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Sara's Dutch Uncle Part IV

© Guyspencer 2012
Sara’s Dutch Uncle: Part IV

Just as there was a first time that Wilhelm spanked young Sara, there was also a last, but by then Sara was a young adult.

Sara’s spankings continued through her high school years with little change. Her need for spankings went a bit beyond mere discipline. She hadn’t yet sexualized the experience, but simply needed the occasional emotional release of a good spanking. When the time came for college, Sara completed her first two years in a local college. Since she remained living at home being supported by her mother, she agreed to remain governed by her mother’s discipline. Thus, her occasional spankings at Wilhelm’s studio continued.

During these years, the relationship between Mary and Wilhelm continued to evolve. They had been in an exclusive but discrete relationship for several years now.

When Sara received her Associate’s degree with honors, Wilhelm was impressed enough to send her to a big-name college. Still, Sara visited the studio occasionally for spankings during her frequent trips home. Sometimes she was spanked for genuine issues, but usually just to relieve the stress of academia.

By now, Sara was sexually active, a fact she shared with Wilhelm but not her mother. Wilhelm ensured that she took the proper precautions and had the proper medical care. During this time, Wilhelm used the hairbrush on Sara only once. That was when she had tearfully confessed to an evening of drunkenness and unprotected sex. Over these years, their spanking procedure remained unchanged; Sara appeared at Wilhelm’s studio wearing a loose skirt. She would position the spanking chair and remove her own panties before placing herself across her uncle’s lap.

Sara finally settled on one certain young man, John. Happily John was both a student at Sara’s university and a local lad from Sara’s high school class. Both Mary and Wilhelm heartily approved of John, and were hardly shocked then they announced their engagement near the end of their senior year.

A few days after the announcement, Wilhelm invited Mary for a quiet evening at the studio. Wilhelm cooked a rib roast in the studio’s tiny kitchen and served it with succulent vegetables, tiny new potatoes, and fine champagne at a table for two. After dinner, as they sat on a tiny terrace on the studio’s roof and looked over the town, Wilhelm asked Mary to marry him. To his consternation, she burst into tears. Totally mystified, he held her until the tears stopped. There was a long silence as they held each other.

Finally she spoke one word; “Yes”.

He was so startled that he had to ask her to repeat it!

A bit more than 30 days before the scheduled wedding of Sara and John, things weren’t going well. The pressure of planning for a wedding whilst studying for final exams was just too much for Sara. Whenever Wilhelm saw Sara and John together, Sara seemed to be berating John for something. John tried to be understanding, but he was clearly close to being fed up. Wilhelm felt like he had to act. Even if Sara’s attitude didn’t cause the couple to call off the wedding, he feared their problems would snowball and finally lead to misery or divorce.

He caught Sara by herself and confronted her; “Do you think that John really deserves the abuse you have been giving him?” At first, Sara looked like she would blow up, but instead; she tried to form a logical answer for Wilhelm’s question. It never came because there was no logical answer. She ended up sobbing on his shoulder.

Finally she calmed down. “You know what you need don’t you sweetheart?” he asked gently. Her face still buried in his shoulder, she nodded.

“Does John know about your little need for periodic spankings?” he inquired.

“I’m too ashamed to tell him.” she sobbed, “He’ll think I’m some kind of wacko!”

“What sort of message do you think he’s getting from your recent behavior?” Wilhelm asked reasonably.

She paused so long that he thought she wasn’t going to answer; but finally admitted, “He must think I’m some kind of wacko.”

“We can’t have that, can we Sara? He responded, “Because you’re really a wonderful young woman, and certainly no wacko.”

She shrugged.

“I want you to come by tomorrow afternoon wearing one of your spanking skirts. We’ll deal with this matter. OK?”

She knew what she needed, so as always, she agreed.

Then Wilhelm dropped his bombshell, “And bring John.”

Her head shot up, “I can’t! Please don’t make me Uncle Wilhelm.”

In the end, he convinced her, explaining that he couldn’t keep spanking her after her marriage.


They showed up at the studio the following afternoon. As ordered, Sara was wearing a loose skirt. Unsurprisingly, Sara seemed nervous. John just seemed perplexed.

Wilhelm got Sara by herself, “Did you tell John why he’s here?”

She bit her lip, “I couldn’t, I just couldn’t.”

“Then I guess it’s up to me” he said decisively. “Go upstairs and leave us alone until you’re called down.”

Without a word, she fled up the stairs, her skirt billowing behind her.

Wilhelm popped open beers for John and himself. They had a long “man to man” talk.

It was John’s voice that called Sara downstairs.

He met her at the bottom of the steps with a long hug. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he murmured.

“I didn’t know what you’d think of me.” She replied honestly. “I’m sorry.”

