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Dual Stories 1; Single Father, Teen Daughter

© Guyspencer 2013
Dual Stories 1; Single Father, Teen Daughter

While morosely sitting in her bedroom while waiting for her father to arrive home from work, Cara tried different arguments in her head, “It isn’t fair for me to be in the same trouble as the other two girls because I wasn’t really cheating.  All I did was let them peek at my paper.  Everything on my paper was actually my own work!”

Unfortunately, she knew that excuse would get her no further with her father than it had with the Principal; because “cheating is cheating.”  She mentally auditioned and rejected several other possibilities.  Sadly, she concluded that she may as well just “plead guilty” and take her punishment, whatever her father decided her punishment must be.

Cara is a good girl and a straight-A honor student.  For herself, she had no need to cheat.  She had only been trying to help two friends.  Close to her father, her only parent, Cara was rarely a discipline problem.  Spankings had been rare in her younger years, and she had been spanking-free for over a year now.  She actually had thought she was done with that sort of childish thing.  But today, the possibility of a spanking loomed large in her mind. 

The other two girls, Edna and Michelle, were her best friends.  The two had been at a special event last night and had totally forgotten to study for that biology test.  Stupidly, Cara had offered to help them.  Obviously, their attempt at cheating hadn’t gone well.  The three of them had ended up in front of Mr. Jenkins, the Principal.  The school had abolished corporal punishment just the year before, leaving Mr. Jenkins with no alternative but to suspend all three girls for two days.

The principal had called Cara’s father while she was in the room.  It had been mortifying at the time, but at least Cara wouldn’t have the job of breaking the news to him.  He had tried to dissuade the Principal from suspending her, explaining that she would be “punished plenty at home”.  The Principal had been apologetic, but had stood firm.  All three girls would get the same 2-day suspension.

As she waited for her father, her thoughts turned to how disappointed he must be with her.  She certainly expected him to be mad at her, but it was his disappointment that she feared the most.  At that thought, new tears ran down her cheeks. 

It’s only human for sad thoughts to begat even sadder thoughts, so Cara found herself remembering her mother and wondering how she would have reacted to the news, had she still been alive.

Cara remembered her mother as a loving but frail woman.  For some reason, it was her bald head and wig that always stuck in her mind.  Back then, mother had always been to look after Cara, while Cara’s father was continually caring for mother.  When Cara was only eight, her mother had lost her fight with cancer.  After that, Cara and her father had become as close as a father and a daughter could possibly be.  They talked of mother often.  Both thought it important that Cara keep her memories of her mother fresh.

But just because Cara was the apple of her father’s eye, didn’t mean that he was a pushover!  He was reluctant to spank, but Cara was no stranger to his lap.  Today Cara’s bottom was in serious trouble, and she knew it!

All too soon, father finally arrived home.  He walked into Cara’s bedroom to find his daughter’s face wet with tears.

She almost would have preferred that he yell at her and spank her to get it over with, but that wasn’t his style. He dried her tears, he told her he still loved her, and then led her out to the living room for a “talk”.

She tried to escape back into tears, but father wouldn’t allow it.  He forced her to engage in conversation.  So they talked about cheating vs. honesty, about how honesty is almost always best, and how cheating almost always leads to trouble.  Finally, they seemed to exhaust the subject.

There was a pregnant pause.

Then he asked the question that Cara had been dreading, “What do you think would be a fair punishment for what you did Cara?”

Cara didn’t want to answer.  She tried tears again, but it didn’t help.  Patiently father pressed the question until Cara finally looked at the carpet and mumbled the only answer that made any sense, “A s-sp-spanking I guess sir.”

Her father pulled her into a hug, “That was hard to say that, wasn’t it?”

Still inspecting the carpet, she nodded.

“In that case,” he said, “I’ll give you a bit of help with the next part.”

She looked at him with a mixture of fear and confusion.

“Suspension is your Principal’s ultimate sanction...right?  By that I mean it’s the worst punishment he can hand out.”

Cara thought about that a bit and then finally nodded in reluctant agreement.  She was afraid she knew where this discussion was going...

“In that case would it be unfair or inappropriate if I were to use my ultimate sanction?”

“No sir,” Cara mumbled.

“You had trouble saying ‘spanking’, but I think you know what the worst punishment in my parental toolkit is right?”

