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Appointment for Contrition, Part 7

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Appointment for Contrition, Part 7

After receiving the distressing phone call from Reverend Februs, Dr. Lee had driven straight to Central Baptist Church.  He arrived moments after Sara.  The two clergymen confronted Sara in the privacy of the church office.  As always, they started with a prayer, asking for guidance in this matter.

As before, Sara was wearing her simple uniform of staff T-shirt, cargo shorts, tennis shoes, and baseball hat.  As before, she looked natural, refreshing, and (frankly) ravishing.  His heart started to melt, but he steeled himself to his job.

Dr. Lee turned to Sara.  “I can’t believe it Sara!  Over the last two weeks you have been so unreliable, that the Reverend here is considering firing you; firing you from a volunteer job!  Are you really so unreliable that you can’t even hold a volunteer job?”

Her face melted as if she had been struck.  Tears immediately gushed.  “Please Reverend Februs, please give me another chance.  I’m not used to getting up so early in the morning, but I’m a fast learner.  I promise I’ll do better!”

“But you promised me the same thing before” he explained in a reasonable tone of voice, “Yet here we are.  We have responsibilities to these children and we have state staffing ratios we must maintain.  An unreliable employee is worse than useless to me.”

“Please Reverend Februs, Please!  You don’t understand how much I’ve come to like it here.  I never knew I liked kids so much.  They love me and I love them.  I’m a natural here.  I know I deserve to be punished, but please give me a chance to make this right.”

Dr. Lee spoke up, “It’s very appropriate that you should mention punishment Sara, because that’s exactly what I’m here to propose.  If Reverend Februs can be talked into giving you another chance, I propose to punish you right here and now, using a method you are intimately familiar with.  To remedy your tardiness problem, I will loan you a clock radio, which you will place in your bedroom, but out of reach from your bed.  You will adjust it to play loud, irritating music if you don’t get out of bed on time.  At 8:10 every morning, you will dial Sister March and wish her a good morning just to be doubly sure you are awake.  Do you think that will work?

“Yes!” she cried, “Oh yes please!”

He turned to Reverend Februs.  “And sir, will you accept that as a solution?”

With a show of reluctance, the Reverend nodded agreement.  “I guess this means I should leave you two alone for a few minutes?”

“No sir,” Dr. Lee replied, “I think it’s perfectly appropriate and fair for you to remain. “

Sara blushed scarlet, but said nothing.

Dr. Lee continued, “Besides being a man of God, you’re also both a married man and a father, so you know what a bare bottom looks like, and I suspect you are familiar with spankings.”

“The bible tells us to not spare the rod,” he replied, “Yes, I spank my children when it’s required, and I counsel the parents in my congregation to do the same.”

“In that case Sara,” Dr. Lee said, as he moved a chair purposely to the middle of the room, “you may remove your shoes.”

She bent over to untie her shoes, and then kicked them off.  By now, Dr. Lee was sitting in the chair.  Automatically, she walked over to face him, her cheeks wet with tears.

“Don’t be too rough on yourself.”  Dr. Lee soothed.  “You’re a wonderful person.  You said yourself that you are good with the kids, and Reverend Februs agrees.  If I believed that expecting you to arrive to work on time was too much to ask, I would never punish you for it.  You are allowing those clouds in your brain to sabotage you.  I won’t allow it, and neither will Reverend Februs.  It may not feel like it right now, but were both here to help you.”

With tears still flowing, Sara nodded her understanding.

“Sara, Is there anything else we need to discuss before we begin?”

Sniffling, she shook her head. 

“Come around to my side and then uncover your bottom for me.”

She obeyed, unbuttoning her shorts before hooking her thumbs into both her shorts and panties to push them down to mid-thigh.  He took her hand to guide her over his lap.  The chair was somewhat low, so her toes dug into the carpet.  Her legs bent at the knees.

Reverend Februs watched the scene from behind his desk.  For better or worse, Sara’s feet were pointed directly at him.  His view of the proceedings couldn’t be better.  He wondered what his wife would think of this.  A thought formed in his mind.  When he started spanking the ladies from the Ladies Circle he soon planned to form at his own church (he had no doubt it would happen) he would recruit his wife as the “designated witness”. 

