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Corporate Justice, Part 5

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Corporate Justice, Part 5

It had been a memorable day in class.  There had been several unlucky students chosen for demonstrations spankings, and Adam had been among them.  That whipping had hurt like Hades, and had left Adam’s firm bottom bright red.   Still, no serious harm had been done.  By the time they got home, he had only a mild residual tenderness. 

After a late supper, Adam insisted that Jill practice with the strap.  First he supervised her practice on the uncomplaining pillow.  Then he quickly stripped and put his still-red bottom where the pillow had been.  Jill objected, “Your bottom must already hurt like hell from the instructor’s demonstration.  I don’t want to hurt you any more.”

“Our instructor is a true professional,” Adam replied in a reasonable voice, “He gave me a sore bottom that’s all.  It takes practice to be competent with that strap, so get cracking!”   

Unhappy but obedient, Jill obeyed.  She started with swats of only moderate force and gradually increased her force until the swats were having a clear effect on Adam.  After only a few of those real stingers, Adam wisely called it quits for the night.  “You’ve got the force just about right,” he said as he massaged his sore bottom “We’ll do that daily so you can get your force nicely consistent and we’ll also work on your accuracy.”   

Then Jill turned the tables.  She stripped, pointed Adam to an armless chair, and insisted that he also “practice”.  “But I spank people for a living,” he argued reasonably, “I don’t need to practice on you.” 

“The point is” Jill countered, “we need to practice submitting to each other.  Besides, at our next class session I’ll be going across your lap in front of the class.  I don’t want to make a fool out of myself, so perhaps daily practice will help me mentally.”

“You have a point.” Adam admitted.  At that, he took his naked darling across his lap and proceeded to give her a very real, albeit short, spanking.  At the end of sixty seconds, Jill’s bottom was turning colors as she struggled and bounced across his lap.  She sobbed loudly.  His “practice” done, Adam stopped suddenly, stroked Jill’s back and cupped her bottom as her sobs slowly silenced.  Still across Adam’s lap, and gradually regaining her senses, Jill noticed something hard against her belly.   She opened her legs wide in invitation.  Adam probed gently with a finger and quickly found Jill’s arousal.  The balance of the evening proceeded in a predictable fashion for the passionate young couple.

The rest of the week’s evenings were similar, with short but very real  “practice” spankings and whippings followed by enthusiastic sex.  Life was good for the couple, Adam’s spanking skill was never an issue, but he observed wryly that Jill’s skill with her Spencer strap quickly improved. 

Finally it was the evening before their next class session.  That evening, Adam stubbornly refused to spank Jill.  “I’ll be required to give you a full five-minute spanking in class tomorrow.  Faking it is impossible, the instructor would notice immediately.  So you’ll be getting a ‘full-on’ spanking.  Believe me, you don’t want any residual tenderness in your bottom.”  On reflection, that made sense to Jill, who was starting to get nervous about that class session!


At class the next day, their Instructor was even more businesslike than usual.  As soon as couples started filing into the room, he announced, “To save time, all ladies please disrobe now.  Don’t be shy ladies, let’s go!”

Startled and understandably nervous, the ladies all looked at each other.  With no other alternative, they obeyed.  Some ladies went to their men to be undressed, while others did it for themselves, perhaps only asking their men to unhook a bra strap.  Trying not to be too obvious, but never before having been in a room full of naked women, the men looked around at the various visual delights.  The ladies also looked around, perhaps to check out the competition?

Jill went to Adam, who lovingly undressed her.  Her flat little stomach churned from her conflicting emotions.  First, being undressed by Adam was always a turn-on to her.  Also spankings, though painful, had distinct erotic implications for the couple.  But also, being in a room full of nervous naked women evoked unpleasant memories of the Correction Centers she had previously been punished in.

Moments later all was quiet.  The Instructor looked at his class, the fully clothed men sitting next to their naked and jittery fiancees.  He could tell by the bright eyes, and the squirming of the men as they tried to hide their erections, that the class wasn’t entirely dreading the coming spanking demonstrations.  He knew from experience that many of the ladies would also be aroused, even though they were all due for red bottoms and tears

“OK” he said, “You all know what’s in store for today.  It’s important that all you men do a good job.  Don’t even think about faking it.  Ladies, it’s to your advantage that your man gets it right the first time.  Otherwise he will be required to try again on makeup night.  So the way to only get spanked once is for your man to do it right the first time.”

