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Corporate Justice I

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Corporate Justice I

This story is set several decades into USA’s super-conservative future, and there have been many changes.  The middle class has continued its decline until its near disappearance.   So, rich people have become that much richer, and the rest of us…are workers.   

Most workers are poor.  Car ownership is rare, neatly eliminating gas shortages. On the bright side, mass transportation is finally a reality.  Flagship government programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are a fond memory, traded in for more tax cuts for the rich and for more empty promises of “trickle down” prosperity for the rest.  Hospitals are for the rich.  Most health care is delivered through employer-owned clinics.  Retirees can afford little health care, but their life expectancy is mercifully short. 

The balance of power turned in the early 2000s when a series of carefully scripted Supreme Court decisions gradually granted corporations the privileges of full-fledged citizens, (Actually, the privileges of very rich, very important citizens! )  About the same time, the sainted Rupert Murdoch showed the world that mass mind control could be accomplished thru corporate media control.  Now corporations had all the tools they needed to take control.

So now the USA is a “worker’s paradise,” effectively controlled by a loose collation of huge corporations who managed to totally co-opt the conservative movement, distorting it to serve their own needs.

Government has gotten much smaller, and its interactions with citizens are now more basic and efficient.  For example, one biometric ID card serves as passport, driver’s license, pay book, bank card, credit card, and everything else.  The government no longer prints nor allows money.  All earnings and all transactions go through that single card, making every transaction totally transparent and easily taxed.  The underground economy is forbidden because it’s “unfair competition” to” legitimate corporations”.

The changes to criminal justice and corrections are another example of the efficiencies necessitated by smaller government.  The whole criminal justice system was shrunken by repealing most laws regulating nonviolent behavior, and replacing them with identical administrative rules.  Now, rather than courts and juries, violators face Administrative Rule Adjudicators (ARAs), who are low paid but efficient bureaucrats replacing an army of high paid judges, clerks, prosecutors, public defenders, etc.  Even jails now stand mostly empty, thanks to the substitution of CP-based corrections for most nonviolent violations. 
ARA’s can sentence violators to three main correction modes:

1)    Quick Correction (QC).  A QC facility is usually co-located in the courthouse along with ARAs.  It does just what the name implies.  It can apply up to a severity 3 punishment immediately after the subject has been found guilty of a violation. (One-stop shopping!)    
2)    Overnight Correction (OC) An Overnight Correction Facility (OCF) receives violators after their workday, applies up to a severity 5 punishment and then keeps them overnight for observation and corrective retraining.  They are released in time to report to their job the following morning.

3)    Seven Day Prison (7DP) is the maximum punishment that an ARA can sentence a violator to, although guidelines may allow multiple sessions.  Each prisoner receives daily punishment for an entire week, as well as extensive corrective retraining.  The final punishment session may exceed severity 5 by any amount deemed safe.  7DP, like all punishments, is coordinated with the subject’s employer to minimize any impact on productivity.  Often 7DP is served using a subject’s vacation time.

Regardless of the correction mode, corporal punishment is applied to violators only by highly-trained Correction Administrators (CAs) in any of the several types of specially equipped Governmental Correction Service (GCS) facilities.  In the terminology of the CA, the violators they work with are called “clients”.

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June, 2046

Two years out of college, Adam was bored with his job working in a huge corporate distribution warehouse.  In the warehouse, Adam worked with inanimate objects, but he was a “people person”.  He had repeatedly applied for every opening in Human Resources, but the corporation had paid good money too train Adam for his warehouse job, so it was unlikely to pay to retrain him for a different job.  Therefore Adam was stuck in the warehouse.  And that’s just how Adam felt… stuck.   Corporations had agreements about not stealing each other’s workers, so his applications to other corporations were ignored.  Adam’s only chance was to find a job in one of the few remaining small businesses, or to compete for a rare government job.

Adam was a strong, athletic, imposing-looking young man, (besides being amazingly handsome), so finally a job came along that he was uniquely qualified for.   The Governmental Correction Service (GCS) was taking applications for the position of Correction Administrator (CA).  Correction Administrators were the people who apply CP-based correction to violators in GCS facilities.  To put it short and sweet, CAs are professional spankers.  You would think that there would be many applications for that job, especially when you consider that they spend their day spanking unclothed violators of either sex.  But actually the GCS was having trouble attracting sufficient qualified applicants because certain details of their three-month training course had become generally known.  While many might like to give spankings for a living, far fewer were willing to endure the embarrassing, painful and exhausting training course.