New tears sprung from her eyes, but she nodded.

“I won’t make you say it Cara, so I’ll say it myself.  I intend to use the hairbrush on your bare bottom, and use it hard!”

This elicited a new torrent of tears.  Thinking it better to get the emotions out of her system, father held her and let her tears flow until they finally ran down.

“It’s been a few years, but do you remember where to find the hairbrush? 

She nodded.  She remembered all too well!  .

On the way home, father had been thinking about his daughter’s blossoming body.  Simply pulling her pants down like in years past would no longer do.  He had a new idea to preserve a vital bit of her modesty...

“Go take your evening shower now, put on a nice loose nightgown, and then bring me the hairbrush.”

He continued, “It’ll be bare bottom, but I intend to spank you, not humiliate you.  So I’ll just lift up your nightgown in back so I can do what needs doing.  That’s why the loose-fitting gown.  OK?” 

After a pause, Cara nodded her understanding. 

Unfortunately, father had one more instruction, “Like I said, it’ll be a bare bottom spanking so no panties under that gown...right?”

Her face bright red, Cara mumbled, “Yes sir”.  

He looked at his watch, “Can you do all that in 15 minutes?”

“Can...can I have 20 sir?”

“It’s eight after six.  Let’s have you down here by six thirty, OK?”

“Yes sir,” Cara choked, and then fled the room.

In the bathroom, Cara stripped off her clothes.  As her panties came off, she reflected glumly that none would go back on until after her buns had been painfully toasted by her father’s hairbrush.  Remembering the clock, she jumped in for a quicky shower.  Soon she was out of the shower toweling off her young body. 

She wiped the steam off the mirror so she could see herself.  At 17, her body bulged with reproductive promise like a spring flower.  Normally she would be inspect her changing body with a mixture of pride and wonder, but today she just looked over her shoulder at her pristine white buttocks.  Of course, she realized that they wouldn’t remain that way much longer!  For the first time, she realized that her spreading hips translated into more bottom for her father to spank. She glumly (and correctly) concluded that her maturing bottom would require more spanking than the younger, more petite, version.

Worried about the time, Cara quickly straightened her damp hair with a comb, and fastened it behind her head into a pony tail.  She remembered from sad past experience that it was best to keep her hair away from her face whilst being spanked.  Quickly, Cara walked to her bedroom to find an appropriate nightgown.  She briefly considered donning a bra, but rejected the idea.  When she pulled the flimsy but loose gown over her head, it stuck to her body in a few places where she had left beads of shower water.

Her last task was to go into her father’s bedroom to fetch the hairbrush.  She found it in the upper right hand drawer of the bureau, right where it always lived.        

Her father met her at the entrance of the living room.  He checked his watch and spoke without irony, “Three minutes to go.  Good job Cara.”

He accepted the hairbrush, and then pulled her into a tight hug.  She could feel his heartbeat.

His voice was gruff with emotion; “Damn it Cara, I hate to do this to you, but I have no choice.  Please don’t hate me, but I must do a good job tonight.  Expect your bottom to feel the effects for a few days.  And please-please learn from this.  I never want to do it again.”

Cara sobbed a bit and clung to her father as she promised that she would learn her lesson and that she wouldn’t hate her father for spanking her.

Father had closed the curtains for privacy, so it was dim in the living room .  But the room was plenty bright enough for Cara to see the armless dining room chair that he had placed in the middle of the room.  Realizing its purpose, she gulped. 

The next thing she knew she was laying across his lap and holding tightly to the chair legs for support.  “Daddy,” she sobbed, “I’m really sorry.”

“I am too honey,” he replied, “Try to cooperate with your punishment and I’ll get this over with as soon as possible.”

In a formal voice he said, “You are being spanked because you cheated, and cheating is wrong.  Understand?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Then tell me why you are being spanked!”

“Because I cheated and cheating is wrong.”

“Remember that,” he warned, “I’ll be asking you again, and I expect the right answer each time.”

“Yes Daddy.”

So far, Cara had shown a good attitude and had accepted and cooperated with her punishment well.  Therefore, father decided to allow her to keep a bit of dignity, at least for the first part of the spanking.  First, her nightgown was thin, so he delayed the mortifying event of Cara’s unveiling by pulling the cloth tightly across her buttocks to keep them covered for the first part of her spanking.

