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Appointment for Contrition, Part 11

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Appointment for Contrition, Part 11
(Rite of Passage & Nancy)

The congregation was abuzz.  Two girls had reached the magic age of 18, had completed their confirmation classes, and were ready for confirmation.  Confirmation would make them full members of the church.  More importantly perhaps, it makes them adults in the eyes of the church and eligible for marriage.  Social barriers would drop! In Pastor Lee’s case, the girls would instantly progress from untouchables to “fair game”.

The confirmation service would be a huge occasion, replacing that week’s Sunday morning service.  As part of the ceremony, the girls would be inducted into the Ladies Circle and presented with their “Truth Gowns”.  Afterwards, there would be a huge reception in the downstairs Fellowship Room.

After weeks of consideration, it had been decided how to handle their Contrition Appointments.  As usual, the “Truth Gowns” would be the only garment worn.  Although the congregation’s trust in Pastor Lee was absolute, it was decided that “one-on-one” meetings between young unmarried ladies and their unmarried youthful Pastor might cause damaging talk.  Therefore, Sister march would chaperone all such ladies at Contrition Appointments.  For privacy, she would normally sit out of earshot in the outer office, but the adjoining door would always be open.  It would be the duty of each young lady to arrange for Sister March to attend her appointments.

But what about spankings?  Beyond the chaperone, no special rules would be made for the recently confirmed ladies.  The established procedure was just too important!  Removing the “truth gown” for an earned “consequence” left the lady in the state that God had created her.  What could possibly be wrong with that?  Wearing no clothing left no place to hide, leaving no room for anything but the bare truth to shine through!  So, should the young ladies earn a spanking, they would doff their “truth gown” for the occasion just like any other lady’s circle member.

But how were the young ladies to be introduced to Contrition Appointments?  It was here that the mothers of the two girls did some really good thinking, and the Lady’s Circle did some good listening!  It was decided that each young lady should receive a special introductory Contrition Appointment.  For that single appointment only, they would be accompanied by their mothers.  The mother would help her daughter into her “Truth Gown.”  To show respect, the mother would also wear hers.  The young lady would talk to the Pastor semi-privately.  That first Contrition discussion would center on her childhood, and especially any childhood sins or remaining guilt from her childhood.  Then there would be a spanking, but a fairly mild one, just enough to color her bottom and enough to trigger real tears. 

That little spanking would symbolically resolve all of her childhood sins to afford her a “fresh start” into adulthood.  This would also have the effect of “breaking the ice” so that the young lady would have experienced all that’s likely to happen in a “real” Contrition Appointment.  Also, to reduce anxiety, that first contrition appointment should occur soon after confirmation.

Reverend Lee also insisted on one other small accommodation for that introductory meeting only.  Each young lady would have the option of retaining her gown.  She could remove it for her spanking, or she could just raise it enough to uncover her bottom before putting herself across the pastoral lap.  The choice would be hers.  Reluctantly, the group agreed.


The big day finally came!  The sanctuary was resplendent in light and flowers.  The ceremony started much like a wedding march.  Wearing white flowing dresses that somehow managed to individually flatter their very different figures, the girls walked down the central aisle escorted by their parents.  There, Pastor Lee officially inducted them into church membership.  Then the parents, after one final teary embrace, presented the new adults to the congregation and then returned to their seats, leaving the young ladies standing alone.  It was a poignant moment, the parents officially giving up control of their offspring.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

It wasn’t lost on Pastor Lee that this moment also signified that the responsibility for the young lady’s discipline had shifted from their parents to their Pastor.   

Then Sister March officially inducted the new adults in the Ladies Circle, and then publically presented them each with a brand new “truth gown”.

Finally the entire congregation filed downstairs to the Fellowship Hall, which had been decorated for a celebration banquet.


