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One in Ten

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One in Ten
It’s a memorably bad time at the Hepburn Preparatory School.  Last Saturday, the entire student body had been bussed to a rival school for a soccer game. The game seemed to go against Hepburn from the very start.  To the Hepburn students, it seemed like the officials were working for the opposing team!  Finally, when the officials made one particularly egregious ruling,  the whole class rushed the field.  The result was a near-riot.  The Headmaster spent the next day in his quarters totally humiliated by the actions of his student body.  This is a major blow to the school’s reputation, perhaps a blow bad enough to reverse the school’s recent rising fortunes.  Naturally, Hepburn’s board Chairman demanded action.

Two years ago, due to decreasing enrollment this small 6th form Pre-U boarding school had been forced to go co-ed to survive.  Not coincidentally, the board hired a highly qualified Deputy Headmaster, Elene Jasper.  Thanks largely to Ms. Jasper, the change went remarkably smoothly, and was very good for the school.  Both male and female enrollments quickly increased.  Females now represent about 25% of the student body.

Hepburn isn’t a school for everybody.  It’s brochure says it’s students learn in “a supportive atmosphere of structure and discipline.”  Both students and parents must sign on to Hepburn’s strict discipline rules, which, unusually for six-formers, includes corporal punishment.  Still, the school is known for its excellent results, even for students with a troubled past.

With the change to a co-ed school, the board did a complete review of its disciplinary rules and procedures.  There was great debate, but in the end only three new rules were added.   Naturally, the first prohibited unsupervised fraternizing between students of opposite gender.  The second, mandated two male and two female Prefects.  The third, Rule #36, specified that the school’s disciplinary rules and procedures must be equally enforced regardless of gender.  

The Principal had long talks with all staff who witnessed the melee.  They agreed that the outburst was spontaneous, triggered by frustration from a game that started badly, then went downhill.  Therefore, the misconduct wasn’t premeditated.  Further, no obvious ringleaders were identified.

At Monday morning’s assembly, the Headmaster berated the entire class for their behavior.  He concluded by demanding the “ringleaders” come forward.  The students and even the staff squirmed, but unsurprisingly nobody came forward.  The Principal announced “There will be punishment”, but dismissed the assembly to consider his options.

Returning from the assembly, Ms. Jasper, met with the Headmaster in his office.  “What are we going to do?” she asked, “We can’t cane the entire class, although they all equally deserve it.”

“Yes, you've put your finger on it” the Headmaster agreed, “They are all equally guilty, but I haven’t the wish, nor even the time to cane them all.  That would be far too disruptive.  We couldn’t even accomplish it in an entire day.  He laced his fingers behind his neck and leaned back in thought.  “If we had the ringleaders, what punishment would you suggest?”

The assistant spoke angrily, “Given the damage to the school’s reputation, and given the possible damage to our careers, my recommendation would be public canings, even though we haven't done that for several years.”

“Caned on the bare bottom?” the Head asked.

Still angry she snapped out, “Certainly”

“Even if they happen to be girls?” the Head asked.

“Rule 36” the Deputy retorted, “So there’s no question about that.”

“That's an interesting proposition” the Head mused, “And quite unprecedented.” 

“And also quite theoretical” the Assistant mused sadly, “There were no ringleaders.”

“No” the Head agreed, “But we do have students who have misbehaved terribly and so require punishment.”

There was a long silence before the Headmaster recapped.  “I think we agree that we can't cane everybody, but be must respond.  The student body must be made to pay a price for their abysmal behavior.  At the same time, I have no desire to beat everyone.”

Then he dropped the bombshell, “I plan to extract a diezmo.”

“What?” the Assistant asked, truly mystified.

“Oh sorry,” he said quickly, “Once a Spanish teacher...  A 'diezmo' means a tithe; to extract one tenth.”

Her brows knitted in true confusion.  Before she could frame a question, he explained, “They all deserve to be punished, but we can’t punish the entire school body.  However, we can put each student at risk of the cane.  Fortunately, at the same time we are actually reducing the student body’s potential punishment by 90%.  All students will draw lots.  We will cane one out of each ten.  Since our present student body is 60, it comes to an even six.”

The Assistant gasped, “You don't mean a public caning do you?”

“Oh yes,” the Head said firmly.  “You suggested that yourself.”


He spread his hands, “Again, your suggestion.  But yes, bare. The rules allow for that”

“In front of a mixed group?”

