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On Courting (and Spanking) a Christian Girl: Chapter 1

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On Courting (and Spanking) a Christian Girl

Chapter 1 (Genesis)

I’ve been spending a lot of time in church.  It’s not that I’m a particularly religious person, I’m just doing what it takes to be near Ruth.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no heathen!  In fact, I was raised in a church-going family, in a town where religion is important.  It’s just that religion was never something that filled my daily thought process.

However, Ruth and her family are far more serious about such things.  So together, Ruth and I have tried to find a middle ground.

It all started normally enough.  At first Ruth was just another face in my class, but a gorgeous one!  In fact, she was so beautiful that I didn’t expect her to even notice a geek like me.  We became close almost by accident.  It started when our Science teacher teamed us for a class project.  After that, we started studying together.  Ruth’s parents liked to keep her close, so if we didn’t meet in school or at the library, it was usually at her house.  This went on for over a year with nothing particularly “clicking” between us. 

It was our after-homework “talks” that changed things.  Gradually we started finding common interests that led to long conversations.  These usually happened at Ruth’s kitchen table after our homework was done.  From there, we started attending school functions together. 

You know how it goes!  Gradually our school relationship turned into a personal friendship, which gradually morphed into a courtship.  Ruth’s parents quickly noticed when our relationship took an affectionate turn!

Fortunately, Ruth’s parents had come to like me.  Regardless, Ruth and I found ourselves receiving a stern and embarrassing lecture from them.  Her father, a policeman, acted gruff and vaguely threatening.  Ruth’s mother came off as more understanding, but they both adamantly insisted that Ruth must remain virgin until marriage “as is God’s law”.  They said that Ruth had previously promised this to them.  Ruth agreed that she had, and insisted that she still meant it.  Clearly Ruth, her parents, and even God were in unanimous agreement that Ruth should remain a virgin!  What could I do but agree?

Of course, all this seemed grossly premature at the time, because the most Ruth and I had done was steal a few kisses!  We hadn’t even decided to “go steady”!

But “go steady” we soon did!  Although Ruth’s parents liked me, I felt that they believed that I wasn’t a good enough Christian.  So it was hard to get them to allow us out of their sight.  The best we could do was attend school dances together and continue our study dates.  At least those study dates helped our grades!           

But the one thing that Ruth’s parents always approved of was when I accompanied her to church, preferably her own church.  So Ruth and I rarely missed a Sunday in church, or any other church function.  Church was the easiest and cheapest way for us to be together.  We were always perfectly demure angels in church.  Fortunately nobody complained nor seemed to think it odd that we sat with our hips touching, even on an uncrowded pew.

At first, Ruth’s church seemed little different than mine, other than it leaned just a bit more to the conservative side than I was used to.     

I noticed that children’s obedience, and the “loving discipline” Christian parents should apply when their children disobey, was a frequent theme in the Pastor’s sermons.  This was no surprise.  My church was much the same, just not so strict.  Ruth and I had long ago admitted to each other that we were both occasionally spanked at home.      

Ruth and I squirmed together one Sunday morning when the sermon topic was “Chastity, Purity, and Scripture.”  The Pastor was clearly speaking directly to us!  We stayed after the service to assure the man that Ruth’s purity was safe.  As he smiled and shook my hand, he squeezed extra hard.  I got his message loud and clear!  Ruth and I were clearly in the Pastor’s sights, and we had better behave ourselves!

It was another of the Pastor’s sermons that really got my attention.  It was about “Christian Domestic Discipline”.  His talk was sprinkled with many Bible references which, taken together, led one to the notion that the husband should be the undisputed head of the family and that wives must obey their husbands.  He never exactly came out and said that husbands should spank their wives, but when that familiar term “loving discipline” popped up, I got his meaning. 

I was aghast, so I asked Ruth about that as soon as we were alone. “Yes silly,” she said, “Our congregation is very strict about family values, so the husband is always the head of the household.”  

I asked with wide eyes, “So all the husbands in this congregation spank their wives?”

Ruth grinned, “I can’t speak for the entire congregation, I just know my own family.  I’ve never seen it or heard it happen, but Mommy admits that Daddy has spanked her, and he could again if she doesn’t obey him.” 

That was a whole new concept to me, and a whole new fantasy!

And then the penny dropped!  If I were to marry Ruth (and that was certainly my aim) I would have spanking rights to her delectable bottom!  By now, Ruth and I had been “going steady” for several months.  Unfortunately, it would be ages before I would see that bottom in the flesh.


