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Take Off Your Panties (M/f)

© Guyspencer 2011
“Take Off Your Panties”

“Take off your panties,” that’s what he said!  I never expected to hear those words from my own father.  To be fair though, I’m sure he never expected that phone call to fetch me from jail nor ever expected his own daughter to be charged with a crime.  They don’t call it “shoplifting” these days.  Somehow, “larceny” sounds even worse.  I’m not a bad girl; really!  I’m 16 and have never been in real trouble before, and this won’t ever happen again; honest!  Let’s just call today’s little spur-of-the-moment idiocy “temporary insanity”.  Of course, that won’t stop me from paying the price!


Dad was quiet on the way home.  I tried talking to him, but he just shushed me up.  At home, he finally talked.  “What were you thinking Eve?” he roared.  I admitted that I hadn’t been thinking at all.  I tried some feminine tears on him, but to no effect!

Finally his temper seemed to leave him.  He led me to a familiar living room corner, one I hadn’t spent time in for almost two years.  Just like the old days, he collected my top, pants and shoes, leaving me standing in the corner clad only in bra & panties.  “I need to cool down and think about your punishment” he announced.  “Whatever I decide will surely involve a red bottom.  Until then, keep your face in this corner!”    

I guess he went to his bedroom for a while, because I heard nothing for what seemed like an hour, but was probably half that.  Then he came back into the living room to offer me not only a bathroom break, but the glorious luxury of a hard wooden stool.  I was happy for the stool, have you ever stood in one place for a long time?  It’s torture!   

Then the stool and I spent another long, quiet time in that damn corner.

Finally, I heard my younger brother Randy arrive home.  I don’t know if he saw me, but he went upstairs to his room.  I think Daddy must have followed him upstairs, because I heard extra feet on the stairway.  Later, I definitely heard some voices up there.

A few minutes later, I heard stirrings behind me.  And then I heard furniture moving.  I desperately wanted to look, but didn’t dare.  It’s been a long time since I was in trouble, but I remember the rules! 

Finally Dad spoke.  His voice was sad.  “You remember that I’ve threatened both you and Randy with the belt several times…right?”

“Yes Daddy” I replied.  A horrible fear instantly settled inside my chest, making it hard to breathe.  I dreaded Daddy’s next words!

“You may not know,” he continued, “that I’ve always been proud to never actually need to use my belt on either you or your brother to make you mind…”

I guessed his next words, but I was praying to be wrong!

“Until today.” He said heavily

Damn!  He said it!

I don’t know if I was sadder because I had disappointed my father or because he planned to strap me for the first time ever, but I sobbed like a baby.

When I finally calmed a little, Daddy told be to stand up.  I felt the stool go away.

Then he said it!  He said those words I will never forget; “Take off your panties.”

Forgetting myself, I turned to him in astonishment.  Then it got even worse!  Looking past Daddy, I saw my little brother Randy sitting on the couch.  He looked like he didn’t really want to be there, but there he was.

“Turn back into that corner,” Daddy ordered.  “The belt works best on a bare bottom.  You’re lucky I’m letting you keep your bra.  Now take off those panties!    

Squatting a bit, and then balancing on one leg then the other, I took the panties off.

“Drop them right there in the corner” he ordered.  “Then turn around.”

Reluctantly, I turned.  There was an armless kitchen chair sitting in the middle of the living room floor.  From sad previous experience, I knew why it was there.  Randy was looking at me.  More precisely, he was looking somewhere below my bellybutton.  He didn’t look happy, but that didn’t stop him from getting an eye full. 

Randy and I have always seen each other get spanked, sometimes spanked bare.  But in the past, “getting it bare” only meant that Daddy pulled our undies down in back..  I haven’t seen Randy’s “front” since he was a baby, and I think he’s seeing mine for the first time right now.  This is mortifying!

I wanted to use both hands to hide my privates, but something held me back.  I figured that having my panties off was part of my punishment, so trying to cover myself would be like putting my hand “back there” to stop a spanking.  It would just irritate Daddy and make things worse.

Dad sat down in the chair and crooked a finger at me.  Next thing I knew, he was hugging me.  Did he just clear his throat, or was that a sob?  Whatever, he clearly didn’t look delighted to be spanking me.