He paused to allow everyone to digest his words, and then continued.  “When you come up here to be spanked, it really helps if you put yourself in the right frame of mind.  Somewhere in your background, you probably have some guilty episode, something you should have been spanked for but you somehow escaped.  Put your mind there while you are receiving your spanking, and it will really help.  I will now take volun...”

Adam’s hand shot up.  Jill looked at him open-mouthed.  She couldn’t believe that Adam would volunteer her!

The Instructor pointed at Adam, and waved him and Jill to the front of the classroom.  “As I was saying, I will take volunteers first.  After that, I will pull names from the box until every couple has completed their demonstration spanking.”  As Adam and Jill moved forward, the Instructor placed a chair front and center in the room.  He didn’t have to explain it’s purpose.   

The class watched with rapt attention.  Adam hadn’t advertised his profession, but word had somehow gotten around the class.  Everyone knew that they were about to see a professional spanker in action.

Jill wasn’t thinking very clearly as Adam led her to the chair.  At first Adam’s volunteering her to receive the first spanking had seemed a betrayal.  But then she realized that Adam had done her a kindness.  He had saved her the agony of dreading her spanking while watching others suffer their spankings.  She kissed him on the cheek and whispered “Make it a good one.”   

“Don’t worry” he said as he returned the kiss and gave her a fond squeeze.  “Remember what the Instructor said; find that guilty place in your mind.  Can you do that?”  She bit her lip and nodded soberly.  Then he briskly sat on the chair and pulled her across his lap. 

Jill easily found that “guilty place” inside her head.  It was something shameful that she had done to her mother.  Perhaps her mother quietly knew, or perhaps Jill had truly gotten away with it, but it was a sore spot that constantly festered in Jill’s psyche.  She wallowed in the guilt, seeking a strange sort of mental solace.  Perhaps the spanking could wash away her old remorse?

The Instructor had positioned the chair sideways so that Jill’s bare bottom faced the class.   The man turned the timer to five, and set it down with a distinct “thump” signaling the start of Jill’s spanking.

Totally absorbed in the moment, the entire class watched as Jill’s nether cheeks flattened, rippled, and wobbled under Adam’s first brisk flurry of spanks.  Handprints quickly overlapped each other, and then morphed into a single pink blob on each of her delicious cheeks.

Jill sobbed, squealed, and then ineffectually cried “wait, wait” as the sting quickly overpowered her natural desire to suffer in dignified silence.  Very quickly, she found herself pushed over an emotional precipice.  Her frantic pleas quickly devolved into incoherent sobs and shrill squeals.

Adam was plenty strong enough to restrain his frantically struggling lover with just his left hand, so he didn’t bother to restrain her legs, which kicked and splayed, displaying her last remaining secrets to her attentive classmates.

With Jill now firmly under his control, both emotionally and physically, Adam reduced both the force and frequency of his spanks.  Over the next several minutes his goal was to keep her in that same mental place while he safely extended the pink area to include every square inch of her spankable territory.  He then nourished that pink with judiciously-paced spanks until it blossomed into a brilliant, sumptuous  red glow.

With mere seconds left, he administered a final cleansing flurry of forceful swats to the fullest summits of both cheeks.  This left her breathless and limp in surrender.

Just as Adam’s last blow fell, the timer dinged.  The job was done.   At first the room remained quiet, save for Jill’s sobs.  As Adam lovingly helped the  stricken Jill to her feet, the class emerged from its trance and respectfully applauded Adam’s performance.  Adam smiled slightly in acknowledgment.

Adam tenderly led his lover Jill back to their chairs.  There she curled up in his lap and buried her face in his chest to quietly shed her last few tears.

The Instructor admitted; “I can’t add a thing to that.  You just saw a perfect example of a Spencer spanking.  Next volunteer please?”

No man wanted his performance compared to Adam’s, so the class sat dead silent while the Instructor waited patiently.  He knew what would happen, and it did!  Not wishing to prolong her anguished wait, a lady in the front row elbowed her man in the ribs.  Reluctantly, he raised his hand.  The Instructor waved them forward.

