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Just 4 Kids Part 2

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JUST 4 Kids: Part Two
Regrouped outside, well away from Jan’s house, a slightly chagrined Guy finally got a moment to talk privately to Jan.  “Are you mad at me?” he asked, afraid of the answer.  
She paused, considering.  “A little.” she admitted.  “It’s sort of like when my Daddy spanks me; I know he loves me, but I just don’t feel right about him for a couple of days.  I guess I’ll get over it.”
Guy wasn’t happy with that answer; so he started to form a plan. After a renewed vow of silence, the group scattered to their individual homes for supper.
Although he almost “chickened out” several times, Guy just couldn’t get the idea out of his mind.  Afraid of risking rejection by Jan, he decided to try his idea out on Kelly.  In a private moment, he picked up the phone and called.  Kelly’s mom answered,
“Can I talk to Kelly?”  
Finally, Kelly came on the phone.  After some initial small talk, Guy finally asked Kelly if she were free to “really talk”.  Kelly looked around furtively and answered that it was safe for the moment.  
“Have you been talking to Jan?” Guy asked, afraid of the answer.
“Yes,” Kelly said, “she said her bottom really hurts, almost as bad as when her daddy spanks her bare with the hairbrush”.  
The words gushed out of Guy before he could change his mind, “Kelly, I REALLY don’t want Jan mad at me, so I want me and her to get ‘even’ tomorrow”.
“What do you mean Guy?” Kelly asked, genuinely puzzled.  
“I…I…I mean I want HER to spank ME…bare and hard until my butt is bright red, just like she got it from me” Guy blurted.
There was a long silence.    
“Are you sure about this?” Kelly finally asked, “Because if you really want, Tom and I could gang up on you.  Then, if you made a few dumb moves to help us, we could almost certainly make sure that you go bankrupt first. Then all we have to do is make sure that Jan somehow comes out the winner.”

Faced with this unexpected answer to his dilemma, Guy suddenly wasn’t so sure.  He swallowed twice, suddenly picturing himself naked, kicking and squalling over Jan’s lap.  After a pause to collect his suddenly elusive courage, Guy finally agreed.   

The next morning, it was Tom who raised a practical question: “What if Jan loses again?  Her bottom couldn’t take another spanking so soon.”  The solution turned out to be simple; make Jan exempt..  All four of them would start the game.  In the unlikely situation where Jan was the first person to be bankrupt, she would be exempt and the next loser would be today’s “slave” and would have to take the spanking.  Otherwise, yesterday’s rules would apply.

The game went as planned.  Kelly and Tom worked together to block Guy from controlling any color groups.  Somehow, Jan managed to own all the railroads and control two color groups.  Soon she was placing hotels in Park Place and bleeding everyone dry.  Because of their cooperation, Kelly and Tom easily bested Guy, who ended up bankrupt.  Suddenly Guy felt three sets of eyes on him.  It was time for him to undress and assume his “slave” duties so the game could resume.

With butterflies in his stomach, Guy bravely undressed himself.  He finished by stepping out of his underpants.  Guy blushed as he saw the two girls staring frankly at his “thing”.  With a wicked grin, Tom dared them to touch it, but to Guy’s relief neither girl was feeling quite that brave.

Finally, Tom, Kelly & Jan resumed the game.  They kept Guy busy, individually asking for drinks and snacks to keep him moving around the game table, keeping his nakedness in view.  As he walked, Guy nervously clenched his nether cheeks and surreptitiously felt back there, wondering if his bottom was tough enough for him to take his spanking without acting like a baby.  Based on his previous experience with painful trips over his parent’s laps, he doubted it.

Fortunately for Guy’s nerves, it soon became clear that Jan would be the winner.  Tom and Kelly looked at each other across the game board, winked in silent victory, and simultaneously conceded the game to Jan.  For better or worse, Guy was about to get his way; he was about to be spanked by Jan.

“Well”, Kelly said to her friend, “it looks like this is your chance to get even for yesterday”.

Jan was a bit dazed at the turn of events.  At this point she honestly felt no particular need to “get even” with Guy for yesterday’s spanking, but “rules were rules”.  The group’s rules said that it was now her job to spank Guy, and she certainly wasn’t willing too “wimp out” in front of her friends.  So it was just too bad for Guy’s bottom!

