Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Bottom Lover's Paradise

© Guyspencer 2012

A Bottom-Watcher's Paradise

After decades of marriage, my wife knows my likes.  Secure in our mutual commitment, she slyly directed my attention towards a husband-pleasing vision outside our hotel room.  It was a beautiful bare female bottom, a bottom connected to a not-to-distant woman.

We were enjoying a few idyllic days at a beach hotel.  With school summer vacations over, the hotel and beach were nearly deserted.  The view through our balcony door framed the hotel’s swimming pool and Daytona’s beautiful beach.  But that’s not what my eyes feasted on today!  Resting face-down on a lounge next to the pool was a shapely lady, perhaps in her 20's.  She was wearing a tiny thong bikini that exposed virtually all of her rear vistas. 

Such perfection shouldn’t be wasted, so fortunately she had a lover in attendance.  Though it could make no difference to her tan, he untied her bikini’s strings (top and bottom) and allowed them to dangle and swing in the languid salty breeze.  Then he left!

That left the lady helplessly trapped, lying next to a public pool totally naked except for those loose bits of swim suit concealed underneath her.  With her strings untied, she couldn’t sit up without exposing private parts. 

She was alone by the pool, but a crowd wouldn’t have mattered.  Those magnificent buns would outshine any competition.  As she broiled in the Florida sun, her nether cheeks gathered and reflected light like two massive diamonds. 

Yes I looked; any male with a molecule of testosterone in his body would look!  But my brain still functioned.  For example, I noticed that this lady’s perfect bottom was quite white compared to her upper body.  From that, I deduced that her swim suit was likely new, perhaps from one of the area’s ubiquitous beachwear shops. Obviously, she rarely sunbathes nude.

Perhaps this is her first time?  

I wondered:  Is this an erotic game?  Did the lady lose a bet and this stunt was her forfeit?  Was this the price for overspending for that tiny suit? Was there a spanking in her future?

All too soon the man returned.  As he approached that magnificent bottom I asked myself; “How could any man resist spanking those perfectly spankable buns?”  Delightfully, he didn’t disappoint!  Once in range, he popped her right buttock.  It rippled beautifully! Her back arched and she writhed sensuously.  Surely that spank made a sound, and perhaps she squealed, but the surf  drowned out any sound effects.  However, a slightly pink hand print remained as evidence.

I exclaimed “Yesssssss”! 

He retied the strings, and they disappeared hand-in-hand to do whatever couples do after a daring, exciting and erotic public stunt. (Even one they likely believed that nobody saw.)    

Whoever you are young couple, thanks for recharging the batteries of this old spanko.

© Guyspencer 2012


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very erotic, even to this old spankee. And I am female and straight, but what spankophile wouldn't see that and envision being in her place, wondering if someone might be watching?!

I always had a bit of an exhibitionist streak, too, so this scene would be doubly delightful to me.

I bet that couple by the pool were not the only ones enjoying follow-up play! ;-)

5:36 PM, October 27, 2014  
Anonymous Spanking said...

hi guyspencer,

First of all amazing work, your stories make me feel as if i am right there.

This one is my favorite, I think i am reading A bottom lover's paradise for like 9th time now.

Keep the good work coming my friend. You have a fan this side.


4:47 AM, April 05, 2016  

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