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Hurricane Resurrection

© Guyspencer 2014
Hurricane Resurrection

It was August in Florida, peak hurricane season.  Unfortunately this had been an unlucky hurricane season for  Ed and June, because Hurricane Iris had hit them dead center.  Fortunately Iris was “only”a category two storm, not one of those huge killer storms.


The winds of Hurricane Iris howled around their house.  This was the leading edge of the storm, so the noise would continue for hours.  The power had gone out two hours ago.  Only their florescent lantern relieved the darkness in their house.  Even their phone was out.  With the television silent, the winds sounded all the louder. 

Their sturdy window awnings were lowered and bolted into place, serving as ideal storm shutters.  Unfortunately they blocked the view outside, increasing the couple’s feeling of isolation.  

But there was something else that increased the Ed and June’s feeling of isolation.  They had recently become “empty nesters.”  Just two weeks ago, their two children had gone off to the state university for the Fall term.  Daniel was a Sophomore and was returning to school, but their “baby” Judith was a Freshman who had just left home for the first time.  The house felt empty.  Ed and June had still been adjusting to this new reality when storm warnings were posted.

At least preparing for the storm distracted them for a few days.  Ed was a believer in hurricane preparedness, so their house was already hardened.  While his neighbors were feverishly buying plywood and nailing it over their windows, Ed simply had to fold down those expensive storm-certified awnings and bolt them into place.  He had a generator for after the storm.  At the first hint of a coming storm, he filled his gas cans and topped off the car.  Soon everyone else was waiting in long gas lines, but Ed had thought ahead.  Working together, Ed and June stored water, made ice, set their freezer to max, and cleared their yard of loose items.  Naturally, they already had a week’s worth of nonperishable food in the pantry plus plenty of toilet paper! 

Then the storm came!


When you love a woman, isolation isn’t all bad.  Not bad that is, as long as you are isolated together with her!  As the first gale-force winds washed over their house, Ed and June sat side-by-side on the couch watching their local news anchor spout inane storm survival advice.  Finally Ed muted the TV and opened a bottle of wine.  Solemnly, they went through the ritual of filling their glasses and clicking them together.  They knew better than to get sloshed, but that glass of wine helped them relax.  They cuddled.  They kissed.  Ed realized that this was the first time they had been truly alone in over 20 years.  It felt good!

Ed’s hands wandered.  June pretended to slap his hand away, but her knees spread to offer him a feel of her clothed thigh.  It felt odd to openly make out right there in the living room!  Still, June wasn’t one to “fool around” in the middle of the day.  So as Ed expected, the moment passed without much else happening.  Their love hadn’t dwindled over the years, but the physical part of their relationship unfortunately had.  Their sex life, such as it was, had become unchanging and achingly conventional. 


After the electricity went out, Ed turned on the lantern.  Naturally he already had it ready and waiting.  It was supper time, so they made Spam sandwiches.  That’s when the wind really started to roar!

The only way that Ed could see outside the house was to peek through the tiny window in their front door.  There was still enough light for him to see debris blowing down the street.  He could see branches, garbage cans, and shingles that had apparently dislodged from some neighbor’s roof.  He saw some hit his car.  That flying debris explained some of the odd “thumping” noises he heard inside the house.

Later, Ed realized that some of June’s problems may have been triggered by his own nervous prowling.  At the same time that he had been reassuring June that all was well, he had seldom sat with her for two consecutive minutes.  Seconds after he sat down, he would spring back up to  patrol the house with a flashlight looking for leaks or other signs of trouble. 

At first, June’s state of mind hadn’t even been on his radar.  But gradually he began to realize that she was spinning out of control.  First she seemed increasingly nervous, then she started obsessing about things that weren’t even rational, like the safety of their children, who were nowhere near the path of the storm!  Then she became shrill.  Suddenly June had Ed’s undivided attention.  He had seen this behavior before, but that had been years ago!  He had to take action, but his options were limited.

Ed had June had started out their marriage as an adventurous and sensual couple with an active and varied sex life.  Early on, they had discovered spanking.  This wasn’t surprising since they both came from spanking families.  Their first marital spanking happened when she had agreed to a spanking as punishment for some bad behavior.  There were more punishment spankings later, but they were never common.  Soon after, they discovered that “good girl” spankings could be a turn on.  So spankings became a regular and exciting part of their foreplay.

June was an excitable type who sometimes let her emotions get out of control.  Early on, this had totally disconcerted Ed.  But then her mother told him how to respond to a hysterical episode; give her a short but sharp spanking!  The spanking would trigger a crying spell, which seemed to act as a safety valve to her emotions.  They called them “sanity spankings”.  June would sometimes fight the process, but afterwards she would be apologetic, understanding, and even grateful! 

Of course, children change everything!  June had never been able to take a spanking quietly, so when their first child became able to notice what was happing and to ask questions, the spankings stopped.  Also the general lack of privacy put a damper on their erotic activity, except whatever happened quietly in their bedroom with the children fast asleep.

After that, June’s hysterical “episodes” were handled by the family doctor with prescriptions.  Fortunately, June’s emotional problems decreased with age until they were no longer a regular issue.

When she had her “meltdown” in the middle of that storm, it was the first such episode Ed had seen in over five years.


