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Sex And The Single DCS Student

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Sex and the Single DCS Student.

Disciplinary Charter School (DCS) is a charter school that uses a repurposed shopping mall as a vast indoor campus and specializes in bright students with troubled backgrounds. The school has both boarding and day students.  Because of its boarding facilities and exceptional security, the school is allowed to accept students from reformatories.  Despite the troublesome nature of its students, the school produces excellent results through careful selection of only the brightest and most motivated students, excellent facilities, and the provision of the structure and discipline that these difficult students require.   

Like most any coeducational high school, it’s common for DCS students to pair up, date, go steady, and fall in and out of love.  The school tolerates, even encourages this normal teen behavior…to a point.  Naturally, there are rules.  After all, DCS is a school of rules and structure.  Specifically, DCS allows nothing more intimate than hand-holding, a gentle hug, or a quick kiss.  The school’s normal (non-inmate) students have less trouble with these rules because they have the opportunity to go off-campus where DCS rules don’t apply.  The inmate students however, are confined to the campus, so they must live by the school’s rules 24/7. 

To help enforcement, the male and female dorms are at opposite ends of the mall.  After 9PM, all inmate and boarding students must be in their dorm area, and day students must leave the campus.  No students may wander the mall after that time.  By night the mall is patrolled and electronically scanned, leaving little opportunity for “hanky panky”.

The food court is popular in the evening.  Students meet there for snacks, homework, socializing, and (naturally) smooching.  Should they desire some heavy petting, most students can simply check out of the campus and (for example) take a walk in the park.  The only requirement was that boarding students meet the 9PM curfew.   Even that can be relaxed by special permission.  

Obviously, any inmate student who has successfully found a boy or girlfriend among the student body would watch this activity with frustration, because they have no similar way of avoiding campus rules.  Of course, that doesn’t stop some from trying!


This brings us to the story of two inmate students, Adam Barnes and Evelyn Rogers.  Known throughout the campus as “Adam & Eve”, this couple met and became quite inseparable shortly after being transferred to DCS from their separate reformatories.

Compared to the single-gender world of their reformatories, DCS at first seemed like freedom itself.  For the first several weeks, Adam & Eve were content to hold hands, talk for hours, and spend evenings at the food court simply staring into each other’s eyes.  But as their hormones began to seemingly boil, they increasingly chafed under the restrictions of DCS life.

At first, they just tried to steal a few private moments for a long full-body hug, a deep kiss, or perhaps an intimate grope.  They fully believed that would satisfy them if they could just manage it.  The dorms were watched and therefore impossible, but a dark classroom doorway might suffice, or around a remote hallway corner.  One would expect to find many nooks and crannies in a giant mall where a couple might hide for a few minutes, and there are!  The trouble was, the security team already knew about them. 

The security system followed their movements through the mall far better than they knew.  The security cameras used face-recognition technology, plus hidden proximity detectors to periodically read their ID tags.  It soon became a game with the security team.  They programed the system to alarm whenever “Adam & Eve” wandered towards any remote part of the mall.  

Usually, a security guard magically appeared in time to discourage them, but twice things had progressed so far that it couldn’t be ignored.  Then they were sent to the Principal’s (Sandra Evens) office for “pops.” (A few severe paddle strokes to the bare bottom)  Each time that happened, they were “good” for a couple weeks, but then they would gradually start to test the system again.

It was Evelyn who thought that she had plotted a master stroke.  She had overheard one guard complain to another that no surveillance cameras were allowed in the girl’s bathrooms.  With that bit of “information”, she decided that they could simply hide in a remote lady’s room stall to be safe from observation.

Over several evenings they staked out the remotest lady’s room in the mall.  They walked together each evening in hopes of getting the security staff used to seeing them take an innocent stroll.  Their walks almost always took them past that lady’s room.  At least once each evening, they would stop outside that particular place so that Evelyn could pretend to use the facilities.  She always found the place deserted. 

