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Detention with Corporal Punishment: Part 6

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Detention with Corporal Punishment: Part 6

It was the day after Ed had been caught peeking at Sara Russell, his guidance counselor and temporary sitter, as she had been drying herself from her shower.  After she recovered, Sara sat Ed down for a long talk, a talk which had ended with sort of a preliminary spanking.  But Ed was still in big trouble.

The morning started out as usual, Sara made breakfast, and then the two of them walked to school.  The school day was normal except that both Ed and Sara were thinking about yesterday’s events.  As usual, Ed finished the day by sitting in the back of the detention room waiting for Sara’s workday to be over.  Today, she only had one “red slip” do deal with; a large boy.  As usual, the boy she brought back to the detention room after that corporal trip to her office looked uncomfortable, embarrassed, and tragically chastened.

On the way home, Sara finally broached the subject.  “Tell me what happens when you are on restriction.”

Ed quickly and honestly laid out the rules; no television, no telephone, must wear pajamas, etc.  “Does this mean I’m grounded?” he asked.

“Yes,” Sara said, “With one additional rule.  You took my privacy, so we will restrict your privacy.  You can’t be behind any closed door, not even the bathroom.  All doors stay wide open for you.” 

Ed contemplated this, and finally said “Yes ma’am.  That will be embarrassing, but I guess it’s fair.

“And there’s more.”  Sara warned. “When I decide that you have been grounded long enough, we will conclude your punishment with a spanking; a hard one.” 

Ed’s eyes filled with tears, but he nodded his understanding.

At home, Sara sat Ed down and had a direct talk with him about his “crush” on her.  He blushed bright red when Sara brought up the subject, but finally admitted that it might be “A little bit true”.  She explained that not only was any relationship between them inappropriate, their ages were different, and that she was an engaged woman.  (This was news to Ed, and the first time she had told anyone.)  Finally, she loaned Ed a copy of a book.  What Every Teenager Should Know. 

“Read this over the weekend.” She said.  “If you want, we can talk about it after you finish.   “Yes Ma’am” he said.  He pretended disinterest, but it was actually the closest thing to a sex book he had ever seen.  He would devour every page over the weekend.

Otherwise, the weekend went slowly.  As usual, it was boring to be grounded. At least, with Sara’s help he got caught up on his math.  Even though Ed had to dress and even use the bathroom with the door wide open, Sara quietly made it a point not to be around when that was happening.  The point wasn’t lost on Ed; he had learned the value of privacy.  There was one small problem.  With no privacy, Ed’s onanistic activities were limited to nighttimes under his sheets.


With Ed still on restriction, the following weekdays went slowly.  Sara helped Ed with his math each evening, and he showed steady improvement.   One evening, Sara led a frank discussion about the “What Every Teenager Should Know” book, and appropriate ways for him to express his sexual feelings.  Not being his parent, she avoided discussing the mechanics of sex, but concentrated on making him understand his feeling and urges.  The talk was embarrassing for Ed, but he wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Friday started out as a normal school day.  After class, Ed waited as usual in the detention room as Sara completed her duties for the day.  As it turned out, there were no “red slips” that day, so the other staff member left for home, leaving Sara to monitor the detention room.  Finally detention was dismissed.  Ed had expected to go home with Sara as usual, but Sara had other ideas!

When all of the other students had filed out the room, Sara gathered her books and papers as Ed packed his books into his backpack.  Just as Ed stood, Sara stopped him. 

“We need to talk” she said, “I had a long phone conversation with your father last night.  I told him what happened, and we have agreed on your punishment.”

Ed was floored.  Perhaps irrationally, he had hoped that Sara might decide not to tell his parents about his voyeurism.

Seeing Ed’s face fall, Sara explained quickly. “I want you to know that your mother was not present when I had that conversation.  Your father has decided that at least for now, its better that your mother doesn’t know about this.  That’s why he asked me to punish you now on his behalf.  That way, he won’t have to punish you later, and it removes the problem of explaining your punishment to your mother.  Understand?

Relieved that at least one of his parents wouldn’t hear of his voyeurism, Ed nodded.  Then he started to ask:  “What…what…?

“What is your punishment?” she asked helpfully.

Ed nodded again.