Although the girls had been raised in the same church and attended the same schools, and were both now college freshmen, they couldn’t have been more different from each other.  They would insist that they were friends, but in truth they had never been pals.   In school, they had always traveled in different circles; one girl was highly popular, but the other remained “just another face”.  Seeing them walk down the aisle, one would have no problem guessing which girl was which!  Even the fluffy formal gown failed to hide Nancy’s enticing figure, and she walked with a dignified poise that Cindy, the other girl, couldn’t match.        

Nancy, a slim, long-necked, olive-skinned, athletic-looking dark-haired compact young lady, was a smoldering beauty.  On the other hand, Cindy was a brown haired, plain-faced girl with a figure that one might describe as “chunky,” but rarely as “beautiful” or even as “sexy”.  Not surprisingly, Nancy had long ago learned that she could depend on her looks to get her through any situation, while Cindy used her personality and hard work to compensate for her lack of physical attributes.  It was that hard work which allowed Cindy to get excellent grades in spite of her merely average intelligence and talent.  Cindy had one attribute that made her attractive to any Pastor; she could play the piano and organ.  However, most of the congregation’s bets were solidly on Nancy to be Pastor’s Lee’s future bride.

Being a viral young man, Pastor Lee’s attention remained solidly on Nancy’s sexiness, but he tried not to show it.  Now that the young ladies had reached adulthood, he intended to politely, chastely and impartially date them both.  In particular, he might squire the young ladies to respectable  outings, such as church socials and other special events at local churches.  But the truth was that his hormones pointed him straight to Nancy. 

That evening after the Confirmation service, in the privacy of his bedroom, Pastor Lee finally allowed his drowsy sexual fantasies to dwell on the gorgeous young Nancy.  His hand strayed south.            


Now that they were adults, Pastor Lee hoped to see much more of the young ladies.  But first, there was the matter of their introductory Contrition Appointments and their first spankings to attend to!

Nancy’s Contrition appointment was scheduled for the afternoon following her confirmation.  Cindy’s meeting would be the following morning.  Pastor Lee was a bit nervous about these meetings, but not nearly as nervous as Cindy and Nancy!


Twenty minutes before the appointed hour, Nancy found herself in the church basement, locked in a Sunday school room with her mother.  It felt really strange to get naked in a Sunday school room, and even stranger to do it with her mother!  Earlier, they had visited the lady’s room to remove all of their makeup and jewelry.  When Nancy got down to her bra and panties, she paused, reluctant to continue.  The mother had been expecting this, so she set an example by quickly shrugging off her own bra, peeling her panties down past her own substantial hips, then off.

“Come on Nancy,” she urged, “finish the job so we can put on our gowns and be covered up again.”  Reluctantly, the gorgeous young lady divested herself of bra and panties.   Soon Nancy had donned her “Truth Gown” for the very first time (except that she had privately tried it on in her bedroom the night before.)  That done, the ladies zipped each other up.

Nancy’s stomach churned with a mixture of fear, nervousness and anticipation.   She welcomed Pastor Lee’s attention, and she expected this meeting would play to her favor.   Snagging that handsome and important male would be a huge status symbol to her.  Also, being the preacher’s wife would make her an important person in the church and even in her town.  Oh yes! She knew Pastor Lee was soon to view much of her body, a view most of the town’s males would happily pay for, but he was the one she wanted to attract. 

Naturally, she understood that the purpose of her Contrition Appointment was for her to bare her soul.  She also understood that this time there would be a real spanking involved.  (Future spankings weren’t assured, they depended on her conduct and any confessions she made.)  Actually, she had no intention of actually baring her soul for the Pastor.  However, she was resigned to baring her bottom and enduring her spanking because it was required to meet her intended goal.  

Her stomach still churning, Nancy followed her mother out of the Sunday School room.  In the thin gown, she felt exposed, a feeling enhanced by the caress of the cool basement air on her body.  She shivered, and not only because of the chill!

Nancy’s face turned red when her mother suggested a last-minute trip to the lady’s room.  “You need to be sure your bladder is empty.  When you lay across a lap, it puts pressure there, and sometimes that makes you feel like, you know...peeing.”  Later, Nancy would wonder how her mother knew so much about being spanked, but right now she was only thinking of herself.   For once, she took her mother’s advice. 

