of an erotic surprise, Pete’s next destination was the bedroom. At first the dimly-lighted room seemed empty, but Pete quickly found his lover standing in a corner, her skirt off, her panties at half-mast. By a wonderful accident of nature, a single beam of sunlight from a gap in the curtains fell exactly on her creamy white bottom; lighting up a perfect bottom which was wonderfully framed at the top by her white blouse and at the bottom by her bunched pink panties. Sara’s skirt was lying on the bed, along with the couple’s “special” hairbrush.

Pete’s face lit up in a part-grin, part-leer. “Spanking games” was his immediate thought as he felt a sudden pleasant swelling sensation below his belt. In a playful mock-stern voice Pete asked “have we been a bad girl today?” Sara’s answer turned out to be a complete surprise. In a sad, ironic voice she replied, “ummm, actually…yes.” as she handed him an official-looking form over her shoulder.

A quick glance told Pete that the form was a traffic citation; a second glance revealed that it was not only a speeding ticket, but she had also been charged with reckless driving. Then he remembered what they both had agreed would happen to her the next time she got a ticket. They had agreed that Sara would receive a punishment spanking; not one of those little “play spankings” that they often enjoy that merely left Sara with a pink bottom, (and a very damp you-know-what) not even one of those rare “tension release” spankings where Pete would use the hairbrush to light up her bottom just enough to push her over the edge into true tears. No, this would be a true punishment spanking, a spanking delivered with the hairbrush on the bare bottom and intended to really hurt, really leave marks, and really change Sara’s behavior.

Pete and Sara were a lucky couple. Lucky to have accidently found each other, lucky to have formed such a deep connection, lucky to have fallen so deeply in love, and lucky enough to have no special problems in their lives. In lots of ways, they were opposites; perhaps that’s why they got along together so well. Pete, a CPA, was the cautious and conservative type, while Sara was a flamboyant young attorney. They were both just starting out in their careers, yet their combined income was already more than sufficient to give them a comfortable life. Both wanted children in their future, but these first few years were reserved just for the two of them.

The couple had met in their last year of college. Looking for a few last easy credits for graduation, they both ended up in the same drama class. They started out as study partners, but the relationship soon blossomed far beyond that! They discovered later that both were interested in spanking, but both had been afraid to mention it to the other for fear of seeming “weird”. Fortunately, Pete had gotten a bit carried away one evening while practicing a family scene for their drama class and had put her across his knee and patted her shapely bottom. Moments later, their “scene” was forgotten as one thing led to another until the two started fumbling at buttons and zippers! That was the sweet moment that the two of them became a couple. From that beginning, spanking was frequently part of their sex play. Like that beginning day, their spanking games often involved “scenes” where Pete was a school Principal, parent, boss, or some other authority figure, and Sara played a girl in need of a spanking..

But today’s spanking would be no game!

“I know you must do it honey,” she said sadly, “and I will keep my part of our bargain and cooperate as best I can. But can we please get it over with?”

Characteristically, Pete took a moment to think before answering. “No, I don’t think so Sara. Not here and not right now. First, this is a bit too much like one of our little spanking scenes, plus I just don’t think that our bedroom is the right place. Our bedroom is for loving and sleeping, not punishing. Also, you don’t get to have any control over your spanking. That’s my job. Don’t worry, you will get your spanking just like we agreed; just not right now.”

Sara’s shoulders slumped, and she pouted just a bit before finally agreeing, “Yes, I guess you are right”. She turned and favored him with a long hug and a lingering kiss.

A plan finally crystallized in Pete’s mind. With Sara still in his arms, he reached down and pulled her panties back into place, taking the opportunity to lovingly rub her bottom in the process. “OK honey, put on a pair of pants and some walking shoes. We are going out for a stroll and a talk.”

As they walked outside hand-in-hand, the first thing that caught Pete’s eye was their two cars, his staid Prius, and her flamboyant red two-seater. “Let me get this straight” he began, “You already got one speeding ticket this year which was three points, and you will get six more points from today’s fiasco for a total of nine points…right?” Solemnly, she agreed. “And that means that if you get any more tickets this year you lose your license for six months…right?

“Yes,” she agreed, “but I could ask for a jury trial and then use delaying tactics to probably get around that.”

“Nope” insisted Pete, “There will be no legal trickery. If you do the crime, you do the time. Laws are there for a reason and they are there for everyone, even for beautiful young lawyers.” Sara looked at the ground, but then finally agreed.