This wasn’t to be a “flash in the pan” romance.  Instead, it simmered slowly because Ruth’s parents would have it no other way.  We had negotiated some definite limits and had discussed them with Ruth’s mother for her approval.  Frankly, we weren’t allowed to do much more than chastely kiss and embrace.  We were always to remain clothed, and “petting” was specifically forbidden.

But that doesn’t mean that everything always went smoothly!  Both Ruth and I were normal in our sex drive and our emotions, so there was always a risk that we might forget ourselves and stray into the forbidden.

I’ll admit that it was I who started it.  Ruth’s parents had allowed us to go to a movie, a rare treat because there were few movies that Ruth’s parents approved of.  We sat in the rear of the dark theater and found ourselves doing what young lovebirds do.  Our kissing and snuggling became increasingly ardent.  The next thing you know, my hand strayed into forbidden territory.  At first, it was sufficiently exciting to caress the bare skin inside her blouse.  Of course, I had seen her shallow, tight bellybutton when she wore sun suits and swim suits, but to touch it under her clothing seemed amazingly exciting and erotic!

Had I stopped there, we probably would have been fine.  Unfortunately, my fingers drifted down her flat belly and insinuated themselves into the elastic waistband of her slacks.  My fingers seemed to come alive and grow eyes!  Inside, that waistband I found another, more delicate and lacy, elastic band.  By now, I sported a truly painful erection.  Offering encouragement that I truly didn’t need, she reached over to my lap, and for the first time ever caressed my hardness through my pants.            

Encouraged, my fingers pushed deeper into (forgive the pun) virgin territory.  For the first time ever, I touched pubic hair that wasn’t mine.  Ruth stiffened at first, but then relaxed.  I might have retreated at that point, but her thighs parted, giving my fingers access to the holy grail.  I was obviously too eager, and certainly inexperienced, so in my clumsiness I almost immediately hurt that delicate area with a fingernail.  That must be what brought her back to her senses.

Gently, she took my wrist, pulled my hand free, and then kissed me on the back of my hand to show that there were no hard feelings.  Then she wrapped my arm around her shoulder and snuggled up to me.  As the cheap novels say, our hearts beat together!

We both knew that a major Rubicon had been crossed.  Unfortunately, our actions were to have quick and painful consequences!     


The next day at school I didn’t get to talk to Ruth before our first class together; English Literature.  I could tell that the poor girl wasn’t sitting comfortably, and suspected that she had been spanked for some reason.  At lunchtime she told me a bit of the story.

“It’s about what we did at the movie theater yesterday,” she explained.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough privacy to talk further, so I spent the rest of the day justifiably worried that I had gotten Ruth into painful trouble with her parents.

As usual, I walked her home that afternoon.  “So you got spanked?”  I asked unnecessarily.

She nodded, a hint of a tear in her eye.  “I got it harder than I expected.  With the hairbrush!”

With trepidation I asked, “Are you mad at me?”

“No!” she insisted.  “We did it together, and either of us could have stopped before we went too far.”

“Besides,” she said with a blush.  “It was the most exciting thing that’s ever happened to me.  It was almost worth the spanking.”
Then I asked the obvious question, “How did your parents find out?”

“Not my parents,” she explained, “just my mother.  My parents and I have sort of a deal.  I tell Mom everything you and I do together, holding nothing back.  In exchange for my honesty, everything I say stays with Mom.  It’s a lot less embarrassing that way because it’s just us girls.  But that doesn’t keep me from being punished!”

“But why did you tell her?” I asked plaintively, “You didn’t have to say anything.”

“Oh yes I did,” Ruth explained.  “If I didn’t tell her everything, even tell her the stuff I know will get me punished, how could she possibly trust me?  Without my parent’s trust, you and I wouldn’t be allowed to do anything!” 

It was a revelation to me that things I had always thought to be private between Ruth and I had long been shared in intimate detail with her mother!  But once I thought about it, everything made sense.  After all, Ruth’s purity was very important to Ruth and her parents, and it was also supposed to be important to me!

“By the way,” Ruth said, “Mommy wants to see you about yesterday.”

That was glum news, but not surprising.  Fortunately, Ruth’s father wouldn’t be there because he worked evenings.  Besides, according to Ruth, he likely didn’t even know.


So we faced June Marsh, Ruth’s mother.  First the lady insisted on praying with us to ask for “guidance”.  This was uncomfortable for me because prayer wasn’t a daily event in my own home.  But that’s how they do things in Ruth’s family.  So if I wanted Ruth, I had to suffer through it.  After that, we naturally had to suffer through a long and embarrassing lecture.  By then, I was really feeling down on myself.  I was supposed to help keep Ruth pure, but I had allowed us to get carried away.  Mrs. Marsh rightfully pointed out that getting “carried away” is exactly how girls lose their virginity, and even get pregnant!