“The board had the opportunity to take public canings and/or bare bottom canings out of our disciplinary procedure.  It was even discussed, but they chose to leave them in.  So yes, in front of a mixed group.”  

“What if some of the chosen are girls?”

“Rule 36” he responded impassively, “You quoted it yourself.  We shall finally test that rule in it's fullness.

“But...” she said, “But it just seems unfair to cane some students at random while the rest get off free.”  

“Not at random.” The Head replied, “They will choose lots.  Nobody will get punished who doesn’t richly deserve it, and nobody gets off “free” because they all have an equal chance of receiving a very painful, embarrassing and memorable punishment.  Besides, the 54 lucky ones will each receive an entry in the punishment book to the effect that they have earned a suspended bare-bottom caning.  The next time any of them give trouble...  Besides, who can complain when I'm effectively reducing their total punishment by 90%?”

The Deputy opened her mouth to rebut, but then gradually shut it as the Head's logic finally sank in.  Finally, she nodded agreement.

“One more thing,”  the Head added, “We depended on our four prefects to keep order, but they went wild with everyone else.  I have a special plan for them.”

The Deputy simply raised an inquiring eyebrow, inviting the Head to elaborate.

“The Prefects will draw lots along with everyone else.”  The Head explained.  “However those who escape public punishment to report here for a sound caning over their clothing.  It seems the least we can do”

“Yes, that sounds perfectly fair.”  The Deputy agreed.

“Just one last thing,” the Head said with some reluctance.  “I have sufficient authority to do this, but under the circumstances I'll run it by the Chairman of the Board.” 

He picked up the phone, and dialed.  The grand gentleman picked up on the first ring.  The Deputy listened to one end of a tense conversation.  It took some explaining, but finally the Chairman accepted the Head's plan.  He hung up with a relieved exhalation of breath. 

“The next thing I would like you to do,” The Head ordered with a wink, “is to take a cup of tea in the staff common room.  Casually mention my plans, but swear them to secrecy.  The word will spread like wildfire.


Just as the Head had intended, it had been less than a hour before every teacher and every student knew of his plan.  It was barely after lunchtime when the first phone call arrived from the first concerned parent.  The Head fielded the calls patiently, explaining the situation and his logic for dealing with it.  Once the situation had been explained, he gained the support of every parent, though most promised further punitive action at home.   


At the next morning's assembly, the head again commiserated with the student body in general, and the Prefects in particular.  Then he officially detailed his plans to punish one in ten of the student body and ultimately, all of the Prefects.  The selection and public canings would happen at tomorrow morning’s assembly.  Although regulation underwear was recommended though not required at this school, he suggested that all students come tomorrow with either regulation underwear, or at least the most modest underwear available. 

Even though everyone knew what he was going to say, most of the student body seemed aghast when he detailed his plan to select six of them for public pants-down punishment.  He quickly put a stop to that attitude! “Everyone who is not guilty in this matter please raise your hand right now.” he offered.  No hands appeared. 

“OK,” he continued, “All who would rather that I cane every student here rather than drawing lots please raise your hands.”  Again, no hands were raised. 

“Then the matter is settled” he announced firmly.  “We will proceed with the selection and punishment of six of you at tomorrow morning's assembly.  Everybody prepare for the worst, because you may be among those selected.”


The next morning, several student reported to the school nurse claiming sickness.  She would have none of it.  After a cursory check, she escorted all to morning assembly. 

In the assembly room, the students found the stage carefully set.  Six chairs were arranged near the rear of the raised stage.  Near the front of the stage, was a small but sturdy table with two chairs.  The evening before, while everyone else was at supper, the Head had scoured the staff's, the Prefect's and the student's common rooms for draughts (checkers) games.  He had found barely enough for his purpose.  Neatly arranged on the table in a 6 by 10 matrix were 54 white game-pieces and 6 black game-pieces.  Also on the table were a cane and a ceramic vase.  Although normally on the stage, today the faculty stood at the rear of the room, relieved that only the Head and the Deputy ran today’s assembly.

After the usual daily routine of calling the assembly to order, the Head again reiterated his disappointment at the student's behavior at the soccer game and told of the damage they had done to the school's reputation.  Scanning, the assembled students, he saw that his delaying tactics had given exactly the effect he was hoping for.  Many faces betrayed tears, all appeared truly nervous and fearful.  Finally he called up the four Prefects.  He asked them to verify that there were 54 white game-pieces and  six black ones.  He lifted the vase, then turned it upside down and shook it to show that it was empty.  With the prefects looking on uneasily, he scooped up the game pieces and funneled them inside.  He shook the vase.