The rest of the session continued in a serial blur of spankings.  The Instructor kept his coaching to a minimum, expecting the men to do their best.  However, he did watch closely.  He encouraged several men who were holding back, and, stopped another man who was spanking way too hard.  He noticed one lady with a bruised bottom from some botched practice, so that couple was told to wait until makeup night.  Altogether, there were four couples who failed the demonstration.  They would all have another chance on makeup night, and more chances after that if necessary.

After each spanking, the Instructor would make a careful note in his grade book and then hold a short critique before calling the next couple forward. Finally he ran out of volunteers, so he pulled names from the box until every lady had been spanked.

Then, the Instructor required every lady to line up across the front of the classroom facing away so that all of their bottoms were on display.  Walking back and forth behind the ladies, he pointed to one cheek or another to critique potential bruises or bottoms that could have taken more punishment.

Then dismissal after a short talk; “Next week we change roles.  The ladies will demonstrate whipping their men.  Ladies, don’t forget to bring your straps, and keep up that practice!  Men, I know that will be painful, but look at what your fiancee has already endured.  Just like today, everybody will participate.  No excuses!”

Adam and Jill finally arrived home after their class.  Naturally, the first order of business was to apply cream to Jill’s bottom.  Soon she was nude, face-down on their bed luxuriating in the cooling relief as Adam gently rubbed in the healing cream.  Simultaneous with the cooling relief in her buns, Jill felt heat in another part of her body.  Slyly, she reached back to massage the lump that was quickly forming in Adam’s groin.  Their usual after-class “late” supper was much later than usual that evening!

Every day of the following week, Adam insisted that Jill practice with her strap.  For an amateur, he knew that she was good.  Adam wasn’t looking forward to his coming Spencer strapping from Jill, but considered it a small price to pay to have his sexy young lover forever to himself.  Adam felt it was fair for him to be mutually subject to punishment, but being punished held no sexual thrill for him.  It mattered little to Adam; he fully intended to honor their Spencer contract, so he had little fear of ever feeling Jill’s strap again.

For Jill it was different.  A punishment spanking truly was punishment for her, and she was always glad when it was over, but there was a tiny part of her that needed it to happen occasionally.  Yes, she loved her erotic spankings, but occasionally they wouldn’t be enough.  Consciously or not, in the future Jill would occasionally breech their contract; breech it just barely enough to earn herself an occasional ass-scorching trip across her future husband’s lap.


As the students filed into the classroom for the next session, the men weren’t surprised to hear their Instructor order them to strip.  With the ladies looking around and trying to hide their interest, the men obeyed.  He smiled inwardly at the sight of so many inflated penises.  He never understood it, but it was always so.  The evidence was indisputable!  Regardless of their claims, many men are aroused by the idea of being spanked.

The Instructor opened his grade book.   “OK, you all know what’s scheduled for today.  The rules are the same as last week.  Our next class will be ‘makeup day’.  Do a good job today, and you won’t have to try again next week.   To simplify things, we will proceed in opposite order of last week. “

At that, Adam groaned.  Since he went first last week, he would now have to wait and dread his whipping for almost the entire class period.  Jill wrapped an arm around his shoulders and gave him an understanding hug.           

The whippings that followed were much more uneven than last week’s spankings had been, even though the ladies had been given an extra week to prepare.  So the Instructor had to do more coaching, and spend more time critiquing each whipping.   This was no surprise.  First, the strap takes more skill in accuracy.  Second. Since it multiplies your strength, one must learn how hard to hit.  Also, many women have trouble overcoming their natural passiveness, and can’t bring themselves to deliver a sufficient whipping.   

In all, there were six women who were told to “Practice and then try again next week.”

Finally it became Jill & Adam’s turn.  With butterflies in her stomach, she led Adam to the front.  He put himself in the proper position on the cart, one pillow rolled under his hips, and with his face jammed into the other one with his hands locked under it.

The Instructor set the timer for five minutes and signaled for her to start.  As she had been taught, she started with six brisk “scorchers”.  The first one was to the very summit of his bottom, perfectly bisecting his tight cleft.  A line of red showed across his bottom, Adam grunted and clenched.  The other five she applied just above and below her first mark.  Obviously in pain, Adam jerked and gasped with each stroke of the strap. 

