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On Courting (and Spanking) a Christian Girl; Chapter 6

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                                        On Courting (and Spanking) a Christian girl
                                                  CHAPTER 6 (Ephesians)

It was the day after Tim had been allowed to spank his fiancé Ruth for the very first time.  He didn’t know it yet, but he had been promoted to Ruth’s  main spanker.  Tim didn’t have any spanking authority of his own, and wouldn’t until his marriage, but from now on when Ruth earned a spanking, Tim would be allowed to do the job.

Tim normally spent his evenings at Ruth’s house, and he hoped that today would be no exception.  Still, even though Ruth had seemed very forgiving after last evening’s spanking, he still harbored an illogical fear that she might have had a change of heart.  So his heart rate accelerated a bit as he knocked on the door.  The affectionate welcome he received from Ruth soon calmed his fears.

As usual, he ate supper with Ruth and her mother, Mrs. Marsh.  After Tim and Ruth cleaned up from supper, they spread their schoolbooks on the kitchen table and studied for a serious two hours.  As they worked, Tim noticed Ruth fidgeting on the hard dining room chair, but decided that it was safest not to mention it.

When Mrs. Marsh noticed them putting away their schoolbooks, she called them into the living room.  As they entered, she pointed Tim to the center of the couch.  Although puzzled, he obeyed, sitting in the appointed place.

The lady explained, “Last night I promised you something, so I’m delivering.  I want you to see what Ruth’s bottom looks like one day after her hairbrush spanking.”

Ruth colored a bit at that news, but offered no objection.

“You choose Tim,” the lady ordered with a smile.  “Ruth can lower her own pants, or you may do the honors yourself.”

Smiling up at Ruth, Tim replied, “If Ruth has no objection, I’d like to do that myself.”

Ruth’s inviting smile betrayed no objection.

“Then remembering that this doesn’t change any of our rules,” Mrs. Marsh replied, “You may take her pants and panties right down, and then take her across your lap so we can have a good look at her bottom.”

His penis locked at full alert and his face flushed with arousal, Tim happily did the mother’s bidding, lowering Ruth’s pants and panties, and then helping her across his lap, a position she had been in only the night before.            

It was a light-hearted moment for both Tim and Ruth, but Mrs. Marsh had a serious point to make.  On Ruth’s bottom was a target-shaped bruise at the peak of each of buttock, and an irregular bruise on each “sit spot”.  

“See these?” Mrs. Marsh asked, pointing to the marks on Ruth’s bare bottom, “ She will feel those whenever she sits for the next few days.  It will twinge just enough to make her remember the lesson behind last night’s spanking.  Isn’t that right honey?”

Ruth answered ruefully, “Believe me, I’ve been feeling it all day.”  Then she added in a serious voice, “But I’m really sorry about yesterday.  I deserved my punishment.”

The lesson over, Tim helped Ruth back to her feet.  Although she was perfectly capable of pulling her own pants back up, Tim did it for her.

Mrs. Marsh made no more mention of that question that Tim had asked the day before; the one about how a husband can seek forgiveness, but she had already privately discussed it with the Pastor.  She didn’t know what the Pastor would do about it, but he would be seeing the couple next week at their next premarital counseling meeting. 

Following that “bottom inspection”, Tim and Ruth went upstairs to her bedroom for a little “private time”.  That evening’s petting session was significantly more passionate than usual.

Following their mutual climaxes, it would have been easy for Tim to fall asleep, but his welcome in Ruth’s bedroom didn’t extend to that.  Ruth however, was under no such constraints.  He watched lovingly as her beautiful face relaxed and she drifted off to sleep.  This was Tim’s cue to vanish for the night.  He knew that Ruth would nap for a bit before rising to undress, shower, say goodnight to her mother, and return to her bed for the night.

As usual, Tim said his goodbyes to Mrs. Marsh before picking up his school books to leave for home.  As he walked out the door, Mrs. Marsh reminded him about next week’s counseling session with the Pastor.   


The next week:

Pastor Lewis sat in the familiar comfort of his church office.  Today would be one of several premarital counseling sessions scheduled for Tim and Ruth.  Although he called them “premarital” sessions, they would actually continue through those first critical months of their marriage.

He reviewed his notes carefully.  He planned each of these premarital sessions carefully, giving them the same thought that he gave to his weekly sermon.  Today’s meeting would be especially interesting, because the topic would be “Christian Domestic Discipline”.  He had reviewed the subject carefully, and had a list of relevant scripture references at his fingertips to share with the couple.

Tim and Ruth were a bit different from a typical premarital couple because of Sister Marsh’s guidance, which combined close scrutiny and rigid rules along with what many in the church would consider sexual permissiveness. 

