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Detention with Corporal Punishment Part 1

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Detention with Corporal Punishment  Part 1

Standing in the tiny lavatory that opened into Miss Russell’s office, Olivia fought to gain control of her tears. She had been sobbing uncontrollably for nearly ten minutes, but she knew that the only way out of this situation was to prepare herself as instructed and then go out where Miss. Russell, her school’s guidance counselor, was waiting to spank her. With a supreme effort, the girl finally choked back her tears and kicked off her shoes. With the room’s cheerful colors swimming through her tears, her hands finally fluttered down to the fastening of her skirt. The skirt dropped to reveal a pair of plain white panties straining to contain her budding young figure. The girl reached down, folded the skirt, and placed it on the toilet tank, the only flat surface in the tiny room. With great reluctance, the girl finally reached for her panties, peeled them down past her knees, and stepped out of them. This exposed the lower half of what was probably the most stunning figure of any girl in Emerson Junior High. She dropped the panties on top of her skirt. Since she was only wearing bobby sox, she was now sufficiently exposed for her punishment.

Following Miss Russell’s explicit instructions, the girl wrapped a bath towel around her tiny waist so that it would open in the back “like an apron”. It took two tries for her to get it to stay in place, but finally she managed. With her heart pounding like a piston and her mouth feeling like cotton, she opened the door and stepped out into Miss. Russell’s office.

Olivia was a girl who truly seemed to “have it all”. She had good looks, amazing intelligence, and a great personality, all combined with enviable popularity. Unfortunately, Olivia was in the middle of the worst week of her school life.

The whole thing started just before yesterday’s first period class when Olivia overheard her friends discussing the upcoming Biology exam. She had totally forgotten about it, and she had only one hour to prepare! All through her first hour math class, she had tried to cram biology while pretending to do math. She accomplished little. Olivia was the school’s top student, so averaging a failing grade into her GPA was unthinkable. In sheer desperation, Olivia make a truly unfortunate decision; she made herself a tiny “cheat sheet” for the exam.

Having never cheated on a test before, Olivia’s attempt was hopelessly inept. Her “life of crime” turned out to be short, unprofitable, and ultimately, very painful. Her teacher was so shocked to catch the school’s star pupil cheating on a test, that she didn’t even make a scene. She simply confiscated the unfinished test and the incriminating cheat sheet, and ordered Olivia to see her after class. Mortified, the girl simply put her head down on her desk for the rest of the class. This was the first time she could remember being in trouble at school…ever! Today would see the end of a perfect disciplinary record.

At Emerson Junior High School, the staff had two basic tools to handle student discipline problems. For minor offenses the teachers used a yellow referral slip to give a student after-hours detention. The student would be required to have the slip signed by a parent, then report after class the next day with the signed slip to serve the detention.

Major or repeated offenses were handled with much the same procedure, except the form was red and was titled “Referral for Detention with Corporal Punishment”. In this case the student still was required to report the next day to the detention room with the signed slip, but there was one big difference. Sometime during the detention hour, the “red slip” student would be escorted to the guidance counselor’s office for a spanking. Because of a long-ago bad experience with a too-heavy paddle and an injured student, the Principal did not allow the bent-over paddle swats over clothing that was common punishment technique in other schools. On the theory that many lighter swats was safer than a few heavy “thuds”, Edison’s rules specified punishment much like what most students received at home; a bare-bottom OTK spanking. Spankings were usually delivered by hand on the bare bottom, but in rare cases a light paddle was sometimes used. The school was too small to have a full-time Dean, so spanking duties fell to the school’s Guidance Counselor, Miss Sara Russell.

After class, Olivia could hardly face her teacher. Following a stern lecture, the teacher opened her drawer and extracted a red form. She filled it in, bearing down hard to make sure that all three copies were legible. The teacher tore off the top copy and handed it to Olivia, reminding her that she must get it signed by a parent and must report to detention the following day after class. The second copy, with the damning “cheat sheet” attached, went to the Principal’s office for approval. The teacher retained the third copy for her records.

