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A Sister’s Practice Spanking; Part 3

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A Sister’s Practice Spanking; Part 3

The score was two to zero.  At her mother’s insistence that she needed “practice,” Mary had spanked her brother Ed twice.  Since Mary hadn’t been spanked in over a year, Ed hadn’t had a chance to return the favor.  Strangely, Ed didn’t seem to mind.  Because of the way the siblings had been raised, the bodily exposure wasn’t a problem to him.  Further, to him “a spanking is a spanking” regardless of who actually does the job.  Mary had no plans to ever earn another spanking.  However, should it ever happen, Mother had agreed Ed would be given the chance to reciprocate.   Still, Mary stayed on her very best behavior to ensure that it didn’t happen.  Football practice had bulked up Mary’s “little” brother, and doubtless he was capable of delivering a devastating spanking!

As it turned out, Mary wasn’t the next person to get spanked.  Nature was triggering all sorts of changes inside her brother, some which tempted him towards impulsive or aggressive behavior. Every growing boy eventually faces this problem, and they all need to learn to control their impulses.  Sometimes Ed learned the hard way.  Today was such a day.

It had started out innocently.  Ed had a disagreement with a teacher over a test question.  In the end, Ed had been proven right, but not before the frustrated boy had called the teacher a “bitch” in front of the whole class.  Naturally, that behavior couldn’t be ignored.  So Ed found himself in the Principal’s office.  As Ed watched, the teacher and Principal talked to his mother on the speaker phone.  The teacher carefully admitted that it was her error that had initially frustrated Ed, although his behavior was still unacceptable.  Mother agreed.   Ed’s face blushed bright red as his mother told him to come straight home after class and to expect a spanking.  The Principal was pleased with that punishment, and trusted the mother to deliver, and so sent the embarrassed boy back to class.     

Poor Ed had the rest of the school day to dread his punishment.  Ed’s forlorn guess was that his neighborhood friends would see him cutting switches for himself that afternoon.  Unfortunately the family’s most dreaded punishment, a hiding from his father’s belt, was also a distinct possibility!


After school, Ed obediently walked straight home.  Clueless, Mary stayed behind to work on a group project in the library. 

Reluctantly, Ed walked home to face his mother.  It wasn’t as bad as he expected!  She sat him down at the kitchen table and poured them both tea.  This was a new experience for Ed!  He had no particular love of hot tea, but somehow sharing tea with his mother made him feel almost adult.  That effect had been carefully calculated by his mother, because “growing up” would be the subject of their “talk”.

“I think I know what happened to you today,” she started, “it has to do with growing up.”

This immediately captured Ed’s interest, both because “growing up” is a subject that interests any boy, and because she seemed to dangle the possibility of some excuse for his behavior.

“Lots of changes are happening in your body because you are changing from a boy into a man.  Some of the changes we can see, but others are happening inside you.  Your body is manufacturing new hormones, and they change the way you feel.  Those hormones can temp you to act impulsively, even aggressively.  That’s likely what happened you today, you must learn to be more careful in the future.

This emboldened Ed to ask. “So it wasn’t really my fault that I was disrespectful to Mrs Clymer?” 

“Oh no!” mother insisted.  “You knew what you did was wrong, so you should have resisted the temptation to misbehave.  Your hormones are a ‘reason’ you had that bad impulse, but never an ‘excuse’ for giving in to it.  Do you understand the difference?”

Instantly, Ed saw any chance to avoid punishment vaporize before his eyes.  He looked down at the table in consternation and shame and then clenched his buttocks in unhappy anticipation of his coming punishment before answering “Yes mom, I’m sorry.”

“Good, she said.  “That’s exactly the lesson I want you to learn today.  Since kindergarten, you’ve been learning how to behave properly.  Even though changes in your body might tempt you otherwise, our expectations haven’t changed.  You must learn to recognize those feelings, and learn not to act on them”   

“Yes mom,” Ed said morosely, “I’m sorry and I promise to do better, but now I get spanked?”

