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Appointment for Contrition, Part 8

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Appointment for Contrition, Part 8

After his meeting with Reverend Februs and Sara at Central Baptist Church, Dr. Lee rushed back to his church office in the hopes of making some progress on Sunday’s sermon before his first Contrition Appointment of the day.  As he sat, a painful twinge served as an unpleasant reminder of the paddling he had received last night from Sister March.

He finally had ideas flowing for his sermon, when (to his guilty consternation) Sister Gilbert arrived 20 minutes early for her Contrition Appointment. 

Sister Gilbert was a matronly, full-figured lady in her 50’s.  There had always been sadness about her that Dr. Lee couldn’t put a finger on.  She had grown children who lived nearby and had an obviously devoted husband, so there was no obvious reason for her unhappiness.

She seemed quite nervous.   “I hope you don’t mind me being so early,” she said, “but I thought we, errr, might need some extra time.”

Reluctantly, he put the sermon out of sight so that he could properly concentrate on what the lady was saying.

“It’s about our Lady’s Circle meeting last week.  Remember how Sara said that her, umm…punishment cleared the guilt out of her head?  Well I’ve been carrying terrible guilt around for years.  I betrayed some wonderful people years ago, people who had put all of their trust in me, and now there’s no way for me to make amends to them.  I’m truly sorry, and I feel the need to suffer some type of punishment.  When we had that vote about sp-sp-spanking last Wednesday, it was like God was speaking straight to me.   So here I am.”

Dr. Lee spoke carefully, “Let’s be sure that we both understand what we are talking about.  You are requesting a spanking…correct?”

The lady swallowed before nodding her head in the affirmative.

“Before we proceed further, you must first be totally contrite, truly sorry for what you did and willing to do whatever it takes to obtain forgiveness.  You must bare yourself; bare your soul, bare your heart, and yes… bare your body.  Nothing must be held back; therefore you must relinquish all control.  Especially you must relinquish the option of changing your mind, because spankings hurt, so it’s perfectly human to want your spanking to stop before it’s over.   Do you still wish to proceed?”  

She looked him straight in the eye, with the first tears running down her face.  “Tell me what to do Pastor Lee.  I’m very serious about this.”

He sighed inwardly.  He wasn’t really ready for this.  He had expected to have time to discuss the finer points of his “Contrition” spanking procedures with Sister March and perhaps have the entire procedure discussed at a Lady’s Circle meeting.  But here was a lady presenting herself to be spanked; almost insisting on it.

“OK.” he said,” I believe that you are serious about this.  Soon we will need to figure out a better way to do this, but here is how we will proceed today.  First, do you need to visit the ladies room before we start?”

Her cheeks colored at the intimate question, “No, I’ll be OK.”

“Then I will leave you alone (he looked at his watch) for five minutes.  When I return, I expect to find you sitting in that chair just as you are now, except that you will have used your privacy to remove all but your wedding ring.”

Her face turned white, and then beet red.  “Surely you can’t mean…”

He interrupted, “Yes, I mean just that. If you are truly contrite, you must give up control and hold nothing back.”

“But my body!  It’s old, I’m overweight…”

He interrupted again, “There’s no beauty contest here.  Baring your body will help you bare your soul.  As your pastor, I’m far more interested in the later.”

“This is your last chance to back out.” he warned, “Either way, I’m still your Pastor and I’m still here for you.  What will it be?” 

There was a long silence, and then finally the answer, “Can I have those five minutes please?”

The Pastor left, and then paced restlessly around the church the requisite five minutes.  At the appointed time, he entered his office without knocking.  There was a pile of clothing on the floor.  She sat naked in the chair, one arm across her substantial breasts, a hand covering her lowest curls.

“Relax,” Dr. Lee soothed, “we’re here about your soul and your guilt, not your body.”

Reluctantly, her arms dropped to her sides.

“Ok,” he said, “sitting behind his desk.  You have bared your body, now bare your soul.  Tell me everything about why you are here, even the painful parts, even the parts that you would rather not remember; everything.”

Gradually she sobbed out the entire painful story.  He asked probing questions, many of which were painful for her to answer.  When the entire story was finally out, the Pastor agreed that she certainly deserved to be spanked.  In fact, she should have been spanked years ago, but he couldn’t help that.  