Even though none of her friends knew exactly what had happened, the rest of Olivia’s day was a living hell. How could she tell her parents what she had done?

As it turned out, telling her parents wasn’t necessary. When she got home, Olivia could instantly see it on her mother’s face; the Principal had called. Soon Olivia was in tears as her mother expressed her disappointment to her daughter. Although theoretically subject to parental spankings, Olivia was as well behaved at home as she was at school, so several years had elapsed since her last spanking.

When her father came home from work, the “fireworks” started again. Olivia had to endure another lecture. The worst part came as her father finally signed the red slip. “You remember what I told you would happen if you were ever spanked as school?” he asked ominously. Olivia’s head shot up and her mouth made an “O”. She almost said something silly like “But I’m too old to be spanked”, but instead nodded miserably and repeated what her father expected to hear: “I get it again at home…only worse”. Grimly, her father agreed. “Yes” he said “that’s the rule and it’s never changed. We’ll give time for your bottom to heal from tomorrow’s spanking at school, but then it’s you, me, the hairbrush, and your bare bottom.” “Yes sir” Olivia responded miserably.

Sara Russell was one of the younger staff members at Emerson, and probably the best looking. She hadn’t noticed, but her tiny, shapely body kept several of the male faculty members in a perpetual state of heat. Sara was more aware of her effect on certain of the male students. To the students, Sara was known as “Miss Russell”, but to the staff and to herself, she was simply “Sara”.

Two years ago, shortly after Sara had graduated from a Master’s level counseling program, this Guidance Counselor position became available. Counseling was what Sara really wanted to do, but she had been resigned to teaching before landing a counseling position. She felt very lucky to have this job straight out of school, but she still almost refused it when she learned the full extent of her duties, which included serving as the school’s acting Dean. She certainly expected to be working one-on-one with students, but she never expected to be any school’s sole designated spanker! The idea of spanking the boys particularly worried her; was she strong enough? A junior high age boy is normally not at full adult strength and weight, but some would still outweigh her. Fortunately, rather than just refuse the job; she frankly discussed her doubts with the Principal. He offered her encouragement, and promised to be with her the first few times. Further, he arranged for the boy’s coach to assist if any boys gave her trouble.

In the end, it all worked out just fine. In a typical week there were anywhere from one to four “red slips” submitted to the Principal for approval. Most were approved. Parents had the right to refuse corporal punishment for their children, but Sara couldn’t remember it ever happening. In fact, she enjoyed amazing support from parents. It made things easier that Sara was not really in the spanking decision chain. A student could appeal a spanking to the referring teacher or directly to the Principal, but not to Sara. Further, the Principal decided the severity of all spankings, noting it on the red slip as he signed his approval. All spankings were on the bare bottom and were memorable affairs. Sara and the Principal had standardized on three basic punishments. First, there was a plain, but unforgettable, hand spanking to the buttocks. The second type was similar but longer, plus the target area was not confined to just the bottom. For particularly egregious offenses, the third type was the same as the second, but added a final peppering with a light hairbrush-sized paddle. The Principal simply noted “#1”, “#2”, or “#3” on the red form to specify which punishment Sara was to apply.

Sara had developed a spanking routine that worked equally well for either boys or girls. To properly do her job, she needed full access to a student’s bare bottom. For this reason, she insisted that skirts/pants, and underpants/panties always came off. However, she felt just as strongly those students had a right to their frontal modesty. For this reason, she invented a procedure that allowed private undressing in her tiny lavatory, and wrapping a rear-opening bath towel around the waist.

Of course, Sara understood that some boys might get romantic ideas about the prospect of lying bare-assed across her lap, but the pain of a real spanking immediately ended those notions. She often saw bulges under the towel as boys emerged from her lavatory for their spankings; but she just ignored them, knowing that any erection would deflate long before the spanking was over. Besides, the rough texture of the starched towels served to discourage erections.