Second, he allowed her to maintain a bit of stoicism, at least at first.

Therefore, the first part of Cara’s spanking was at a leisurely tempo and not terribly hard.  He delivered spanks calculated to sting only moderately, and to paint the first delicate blush of color to her buttocks, hips, and thighs.  Cara sobbed a bit, but took it well.

Twice he temporarily increased the force and the tempo of his spanks to explore her limits.  Each time he eased off when her feet started drumming and the first groans escaped her lips.  Occasionally he stopped to lecture her a bit.  He continued this gentle treatment for a full ten minutes.  By then,  a definite pinkness shined through the thin cloth of her nightgown and her increasing squirms betrayed the increasing heat in her bottom.

He stopped, “Cara, tell me why you are being spanked!”

She choked and sobbed a bit, but finally got it out, “Because I cheated and cheating is wrong.”

“That’s right honey” he replied gently.  “It’s time for this spanking to get serious.  It’s OK to cry.  Nobody will hear except me and you.  OK?”

It actually wasn’t OK with Cara, but there wasn’t much for her to say except, “Yes daddy”.

Finally, reluctantly, he raised the back of Cara’s nightgown, raised it well above her waistline and held it high with his left hand.  Cara groaned in despair.  Her pink nates clenched, her legs crossed, she squeezed the chair legs with a white-knuckled grip.   

It had been over a year since father had directly seen that bottom.  There had been lots of changes over those months!  Many conflicting thoughts suddenly clogged his brain.  The sight of her shapely young bottom reminded him of the good years with his departed wife, the female perfection in front of him elicited feelings of fatherly pride, but there were also basic male thoughts that he quickly and guiltily suppressed.

Pushing his mental fog aside, he forced his brain to attend strictly to the business at hand.  He raised his hand high, and unleashed a quick fusillade of firm spanks to the fleshiest part of Cara’s blossoming bottom.  Her head popped up, her pony tail bounced, and a tentative  “Owwwwww” escaped her lips.  Predictably, Cara tried to hold out, to preserve what was left of her teenaged dignity, but within seconds she found herself bucking, twisting, howling, and piteously begging for respite.     

Father spread out the spanks, showing no special favoritism to either buttock, either thigh, or either sit spot.  Like magic, her entire bottom morphed from hot pink to livid red.  In the process, Cara lost control of her legs.  First her feet drummed on the floor, then they levitated from the carpet and her legs fluttered like a swimmer.  Finally she lost all control, and her legs kicked in all directions.  In the process, Cara showed her father far more of her than he wished to see.

Father implacably spanked on, but it only took a couple more minutes of that brisk treatment before he felt her start to surrender.  Her struggles became weaker, and her wails gradually turned to heavy sobs.  It was time for the last part of his daughter’s punishment.

Father reached behind, where he had tucked the hairbrush.

He tapped her right arm, “Give me this hand for safekeeping, I don’t want to hit it with the hairbrush.”

He had to ask more than once to penetrate her overloaded brain, but finally he had that vulnerable hand secured into the small of her back.

Again he asked, ““Cara, tell me why you are being spanked!”

The answer sounded odd because it was distorted by sobs and because her nose was clogged with mucus.  But she got it right, “Because I cheated and cheating is wrong.”

“That’s right Cara”, he said in an approving voice.  “You will feel this last part for the next few days.  Every time you do, I want you to remember that lesson, right?”

She choked out something that might have been “Yes daddy”.  He decided it would have to do for now.

He didn’t paddle her with his full strength, but he snapped that hairbrush into her buttocks plenty hard enough to leave painful marks.  Cara screamed and struggled at first, but she had already been spanked to the brink of surrender.   Her paddling was vigorous but relatively brief.  His goal was to leave painful reminders on the crown of her buttocks and at each sit spot.  He added a few milder blows to the backs of her thighs, and then finished with a last few moderate spanks on each cheek. 

It was over!  Cara had been spanked.

Father did the usual things that loving parents do in this situation to calm and reassure their distraught newly-spanked children.  He released the trapped hand, pulled her gown down to restore her modesty, and allowed her to her feet as soon as it seemed safe.  She did the usual dance, and cried the usual tears.  Looking at her messy face, father cussed himself for not thinking ahead.  After assuring her that he would be right back, he ran to the bathroom and quickly returned with a wet washcloth and a towel.  Gently, he wiped the tears and mucus from her face.