Although he had initially been opposed to Sister Marsh’s methods, after intense study and prayer he had come to agree with her.  However, he was too realistic to advocate her methods to his conservative congregation.

Most of Pastor Lewis’s congregation believed that Christian courting should consist of nothing more intimate than light kissing and chaste embracing.  But the Pastor had counseled enough young couples to know that virtually all of them progressed far beyond that ideal, and that too many ended up losing their premarital purity. The result was that many couples started their married life with guilty baggage.     

What Sister Marsh had done was to simply realize that many of our ideas about premarital intimacy come from our culture, but not from the Bible!  In scripture, the only true consistent “bright line” she could find was against premarital intercourse. So she had strictly controlled Tim and Ruth’s courtship to greatly discourage them from having intercourse, while allowing lesser intimacies which reduce their sexual tension, thus controlling their God-given reproductive urges.  This would allow the two to safely learn about each others bodies and needs, an important preparation for marriage!


The Pastor’s musing was interrupted by a knock at his office door.  Checking the clock, he saw that Tom and Ruth were punctual as usual.  He called them in, pointing them to chairs in front of his desk.

As usual, prayer came first.  Both Tim and Ruth looked relaxed, so Pastor Lewis assumed that there were no new issues with them that would interfere with his prepared discussion topic.  Sometimes these premarital counseling sessions produced unexpected drama, but his sessions with Ruth and Tim usually went smoothly.  

He eased into the subject of discipline by first reviewing with them the scriptural basis of the husband’s role as head of the family.   Here, he quoted from Ephesians: “Wives, submit to your own husbands...”.

From there, he segued into discipline, and how after her marriage Ruth must obey and submit to her husband in the same way she now submits to her parents.

The couple found the ensuing discussion about their future domestic discipline life cringe, squirm, and blush-inducing.  Fortunately, the Pastor didn’t delve too far into the mechanics of spanking since he was aware of the training that Tim was receiving from Sister March, but he didn’t hold back from telling Ruth that she must always submit to Tim’s discipline with grace and obedience. 

“And,” he instructed, “you must not display bad attitude, recriminations, or false modesty.  Your discipline should be a time to strengthen and renew your marital relationship.  You must fully submit, and your punishment must be followed by full and enthusiastic mutual forgiveness.  Expect to be bare for the event. After all, you will be husband and wife.  Also be sure to learn the lesson your husband intends to reinforce, because that is part of your duty of obedience. 

As the Pastor spoke, Tim’s mind drifted, but it didn’t drift far from the subject at hand!   

Tim found himself remembering the spanking he had recently been allowed to give Ruth.  It was an experience that simultaneously fed all of his senses!  In his mind, Ruth was bare-bottom over his lap.  He remembered her weight, and the stimulation to his groin as she thrashed and kicked in response to his spanks.  Adding to the physical effect was the feeling of her taut bottomflesh against the palm of his hand.  Unknowingly he smiled as he recalled the visual effect; her delightful twin mounds rippling, bouncing and coloring under his corporal attention, her legs kicking, her throes offering tantalizing peeks at her most intimate treasures.  The aural effect also was delightful, with her sweet voice rising in high-pitched appreciation of his corporal efforts.  He even remembered her bouquet, which was different during a spanking than at any other time.  It was a mixture of female toiletries, the elemental tang of her femininity, the sweat raised by her throes, and perhaps just a touch of fear.

As Tim visualized that delicious scene, his young body reacted in a male way.  Hoping nobody noticed, he casually moved his hands to hide the evidence.  Considering the intimate topic of conversation, Tim wondered irreverently if the Pastor might be having a similar reaction under his desk.  The Pastor had a young wife who he obviously adored and who was now visibly pregnant, so surely he wasn’t immune to such randy thoughts.  

The Pastor broke Tim’s pleasant daydream when he addressed his next remarks directly to him, reminding him of his scriptural obligation to always be fair, just, and patient with Ruth, and to always take time to listen to her side of every story, and to give her viewpoint proper consideration before deciding on any discipline.

Tim had seen jerk husbands before, and had no intention of being one of them, so he enthusiastically promised to always be fair and patient with Ruth.  She took his hand as he spoke, but fortunately his erection had somewhat faded by then.

And then the Pastor turned his attention back to Ruth.  “Just because the Bible commands you to submit to your husband doesn’t make you defenseless. I have already said that Tim must listen to your side of the story, but that also means listening when you have a problem or a complaint with him.  Always try to solve these things between yourselves first.  Failing that, you have the entire resources of your church behind you.  You may discuss your problem with any elder, or with me directly.  We won’t always take your side, but if necessary we will counsel your husband to make him see the light.”