After class the following day, Olivia obediently reported to the detention room. As usual, Miss Russell was there to collect the yellow and red slips, check them off against her discipline roster, and get everyone quiet and organized. Today, she was relieved to see that she had only one red slip to deal with. For a change, all detention students had arrived with their forms signed so there was no need to call any parents. As she took Olivia’s form, she told the girl to keep her books packed up; they would be leaving in just a few moments. With her tummy in turmoil, the girl found a desk, laid her backpack in front of her, and watched the other students prepare to endure a boring hour. Olivia would have given anything for her next hour to be boring!

When all was organized, Sara gathered the forms, turned the hall over to a staff monitor, and beaconed to Olivia. Miss Sara Russell’s heals tapped purposely on the oak floor as she led Olivia down the hall to her office.

In the guidance office, Sara followed her usual pre-spanking routine. She didn’t believe in lectures. Instead, she employed a sort of “constructive engagement”. Before a spanking, Sara tried to be supportive and understanding, while still firm and without offering the slightest hint of reprieve. She always took a few minutes to rationally discuss whatever incident had landed the student in trouble, and to help the student make better future decisions. Once the talking was done, she would send the student to her office’s tiny lavatory to “prepare”. After the towel-wrapped student emerged, she would apply a spanking the student was sure to never forget. She didn’t know if it was the talk or the spanking, but her methods usually solved behavior problems. Few students returned for a second session.

Forsaking her desk, Sara sat next to Olivia and engaged her in small talk until the girl finally relaxed a bit. When she felt the moment was right, she gently brought the conversation around to the business at hand. Pointing to the red form laying face down on her desk, she asked Olivia “Before I read this form, please tell me exactly what brings us here today?”

With tears glistening in her eyes, Olivia honestly told how she had forgotten to study for her Biology test and of her desperation when she realized that there was no way she could pass it. “And then Miss Russell” she blubbered, “I did something stupid and terrible; I tried to cheat.” “I see” said Sara as she turned the red form over and found the little “cheat sheet” still stapled to it. “So you were caught using this cheat sheet?” A fresh torrent of tears from Olivia gave the answer.

Sara spent a few more minutes calming Olivia down so that they could have a fruitful discussion about how Olivia could better have handled the situation. When that discussion had run its course, she brought the subject around to spanking; “Are you spanked at home?”
Olivia seemed to consider her answer; “Technically yes” the girl finally said, “but this is my first real trouble since I was eight”.

“I see” said Sara with real surprise, “And what did your parents do about this cheating incident?”

A new wetness sprang into Olivia’s eyes, “It’s what they are going to do…” she croaked.

“You mean that if you get a spanking at school you get another at home?” Sara prompted.

“Yes” Olivia sobbed, “Except it’s supposed to be worse than the spanking I get at school. Daddy said he is going to wait until my bottom heals from…from…what you do to me today…and then he is going to use a hairbrush on my b…b…bare bottom”.

Sara didn’t look the slightest bit surprised, “Yes,” she said, “I hear that a lot, so don’t feel like your parents are different”. “Anyhow, that’s your parent’s decision and they know what is best for you” she explained, “But my job is to apply the punishment that the Principal has decided you deserve.” Olivia stared at the floor and nodded miserably.

Sensing that the “talk” was over, Sara said in a businesslike tone, “well? Let’s get your punishment behind us so we can start over…OK?” Again, Olivia nodded sadly. After receiving instructions on how to prepare herself, Olivia went into the adjoining lavatory to disrobe for her punishment. While she waited, Sara turned her full attention to the red referral form. The Biology teacher’s summary confirmed what Olivia had told her, so that part checked out OK. Next she checked that the principal had signed his approval; that was OK. Finally, she looked for the shorthand that the Principal used to specify Olivia’s punishment. That was easy to find because he had written in an emphatic, bold scrawl: “#2+“. The “#2” meant a through hand spanking (not just the bottom) and the “+” signified “extra hard”. She nodded in agreement.

Sara had waited patiently for Olivia to get over her crying spell inside the lavatory. Normally she expected a student to be prepared and back out in just a few minutes, but Olivia had been in there crying loudly for the last 10. Fortunately there were no other “red slips” for her to deal with today, so she had time to wait. Her heart went out to the girl, but she avoided the impulse to “help” her, because to do so would deny the girl a valuable lesson on growing up. Olivia needed to work this out for herself. So she waited.