It seemed that Sister Gilbert had been given fiduciary responsibility for her parent’s affairs in the months before their deaths.  In the process, she had stolen some money from their accounts.  Although she had unsuccessfully tried to rationalize that she was somehow “owed” the money, she had been racked by terrible guilt.  After her parents had died, (only weeks apart) she had quietly repaid the money to the estate.  Unfortunately there was never an opportunity for her to make amends with her parents.  Now, years later, she was still troubled by guilt.

“Sister Gilbert,” he intoned gravely.  “Lead us in prayer.  Ask your Lord for forgiveness.” 

She said a tearful prayer.

Dr. Lee pronounced sentence; “Our God is both compassionate and all-knowing.  I feel that he sees your pain, your contrition and your guilt and has long ago forgiven you.  The reason for your sadness is that you are too good a person to forgive yourself.  So you are correct; you need to suffer a true punishment for your sin so that you can let go of your own guilt.  Kindly stand, and then slide your chair to the center of the room.”

As the lady obeyed, the Pastor received his first glimpse of her magnificent rump, two round, firm, white melons divided by an impressive cleft.  

He went to a cupboard and retrieved the pillow.  He had remained mostly soft “down there”, but it was best to play safe.  Like a king claiming his throne, he sat in the chair.  He found it still warm from so lately being covered by Sister Gilbert’s bare bottom.  He laid the pillow across his lap before motioning Sister Gilbert to stand in front of him.  Now he got his first sniff of her.  Her old-fashioned powdery fragrance gave him a flashback to hazy memories of his teachers in his early years at school.   Back then, it had occasionally been him across their laps.  Now the situation was reversed.

“Sister Gilbert,” he ordered, “Tell us why you are about to be punished.”

She choked out a satisfactory answer; “Because I violated a sacred trust by taking money that wasn’t mine, and because I’ve hid the truth all of these years.”

That raised a question in the Pastor’s mind, “Did you keep this from your husband also?”

She nodded miserably, “Until last night.”

“So he knows that you’re here and he expects you to be spanked?”

“Yes to both questions.” she said.  “But that won’t be the end of it.  Keeping it from him was the same as lying to him, lying for many years.  That’s a separate issue to be settled between him and me.  He’s a good man, but he has promised me a spanking after my bottom heals from whatever you do today.”

This was the first time any of the ladies in his church had mentioned being spanked by their husbands, so naturally Dr. Lee was curious, but he confined himself to a relevant question:  “And that second spanking will settle things between the two of you?  Life goes back to normal after that?”     

“Yes,” she said, “And the sooner the better.”

He patted the pillow in his lap, “Then let’s do our part.  Put yourself into position, with your bottom nice and high.

As her head descended, she felt the sensation of her hair hanging down towards the floor, and of gravity pulling at her breasts in an unaccustomed direction.  He felt his hands on her hips gently but firmly guide her into position.  Then she heard his voice, deceptively soft, almost apologetic.  He asked for her right hand. 

“Here we go.” he warned, and then he planted four solid spanks on each cheek without alternating sides. 

She squealed then wailed “Owwwww”. 

He paused to watch the hand prints merge together into two pink blobs.  In the same soft voice he advised, “Don’t hold it in Sister Gilbert.  It’s OK to cry or to make any noises you wish, and it’ll help flush the guilt out of your system.”

At that, she started openly sobbing.  Dr. Lee took that as his cue to start the spanking in earnest.  Soon Sister Gilbert was doing a horizontal dance across her Pastor’s lap, as her buttocks did an impressive fandango of their own.  They were flattening and rippling with each spank, and then springing back into shape in the short interval between spanks with a delectable bounce.   The Pastor couldn’t see them, but her breasts were flopping impressively.

Borrowing pages from Reverend Februs’s playbook, he paused for a short question and answer period, and then restarted the spanking, only this time concentrating on the backs of her well-padded thighs.  Her urgent reactions confirmed the sensitivity of that area.  As with Sara earlier, Sister Gilbert’s involuntary leg kicks provided the occasional opening for spanks in her inner thigh area.  Her shrieks turned to frank screams.

After a pause for another Q&A session, Dr. Lee switched his target back to Sister Gilbert’s bottom.   After a couple minutes of that treatment, they were both nearly out of breath, so Dr. Lee took a long pause.

Using the last of the tricks he had learned from his colleague that morning, he warned: “This will be the hardest part of your spanking, but also the end.  When it’s over, you will have been properly punished and there will be no further reason to feel guilty.  Are you ready?”