Next Pete pointed to their cars. “For your own protection, we need to make some changes. That car of yours is not only a huge temptation to you, it is a cop magnet. For the rest of the year, we switch cars.”

Instantly, the pout returned to her face, “But we agreed that the spanking was going to be my punishment for getting a ticket,” she protested.

“First of all,” Pete explained, “swapping cars is not really a punishment, it is something we need to do to help you get through the year without losing your driver’s license. Second, if you insist on considering it a punishment, then remember that you technically got two tickets, not just one.” Sara thought it over and reluctantly agreed.

Pete took her by the hand and started briskly walking. Sara asked where they were going, but he didn’t respond. After several blocks, Sara finally figured out that they were walking to her office. Forty minutes later, they were standing outside of Sara’s legal office. Finally Pete spoke; “Now we need to talk about what your life will be like should you lose your driver’s license. Every morning you will walk to work, I will pick you up in the afternoon. Is that fair enough?” Reluctantly, Sara agreed.

Then Pete led them back in the general direction of home. “Tonight, I intend to spank you as hard and as long as I ever plan on spanking you.” Pete explained, “It will really hurt your bottom, and it will really hurt me to do it, but I intend to teach you a lesson and to make you never want to repeat the experience. Is that clear?”

“Yes Honey” she replied soberly, “That was our agreement and I plan to keep my part. I promise to cooperate as best I can and I promise to only blame myself for my sore bottom.”

“OK”, Pete said, “That is settled, now we need to talk about what happens to your bottom if you get another ticket this year.”

“I guess you just spank me harder?” Sara suggested.

“Nope,” Pete replied, “I already said that I will be spanking you plenty hard tonight. Spanking you harder might not be safe.”

Plainly puzzled, Sara asked, “Then what do you suggest?”

Pete had his answer ready; “A spanking on the day you get the ticket and another on your court date when you hand in your driver’s license.” Sara gasped, but Pete wasn’t quite done; “…and a reminder spanking on the day you finally get your license back”.

“Are you crazy?” Sara flared, “Three spankings? …all with the hairbrush?”

“No I am not crazy,” Pete retorted, “I aim to make it unthinkable for you to get another ticket. You promised me last time that it wouldn’t happen again, yet here we are today.” Mollified, Sara finally agreed. Solemnly, they shook hands. “Same deal as today,” Pete cautioned, “I promise not to wimp out, you will really get three hard spankings, and you promise to only blame yourself for your sore bottom.” Solemnly, she agreed. They shook hands again.

Their next destination reached, Pete led his wife into a small Chinese restaurant where they lingered over a quiet supper and shared a bottle of wine.

As they left the restaurant and headed for home, Sara asked “What did I do to deserve the wine?”

“I am glad you asked,” Pete replied, I want to ask you a few questions that you may consider sort of delicate. The wine was to loosen your tongue”

“Shoot” said Sara.

“Tell me about the last couple of times you got spanked at home.”

There was a long silence. “Well,” Sara finally admitted, “I guess history is repeating itself. They both had to do with driving.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Pete asked.

“Is that it?” Sara asked hopefully.

“No, I need you to tell me about those spankings, I mean everything, from start to finish.”

“Oh” said Sara, “Now I understand why you thought I might need the wine. OK, here goes. First of all, it was only Dad who actually spanked me at that age, but Mom was always right there when it happened. The first of those two spankings was hard enough, but Dad only used his hand. That spanking worked for almost a year, and then I got another speeding ticket. The last spanking was the same except Dad used the hairbrush, that same hairbrush that’s waiting on our bed.”

“Go on,” Pete urged, “there is a lot more I need to know.”

She grinned impishly and asked, “When are you going to tell me all about when your parents spanked you?” “Another night perhaps,” Pete replied seriously, “But right now I really need to hear this stuff, it tells us both what to expect and it gives me ideas about how to handle tonight.”

Sara drew in a nervous breath; “OK, I guess I understand here goes. It always happened in the living room. I was an only child, so privacy was not an issue. They always started by sitting me down for a long “discussion”. It was never a lecture; they would keep asking me open-ended questions so I had to do a lot of the talking. By the time it was over, they always really made me understand why I was being punished. They usually even got me agree with them that I should be spanked”

“Then they would give me a chance to use the bathroom.”

“Then I sometimes had to fetch the hairbrush.”

“Then I had to fetch a dining room chair and place it in the middle of the living room. By then, Mom would already have the living room windows and curtains shut, so the neighbors couldn’t see or hear”

“Then I had to kick off my shoes and take off my pants or skirt, and usually take off my blouse too. So now I am wearing only my panties, bra, and stockings.”