Emboldened, they finally tried it.  One mid-evening they strolled to their chosen lady’s room.  Evelyn popped in to ensure the coast was clear, and then motioned Adam inside. 

Then the security system went wild!  The hidden proximity reader read Adam’s ID card as he walked through the door.  An “exception alert” flashed on the security console, “Male entering Lady’s room 201”.  Evelyn’s belief that there were no cameras in the lady’s room proved incorrect, it’s just that their video was normally disabled.  However, the protocols programmed into the security system enabled the video due to the “exception alert”.  From the ceiling-mounted hidden camera, a perfect picture of Adam strolling into the lady’s room popped up on the security console.  The console operator clearly saw “Adam & Eve” hug, kiss deeply, and then disappear into a stall.  He picked up a portable radio to sound the alarm. 

Protocol required a female guard to enter the lady’s room, so it took nearly five minutes for the sole female guard to run across the mall.  Inside the lady’s room, she heard heavy breathing.  Ducking down, she saw a pile of clothing and four bare feet under the door.  She grabbed the clothing, pulling the pile out of the stall.  Eve squealed when she saw the movement. 

“Unlock the door now!” the guard demanded.

Seeing no escape, the couple sheepishly complied.  When the stall door opened, Eve was wearing only her bra, which was askew.  Adam was wearing his T- shirt, a rampant erection, and a “deer caught in the headlights” look.  Examining the scene with professional thoroughness, the guard noted that Adam’s protrusion was still dry.  She had apparently arrived in time to prevent a possible pregnancy.

The female guard courteously allowed Eve to replace her undies before allowing the two male guards to enter.

Adam & Eve spent a miserable night in two tiny “lockdown” cells in the security office.  The next morning, they were taken to the Principal’s office along with a complete report of the incident.


The day wasn’t starting out real pleasantly for Sandra Evens, the Principal of DCS.  Frankly, her bottom hurt.  Last night, Donald Post, the Chairman and chief benefactor of DCS had taken a paddle to her bottom, a punishment for neglecting to properly manage the school’s budget.  Dealing with a thorny problem like Adam & Eve was the last thing she wished to face just now.

The coeducational nature of DCS was one of the real sticking points to inducing the state to approve DCS to house inmate students.  “What if an inmate gets pregnant?  What’s to prevent that?” the bureaucrats wanted to know.

It had been difficult, but a long presentation on their security arrangements and a demonstration of their high tech security/surveillance system had finally won the day.  Now Sandra had just learned that same system had nearly failed to prevent two inmates from having coitus.

She saw Adam first. She and Adam had a long talk about “responsibility”.  She outlined the devastating effect that pregnancy would have on Evelyn’s life.  Then she explained how it could impact him and all other inmate students if DCS were to lose its certification to house inmates.   Finally she brought up the matter of their apparent lack of “protection”, (condoms are freely available to students).  As he left, it was apparent that she had gotten through to Adam, because he was in tears.

Then she had a similar conversation with Evelyn, with similar results.

That done, she called Adam back into the room; she made the couple stand in front of her desk for a full tem minutes as she pretended to work.

Finally Adam spoke:  “Please Miss Evens; I know we’re here to be spanked.  Please let Evelyn go and spank me twice instead.  It’s my entire fault anyhow.  I could have protected Evelyn from this and I didn’t.  Spank me at Assembly if you want, but please don’t hurt Evelyn.”

Sandra could have hugged the boy.  Finally he was taking some responsibility for his actions!

“I’m encouraged that you’re finally thinking about the results of your actions, but you still don’t understand the seriousness of this.” She explained.  “I could simply send one or both of you back to reformatory, but I don’t want to do that because then you would be separated.  Worse, a great opportunity would be lost for at least one of you”

Simultaneously, the young couple blanched.

