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A Sister’s Practice Spanking

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A Sister’s Practice Spanking; Part 1

Ed was in serious trouble.  Since there was no corporal punishment at Ed’s school, he had only received detention and a lecture from the Principal as punishment for his cruel prank.  But that didn’t stop the Principal from calling Ed’s mother.  And that, of course, ensured that Ed would get spanked after all.

On his way home, Ed had plenty of time to contemplate all this.  The prank, an opportunistic playground romp that featured a found water bucket and two drenched girls, had seemed brilliantly conceived at the time.   Now, after facing his Principal and having time to contemplate the fallout from his hasty action, it was feeling increasingly stupid.


At home, Ed faced his mother’s wrath, her lecture, and finally her judgement.

It could have gone better for Ed.  His mother might have decided to simply spank him rather than switch him.  Unfortunately for Ed, she had decided on the switch.  But things could still be worse, so he had to tread carefully!  His mother could always make him wait bare bottom in the corner until his father came home.  In that case, he could expect the belt!

So Ed complained only softly when his mother sent him out to the willow tree in the front yard clad only in his pajamas.  That tree was famous in the neighborhood because neighborhood parents knew that it grew the very best switches.  So it wasn’t unusual for some tearful child to knock on the door to ask permission to cut branches from the tree.  Usually they wanted to be left alone, but sometimes Ed or Mary (Ed’s older sister),  had to fetch the family’s pruning sheers to help the poor kid select and cut the instrument of their own soon-to-be correction. 

But today, it was Ed selecting switches for himself.  For the umteenth time, Ed wished that tree was in the back yard rather than the front.  Since his mother had made him don pajamas, everyone could see what he was doing, and could easily guess why he was doing it. Even worse, Mary had been sent out to supervise the selection. 

Perhaps unusually for teen siblings, Ed and Mary were close friends and rarely fought.  Still, Mary took this job seriously.  She didn’t tease her brother, but she did make sure that he selected good switches; switches that would make his bare bottom blaze!  Helpfully, Mary even climbed up into the tree to weigh down a branch so that her brother could reach some particularly promising specimens.

The family rules for switch selection were fairly specific.  “No part of the switch could be thinner than the miscreant’s little finger, and the switch must be long enough to reach from the tip of the fingers to the elbow.  The genius of that specification was that the switch would always be perfectly sized for the intended recipient.  Further, Ed knew to gather four switches.  His mother would select the best two and discard the others.

This activity attracted some of the neighbor kids.  Before the poor boy was done, he had several “helpers” standing around the tree giving suggestions.  Red-faced, Ed selected and cut his switches as quickly as possible.  After gaining his sister’s approval for his selections, he quickly retreated back into the house with Mary following.

There, Ed’s mother discarded the largest switch, and another that was a bit crooked.  She handed the other two switches back to Ed for further preparation.

Knowing that his punishment was inevitable, Ed opened the kitchen’s “junk” drawer, replaced the pruning sheers, and found a paring knife.  Then he sat at the kitchen table to strip the bark from his switches and to shave away any protrusions.  This left them thin, slick and whippy.  Different from the traditional English school cane, these would impart an intense sting but no deep flesh trauma, leaving only thin welts.    Unfortunately for Ed, “six of the best” wouldn’t do with the switch.  His mother would cover Ed’s bare buttocks and upper legs with those stingy little welts.

Mother picked up the switches and tested them.  They whistled through the air.  One switch would likely be sufficient for the job.  The other was simply a spare. 

Mother looked at her miscreant son purposely, “You know what to do.”

Ed did know what to do.  Right there in the kitchen, and with a nervous sigh, he stripped off his pajamas and underpants.

This might sound like a highly degrading and embarrassing procedure, but you need to understand Ed’s family.  Ed and Mary had been brought up to be comfortable with the sight of each other’s bodies.   Although they had separate bedrooms, they shared the upstairs bath and daily saw each other in undies, or even wearing much less.  Spankings, though relatively rare,  had always been a bare-bottom event in this family.  So it was the actual spanking that Ed dreaded, not undressing for it.

