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Girls Get Into Trouble Too F/f

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Girls Get Into Trouble Too

Old Mrs Clymer didn’t want to do it, but Susan had really given her no choice.  When a kid explodes and then calls you a “blue haired bitch” in front of the whole class, there’s really no going back.  Mrs Clymer knew Susan as a normally sweet girl, but one with a quick temper.  There had been a simple misunderstanding, which had led to Susan “flying off the handle”.  In five minutes, Susan would be cooled down and thinking rationally again, but it would be too late.  She would still be in serious trouble!

Sure enough!  By the time Susan had gotten to the Principal’s office with the referral form in her trembling hand, she had calmed down and realized that the entire matter had been her own fault.  She had allowed herself to assume the wrong thing, and then “blew up” without bothering to think it through.

Susan handed the dreaded referral form to the school secretary, who looked at her oddly before directing her to a hard bench outside Mr. Helm’s office.  The secretary knocked on the principal’s door, and then entered to give him the form.

In his office, Mr. Helm looked at the form in surprise.  Most of the students who were referred to him for discipline were boys.  However, even without testosterone to help them do stupid things,  girls get into trouble too.  Even nice girls like Susan Gilbert get into trouble.

These days, Mr. Helm often felt frustrated or helpless when dealing with problem students.  It seems that the district board had outlawed paddling just a few months ago, undermining his authority by leaving detentions as his primary disciplinary option.  Some students just laughed at detentions, so the Principal had noted a distinct increase in disciplinary problems.  Obviously, some students were no longer afraid of him.

In the case of Susan Gilbert, Mr. Helm had no such worries.  He knew her parents.  Susan’s mother was a teacher at a local elementary school, and her father was a professor at the local community college.  He saw them at various professional education functions, and they always spoke to him.  Both parents had firmly assured him that he would always have their full support, “You’re no longer allowed to paddle her, but we certainly can!”

Mr. Helms allowed Susan to stew on the bench outside his office, as he composed and then sent a lengthy E-mail to Susan’s parents.  In addition, he printed a copy of the message to send home with Susan.  Then he finally called her in.

Susan was surprised to find the Principal’s lecture fairly muted, but then she realized why!  “Since they are both teachers, I’m sure that your parents will take your behavior very seriously.  Take this letter to your parents.  Return tomorrow morning before class with their written response.  Then I’ll decide if I need to take further action.”

Naturally, Susan begged the Principal to not involve her parents, but found him implacable.  He dismissed her, telling her to return to class. 

By then it was the second period, halfway through the morning.  Somehow Susan made it to lunchtime.  Rather than eat, she searched out Mrs Clymer, and found her in her room.  It was hard to face her after her earlier behavior, but Susan apologized.  The lady graciously forgave her, and then Susan found herself crying on her shoulder.  “You have always been one of my best students Susan, but you left me with no choice this morning.” 

“I know,” Susan sobbed, “It was all my fault.”

“Even though I’ve forgiven you,” Mrs Clymer said carefully, “the consequences of your behavior are out of my hands.  I’m afraid you’re still in trouble.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” sniffed Susan, “Mr. Helms is sending a letter to my parents.  I’m going to get spanked for sure!”

Mrs Clymer squeezed the girl, “I’m sorry honey, but surely they will be fair and you’ll survive whatever your consequences are.” 


While enjoying a quiet lunch in her classroom, Susan’s mother checked her e-mail.  She nearly choked on her sandwich when she read the message from the Principal.  “That sounds like something a boy would do,” she thought.  “Oh well” she shrugged, “Girls get into trouble too.”

Shortly later, a second e-mail came in from Mrs Clymer describing Susan’s apology.  “That sounds more like my Susan,” thought mother as she relaxed slightly, “but she still needs to be punished!”     


The afternoon had been hell for Susan, but finally her school day was over.  It was almost a relief to go straight home to face her mother.  It helped that her mother already knew the whole story.  Still, the lady carefully asked for Susan’s side, and then scolded her when she was sure of her facts.  Although Susan was desperate for the lecture to end, it was no relief when her mother finally delivered her verdict.  “I had hoped we were done with sort of thing Susan, but you can expect a memorable spanking when your father gets home.  Don’t expect to sit comfortably for the next few days.”

It had been almost a year since Susan’s last spanking, but the procedure was etched into her brain!  In her home, spankings were a pants-off, bare bottom affair.  Susan also knew that there was no point in attempting to beg, argue, or otherwise try to wheedle out of her punishment.