Adam had nearly forgotten the application he had submitted when he was summoned to take a battery of tests; physical, psychological, and academic.  Later he was called in for an extensive interview, and then was finally notified of his acceptance and was told when to report for training.
September 2046

It was Adam’s first day at Correction Administrator school.  There are about 30 students, evenly divided between genders.  The GCS Chairperson herself showed up to deliver the welcoming speech to the class.  She explained that being a CA was an honorable profession, and that they would be doing society an important service.  After their first two months of training, they would finally be issued the coveted tan uniform of the Government Correction Service, and would complete their training in an actual GCS facility on real violators under the supervision of an instructor-CA.  However, their first two months would be spent right here in school building their bodies, their stamina, and learning essential skills. 

On that upbeat note, she said her goodbyes.  As she turned to leave, their instructor called “Attention!”  The entire class jumped to their feet as the great lady swept from the room. 

The instructor faced the class, introduced himself, and supplied details of what was to come, “Welcome!  Your daily schedule will consist of two hours of stamina training, and then four hours of classroom training, followed by two hours of strength training.  In your final phase of training and throughout your career, you will all be working with violators, (we call them ‘clients’) who will be naked.  It’s vital that you become desensitized to the sight of the human body.  Therefore you will all now change into the “training uniform” that you will wear for the next two months. Kindly disrobe entirely and pile your clothing on your desk.” 

The students gawked at their instructor, looking for any sign that he was joking.  Seeing none, they looked shyly at each other.  The instructor bellowed, “Yes, your student uniform will be your birthday suit.  Get on with it!”  Quickly, the students moved to obey.  Soon, nearly everyone was naked.  One girl, wearing only a pair of full-cut panties, came to the front of the room and whispered in the instructor’s ear. 

“There’s always one.” he sighed. ”Go see the nurse.  She has what you need.  Be back here in five minutes without those panties.”  She scurried out the door. 

“OK” the instructor bellowed, “Turn around and take a long look at each other.  No covering up!  Get it out of your systems.  Guys don’t worry.  You’ll stop having those inappropriate erections soon.  Better to have them in front of your classmates than in front of your clients.  Until then, you ladies just ignore them.  I know this is embarrassing, but it’s the first step to becoming a professional CA.”

After a quick trip to the lockers to stow their clothing, he got the class seated and settled down in their new “uniforms”.  By now, they all had noticed the heavy black spanking chair, and the padded trestle that were featured prominently in the front of the classroom, both installed on a raised platform for maximum class visibility.  The instructor didn’t need to introduce these items.  Since the introduction of CP-Based Corrections, they had become true icons, an integral part of the popular culture, featured in literature, humor, films, and song.

“Those of you who complete this program will emerge as professional Correction Administrators.  But first you need to master a wide range of skills.  By far, the most difficult skill to master is the standard fifteen-minute spanking.  This is our most common and most basic punishment.  No matter how severe the punishment a client has been sentenced to, the correction session always starts with a fifteen-minute spanking.  This punishment is exhausting to deliver, so you must get into shape.  For the client it’s an excruciating and unforgettable experience, but at the same time there should be no bruising.”

He stood silently to let that soak in, and then added ominously, “The best way to introduce the technique is with a demonstration.”  Then, as he always did with every new class, he picked out the strongest looking specimen in the class.  He pointed to Adam.  “You! Come up here.”

Adam stood with great reluctance.  First, his erection from the undressing episode was still at half-mast.  Second, being no dummy, he had guessed what was about to happen.

The instructor pointed Adam towards the spanking chair as he continued his lecture, “One of our core beliefs in the Governmental Correction Service is that CAs must ‘understand both ends of the paddle’.  That process starts here in your training, and continues through your career.  All of you will have your chance here in the classroom to help me demonstrate some correction technique, either at the spanking chair or the trestle.  Adam here simply happens to be the first.  Furthermore, each of you will make two trips to GCS correctional facilities to experience what it’s like to be a client.  This will give you a full appreciation of the correctional experience.  Also, during phase two of your training, you must practice on real humans.  Since there is a huge shortage of volunteers, you students will serve as each other’s ‘clients’.”