Finally there was silence. Minutes later, the lavatory door tentatively opened.

Olivia stepped out timidly. The girl was wearing her top, the towel, her bobby socks, and a “deer-in-the-headlights” expression on her face.

Purposely, Sara moved a chair to the center of her office and sat down. Without being told, Olivia stood in front of her, her eyes downcast and her stomach tied in knots.

Sara broke the silence: “The good news is that the Principal has chosen to spare you the paddle. I assume that’s because of your previously spotless record. You’re a smart girl, so you can guess that any repeat performance will have far worse consequences.” Olivia sniffed and nodded her understanding. Lifting Olivia’s chin and looking straight in her eyes, she delivered the bad news “You have earned a very hard spanking on your bottom and…other places. This office is soundproof, so make all the noise you wish, but please stay in place so we don’t have to prolong your punishment. Wide-eyed, the girl nodded her understanding. Are there any questions”

“No Miss Russell” the girl croaked, “I just want to say…I’m really, really sorry.”

“That’s a good attitude” Miss Russell replied, “But you realize that I still have to give you this spanking?” The girl made a choking sound and nodded her head. “OK then, she said briskly, “get across my lap so we can get this over with.”

It had obviously been a long time since the last time the girl was spanked, because she tried to lay across Sara’s lap in the wrong direction. Sara stopped her and guided her around to her right side and then straight across her knees. As was her custom, Sara positioned the girl carefully. She preferred the student to be as far out on her knees as possible; this seemed to help her “swing” and kept the student’s left thigh from being protected against her belly. She also preferred the bottom to be presented as high as possible. She pulled her feet in just a bit, which had the effect of raising Olivia so that her toes barely touched the floor. She noted that one of Olivia’s hands was on the floor, but the other was clutching a chair leg.

Next Sara tugged up the back of Olivia’s blouse and tucked it into the girl’s bra strap. Finally, like opening a present, she unwrapped the towel, leaving it trapped under the girl, but with the sides tucked away. This efficient procedure left Olivia’s posterior bare from her bra strap to the tops of her bobby socks. Sara pursed her lips at the sight of the girl’s ripening figure. She couldn’t help but notice that Olivia’s physical development was distinctly ahead of her classmates. Perhaps Olivia’s sudden forgetfulness and poor decision-making was the result of a premature flood of hormones? “Regardless” Sara mused, “Hormones have never been an excuse for cheating on a test.”

Olivia squirmed & sobbed, reminding Sara of her task. In a new and firmer voice, Sara said, “A spanking is a way that we teach pupils important lessons. What lesson is this spanking supposed to teach you?”

The girl choked and finally responded “Not to cheat?”

“Exactly” Sara replied. “Keep that in your mind and let the sting of this spanking imprint that lesson forever.” The girl grunted and nodded, which Sara accepted as agreement. The girl’s pale buttocks clenched as she felt Sara tense for the first spanks.

The spanking went much like dozens that Sara had given in the past. The girl tried to be stoic at first, but that only lasted for the first few swats. Soon she was bouncing & writhing on Sara’s lap, filling the room with lusty protests as Sara painted the formerly pristine bottom a cheerful shade of bright red.

Most would call Sara a random spanker because she constantly varied the area, the timing, and the force of her spanks. Had you asked, she would have told you that she was actually an “opportunistic spanker” because she used the natural movements of her “spankee” to spread her spanks over the entire target area. Where other spankers might keep their subject pinned down, Sara allowed more movement. For example, a twist in either direction simply exposed more unspanked hip area, while a scissoring of the legs allowed opportunity for a spank or two on the tender inner thighs.

Further, a sudden peppering of several hard and fast spanks in the same area could build the sting to a point that would drive a student to desperation. Or, Sara might actually pause for a few seconds, giving the miscreant a few seconds to catch a breath while simultaneously allowing Sara time to evaluate her handiwork. Alternatively, Sara might spend several minutes delivering her unsteady tattoo without respite while her subject squirmed, bawled, and kicked. In short, Sara was an expert spanker and whoever ended up across her lap would be a very sorry person. Olivia was certainly no exception.