“Line up,”  he ordered the Prefects, “You will draw first.  Select one piece and immediately hand it to me.”   

There were two male and two female Prefects, the two males headed the line.   They both appeared fearful, sweating and delaying.  The first boy stuck his hand in the vase and felt the pieces as if he could feel their color.  Finally, he withdrew one.  The head immediately reached his hand out for it, then held it so all could see it's color; white.  With his eyes tightly closed, the second boy pulled another white piece.  He opened his eyes and viewed the precious item with palpable relief.  The third Prefect drew her piece with less drama; again a white.  Each time a piece was drawn, the Deputy carefully marked the class roster so nobody could escape drawing their piece.  Finally the last girl Prefect drew.  This time the result was a black piece.  With a tight lipped expression that may have been a grim-smile, the Head snatched the piece and held it for all to see. He pointed the stricken girl to one of the six chairs. 

“You will remove your shoes and place them under that chair.  Then remove your school uniform and place it on the chair.  Retain your bra and knickers.  Then stand at attention in front of your chair facing the class.”  Sniffling, the girl complied.  The school body watched transfixed as she started to undress.

“OK” the head said, “Everybody stand.  Then line up alphabetically at the left side of the stage.”   He waited patiently as the class sorted themselves into a line.  While he waited for that process, he addressed the Prefects.  “I hold you more responsible than the rest of the class.  There will be a Prefects meeting this afternoon in my office immediately after the last class.”  The three Prefects had no trouble understanding the dire portents of that meeting.  He directed the somber three off the stage towards the opposite wall where the rest of the class would line up after their trip across the stage to draw.   

One-by-one, the rest of the class was made to draw their piece.  Each person climbed the steps to the stage, walked to the table, announced his or her name to the Deputy, and then drew a game-piece from the vase..  Depending on the color of their piece, they would either be directed to one of the six chairs, or allowed to walk across the stage and then down to line up on the opposite side of the room.  It was a tense scene.  Some students remained stoic through the procedure, but others openly sobbed.  Some seemed to wallow in self-pity, some seemed simply frightened, and other faces betrayed anger.  Twice, the Head had to threaten recalcitrant students with an immediate caning to force their participation in the unhappy ritual.   

Finally it came down to the last student, a girl.  One of the six chairs was still unused.  Arranged on the table in front of the Head were 54 white pieces and 5 black ones.  There was no doubt what was waiting for the unfortunate, tearful girl.  Still, the Head make her reach into the vase to select the last piece. 

“It’s not fair.” the girl sobbed as she extracted the black game-piece. 

“I’m truly sorry.” the Head replied, “But it’s perfectly fair.”  He gestured down to the fortunate 54 students who had drawn white game-pieces.  “Any of these students could have drawn that black game-piece, it just happened to be you.  Now take your place in front of that empty chair and prepare yourself for your punishment.”  Blubbering loudly, the girl reluctantly obeyed.

Deliberately, the Head cleared the table before speaking to the “lucky” 54 students, “Gather in front of the stage.  You will stand and respectfully observe your classmate’s punishments.  Remember, you each deserve to be among them.”

As the student obediently shuffled to the foot of the stage, the Head turned and regarded the six sad looking students standing in front of their chairs. There were four boys in the middle, with a girl at each end.   He noted with approval that the two girls were wearing regulation green knickers.  Of the boys, two sported tight fitting briefs, and the other two were wearing regulation boxer shorts.  He immediately saw a problem with the boxer shorts.  The fly tended to hang open and show too much!  Oh well, nothing to do about it now.

“You shall each receive six of the best to your bare bottoms.” he explained, “We will arrange things to afford you maximum frontal modesty, but it’s important that you all follow instructions.  Understand?”  Six heads nodded.

“Good,” the Head continued.  “We shall proceed in the order you were selected.  I believe that means our Prefect is first.”  He beckoned to her.  “Come stand in front of the table with your back to your classmates.” 

Tears streaming down her face, the girl approached the table, looking fearfully at the cane as she did so.  He took her by the arm and gently positioned her at the center and about one foot away from the table.

He explained the procedure loud enough for all to hear,”You will bend over the table.  Then I will draw down your knickers.  The Deputy Head will restrain you until your punishment is complete and I have replaced your knickers.  That will prevent you from jumping up and inadvertently exposing yourself.   Do you understand?”  Sadly, the girl nodded.  He looked at the other five students waiting for the cane.  “The same applies to you also, you all get the same punishment applied with identical consideration for your modesty.”  They all nodded their understanding.