Finally, with his hands on my shoulders, he looked me straight in the eye.  “First you’re going over my lap for a long spanking, and then you will bend over the arm of that easy chair.”  (He pointed to a chair that had been moved away from the wall.)  “And then,” (he choked a bit) “…I’ll take off my belt and bruise your bottom with it.”

Sadly, reluctantly, he guided me over his lap. 


Hello.  I’m Randy.  Eve calls me “little brother” but actually I’m 14.  Eve says her memory of her spanking & whipping are just sort of a “red hot blur”.  Since I saw it happen, she asked me to describe that part of her punishment for you, and also to tell my thoughts at the time.  The problem is; my thoughts are sort of embarrassing!  Eve reminded me that sharing my thoughts isn’t near as embarrassing as what happened to her, and I can’t argue with that.  So here’s the whole truth, even the embarrassing parts:  

I was shocked when Daddy told Eve to take off her panties.  I couldn’t believe that he would let me see her that way.  Then she obeyed, she dropped her panties!  Hey, a bottom is a bottom; but Eve’s looked softer and rounder than any bottom I’ve seen before. 

OK, here’s the first embarrassing part: When Daddy told her to turn around; I saw my very first real-life vagina.  It wasn’t exactly what I expected.  It was just a sort of slit that you could barely see through her hair.  We have sex education at school so I’ve seen the diagrams, but somehow I was expecting something more hole-like.  I’m afraid I stared.

Dad hugged her and talked to her for a bit before he put her across his lap.  I knew she was in for a good spanking, but she was also getting the belt!  Neither of us has ever been strapped.  This is a dangerous precedent!

Of course, I knew what sort of spanking Eve was in for, because I’ve been in that same position myself too many times, and I recognized that look in Daddy’s eyes.

I had a perfect view because Daddy had strategically placed the chair so that I couldn’t help but stare straight at Eve’s butt.  Before he started, he told me: “This lesson is for you too, so watch and learn.  Folks from this family aren’t thieves!”  

And then the spanking started.  Instantly there were handprints on Eve’s formerly pale bottom.  As the spanking continued, the handprints merged into two big red ovals, and then the ovals started to move vigorously!  Eve knew I was back there watching, so that’s probably why she kept her legs together for so long.  But eventually her legs started to kick anyhow.  And that’s when I started getting glimpses; glimpses of things I hadn’t expected to see until I got older.   

Now the second embarrassing part:  A guy isn’t supposed to get “turned on” by his own sister…right?  Well I got hard; so hard that it hurt.  That left me confused.

Of course, Eve was making the usual noises that a person makes when getting spanked.  First, it was noises like “Oooo” and “Ouch” and “Ahhh”.  Then she started begging and apologizing, and promising that “it would never happen again”.  Then the tears started.  Her sobs turned to outright bawling, which turned into a sort of shriek.  By now, Daddy had spanked her beet red from the top of her butt, way down past her sit spot.  Then he stopped to look for places he had missed.

Then he did what he always does for a really hard spanking.  He spied her tender, unspanked inner thighs.  When he ordered her to “open up”, she knew exactly what was coming.  She begged, but Daddy didn’t relent.  With a bit of encouragement from some extra spanks, Eve finally opened up her legs, but not far enough for Daddy.  He made her open them as far as they would go.

Of course, I could se her butthole, but there’s nothing special about that.  What really impressed me was the part just below.  I was surprised to be able to see Eve’s “thing” from behind!  From this angle, her hair didn’t hide much.  Obviously this was far more than just a hole.  There were slick folds of skin, guarding the entrance to a mysterious portal that must envelope a guy’s penis and send him into the stratosphere.  I realized that I was looking at a whole “pleasure system” created by nature just for guys.  Having seen a glimpse of heaven, I will never look at a girl the same way again.  

Poor Eva shrieked and kicked as Daddy spanked her inner thighs.  I could tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t enjoying his duty.  Finally, Daddy turned his attention back to her butt for a few last very hard spanks.  By now, Eva was exhausted and limp. 

The first part of her punishment over, Daddy kept her over his lap for a time.  He rubbed her back and spoke gently to her as she regained her breath and wits.  Finally, he helped her to her feet.  Her tears started anew when she automatically reached back to rub her livid bottom.  Obviously forgetting about me, she danced a bit in place, giving me yet another new view of her private bits. 

Daddy spoke gravely and resolutely, “I know your bottom really hurts right now, but by tomorrow you wouldn’t feel anything unusual.  This next part is to give you a reminder of today’s lesson whenever you sit down for the next few days.  Bend over the arm of that chair now.”