She bored in, “So now we face the main question.  The only way you two can stay together is to obey DCS rules, difficult as that may be.  Are you willing to do that?  If so, you must stop these sneaky games! Also it means the next few minutes will be hell, because DCS rules make you both equally guilty, so you each must accept your punishment.”

Big eyed, both fervently nodded their agreement.

“Adam, this is going to be particularly hard for you, so let me explain what I have in mind, and then tell me if you’re man enough…or not.

Wide-eyed and scared, he nodded.

“You will both be spanked, Evelyn first.  While that’s happening Adam, you will be right here with your nose in a corner.  You will hear every spank, you will hear Evelyn hurting, and you will know that you are partly the cause of her suffering. You will not peek, and you will not interfere in any way with her punishment.  If you do, you’ll be back in your reformatory today.  “

“After that, of course,” she said with irony in her voice, “you two will switch positions and it will be your turn.  Naturally, I expect you to fully cooperate with your punishment”

It was a dramatic moment.   At first, Adam seemed primed to refuse.  He wordless shook his head as if he had been slapped.  Evelyn looked at him with panic, “Say yes Adam, say yes!  Miss Evens is right.  We agreed to live by DCS rules when we came here, and we welched on the deal.  So now we get spanked but then we get to stay together.  If you love me, say yes right now!”

Adam blinked, and the dangerous moment passed, “Yes Miss Evens, I’ll do whatever you say.  I just want to stay together with Evelyn.”

“That’s Good Adam.  I believe you’re familiar with the spanking chair.   Why don’t you do Evelyn a favor by moving it for her?”

Clearly it rankled a bit, but Adam dutifully picked up the spanking chair, where it had been sitting against a wall, and placed it in the correct spot, facing Sandra’s desk.

With a sigh, Sandra reached under her desk to surreptitiously push a button.  That activated the surveillance cameras in her office, commanded the security system to save a high-definition video of the proceedings for Mr. Post’s later “review”, and notified the security console officer to observe closely.  If there were any “trouble”, Sandra would have instant backup from the security staff.

The truth was, Sandra liked both Adam and Evelyn.   They were both good students, and she thought they made a cute couple.  She would get no enjoyment from punishing them.  But she needed these spankings to be effective!  Making them listen to each other’s punishments was unprecedented, but the goal was to make their spankings more memorable without making them more severe. 


“Do either of you need to use my bathroom before we start?” Sandra asked in a mild voice.

With fervent thanks, Evelyn accepted the offer.  Soon she was back, standing beside Adam.

“Evelyn”, she ordered, “Remind Adam that he is to stand quietly in his corner until I tell him he can come out, and then give him a nice hug before we start.”

In a low voice, Evelyn reminded Adam, pleading with him to “be good”.  Then they hugged, which turned into a long full-body clinch. Sandra was about to object when they finally uncoupled and looked at her expectantly.

She pointed Adam to an appropriate corner, before addressing the suddenly white-faced girl.  In case you don’t remember, the proper procedure is to remove your shoes, pants and panties.  And then stow everything neatly under the spanking chair.

As was fairly normal for them, Adam and Evelyn were dressed in similar outfits, DCS-logo T-shirts with jeans.  However, Adam preferred baggy jeans while Evelyn wore form-fitting stretch jeans.  You would never mistake Evelyn for a boy!

Sandra watched closely as the girl resignedly undressed.  Although her personal preference was for men, she couldn’t help but notice that Evelyn was a knockout.  As Evelyn uncovered her perfect, round buttocks, it occurred to Sandra that it was truly a shame that Adam couldn’t be allowed to see them, touch them.  “Touching them” would be Sandra’s job in just a few minutes, but she would get no special thrill from it.

As Evelyn bent over to place her panties on top of the pile of clothing under the spanking chair, she displayed her most intimate bits to her Principal.  Sandra noted with mild interest that Evelyn was shaved clean.  Presumably, she had done that for Adam’s benefit.  She wondered how often Adam had managed to get a feel of that.  That stiffened her resolve; she must deliver a memorable lesson!