Before his punishment started, Ed had one choice to make, “Should we start right out with the switch or do you want your bottom prepared first?”

The answer was easy for Ed.  A warmup spanking hurts, but he had discovered the hard way that a switching on an unprepared bottom is infinitely worse! “I’ll take the warmup spanking please Mom.”

As always, she warned him, “It’s the same switching either way.”

“I know Mom, but I’ll take the spanking.”

Then both Ed and Mary got a surprise from their mother, and it was a particularly unpleasant surprise for Ed, “I’m glad you said that Ed.  Your sister needs to learn how.”

Mary looked truly startled, “Huh?” she said, quickly echoed by her brother’s shrill  “WHAT?”

In a tone that told both kids that they really had no choice in the matter, Mother explained.  “Mary will be a mother eventually, but first she will start babysitting.  She must never spank a child without a parent’s permission, but some parents will want her to know how.  This is a perfect chance for her to learn.  Mary will just do the warmup spanking.  The switching will be my job”

Relieved that she wouldn’t be required to switch her brother and realizing that any argument might make things worse for Ed, Mary wisely nodded her agreement; but to her brother, her eyes told a story of reluctance.

Ed opened his mouth to protest, but then thought better of it.  First, no such protest was liable to be helpful once his mother had made up her mind.  Second, it occurred to him that his sister might go easier on him than his mother would.  So Ed decided to meekly obey.

Following her usual pre-spanking routine, Mother sent Ed to the bathroom with instructions to “do whatever he can” and to return quickly.

When Ed returned to the kitchen, he found his sister sitting in a chair that had been moved away from the dining table.  Reluctantly, and with the first tears glistening in his eyes, Ed went to his sister.  “It’s OK” he whispered as he kissed her on the cheek.  Then he put himself across her lap and adjusted himself into position for his warmup spanking.

It’s odd how the mind works at times like this.  Mary’s first thought was that she was happy to be wearing long pants.  Otherwise, Ed’s male parts would now be dangling between her bare thighs.  Somehow the thin cloth of those pants provided an important psychological barrier.   

Ed had other thoughts.  First, he was hopeful that a spanking from his sister wouldn’t hurt as much as one from his mother.  Second, was an imperative that he not “lose his cool.”  When his mother punished either him or his sister, there was no shame in crying or begging for respite.  But this was his sister!  Especially since this was just to be a “warmup” spanking, he desperately hoped to take it quietly.  Later, when his mother whipped him with the switch, it would be OK for him to “let it out”, but he didn’t want his sister to break his reserve.

As you would expect under the circumstances, Mary started out tentatively.  She slapped the palm of her hand against her brother’s bare nates, but had little effect.   Ed’s hopes unreasonably soared.  But then he heard his mother’s voice coaching Mary and urging her on to greater efforts.  Ed knew what that would mean, but still he didn’t blame Mary.  He knew his mother was the puppeteer.  Besides, he had earned this punishment ‘fair and square”.

Obediently, Mary increased the force and speed of her spanks, and immediately felt her brother squirm in response.  This made her realize that this was something that she could really do.  Emboldened, she spanked a bit harder, ignoring the sting in her palm.  Ed groaned and kicked involuntarily as he struggled for control.

Mary had seen her brother spanked enough times to know what was supposed to happen.  His bottom was changing color nicely, but she was puzzled at his muted reaction.  Usually he was louder and his movements much more vigorous.  Again Mary increased her efforts.  Now his movements became more urgent, and he failed to choke back his sobs.

It was when mother coached Mary to spank the hitherto untouched back of Ed’s upper legs that he totally lost control.  His mild sobbing turned to outright bawling, which morphed to piteous begging, which devolved to frantic shrieking, and twisting.

Finally Mother deemed Ed’s bottom properly prepared for his ‘real’ punishment.  She told Mary it was OK to stop.  As poor Ed bawled across his sister’s lap, Mother complimented Mary on her work.  “See?  It isn’t that hard.  Just a little more practice and you’ll be ready to do it on your own.”