Finally the lady offered me a choice; simply leave and stop seeing Ruth, or she would call my parents to suggest that they punish me. 

I swallowed, and then explained to her why neither of those options would work, “First, Ruth is too important to me.  I’m not going to give her up no matter what!  Second, my parents are good people, but they won’t punish me for this.  Oh sure, they’ll be disappointed in me, and they’ll say the same things to me that you already have, but they won’t punish me.  They just don’t feel as strongly about premarital sex as you folks do.” 

I wasn’t done.  I gulped and then looked Ruth’s mother right in the eye, “And they don’t feel as strongly as I do either.  I know that I should receive the same punishment as Ruth, but they won’t do it.”

“Are you saying what I think you are saying?” she asked archly.

I looked at her lamely, “Perhaps your husband, or your Pastor?”

She looked at me thoughtfully, “You wouldn’t be the first 18 year-old boy I’ve spanked.  Ruth’s older brother is in the Army now, but he’s no stranger to my lap.  Nope, my husband gave me this job, so if you really want to get spanked, it’ll be by me.”

Ruth spoke up, “This is crazy Tim, you don’t have to do this!”

I turned to her, “But you said yourself that both of us were wrong.  So why should you get spanked and not me?”   

“But, but,” she sputtered.  But then she stopped, unable to refute my reasoning.

Ruth’s mother got right down to business.  “Being over 18, it’s your call.  Do you really want to do this?”   

With what I hoped was a firm look on my face, I nodded.

She turned to Ruth, “Go fetch the hairbrush.”

Ruth opened her mouth to argue, but a look from her mother made her obey.  She left the room, only to return holding her mother’s hardwood hairbrush.

She accepted the hairbrush, and then sent Ruth to her room.  “Stay there until I tell you it’s OK to come out!”

Ruth obeyed, reluctantly leaving the room, and leaving me to my fate.

Mrs. Marsh looked at me with a surprisingly kind expression on her face, “You know, Ruth is right.  You really don’t have to do this.”

“We’re both equally guilty Mrs. Marsh.  It’s not fair that Ruth should be punished and me not.  If anything, it should be the other way around.”

She nodded her agreement and then walked to the living room window.  She craned her neck, looking up and down the street, and then closed the curtains tightly.  She explained, “I usually spank in the privacy of the master bedroom, but it doesn’t feel right taking you in there.  So it happens here.  Don’t worry, it will be private enough.”

Not knowing what to say, I simply nodded my agreement.  

She had another thought, “Can we agree that this is your last chance to back out?  Speak now, or you give up the right to change your mind.”

At this point, I wouldn’t have backed down for the world, so I easily agreed, “I’m ready Ma’am.  I won’t back out,”

“In that case,” she said, “you may bring us an armless chair from the dining room.”  She indicated a spot, “Put it there.”

It felt odd to provide my own pillory, but I obeyed without hesitation.

She sat in the chair and fixed me with her direct stare.  I could have sworn that she could see straight into my soul!

Then she surprised me!  “Tim, if you think I am your enemy, or that I’m standing between you and Ruth, you’re totally wrong.  I actually like you, and I wouldn’t mind having you as a son-in-law if that’s what God and Ruth decide.  But many things must happen first.  Neither you nor Ruth are even close to being ready.”

I didn’t know what to say!  This lady was obviously preparing to spank my bottom for messing with her daughter, yet she was saying nice things to me?

“Th–thank you,” I said with the surprise showing in my voice, “I’m really sorry that I went too far with Ruth.  And I’m especially sorry that I got her into trouble.”

“I know you are Tim”, she replied, “And I think you’re doing the right thing.  Regardless of what Ruth said, she wouldn’t think the situation was fair with her spanked and you not. So I respect your choice.”

She continued, as if that sentence had reminded her why we were there, “However, I intend to give you the same spanking that I gave Ruth, so expect a very sore bottom.  Shall we begin?”

I was tongue-tied, but I suppose I must have nodded, because she got right down to business, “OK, kick off your shoes and then remove your shirt and pants.”

Somehow I hadn’t pictured myself disrobing for this disciplinary adventure, so that order startled me.  On reflection, I knew that Ruth’s parents spanked on the bare, just like my own parents!  So I obeyed.

At my age, boys are just brimming with hormones, so my body conspired to make this situation far more embarrassing than it really had to be.  As my pants came down, another part of me came up!   So the next thing I knew, I was standing in front of Mrs. Marsh wearing nothing but my briefs.  In front of my briefs were my hands, a lame attempt to hide my condition, which only made it more obvious. 

