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Appointment for Contrition, Part 1 M/F

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Appointment for Contrition, Part 1

As Beth drove into the church parking lot, she was relieved to see it empty except for Dr. Lee’s car. It was almost time for her regular “Contrition” appointment with her Pastor, Dr. Lee, and she greatly preferred for it to be in private, especially today!

She let herself into the side door of the church. Her steps sounded hollow in the empty sanctuary as he headed for the basement stairway. She could have changed in the main lady’s room, but somehow using an empty Sunday school room felt more private. After a nervous glance at her watch, she quickly disrobed, removing first her blouse and slacks, and then her bra and panties. Naked except for her socks, she pulled her white “truth” gown over her head.

The gown was diaphanous and pure white, but otherwise unadorned. They were all lovingly made by Sister March, a retired seamstress. Dr. Lee had suggested the sheer material to “let the truth shine through”.

She looked down at herself critically. The gown modestly obscured her well-preserved private charms, but the outline of her shapely figure seemed to project itself through the material. Her body was rounded in all the correct places. Her flaring hips accentuated a narrow waist and a tummy she kept flat only with great effort.


Congregation members called him Dr. Lee, out of respect for both the man and for the Doctor of Divinity degree displayed in an ornate frame in his office. Dr. Lee was a young man, and Faith Temple was his first church. He was still unmarried, but two of the member’s daughters had recently reached marriage age and were showing distinct interest.  Although single and younger than much of his congregation, Dr. Lee had become a popular and respected fixture in the church. In fact, all considered him a loved and trusted family member.

Catholics call it “confession”, a system that has worked for them for centuries. At Faith Temple, they expanded on the concept and called it “Contrition”.

After his first year as Pastor, Dr. Lee began to identify certain problems in the congregation, many of them leading to preventable marital problems. It was a middle class congregation, but most of the households were single-earner with the wife home all day. Dr. Lee felt that this was leading to trouble, so he decided to devote extra time to counseling the wives. At first, this was just a series of private pastoral talks with the ladies, but as he began to understand the problems, he began to take more direct action.

The sessions evolved into a scheduled biweekly private meeting with each female congregation member. They would go over everything that had happened in the lady’s life over the last two weeks. At a suggestion from a parishioner, those special “truth” gowns were introduced. Wearing them for “Contrition appointments”, set the proper mood and made everybody the same, removing all barriers of class and age.

All ladies were encouraged to speak frankly and truthfully, even if the result was painful. If a behavior problem or sin were identified, Dr. Lee developed several tools to fix things. For minor problems, counseling and prayer were usually sufficient. More serious problems led to a private corporal  “intervention” delivered by hand, paddle or belt. For this, the lady was expected to give up her robe. For very serious issues, repeated sin, or behaviors that hurt other parishioners, the punishment was delivered in front of a special “intervention gathering” usually attended by most of the church’s ladies.

Don’t feel that Dr. Lee only intervened with the ladies! These frank sessions with the ladies served as Dr. Lee's window into their lives and into their family’s problems. Once the Pastor became more acquainted with these problems, more than one man found himself “invited” for a special intervention session with the pastor and a deacon or two. Sometimes these meetings didn’t end until the man had spent a few minutes pants-down across the pastor’s desk for an ass-warming. Also, the pastor occasionally got involved in the discipline of the congregation’s children, especially those with single parents.


Beth padded back upstairs. With butterflies in her stomach, she knocked on the door labeled “Pastor’s Office”.

“Come in” a hearty voice called.

Beth opened the door and entered, carefully closing it behind her. Dr. Lee stood and extended his hand. Dr. Lee was a man of God, but he was also a male. He looked at Beth with a certain hunger, but they both understood that Beth's marital chastity was perfectly safe. After a prayer and some preliminary pleasantries they got down to business, talking about Beth’s last two weeks and about her (rather minor) outstanding issues. Finally they finished their routine talk. As always, there was a significant pause.

Finally Dr. Lee asked, “Is there anything else Beth?” They both knew that this was Beth’s cue to confess any new issues or transgressions. Usually the answer was “no”, but today was different.

She turned red and looked at the floor, “Errr…yes.”

Sudden interest flared in the pastor’s eyes. “Go ahead dear.” He encouraged, “Let the truth shine out and set you free.”

“I…I spent some money I shouldn’t have, and then I misled my husband about it.” She confessed.

His response was firm, “You shouldn’t keep secrets from your husband. especially concerning money. You know that you need to tell him about this…right?”

Still looking down, Beth answered “Yes Pastor.”

He continued, “You know, 'Misled' is a word we use when we really mean 'deceived', but both of them are really synonyms for the word 'lie'”.