As he watched the first few spanks redden Sara’s bottom, Reverend Februs did his very best to maintain a professional state of mind, but still he felt a pressure in his groin. As Sara began to protest loudly, and then start to buck and kick, the most private parts of Sara’s gorgeous anatomy became known to the Reverend.  He could have closed his eyes, perhaps to say a prayer to help Sara through her ordeal, but somehow the thought never occurred to the good Reverend.

Dr. Lee delivered a vigorous spanking, but not a terribly long one.  Perhaps the pain of his own paddled bottom, made temporarily worse by the hard chair and Sara’s weight on his lap, generated some sort of sympathy.  Still Sara was bawling, twisting, kicking, and bicycling her legs in response to the spanks.  It wasn’t in Dr. Lee’s plans, but her bent legs, her antics, and gravity combined forces to overcome friction.  Obeying the laws of physics, her pants and panties descended to the backs of her knees.

After only about two minutes of vigorous spanking, Dr. Lee stopped.  Rather too quickly, he allowed the bawling lady to her feet.  Gravity finished the job of depantsing her!  Sara’s pants and panties dropped to her ankles.  Surprised and hurting, Sara nearly tripped.  Fortunately, one foot came clear of the mess.  Squalling and rubbing her bottom, Sara danced around the room with the clothing clinging to her one ankle.  Finally she kicked herself free of the mess.  It had been Dr. Lee’s honest intent to only bare Sara’s bottom and then quickly restore her clothing afterwards, but in his inexperience he had lost control of the situation.  Now Sara danced around the room clad only in her bra and a T-shirt that was too short to cover anything below her waist.

It was far too late to worry about modesty, so Dr. Lee simply concentrated on helping Sara calm down.  Finally he managed it. 

When the time seemed to be right he asked, “Sara is there anything you wish to say to Reverend Februs?”

She paused to think.  New tears dampened her pretty cheeks.

Reverend Februs filled the silence by offering Sara a tissue.  She thanked him, and then honked loudly into it to clear her nose.  He offered her a fresh one for her tears.

By now, the red-bottomed lady was visibly shaking.  She finally addressed Reverend Februs, “I’m tempted to tell you that there’s no way for me to express my sorrow at my behavior, or to show you how serious I am about improving.  But the truth is that there’s a perfectly obvious way for me to do both of those things.  It just scares me a bit.”

Puzzlement showed on the faces of both clergymen.

Sara walked around to the back of Reverend Februs’s desk.  “Reverend, would you please push your chair away from your desk?”

Suddenly both men simultaneously caught her intent.  The Reverend looked at Dr. Lee for guidance.
Dr. Lee thought through the possibilities quickly, “Are you sure this is what you want to do Sara?  Your bottom must already be pretty tender.”

“Yes it hurts.” she admitted, “But not half as much as it did after you spanked me before.  I think that there’s still something to be settled between me and Reverend Februs.  It scares me; I know I’ll be regretting it shortly, but this feels like the right thing to do.”

Dr. Lee nodded significantly at the Reverend.  With a show of reluctance, He pushed his chair away from his desk.

“W-when you start sp-spanking me, I’ll probably beg you to stop, but p-please don’t,” she begged, “At least, not until you’ve done a good job and all is settled between us.”

Solemnly, the man nodded his agreement.  “It may not seem like it over the next few minutes Sara, but I’m your friend, and so is Dr. Lee.  Both of us want only what’s best for you, but I also must think of our children and their parents.  That’s why you must learn this lesson and learn it well!”

Soberly and tearfully, she nodded her agreement.

“Well,” he continued looking at her nakedness, you seem to be properly dressed for the occasion, so let’s get started.”

 He patted his lap.  Sara put her still-red, still-bare bottom into the correct place for further attention.  She closed her eyes, gripped the chair legs tightly, and steeled herself for what was to come.

Perhaps it was a protective gesture towards Sara, perhaps it was to assert his continuing authority over her, or perhaps it was for some more basic motivation; but Dr. Lee walked behind the desk, selecting a vantage that just happened to afford an optimal view.  Recently, Dr. Lee had experienced spanking from both the top and bottom perspective, but this was his first time as an observer.


Reverend Februs had a very conversational spanking style.  He believed in combining a spanking with a sort of sermon/lecture/quiz.