Her preparations complete, Evelyn stood at attention to the right of the spanking chair, facing her Principal. Sandra ignored her, pretending to work for several minutes.  Finally she looked up, and seemed to notice the girl.  Evelyn’s T-shirt extended slightly below her waist, but not low enough to cover her shaved vulva.  Sandra knew that whoever was on the security console would be getting an eyeful.  She hoped it was a female guard.

Sandra kicked off her shoes under her desk, and then stood and glided across the office until she was standing behind Adam.  He jumped when she spoke, “Evelyn is about to receive a hard spanking, one she’s well earned.  Listen to it, and remember that her suffering is partly your fault.  It will be hard for you, but whatever you do, stay silent and keep your nose firmly in that corner.  Understand?”

“Y…yes ma-am.” Adam croaked reluctantly.

Forgetting her sore bottom, Sandra plopped down in the hard spanking chair and winced noticeably.

“OK Evelyn it’s time.  Lift your T-shirt high and then put yourself across my lap.”

Obediently, the girl raised her shirt, front and back, almost to bra level before gracefully bending over her Principal’s lap.  “Hang on to the chair legs, both hands.”

Evelyn’s weight pressed Sandra’s tender bottom down into the hard chair.  Sandra squirmed in pain, and thought grimly of Adam’s greater weight.

Evelyn felt an arm firmly secure her waist into place.  Before the import of that registered in her brain, the room suddenly filled with spanking sounds and her bottom exploded in red-hot pain.  The surprised girl twisted, kicked, and bucked, and then finally filled her lungs enough to manage an impressive screech.  It took only seconds for Sandra to place five overlapping handprints on each of Evelyn’s perfect formerly-white globes.

Her dominance over the sobbing girl firmly established, Sandra turned her head to ensure that Adam hadn’t moved.  Then with slow, moderately-hard spanks, she got on with the task of properly spanking Evelyn.  She did her usual careful job, taking a full ten minutes to spank every part of the girl’s bottom, sit spots, and thighs to a brilliant red hue as the girl begged, squealed and sobbed.

Occasionally, Sandra turned to check that Adam hadn’t moved.  Unseen, the boy had tears running down his face.

Finally she applied her usual finishing fusillade of spanks, they were harder and faster spanks than any before.  Evelyn frantically screeched and kicked.

Then without releasing the girl, Sandra waited for her to return to sanity.

“Normally, that would end it” Sandra announced, “but what you did was calculated and flagrant.  I expect you to learn from this spanking and never repeat that behavior.  Understand?”

The girl blubbered something indecipherable.

Expertly, Sandra shifted Evelyn into a totally restrained position, both hands pinned at her waist, and her legs trapped by Sandra’s right leg.  Sandra reached behind her for the hairbrush-sized paddle that lived in a holder attached to the back of the spanking chair.  Sandra knew this nasty little Lexan paddle well; it was the same one that she had carried up to Mr. Post last night.  He used it to punish Sandra for her carelessness in handling the school’s budget, thus the reason for Sandra’s sore bottom. 

Sandra wanted this spanking to be memorable and effective, but no more harsh than necessary.  To keep from drawing out the agony, she quickly delivered four full-strength paddle swats.  One to the center of each cheek, and one to each sit spot.  Each was intended to leave a painful reminder.  Evelyn bucked and screamed, but was helpless under the short fusillade. 

Evelyn’s spanking was over, but not her punishment.  Now she must change places with Adam, and listen while he suffered. 

As soon as Evelyn seemed steady on her feet, Sandra returned to her desk and ordered her to dress.  She watched implacably as the still sobbing girl gingerly pulled her tight jeans over her sore bottom.  Then Evelyn slipped her feet into her shoes, and stood ready.

“Change places with Adam” she ordered.