“Then Dad would sit down on the chair and motion for me to get across his lap.”

“Before the spanking started, Dad would tell me to lift my bottom. While it was up in the air, Mom would pull my panties all the way down to my knees. Then it was OK for me to lower my bottom again, but now, of course, it would be bare.”

“And then the spanking started. Daddy didn’t give any easy spankings, they were all hell! He said that was a kindness because I would want fewer spankings if I knew that they would always be hard. Perhaps he was right.”

“Naturally, I would buck and twist and kick and cry and howl and promise eternal goodness if only Daddy would please stop spanking me. As always, Daddy paid no attention until he thought that my lesson had been thoroughly learned, and then he would spank me a bit more just to be sure!”

“Finally, my spanking would be over. He would hold me across his knee for two or three minutes until my squalling finally slowed down, then he would finally let me up. I would dance and howl and rub my bottom, but I never seemed to remember to pull up my panties. By that time, I would be beyond all worries about modesty, but my father wasn’t! He would always blush bright red! When I had finally calmed down enough, Mommy would pull up my panties for me, which always seemed to relieve Daddy.”

“Then all three of us would cuddle on the couch until my tears stopped; then all was forgiven. Usually my spankings were in the evening, so mom would walk me into my bedroom, help me get into my pajamas and then tuck me into bed as if I were a little kid. I never seemed to hate my parents for spanking me. They always gave me plenty of fair warning, so there was never anyone to blame but me.”

“I suppose you want to know how long he spanked me or how many swats he gave me, but I just don’t know. He didn’t count spanks and every spanking seemed to go on forever. If I got a hand spanking my bottom would still be a little sore and red the next morning. If I got it with the hairbrush things were much worse. He always left marks right where I sit. I would feel those marks every time I sat down for the next few days.”

As Sara’s voice trailed off, Pete acknowledged Sara’s awkward description of her former punishments by simply squeezing her hand. The couple walked on silently. By then, they were only two blocks from home and both were lost in their individual thoughts about what must happen when they got home.

A few minutes later, they were inside their home, sitting on the couch, and discussing Sara’s driving habits. Sara honestly admitted how addicted she was to fast driving, and Pete talked about how sad life would be if he ever lost her to a traffic accident. Perhaps both of them were delaying the spanking, or perhaps they had a real breakthrough, only time could truly tell. At least they both agreed that a real change was necessary. Finally they both fell silent.

“I think it’s time for you to visit the bathroom, and then bring me that hairbrush.” Pete finally said. Sara nodded, genuine tears finally flooding her eyes. Obediently, she stumbled out of the room. She returned moments later and handed Pete the hairbrush. “Dining room chair?” she asked. With a lump in his throat, Pete simply nodded. Sara walked into the dining room and returned with an armless chair, which she placed in the middle of the living room.

Still sitting on the couch, Pete crooked a finger at her. Obediently, she crossed the room and stood in front of him. “You are my wife, not my daughter, so this part will be slightly different” Pete explained. He reached down and untied her shoes, and then held them as she pulled her feet free of them. Next Pete removed her socks. Then he started at Sara’s other end, removing her blouse and bra before moving on to her pants and panties. A wet-faced Sara stood before her husband naked.

On several levels, Pete was struggling. He honestly did not want to hurt his wonderful wife, but that was the deal they both made. Besides, he was desperate to do something about her dangerous driving habits. Incidentally, he was feeling a bit guilty at being so sexually “turned on”. There was simply no way that Pete could separate the concept of “sex” from the concept of “Sara”, so now he had a massive erection. He had no idea if sex was even going to be a possibility tonight, and he knew that having Sara bouncing across his lap, and thus, on his erection would be a painful experience. “Sometimes it sucks being the guy” he thought ruefully.

Sara’s head was also filled with a mass of conflicting emotions. Their “talk” had left her feeling foolish, selfish and ashamed about her driving habits. Dread at her imminent spanking sat in her belly like a hot poker. The routine of being sent to fetch the hairbrush and the chair awakened many issues from her childhood. When Pete had started undressing her, she at first felt very childish, but then was shocked to feel a familiar wetness between her legs. In spite of everything, she was more than a little turned on! Of course, Pete’s condition was obvious, but under the conditions she could hardly blame him.