Eve at first didn’t seem to comprehend, but then her face fell as she remembered what was next.  New tears started, but she obediently walked to the chair and bent over it, presenting her bare bottom for Daddy’s belt.

“Randy, come here where you can see.” he commanded, “You need to learn this lesson so I only need do this once.”  I didn’t really want to, but this was no time to argue.  I moved behind Eve.  I had a good view, but stayed a safe distance from that evil belt.    

The belt made a sound like a rattlesnake when Daddy pulled it out from around his waist.  I saw Eve jump in fear.  I didn’t blame her!

This was probably the first time Daddy had ever spanked anyone with a belt, but he did a good job!  He wrapped part of the belt around his hand.  With one hand restraining her back, he slashed the belt down on Eve’s already-red bottom.   She screamed and bucked, but managed to stay in place.  I counted; he gave her sixteen spanks with that belt.  I guess it was one for each year of her age?   Three times he had to coax her to remove her hand from her bottom so he could continue.  I was afraid that he would ask me to help hold her, but he soldered on.  He covered her whole bottom with belt marks, concentrating mostly on the lower half.  She won’t sit comfortably for days!  Some belt marks went so low that she won’t be wearing anything short for awhile.   

When it was over I saw real tears in Daddy’s eyes.  He helped her up, then sat down in the chair and pulled Eve right into his lap.  He held her for a long time and rocked her while they both had a good cry. 

When they had both calmed down, he calmly explained to her that she was on restriction “until further notice”, and that she had some “letter writing to do”.  As he escorted her to her bedroom, a strange thing happened.  Eve started to pick up her panties from the corner, but Daddy stopped her.  “No,” he said, “They stay there.  They’ll make a great reminder.”  Those panties, left in the corner of our usually neat living room for all to see, would turn out to be quite an embarrassment to my sister. 

Through it all, I avoided teasing my sister or doing anything to make the incident worse for her.  You see, I’m no angel.  I get into trouble regularly.  I’m afraid that someday my underpants will spend time in that same corner!

Hello, I’m Stanley, Eve’s father.  I’m really proud of Randy’s writing!  He gave such a good account of Eve’s spanking, there isn’t much for me to add except that I really hated to do that to her.  Unfortunately, it was my clear parental duty.  Unpleasant as it was (especially for Eve) I think both Eve and Randy learned a useful and lifelong lesson.  As their only parent (their mother died a few years ago) I felt I had to act. 

After the spanking, and after I had dried most of Eve’s tears and hugged her and told her I loved her, we had a serious little talk about her situation.  Naturally, she was still in legal trouble, but I was starting to form a plan to fix that. 

For now, I put her on restriction.  She took that news rather well, but I still reminded her of the rules.  Restriction in our house is no picnic.  The rules are strict.  We don’t have a mommy around the house to help enforce the rules, so I give no second chances.  You violate restriction, you get spanked!

 Next I told her to write two letters of apology, one to the store manager and one to the judge.  Both letters were to describe her punishment in graphic detail. 

Then I led her to her bedroom.  She was still a bit shaky.  She started to grab her panties from the corner, but I stopped her.  That was to be another part of her punishment.  For now, they would stay right there to serve as a silent reminder.

In the bedroom she laid face-down on the bed.  The father of a teen cherishes these rare moments when she “needs her daddy”.  We talked for a bit, and then I kissed her and unhooked her little bra.  Then I covered my naked and well-spanked little girl with a sheet and tucked her in for the night.   I sat on edge of her bed and rubbed her back until she was fast asleep, and then crept out of her room.

My next job was to extract Eve’s case from the legal system.

We visited the store manager the next day.  It was a difficult meeting.  He told us straight out that he had no intention of dropping the charges.  Eve tearfully apologized to him, but he bristled, quite unmoved.  Then I asked him to read the letter.  He did, and then looked up, seeming to realize why Eve was squirming in her seat.  “I’ll show you clear evidence that she has been sufficiently punished if that’s necessary” I offered.  Both he and Eve blushed at the thought. 

“No” he said reluctantly.  “I’m convinced.  Since the police say she has a clear record, I suppose we can drop the charges this once.”

We sent the judge a similar letter.  I managed to get him on the phone a few days later.  Yes, the store manager was dropping the charges, but the judge still wanted to see Eve in court.  I agreed.  He put us on the docket for the next week.  I had to take time off work, but it was a good experience for Eve.  The Judge gave her a good “talking to”, and then dropped all charges.  She will have no record.

