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After the Rapture, Part 2

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                                                             After the Rapture, Part 2

With a big grin on her face, and feeling a new Godliness in her heart, Mildred Oldbody climbed up into the bus from the bus stop in front of the Christian Guard headquarters (formerly the police department).  Mildred was as happy as a 70-year-old lady could be.  She had just completed her 40 hours of Christian Guard training.  In a simple ceremony, she had just been awarded her badge, the cherished symbol of her new status.  She was now a patrol person.  She didn’t qualify for a gun, but she had two things that were just as good; a brand new citation book and an official digital camera for documenting violations to serve as court evidence.  

Squat and grey-haired, Mildred had been at loose ends since her precious husband George was taken in the rapture.  Oh yes, she knew why she was still here!  In the first years of her marriage, she had cheated on George but hadn’t confessed or sought forgiveness.  Since the rapture, she had done everything possible to atone for her sin and to live a Christian life.  Now she planned to dedicate her remaining years to the Christian Guard.  The prospect of again being useful to society truly invigorated the old bat.  

The best seats were full, so Mildred was forced to settle for one of those “sideways” seats at the front of the bus.  It was two or three stops later before she noticed the young lady sitting in the other “sideways” seat facing her.  She immediately noticed two bare knees shining back at her, an obvious dress code violation.  Lady’s hemlines were now allowed no higher than mid-calf.  Although technically a sworn-in Christian Guard patrol officer, Mildred still had her field training to go.  She would be paired with experienced officers for several weeks before being allowed to work alone.  As such, she wasn’t yet encouraged to seek out violators.  Remembering this, Mildred resolved to ignore the bare knees.
All was OK until that young hussy relaxed and seemed to drift off a bit.  Her legs opened up revealing a shocking view of her panty-covered crotch!  That was too much for Mildred!  This went way beyond a simple dress code violation.  Oh yes!  This was a core violation of the Public Modesty Act.   She whipped her camera from her purse.  As she had been trained, she first took a wide angle context shot to establish the violation, and then a close-up head shot to prove the violator’s identity.  Mildred went one further and took another closeup that was sure to grab the Justice’s attention.  It was a closeup of the offending exposed female underwear, complete with a few stray pubic hairs poking around the edges.

At the next stop, she quickly moved across the bus to confront the violator.  “Close your legs,” she hissed in the young lady’s ear as she flashed her shiny new badge, “and show me your identification.”  Mary Blackburn suddenly popped fully awake.  Obediently her legs snapped shut.  She started to reach for her purse to produce her identification, then suddenly stopped to access her chances of escape.  “Don’t even think about it,” Mildred said firmly when she saw Mary’s shifty look, “unless you wish to add Resisting Arrest to your charges.  I’ve got your face right here on camera, so establishing your identity would be trivial”. 

Mary sighed and produced her identity card.  “Please, give me a break,” she whined, “I sort of accidentally had another violation a few months ago.  Another one would really get me in trouble.” 
Mildred usually spoke with more candor; “I’m truly sorry lady.  I’d like to help you but I’m allowed no flexibility in this matter.  I must write you up.”

Sick at heart, Mary watched Mildred fill out the dreaded citation form.  Sadly, she thought of the courtroom and the punishments the Justices dole out.  Remembering the spankings, her buttocks scrunched under her.  Mildred hummed the melody to “The Old Rugged Cross”as she wrote.  Finally done, she made Mary sign on the line marked “Defendant”. 

She handed Mary her copy of the form saying “God bless you Miss Blackburn and praise the Lord!  You’ll thank me for this when we meet in heaven.  The Christian Guard is here to help you stay on the path of righteousness!”   

Numbly, and ignoring Mildred’s false piousness, Mary accepted her copy of the citation and went home to await her summons to appear before the Christian Guard Tribunal.    


Life went on for Justice Harvey Simmons.

In the courtroom Harvey played a careful game.  He tried to be a moderating influence to his fellow Justices without seeming so strident that he became a problem to them.  If he were seen as a problem, he could quickly be replaced!  All in all, he felt like he was truly a force for good.  He was doing all he could under the circumstances.

