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Detention with Corporal Punishment Part 2

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Detention with Corporal Punishment  Part 2

As Olivia stepped out of the school door, she was shocked to see two people that she really didn’t want to face, her mother and Miss Russell. There was no escape; Olivia’s mother waved her over. “I just came here to walk you home” her mother explained, “and I was lucky enough to run into Miss Russell. She tells me that you took your punishment bravely.” Olivia blushed and swiveled her head, hoping that nobody else was in earshot, and then looked at the ground in mortification. “I guess I got what I deserved” she finally mumbled. Realizing that she was being impolite, the girl redeemed herself my taking Sara’s hand, looking her in the eye, and saying “Thank you Miss Russell. What I got was fair.”

Slightly taken aback, Miss Russell said, “See me tomorrow about scheduling a makeup test. It will only be for partial credit, but it will help repair your grade point average. For the first time in two days, Olivia smiled.

As Miss Russell headed off towards the staff parking lot, Olivia stood up on her toes and kissed her mother, even though she was not entirely happy to see her there. Then the two walked towards home. Finally Olivia asked “Can you tell me what else Miss Russell told you about me?”

“Well” mother said, as if considering. “She said that she gave you a very hard spanking on your bare bottom” (Olivia blushed and looked around furtively), “…and she said that you are a very smart and very good girl who has learned a painful lesson “

With a bit of whine sneaking into her voice Olivia asked “I really did get spanked hard, and it still really hurts. You can even look at my bottom to see for yourself. Do I really need to get spanked again?” A sideways look at her mother’s tightly pursed lips gave the girl her answer; her bottom was still doomed to meet the family hairbrush.

Her mother confirmed what the girl already knew; “Yes, I do need to check your bottom, but that won’t get you out of your paddling.”

They finished the walk in silence. When they got home, her father was already there. After 3-way hugs and kisses, the parents sat Olivia down for a talk. “I can tell from the way you sat down that it will be at least a couple days before your paddling” her father explained, “so you will be on restriction until then.”

Her mother explained the rules: “When you come home from school, you will change to just your pajamas, then no TV, no phone, and no friends. When your bottom heals sufficiently, your father will paddle you. Expect to feel paddle marks for several days after that, but your restriction will be over after your paddling. Any questions?”

“No I guess not” said Olivia.

“Just one more thing” her father added, “If you break restriction even a little, expect to be spanked. That would delay your bottom healing, and so prolong your restriction. Fair enough?”

“That won’t happen Daddy” Olivia promised, “Your restriction rules seem fair enough to me.”

“Good” her father replied, “Then go change right now; just pajamas, no underwear. Then come back downstairs so we can check the damage to your bottom.

Moments later, Olivia was in her room, standing naked with her back to the mirror. No wonder her bottom still hurt so much! It was still bright red. Then her eye caught a tiny change in the scenery, something new was lying on her dresser. Her stomach flipped when she recognized her mother’s heirloom hardwood hairbrush. Mother had obviously put it there so Olivia could properly anticipate her coming punishment.

Dressed in her light pajamas, Olivia obediently returned downstairs to see her parents. Soon she was standing with her back to her parents blushing furiously. With her pajama bottoms around her ankles, her parents examined her bottom. “Well, that lady didn’t miss a square inch” her father commented, “but I don’t think you will have any serious marks when that redness fades. Should be back to normal in just a couple of days.” “Does it still hurt?” her mother asked solicitously. Olivia assured her parent that it still hurt “a lot”.

With that, life temporarily went back to near-normal for Olivia. The best way for her to crowd the dread of that hairbrush out of her head was to bury herself in schoolwork, so that’s what she did. Over the next days, she studied her Biology, and then aced her makeup test. She only got half credit for the makeup, but that beat taking a zero.

Of course, Olivia getting into trouble was the buzz of the school. It was embarrassing, but “buzz” was a short-lived phenomenon in her school. Actually, it turned out that the shameful episode actually improved her already enviable popularity. Somehow, the idea Olivia could be “bad” increased her “coolness”.


It was Olivia’s mother who decided to “up the ante” on Olivia’s punishment. “It shouldn’t be just bare bottom” she said to her husband, “she should be all bare”.

“Why?” Olivia’s father asked reasonably. “It’s the same spanking either way.”

“Of the two of us,” she explained patiently, “I am the one who was once a 13 year-old girl. I know from personal experience that naked is the best way to make a spanking more memorable for a teen girl, without actually spanking her harder or longer.” Reluctantly, he agreed.