Finally, the instructor walked to the spanking chair and sat down.  To Adam’s mortification, now that his spanking was obviously imminent, his penis had become rock hard.  “It’s good that this happened” the instructor said, turning Adam sideways so the entire class could see the protrusion.  Adam blushed bright red as the entire class stared at his impressively erect manhood.   “For whatever reason, this is a natural male reaction to this situation.  You will see it on many of your male clients.  Notice how I position him carefully so that I don’t mash his manhood.  It’s natural for people to think that we CAs are unfeeling beasts, but nothing could be further from the truth, we are true professionals.”

As he spoke, the instructor firmly pulled the naked Adam across his lap.  The chair had been turned sideways, so that Adam’s white bottom pointed straight at the class.  The instructor held up a small rubber paddle and explained that it was designed to approximate the feel and severity of a hand spanking.  It was normally used instead of the hand to prevent the gradual accumulation of injury to CA’s hands.

The instructor pushed a button on an electronic gadget that hung from his neck, and then started Adam’s spanking in earnest.  Doing his best to both be obedient and to retain his male dignity, Adam simply laid there and absorbed the first two minutes of the spanking.  As the spanking continued without even a second’s respite, he finally started wiggling his muscular bottom, which by now had attained a rosy glow.  At the five-minute mark, Adam was finally grunting and groaning.  His movements gradually became jerky and less controlled.  Finally, Adam’s feet began to levitate and kick.   The instructor seemed to take no notice, simply continuing the spanking.  After turning Adam’s nether cheeks an even & brilliant shade of red, he carefully extended the spanked territory; first working his way around the hips, and then starting down towards Adam’s sit spots.   By now, poor Adam was in full voice and was really struggling.  The instructor, with his years of experience in the corporal arts, easily controlled the strong young man and implacably continued his assault on Adam’s derrière.

By now Adam was kicking wildly.  His legs splayed open, displaying his dangling man-bits to the entire open-mouthed class.  The instructor took that as an invitation to color Adam’s tender inner thighs.  He howled and snapped his legs shut, but the instructor simply ordered Adam to open them again so he could properly redden the tender inner flesh.

Before the fifteen-minute timer finally beeped, signaling the end of the spanking, the instructor had moved his attentions back to the tops of Adam’s buttocks and then had gradually re-spanked his way back down past the bawling, frantic, man’s sit spots, almost to the back of his knees.

He allowed Adam a couple minutes to regain his breath and his wits as he addressed the class.  “Unless I have badly misjudged his skin, tomorrow you will notice that Adam’s bottom has returned to its normal color.  Taking a client to the very edge of bruising without leaving any long-lasting marks is the real art behind the standard fifteen-minute spanking.  Also, Adam shouldn’t feel bad that this spanking made him cry.  I’ve experienced several of those spankings over the years, and cried through every one!”

At that, he allowed Adam up.  Poor Adam spent the rest of the class standing at the back of the room rubbing his poor bottom.  When the class period was over, the class moved to the gym to be introduced to the strenuous exercise program.

The next morning only 25 of the original 30 students showed for class.  As the instructor looked over his nude students, he noticed that Adam was among those with sufficient fortitude to show up for the second day’s class.  The instructor was pleased!  Usually that jarring first day convinced even more students to quit. 

There was one hapless girl who arrived fifteen minutes late for class.  Fittingly, she was selected to help demonstrate the proper use of the trestle and the standard GCS strap.  Fastened onto the padded horse by wide Velcro straps, the girl squealed enthusiastically  as the instructor demonstrated proper strap technique by painting her wide-open anatomy a cheerful shade of red.  Suddenly everyone in the class understood the importance of observing school rules.

As anyone who frequents nudist faculties could predict, nudity quickly became a non-issue between the students.  Adam was surprised to find the sight of his female classmates to be more alluring when he saw them fully dressed, rather than his more usual naked view.  He wondered if they thought the same about him.  Adam preferred his women petit and submissive, quite the opposite of the females in his class.  So he formed close friendships with his classmates, but no romances.

The first month of training was spent mainly on physical fitness and by practicing basic correctional techniques on instrumented dummies that provided instant feedback and grades.  Every day, there was at least one classroom demonstration.  For each demonstration, one student would be called to the front to serve as the bottom.  Everyone got their chance, several times.  There were several implements to be introduced, and the instructor would demonstrate each on several skin types so that the class could see the results.  Also, he demonstrated spanking bottoms just short of bruising, so the students could learn to spot the symptoms.  Naturally, students uniformly hated to serve as the “spanking dummy” but each obediently came when called.  Yes, most sobbed or even shrieked through the experience, but the instructor was understanding, and urged to class to be also.