Think of it as two punishments, the spanking I promised you, and punishment from your father,” Sara explained.  “From me, you get paddled.  Then from your father, you get the belt. We’ll use the belt you’re wearing. He said that he expects to see belt marks on your bottom when he gets home, so I must do a good job.  So you should expect a very sore bottom.”

Without even thinking about it, Ed’s hand touched the leather belt at his waist.  His mouth went dry.

As Ed absorbed that bit of news, Sara filled in a detail; “There will be no further punishment from your father as long as you cooperate”.  Fair enough?”

Through a mental fog, Ed found himself nodding reluctant agreement.   

“Then let’s go to my office and get this unpleasant business behind us,” Sara suggested.

Together, they made the familiar walk to Sara’s office.

First, Sara stuck Ed in a convenient corner then made a brief check of the school building and the staff parking lot.  They were alone in the building.

Back in her office, Sara sat at her desk, retrieved her paddle, and then ordered Ed to stand facing her.

“Remove your belt, and then place it on my desk” she ordered.

With a sad and nervous sniff, the boy obeyed.

“OK” Sara explained, “This isn’t a school punishment, so it doesn’t go in your school records.  Therefore, we will proceed by your father’s rules, not the school’s.  Understand?”

Ed nodded.

“Do you need to use the toilet before we start?”

Ed thought for a moment, and then replied “No ma-am.”           

“OK then” the said in a businesslike tone of voice.  “Standing right there, I want you to disrobe.  Your shoes go under my desk, pile your clothing neatly on the edge of my desk.”

Ed’s eyes got wide. Suddenly he realized that there would be no private undressing and no “modesty towel” as per Sara’s usual spanking procedure.  He realized that this was just one more price for violating Sara’s privacy.  He sadly nodded then doggedly began to undress, starting by kicking off his shoes.

Sara worked on some papers, feigning disinterest in Ed’s efforts.  When she looked up a few minutes later, Ed was standing nervously, clad only in his tight briefs.

“Those too” Sara ordered before going back to her work, “Especially those!”

Soon a pair of white underpants joined the pile of clothes on Sara’s desk.  She looked up to regard the naked boy.  She saw a boy who was slender, but not athletic.  There were several signs that his body was fast maturing, including a crop of hair that framed his mature-sized penis.  She realized that hormones were probably responsible for the boy’s recent behavioral problems, but she didn’t consider that an excuse. 

Ed was about to have a memorable learning experience. But first, she decided that he could profit from a little “thinking time”.  She put her head back down to her work, and actually became quite absorbed, leaving Ed to fidget, both from his nakedness and from the sight of the paddle and belt waiting to be used on him.  
It’s normal for the combination of the disciplinary situation and the cool air of Sara’s office to have a certain effect on teen boys.  Ed turned out to be no exception.  Sara looked up and saw part of Ed pointing directly at her.  With most of Sara’s male charges, this effect manifested only as an unmistakable bump in the “modesty towel” but Ed hadn’t been allowed that tiny vestige of privacy.  Obviously aware of the situation, Ed’s face had turned as red as the future hue of his bottom.  

Although a bit flustered herself, Sara recognized this as a “teaching moment”.

“It’s not pleasant having your privacy taken away from you is it?” she asked.

“N…n…no ma-am” he responded. “It’s really embarrassing.”

“Obviously this” (she pointed) is one special reason for boys to want privacy and modesty, but females also have special reasons.  You won’t ever violate anyone’s privacy again will you?”

“Oh no ma-am” he said fervently, “I’ve learned my lesson. “

Looking into the boy’s eyes, she realized that he really did “get it”.  His lesson had been learned.  But still there was the matter of his promised punishment to be attended to.

“I believe you Ed” she said honestly, “but just to be sure, we still need to finish your punishment; right?”

Ed looked at the floor and nodded.

“You may move one of those chairs into the middle of the floor” She said in a businesslike tone of voice.
It felt strange to be arranging the furniture for his own spanking, but having no other options, Ed obeyed.         

Methodically, Sara cleared her desk of everything except the belt, paddle, and the pile of Ed’s clothing.  “OK this is what’s going to happen” she said firmly.  “First, I’ll spank you with the paddle.  That spanking will be long and hard.  Then I will give you a reasonable time to recover.  Finally, you will bend across my desk for the belt.  Your father said he expects to see belt marks, so I need to do a good job.  Understand?”