Near the end of Olivia’s spanking, Sara had to require the girl to hold her legs wide apart so that she could finish “pinking up” the girl’s inner thigh area. Even though these swats were not as hard as the ones she delivered to the buttocks, she could tell from Olivia’s reaction that this was a particularly tender area. This part of the spanking (not necessary for a #1 spanking) always made Sara uncomfortable. It was bad enough when she was spanking a girl; (from this vantage point she could see Olivia’s anus, and could view enough female anatomy to tell that the girl was a natural blond) but it was that intimate rear view of the boys that made her blush every time. Regardless, Sara considered herself a professional, and she did her job to the best of her ability.

Once those inner thighs were properly spanked, a “#2” spanking would normally be over, save perhaps for a few finishing spanks. But in Olivia’s case the Principal had specified an extra-hard spanking, so Olivia still had a price to pay. Sara “collected” by spending the next two minutes increasing the sting of Sara’s already-bright bottom to a whole new level as the girl kicked screeched, & bounced. Finally, Olivia’s spanking was over; she had “paid the price”.

As was her custom, Sara kept Olivia across her lap, restrained by a single hand on her back, until her crying subsided and until she regained some of her facilities. When the time seemed right, Sara carefully re-wrapped the towel before letting the girl up. Once on her feet, the girl pranced a bit and rubbed vigorously with both hands, causing the towel to accidently drop to the floor, thus affording Sara an unwanted frontal view of Olivia’s budding figure. Sara shook her head. When boys did that she insisted that they instantly replace the towel, but she was naturally less uncomfortable with accidental female nudity.

Apparently forgetting her livid bottom for a moment, Olivia literally threw herself into Sara’s arms, blubbering and apologizing profusely, “I will never, never cheat again Miss Russell, honest I won’t. I am so, so sorry!” Had Olivia been a boy, Sara would have gently but firmly propelled him toward the lavatory to get himself properly clothed, but she felt safe giving Olivia a comforting, lingering hug.

“You must really think I am a baby” Olivia blubbered.

“No” Sara explained, “Everyone is different in how they react to a spanking, but nobody has ever gone across my lap without shedding real tears, even the boys.” It was then that Olivia realized that she had lost her towel. Blushing, she quickly jumped up, retrieved it, and wrapped it back around herself. Sara pointed her towards the lavatory, and her clothing.

Five minutes later, Sara and Olivia were retracing their steps back to the detention room. Of course, the other detention students already strongly suspected that Olivia had been taken out of the room to be spanked, so when she returned walking stiffly, red-faced with tears still glistening in her eyes, there was no further doubt. Soon the word would be all over the school; the school’s star student had been spanked. At that moment, Olivia was beyond caring. Olivia had to sit in a hard chair and pretend to do homework for another 20 minutes before detention was over. As they packed up their books, some nearby students asked her what had happened, but Olivia simply begged off
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is one of the finest pieces of spanking fiction I have read. The anticipation and the description of the punishment are superb.
Thank you.

8:11 AM, April 08, 2011  
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Absolutely wonderful. Few writers spend time on pre-punishment preparation rituals,

4:57 PM, February 09, 2015  
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A beautiful little story. The focus on the girl's bottom and her embarrassment are well described.

1:03 PM, December 31, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. Great story! Love how everything is in detail!!!

6:11 PM, May 14, 2016  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My wife and I are strict with our daughter and have been spanking her for several years !She is now 17 and always feels very embarrassed when we with punish her on the bare bottom ! Alice has to report to us in her pyjamas, in the lounge where my wif removes her trousers to bare her bottom! shs is not allowed to cover her front or her bottom and goes ovr our knees so we can both spank her before we start to cane her ! She is soon crying and pleading for us to stop ,but we do not stop until we feel she has been properly punished !We give her corner time ,bare bottom still on view for about 15 minutes!

10:08 AM, October 19, 2016  

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