However, there was one issue that she raised with her mother.  She said it tearfully, just as the reality of her pending spanking was sinking into her psyche, “It’s been almost a year since daddy has seen me like--you know--like that.  There have been some changes since then mommy!  Mommy, can’t you spank me?  Can’t it be just between us girls?”

Mother thought carefully before speaking.  Susan had actually brought up a cogent point.  But, Mother’s main concern was more about her husband’s comfort than about reducing Susan’s embarrassment.  She remembered how embarrassed he had been the last time he had spanked Susan.  But Susan’s body had certainly flowered since then!  Besides, he had an evening class to teach.  That made a very long day for him.  When he finally got home, he would desperately want to sit and unwind.  He certainly wouldn’t be happy about facing that certain distasteful fatherly duty. 

Yes, mother was thinking more about her husband’s comfort than her daughter’s, but there was no reason to share that reasoning with Susan!

Finally mother spoke, “You’re not trying to get off with a lighter punishment are you Susan?”

Susan shook her head violently.  “No mommy, I know that you can spank really hard when you want to.”

“And if I do this, you will do your best to cooperate and to take your punishment like a lady?”

With hope in her eyes, Susan nodded her agreement.

“So you agree that you deserve a hard spanking, a spanking so hard that it will hurt you to sit down for the next few days?”

Susan’s reply was sober yet distinctly less enthusiastic, “Y...yes mommy”

“Shall we go to my bedroom and do it right now?”

Susan’s heart rate accelerated and she felt a sudden urge to pee, but she didn’t back down, “Yes mommy.  I’m really, really sorry for what I did, and I’d like to get my punishment over with.”

With that, Susan felt a firm hand on her arm.  For the first time in nearly a year she was escorted to her parent’s bedroom for punishment.

Normally Susan could expect at least a few minutes of bare bottom corner time before a spanking, but her mother had thought of a creative variation.  She pointed to the exact center of her bed, “Fold up your pants neatly, and then place them right there.”

Unspoken, was that Susan would first need to remove those pants!  She kicked off her shoes, and then slid them under the bed where they would be out of the way.  Reluctantly, Susan unbuttoned her pants, stepped out of them, folded them, and then placed them in the required spot on the bed.

“Now your panties.”

With a bit more reluctance, Susan removed her panties, folded the filmy things in half, and then placed them on top of her folded pants.  Now the girl was wearing only her bra and her blouse.

“Do you remember where to find the hairbrush?”

Soberly, Susan nodded.

“Get it, and then lay it on top of your panties.”

As usual, that “special” hairbrush was in the top middle drawer of her parent’s dresser.  Obediently, Susan fetched it, and then laid it on top of her little pile of clothing.
Mother pointed Susan to a spot in the middle of the bedroom floor, and then faced her towards the bed, where she couldn’t help but see that little pile of clothing crowned with the hairbrush. 

“OK Susan, I want you to stand right here and do some serious thinking.  I want you to think about why you aren’t wearing those clothes, and what that hairbrush is about to feel like on your bare bottom.  And then I want you to think about what you did to get yourself into this position.  But I especially want you to think about what you should have done differently, because I’ll be asking you about that.  OK?”

With tears flowing down her cheeks, Susan squeaked, “Yes mommy”.

Mother stepped back to watch her daughter.  Although she honestly hated to spank her, she had to admit that standing there prepared for her punishment, Susan made a fetching sight. 
At nearly seventeen, Susan’s body was leaving behind the thin coltishness of her early teens, and flowering into that of a fully-formed woman.  Mother noticed that Susan’s snug blouse accentuated her curves.  The blouse’s upper buttons were only slightly strained by Susan’s modest but attractive breasts.  Moving down, the blouse complimented her flat stomach and tiny waist before flaring to accommodate the swell caused by her voluptuously curving hips and buttocks.  Mother frowned when she noticed that the blouse’s hem hung inconveniently low for today’s purpose.  In the front, only the lowest tuft of curly hair was visible.  Today though, Susan’s rear view was more important.  That blouse concealed and protected all but the lowest curves of Susan’s temporarily pristine bottom cheeks.   

“Oh well.” mother decided, “we will deal with that later.”


Leaving the bedroom door wide open, mother quietly left.  She would indulge in a cup of tea and some decompression time while Susan uncomfortably contemplated the error of her ways.