With strokes that were slower and more judicious, Jill went on to explore the full range of Adam’s spankable territory with that potent little strap.  This was the first time that she had ever given Adam (or anybody) a full strapping, but over the next several minutes she acquitted herself well.  It was clear that physically and emotionally Adam was barely on the edge.  When he started moving his bottom enough to throw off her aim, she placed a restraining hand on his back, but kept doggedly at work with the strap.

After what seemed like an hour, the timer’s dial finally neared zero.  As she had been taught, but never been able to practice, she “dialed up the heat” for the final few seconds, swatting his bottom slightly harder and considerably faster.  This finally broke Adam’s reserve, he bucked and howled his distress.

Then the timer dinged and it was finally over.

The Instructor pointed out a spot on his upper thigh that came dangerously close to bruising, but otherwise complimented her efforts,  “You obviously have a good tutor Miss.  Good job.”

Shortly after Jill led her pained man to their seats, the class was dismissed.

By now, many friendships had formed among the couples.  Years later, many of them would still be close family friends, so close that their various children would call them “aunt” and “uncle”.


Relieved that their ordeal was all but over, Jill and Adam rushed home.  First, Jill doctored her man’s bottom with their favorite cream.  She started to apologize for hurting his bottom, but he wouldn’t hear it.  “You did exactly what you were supposed to do.  And I can tell you first hand, you did damn well for an amateur.” he added ruefully.

Jill’s hands on Adam’s bottom, aided by the soothing cream’ had two effects on Adam.  First, it made his bottom stop stinging!  He rolled over to display the other effect.  Jill teasingly licked Adam’s erect member.  He arched his back, making his desire obvious.  Ever helpful, Jill took care of her man.

Afterwards, they celebrated over a bottle of cheap bubbly.   All they needed to do was attend one more class where they would simply observe the last few “makeup” spankings, and they would be fully eligible to become man and wife.

They showered together, and then cuddled in bed.  There, Adam easily rose to the occasion, and dealt with Jill’s needs.  Spooned together, their brains wonderfully drugged by both the residual effects of the wine and their simultaneous orgasms, the couple drifted off into a rapturous sleep.

Jill & Adam had no further reason to practice their Spencer spankings, but their “homework” wasn’t quite over.  Two couples that they were friendly with called for help.  Both had ”failed” their demonstrations and were looking for Adam’s help to assure that they passed on “makeup night”.  The three couples got together three times over the next week, meeting for supper and spanking practice at each couple’s apartment in turn. 

Adam offered tutoring, but Jill turned out to be even more giving: One man was really having problems with confidence.  It was only two days before “makeup night” and Adam had prescribed rest for his fiancee’s bottom so it would be ready for their demonstration spanking.  With Adam’s prior permission, Jill offered herself as a “spanking dummy”.  She stripped, put herself across the man’s lap, and with Adam’s close supervision absorbed a full five-minute spanking.  Jill bucked and sobbed, but Adam encouraged the man to continue.  Finally it was over.  Jill pecked the man on the cheek to show there were no hard feelings, but went to Adam to be properly consoled.  Adam offered the flustered man a few tips, but declared him ready.    

“Makeup night” was unremarkable.  All ten couples passed, and class was dismissed somewhat early.  Afterwards, the entire class met at a lounge to celebrate over a few drinks.  Soon, they would all be married couples.

Held at a nearby school auditorium, the communal wedding ceremony, was surprisingly dignified and well attended by friends and family.  A judge performed the ceremony.  After the exchange of rings, Adam and Jill clung together as if they were alone in the room, their happy tears mingling.  Finally, they were truly man and wife.  Life was good!

The reception was a simple affair, with a huge communal cake and cases of cheap but cold sparkling wine that nobody would dignify with the name “champagne” but everybody happily drank.

Even in this mean, lean, corporately-ran society, is seems that human happiness was still a distinct possibility.   As in the past, happiness has little to do with one’s income.  It’s mostly a matter of being lucky enough, or persistent enough, to find the right person to spend your life with.

© Guyspencer 2012


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