Jan stood and pointed to the center of the room.  In a voice filled with bravado and false confidence the girl ordered, “Put us a spanking chair right there slave and then stand one pace in front of it”.  With his heart in his throat, the naked boy obeyed. 

Jan sipped on her drink and allowed the tension to build in the room as Guy stood alone, looking at the empty spanking chair.  Finally, with a bit of a flourish she took her seat.  It was no accident that this arrangement put her eyes mere inches from Guy’s penis.  She drank in the close-up view and snapped a mental picture before ordering Guy to her side.  Guy took the opportunity to whisper to her plaintively “Do a good job and get it over with as fast as you can.  I promise not to be mad at you.” 

Jan wordless nodded her agreement, and then ordered Guy over her lap.  As usual, Jan was wearing shorts, so this put Guy’s penis between her bare legs, a situation that neither of them had considered in advance.  Fortunately, both were more concerned with Guy’s bottom than his front, so no harm was done.  

Without further formalities, Jan went to work, spanking in a “right-left-right” pattern.

Five minutes later, it was obvious that there was a problem.  Jan was becoming red-faced and winded, while Guy was mildly red-bottomed, dry-eyed and only squirming slightly under Jan’s efforts. 

Kelly spoke up first, “I think we need to let Tom finish this.  I guess we need to admit that the boys are stronger than us girls.” 

Somehow resistant to the idea of being spanked by another boy, Guy got another idea and spoke up, “I vote we let Jan use a hairbrush.” 

“Technically”, said Kelly, “I don’t think the slave gets a vote.  But actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea.” 

Still breathing hard, Jan told Tom to look for a hairbrush on her parent’s dresser.  It took Tom a couple minutes to find it, so Jan had time to get her wind back.  Meanwhile, Guy could do nothing but uncomfortably squirm.

Soon, Guy’s spanking was again underway.  He noticed the difference immediately!  The room filled with the popping noise of smooth hardwood meeting young, firm, bottomflesh.  

Perhaps Jan’s earlier “wimpy” spanks had given Guy a false sense of security, because he clearly wasn’t prepared for the intense pain the hairbrush caused.  The boy tried frantically to stay in position and to keep from humiliating himself by crying and begging, but to no avail.  Soon he was kicking, and crying just like any other well-spanked kid.  His legs kicked and scissored violently, his bottom cheeks bounced and bobbed and quickly reddened under the unwelcome attention of the dancing hardwood.  

Kelly, who had strategically located herself where she could enjoy the rear view of Guy’s maleness, was just reaching to help restrain Guy’s legs, when she noticed the fight seemed to drain out of him, though his bawling continued unabated.  Noticing the livid color of the boy’s bottom, she tapped Jan on the shoulder and gave her a “thumbs up” with a questioning look on her face.  Catching the motion, Tom agreed, adding his own “thumbs up”.  Jan nodded, Guy’s spanking was over.    

Even though Jan released him, Guy made no immediate move to get off of Jan’s lap.  So Jan simply rubbed her friend’s back and watched as his sobbing gradually decreased.  Jan was just thinking about sending Tom for the lotion, when she heard a sound that scared her to death!  Barely audible at first, it was her grandmother’s voice calling “Jan…Jan…Jan where are you?”

As her grandmother’s voice got louder and louder, Jan jumped up in panic, dumping the still-naked Guy onto the floor.  

“Quick, under the table!”  Jan hissed.  

Kelly and Tom ducked under the table, dragging the addled Guy after them.  Jan peeked around the corner just in time to see her grandmother peering myopically into the front window.  Since the old lady apparently hadn’t seen her, Jan flattened herself against the wall, hoping her grandmother would go away.  It wasn’t to be.  For once, the old lady had not only remembered to bring her purse, but she remembered that it contained a key to Jan’s house. 

Everybody responds to stress differently, but Guy was suffering from a series of stressful events.  First the painful spanking, then being dumped off Jan’s lap and then being dragged away before his muddled mind could catch up with events.  And now fear.  Fear of imminent discovery, and certainly fear of imminent parental punishment if they were discovered.. 

Guy had never reacted that way before, but today his body tried to betray him:


To his despair, Guy had developed a sudden and very loud case of the hiccups!

The other three kids looked at him in terror!


Still quite naked, Guy sat under the table with his hand over his mouth, praying that it wouldn’t happen again.