Ruth’s eyes widened at this idea, but she demurred, “Thank you Pastor Lewis, but I’m sure that Tim and I will be able to work things out between us.”   

That remark about making errant husbands “see the light” gave Tim the opening he needed to ask his question, “Pastor Lewis, we know how a wife receives discipline to pay a price for her misdeeds, and how that should lead to forgiveness and restore a marriage to peace.  But what about husbands?  Do they have a way to similarly pay a price and receive forgiveness?  Or must they just live with their guilt?   

Having been warned by Sister Marsh, the Pastor’s face didn’t register surprise at Tim’s question, but Ruth looked puzzled.  Apparently the question had never occurred to her.

The Pastor spoke carefully.  “Honestly, nobody has ever asked me that question at a premarital counseling session before.  The question does come up, but usually only after a man has been married awhile and matters begin to weigh on him.  Are you sure you are ready to hear the answer?

“Well sir,” Tim spoke honestly, “I’m sure that I will remain curious until I hear an answer.  I honestly don’t know if I’m ready to hear your answer because I haven’t heard it.”

The man leaned back in his chair, considering.   

Finally he decided.  He looked at both Ruth and Tim.  “This is a very private church matter.  You may discuss this with me or between yourselves, but with nobody else.  Do I have your solemn pledge?”

Puzzled, Tim and Ruth looked at each other, and then simultaneously turned back to the Pastor to offer their pledge.

“There are really two ways of dealing with this problem,” Pastor Lewis began, “The best way is if you two simply deal with it yourselves.”   

Tim’s eyes got wide, “You mean that Ruth should punish me?”

“Well,” the Pastor replied, “That’s close to what I mean.”

“But the Bible commands me to be the head of the family.  So if Ruth can punish me, how can I remain the head of my family?”

The Pastor smiled. “The Bible answers that question.  But like so many things, it doesn’t  answer it directly.  Can you name a situation where Jesus humbled himself before his followers?”

Tim frowned, thinking furiously, “In the book of John, when he washed his disciples feet?”

“Exactly!” enthused the Pastor.  “If you study the culture of that time, you will understand exactly how much he humbled himself.  Yet after that, was there any doubt that he was still their Lord and master?  

“No,” replied Tim, who was starting to understand the Pastor’s point.  “Certainly not.”

“That’s right,” said the Pastor, “In fact, some of the disciples were reluctant to allow Jesus to wash their feet, yet he set then straight in his own gentle way.  It was a master stroke of leadership and a great example for you to follow.”

“Does that mean that Ruth will be able to spank me whenever she wants to?”

“Oh no!” said the Pastor, “You and Ruth will have very different roles in your family.  You remain the head, so authority rests in you.  You must be wise, honest and fair enough to decide for yourself when you have earned a punishment, and then direct her to do it, even if she is reluctant to.”

“Further,” he continued, “You must bare yourself, hand her the necessary implement, and then put yourself into position without any instructions from her.  Then you must insist that she do a proper job, a thorough job.  Although you will likely make noise, even weep, you must not confuse your wife by begging for respite or struggling.  Finding the strength to properly accept your punishment is the hardest part.”

As the man spoke, Tim found himself holding Ruth’s hand painfully tight.

There was a long silence as both Tim and Ruth absorbed this new knowledge, and considered its implications.

Finally Tim asked, “Do all couples in our church do this?”

“Well, I certainly can’t get into specifics without violating somebody’s privacy, which is why we don’t talk openly about this.  Let’s say that way of handling husbandly guilt is common in our flock.”

Tim probed just a little, “But you mentioned that there were two ways.  You’ve only mentioned one.”   

“That’s right,” the Pastor replied, “Some men simply aren’t strong enough to insist on a punishment, or to take one correctly.  There are also wives who aren’t strong enough mentally or physically to deliver.”

He looked at Ruth, “In your case, I don’t think there will be any problem.”

Ruth blushed at the praise, but then pressed, “But what’s the other way of dealing with the problem.  You said there were two.”

He seemed reluctant to share that information, but finally he patted the top of his desk.  “Occasionally, those husbands end up right here, bent over my desk.  I’ve saved a few marriages that way.”  


Their session over, Tim and Ruth thanked the Pastor and walked home hand-in-hand.  Suddenly Ruth stopped, aghast at the connection she had just made.  “Oh my gosh Tim.  My parents!  I knew that dad spanks mom, but now I realize that she must also spank him!” 

Tim nodded. “That would explain why she seems confident enough to spank me, even though I outweigh her.  It also explains why she acted so mysteriously when I asked her that question.  In fact, it explains a lot!”

“I guess that settles one thing though,” Tim mused.

“What’s that?”

Tim paused and then finally answered, “If she can do it, so can you.”

Ruth’s silence gave Tim his answer.   

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