“Mphnnnt” she said

The sound really didn’t mean much to Dr. Lee, except that it didn’t sound anything like “No”, so he tightened his hold around her torso and started vigorously spanking Sister Gilbert’s hind parts.  Shocked by the sudden intensity, it took her a few seconds to catch her breath.  Finally she managed a proper shriek.  She bucked and twisted and kicked, but the strong young Pastor easily held her down.  The spanking went on and on, coloring her bottom cheeks and thighs to a red so dark that he was afraid of bruising.  Finally, after several minutes of uninterrupted vigorous spanking he stopped just as quickly as he had started.  After a brief “quality control check” for any spots he may have missed, he decided that the job had been properly done.  He had just delivered the first official “Contrition Spanking” to a Ladies’ Circle member. 

As he rubbed the lady’s back and cooed soft, calming words to her, it occurred to him that for all the noise she made, never once did Sister Gilbert beg him to stop.  Suddenly his respect for her took a huge jump.

He helped her up, making sure that she was steady on her feet before releasing her.  Sobbing, she jogged in place, one hand on each cheek.  As he had before with Sara, he placed the pillow on the chair, and finally induced her to sit for a short post-spanking interview and a final prayer.  When the interview and prayer were done, it was almost time for his next appointment.

He stood, gave her a chaste hug across her shoulders, and then told her that he would leave so that she could get dressed.  “Why?” she said picking up her panties, “You’ve seen it all by now.   Please stay.  I’d feel better with you here.”  Dr. Lee agreed, sitting down behind his desk.  Uncomfortably, he watched the lady dress.  It was at that moment that he got the idea for the white “Truth Gowns”.   They would make for a much better procedure.


To his relief, Dr. Lee’s next two appointments were much less dramatic, but still time consuming.  It was dark before he had made sufficient progress on his sermon.  He went home to a late supper and to bring Sister March up on events.  As promised, he saw Sara that evening to loan her a clock radio.  Her latest spanking seemed to have helped, she seemed organized and determined to get things right.


The next few weeks went by in a blur of activity. 

Two days later, Dr. Lee had his first opportunity to wield the paddle when, Sister March nervously presented herself for “paddling practice”.   She handed him the paddle, dropped her robe, and then placed her nude body across his lap.  As she had done with him, he started off with a moderately hard hand spanking before switching to the paddle.  Sister March found the pain excruciating.  Despite herself, she howled and twisted in agony.  Exactly as she had feared, her loud and violent reaction to the sting of the paddle made the gentle Pastor stop the paddling too soon.  It would take several painful sessions over several weeks before she declared him sufficiently skilled with the paddle.  The Pastor was very glad when that finally happened, because he had insisted on receiving a paddling for each one he gave her.  By now, Dr. Lee had great respect for the power of that paddle.  He would use it when the proper time came, but never abuse it.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lee described his idea for a white “Truth Gown” to Sister March.  It wouldn’t be just for spankings, but would be worn to all Contrition Appointments as a symbol of openness, contrition, and piety.  That way, everybody would be exactly the same.  Further, there would be no embarrassing “strip-tease” if there were to be a spanking because the gown could simply be doffed in seconds and then quickly put back on afterwards. 

Sister March agreed.  She used her seamstress skills to design and make a gown.  The next Wednesday it was shown to the entire group, who unanimously voted to adopt them.  Over the next week, Sister March worked feverishly to produce one for each lady’s Circle member. 

The entire Contrition Protocol wasn’t quite yet in place.  For example, Intervention Gatherings hadn’t even been thought of yet, and the strap had yet to be introduced.  These things were still in the fuzzy future.

Increasingly on Dr. Lee’s mind was his desire for a mate.  He took every opportunity to visit nearby churches in the hope of meeting a suitable young lady, but no luck yet.

In another matter, two teenage girls in the church were about to achieve the magic age of 18.  At 18 they would be eligible for confirmation, and to be recognized as adults and full members of the church.  Already they were attending confirmation classes with Dr. Lee.  The Lady’s Circle group was abuzz with plans for their Confirmation Ceremony and discussions as to how to handle their first Contrition Appointments.   

Dr. Lee treated the girls carefully, always with a veneer of practiced professional detachment.  As near-adults, he didn’t speak to them as children, but they remained children in the eyes of the church until the moment of their confirmation.  Everyone in the church knew that following their confirmation certain social barriers between the girls and their young Pastor would fall because the girls would suddenly be marriage-eligible adults.  Things would be much different!

© Guyspencer 2012


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