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Detention with Corporal Punishment: Part 5

© Guyspencer 2012
Detention with Corporal Punishment: Part 5

Peeking under the bathroom door, seen through a steamy haze, young Ed saw a vision of heaven.  He would retain a high-definition memory of that sight for the rest of his life.  He would forever remember the perfectly-formed pale twin orbs of Miss Sara Russell’s bare bottom as she stepped from the shower.  The memory would be so perfect that 50 years later he still would be able to mentally inventory every drop of water on her delicious buns.  From that moment, until the day he died, Ed would be an “ass man”.  

From his inconvenient vantage point, Ed could only see Miss Russell from the waist down, but that was plenty!  Then Sara turned around and Ed saw… (Well, this story is for adults, so you know what he saw.)

Literally salivating, he watched as she toweled herself off and donned a robe.  Then she gradually moved to his side of the bathroom.  After her first step, he could see only from her knees down, and then she was so close that he could only see her feet.  Ed had never really thought about female feet before.  These were small, perfect, and riveting!

Then the door jerked open and Sara shrieked when she realized what she was seeing.


It started late last week.  Shortly after Ed got home from school, and before his father was home from work, the phone rang.  His mother picked it up, and her face collapsed.  It was the Orlando Florida police department.  Her parents, retired in Florida, had been involved in a serious auto accident.  Yes, they were both alive but it was serious, really serious.  His mother was so shaken that Ed had to take the phone to jot down the name and phone number of the hospital.

Ed had never seen his mother like this, and really didn’t know how to handle the situation.  His father came home from work to find the two of them huddled in the kitchen with supper ruined on the stove.

Father comforted his wife as best he could, ordered a pizza for supper, checked the airline schedules, and called his boss to announce he would be gone for at least two weeks due to a family emergency. Then his thoughts turned to Ed. 

Ed had been a bit behind in math recently, so missing two weeks of school would be a big sacrifice.  But still, Ed was too young to live by himself.  Wisely, Father looked up the Principal’s name in the phone directory and called for advice.  At first, the best the Principal could offer was to gather Ed’s homework and ship it to Florida, but it would take at least a week for it to get there!  Then, like the proverbial light bulb, the Principal had an inspired idea.  There was one particularly trustworthy staff member who happened to be single, lived alone, and perhaps could be persuaded to “house sit” and care for Ed.  When the Principal mentioned Sara Russell’s name, the father knew he was right.  Sara happened to be the Guidance counselor and Acting Dean for Ed’s school.  She had already spanked Ed once.  Ed would be in capable hands!

Moments later, he was on the phone with Sara explaining the situation.  Remembering Ed’s apparent crush on her, Sara was a bit hesitant to accept what turned out to be a very generous offer.  Being totally honest as usual, she shared her concerns with Ed’s father. 

“You know how to handle that sort of thing don’t you Miss Russell?” he asked.  I’m sure that Ed isn’t the first student with such ideas.   Besides, I’ve seen you with your gentleman friend a time or two, so I’m comfortable that you prefer men your own age.” 

Sara blushed at the news that her private life was so transparent.  Actually, her “gentleman friend” had recently been promoted to fiance status, so the extra money from this job offer would really come in handy for their wedding plans.

Soon the deal was done and Sara found herself packing her bags and moving into the guest bedroom of Ed’s house.  Father sat Ed and Sara down for a “talk”.  “Ed, you will respect and obey Miss Russell exactly as if she were your parent.  When she says something, it is like it came from me; understand? “

Ed nodded soberly.

Father continued.  “Miss Russell, you have my full confidence and my full parental authority.  I wouldn’t say this to anyone else in the world, but that specifically includes spanking privileges if need be.”

Both Sara and Ed blushed.

“I doubt if anything like that will be necessary” Sara said, “but I appreciate your confidence.” 

Ed’s parent’s left for the airport that evening.                    

The next couple days were really strange for Ed.  He had a classic case of mixed emotions.  He was sad to know his grandparents were injured and possibly dying, and he was shaken to see his mother so crushed, but another part of him was ecstatic to have Miss Russell virtually to himself for at least two weeks.  While he had no further desire to be spanked by her, his “crush” on Sara was still alive and well.

The guest room that Sara occupied was upstairs next to Ed’s bedroom.  The two rooms shared one bathroom, which was between them with a door opening into each bedroom.  There was a rather large gap at the bottom edges of the bathroom doors because an old thick carpet had been removed and the original hardwood floors restored.  Sara noticed the gap, but thought nothing of it. 

Friday really felt strange to Ed.  For the first time in his life, he woke up without his parents in the house.  He got up as usual, got himself ready for school, and went downstairs to find that Sara had prepared breakfast.  Working together, they cleaned up the kitchen and then walked to school. 