As the months stretched out, he thought less and less of his wife, Susan.  There were many people in his same situation, those who had lost their spouse in the Rapture.  Susan hadn’t died, so there was no body, but she had been “taken by the Lord” which was much the same thing.  Finally the Christian Guard created a way for those people to document their status, and ultimately be declared single.  Because of his position, Harvey Simmons was among the first to win such a declaration.  He felt guilty, but he got over it.  It seemed a bit like a betrayal of the woman he had loved, but Harvey needed to get on with his life.
Only then did he finally allow himself thoughts of other women, although he was careful to lust over only unmarried women.  Naturally, the female flesh he regularly saw being spanked in his courtroom kept him aroused.  More than once he had been thankful for the loose robe he wore, because it hid the physical evidence of his prurient interest.  One particular female defendant stuck in his mind, and he hadn’t even seen her body!  It was Mary Blackburn.  At first, he told himself that he wasn’t interested in her body, it’s just that she seemed to be someone he could help.  Perhaps he could help her see the light!  However, late at night, under the sheets, it was her body that he pictured.      


The summons came quickly.  Two weeks later, Mary found herself climbing the steps to the courthouse.  As she did, she looked at the railings on the porch and wondered if she would be handcuffed there for public shame before the day was over.

They put her through the familiar routine.  All too soon, she was naked underneath that hated burlap shift and being led into the courtroom along with the other defendants.  With that coarse material against her otherwise bare backside, sitting on the hard courtroom chair was torture, even though she hadn’t been spanked yet!

Soon the bailiff called for all to stand as the three Justices solemnly trooped into the courtroom.  After the usual prayer for wisdom and guidance, everybody sat.  Two of the Justices were the same as before, including that Justice who had seemed to notice her before.  He did a classic “double take” when he saw her.  She groaned inwardly.  He had given her a break before and warned her what would happen if she ever again offended.  Now she was really in for it!

The business of the court started.  Mary grew increasingly nervous as other defendants were called.  As usual, the Justices decided the cases quickly but fairly.  Two defendants were actually found not guilty, and two others presented stories creative enough to get them off with a warning.  The defendant just before her drew 30 days of jail time for fraud, and was immediately taken away to his fate.  Then it was Mary’s turn!

She stood before the Tribunal as they studied the evidence photos that Mildred Oldbody had taken.  The Justices buzzed between themselves.  Finally the three looked up at her.  One Justice spoke, “Miss. Blackburn, you are charged with a gross violation of the Public Modesty Act.  The photographic evidence against you appears quite definitive.  However, we wish to hear your side of the story.”

Mary pleaded her case:  All of her long dresses had needed washing that day, so she had been forced to wear a shorter one that morning.  The underwear exposure wasn’t intentional.  She had just drifted off to sleep for an unguarded moment and her legs must have parted.  She was very sorry!

As she talked, her excuses seemed increasingly lame to her.  From the looks on the Justice’s faces, they weren’t impressed either.  It had taken her less than a minute to say all that she had to say.  With trepidation, she awaited their verdict.  It wasn’t long in coming!

The center Justice looked right and left at his colleagues.  He received two nods.  “Mary Blackburn,” the Justice intoned, “This Tribunal finds you guilty of violating the Public Modesty Act.  I note that this is your second offense.  We will now decide your sentence”

They huddled for a moment.  Mary could see that there was some disagreement, but they quickly settled it.  The Justice who had seemed to notice her finally spoke.  He spoke kindly but firmly, “Miss Blackburn, you are a lucky lady.  In light of your previous conviction, two of us voted to sentence you to a severity eight spanking, plus public shaming.  However, considering that your underwear display may have been accidental, you will only receive a severity five spanking plus three hours of public shaming time.” 

On being sentenced to a spanking, Mary felt her knees go weak and her mouth get dry.

