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Appointment for Contrition, Part 6

Appointment for Contrition, Part 6

For the first time ever, Dr. Lee found himself alone in his church office with a naked, just-spanked lady.  He hoped that it would become easier in time, but today was struggling to retain his professional detachment.  Yes, he was a Pastor, but God made him human.  He longed to get involved both emotionally and (frankly) sexually with this beautiful, vulnerable woman.  Fortunately, he succeeded in keeping both an emotional and physical distance from Sara.

Still naked, Sara rubbed, pranced, and bawled.  He moved the spanking chair so that it faced his desk, and then invitingly placed the pillow on it, the same pillow that had earlier kept their groins separated.  Finally, he sat behind his desk to watch Sara recover.

At last Sara took the hint and sat on the cushioned chair.  Dr. Lee stood, shook out the sheet and then, (reluctantly if the truth were known) covered her nakedness.  She gathered the sheet around her, shivering a bit.  The emotional release of the spanking had loosened Sara’s tongue.  After a few leading questions, he sat back to let her do most of the talking.  Much of it was self-serving whining, but mixed in were important tidbits.  Although she usually appeared fine on the surface, it became clear that Sara was fundamentally insecure and unhappy.  Even marriage counseling would be necessary.  Proper counseling could improve Sara’s life and likely save her marriage.  Now the young Pastor knew that he was truly on the right track!

“With God’s help, we can solve many of your problems, and make the rest manageable.  Before you go Sara, tell me what you have learned today.”

“I’ve learned that I will never steal again” she said.  “Before God, I promise you I won’t.”
“Great” he enthused.  “Then this has all been worthwhile.  But still, we must ensure that you are truly cured of your shoplifting addiction.  You may go back to the ladies room to dress, and then we’ll discuss what’s next.”

As Sara stood up, it was necessary for her to re-wrap the sheet.  In the process, she inadvertently favored the young man with one last side view of her body.  Naturally, her bottom still glowed.  As she left, Dr. Lee felt a physical ache.  Never before had he realized how badly he needed a mate.  This was something he must pray for!

He allowed Sara to return home for a lunch and a nap.  That afternoon, he took her to Central Baptist Church to introduce her to Reverend Februs and her new volunteer job.  The Reverend gave her a tour of the daycare and a brief description of her duties.  They agreed that she would start work tomorrow morning.  

Being human, and knowing that Sara was freshly spanked, the Reverend was fascinated by Sara.  He noticed her stiff walk and the way she so gingerly sat down in his office.  It was obvious that Dr. Lee had done a good job on her!   Sara was wearing a loose skirt, probably to minimize discomfort on her sore bottom, but still he found himself staring at her caboose and imagining it bare and across Dr. Lee’s lap.  Having Sara work for him promised to be interesting!

Dr. Lee left Sara with strict instructions.  She could go home for the day, but she was to arrive at work on time tomorrow morning.  She was to dress like the other employees, and to wear no jewelry or makeup.  Being a volunteer would give her no special privileges.  She was to obey rules and to work just like the other employees.  


Although Dr. Lee talked to Sara daily, and also checked with Reverend Februs, it was the next Wednesday before he saw Sara again.  By previous arrangement, she had half the day off so that she could attend the Ladies Circle meeting and then remain for a counseling session with Dr. Lee.  

At Dr. Lee’s invitation, Reverend Februs arrived early.  Dr. Lee asked how Sara was doing at the daycare.  He said she had been late one morning, but otherwise she was learning her duties well and was very attentive to the children.  

“I’ll warn her about promptness.”  Dr. Lee promised, “but if you continue to have similar problems, please inform me.” 

“OK”, Reverend Februs replied.  “I explained to her about state regulations concerning staffing ratios, so hopefully she now understands how important it is that she arrive on time.  Otherwise we could lose our license.”

Then the conversation turned to the Ladies Circle group, and the related Contrition Appointments and Church-based Correction program.  Dr. Lee told the Reverend about how he was finally addressing the real needs of his flock.  The members seemed to agree.  The Ladies Circle and the Contrition Appointments were very popular.  It even seemed to be attracting new members to the church.  “I know” agreed Reverend Februs with a bit of friendly irony, “At least one family you have gained is from my church.  You don’t mind if I copy some of your ideas do you?”

“Of course not!” Dr. Lee said, “All us clergy work for the same ‘boss’.  If there’s any way I can help, just ask.”  Their friendship cemented, the two men of God walked into the fellowship hall together for the Ladies Circle meeting.