After school, Ed took a desk in the back of the detention room while Sara performed her usual after-school duties.  Today, there happened to be twelve students reporting for detention, but two had the dreaded “red slips”, which meant that Sara would take them individually to her office to deliver one of her famous spankings. 

As soon as Sara got Detention organized, she left another staff member in charge before leaving the room with one of the “red slip” students, a girl from Ed’s class.  While they were gone, Ed fanaticized freely about the scene in Miss Russell’s office.  He knew that the girl would be “getting it” bare, but he could only guess if it was to be just be a hand spanking or if the girl would also get her shapely caboose spanked with Sara’s paddle.  Either way, he knew that Sara would show her no mercy.  She would spend several miserable minutes across Sara’s lap learning a painful lesson. 

From school lore, and from painful personal experience, Ed knew Miss Russell’s punishment routine pretty well, so he could look at the clock and fairly accurately picture the scene inside Sara’s office at any given minute:

First was the “talk”, Sara would be kind but firm in reviewing the reason for the girl’s imminent punishment.
Then the girl would be sent to the little washroom to “prepare”.  That meant that she would remove her shoes, her skirt, and even her panties.  She would fold her clothes and leave them on the little wooden stand.  If necessary she would use the toilet, and then she would wrap a towel around her waist so that the opening was behind her.  By now the little washroom would seem distorted from viewing it through her tears.

Then the long walk out the washroom door.  One hand would be behind her, holding the towel.  Miss Russell would already be sitting in a chair in the middle of her office, ready for action.  Her mind wrapped in a protective fog, the girl would walk to the waiting lap.

Then Sara would guide the girl over her lap.  Like opening a present, she would unwrap the towel to expose the girl’s bare nether cheeks.  (When Ed got to this part of his mental image, his hand casually snuck down under his desk to rub himself.  He tried to make it look like an accident)

Then of course, the spanking would start.  Ed knew that this was the one part of the procedure that Sara never rushed.  Every spanking was a careful and complete job, without a single square inch of the girl’s bottom escaping Sara’s attention.  The girl could struggle, cry, beg, or even scream, but it never mattered, Sara just implacably did her job.  (Ed looked around to see if anyone was noticing him.  Naturally, it would have been terribly embarrassing for Ed to stand up at that moment! )

Finally, the spanking would be over.  Sara would carefully refasten the “modesty towel” and remind the girl to hold it before letting her up.  Unfortunately that often failed.  The girl would end up dancing around her office, and the towel would slide to the ground.  (By now, Ed was totally involved in his fantasy.  Everyone else in the room had faded into the background.  Fortunately, he sat in back, so nobody noticed him squirming)

Twenty five minutes later, Sara returned with the girl.  Her face was red, her eyes puffy.  As Ed watched, the girl sat down in her chair with great care.  Sara beckoned to the other “red slip” student, one of the most popular boys in the school.  Reluctantly, and with his face red from embarrassment, he stood and followed her out of the room to his fate.

Detention was almost over before Sara returned with the boy.  She had obviously done a good job on him.  There were still tears in his eyes and his walk was stiff.  The boy obviously preferred to stand, but Sara insisted that he return to his seat.  Judging from the delicate way the boy sat down, Ed correctly guessed that he had felt Miss Russell’s paddle.  Five minutes later, Sara dismissed the class.  Everybody filed out.  It took Sara a few minutes to clean up and lock up, but soon they were walking home.

On the way home, Ed tried to pump Sara for details of the two students she had spanked, but the effort was fruitless.  “That’s private” she said.  “You wouldn’t want me blabbing about the time I spanked you would you?”

Ed dropped the subject, but he couldn’t stop thinking about it, especially about what that girl must have looked like with her bare bottom on display.

The weekend went swiftly, Sara made it a point to keep Ed busy and out of the house as much as possible.  Ed’s parents had left Sara plenty of expense money, so they ate in restaurants a lot.  Also, Sara took it on herself to tutor Ed in Math.  He quickly learned to like her hanging over his shoulder as he worked. 

In fact, Ed’s infatuation with Sara blossomed almost to the exploding point.  At night, it was almost too much for him to think of her laying in bed right in the next room!  Of course, he relieved the pressure in his groin in the usual way.  Since they shared a bathroom, that activity had to be done furtively underneath the sheets. 

Of course, Sara noticed the glances and stares from the boy and guessed what was going on.  To give him as little encouragement as possible, she stayed fully clothed until she retired for the night. 

She felt the shared bathroom was a little too intimate, so at first Sara only used the facilities downstairs.  However, after the first week she relaxed enough to start using the more convenient facilities upstairs.  It was on Sunday that it happened; Sara was showering in the shared bathroom.  As she was toweling off, she saw a shadow at the bottom of the door that led into Ed’s bedroom.  The shadow moved, then lingered.  Curious, Sara donned a robe before cracking open the door.  There, lying on the floor obviously peeking under the door was Ed.    