Blushing beet red, Beth nodded agreement.

He bore in, “The Bible tells us ‘Thou shalt not bear false witness'. But that’s what you did; isn’t it Beth?”

Beth sobbed, but could only agree.

In words that sounded strange coming from such a young man, he intoned, “Your soul is tainted and stained. The stain must be cleansed.” In a softer voice he commanded, “Remove your white garment Beth, lest it become stained from your sin.”

With a deep sob, she stood and pulled the robe over her head. He watched with rapt attention. Dr. Lee was a professional in his own way, and a man of God. There was no way he would ever improperly touch a woman. But the same God who gives us gorgeous sunsets and landscapes to enjoy, also created women in a beautiful form. So he guiltlessly drank in this feminine scenery.

Carefully, she folded the robe and laid it on his desk.

Now he needed to make some decisions, but there was no hurry.

He opened Beth’s file and read back several pages. “This isn’t the first time you’ve required punishment, not by a long shot.”

“No Pastor.” Beth admitted tremulously.

“I must think carefully what to do, and ask for guidance.” he said, closing his eyes and bowing his head.

With her heart beating faster and faster, the naked lady could only stand and wait. Dr. Lee’s choices were many. He could punish her now, in private with hand, paddle or strap. Or he could schedule an “Intervention Gathering” to punish her publicly. In that case, she would forfeit her gown until after her punishment. She would be required to leave the office nude. If she had another contrition appointment before her Intervention Gathering, she would attend it nude.

In the end, he decided that this particular sin simply didn’t warrant the Gathering. He would intervene with Beth here and now.

Beth squirmed as she watched the pastor’s face, trying to guess his thoughts. His intentions became clear when he opened his right-hand lower drawer and extracted a rolled-up leather strap.

“It could be worse”, Beth thought, “It could have been in front of a gathering.” Simultaneously, she was relieved and disappointed.
He pushed his chair away from his desk. “Come around my desk and put yourself across my lap.” he commanded. “As usual, we will start with my hand.”

Obediently, Beth put herself in place across her pastor’s lap. He felt an uncomfortable pressure where a hardness at his groin met her equally hard hip bone. He guessed correctly that Beth noticed his condition for what it was, but he made no excuses. God had made him male, so there must be a reason. Similarly, Dr. Lee was aware that submitting to his intervention led to arousal in certain of his female parishioners, including Beth. It mattered not, as long nobody gave in to temptation.

He turned his attention to the bottom-at-hand. It was flawless. Beth was 30+, but her body looked 10 years younger. In fact, the pastor mused darkly, sometimes she also acted ten years younger!

He raised his hand. Beth sensed the motion and tensed her gluteal muscles, putting a charming dent in each cheek. His hand slammed down into her right cheek. He lifted it quickly, and watched the white hand print suddenly turn red. Then he waited for several seconds. Her shoulders shook in silent sobs.

Then he unleashed a sudden fusillade of ten severe spanks spread over her entire bottom. She bucked, shrieked, and tried futilely to twist her bottom out of range. That done, the spanking grew slower and more deliberate. Beth initially tried to remain silent, but soon she was lustily howling her appreciation of her pastor's efforts.

Dr. Lee didn't confine himself just to Beth's buttocks. He also spanked the backs of her upper legs bright red, and even spanked her inner thighs when the opportunity presented itself. He could have pinned her legs to stop her kicking and discourage her twists, but that would have covered spankable real-estate, and somewhat obscured his view of this very desirable lady who was writhing on his lap. Again he rationalized; “God made her beautiful, so why shouldn't he enjoy the sight?”

One reason why he spanked Beth's legs, was to make it unlikely for her to conceal the fact of her spanking from her husband. Obviously, Beth hadn't been communicating properly with her husband, so this was one small way to help.

Finally, Dr. Lee decided that this portion of Beth's punishment was complete. He released the bawling lady and helped her to her feet. She danced around the office, one hand on each livid cheek. He watched Beth for a few moments to ensure she would be OK, then set to work methodically clearing his desk. As he worked, Beth's cries dwindled to mere sobs, and finally to just the occasional sniffle. Eventually, she figured out the sobering truth; he was cleaning off his desk to make way for her strapping.

Finally the desk was empty except for the neatly folded robe and the strap. He looked up to see Beth watching him.

“Ten strokes” he said flatly.

Suddenly changing subjects, he asked. “Are you determined to confess to your husband...and do it today?”

“He...he might decide to punish me again”  Beth temporized.

“Given the condition your bottom will be in, I doubt he will spank you; at least not today.” the Pastor replied sensibly.