Everyone was there.  Sara was dressed in her daycare staff uniform, which consisted of kaki cargo shorts, a staff T shirt, tennis shoes, and a baseball cap.   With the comfortable-looking uniform, her pony tail protruding from the back of her ball cap, and her natural appearance, bereft of jewelry or makeup, she had a fresh, relaxed “country girl” look.  She looked five years younger than before.  The change in her was amazing.  Virtually everyone noticed it.

 Sara nervously ran up to Dr. Lee to ask him what she was supposed to say.  He answered, “tell the group everything.  Hold nothing back.” 

Dr. Lee called the meeting to order with the traditional prayer, and then beckoned for Sara, “We formed this group to improve our lives by helping each other with life’s problems.  Sara has a confession to make, and a story to tell.  She will need some of you to help her.  Sara, you have the floor”.

Visibly trembling, Sara stood before the microphone and told her tale.  The group listened, rapt.  As she talked, Sara visibly relaxed.  It turned out that she was a pretty good speaker.  She ended up by describing her church-based correction program, mentioning that she had received a “punishment”, would receive counseling, had a community service job, and would require supervision from group members when she did her shopping.

Several hands rose.  The ladies had questions!  Naturally someone asked about her “punishment”.

Sara looked at Dr. Lee for guidance.  He was concerned how the group would react, but he told Sara to answer the question.  She did just fine, “Dr. Lee spanked me; spanked me hard.  It was embarrassing, It hurt.  I cried.  But I can’t believe how well it cleared out my head.  I had lots of guilt issues, but now they’re gone.  Getting spanked is the best thing that ever happened to me!”  

Some of the ladies looked shocked, some seemed puzzled, but most looked intrigued.
There was a long silence.  Dr. Lee and Sister March held their collective breaths.
Finally one lady stood.  “Don’t take me wrong, because I’m not excluding myself from what I’m about to say…”  She paused, “Sister Sara Osborne probably isn’t the only one here who could benefit from a good spanking.”

The group erupted in discussion.  For once, Dr. Lee felt like he had lost control.  Ten minutes later, someone finally called for a vote.  It was unanimous; the possibility of spankings was now an official part of Contrition Appointments.

Dr. Lee and Sister March were shocked.  They had expected it to take months before they reached this point.  In the back of the room, Reverend Februs was quietly hyperventilating.
It must be God’s will!  The main elements of the Contrition Protocol, as Dr. Lee and Sister March had first conceived it, were suddenly now in place.   Now Dr. Lee had the authority he needed to really work on his flock’s problems.

After the meeting, Dr. Lee had a counseling meeting with Sara.  Naturally, he brought up her tardiness at work.  Sara apologized, and earnestly promised that it wouldn’t happen again.  


That evening, Dr. Lee and Sister March quietly rejoiced over their progress.  Lately Sister March had been a much happier person, probably because she had lately been spending time with a certain retired policeman.  But tonight was special.  Unexpectedly all their work and planning was bringing huge success.  Doubtless, they were on the right track. 
However, ever canny, Sister March’s thoughts soon turned to the future.  “I wasn’t planning to bring this up for several months, but events are overtaking us.  I know you’re satisfied right now, but just like with my sons, simple hand spankings won’t always do.  We need to prepare you for the next step.”

He looked at her, clearly puzzled.

She raised a finger, walked across the room, and then opened a drawer.  She produced a thin, medium-sized hardwood paddle.

He turned it over in his hands, and hefted it.  He immediately realized that it was a weapon capable of causing far more pain then just a hand could. Incredulously he asked, “Do you really think something like this will be necessary?”

“Oh yes.” She assured him, “That and more will be necessary.”

With a familiar logic he protested, “But I could hurt someone with this.  I wouldn’t know how hard to hit with it.”

“Then you will learn,” she said, “The same way as before.”

“You? Hit you with this…this weapon?  I couldn’t.”

The old lady spoke with unusual authority, “Once you’re convinced that it’s part of your duty as Pastor of Faith Temple, I’m quite sure that you will spank me with that paddle.  Please think and pray about it.  We’ll talk tomorrow.”

Dr. Lee took her advice and retired for the night.  Without really meaning to, he carried the paddle with him.  He looked at it absently.  He traced its outline, inspected the tight grain of its fine hardwood, hefted it, and then finally essayed an experimental swat against his hip.  He jumped at the stinging impact.  Even through his pants, it hurt!  He will never admit it, but after undressing for his shower he tried some backhanded swats against his own bottom.  It hurt, yet those swats were delivered with only a fraction of the power of a real paddle blow. 

That night he tossed and turned for hours.  He thought, he rethought, he considered alternatives, he prayed.  Finally he made an irrevocable decision.  The decision scared him a bit, but it was the only responsible course of action.  Decision made, he slept like a baby.


The next morning, Sister March was surprised when Dr. Lee ate breakfast and then left for his office with no mention of the paddle.  She was bursting to know his thoughts, but didn’t want to press him.  Curious, she found the paddle on his nightstand.