Finally he sat back down on the spanking chair and pulled her into his lap.  She put her face into her father’s strong shoulder and allowed herself one final cry.

When she finally had the crying out of her system, father escorted her to her bedroom.  Automatically, Cara laid herself face-down on her bed and allowed a few last tears to be absorbed by her pillow.  After again assuring her of his quick return, father returned to the bathroom to rummage in the back of a drawer for a jar of aloe cream that he remembered from long past spankings.

Returning, he showed her the jar, “Would you like me to leave so you can put this on yourself or...?”

“Cara spoke quickly and with assurance, “No Daddy, don’t leave.  You just saw my bottom, so please go ahead.”           

Daintily he lifted the back of her nightgown to expose the red and mottled flesh.  She flinched at the first cold touch of the creme, but then purred as he gently spread it and she felt its soothing effect.

He replaced her gown, kissed her damp cheek, and then knelt next to the bed to hold her hand.  Soon her breathing became deep and regular.  It was much too early to put her to bed for the night, so father crept out of the room to allow her a short nap while he prepared a light supper for them.


First, he set the living room back to rights to erase all vestiges of Cara’s spanking.  He opened the curtains to allow in the waning evening light, replaced the borrowed chair back to the dining room table, and returned the hairbrush to its drawer.

Then he put soup to warm on the stove, made two ham sandwiches, and set the table.  Thoughtfully, he placed a pillow on Cara’s chair.

Then he returned to Cara’s room, knocked on the door, and found her just in the process of waking up.  They shared a tender moment of reconciliation, and then he walked his spanked princess to the dining room.

They shared supper, and then father efficiently cleared off the dishes and brought Cara notepaper and pen so that she could write letters of apology to her Biology teacher and the Principal.  He would have them delivered to the school the following morning.


The Principal had ensured that all three girls had assignments from all of her teachers so that their two days of suspension needn’t be a total waste.  After packing her schoolbooks and a tush-cushion, Cara rode to work the following morning with her father.  He dropped her off at the library, fortunately only two blocks from his office. 

Cara had agreed that she would diligently do schoolwork work all day, and mostly she did.  At noon, father took her to lunch.  That evening she was on strict restriction.  Her father checked her work and quizzed her on her study assignments.  The next day went the same way.

Because father considered that her spanking and suspension had been sufficient punishment, her restriction ended the same day she was allowed back in school.


At school, Cara squirmed in the hard wooden seats.  Her father had been right about her feeling that hairbrush for a few days!

At lunch, she finally had a chance to compare notes with Edna and Michelle, the two girls who had been suspended along with her.  After hearing their stories, Cara wouldn’t have changed places with either of them.  Edna’s bottom was still a mess!  She had been spanked over her panties in front of her younger brother and sister.  That part was embarrassing, but then she had been taken to her bedroom for a bare-bottom session with her father’s belt.  Cara was glad that her father never used the belt! 

Both Cara and Edna agreed that Michelle had gotten the worst deal, even though her parents weren’t spankers.  She was on strict restriction for a full thirty days!

Regardless of what we may think of the severity of Cara’s punishment, she never again cheated; not on high school, not in college, and not in her later married life.  Thanks to that Principal and her father, Cara had learned a valuable life’s lesson.  Cara’s mother would have been proud of her, and satisfied with her husband’s parenting skills.

© Guyspencer 2013


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like this story... It is soooo sweet and reminds me of my daddy spanking me (though he often would use the belt) You are a really good writer!!!

4:11 PM, April 15, 2016  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great story and my dad would do the same thing but he would use a paddle or something else but that's something my dad will do

6:55 PM, June 25, 2016  
Blogger Unknown said...

A lovely story though my dad would have used a variety of implements and I would be bare. But I love my dad. Great story!

7:16 PM, July 24, 2016  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Story seems like a fantasy in some areas but overall great story.

12:57 AM, February 08, 2017  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the part about her 17 yr old bottom and figure and her dad feeling .... feelings.... about that was creepy and the rubbing of aloe on her ass too.... but overall good... alsoi thouught he was using the hairbrush the whole time

1:06 AM, June 15, 2017  

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