Then it was time!


They stood outside the Pastor’s office.  Mother motioned for Nancy to knock.  With her knees feeling weak, she finally rapped on the door.  She jumped as the sound reverberated through the empty church.  She heard his friendly voice, “Come in!”

The routine was familiar to the mother, but new to Nancy; greetings, a bit of small talk, followed by an earnest prayer for openness and honesty.  In a calculated move, Nancy didn’t sit, pleading nervousness when the Pastor offered her a chair.  Instead, she “accidently” stood in front of the window to treat him to profiles of her body through the diaphanous gown.  She ensured that he saw frontal as well as side views.  Having been told it was optional, Nancy had no plans to doff her gown today, but she wanted Reverend Lee to see enough to draw his interest.  From his desk, the pastor could see enough through her gown to know that she was wearing it properly, meaning without undies!

The preliminaries over, the Pastor requested Nancy’s mother to sit in the outer office.  The door left wide open, she could see but not hear the conversation.  Now Reverend Lee became “all business,” asking Nancy about her childhood sins and regrets.  It quickly became apparent that Nancy wasn’t in an introspective mood, and even less inclined towards self-criticism.  He tried to lead her down paths where he knew there were issues, such as how she had treated fellow students who weren’t in her “in” group.  The more Reverend Lee tried to lead Nancy into a deep conversation, the more she managed to evade serious issues.  Finally Reverend Lee decided to save that for future appointments, and to get on with today’s program.

He called the mother back in.  “Nancy, before we proceed would you like to hug your mother and tell her that you are sorry for whatever problems you may have caused her in your childhood?”

Nancy readily complied.  Whatever other faults she might have, Nancy truly loved her parents.  Mother and daughter both shed a few tears as they embraced and kissed.

Then Reverend Lee went into his standard pre-spanking talk, “Nancy, God’s forgiveness is between him and you, but the best path to your self-forgiveness is to suffer a real consequence.  You will suffer a bit and you may find the process embarrassing, but at least it will be private between the three of us and God.”

Knowing where this was going, Nancy bit her lip but nodded nervously.

“Nancy, are you truly contrite, truly ready for change and truly ready to accept your consequence?”         

Eyes wide, and with her knees seemingly knocking together, Nancy nodded again.

She barely breathed as she watched him move a chair to the center of the office, close and lock the office door, and pull a pillow from a closet.  Then he sat down with the pillow on his lap.

He looked up at Nancy’s mother.  “This may be a bit hard for you to watch, but surely Nancy appreciates your support.  Are you OK?”  Teary-eyed, the mother nodded.

Then he turned his undivided attention to Nancy.  “Nancy, this will be a real spanking.  It will really hurt, and it will bring true tears.  There is no need to remain silent.  It’s perfectly OK for you to show emotion, but I expect your fullest cooperation.  OK?”

Visibly trembling, and with tears streaming down her face, Nancy nodded.

“Still,” he said, “This won’t be quite as hard as a normal Contrition spanking.  Also understand that Contrition spankings are not a routine part of the Contrition Protocol.  Some ladies have had dozens of Contrition Appointments yet haven’t been spanked.  That’s a very individual thing.  This spanking is to introduce you to the process, and to symbolically settle your childhood sins so you may start your adult life with a clear slate and a clear mind.  Understand?”

Again, she nodded tearfully.

“Normally the ‘Truth gown’ is relinquished for this type of contrition consequence.  That is to symbolize that the entire truth has been exposed and that there is nothing left to hide.  Don’t be concerned about me seeing your body.  I’m a man of God, and this is my calling.  Still, this one time only, you have the option of retaining the gown over the top part of your body if you choose.  What is your choice?

“I...I’ll keep it please,” she murmured.

If Reverend Lee was disappointed, it didn’t show, “In that case, stand by my right side, lift your gown above your waist in back, and place yourself across my lap.”