Furious, Sara frog-marched Ed down to the living room and non-to-gently put him in a corner.  He turned to offer a half-baked excuse, but the effort was so lame that he simply turned back in mid-sentence to face the corner.  “Stay right there, be quiet and don’t move a muscle” she ordered.  “I need time to calm down.  You’re in the biggest trouble of your young life”.

Sara went back upstairs to get fully dressed.  Then she put her eye down to the floor to figure out how much of her Ed saw.  She quickly ascertained that he has seen plenty.  Then she puttered in the kitchen where she could keep an eye on Ed.  She heard an occasional sob from his direction, but otherwise the boy obeyed his orders.  “What should I do?” she wondered to herself.  Obviously the boy needed his bottom blistered, but also the situation demanded something else. He had violated Sara’s privacy, so he should be made to sacrifice his own privacy for a time.  But what would that entail?  It surely didn’t mean having the boy run around the house nude; that would be creepy and possibly counterproductive.  On the positive side, this now gave Sara an opportunity to directly confront Ed’s growing signs of infatuation with her.

One thing Sara decided right away; Ed’s parents needn’t be bothered with this, at least not today.  The news from Florida was not encouraging, so Ed’s parents had enough to worry about right now.

Steeling herself, she went in to talk to Ed.      

He spoke first:  “You must hate me now.”

“No” she replied, “I like you Ed, but I hate what you did.”

Then she explained:  “When you were a toddler, your parents probably worked for years to teach you how to control your impulses so you would be ready to behave in school.  They did a good job!  That’s why you’re so easy to like.  Now your body is full of sex hormones that are giving you a whole new set of impulses.  To function in polite society, you need to learn to control those also.  …Understand?”

He nodded.  To get Ed talking, she led him through some leading questions.

“What were you thinking?”
“What’s wrong with what you did?”
“What should we do with you now?”
“How will I be able to trust you?”
“What’s a reasonable punishment?”
“What will your parents say?”

That final question made Ed lose what little reserve he had left; “Please don’t tell them.” He begged.  “I’ll do whatever you want, but please don’t tell them.” 

“I don’t want to give you any false hope.” Sara explained, “But I’ll deal with that later.”  The boy sniffed, and agreed.

“OK”, Sara said, “Tell me how much of me you saw.”  Blushing, Ed just looked down.  Since he obviously couldn’t voice an answer, she changed tactics,

“Show me on yourself.” 

Shamefaced, Ed indicated from his waist down. 

“Front and back?” she asked, even though she knew the answer.

Looking at the floor, he nodded.

“You realize that you violated my privacy; right?”

Unable to meet her eyes, the boy nodded miserably.

“And you realize that you had no right to do that?”

Still looking down, the Ed just sobbed.

“OK,” Sara said decisively, “We’re going to clear the air with a nice hard spanking, but that’s just the beginning of your punishment.  Understand?”

Ed seemed almost eager to end this uncomfortable talk, even if it took a spanking to do so.   Unbidden, his hands went down to unbutton his pants.

Sara jumped up to close the curtain on the picture window.

Sara looked down at Ed’s unbuttoned pants.  “Under the circumstance, we won’t be delicate about this.  Go ahead and take them right off; your underpants too.”

Ed lost little time de-pantsing himself.  He stood in front of her wearing just a shirt.  Normally, Sara might have secretly noticed that Ed’s “bubble butt” looked fetching protruding from under his shirt; but today she was all business.

“Remember,” she warned, “this is just for starters.”

“I know” the boy sobbed as he allowed himself to be guided over Sara’s lap.

Ed felt the back of his shirt raise, and then he cooperated as Sara adjusted his position.  Ed was still a little brain-fuzzy from the rapid series of events; from his exciting view of Sara to his discovery and humiliation.  Still, Ed was ready to start his punishment, because he knew that was the only way that life could return to normal.  The next thing that Ed knew, he felt his bottom erupt into white-hot pain.  Sara was spanking hard and fast!

The spanking was not typical for Sara, and deliberately so.  It was designed to “clear the air” and just mark the start of Ed’s punishment.  Contrary to her usual technique, she held Ed down and spanked hard and furiously…but briefly.  It had the desired effect.  She felt better, and Ed was crying; crying out his mortification at getting caught, his pent up sexual frustration, his need for his parents, and his worries about his grandparents.  As he laid across Sara’s lap with his bottom only a pale shade of pink, he cried it all out. 

Sara wanted to hug the boy to her chest, but she avoided doing anything that would further stimulate and confuse him.  So she simply rubbed his back as he cried.  Finally Ed quieted.  She helped him to his feet.  Again, she wanted to tuck him into his bed with a kiss and a hug, but couldn’t.  She simply handed him his pile of clothes, gently asked him if he was “feeling better”, then sent the bare-bottomed boy off to bed.

“Get a good night’s sleep” she advised, “We’ll talk more about this tomorrow”.    

© Guyspencer 2012


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