She spoke firmly but not harshly, “Of course you’ll be spanked.  Didn’t I already tell you that?  I just want to ensure that you understand what happened so you don’t repeat your error.”

“It won’t mommy, I promise!”

“Good!  Fortunately for you I’ve already talked to your father.  Since this is your first time for this, we’ve decided to go easy on you.  Today you just get a good hand spanking.  If it ever happens again, you get at least a good switching if not your father’s belt.  Is that clear?”

“Yes mommy” he said with relief.

“Do you have any questions?”   

“No mommy.”

“Then since you’re done with your tea, you may prepare yourself for your spanking.  Put yourself into the corner until your sister arrives.”

Obediently, Ed undressed, folded his clothing, stacked it neatly and then put his bare body into a familiar corner.


When Mary arrived home from school a few minutes later, she was shocked to find her brother naked and in the corner, obviously awaiting punishment. 

“What happened!” she said to nobody in particular.

“Your brother was disrespectful to Mr. Clymer this morning.”  He’ll tell you the full story just before you spank him.  Do you need to do anything first?  Put your books away?  Change?”

“Yes, I hate to keep him waiting, but I’d like to do both quickly if you don’t mind.”

“Go ahead Mary, your brother can wait for a moment.”

As Mary ran upstairs to drop off her books and to exchange her school skirt and blouse for far more comfortable slacks & top, thoughts of his imminent spanking caused a tingle in Ed’s groin.  He groaned.  Frantically he concentrated on math problems in a futile attempt to short-circuit the process that was hardening his penis.  He hoped that Mary would take a long time to change her clothes, or perhaps start her homework.

It wasn’t to be!  In a mere three minutes, Mary was back, ready to do her job.  Unfortunately, Ed wasn’t ready.  His penis was locked at full attention.

Seeing Mary, mother moved a kitchen chair into the customary position and waved Mary into it.  Then she called for Ed.

“Err Mom, can we wait a few moments?  It’’s not a good time right now.”

From behind, mother noticed that Ed’s ears had suddenly blushed.  She guessed the problem and responded with her particular brand of directness and tact, “Ed, do you have an erection?  Is that your problem?”

Still facing the corner, the poor boy squeaked and nodded.  

“That’s those hormones we were talking about.  That’s another thing that they do.  Unlike your behavior, your erections aren’t really under your control, so you may wait.  Mary and I will work on supper, you just tell us when you’re ready.”     

As they worked, mother quietly educated Mary about “inappropriate erections”, explaining that they can happen anytime and are “just a part of growing up as a male”.  He also reminded her that females have a similar condition, except that they normally aren’t obvious, so “we get away with them.”

Perhaps ten minutes later, Ed called with a tremulous voice, “I think it’s OK now.”

Mother called him from his corner as she and Mary wiped their hands on a dishtowel.  All this talk about “changes” and “hormones” prompted Mary to take a closer look at her brother.  He seemed to have more hanging between his legs than she remembered, but the biggest difference was the luxuriant patch of pubic hair now surrounding the base of his penis.  Last she noticed, that same member sported only a thin mustache of hair over the top.  Also, his chest was sprouting hair.  Yes, her little brother was growing up!  

Mary went to him and gave him a hug.  “Sorry,” she mumbled.

“It’s OK, really it is,” he replied, “I deserve it, and I’m only getting a hand spanking.”

Surprised, Mary looked at her mother for confirmation and received an affirmative nod, “Yes, this time he gets only a hand spanking.  It’s his warning to take control of his emotions that are probably triggered by his hormones.  But if this happens again, the story will be very different.”

On this sobering note, mother required Ed to explain why he was being spanked.  As usual, she made him tell all, using full sentences.  When Mary heard that Ed had called Mrs. Clymer a “bitch” in front of the whole class, she knew that he really was lucky to only get a hand spanking.