He started out with a moderate, peppering all over her bottom.  It was designed to gain her attention, to ensure her tears were flowing well, and to reawaken every nerve ending in her bottom. 

She squirmed as the sting built.  Fascinated, Dr. Lee watched Sara’s buttocks flatten with each blow, and then jiggle back into their natural enticing shape.  As the Reverend worked, they quickly took on a darker hue.

The Reverend stopped to review with Sara the reasons for her punishment.  He did it in the form of a series of questions.  He punctuated each question with a spank, and then spanked for each of Sara’s answer that displeased him or didn’t come fast enough. 

When he felt that subject had been sufficiently covered, he segued into the next subject by applying about 30 seconds of vigorous spanking.  She kicked, squealed, and scissored her legs, unknowingly favoring Dr. Lee with intimate, albeit fleeting, peeks of her most personal charms.

The Reverend continued this pattern for perhaps fifteen minutes, mini conversations followed by mini spankings.  He never raised his voice, forcing Sara to curtail her own vocalizations so that she could hear and answer his constant barrage of questions.  Dr. Lee soon came to understand that he was watching a master in action.  He wondered how Reverend Februs had gotten so much spanking practice; surely not from just spanking his children?

In the meantime, Sara’s bottom continued to turn a deeper shade of red.  Also the Reverend concentrated on her upper thighs, previously untouched by Pastor Lee’s spanking.  Those spanks to her thighs made Sara kick or scissor her legs, which naturally spread her thighs apart, which in turn presented the Reverend with opportunities to land spanks on her tender inner thighs, opportunities he seldom overlooked.    

Finally he stopped, stopped just long enough to explain his next move to Sara, “OK Sara, you’re probably tired of hearing me talk and especially tired of answering my questions, so I’m about to shut up and just spank for a while.  When I’m done, all will be square between us.  I’ll accept you back as a worker, and you will be the reliable asset that this daycare really needs.  Is that fair enough?”

Her answer came filtered through her sobs, “Y-Y-yes sir.” 

“This will be the hardest part of your spanking” he warned.  “Make all the noise you want.  Get it out of your system.”

“Oh no!” she wailed, but it was too late, the Reverend had already started spanking.

She wailed, she kicked, she twisted, she screeched.  None of it made the slightest difference.  The Reverend simply held her down and expertly delivered a continuous volley of spanks to her buttocks, sit spots, upper thighs, and occasionally her inner thighs.  It was all over in about two minutes.  Dr. Lee could see that Sara had been spanked just short of bruising.  It was a perfect job!

He kept the anguished lady over his lap for a further five minutes, rubbing her back, and calming her in that same level tone of voice.  Finally, when the time seemed right, he allowed her up.  At first, she ignored the proffered tissue, while she did her now-familiar post-spanking prance and ass-rub.  At last she stopped to cry out her last few tears, and finally accepted a tissue and used it to clear her nose.

Reverend Februs stood to give her a chaste, sideways hug.  Squeamishly, shyly, Dr. Lee copied the gesture.  Yet again, he dreamed of the day he would finally find a wife; hopefully a wonderful, desirable young lady much like Sara.  The Reverend pointed Sara to his tiny private washroom.  “Why don’t you go in there to get yourself dressed and cleaned up Sara?”  With mumbled thanks, Sara gathered her clothes before shambling into the washroom and closing the door behind her.

“That was a masterful performance” Dr. Lee said in a low voice calculated to not carry into the washroom.  “I think I learned a few things just watching you.”  The Reverend actually blushed, but didn’t elaborate on how he had come to be such an accomplished spanker.

When Sara came out wearing her staff shorts and T-shirt, he noticed that no spank marks showed below her uniform shorts.  The Reverend had known exactly how far down to spank.  Suddenly, Dr. Lee wondered how many daycare employees had been spanked in this office.  Regardless, the man seemed fair enough in his dealings with Sara, and the other employees seemed to worship him.

With a final few words, the men sent Sara off to her job.  Lee & Februs shook hands and parted.  They agreed that they expected no further tardiness problems from Sara.

Dr. Lee soon left for his office.  He had only had one more hour to work undisturbed on his sermon before the first of three Contrition Appointments scheduled for that afternoon.  Little did he know that he still had another lady to spank that day!

© Guyspencer 2012



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