While allowing Mary to process that thought, she urged Ed to his feet.  The boy obviously wanted to dance and rub his livid bottom, but Mother thought it kinder to start his punishment while his nerve ends were still in overload.  Firmly but not harshly, she took the naked boy by the arm, propelled him to the dinette table, and bent him over it. 


Mother had kept a careful poker face throughout this entire incident.  When the Principal had explained the nature of Ed’s mischief to her, it had been all she could do to keep from laughing.  Even now, she could clearly see the humor in the situation.  She was secretly pleased that her son had the imagination and spirit to engage in the occasional prank.  Unfortunately, she couldn’t ignore her son’s behavior.

The results of Ed’s prank had been two wet gym outfits, two drenched hairdos, two outraged teen girls, and a disrupted PE class.  This was hardly the end of the world!  Still, she realized the need to keep order in school, and saw it as her parental duty to support the school’s staff by properly disciplining her son for his unacceptable behavior.  So she had met her son with a serious face, lectured him on the need to not disrupt school activities, and was about to stripe his bottom and legs with that wicked switch. 
Still, she didn’t plan to deliver a truly severe switching.  It would be just enough to make the boy truly sorry, but also enough so that everybody in tomorrow’s gym class could see that Ed had truly been punished.   So she used her left hand to firmly hold Ed down on the table while her right hand used a switch to paint a cris-cross pattern of welts across her boy’s bottom while he bucked and shrieked.  Sooner than normal, she switched her attention to the boy’s upper legs, the part that would show under his gym shorts.  Ed sobbed piteously as his mother put several welts right where the girls in tomorrow’s gym class wouldn’t be able to miss them. 

Then she stopped.

She had done the minimum possible.  Tomorrow it would be clear to anyone in his gym class that he had truly been punished for his prank.  Mother’s duty was done.  All she had to do now was to comfort her son and to contact the gym teacher to ensure that Ed didn’t try to beg off from dressing for tomorrow’s gym class.


Mary had watched her brother’s switching with understandable interest.  She realized that her bother had earned his punishment “fair and square” but felt slightly guilty for her part in it.  She didn’t feel guilty for long though.  She had thought up a way for her brother to “get even” with her, at least theoretically.

It was more that a week before Mary drummed up enough nerve to approach her mother.  She caught her mother alone in the kitchen one afternoon, steeled herself and asked, “Can we talk mommy?”

Those words are guaranteed to catch any mother’s attention.  She quickly wiped her hands and sat down, half expecting to hear bad news.

Mary stammered and blushed.  She had rehearsed this in her head, but now it felt silly and trite to actually say the words.  “Mommy, at what age will you and daddy stop spanking us?” 

She thought before she answered.  She really didn’t have a clue where this conversation was headed. “Well I could give you a long answer, but the short answer is we will spank you two as long as you need to be spanked.  There is no certain age.”

That was the answer that Mary expected, “So it’s reasonable to expect that I haven’t had my last spanking yet?”

Mother was a bit taken aback, but the answer was obvious, “Naturally that’s up to you.  As long as you obey your father and I, there is no reason for you to ever be spanked again.  But still, since you asked, at your age it’s very likely that your bottom hasn’t seen it’s last spanking.”

“That’s what I thought you’d say,” Mary mused.  Then her face reddened as she prepared to spit out what was really on her mind,”I feel a little guilty about having ‘practiced’ on Ed’s bottom.  I’m planning to try to never get spanked again, but if it should happen, errr...”

Finally she dropped her bombshell, “I think it’s only fair that Ed gets the same deal you gave me.  He’ll be a father someday, and fathers need to know how to spank.”  Mary’s stomach turned flips as she waited for the answer.

“Be careful what you wish for young lady.” she replied.  “Your brother is no weakling.  Are you sure that’s what you want?”

Marry nodded her agreement.

With a bit of relief in her voice that the conversation hadn’t led to something more serious, mother said decisively, “Then that’s how it’ll be.  Let’s hope it doesn’t happen anytime soon though.  I’ll leave it up to you to decide if you wish to tell him in advance.”

Mary managed a tight smile.  Unbidden, that old saying popped into her head. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”
To part 2

© Guyspencer 2013


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