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Appointment for Contrition, Part 3

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Appointment for Contrition, Part 3

Since the arrival of Dr. Lee, Faith Temple had grown nicely, but it still wasn’t large enough to own a parsonage.  Perhaps that was one reason why the church hired a young unmarried Pastor.  Since Dr. Lee’s housing needs were simple, the church easily and cheaply found him lodging in the home of a retired widow, Sister March.  Sister March also happened to be the most prominent member of the church’s governing board.  This left Dr. Lee and Sister March in an interesting situation.   Dr. Lee was indisputably Sister March’s Pastor, which (spiritually speaking) put him in a position superior to her.  But Sister March was not only Dr. Lee’s landlord, she was effectively his boss!

Sister March, an ex-seamstress, retired early when her husband died, leaving her with a generous life insurance payout.   Her two grown sons have long since left home, so she lives by herself very close to the church.  Though in her early sixties, she takes care of herself and has a surprisingly firm, full-figured, and well-preserved body, which she tends to hide with long skirts and modest clothing.  Perhaps in her younger years, she was somewhat Amazonian. Today, her wide shoulders, high hairstyle, and mid-height heals combine to give her a commanding, robust appearance.  Though regal and formidable at first impression, she can also be very kind and understanding.  

Together, Sister March and Dr. Lee created and perfected what came to be known as the “Contrition Protocol”, which proved to be amazingly  popular and was very good for Faith Temple and its congregation.  This is the story of how that happened.


On the surface, Dr. Lee and Sister March’s relationship seemed very normal.  Under the surface however, there was some definite strangeness.
It all started out with a bit of guilt…

Dr. Lee was a young man with achingly normal sex drive and sexual proclivities.   Therefore despite his vocation, he was subject to the same pressures and temptations as any man of his age.  Because of his position, he very assiduously maintained all of the appropriate boundaries in matters that pertained to the church and its congregation.  As a Pastor, he was a paragon of virtue, a man you could confidently leave alone with your wife or maturing daughter.  His private behavior however, was a somewhat different matter.

As is appropriate for a young bachelor, Dr. Lee did “go out” some evenings and do the things that young singles do.  This specifically included frequenting establishments where he was likely to meet unattached ladies, though he was careful to choose places where he was unlikely to meet members of his church.   Since he was single and had every right to do this, Sister March never felt that this was her business.  Yes, she would have preferred that Dr. Lee court a member of the church, but there was a definite lack of eligible young ladies.  The future looked a bit brighter.  There were two young ladies in the congregation who were close, but still technically underage.

The young Pastor and the old lady often shared long conversations.  Sometimes they were about arcane points of religion, sometimes about life in general, but most often about the problems and the needs of the congregation.  They both saw a general disintegration of family life and social values in their flock.  In fact, there had been two tragic divorces in the last six months!  They both agreed that Dr. Lee’s ministry shouldn’t end just at church services, but must somehow address the individual issues of his flock.  They both prayed about it, and bounced ideas off each other, but no solution seemed apparent.
As months passed, Sister March noticed with mixed emotions that Dr. Lee had never brought a lady “home” for a visit, yet he often came home with a faint fragrance that told her that he had been consorting with women.  At first she considered it his private affair.  Then one day, unable to stop herself, she asked him if he “had met any nice ladies lately”.   Sister March had raised two boys, so she knew what guilt looked like when she saw it written all over the young man’s face!
Nothing else was said until weeks later when Dr. Lee, in an introspective mood, remarked “Sometimes a Pastor really misses having a Pastor to talk to”.  Noticing that the words were spoken from definite pain, Sister March suggested, “Why don’t you and I have a private counseling session.  Temporarily, we will agree to change positions.  I will act as your Pastor while you unburden your heart.  We will discuss whatever is in your mind, with the understanding that all will remain right here in this room.  Afterwards, you return to your role as my Pastor”

After a moment’s hesitation, the young Pastor agreed.  They shared a prayer, and then he haltingly began to talk.  The problem was indeed women!  Three times in recent months, the young man had ended up in some woman’s bed.  Once, there had been unprotected sex.  He was terribly contrite about all this, yet Sister March understood the temptations that torment young men.

It was after an offhand comment about how she had dealt with her sons when they had unsuccessfully faced the same temptations that she noticed a new hunger in the man’s eyes.  She took a chance, “I still have that old hairbrush you know; the one I once used on my sons.  I can tell you from personal experience that it will focus a young man’s attention.”

He started to demur, “I can’t.  You see I might…  You’d think I’m some sort of…”

She skewered him with a mother’s gaze, “You mean you might have an erection?”  He didn’t answer, but she could see that she had hit the target.  “I had 30 years of marriage and raised two sons.  You think I haven’t seen an erection?  Yes, I know they happen, and I know they’re not really under your control. It’s nothing to worry about”

She waited for him to speak, but he just stared, somehow skewered to the spot by the audacity of Sister March’s suggestion.
“OK” she said briskly, “You need time to pray and think about this.  Yes, perhaps it’s a shocking idea, but I wouldn’t suggest it if I didn’t think it was the best thing for you.  If you decide that a spanking would help your conscience and help you fight temptation, come see me when you are ready for bed.  My hairbrush and I will be right here, ready for business.  If you decide against it, that’s OK too.  Nothing more will be said.”

With anguish and embarrassment on his face, Dr. Lee gave the distinguished lady a squeeze, thanked her, and left the room.  

Sister March had a quiet evening by herself.  She heard not a sound out of Dr. Lee’s room.  Just in case, she went to her bedroom and found her old wooden hairbrush.  She carried it out to the living room, and then placed it on the coffee table.  Before settling again, she closed the curtains tightly.