The Justice continued, “Because of your previous conviction, we are taking the unusual step of adding a recommendation to your file that you receive jail time for any subsequent convictions of the Public Modesty Act.  I assure you, our jail is a place that you don’t want to go.  Mary Blackburn, you may take a seat until we come to the punishment phase of this session.  Savor your last few minutes without a sore bottom.” 

With fresh tears welling up in her eyes, Mary somehow found her seat.             

All too soon, the adjudications were over and Mary again stood before the Justices for the punishment phase of the session.  Next to her stood a man who had been convicted of public drunkenness and sentenced to a severity seven spanking.  She heard the bailiff moving furniture behind her as a Justice intoned the now-familiar pre-spanking instructions.  Neither of them accepted the offer of restraints or a gag.  Mary’s knees grew weak and she broke out into a sweat when she was told to go first!

Reluctantly, she turned around to find that the spanking chair and the modesty panel had been moved into place behind her.  Brandishing the paddle, the matron pointed Mary to a spot right next to the chair and then purposely sat down.  Time seemed to drag and distort for Mary.  Her vision was blurry.  Even the matron’s voice seemed distorted, like a record that was turning too slowly.  Her mind trying to cope, Mary finally moved to the appointed spot and then reached down to gather the hem of her rough shift.  She lifted it up...up.  Her knees came into view, then her bottom, round hips and groin, and then finally her flat belly.  As she lifted her shift, her sweaty palms made barely noticeable damp spots on the rough burlap. 

As she exposed herself, Mary became acutely aware of the modesty panel.  She suddenly realized what a cunning device it was.  It strategically obscured the middle portion of her anatomy from the direct gaze of dozens of spectators.  In order to stay behind the tiny panel, Mary was effectively forced to cooperate with her punishment.  Her knees were right up against the matron’s right hip.  If she were to shy away, she would expose herself to the audience.  She also realized that any excess kicking or thrashing could easily kick that flimsy stand over, giving everybody a show!

Predictably, the matron wasn’t happy with how high Mary had raised her hem, “Higher, I need it totally out of the way!”

With an angry sob, Mary gathered the hem a bit tighter and then lifted it until the lower orbs of her breasts came into view.  Of course, from their angle the Justices had a full view of the action.  In particular, she could feel the gaze of that one “special” Justice wash over her body like a hot breath.  She turned to look at him.  Oh yes, he was watching!  But he looked slightly saddened, certainly not excited or aroused.  When they locked eyes, he blushed.


Watching from the Justice’s bench, Harvey tried to psychoanalyze himself.   What was it about this woman that so interested him?  Because of his unique duties, female flesh was almost a daily sight for him.  So the simple sight of a nearly naked female body had long lost its impact for him.  But that didn’t mean that Harvey wasn’t lonely, and it certainly didn’t mean that he didn’t crave female companionship.  There was something about this particular woman that attracted him.  He wanted to believe that it wasn’t lust.  He told himself that he simply wanted to save this woman, to instruct her how to live in this new religious society so that she stayed out of trouble, to help her stay on the path of righteousness.  But it was much more than that!  Poor Harvey was lovesick.

He looked down at her file.  It would be so easy for him to steal her address and phone number.  He could call her later.  Perhaps they could get together...

No!  Somehow, for reasons that Harvey couldn’t articulate, that felt unethical, even creepy.

He watched sadly has Mary’s round bottom rippled, flattened, bounced and colored under the matron’s first few paddle strokes.  The poor woman shrieked, kicked and begged for respite that wouldn’t come.


Mary didn’t take her spanking well.  She couldn’t believe how much it hurt.  Surely there must be some mistake!  If she only had a moment’s break from that relentless paddle perhaps she could brave the rest of her punishment.  She tried to get that simple concept across to the matron, “Ouch, Wait!, No!, Just a minute! Please!, That hurts too much!, Owwwwwww!, Eeeeek!, Owie!”  Somehow she just couldn’t make the matron understand!  That dense lady just kept on swinging that wicked paddle.  Mary dissolved into tears, shrieks and even screams until exhausted, she simply laid limp to absorb the last few swats.