His heat thumping and his ears ringing, the boy nodded dumbly.   

Sara stood and purposely walked around her desk to the chair that Ed had placed in the middle of the room.  She sat down and smoothed her skirt.  Anticipating Sara’s intent, Ed swallowed hard before moving around to her right side. 

“You may fetch me the paddle, and then put yourself into position.” Sara commanded.

Ed started slightly, he had momentarily forgotten about the paddle. 

It was the first time he had ever touched the paddle, it seemed hot and formidable in his hands.  He picked up the instrument of his imminent correction and offered it to Sara, the irony of this little ceremony temporarily lost to his befuddled brain. 

Contrary to her usual spanking routine, she guided Ed over just her left leg so that she could trap his lower legs with her right leg.  She tried to pull her skirt lower, but Ed’s penis ended up against her bare inner thigh.  Although Ed seemed oblivious to the intimate contact, Sara inwardly cursed herself for not thinking to wear slacks.  Finally Ed was locked in place; head down, left hand flat against the floor for balance, right hand firmly trapped at his back, and bare bottom presented high and totally vulnerable to the waiting paddle.
“Explain to me why you are being punished” she ordered. 

In a strained voice Ed croaked, “Because I peeked at you in the bathroom and that violated your privacy.”

“That’s a really good answer” Sara replied in a gentle voice that masked her intent.  “Let’s get this unfortunate business over with then.”   With no further warning, she raised her arm high and slammed the paddle down with full strength.  As Ed howled, bucked, and finally screamed in pain, she quickly applied nine more blows with her full strength.  It was Sara’s plan to quickly impart an intense sting to Ed’s bottom; sting to instantly convert him from a would-be teen lothario into a teary-eyed spanked child, and sting to ensure that he wouldn’t get a moment’s sexual stimulation from the spanking.  The technique worked perfectly.

Sara’s paddle had been carefully selected by the school’s Principal.  Hairbrush sized, it was just heavy enough to sting like Hades, but light enough to prevent any serious damage. 

With her dominance firmly established, Sara released Ed’s legs and arm.  The rest of the spanking would be a more leisurely affair, but still terribly memorable for the recipient. 

Reverting to her usual spanking style, Sara gave Ed freedom to move as she continued the paddling.  As Sara spanked, Ed bounced, twisted, wriggled, clenched, kicked and splayed his legs.  All he accomplished was to present Sara with new, interesting and kinetic surfaces to spank.  Twice, Ed reached back with his right hand to cover his bottom.  Each time, Sara responded by shifting her target down to his upper legs where he couldn’t reach and doggedly continuing the paddling.  Each time, Ed quickly got the message and uncovered his livid bottom.  Finally, Ed twisted his body so much that he actually rolled off Sara’s lap.  This would enrage many spankers, but not a professional like Sara. 

She helped the boy back to his feet.  Ed was a mess.  Tears, sweat, snot and drool mingled seamlessly on his face.  The boy bawled shamelessly, with one hand on each buttock.  She could easily see that his erection was ancient history 

“You really need to try to stay in place” Sara said mildly, “or this spanking will take us all day.” 

She allowed the boy a minute to calm down, and then urged him back across his lap. .

“You’re going to hate this part” she explained, “but it must be done.  Open your legs so I can get to your inner thighs.”

 It took some further cajoling, but finally Ed assumed a proper position for the next part of his spanking.   

Using only her hand and carefully staying clear of his testicles, Sara peppered Ed’s inner thighs.  Ed squealed like a girl. 

With the thighs a proper shade of pink, Sara revisited Ed’s entire bottom one last time with the stingy paddle.  Finally she decided that this part of Ed’s punishment was complete.  Actually, she could have been far more severe.  She had been careful to cause no real damage to Ed’s bottom with the paddle.  After all, he still had a strapping ahead of him!  She wanted this to be a memorable punishment, but not inhumane.  To Ed, the process seemed like hours, but the whole paddling had probably taken less than ten minutes. 

The boy’s bottom was now a uniform shade of bright red, yet Sara wasn’t done, not by a long shot.