“OK, bend over girl.” he ordered. 

Although the Head had caned a few girls since the school had gone co-ed, this was actually the first bare-bottom caning he had given a girl.  Not entirely confident that he wouldn’t have a physical reaction, he was glad for his robe.  He would have been happy to leave the lowering of the girl’s knickers to the Deputy, but that would be a technical violation of Rule 36.  With more trepidation that he would admit to, he reached for the green knickers.  He had to half-kneel to do the job, but in as businesslike manner as possible, pulled them down to knee level.  In the process, his nose nearly touched the small of the girl’s back.  Her bouquet was interesting, a mixture of femininity and fear.  After decades of delivering corporal punishment to students, the Head normally took little notice of yet another bottom, yet this one transfixed him.  Her buttocks were creamy colored and rounded and.. simply perfect.

With his head spinning just a bit, he picked his cane up off the table.  After swishing it through the air for the benefit of the assembled student body, he nodded significantly to the Deputy.  Already at the back of the table, she took a firm grip on the girl’s arms, pinning her to the table.

Though married, the Head somehow lacked a basic grasp of the geometry of female genitalia.  He thought that because the girl’s front wasn't exposed, that most private part of her anatomy would remain hidden.  The students watching from the foot of the stage now knew differently! With the girl bent over, they could clearly see a tuft of hair.  Those students with the most advantageous angle could clearly make out a bit of vagina.  The boys watched transfixed.  Even the girls couldn’t tear their eyes from the lewd sight.  Soon, she would show the group much more.

Not a cruel man, the Head had chosen a medium cane for today’s job.  Used with care, it would sting like blazes and leave lasting and painful welts, but no broken skin.  After carefully positioning himself, he tapped three times at the very peak of her twin orbs.  She squealed and jerked at the touch. 

“Stick your bottom tight out then hold still.” he commanded.  With an audible sob, the girl obeyed.  He repeated the taps, and then raised the cane high.

With decades of caning experience, the Head was the master of the pregnant pause.  He sincerely believed that a caning should never be rushed.  Proper pauses make a caning much harder to take, and thus more memorable and more effective, yet without increase in physical brutality.  With one eye on the clock, he waited.

The large white clock high behind the stage lacked a sweep second hand, but it had an odd characteristic that would be handy today; It made an audible “click” as the minutes hand jumped to the next minute. 

It was so quiet in the assembly room that one could hear the proverbial pin drip.  The only sound was the soft sobbing of the girl bent over the table.  Everyone else was holding their breath in rapt attention.  The Head held his pose for about 30 seconds until the clock finally “clicked”.   Then “WSSSH-THWACK” the cane accelerated downward in a perfect arc that intersected with the girl’s buttocks at precisely the intended place.  The cane dug into her nether cheeks, but they quickly sprang back into their delectable natural shape.

Half a breath later, the girl shrieked.  Her feet came up, and then drummed on the floor as she tried to deal with the pain.  Gravity had its way with her knickers, drawing them down to her ankles.

At the next “click” of the clock, “WSSSH-THWACK” he added a second tram line just above the first.  She screamed and kicked.  One foot escaped the restraint of her knickers, leaving her lags free to kick and splay.  The girl’s most private parts flashed into full view of the student body.  The students watched open-mouthed.

Now the girl was crying loudly.  Her bottom was in constant motion.  It was all the Deputy could do to hold her in place.  The Head knew that the girl was already well past her limits, even though her punishment wasn’t half over.  It would be useless to command her to hold still, so he just soldiered on, knowing that the last 4 tramlines wouldn’t be so neat.

“Click, WSSSH-THWACK,” the third blow landed.  This one he had aimed lower.  She kicked like a mule, sending her knickers flying off the stage to land in the face of a boy in the third row.  He snatched the garment from his face, but not before he caught a deep whiff of it’s feminine perfume.  Red-faced and flustered, he handed them to the nearest girl, who had the presence of mind to lay them at the edge of the stage.  For the rest of his life, that boy would associate that enticing female smell with corporal punishment. 

Exactly four minutes later, the sixth and final blow fell.  The caning had certainly been devastating to the girl, but perhaps just as bad for the waiting five students, who now knew exactly what was in store for them. 