Nancy moved to obey, but then bit her lip as she looked down at his pillow-covered lap.

She had intended to impress the Pastor by taking her punishment bravely and stoically.  But now, despite her best intentions, she humiliated herself by whining, “Not, not too hard please?”

In a kind but firm voice he explained, “That’s not the way it works Nancy.  If you are truly contrite, and truly seeking forgiveness and inner peace, you will give up all control and trust that you will receive a fair punishment.  When I start, I guarantee that you will immediately want it to end, but I promise that you won’t receive more punishment than your body can safely take.  OK?”

Nancy sobbed, defeated before even the first spank.  Still, she managed to nod her agreement before shakily hiking her gown and laying herself across the Pastor’s pillow-covered lap.  The operation wasn’t a complete success, the gown fell in the process, partially covering Nancy’s firm bottom.  Her mother stepped forward and rearranged the gown so that it was gathered well above the small of Nancy’s waist.

Pastor Lee had never before seen a bottom like Nancy’s.  Nancy took her appearance very seriously, so she used her college gym like a health club.  That exercise made her shapely little body surprisingly lean and muscular.  Her firm little buttocks seemed to repel each other.  This made a wide cleft that framed, rather than hid, her nether anatomy.  Further, she had a “thigh gap”, which similarly framed Nancy’s most intimate female parts.

Nancy’s mother hadn’t seen her daughter from this angle for several years.  She blanched at this unexpected intimate exposure, but relaxed when the Pastor didn’t seem to take notice.  Had she been able to see under his lap pillow, she might have revised her opinion!   

Pastor Lee started out with only mild spanks, but the young lady proved to be a drama queen.  Even though her bottom was barely pink, she wailed, sobbed, and begged.  It was her final try at manipulation.  It didn’t work!  By now, Pastor Lee was too experienced to fall for alligator tears.  His face impassive, he gradually increased the power of his spanks until her movements became real.  Instead of merely squirming, her knees finally separated as she bicycled and kicked in truly uncontrolled response to the increasing sting in her bottom, sit spots, and thighs.         

Soon, her bottom was coloring nicely and her alligator tears were gone, replaced by the real thing.  Moments later, the agreed spanking having been delivered, the Pastor reluctantly stopped.
He felt she deserved much more, but that would have to wait for another day.  He flipped down her gown, covering her nether scenery while wondering if he would ever see it again.

After a suitable pause and a few words of reminder and forgiveness, he helped the crying girl to her feet.  He was tempted to comfort her himself, but that was too dangerous.  On the outside, Lee was a man of God, and a professional whose every thought rested with the welfare of his flock.  But inside that veneer lived a sex-starved young man!  He handed Nancy to her mother to be comforted.  After a benediction, a few last words, and the scheduling of Nancy’s next Contrition Appointment, Nancy and her mother left Pastor Lee alone with his jumbled thoughts. 


Relieved that Nancy’s ordeal was over, the two went back downstairs to dress.  Riding home in her mother’s car, Nancy squirmed a bit on her smoldering bottom as she privately reviewed her encounter with the young Pastor.  She knew that her figure had scored points.  She had watched his eyes light up as she had deliberately profiled her body against the light from his office window.  On the other hand, she had totally failed to manipulate him.  Her talk with him had been a disaster, and she had whined and begged before her spanking had even started.  Once she had gone over his lap, he had been in total control, while she had acted like a wimp.  Points lost!

She decided that, at best, the meeting had ended in a draw.  Still, she wasn’t worried.  She depended on her body to ultimately win the war for her.  Pastor Lee would be hers!  Cindy’s Contrition Appointment was tomorrow, but Nancy wasn’t concerned about her competitor. 

Had she known that Pastor Lee’s sexual fantasy that evening would feature his remembered rear view of her own womanhood, she would have been even more sure of herself!       


In other news, there was another “rite of passage” brewing in the church.  Sister March had seemed unusually happy lately.  There was a spring in her steps and new color in her cheeks.   She soon privately confirmed it to Pastor Lee; she was in love!

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