As she sipped her tea, she exchanged texts with her husband, who was between classes.  She had earlier copied him on the two e-mails from school, and had received a response from him agreeing that she should be spanked.  When he heard that she would go ahead and spank Susan before he came home, he was palpably grateful.  He had been dreading spanking his “little angel”, especially after such a long workday.

Happy that her husband was OK with what she was doing, Mother finished her tea, took a deep breath, and headed for her bedroom.


Mother eased herself back into her bedroom, and was pleased to find Susan standing exactly where she had left her.  She saw tears on Susan’s cheeks, and knew that Susan’s solitary time had had its desired effect.  Susan was now in the proper frame of mind to learn a lesson.  However, Susan’s “instruction” wouldn’t all be of the painful variety.

Susan jumped when mother spoke, “You will need to unbutton that blouse so I can lift it up in back.”

Fumbling a bit with the buttons, Susan obeyed.  As she worked at the buttons, mother walked past her, sat on the edge of the bed, and looked her straight in the eye, “Tell me why you are about to be spanked.”

Stammering a bit, Susan gave an acceptable description of the behavior that gotten her into trouble.

“Now tell me what you should have done differently.  What  would have saved you from the sore bottom you’re about to get?”

“If...if I had just waited until after class to talk to Mrs Clymer privately, none of this would have happened.  In fact, by then I probably would have cooled off and then figured it out for myself so I wouldn’t have even needed to ask her about it.”

“That’s an excellent answer,” mother agreed, “So what really happened is that you let your temper get out of control.”

Susan nodded sadly.

Mother continued, “There is a limit to what a parent can accomplish with a spanking.  I’m about to give you a very sore bottom, but that won’t take away your temper.  It will still flare up!  It’s easy to recognize when that happens, because your heart rate increases and your breathing will change.  Some people even claim to see red!  What you must do is learn to recognize it, and then delay acting until your mind returns to rational thought.  That can happen very quickly.  The usual advice is to count to ten before you say or do anything, but a full minute is safer.  Understand?”

Susan nodded, and mother somehow got the impression that the girl really did “get it”.

“What we can’t do is take away what you did in class.  You disrupted your class, and called Mrs. Clymer a rude name.  Mrs. Clymer is a nice person and she did nothing to deserve that.”

“I know,” Susan sobbed, “that’s why I apologized to her.”

“Yes you did,” mother agreed in a milder voice, “and I am proud of that.  It was exactly the right thing to do.”

Mother reached for the hairbrush, and held it out to Susan, “We can’t ‘put the genie back it the bottle’.  You did what you did, so we must punish you for your behavior.  But we can put this hairbrush back in the drawer.  I think you’ve earned that much for apologizing to Mrs Clymer and I can do a good enough job without it.”

With tears of relief in her eyes, Susan walked across the bedroom to replace the hairbrush in its drawer.  Then she returned, and looked at her mother expectantly.

“So do you have any questions about why you are being punished or anything else you wish to discuss before we proceed?”

“No, I guess not mommy.”

Mother patted her lap as she spoke, “Then let’s start so we can get this unpleasant business finished.”

With a sob, Susan put herself across her mother’s lap.  Mother had sat back on the bed, so that Susan was laying on the bed with her bottom raised by her mother’s lap.  Mother gave her a pillow and advised her to hug it.  Then she raised the back of Susan’s blouse and tucked it under her bra strap, rendering her bare from her bra down.  In unhappy anticipation of what was about to come, Susan scrunched her nether buns together   

The “lesson”that followed was loud, painful, and memorable, but not nearly as bad as it could have been.  By the time Susan’s father arrived home from work, Susan was mostly recovered.  After a cry and a long cuddle with her mother, she still had time to shower and dress in her pajamas before their late supper.  Life in the Gilbert household had returned to normal.


There was just one part of Susan’s “punishment” remaining.  The next morning Susan stood before Mr. Helms and blushed furiously as he read the note from her mother explaining that she had been spanked for her misbehavior in class.

Satisfied, the Principal simply sent Susan on to class. 

Yes, girls can get into trouble, but they can also learn from it.

© Guyspencer 2014


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great stories. I always look forward to new ones.

4:13 PM, April 08, 2014  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WE decided to maintain our Spanking Agreement with our daughter, Julie even at 19! We put her in detention on a Saturdy, so we can spank and then cane her bare bottom ignoring the tears flowing. She has to remain without her panties until dinner and cannot stay in her room! She hates having to move around, bare bottom and thighs still red showing 12 cane stripes and often rubs her pain wracked bum! Jean

6:06 AM, October 26, 2016  

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