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A Sister’s Practice Spanking, Part 2

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A Sister’s Practice Spanking, Part 2

Even though, at her mother’s bidding, Mary had recently spanked her younger teen brother, things between them quickly returned to normal.  Oh she tried to apologize, but he was both forgiving and dismissive.  “I earned a spanking, and I got one.  I know it wasn’t your idea, so don’t worry about it.”

Mary considered telling him about her subsequent talk with mother, where they had decided that Ed would get return spanking privileges should the situation ever present itself, but decided against it, at least for now.   For one thing, it seemed that there was enough weirdness in the house as it was, and also Mary had a way of avoiding spankings.  She was now old enough that possibly she had experienced her last parental spanking.   So even if she told her brother that he might get to spank her, it still might never happen.

Poor Ed only lasted three weeks until his next spanking.  This time it was a domestic matter.  Ed had told his mother that his chores had been completed.  Unfortunately for Ed, she decided to check, and found some only half done.

Ed raised a spirited defense against his mother’s claim that he had lied to her.  The only thing that saved Ed from worse punishment was that he had raised doubt in his mother’s mind over the distinction between two spankable offenses: A purposeful lie to his mother, or a slovenly job on his chores.  In the end, she decided to only punish him only for the second (less serious) offense.   Ed was saved from the pain of the switch or the belt, but his bottom was still in big trouble!  She ordered the boy to fetch her the hairbrush.  With palpable relief, tinged with unhappy anticipation of what was to come, the boy obeyed.  

As Ed left the room, mother called after him, “I think your sister is in her bedroom. Call her down please.”

It was normal for both siblings to be present when either was spanked, but Ed guessed correctly that he would again spend time across his sister’s lap.  He knocked on her bedroom door, and she called him inside.  He told her sadly, “You’re supposed to come downstairs.  I did something stupid, so now I get the hairbrush.”

“I’m sorry Ed.” she replied, “Really I am.  What happened?”

“I didn’t get all my chores done, but I told her differently because she usually doesn’t check.  This time she checked.  I’m lucky to only get the hairbrush.  I guess you’ll be helping again.”
“That’s probably what she will want.” Mary agreed, “Do you mind?” 

“I guess not.  A spanking is a spanking, and I earned one fair and square.”

“OK Buster,” she said fondly, “I’ll see you downstairs.” She gave the boy a squeeze and then sent him out the door.

After a quick detour to the toilet, Ed collected the hairbrush from his mother’s dresser and returned to the kitchen.  There, he humbly handed over the feared instrument and automatically started undressing.

Meanwhile, Mary exchanged her shorts for slacks before strolling downstairs to the kitchen.  There she found her mother watching Ed remove his underpants. 

While undressing in front of his family was hardly a favorite pastime for Ed, neither was it a particular humiliation.  Unusual as it may be, Ed and Mary had been brought up without body shame, so nudity itself wasn’t a big issue.  It was dread of the coming spanking that hung heavy on Ed’s mind, and the shame of having disappointed his mother.

Soon Ed was naked, with his clothes neatly piled on an empty kitchen chair.  Then came a familiar family ritual.  Ed had to explain the reason for his punishment.  That ensured that everyone, especially Ed himself, was clear about why he was being punished, and to ensure that the lesson involved was properly conveyed.  Ed stumbled through the story to his mother’s satisfaction.

Then Mother spoke in a businesslike tone, “I assume that you want a warmup before you feel the hairbrush?”  Miserably, Ed nodded.  To him, the hairbrush felt ten times worse on an unprepared bottom.  Warmup spankings hurt and made him cry, but they are better than the agony of the alternative. 

“Do you mind if your sister does that part?” 

Ed looked at his sister with a hint of last-minute trepidation on his face, but replied “No, it’s OK.”

Just a blur later, Mary found herself sitting in a kitchen chair with her brother over her lap for the second time.  This time, she felt more sure of herself.  As her mother had taught her, she started out with mild swats and gradually dialed up the heat.  At first little happened, but then, in spite of himself, Ed started squirming as his nether cheeks pinkened.  As she nourished and spread the color using spanks of gradually increasing force, the first sob escape her brother’s lips.       

The cocktail of emotions swirling inside Mary’s head was difficult to describe.  She loved her brother and honestly didn’t wish to hurt him, yet he had earned this punishment.  When walking downstairs, she had felt a guilty thrill of anticipation deep down in her stomach.  It had hit her again when Ed had laid across her lap.  Now, with Ed responding vigorously to her not-so-tender ministrations, she felt the same pride that any teen feels on mastering some new skill on the long ladder to adulthood.