At home things were tense, as they always are when someone is on restriction.  It had been two years since Eve’s last restriction.  She said she remembered the rules, but it was only two days before she screwed up.  I walked into the house after work, and found her on the telephone!  I really think it was sort of a “rookie mistake”.  Apparently the phone rang, and she picked it up out of habit.  It happened to be a friend, so she forgot herself and talked.  When she saw the look on my face, she realized what she was doing.  In horror, she said “Bye” and hung up the phone.  She tried to explain, but like I told you, I accept no explanations. 

“Any reason why we shouldn’t deal with this right now?” I asked.

“My bottom’s still really sore,” she replied, somewhat lamely.

“I’m honestly sorry, but that’s you’re fault.” I replied. 

She was wearing the required “restriction uniform” of just pajamas, so that simplified matters somewhat.  “Let’s start by taking off your PJ bottoms.” I suggested.

“I’m, I’m not wearing anything under them.” she warned.

“Yes, I assumed that.” I assured her.  “Don’t worry; we’ve seen it all before.”

Reluctantly, she lowered her pants and stepped out of them.  I gave her permission to use the bathroom.  Next she was to get Randy, and then place a spanking chair in the living room.  I must admit, my little girl looked fetching running around with her bare bottom showing.

With the three of us in the living room, I made her stand in front of Randy and explain to him why she was about to be spanked.  Then she assumed the time-honored position across my lap, with her bottom facing her brother.

The spanking was short, but it was hard and fast.  She squealed cried, kicked and scissored her legs right from the beginning.  Her already-marked bottom quickly took on a brilliant red hue.  My intent was to reignite every nerve on her bottom, and doubtless I succeeded.  She was a sorry girl.

Naturally, that kinetic display of his sister’s most private anatomy held Randy’s attention, but not the rapt, ardent attention of Eve’s last spanking.  I realized that I should have satisfied my children’s curiosity about their respective bodies long ago.  Now I see that during their spankings is a natural time to accomplish that.  So right then, I resolved that the next time Randy earned himself a serious spanking, his underpants will be in the corner, and Eve will get the impromptu anatomy lesson.  

But that will be another story.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope for her next spanking, Eve looses her bra/top as well. Randy needs to learn the female anatomy.

6:59 PM, October 25, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicely done.

7:39 PM, December 03, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was an awesome story. I really liked the way you told it from diffrent points of view.

4:09 PM, December 07, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, if she'd just answered the phone, explained she couldn't talk, and hung up, would she have been spanked in this story? Also, what would 'restriction' have entailed?

1:20 PM, June 29, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recommed girls to compleatly nude standing in the corner waitng for their spanking

9:29 AM, January 25, 2014  
Blogger Heidi Cervantes said...

I agree. For what length of time does a person need to stand there waiting ?

1:16 AM, June 30, 2015  
Blogger Heidi Cervantes said...

Well explained ! Had to be very hard to be watched as a sister or brother watching. I know from experience ! But only when I was really little.

1:19 AM, June 30, 2015  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a well-written story about a father who forced his teenage daughter to strip to only her bra, then forced her younger teenage brother to view his older sister's naked vagina before, during and after a severe punishment. Am I the only commenter who says that, by intentionally defiling his daughter in this manner, the father had grossly overstepped the bounds of basic human decency? Isn't what the father did by exposing his girl's most intimate sexual parts before her 14 y.o. hormone-raging brother a shameful and immoral thing to do? Parents, especially strict parents, preach a rigid moral code to their children throughout their entire lives, but this strict father's immoral contradiction was both indecent and unforgivable. Surely, in real life, no father would ever do this to his girl, then choke back tears and profess his love, even as he commits this shameful, debasing outrage upon her. Thank goodness this was just a kinky story!

J. Morton

5:45 AM, July 30, 2015  
Anonymous kerrie n. said...

a very well written story. nice to see the different perspectives. i just have to say that this portrays exactly how punishments used to be given. my daddy didnt care who was present at the time of a switching. if you were to get a spanking it was gonna get done. bareassed n no matter your age or gender,most times though if one was getting spanked everyone that was involved was getting the same. sometimes it wasnt just my daddy, it was everyones daddy laying the spankings.

4:44 PM, July 26, 2016  

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