To poor Ed, it seemed as if the whole world had gone crazy.  First Mother Nature threw her full fury at his world, but now June’s sudden hysteria presented a more immediate problem.

They had long ago thrown the pills out.  Calling the doctor or taking her to the emergency room were both impossible.  Their phone was out, and driving through the storm was out of the question!  Even paramedics stop responding to calls when winds reach hurricane force. 

But then he remembered June’s mother’s advice.  If it worked then, why wouldn’t work now?

He thought of many reasons to not do it; it was taking a chance, it could make things worse, she might refuse...  But then he thought of how it used to be in those delightful first years of their marriage.  What he would give to have that same woman back!  Perhaps this was the way to bring spanking back into their lives!

He took her hand.  “Were going into the bedroom.”

“Sex” she screamed, “That’s all you ever think about.”

“No,” he replied, “That’s not what’s foremost in my mind right now.  Come on honey, everything will be fine.  Let’s go in the bedroom and close the door so there will be less noise.”   

Temporarily mollified, she allowed herself to be led.  He sat on the bed with her standing before him.  He reached down and removed one of her shoes.  Automatically she raised the other foot.  He removed that shoe also.  He hugged her, told her he loved her, inserted his thumbs into the elastic of her pants, and then drew down her pants and panties together.  He held them down to the floor.  She stepped out of them as if they were undressing for bed.

Again he hugged her, his arms around her still-slim waist.  He kissed her bare belly, and then looked up at her.  “This will be a ‘sanity spanking’ honey.”

Her eyes got big.  Ed’s heart rate suddenly doubled.  This was the most dangerous moment!  He didn’t know what to expect. 

Everything was at stake.  Not just what happened today was at stake, but the quality of their remaining years together depended on what happened in the next ten minutes!  It especially depended on her reaction to the words he had just uttered.

Shocked, she stared at him open mouthed. 

“Come on honey” he urged, “You know you need this.  Come across my lap.”

He gave a little tug.  Some old feelings of submissiveness kicked in inside her brain.  Perhaps they were left over from her parental spankings, perhaps from their early married life.  Whatever it was, like in a trance she automatically obeyed.

For both of them, the sounds of Hurricane Iris lost importance.  Their whole universe had contracted to include only the two of them.

Ed looked down at the proffered bottom with wonder in his eyes.  Sure, it had spread a bit, mostly from her two pregnancies, but it still looked great to him!  It was pale and flawless, its skin still taut.  He felt her buttocks, and found them still firm and spankable.

He gave her a few experimental stingers.  She stiffened, but absorbed it quietly.  At any moment he expected her to start screeching again, or to ask him “who the hell he thought he was.”  Those first tentative spanks left an indistinct oval splotch on each cheek, as if a child had been playing with rouge.

Taking a firm hold around her waist lest she struggle, Ed started a proper warmup spanking.  As her bottom pinkened and warmed, he actually felt her relax.  Taking his time, he painted her bottom an even shade of pink, and then repeated the process, darkening the hue a few more shades.

Remembering how he used to do it years ago, he gradually tightened his hold, anticipating a brief fight.  Then, without warning, he unleashed a fusillade of nearly full-strength spanks.  Poor June bucked and screeched.  Her bottom bounced.  Her buttocks flattened with each spank, but then each orb would obediently pop back into shape as if begging for another spank.  This part was brief, less than a minute, but in that time Ed had delivered perhaps fifteen serious spanks to each buttock.

The shock of that sudden spanking had its desired effect.  Moments later, June was sitting on his lap and bawling into his shoulder. She cried for perhaps fifteen minutes, cleansing her soul of toxic emotions.  As she cried, he noticed beads of sweat.  She didn’t protest when he peeled off her blouse.  He held her until he saw sanity in her eyes.

They kissed.  To his shock, she thanked him.  They kissed again.

An old memory stirred itself in Ed’s brain.  Keeping June seated on his lap, he leaned towards their night stand and opened a small drawer.  Way in the back, behind a tube of KY jelly, he found an ancient jar of aloe lotion.  He showed it to her.  It featured a price tag from a long-defunct drug store chain.

“You need some ‘after care’ June.  Lay back across my lap so I can check your bottom.”

Her buns were bright red, but he saw no evidence of imminent bruising.  He gently applied a generous dollop of lotion to each cheek, and then gingerly spread it.  The lotion had its effect, she sighed with relief.  He continued his work, spreading the lotion well beyond the spanked area, down onto her thighs.  Automatically her legs splayed. 

His ministrations became increasingly personal.  June not only tolerated his advances, she seemed to welcome them.  Finally one of Ed’s exploring fingers dipped into the wellspring of her femininity.  He smiled with victory as he detected lubrication.  As that hand continued its work, his other busied itself with her bra strap.    

Soon there were two tempests happening at Ed & June’s address.  There was Hurricane Iris blowing outside, but there was a more important tempest happening in their bed as they enjoyed their best sex in decades.

Later that evening June suggested that now that they had privacy in their own house, perhaps they should “go back to spanking”.

Ed was delighted.  He had won back the woman he had married.  Ed & June’s marriage had been resurrected by Hurricane Iris!

© Guyspencer 2014


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