His bulge showing prominently, Pete stood, picked up the hairbrush and led his tearful wife to the waiting chair. After one last hug and kiss, he sat down and guided his lover into position across his lap.

What can you say about a spanking? Sara was there to receive a hard spanking, and Pete was there to deliver it. Pete intended this to be a truly unpleasant experience for Sara, so she did not get the benefit of any “warm-up” spanks. In fact, Pete just boldly started out with a flurry of full-force spanks that alternated from the fullness of one of Sara’s nether cheeks to the other. Painfully surprised at the sternness of Pete’s first spanks, Sara filled her lungs and shrieked!

Now that he had Sara’s full attention, Pete became more deliberate, using slightly lighter, but carefully placed spanks calculated to deliver the most sting without (yet) causing bruising. Sara’s shapely bottom was a study in motion. She bucked, twisted, writhed, kicked and splayed her legs in response to the blows from that heirloom hardwood hairbrush. The color changes on her bare bottom were a sight to behold.

The pressure of his kinetic wife’s torso against Pete’s unwanted, but rock-hard erection was every bit as painful as Peter feared it would be. If the sight of this beautiful naked lady across his lap was not enough to keep him hard, then Sara’s scent was enough to push him over the edge. It was not just the delicate mixture of her subtle perfume combined with the scent of the soap and other womanly products Sara wore, but it was other, more earthy, odors that especially appealed to the “cave man” part of Pete’s brain. It was her sweat, it was the scent from her womanly body parts, it was the sum of the bouquet of her very essence. Even in the middle of performing this stern duty to his wife, there was simply no way that Pete could completely divorce himself from his sexual connection to Sara.

Towards the end of the spanking, Pete paused to carefully evaluate his target area. By now, Sara seemed almost worn out. She was making less noise and her movements were much less violent, thankfully making it far easier for Pete to hold her in position. While Pete had spanked Sara many times before, this was the first time he had ever delivered a true punishment spanking. Pete wanted to be sure that he did a memorable job, but wanted to do so without any danger of injuring Sara. Fortunately there was no reason to rush the process, so Pete carefully considered his next move. .

Finding no fault in his handiwork so far, Pete decided that it was time to add the finishing touches. “Are you listening Sara?” he asked. He accepted a slight change in her sobs as an affirmative response. “We are not quite done Sara. I want to be sure that you remember this so we never have to do this again so there is a bit more coming…OK?” Sara nodded, but the suddenly increasing fervor of her sobs revealed disappointment that her spanking was not already done.

Pete then landed a flurry of mild strokes all over her bottom. These were calculated to reawaken every already-inflamed nerve ending on her bottom. Then he finished by placing five full-strength scorchers on each sit spot. Sara shrieked anew and splayed her legs. These would make the bruises for her to feel every time she sat down for several days to come. They would serve as reminders to reinforce the lesson behind her spanking.

The spanking finally over, Pete gently rubbed Sara’s back as he told her she was forgiven and whispered loving, calming words to the hurting woman. Finally, he gently helped her back to her feet. When she seemed stable enough to walk, he led her back to the couch. They cuddled together as she began to cry anew. Although Pete’s “inner cave man” was still crying out for sex, he was careful to not make advances that may be unwelcome given Sara’s state of mind. As his wife gradually returned to her senses, and the tears finally began to dissolve, Pete was careful to keep his embraces fatherly. If there was to be any erotic activity tonight, he was determined to let Sara make the first move.

“Wow’ she finally said ruefully, “you said you intended to do a good job, and you certainly did. I never want to feel that again.”

“Good” replied Pete, “that’s just the effect I was going for.” Then is a careful voice he asked the question uppermost in his mind, “Are you mad at me?”

She answered with a deep kiss. Finally they came up for air, “No silly,” she said, “I am just mad at myself.”

“I’m really glad you feel that way sweetheart” Pete replied with real relief in his voice. “Let’s hope your sore bottom has the desired effect, and lets move on with our lives. Now let’s get your pajamas on and get you tucked into bed. You must be really beat.”

“Bed sounds really good,” Sara allowed, “but first I really need a shower.” Pete jumped slightly as he felt her hand gently trace a certain hardness within his pants. She looked up at her man with an inviting grin, “Care to join me in the shower?”

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Lucky bastard! He was able to give his wife a punishment spanking and still got sex. Haha.

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I wish my husband and I had this kind of relationship. I think I could really benefit from spankings like this but don't think he would be able to deliver the necessary punishment. Thank you for blogging I'm really enjoying your writing.

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Seens aa though he did a great job.

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