“Mastery,” yes, that’s the word!  Temporarily, Mary felt mastery over another human in a way that she had never felt it before.  There would be time later for guilty feelings, but for now Mary simply knew that this spanking was needed, was justified and that she was doing it well.

Ed gasped, groaned and squealed in response to Mary’s spanks.  His tears, at first barely noticeable, now flowed steadily.         

Obeying instructions from mother, Mary shifted her attentions to Ed’s thighs.  His movements now became more urgent, but Mary gamely continued her assigned task.  By now, the boy was frankly crying.  His legs kicked wide, but that only served to offer new areas of inner thigh to Mary’s corporal attentions, and to give the young lady interesting glimpses of Ed’s rectum and a stunning rear view of his maleness.

Ed was initially relieved when Mary returned her attention to his buttocks, but then she drastically increased their sting with a fusillade of spanks significantly harder than any delivered previously. 

Finally Mary delivered her last few spanks, scorchers intended to prepare his “sit spots” for their soon-to-be hairbrush branding.  Ed bawled in full voice.       

Mary looked up at her mother, to see a smile and a “thumbs-up”.  Her job was done, Ed had been properly prepared for the hairbrush.

Later, Ed barely remembered his mother helping him off of Mary’s lap.  He stood shakily as Mary and mother swapped places.  He didn’t hear mother whisper to Mary, “Watch closely how I do this.”  He unfortunately did clearly feel his first spanks from that hairbrush though!

Mary watched carefully.  Poor Ed squealed, screamed, and kicked as mother quickly and expertly branded his bottom with the hairbrush.  She marked his buttocks with sweeping heavy blows, and tenderized his thighs with quicker, lighter spanks.  She finished with memorable strokes to each sit spot, calculated to ache whenever Ed sat for the next several days. 

When she finished, the naked boy was limp, exhausted, and blubbering across his mother’s lap.  The spanking over, mother gently helped Ed to his feet, allowed him suitable time to dance, rub and cry, and then comforted him in her arms.  Once released, the boy hugged his sister and actually thanked her for spanking him.  Mother considered red-bottom corner time for Ed, but decided he had been punished enough.  The spanked boy gathered his clothes and retreated to his bedroom.      


Later, Mary tried to apologize.  Like before, Ed  he brushed it aside, “Honestly Mary, I hated that spanking.  But I stupidly earned it, and it doesn’t matter who gives it to me.  So don’t worry about it.  Just don’t ever try to go easy on me.  They would never fall for it.  If they tell you to spank me, the kindest thing you can do is do a good job and get it over with quickly.”

Mary agreed with a thoughtful look on her face.  This conversation had given her an opening to bring up a potentially embarrassing subject, “Errr... That brings up another matter.  I had a talk with mother a while back and...  Well, let’s just say that you might get a chance to sort of make things even between us if I ever screw up and deserve a spanking.”

Ed smiled thinly, “I sort of thought that might be the way it was, but you haven’t been spanked in a long time.  I’ll do it if they tell me to, but if you never get spanked again that’s perfectly OK with me.  I wouldn’t wish a spanking on anyone, especially you.”

Mary hugged her brother with genuine affection.  As she did, she noted that his shoulders had  widened recently and his arms were thicker.  Her little brother was growing up!  His junior varsity football practice probably had helped.  It was a sobering thought, but suddenly she realized that Ed was plenty strong enough to give a good account of himself as a spanker. 

She gulped, but continued unloading her mind. “I don’t know if I’m as brave as you, so if I ever end up across your lap I might act like a baby.  Still, I want the same treatment that you want, for the same reasons.  Please ignore whatever I say or do, be strong, and just do a good job so it’s over quickly.  I promise not to be mad at you afterwards, but please don’t think worse of me if I carry on like a little kid while it’s happening.”

The strength of Ed’s hug made her gasp, “Don’t worry sis.  I really hope that it never happens, but if it does, you will be in good hands.”

She gulped again at the thought of being across her “little” brother’s lap for an ass-warming, “Yes, she admitted.  Being in ‘good hands’ is exactly what I’m afraid of, so I’ll be on my best behavior to see that it doesn’t happen.  But if it does, feel free to do your best.”
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