Olivia’s restriction came to an end early the next Friday evening. Her parents called her down from her room and asked her to lower her pajamas so they could check her bottom. Her eyes suddenly full of tears, the girl said, “You don’t really have to check, I’m ready for the hairbrush.” “Show us” mother insisted. Reluctantly, the girl turned her back to her parents and lowered her pajama bottoms to her knees. Sure enough, her bottom was totally healed from her previous spanking.

“Let’s sit down and have a talk” father said in a solemn voice. Rationally, father discussed the incident, the lessons Olivia should have learned, and why she was to be punished. He turned to mother; “Anything to add?”

“No, I don’t think so.” She said.

He turned to Olivia, “Do you have any questions Olivia or anything you want to say before we start your punishment?”

With a crack in her voice Olivia managed;” No Daddy…and Mommy…except I’m really sorry and nothing like this will ever happen again.” She hugged her father, and then reached out to her mother to make a 3-way hug; they held it for a long moment.

In a husky voice, the father asked “What do you need to be ready for bed?”

The girl thought for a moment, surprised at the question. “Just a shower and b-brush my teeth I guess” she replied.

“Go do that” father ordered. “Dry yourself off, but don’t bother putting anything on after your shower. (Olivia’s eyes got wide) Then I want you and that hairbrush waiting on the edge of your bed, and I want you thinking about what we just discussed. We will be up to deal with you in a bit.

Waiting was hell for Olivia. She fiddled with the hairbrush, noticing the weight, the smoothness, and the rounded edges. Experimentally, she popped herself on the thigh and jumped at the sting. Glumly she rubbed the red spot on her thigh and tried to imagine her whole bottom stinging like that…only much worse.

When the father walked into the room and saw his naked daughter sitting on the bed, he blushed a bright red, which caused his daughter to do the same. Having been male all of his life he knew that the undraped blossoming female vision before him must be the fantasy dream of about 50% of the city’s population. Swallowing hard, he motioned Olivia off the bed, and sat himself down on the edge.


What can you say about a spanking? Nobody really wanted to be in that room, yet all three brought with them their fears, hopes, and expectations for the event.

The father was particularly squeamish about spanking his little darling, yet determined to do his fatherly duty, and do it well.

Olivia had mixed emotions. She didn’t want to be spanked, but she wanted her spanking and her restriction to be over and done with.

The mother was convinced that Olivia needed a hard lesson, but was anxious for the family’s life to return to normal. Normality couldn’t return until Olivia’s punishment was concluded.

The hairbrush didn’t seem to care one way or the other.

Father expected his daughter to lay herself across his lap when ordered to do so, and she did; obediently if not willingly.

He expected that hairbrush to scorch his daughter’s bottom like a blowtorch. Judging from her reaction to those first blows, it certainly did.

He expected his daughter’s shapely little bottom to bounce, and ripple, and clench, and try to twist away from the blows as it produced a color show that rivaled autumn leaves. He wasn’t disappointed. In fact, the girl’s movements were so vigorous that mother had to grab the girl’s legs to help hold her in place.

Naturally, he expected the process to be noisy, and it was! The hairbrush made a startlingly loud “pop” as it collided with his daughter’s firm buttflesh. But after the first few spanks, Olivia’s voice easily drowned it out.

Olivia’s mother saw her priorities as two-fold. First, she was there to protect her daughter by instantly stopping the spanking at any sign of injury. Secondly, she was there as sort of an “enforcer” to make sure that her husband didn’t weaken and let his darling off too lightly. She fully intended that her daughter receive the full treatment from that hairbrush.

Things did NOT go exactly as Olivia had expected. She had expected for the total experience to be pure hell, and in a way it certainly was! She totally “lost her cool” disgracing herself by wailing and begging for respite. The spanking left her bottom in far worse shape than the earlier one from Miss Russell. Her butt cheeks were a more mottled version of their earlier bright red, with little red spots where the hairbrush had threatened toy break the skin. Worse, her father had concluded the spanking with five scorching hot spanks directly to each sit-spot. Her parents intended her to feel this spanking every time she sat down for days to come. But the sore bottom was not the surprise!

Olivia’s surprise came first from her feelings in the minutes before her spanking; a strange mixture of fear, dread, and…anticipation. When her father told her she must be naked for her spanking that made it all somehow…better. After her spanking, when she had finally stopped crying and had gained control of herself, she was surprised at her feelings. They were feelings of pain, of being loved by her parents, and a very special feeling of…exhilaration. Olivia didn’t know it yet but these feeling would eventually blossom into a lifelong obsession.

