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If Only...

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If Only...

“Damn!” Eliza thought looking at the shambles she had just created, “If only all this hadn’t happened.”  After all it wasn’t really her fault that the Cable TV had died in the middle of her soap opera.  Now she wouldn’t know if David had really cheated on Olivia until her soap fan magazine arrived.

Feeling sorry for herself, she mentally moaned,“If only somebody had answered that 800 customer service line instead of letting me stew for 15 minutes, and if only the person who finally answered had spoken a bit of English, perhaps I wouldn’t have lost my temper and thrown the telephone!”

“And all I did was throw it at the wall, where it wouldn’t have hurt a thing.  That telephone is built like a tank!  How was I to know that the cord was wrapped around Albert’s precious vase?  And why did the vase have to break?   I always hated that ugly thing anyhow.  It reminds me of the hideous urn my Uncle Fred was buried in.  Albert cherished that thing, so now my ass will pay.”

“And if only that cord hadn’t deflected the phone before it snapped, then the window wouldn’t have been smashed. “

Carefully, hopefully, Eliza crept up to the smashed window and peered out.  Tears sprang to her eyes when she saw the heavy Bakelite telephone lying next to a parked car, her landlord’s newly dented parked car.   

If only Albert hadn’t insisted on the cheaper apartment on the higher floor, the phone wouldn’t have sailed as far as it fell, and would have missed the car.  Surely Albert would be able to understand that part?  “No,” she realized, it was she who had lost her temper and thrown the telephone, nobody else.  Her temper was well known to Albert.  In his words, “He was working on the problem.”

In despair, her buttocks squeezed in unhappy anticipation of their fate as she covered her face and sobbed.  She knew what he would expect her to do.  She shuffled into the bedroom.  It didn’t take her long to undress.  She needed only kick off her slippers, shrug out of her housedress, and remove her undies.   The shower cooled her off emotionally and physically.  Squeaky clean, but with fresh tears glistening, she put herself into the corner.  When Albert arrived home, he would quickly guess why she was there, and she had an excellent idea what would happen to her then.

Sometimes her relationship with Albert felt almost incestuous, because Albert filled two roles in her life.  He was her husband, but also he served as the firm father figure she needed but never had while being raised by her single mother.  In her youth, the male figures in her life had been a succession of her mother’s boyfriends.  They had all spoiled her whilst attempting to win their way into her mother’s bed.  When they finally witnessed her uncontrollable temper, most simply gave up on her...and also on her mother.

Eliza had been lucky to land a husband like Albert.  He was an enthusiastic lover and a loyal husband, but he also had the knack of firmly taking her in hand when necessary.  He had no desire to break her spirit, but her destructive temper tantrums had to go!  Over the last months he had been “working on the problem” with noticeable success.  Naturally, “working on the problem” involved spanking his young wife when necessary.

Remembering all this, her naked and shapely body shook with soft sobs.

 “If only...”


Mr. Hopkins, the landlord, ran outside to investigate the strange noise.  A trail of broken glass lay between the building and his parked car.  He quickly discovered the dent in his car, along with the heavy black telephone that had obviously caused it.  It didn’t take a detective to figure out that the phone had sailed from the same fourth floor apartment that now sported a broken window.  It was Albert & Eliza’s apartment. 

Mr. Hopkins knew better than to approach the volatile Eliza, and he knew that Albert was at work, so he consulted his file and called Albert’s work number.  Albert was appropriately shocked and upset to hear of his wife’s behavior.  It was nearly quitting time, so he promised to quickly see Mr. Hopkins “to straighten this out.” 

Mr. Hopkins actually liked Albert and Eliza.  They were occasionally loud, but they always paid their rent on time.  He had run into Albert at a bar and shared a couple beers over talk, so he knew a bit about how Albert was trying to cure his young wife’s unfortunate habit of losing her temper.  A secret spanko, Mr. Hopkins had been greatly thrilled when Albert had indiscreetly hinted that he sometimes found it necessary to spank his young bride.

Also, he didn’t really mind the dent.  He had been thinking about getting a cheap paint job on the car and keeping it for a few more years, so now Albert would help finance that project.

As he waited for Albert to appear, spanking was very much on Mr. Hopkins’ mind.  As he pictured Eliza lying bare-bottomed across her husband’s lap, he had a very predictable physical reaction.  He opened the bottom drawer of his desk which held a few spanking magazines and the “genuine” riding crop he had purchased from an ad.  Did he dare broach the subject with Albert?   
Albert clocked out of work a half-hour early and rushed home, where he parked next to Mr. Hopkins’ car and sheepishly knocked on his office door.  

They discussed the situation over Mr. Hopkins’ terrible coffee.  Naturally, Albert was highly apologetic, and promised to pay all damages.  When he also promised that Eliza would be down to apologize “as soon as he was done with her,” he supplied the landlord with the opening he had been hoping for.