All too soon for Ed, it was spanking time.  Mother said, “Mary will do the warmup, and then I’ll take over as before.”

Ed’s response surprised them both.  “Since it’s just a hand spanking, can Mary do it all?”

Mother looked at him severely, “Are you trying to get off easy?”

Ed colored, “No mom, you would never allow that.  I thought your idea was for Mary to learn how to spank, besides I’d rather not change laps.”

“I’m willing to let her try,” mother decided, “but if I’m not happy with the results I’ll have to finish the job myself.”

Mary thought it odd that nobody asked her opinion, but she decided that she had nothing to lose by trying.  She sat in the kitchen chair that had been placed well away from the table.  Automatically, her brother placed himself across her lap.

Mother said, “Start out with a good warmup spanking like before, and then I’ll guide you through the other part.”

Mary nodded, and then started work.  This spanking went like the others, except that Mary was much more confident in her ability.  In just a matter of minutes Ed found himself pink-bottomed, squirming and sobbing as his sister completed a very competent and thorough warmup spanking. 

Now it was time for the main event!

“OK Mary, start with 6 swats to each buttock.  Use the flat of your hand, and do it almost full strength.  Yes!  You did those well.  Now I want you to...”
For Ed, the next few minutes were not only excruciating, but nerve-racking because he could hear what was about to happen moments before he felt it on his bottom.  He quickly realized that  Mary was plenty strong enough do the job.  That was bad, because his bottom stung like hell.  But also it was good because his mind quickly overloaded, so he just  bawled, squirmed, and kicked without actually thinking.       

As she worked, Mary felt the usual mixture of emotions.  She was genuinely sorry for her brother, and didn’t want to hurt him, but she realized that it wasn’t her decision.  If Mary didn’t spank Ed, then mother would.  But also she felt a bit of pride and a feeling of mastery because now she knew that she was strong enough to deliver a real spanking.  After those first few “real” spanks to her brother’s buttocks, Ed’s pained reactions, coupled with her mother’s praise, had told her that she was doing an excellent job.

But for the first time there was something else.  Mary had never connected her brother’s body to her ideas of sexuality because they had grown up together.  But today she made that connection, if only indirectly.  Mary had dated a few times, and even had the beginnings of a romantic relationship with a boyfriend in her class.  But beyond kissing and snuggling, Mary hadn’t yet engaged in any intimacies.  Now she made the connection that the bodies of the boys she dated must resemble her younger brother’s rapidly maturing body.

Just then, mother instructed Ed to open his legs so that Mary’s spanks could reach his inner thighs.  After being cautioned to avoid Ed’s male parts, Mary set to work on this tender area.  This wide open rear view of her brother’s most intimate parts made her think of her nascent boyfriend in a whole new way.  Guiltily, she felt her body respond.  Suddenly she was glad that females were built in a way that hid their arousal.         

After his thighs had been properly spanked, mother showed Mary how to trap Ed’s legs under one of hers.  This would be necessary to hold him in place for the final “roasting” of his buttcheeks and sit spots.

Ed bucked and howled as she briskly covered his bottom with a finishing fusillade of full-strength spanks.  She was appalled at how much it hurt her hand!  Forgetting Ed for a moment, she blew on he aching palm.

The spanking done, she held the bawling boy as she rubbed his back and spoke calming words until he had recovered sufficiently to be trusted on his feet for the inevitable and embarrassing “spank-dance”.  It was then, as she looked down at her brother’s naked and red-bottomed body that she had the premonition.  Suddenly, in her mind’s eye, her and Ed’s roles reversed.  Now it was a bare-assed and freshly-spanked version of herself laying across Ed’s lap blubbering piteously.  Mary still resolved to do everything possible to avoid it, or at least delay it, but now she had a new conviction deep down in her belly that at least one more spanking was inevitable before she outgrew her parent’s discipline.  Doubtless, at least part of that spanking would be delivered by her loving brother Ed.         To Part 4

© Guyspencer 2013


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