Mrs. Marsh bailed me out!  She pointed vaguely towards my crotch, “Don’t worry Tim.  Every time I spanked Ruth’s big brother, that same thing happened.  It’s perfectly natural.  As soon as your bottom starts to really sting, that erection will be history.  So lose those underpants, and put yourself across my lap so we can get started.”

It was embarrassing to expose that certain male body part.  Fortunately, as soon as I lowered myself across the lady’s silky lap, that certain body part was nicely out of sight, albeit disturbingly close to my girlfriend’s mother’s thigh!   


In the meantime, Ruth was upstairs in her bedroom.  Her mother hadn’t ordered her to close her door, so it remained wide open.  Just inside that open door, Ruth listened as hard as she could, but she could only hear an occasional buzz of conversation from the living room.  All she could really tell was that her mother was doing most of the talking, and that was no surprise!

Ruth was a good girl, a girl who gave her parents little trouble, but she was no angel!  Her God had created her with a mind of her own, and sometimes that mind got her into mischief.  She was sworn to tell her mother everything that she and Tim did together, but that promise didn’t extend beyond that.  So Ruth had decided for herself that she would peek on Tim’s spanking.  If she happened to get caught, she knew that the repercussions would be painful.  But she didn’t expect to get caught! 

So Ruth listened carefully for any hint of what was happening downstairs.  The buzz of conversation paused for several long seconds, and then she distinctly heard the first spanks!

Ruth certainly had reason to know her mother’s spanking routine!  As expected, those first spanks were just “stingers”, so Tim was able to hold his silence.  Wisely, Ruth remained in her room.  Momentarily, both Tim and her mother would be totally absorbed in the spanking.  Plus there would be a lot more noise!  That’s when Ruth planned to make her move.  


She started with just her hand.  At first, the spanking wasn’t so bad.  I suppose I might have squirmed a bit under the sting, but I wasn’t even close to tears.  So I just took it silently, and even became a bit hopeful that perhaps this spanking wouldn’t be so bad.  She worked her way from the top of my bottom down to the tops of my legs without missing an inch.  Then she paused a moment, before starting again at the top!

Her second pass was harder and faster.  Soon my earlier optimism started to melt away.  As she continued to spank, I’m afraid I started to squirm and groan.  Finally, after covering my entire nether territory for a second time, she paused again.  By then I had definite tears in my eyes.   Having forgotten about the hairbrush, I was silly enough to hope that perhaps my punishment was over.  I was happy that I hadn’t disgraced myself, but it had been a close call!

So, idiotic as it might seem,  I was hopeful that Ruth’s mother might allow me up off her lap, when I felt her grip me even tighter!

When she started again at the top of my bottom, this time spanking with redoubled furor, there was no way I could keep my cool.  I’m afraid I struggled a bit, and certainly I kicked, but it was impossible to stay quiet.  At first, I loudly apologized in the frantic hope that might induce her to show me some mercy.  Then I may have lowered myself to begging, but then I “lost it” completely, crying loudly, screeching like a little girl, and kicking my legs in all directions.


This was Ruth’s chance!  She knew that her mother would be concentrating on spanking Tim, and quite occupied with the task of controlling the struggling, kicking boy.  Also, the noise of the spanking would cover any noises that she made.  So Ruth crept to the top of the stairway and looked down into the living room.  She saw the chair in the middle of the living room holding both her mother and Tim.  Tim was wearing nothing but a T-shirt, and was doing the “horizontal boogie” as mother energetically spanked his bottom, sit spots, and thighs.           

Inadvertently, mother had positioned the chair so that Tim’s bare bottom pointed towards the stairway.  Thus, Ruth was favored with a perfect view of her boyfriend’s bright red bottom.  But there was more!  In his pained antics, Tim’s legs scissored wide open.  Ruth’s sharp young eyes drank in her very first sight of the male reproductive anatomy.  It was only a rear view, but she liked what she saw!

There was another pause in the action, so Ruth momentarily drew herself back out of sight.  She had seen the hairbrush tucked behind her mother, so she knew what was coming next!

The sharp report of the hairbrush rang through the house, and Ruth again received an eyeful of the action.  Tim bucked and wailed, but by now he was nearly exhausted and could do little but absorb the punishment.  After that thorough preparation with her hand, it only took the lady a couple minutes work with that wicked hairbrush to put the final touches on her corporal project.  

When things seemed to be winding down, Ruth wisely returned to her room. 