From the beginning, sanitation was stressed, with one student assigned to sanitize any implements after each demonstration.

Near the end of that month, Adam was sent to a Quick Correction (QC) center, with a genuine-appearing violation recorded in his file.  There, he was treated just like any other “client”.  From the point-of-view of a client, Adam experienced the entire correctional process, including a real severity-two punishment, which included a fifteen-minute spanking followed by a short but excruciating ordeal across a trestle.  Both punishments were applied by a large female CA who believed that Adam was an actual violator.  Adam was relieved when the experience was over, but there remained one more such experience ahead of him, and he knew that one would be worse. 

The second month was especially excruciating, because each student suffered a daily spanking.  Students were paired up daily to practice assigned correctional techniques on each other.  Each session was observed and graded by an instructor.  The instructor pared the students by a random schedule so each would get a chance to practice on either gender, and on multiple body and skin types.  The nurse would treat the recently spanked bottoms so the daily practice wouldn’t be interrupted by injury.  Naturally, the physical fitness program continued without letup. 

You would think that spanking is a simple skill to master, but there were also many academic subjects to be learned.  In fact, the instructors were constantly lobbying for another month to be added to the program.  The students needed to learn GCS regulations & procedures, correctional software, human anatomy, psychology, first aid, sanitation, every correctional implement.  The list seemed endless.

The third month was far more interesting.  All students were finally issued tan uniforms.  Only their badges distinguished them from true professional CAs.  Adam was amazed at how differently people treated him when he was wearing his uniform!  The students still spent time at the school, mainly on physical fitness, but the rest of the time they were assigned to actual Governmental Correction Service (GCS) facilities working on real clients under the supervision of an Instructor-Correction Administrator (ICA).  Here, they got to work with a wide variety of clients, and probably learned more than in the first two months combined.  He spanked dozens of bottoms of all shapes and sizes. 

Being a “people person” Adam found that he greatly preferred to work in a Quick Correction (QC) facility rather than in the much larger and more impersonal Overnight Correction (OC) facilities.  In a QC facility Adam would be assigned one client at a time.  He would interview the client, do the paperwork, direct the client to disrobe, and then professionally apply the correction that the client had been sentenced to. 

Adam had a natural flair for psychology.  He could convince almost any client to accept his or her punishment, if not willingly, then at least with equanimity.  Throughout the corrective procedure, he would encourage the client to see his or her punishment in a constructive light so that they truly changed their future behavior.  Still, Adam never held back.  He always applied a full measure of punishment, and his clients expected nothing less.  Although the punishment was always an excruciating experience for the client, Adam felt that he often helped his clients become better members of society.

This final month of training did feature one event they Adam would remember forever. One morning the school Administrator handed him a bus ticket to a nearby city with specific instructions to report to a certain Overnight Correction (OC) facility.  He was to wear civilian clothes, to act like a client, and was forbidden to disclose that he was actually a GCS employee.  There he found that his official record had him pegged as a repeat offender, and that he had therefore been sentenced to a severity four correction. 

Although by now he was quite familiar with the routine in an OC facility, being on the receiving end of the correctional process was scary, painful and lonely.   He returned home the next day with a bruised bottom and a changed outlook.  The experience forever changed how he treated clients.   The GCS considered this experience so important to their CA’s professional attitudes that they required all active CAs to repeat it annually.

December, 2046

After his training program Adam was officially sworn in as a full-fledged professional Correction Administrator.  That made him one of the higher paid non-supervisory government employees, and a highly respected person.  It also left him very busy!  He stayed too busy to form relationships with the generally Amazonian females in his class, or with those he worked with.  Over the next year or so, Adam was content to grow in his profession, and had little time for a social life.  Inevitably, this very handsome, well-paid, highly intelligent, busy young man had become a prime catch for some lucky lady.

June, 2047

Just a few miles away, Jill Perkins was growing bored with her dreary, dead-end corporate job.  Almost by accident, she discovered that she had a flair for fixing other people’s hair.  Gradually her skill became known by her friends, and Jill had accumulated enough semi-professional gear to set up a sort of amateur beauty parlor in her little apartment.  She never charged anyone.  To Jill it was just a fun diversion.  However, to the government, it was something totally different…  

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