That evening, Dr. Lee came out of his bedroom wearing his white pajamas and carrying the paddle.  “Can we talk?” he asked

“Why yes Pastor.  Would you like a cup of tea?”

He accepted the tea, and then bowed his head in prayer before continuing.  “I’ve decided you are correct.  I hope to never use this paddle, but it’s my duty to prepare myself in case it should be necessary.  Therefore, I accept your brave and generous offer with one proviso.”
Curious, she asked, “What’s the proviso Dr. Lee?”  

“It wouldn’t be right for me to use this paddle on you or anyone else until I have first felt it myself.  And not just a sample!  I insist on the full treatment, the same as if one of your sons had done something terrible.”  

Sister March felt a twinge of guilt.  She hadn’t yet told Dr. Lee the whole truth.  Had one of her sons done something “terrible” she would have used the belt, not the paddle!  But belts were a subject for another day.  Somewhat reluctantly, afraid she would scare him away, the lady promised the Pastor a real paddling.  With one final warning that “This will really hurt,” she instructed him to doff his pajamas.

And so it happened.  Naked, the young Pastor, drew a deep nervous breath before putting himself into position.  Naturally, he knew it would hurt, but beyond that he didn’t really know what to expect.  He couldn’t dredge up any guilt feelings for this spanking, so in a way that made it worse.  She started out with just her hand, but she spanked with serious intent.  Soon the young man was bawling.  Now it was time for the paddle. 

She carefully secured him, right hand restrained in the small of his back, her right leg across the backs of his legs.  She picked up the paddle and gripped it carefully.  “Here goes” she warned before unleashing a dreadful bombardment to his already-red bottom.  He bucked, twisted, gasped for air, and then finally screamed.  Grimly, she hung on and continued the attack.  His bottom continually tried to twist its way out of range of that punishing hardwood, but the lady expertly compensated.  His bottom felt like a mass of white-hot fire.  The plasma-hot whiteness penetrated straight to his brain where it overwhelmed his consciousness before mercifully carrying him away to a place where he seemed to be watching his own spanking from a misty distance.  

To him, the paddling felt endless, but in fact it had taken barely two minutes.  Totally limp, he lay across Sister March’s ample lap, trying to catch his breath, trying to regain his wits, and futilely searching for a shred of dignity.  Still keening in distress, he slid off onto his knees to gradually recover his wits and his equilibrium.  

Finally he regained his composure and managed to stand.  “Thank you Sister March for keeping your promise” he managed.  “Now I truly know what it’s like.”  Still naked, and forgetting his pajamas, he went to bed.

A few minutes later, cream in hand, she boldly walked into his bedroom to find the still-naked Pastor face down on his bed.  She softly murmured to him, and then began to apply the cream.  He jumped at the first cold touch of the soothing balm.  

“I could never do that to you Sister March.” He said, “That’s just too much.”

“God made our bottoms to be amazingly resilient.” She said.  “You will feel this for a couple days, but you’ll be surprised how much your bottom has healed by tomorrow morning.  After you paddle me, my bottom will heal also.  Don’t worry about me.  Preparing you for your special role in helping our congregation is my special ministry.  Yes, it will hurt my bottom for a while, but I’m honored to make this sacrifice.”  


The next morning, Dr. Lee emerged from his bedroom at the usual time.  He sat down gingerly at the kitchen table for his usual breakfast before leaving for his church office.  He planned to write next Sunday’s sermon that morning, and then faced several Contrition Appointments that afternoon.

In his office, he settled down to work on his sermon.  He had checked his bottom in his bathroom mirror that morning, and had to admit that Sister March was right.  It really was amazing how much his bottom had healed overnight.  The redness was all but gone.  In its place were a few random paddle marks and twin bruises on his sit spots left by Sister March’s expert ministrations.  Sitting was painful, but not overly so.  Still, he expected a reminder “twinge” whenever he sat for the next couple days.   

All was about 9:30 when the phone rang.  It was Reverend Februs.  “I’m Sorry Dr. Lee but frankly I’m considering letting Sara go.  It’s nice to have her help, but we need dependable staff.  She’s seriously late again.  I just now got a call from her.  She woke up late and won’t be here before 10 o’clock.”

“I think I can help with this,” Dr. Lee said.  “When she arrives, keep her in your office until I get there. …And Reverend Februs, is your office fairly soundproof?”

At first the question puzzled the Reverend, and then the penny dropped.  “Yes, I think it’s soundproofed enough, and it’s well away from the daycare.”

“I’m on my way!”  Dr. Lee locked up his church and then drove off in the direction of Central Baptist church.   


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