The two young lovers risked a hug, and then Adam strode to the spanking chair while Evelyn took his place in the corner.

“You did good Adam.” Sandra said in a surprisingly kind voice.  “Now let’s finish this so we can get back to education.”

“Miss Evens,” he pleaded, “I know I must be spanked, but please let Evelyn go first...please!”

In the same kind voice, Sandra explained, “The kindest thing I can do for you two is to ensure you learn this lesson.  If I can keep you two enrolled, then you’ll be together, and you’ll have great future prospects.  If not, then you’ll be separated and get no further education, so your future prospects will be bleak.  Do you see why I’m being tough?”

The looked at the floor, “Yes ma-am, but she’ll see me cry.”  

“I guarantee that” said Sandra ominously, “and if I know Evelyn, she won’t think less of you for it.”

“That’s true” Evelyn commented from her corner.

“I’m glad you said that Evelyn,” Sandra said loudly,” but now you need to stay in that corner and stay quiet.”

“Adam, get ready.” 

“Yes ma-am” Adam said meekly as he bent over to untie his shoes.

Using the DCS punishment routine, Adam placed his shoes neatly under the spanking chair.  Sandra watched with interest as he removed his pants, folded them, and bent to place them on top of his shoes.  Finally, he lowered his briefs and stepped out of them.  With his back to Sandra, he bent low to put the folded briefs on the pile under the spanking chair.  As he did so, his impressive male fruit hung low.  Sandra reflected that Evelyn would certainly be a lucky lady someday…if she could just keep them together.

Naked except for his T-shirt, Adam stood to the right of the spanking chair and looked at his Principal expectantly.  Almost reluctantly, Sandra moved from behind her desk to sit in the spanking chair. 

This time, she remembered to sit down gently, but she was dreading the pain in her tender bottom that Adam’s weight would cause.

The spanking started out as a carbon copy of the one she had just given Evelyn.  As expected, Adam held out, trying to keep his manly silence as long as possible.  Sandra could have spanked harder and faster to make him yield sooner, but she allowed the boy that last shred of dignity for the first part of his spanking.

Then she got serious, concentrating on his tender upper thighs until Adam finally broke down, first begging for momentary respite, and then finally melting into loud sobs.

By this time, Sandra’s hand was almost as red and sore as Adam’s bottom.  Sandra preferred to spank with her hand.  Her ability to spank even the toughest boy to tears using only her hand was part of her credibility and legend among the students.  However, this time she decided to save her hand.  She reached back and withdrew the paddle from it holder.  She spanked carefully, using only a portion of her strength, but still she easily spanked the poor boy until he was a red-bottomed screeching wreck.

Then she paused, gave him a moment to recover, and then concluded by deliberately “branding” him with four full-strength paddle strokes just as she had done to Evelyn.

For Adam, it was all over but the crying.

When he cognizant enough to stand, she let the sobbing boy up.  Reaching under the spanking chair, she retrieved Adam’s briefs.  She handed them to the prancing boy.  She spoke in a voice just loud enough to be heard over his cries, “Cover yourself so I can let your girlfriend out of the corner.”

 With difficulty, Adam placed his feet into the proper holes and then pulled the briefs over his livid bottom. 

Back at her desk, Sandra called Evelyn out of her corner.  Her face wet with tears, Evelyn ran to Adam, embraced him gently, and then helped him dress.
Moments later, Adam & Eve departed their Principal’s office hand-in-hand, red-eyed and red-bottomed.  For now, they were still together, still enrolled at DCS, and hopefully smarter.

Her bottom still sore from last night’s paddling at the hands of Mr. Post, Sandra squirmed in her desk chair.  She had hated to punish the couple, but honestly believed that she had done the kindest thing possible under the circumstances. 

Sandra was still smiling at the irony of Evelyn’s parting remark; “Miss Evens, I admit we deserved to be punished, but you have no idea how much that paddle hurts.”

© Guyspencer 2012


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