After the spanking, Olivia’s parents tenderly held the still-naked girl until her tears finally slowed. Then mother washed the tears from her face, and together the parents tenderly laid her in her bed face-down, and then covered her nakedness with a single sheet. Wanting her spanking to “last”, they neither applied ice to her bruised bottom, nor offered her lotion to soothe the sting. After opening the windows that Olivia had previously closed to keep the sounds of her disgrace from leaking from the house, they turned out the lights, gave her a final peck on the cheek, and left her for the night.

Finally alone, Olivia sobbed a few last tears into her pillow and then turned her mind to exploring the strange new emotions swirling through her head. As it turned out, the exploring was not just mental. Olivia first reached back to gingerly explore the new texture of her bottom, and then her hand strayed to other places…

Although Olivia’s punishment was now technically over, her sore bottom remained for a few days. Each night she made her excuses then retired early, removing her pajamas before crawling between the sheets naked. In the dark, she would lay face-down with a wadded pillow under her hips. Then her hand “explored” as she mentally relived her spanking, clenching her butt cheeks to enhance the residual tenderness. Finally, a very special feeling would make her gasp as her bottom tossed as if she were truly being spanked again. Moments later, the girl would be sound asleep, drugged on natural endorphins. After a couple days of this, the girl was sore not only on her spanked bottom, but also in another very personal place. Part of her hoped to stay that way forever!

Needless to say, this did NOT turn out to be Olivia’s last spanking.


In the end, Olivia was able to repair all of the damage to her Biology grade. Of course, the makeup test had helped, but she needed at least 50 more points to guarantee herself an “A” in the course. Being a bright and personable girl, it only took a few weeks for her to worm her way back into her Biology teacher’s good graces. Finally, she wheedled permission to do an extra-credit project. It was to be a 2000-word research paper on a biology-related subject. It was to be typed, double-spaced, and written in the APA format with all references properly listed. Olivia wrangled a weekend trip to a college library and spent hours pouring over professional journals finding appropriate articles to cite. She spent pockets of change on copies at the library copy machine. Finally she proudly submitted her masterpiece to her teacher; “The Human Physiological Aspects of Spanking”. The teacher scratched her head at the surprisingly pro-spanking conclusion of the paper.
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Blogger lyle4610 said...

Mr. Spencer, Hello, I just discovered your writings yesterday and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your stories. You have such a great way of describing spanking scenes and what is going on in the minds of the players , especially the spankee. I just felt like your style was so intimate. Anyway, I thought I would also tell you that I have an IM talk-only relationship with two different teen girls who receive spankings as discipline. They are quite similar, but I have known them for differing amounts of time and I am very sure they are authentic by now. The oldest one is 18 and a college freshman and the younger one is a Jr. in high school. Each one also has a cousin or half-sis who is spanked the same way, but I have never talked with either of them. Their stories of how they came to be disciplined with spankings are quite interesting. They are from two states in the Pacific NW. I have a relationship with each one that they feel comfortable sharing very detailed descriptions of their punishments and strive to answer every question. I, of course, stay away from anything sexual in my questioning, except the descriptions of their spankings and the formal way in which their parent or guardian uses to administer the spankings. I'd be glad to give you more details if you are interested and I don't feel as if I would be betraying any trust if you did want to hear it. I have never met either one of them in person and most likely never will. It amazes me that each girl relates feeling like a "little girl" when they are subjected to spanking discipline. I'd love to share their story with you if you are interested. I still have an active relationship with each one of them and enjoy talking to them about their discipline they receive. Let me know if you want to communicate. My address is lyle4610@swbell.net Ray

10:03 PM, December 20, 2010  
Blogger guy said...

Lyle, Thanks for the nice comment. It's amazing how few I get here. I appreciate the offer, but I have a backlog of story ideas right now which includes way too many unfinished stories.

I would encourage you to put down your experiences in the form of fiction. The Library of Spanking Fiction would be a great place to publish your stories. It's very simple. Just e-mail them the story and they do the rest!

5:44 PM, January 03, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guy,i am a huge fan ov ur stories not to mention GEORGE ASKED FOR IT...i love spanking storiss wdout any sexual touch to them. I jave a requestm coukd u plz write abt someone whose parents do no know anythng about spankings, n the prson tells them by openong ur blog nd leavng it lying around carelessly. Then tbe parents see it n decide to spank the teen girl. Hwever, they make sure that she totally submits to the punishment and takes it like a big girl. She has to ask for it hefself, whenever she wishes. Also she has to suggest her punishment, herself.

3:00 PM, December 29, 2015  

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