As planned, the Deputy continued to hold the inconsolable girl down in place. The Head laid down his cane, and then reached to pull up the girl’s knickers.  Finding them missing, he looked around.  Several students helpfully pointed out the green lump at the edge of the stage.

This left him with the problem of replacing the knickers on the still sobbing girl.  As the Deputy continued to hold the girl down, the Head went down on one knee, then lifted the girl’s feet one at a time to put them through the knickers’ leg holes.  Then, as he pulled up the garment, his eyes rested inches from the specific area that the rest of the student body had been staring at.   To his consternation he immediately saw the girl’s exposure, but now there was nothing to be done.  The canings must continue as planned.

Pulling the elastic away from the girl’s outraged bottom, the Head replaced the girl’s knickers and then motioned for the Deputy to let her up.  Still sobbing, the girl pranced and reached back to her bottom. 

As the Deputy took the girl back to her chair, the Head beckoned to his next victim.

The Deputy positioned the caned girl so that she was in front of her chair, with her back to the audience.  She instructed her to put her hands on her head, and then lowered the back of the girl’s bloomers to expose her welted bottom before returning to the table.

By now, the Head had the next student, a boy, bent over the table, with his boxer shorts around his knees.  The Deputy pinned him down, the Head picked up his cane, and the boy’s punishment commenced.

The caning of the 4 boys proceeded at the same slow pace that the girl’s caning had; one stroke per minute.  While the strokes were vigorous and painful, the Head wasn’t putting his full strength into them, so the last caning he delivered was just as devastating as the first.  The boys all tried to appear stoic and brave, but none stayed silent beyond the third stroke.  The two boys who wore briefs fared somewhat better because their tight pants remained at their knees, keeping their legs together.  So, at most, a bit of scrotum was visible to the class.  The two boys with boxers lost their pants in much the same manner as the girl.  After that, their kicking and splaying exposed their all to the onlookers.

Finally one girl and four boys were standing facing their chair, hand on head, pants pulled down in back.  There was only that one, unlucky girl to go.

It would have been easy for the Head to feel sorry for her, but he reminded himself that she was as guilty as anyone else in the room.  As he drew her knickers down to her knees, he whispered to her that she should try to retain them there.  If not, she should at all costs keep her legs together.  Although tearful as she approached the table, she turned out to be the bravest of the group.  Still, a caning is a caning. The girl cooperated with her punishment to the best of her ability, but the Deputy still had to hold her firmly in place, and after the first two cuts, her shrieks still filled the room.  In spite of her efforts, her knickers did fall to her ankles, and ultimately her legs sprang free.  Having been forewarned, this girl didn’t show herself quite a flagrantly as the first one had. 

Finally all six unlucky students had been properly caned.  Hands on head, bottoms on display, each stood in front of his or her chair.  The Head turned to the “lucky” 54 students.  “For these six students, this matter is over.” the Head announced, “In the punishment book,  I will properly enter their names along with details of the canings you witnessed.  Following that, I will make 46 other entries.  Each of you will be listed as having earned a suspended bare-bottom caning.  Should any of you show up in office again on the slightest disciplinary matter...”

He left the rest unfinished, but nobody harbored any doubt as to his meaning.

Finally, he required the 54 student to file up on the stage, and then across it past the six caned bottoms before departing to their second scheduled class of the day.

The Head is a man of his word, and a dangerous man for students to test.   As it turned out, over the remainder of the school year, some 10 students ultimately received their bare-bottom canings (albeit privately) when they appeared before the Head or Deputy Head on some unrelated disciplinary mater.  

Despite the fears of the Hepburn school’s management, the incident didn’t hurt enrollment.  Parents of prospective students actually took it as evidence of the no-nonsense reputation of the school.   In the end, this resolved into one of those colorful well-known incidents that gives each school its own character, history and notoriety.


Anonymous David Wright said...

Guy, I am very impressed by the inventiveness of this scenario. I too write school based stories - you may have seen some of them on the web over the years - and would love to share thoughts and ideas with you about extracting the maximium erotic effect e.g. with what I might call ritualistic undressing. You can contact me at
Best wishes

4:00 PM, April 19, 2012  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was spanked for seeing this!!!!

9:50 PM, January 21, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A very powerful and imaginative story. More of the same, please!


4:05 AM, November 25, 2013  
Blogger Bob Stewart said...

I was spanked on my bare bottom often by my headmaster at school over his knee with pants down and spanked very hard it was ok to spank bare in the sixties

1:51 PM, December 06, 2017  

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