In another turn of subject, Dr. Lee asked, “I'm about to see how much determination you have. Would you like your strapping to be over quickly?”

Beth thought about the implications before answering cautiously, “Yes Pastor.”

“Then this is how it shall be,” he answered, “You will put yourself across the desk, grab the opposite side, and then request each stroke. This can be over quickly, or you can extend your agony for any reasonable time period you wish...your choice.”

Beth's mouth dropped open as she realized the test that was before her, but then obediently stepped to the desk and put herself into position.

He picked up the strap, and then wrapped it once around his hand before purposely moving into position behind her. “Kindly arch your back and stick out your bottom.” he requested. “Good” he said approvingly when she complied. “Now move your feet apart a bit more.” Her heart thumping in her chest, Beth obeyed.

“Good!” he enthused. “I want you in exactly this position for each stroke. You may request the first one whenever you're ready. You will ask for each by it's number.”

She hesitated for a few seconds before mumbling “One please.”

“No,” he corrected, “I need to hear it loud and clear, say 'Give me one please'.”

She moved her face away from the desk and repeated his words clearly, “Give me one please.”

The pastor spoke approvingly, “Better, much better.”.

He carefully adjusted his stance. Then Beth felt the touch of the leather as Dr. Lee judged the range, first it was just a brush, then a little pop as he tested his swing. There was a heart-stopping pause, and then Beth clearly heard the strap as it hissed through the air then POPPED against her flesh.

It wasn't too bad for the first few instants, but then the full white-hot force of the pain finally registered in her brain. Beth shrieked, jumped up, and danced around the room. Dr. Lee said nothing. His face impassive, he merely watched to ensure that she didn't injure herself with her antics.

Finally, Beth seemed to realize that her whipping had barely begun. With a fearful look at the strap, she determinedly put herself back across the desk. Again, the pastor patiently coached her into the perfect position. Then he stood silently, waiting for Beth to request the stroke.

“Give me two please”

This time, Beth managed to stay in position for two swats. Then with seven still to go, she found herself standing, bawling and rubbing her bottom. As before, Dr. Lee waited patiently.

This time, Beth tearfully begged Dr. Lee to “hold her down and just do it.” Still impassive, he refused. Sobbing, Beth resumed her position.

“Give me four please.”

The next two swats landed on Beth's upper legs, where the marks wouldn't be hidden by her panties. Beth shrieked when the first of these fell, but managed to stay in place for one more before again shrieking and jumping up with five still to go.

Finally Dr. Lee spoke: “I'm not seeing much determination Sister Beth. We could be done by now. I'm sure you can do this, or I wouldn't make you try.”

With tears blinding her eyes, Beth gritted her teeth in determination. She put herself back into position and clutched at the far edge of the desk with a steel grip.

“Give me six please.”

Each time it was a near thing, but now Beth was truly determined to get through this. Although crying freely and barely able to choke out the words, she called down swats six, seven, and eight to her livid bottom.

With each swat she squealed and sobbed, but she managed to stay in place. She couldn't see, but Dr. Lee was smiling in gentle triumph. He had helped Beth discover a determination she didn't know she had.

“Give me nine please.”

The Pastor stepped back slightly, and targeted her sit spots with an upward stroke. Beth's feet lifted off the ground and she screamed, but still she doggedly stayed in place.

“Give me ten please.”

With enviable accuracy, he struck the same place a second time. Beth screamed again before allowing herself to collapse in deep sobs. Dr. Lee was pleased with himself. He felt like he had led Beth to a real breakthrough. From now on she would be a stronger person.

It turned out that he was correct, but her new strength wouldn't be directed in quite the direction he anticipated.

As usual, the pastor resisted the impulse to take the tearful woman in his arms to comfort her. That would be just too dangerous. He spoke calming words, but did so without touching. Finally she picked herself up off of his desk. Standing behind her, he lifted the gown and slid it over her head. Automatically, Beth lifted her arms to help. The thin cloth slipped down her body and over her tortured mounds without triggering new pain.

“You have confessed your sin, and you have accepted the necessary intervention bravely.” He intoned, “You have discovered a reservoir of determination within yourself that you never knew you had. Now go! Go and use it to make things right between you and your husband”


Moments later, Beth exited the pastor’s office and headed back downstairs to dress. She was indeed determined! She was determined to stop inventing “sins” to induce her young Pastor to spank her. She also was determined to confront her husband. Yes! She was finally determined to explain to him her need for a new form of intimacy. He would think it strange at first, but once he discovered the delightful erotic benefits involved, he would quickly become a convert.


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