That scene, her nearly naked boyfriend squirming across her mother’s lap with his privates on display, would come to dominate Ruth’s erotic fantasies.  Also, it was the very first time that she had “connected the dots” between spanking and sex!


Mrs. Marsh wasn’t comfortable cradling this crying nearly naked young man against her bosom, so Tim’s aftercare was brief, but as tender as the lady dared.  She had averted her eyes as he danced the “spank dance” in the middle of her living room, but as a wife and the mother of a grown boy, Tim had nothing she hadn’t seen many times before.  She did notice that Tim was rather well endowed.  That augured well for Ruth’s future physical satisfaction, should she actually marry this young man.

She gently deposited him and his clothing in the hall bathroom.  She gave him a brief hug, and then left him, telling him to dress and to come out when he was ready.  A moment later she knocked on the door, and handed him in a jar of cream, leaving him to apply it to himself.

Now Mrs. Marsh felt like she was really in uncharted territory.  Tim needed some “tender loving care,” but it wasn’t her place to supply it.  After a moment’s thought she called Ruth down from her room.  They had a brief but intense talk before Tim shyly emerged from the bathroom.

Poor Tim looked terrible!  His eyes were puffy and still wet with tears.  He expected to be sent home, but was mildly shocked when Ruth took him by the hand and led him up the stairs to the previously forbidden sanctum of her bedroom.  Tim looked in wonder at the feminine trappings in the room.

Ruth spoke urgently, “Don’t mess this up Tim!  Mother has forgiven you, and she greatly respects you for asking to be punished.  Now you deserve some affection and you’re going to get it.  But no funny business!  We have to leave the lights on and the door open.”  Looking down at the bulge in Tim’s pants, she really wondered if this was going to work.

At first they sat together on the edge of her bed and talked, but gradually they became more comfortable with the situation and lay down crossways.  Tim wanted far more, and so did Ruth, but they both recognized this situation as some sort of test.  So they shared nothing beyond conversation, light kisses and mild embraces.   

It was then that Tim had an idea which was to change everything.  “Ruth,” he asked, “Now that I know about these honest talks you have with your mother about sex and us, is there any chance I could be included?  After all, they involve me.”

“It might get embarrassing,” Ruth warned, “My mother can be very frank about these things, She will insist that you be honest with her.  Even if she asks you a very personal question, she will insist on a complete and honest answer.”

“That’s OK,” Tim decided, “at least that way we will always know where we stand.  I don’t want to risk losing you.” 

They enjoyed an entire hour together before mother called them down.  Reluctantly they went downstairs to the living room.  As they did, Tim tried to hide his seemingly permanent erection.

Mother asked Ruth, “Well?  How did it go?”

Expecting the question, Ruth responded, “We were good Mom.  Tim was a perfect gentleman.  We hugged and kissed a bit until Tim felt better, and then we talked.” 

Mother looked into Ruth’s eyes and saw the truth there, and so she relaxed.

“Did you want to do more?” Mother asked.

Both Tim and Ruth nodded together.  “Of course we did Mom,” Ruth responded, “but your rules make sense for us, so we followed them...” 

She finished a bit lamely, “At least we did this time.”

“I understand,” Mother agreed, “You two are new at this.  With practice, you both will become more trustworthy.  As that happens, we will negotiate more liberal rules.  Some Christians think that a Christian courtship should go no further than light kissing and moderate embracing, but I don’t agree.  The only limit that the Bible clearly puts on premarital relationships is to forbid intercourse.  There is no reason why a couple should remain virtual strangers until they marry.  In fact, I believe that they should know each other as well as possible.

That opinion sounded good to both Tim and Ruth!

Emboldened by this conversation, Tim decided to ask the question that was on his mind:

“Mrs. Marsh, at first I was sort of shocked that you have been having these talks with Ruth about what we do in private, but now I understand why they are necessary.  But they involve me too!  Can I be included in them?”

The lady’s eyes opened wide in surprise, and then she turned thoughtful.

“Well,” she replied, “I reserve the right to talk privately with my daughter.  But on reflection, you have a point that these discussions involve you.  Suppose the three of us sit down for prayer and then a long talk every...say...two weeks?  Does that sound fair enough?”

Both Tim and Ruth immediately nodded.

She continued, “Did Ruth tell you that I will insist on complete frankness and honesty, even if that gets embarrassing...” She raised an eyebrow meaningfully as she completed her thought, “...or painful?”

Having had a very recent dose of what she meant by “painful”, Tim gulped before he agreed.

He held out his hand.  She took it and they solemnly shook, sealing the deal.

“When can we have our first meeting?” he asked.       

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