It was nearly 10 when his door opened and he crept out to the living room dressed in a pair of white pajamas.  His eyes were downcast, but fixed on the waiting hairbrush.  He had obviously decided on the spanking.

“Two things” she warned, “First, there will be no mention of this tomorrow.  This doesn’t change your status as my Pastor or our relationship.” 
He nodded thankfully.

“Second,” she continued, “this is your last chance to back out.  Otherwise you agree to submit to the entire punishment, which will be much the same as my sons used to receive.”

He finally spoke, “I won’t back out.”

Signaling the temporary change in their status, Sister March used his first name, a liberty she had never taken before: “OK then Robert, you may remove your pajamas.”

His eyes widened.

“But I’m not wearing…”

“…underwear?  Good, because they would need to come off also. I said you would get spanked the same way my sons got it, and they got it bare.”

“Top and b-bottoms?”

“Yes, everything.” 

Naturally, he removed his top first, but that left nothing for the man to do but finish the job.  As he pushed the elastic down past his groin, his penis popped free and pointed at the lady who was about to spank him.  She watched the progress of his blush with something like scientific interest.

Moments later, the young Pastor was over the lady’s lap.  Sister March was a church elder, but that doesn’t make her a weakling.  In particular, years of sewing and cutting fabrics had left her with strong wrists and hands. 

He settled in; his private bits dangled between her thighs, his eyes looked down at the carpet, his white bottom was the apex of his arched body.  She wrapped her left arm firmly around his waist, as if she were temporarily claiming property rights.  The total effect was one of chaste intimacy, intimacy of an intensity the young Pastor hadn’t experienced since childhood.   

In a kind voice she said, “If you feel like crying, let it out.  I won’t tell and the emotional release will do you a world of good.  …Are you ready?”
He bobbed his head, which she took as a “yes”.

She delivered each stroke of the hairbrush with a ferocious snap of that strong wrist.  Unprepared for the intensity, Dr. Lee kicked and howled from the very first fall of the brush.  His tight buttocks quickly turned pink, and then progressed to red.  At one point he tried to twist his bottom away from her.  It didn’t do him any good, but it did give her a satisfying glimpse of a freshly deflated penis.   Now she knew for sure that her efforts were having an effect.

At first, a thousand thoughts were flooding through the young man’s head.  Naturally, fear was high among them, and there was certainly embarrassment at his exposed condition and the humbling punishment he was submitting to.  But there were deeper thoughts; there were memories of his childhood punishments, and thoughts of his parents, there were vague sexual emotions, and there was a strange comfort that came with having this woman take charge and take him in hand.  But then the increasing sting in his bottom started to intrude into this rich amalgam of thought.  

Like peeling away the layers of an onion, that nasty hairbrush displaced his thoughts, brushing them away until only the red-hot sting occupied his mind.  What could he do, what could he say to convince this lady that it was time to stop spanking his bottom?  Obviously, he had totally lost control of the situation, temporarily ceded all control to Sister March.  There was nothing to do but ride out the sting, howl piteously, and allow the searing, cleansing pain to do its job of clearing out his head. 

It wasn’t a long spanking, perhaps only 30 hard blows, but it was plenty hard enough to make his physical effects last a couple days.  Sister March knew that the young man would need more than one sore bottom before his issues were resolved, so she didn’t want to scare him away after only one spanking.

As she expected, it was enough of a spanking to push him over the edge.  Still lying across her lap, and still quite bare, the young Pastor sobbed for several minutes after it was over.  Finally she helped him to his feet and dressed him as if he were a child.  She gave him a few minutes to recover, and then suggested he go to bed.  There were no hugs or kisses; they were neither lovers nor parent & child, so loving gestures between them didn’t feel appropriate.


The next evening, Dr. Lee obviously wanted to talk, so Sister March made them both tea. 

“I know we said there would be no mention of … errr … last night, but I just want to tell you that what you did put my mind at rest.  That was just what I needed.  Thank you Sister March.”

And then he said the words that changed Faith Temple forever: “I just wish I could send a few of our ladies to you.  A good spanking would straighten them right out.”

Sister March looked thoughtful, and didn’t speak for a long moment.  Finally a look of triumphant wonder came over her face, “No,” she purred, “That wouldn’t do because I’m not their Pastor.  That’s you.  But perhaps God just sent us the answer we have been seeking!”

Dr. Lee’s eyes got large.  “Me? Spank a lady?  Oh no. I could never do that.  Even if that were acceptable and even if the ladies would submit, I still couldn’t.  I would ummm, embarrass myself.
 “Worrying about erections again young man?  Don’t. For whatever reason, God didn’t put those under men’s control.  So therefore men can’t be blamed for them. It’s your free-will actions that God judges you by, the involuntary reactions of your body are of no consequence.”

Dr. Lee tried one last time: “But I don’t know how to give a spanking.  I could injure someone.”

Immediately Sister March saw that she must make a sacrifice.  …Or was it a sacrifice?

“Don’t worry about your inexperience,” she said confidently, “This is something we will need to introduce to the congregation step by careful step.  It will take weeks or months for us to get to the point where you might actually need to punish anyone.”

Then she dropped her bombshell; “By then, you will have had plenty of practice.  You will practice on me!” 

© Guyspencer 2012


Anonymous Ordalie said...

"I know erections happen, and I know they’re not really under your control"
I'd have been glad if I'd been told that that when I was young...
But who spoke of sexuality in those darker ages?

5:35 AM, August 27, 2012  

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