“It’ll be OK.” He said. “Your Uncle told me everything. We can deal with this.”

Then in a firmer voice he said: “OK prepare yourself. I understand you know what to do.”

Sara looked surprised to hear the command come from her fiance, but she obeyed. She dragged the battered old chair to the middle of the floor. After looking anxiously from one male face to the other, she finally reached under her skirt. With a charming blush, she drew down her panties. With John watching raptly, she stepped out of them and picked them up. They were cream-colored, tiny, and lacy. Cheekily, she handed them to John. Distractedly, he stuffed them in his pocket..

Wilhelm sat down in the spanking chair. Looking over, he couldn’t help but notice a distinct tenting at John’s groin.

He motioned Sara across his lap. As Wilhelm flipped up Sara’s skirt, exposing her perfect but maturing bottom, John’s eyes looked like they were about to pop from his head. Wilhelm had already warned John what to expect, so he got right to work, giving her bottom his usual hard starting spanks. She bounced and squealed piteously.

Now that he had Sara frantically writhing, wailing, and crying, he gave John a significant look before switching to the main part of the spanking. As he started diligently applying his usual “stingers”, Sara forgot her modesty and started to kick and scissor her legs, giving John an inadvertent show. Standing directly behind his future wife, poor John looked like he was getting week in the knees. Wilhelm smirked to himself. It appeared the young man was in danger of making a mess inside his underpants!

Over the last few months, John had enjoyed ample opportunities to see his fiancee in the buff, but this was a whole new experience!

Wilhelm was spanking in a curious pattern. He had left Sara’s right buttock barely pink, but was industriously spanking the left one to his usual bright red hue. Sara had noticed the difference! The contrast in sting between the two sides made her nearly frantic. This was a new and very uncomfortable sensation for her.

Wilhelm stopped and waited for Sara to quiet down enough so that he could speak to John. “All you have to do John is spend a few minutes slowly spanking this cheek so that its color matches this one. Then pause to be sure that it’s right. Don’t be afraid to go back and re-spank. Finally, put some finishing spanks here and here (he indicated her “sit spots”) using almost all your strength. Then cuddle your woman and allow her to cry it out. Don’t rush her; she needs to cry out her frustrations and tensions.”

“Any questions?”

With a look of determination (if not confidence) John replied “No sir.”

Wilhelm urged Sara to her feet. “Sorry for the delay.” He told her, “It’s time for the ‘changing of the guard’. I’ll be upstairs until you two are done”

As Wilhelm reached the staircase, he looked back to see Sara brazenly doffing her skirt. He smiled, charmingly reminded of the time when Sara's mother had done much the same thing.

Upstairs, Wilhelm heard Sara’s spanking recommence. From the sound of things, John was a man who could follow instructions. It was two hours before Wilhelm heard them leave. From the sound of things, Wilhelm's impromptu “spanking lesson” had been a complete success.

Sara and John’s wedding came off as planned, two weeks after their graduation from the university. It featured a bit of a surprise. After the couple had taken their vows, they stepped aside so that the preacher could call the brides “parents” to the front. As the newlyweds looked on, Wilhelm and Mary, after a relationship of some 18 years, finally became man and wife. That evening, Mary moved into the studio with Wilhelm. Following a honeymoon cruise, Sara and John moved into Sara’s childhood home.

Although the four visit each other regularly, there was one visit that Wilhelm and Mary laugh about. It was the time that Sara came by the studio to blushingly ask if she could please borrow the old family hairbrush. Naturally, they made her a gift of it; no questions asked.


Since I created Sara, John, Mary and Wilhelm, I can’t help but feel a bit of responsibility towards them. So two years after that big double wedding, I slipped back to see how they were doing.

From all accounts Sara and John are doing fine. They've survived the usual issues of newlyweds, learning to live together whilst simultaneously enduring the pressures of starting their professional careers. I spied them out in a restaurant the other day, and they looked happy together. Sara was sporting a distinct bulge low in her belly, but was not yet in maternity clothes. One strange thing though; I saw her sit down very delicately with a definite wince. I don’t know what her trouble could have been!

Wilhelm and Mary are retired now and happily growing old together.

In the opinion of this writer, homosexuality is neither a choice to be made, nor a disease to be cured. Therefore, Wilhelm will forever be a gay man who happens to have chosen a lasting and exclusive relationship to a woman he deeply loves. I imagine he privately appreciates the sight of a sexy young man with the same remote, wistful and hands-off attitude with which a happily married straight guy enjoys the sight of a sexy young woman.

What’s their sex life like? It would be terribly rude to ask! All I know is that: 1) Their studio has only one bedroom and, 2) When you see them they seem happy and you’ll find little daylight between them. Does Wilhelm ever spank Mary? My guess is yes! But for all I know it could also be the other way around.




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