Suddenly there was the sound of a key turning in the front door.  The door opened.


Thinking quickly, Jan rushed into the living room talking loudly:  “Oh hi grandma, I just came in to use the bathroom.  Everyone else went home, so I was just getting ready to go to your house.” 

From behind her she heard   


“What’s that?” grandma asked.

“That’s just the toilet.” Jan improvised, “It always makes that sound after you flush it.”

At that, Jan bundled her grandmother back out the front door, with nary a glance behind her.  She slammed the door shut, locked it, and the two walked off towards grandmother’s house. (OK, Jan walked; her grandmother tottered.)

Under the table, Tom and Kelly let out huge sighs of relief.  Guy said


At the sudden release from the drama of their near miss, the three kids giggled uncontrollably, which didn’t help Guy’s hiccups one bit!

Still hiccupping, Guy pulled his clothes on, wincing as his pants slid past his swollen bottom.  Quickly, Tom and Kelly worked together to put the house back into order while Guy acted as lookout.

Finally the three kids let themselves out the back door and scattered for home.  As Guy walked away, they heard one last hiccup.

The tensions of the day finally gone, Guy had recovered from the hiccups by the time he got home.  Although his bottom throbbed, he was happy that his spanking was behind him.  Even though he had cried, he hadn’t “chickened out”, and that was good enough for him.


Of course, with only half the kids spanked, the group was in an intolerable state of cosmic unbalance.  It obviously remained for both Tom and Kelly to prove their mettle by submitting to spankings that equaled the ones suffered by Jan and Guy.  Further, those spankings needed to happen quickly since summer vacation was almost over.      

Sobered by their near miss, the kids got together the next morning to make an eminently sensible plan.  First, they wisely dropped the Monopoly game to minimize their time inside the dangerous confines of Jan’s house.  A simple coin toss would now serve to decide who got spanked.  The “winner” would get the option to either give or receive today’s spanking.  Tomorrow, Tom and Kelly would simply swap roles for the final spanking.  When the time for the coin toss came, Tom did the gallant thing; He covered the coin and offered Kelly the option.  Since she didn’t fancy prolonging the inevitable, she gulped and elected to receive her spanking.   After checking carefully to be sure nobody was watching, the group sneaked back into Jan’s house.  Kelly stripped, was made to parade around nude for a few minutes, and then laid across Tom’s lap for a memorable hand spanking.   The next morning, it was Tom’s turn to put himself across Kelly’s lap for a serious dose of the hairbrush.  Both Tom and Kelly yelped and squealed and shed tears aplenty, but both were otherwise amazingly brave.  Each kid hated being spanked, but each found the exciting experience of seeing, touching, and spanking a naked member of the opposite sex plenty of compensation for their own pain and humiliation.

It was over!  Finally, each of the kids had both received and given one “real” spanking.  Their world was again in balance. 

That turned out to be the end of the group’s experimentation with spanking.  All four kids had satisfied their anatomical curiosity and had proven their bravery to their peers.  Their “spanking games” had never truly been sexual.  (OK; probably some proto-hormones were involved) After all, these were just four kids on the cusp of puberty, (albeit some inevitably further along than others).  True sexual exploration was still somewhere in their hormone-charged futures.

Over the next months, the four kids stayed mostly occupied with school maters.  Their “spanking games” fell to the wayside, simply another event in their pre-sexual past, something childish,  only spoken of in embarrassed indirect generalities, and then only with a smirk.  Would any of them turn out to truly have the “spanking kink”?  It’s just too early to tell, so we will have to wait to see..

Yes, I know what you’re thinking!  It’s odd that the kids never got caught by their parents.  But kids aren’t stupid, especially these 4 kids.  Sometimes it’s astounding the mischief that kids can figure out how to get away with.   

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the stroy line. Only one complaint and I understand why but still. I think a better mental description could have been made if an age or better description of the actors was made. I have done the same and went back to give it a little more direction. Thanks for the great story. Hope to hear more from you.

5:17 PM, April 30, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Story. I had similar experiences in junior high but my Jan was 6 months older and for almost 2 years 12-14 she routinely bared and spanked me whenever she got the opportunity, which was often. I spanked her a few times at first then she decided boys needed it more and I became her haughty little boy.

12:13 PM, July 16, 2014  

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