Many of the spectators were regulars, but they all watched with rapt attention.  Oh they were denied a view of Mary’s thrashing and coloring bottom, but they could see her bare legs kicking out from one side of the modesty panel, and her struggling torso on the other side.  They also could see the swing of the paddle through most of its arc.  They also could clearly hear the sound of thick Lexan impacting firm female buttflesh, and hear Mary’s shrill reaction.  Publicly they would enthuse about “God’s work being done”, but privately they might admit that this was “the best damn show in town”.    

Near the middle of her spanking, Mary’s kicking must have been a bit much, because she had felt somebody gently restrain her feet.  It must have been the Bailiff, but she never knew for sure.  She realized later that he hadn’t held her feet apart to open her thighs as she had seen him do to another lady at Mary’s first court appearance.  Probably that was because that lady had received a severity eight spanking, but Mary was “only” suffering a “fiver”.

Mary hadn’t even realized that her punishment was over when she became aware that the matron was urging her to her feet.  Sniffling and blubbering, Mary staggered on wobbly legs.  She felt the bailiff take her arm to steady her.  Her shift automatically slid down to restore her modesty.  Without thinking, she reached back to rub her throbbing bottom.  The rough burlap of her shift simply made matters worse.  Having seen the same happen hundreds of times, the bailiff simply shook his head.  He escorted her to her seat and whispered, “Sorry, you must sit now.” 

Quickly, Mary understood why the bailiff had apologized.  The combination of her freshly spanked bottom, the rough burlap, and that hard seat was excruciating!  Mary sat and blubbered quietly, barely noticing as the man who had been convicted of public drunkenness suffered a terrible spanking not five feet from where she sat.

Finally everybody stood as the Tribunal session ended and the three Justices filed out of the room.  The matron took Mary by the arm and escorted her back to the locker room, “You have three hours of public shaming ahead of you Miss Blackburn, so let’s get you ready.”

In the locker room the matron took Mary’s shift, leaving her temporarily naked.  Freed from the rough fabric, Mary took the opportunity to finally give her bottom a good rub.  Rather than give Mary a “display” shift with a window cut in the back to show off her spanked bottom, the matron insisted that Mary don her bra and panties.  She explained, “You wanted to show off your undies, so now you get the chance.”

Dressed only in bra, panties, and cloth slippers, and wearing a sign that said “Public Modesty Act Violator, Mary Blackburn”, poor Mary was marched out to the courtroom steps and then handcuffed to the railing.  The man who had been punished for public drunkenness was already handcuffed to the opposite railing.  The glum man was wearing a “display” shift to show off his spanked bottom, along with an appropriate sign hanging from his neck.

At first, Mary thought that she might get away without publicly displaying her own spanked bottom, but it wasn’t to be!  The matron delicately grabbed the elastic at the rear of Mary’s panties and pulled down, leaving her spanked cheeks exposed.

With a word to the Christian Guard officer who had been assigned to supervise the prisoners, the matron left, leaving Mary to serve her three hours of public shame.  That Guard officer, a grey-haired little old lady, seemed strangely familiar at first, but then Mary’s face turned red when the penny dropped.  Yes!  In a frustrating coincidence, it was the lady who had “written her up”,   Mildred Oldbody!  Although she secretly relished the situation, Mildred presented her most professional face.  She made sure that the “Public Shaming” rules were strictly followed.  Onlookers were encouraged to come close, but they weren’t allowed to touch the shamees.   Still there was nothing to prevent them from taunting and lecturing Mary and the other man.  Some, thinking it might help their case on Judgment Day, even read her appropriate scriptures in the hope of “saving her soul.”  Oddly, Mary was even forced to pose with her back to the crowd so that folks could have their pictures taken next to her bare red bottom!   
The irony that Mary was being punished for her small and accidental public display of underwear by being forced into an incredibly more public show of skin and undies seemed lost on everybody but Mary.  Something dangerous snapped inside her psyche.  Mary didn’t know how yet, but she was determined to beat the system.  A minor rebel had been born! 

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