“Another red bottom for the little lady?” he asked slyly.

“It needs to be extra red this time,” Albert answered thoughtfully.  “I told her to expect something very special if anything like this ever happened again, but I don’t know what that’s going to be.”

Mr. Hopkins couldn’t believe his luck.  Slyly, he opened a drawer and produced the riding crop.  With a blush he handed it over.  “Perhaps something like this?  You could borrow it.”

Albert looked the object over, dubiously turning it in his hands.

“It’s genuine English Sterling Leather” Mr. Hopkins explained.  (At least, that’s what the ad in the spanking magazine had claimed.)

To Albert it looked cheaply made, probably of “genuine” imitation leather.  Still, it’s appearance would certainly get Eliza’s attention.  He was curious as to why Mr. Hopkins would keep a riding crop in his desk, but suspected that spanking held a special interest for his landlord.

“Yes,” Albert agreed, “That will do just fine.  I’d like to invite you up to witness, but Eliza won’t be, errr...decently covered for the event.”

Catching a disappointed look, Albert continued, “But you do have a right to know that she has been properly punished.  She and I have some talking to do, but if you happen to be standing in the parking lot in about 20 minutes, you will probably hear the whole thing through that broken window.  There will be a spanking first, and then I’ll test your riding crop.”

The landlord squirmed under his desk.  Albert stood to leave, but there was no way that Mr. Hopkins could do the same without displaying his condition.  They shook hands across the desk and Albert took his leave.


As Albert climbed the steps toward his apartment, he mentally shifted to “father mode.”

If nothing else, Eliza was always contrite and obedient after one of her destructive temper tantrums.  Albert had expected to find her naked and waiting in a corner, and so she was.  Her eyes opened wide at the sight of the riding crop.

“Yes Eliza, Albert said ominously, I promised you something special if this ever happened again.  You will bend over for this, but first you get a nice hard spanking.”

But first she had to suffer through the lecture.  She was almost (but not quite) happy when it finally came time for her punishment.  Surprisingly, he never even mentioned the vase.  She had expected to be spanked in the bedroom as usual, but received an unwelcome surprise when Albert led her out to the living room and placed a kitchen chair near the broken window.    “As a further reminder, you will be spanked at the scene of the crime.”   

He looked around suspiciously for any shards of glass that might cut his darling’s feet.  The snapped phone cord lay next to the shattered vase.  He kicked the mess aside.  The vase was a family treasure, but now he was free of it.  The truest treasure in his life was Eliza herself.

Albert stuck his head out the window and slyly waved to Mr. Hopkins before he sat down and pulled his wife across his lap.  Her buttocks clenched and dimpled fetchingly.  After one last reminder of the reason for her punishment, he started to work.  Eliza’s firm bottom shook, jostled, and rippled as red hand prints merged into an even red hue.  As Eliza kicked and sobbed and begged and squealed, Albert carefully and deliberately delivered his hardest spanking ever.  But that was only the beginning!

He finally let her up, and patiently allowed his darling to dance and rub until she finally gained control.  Her sobs started anew when he picked up the riding crop, grabbed her upper arm, firmly led her to the back of the chair, and bent her into position. 

Albert was surprised at how effective that riding crop was!  It made an impressive “SNAP” as it dug into her right buttock.  She shrieked and stood. Calmly, he put her back into place, held her with his left arm, and then delivered several more blows.  As she absorbed her punishment, her top half stayed anchored to the chair, her feet danced on the floor, but her bottom only managed a bit of a jig, which served to nicely distribute the blows in a satisfyingly random pattern. 

It was then that Eliza got lucky.  After about a dozen strokes, that cheap riding crop snapped.  Albert cussed, but mostly because of the expense of replacing it. Still, Eliza was saved from a few strokes. 

Later Eliza worried that someone outside may have heard her disgrace, but she never knew of the arranged witness.


Downstairs, Mr. Hopkins had wandered out into the parking lot as if to examine his damaged car again.  He arrived just moments before the start of Eliza’s spanking.  The sounds of her punishment thrilled him to the depths of his slightly perverted soul.  Her spanking seemed to go on forever, but finally there was a lengthy pause.  When he heard the snap as his own riding crop impacted against actual feminine buttflesh, the lonely man nearly had a messy accident in his pants.  He was thankful that nobody was there to watch him as he enjoyed listening to his pretty tenant’s hiding.  It was an experience he would never forget.


Up in the apartment, Albert cuddled Eliza and whispered forgiving words into her ear.  Soon, her tears dwindled.  Mentally, Albert shifted back into “husband mode.”  It was time for reconciliation, which the couple invariably did in bed, repeatedly, athletically.

Two hours later found Eliza kissing and fondling Albert’s member in a vain attempt to resurrect it for an unprecedented fourth performance.  His spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak.

Eliza grumbled good-naturedly, “If only.”

© Guyspencer 2013


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