As soon as the boy seemed able, Sara urged him to his feet.  She longed to hold the boy and tell him all was forgiven, but that was impossible.  Any physical affection she showed the boy would likely just rekindle his crush on her.  Besides, the most painful part of his punishment was yet to come.  Ed didn’t seem to know what to do with himself, he pranced, sobbed, and gingerly felt his bottom. 

Wishing almost as much as Ed that the punishment was over, Sara picked up the belt and handed it to the still-sobbing boy, “You need a little rest before we continue.  Hold this belt while you do some corner time”.  She pointed the boy into the closest corner.

Weary from her long day and from the tension of this protracted punishment, Sara sat at her desk, contemplating her rosy-cheeked view of Ed’s back as he faced the corner.  She had more paperwork she could have done, but she wasn’t in the mood.  So she simply stared.

A few minutes later Ed had obviously calmed down, his shoulders had stopped shaking and she no longer heard sniveling.  He jumped slightly when she finally spoke: “OK, bring me your belt.  Let’s get this over with so your life can get back to normal.”

Ed’s father might not have agreed, but Sara suddenly realized that Ed had truly learned his lesson, and that any further punishment was redundant.  Still, Ed’s father would likely check Ed’s bottom for belt marks.  If he didn’t find them, Ed might get worse later.  So Sara decided to do the minimum.

“Bend over the desk,” she ordered.  “This will hurt like hell, but please try to stay in place so I don’t have to prolong it.  After your belt whipping, your punishment is over and as far as I’m concerned you are forgiven.  OK?”

He moaned a bit, but nodded miserably before placing himself across the desk.

Sara had never before spanked anyone with a belt, but she had practiced earlier in the day with a spare belt she had quietly borrowed from Ed’s bedroom.  She had propped a pillow on the edge of her desk, right where Ed’s crimson buttocks were right now.  In several sessions, she had practiced her swing until each one landed exactly on target with stunning velocity.

Standing to Ed’s left, she wrapped the belt twice around her hand, planted her feet in exactly the right place, rotated her body, and let fly.  Ed screeched and jumped up.  In a quiet voice, she urged him back into position, making him grip the far edge of the desk.  He managed to stay in place for the next blow, but then jumped up again on the third. 

In a soft but firm voice, she talked him back into position.

She paused to examine her work.  Without doubt, there would be three belt marks that would last for several days.  They would be worse on his right cheek where the near-supersonic tip of the belt had impacted his flesh.

Satisfied, she switched sides and switched hands.  She gave him three left-handed swats.  He yelped loudly for each, but barely managed to stay in place for those.  The marks from these wouldn’t be as prominent as the first set, but they would do. 

She cocked her head, deciding.  It was almost good enough.  She crossed back over to his left side to deliver one more devastating stroke down low across his sit spots.  Ed screamed and jumped up again.  She coaxed him back down one last time, but she let the belt hang while she critically inspected his bottom.  Yes!  Ed’s father wanted to see belt marks, and she was sure that there would be some for him to see.  She had delivered the minimum strapping that filled Ed’s father’s specifications.  Ed’s punishment was finally over.

She gave the sobbing boy a quick squeeze across the shoulders, and told him how well he had taken his punishment, and that he was forgiven and no longer on restriction. 

Fifteen minutes later, with Ed dressed and cleaned up, they walked out of the school together.  She would have preferred to eat out that evening, but instead she ordered a delivery pizza so that Ed could eat standing up. 

Two days later, his parents arrived back home.  His mother would need to make some short trips back to Florida to see to their rehabilitation, but his grandparents would recover.  His father had a serious man-to-man talk with Ed about the incident, and took the promised look at his bottom, but that ended the matter.

It had been a difficult and painful lesson for Ed to learn, but it stayed with him for the rest of his life.  For better or worse, Ed’s schoolboy crush on Sara remained.  That was something Ed would simply have to outgrow. 

In spite of everything, Ed remained truly afraid of spankings.  Though spankings would figure into certain of his solitary erotic fantasies, Ed was never to act on them in real life.  Somehow our young man had missed the full effect of the “spanko gene.”

For the newly married Sara, it was different.  Whilst behind closed bedroom doors, Sara and her enthusiastic new husband discovered erotic spanking.  That helped make her marriage an exciting and sensual adventure, but her job never felt quite the same after that.  

© Guyspencer 2012


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