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Groundhog Day at Jefferson Arms F/M

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Groundhog Day at Jefferson Arms

1970, Classroom 305 Jefferson Junior High:
Miss Newby had finally reached her fill with young Sam Walker. He had just disrupted the class for the third time! She couldn’t figure him out. The boy had a perfect record. All of the other teachers loved him. Yet he was a constant problem in her class! What she didn’t understand was that young Sam was simply stricken with her and was constantly vying for her attention.

It was Miss Newby’s first year as a teacher, so perhaps she was to be excused for missing the symptoms of male teenage infatuation. Unnoticed by her, Miss Newby also kept half the school’s male faculty in a condition of perpetual heat. Their balding heads always swivelled when they saw her click-clacking down the hallway in her needle high heels. They always admired the perfectly straight seams of her garter-tensioned stockings. Her high heels made her bottom jut out, straining the tight skirts that the young, single, teacher favored.

It happened to be the end of the last class period of the day. In frustration, she dismissed everybody but Sam. Stealing a trick from her own elementary school, she drew a small chalk circle on the board that was exactly nose-high for Sam. Then she made him stand with his nose in the circle.

She left him there for 15 minutes while she caught up on her grade book. By then, the school was very quiet. Likely only a few staff remained. She locked the classroom door.

Then she stood behind Sam and lectured him, not allowing him to turn around. Frustrated and unhappy with his monosyllabic responses, she decided that sterner measures were required. Reaching around his waist, she unbuttoned his pants, and then jerked them down to his knees. Accidently, his briefs followed. She decided to just leave them down!

As she carelessly raised her hands after completing that task, they contacted something solid. Only then did she realize that young Sam was sporting a rampant erection. She blushed bright red! She reconsidered for a moment, but having gone this far felt that she must continue. Not quite knowing how else to react to the situation, she simply ignored Sam’s tumescence.

So she dragged the suddenly very compliant Sam over to her desk chair, sat down, pulled him across her lap, and started furiously spanking his bare bottom. Sam had never even dared touch Miss Newby, the main object of his sexual fantasy life. Suddenly he found himself not only alone with her, but pants-down, in full contact with her, and enjoying her full attention. His bare and still-erect penis rubbed against her skirt as he squirmed in response to her sudden assault on his bare bottom. This spanking was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to the young man!


Next door in classroom 307, Senior Teacher Ted Osmund looked up in consternation at the sudden sounds of a spanking. It took only a moment for his ears to notice a crucial difference; this was a bare-bottom spanking! Teachers had spanking privileges at Jefferson, but were not allowed to remove clothing from any student. For that reason, most used the standard school paddle. Unless it was the Principal giving the spanking he was hearing, somebody was breaking an important rule.

Out in the hall, he quickly ascertained that the sounds came from Miss Newby’s room. Now he was especially concerned because he was her first-year mentor, making him somewhat responsible for whatever happened in her classroom. He tried the door and found it locked. By the time he used his master key to enter, the spanking was winding down.

He found the bare-bottom boy sprawled across Miss Newby’s shapely thighs. At this point, Mr. Osmund was desperate to keep this somewhat illegal spanking from escalating into a major incident. The first thing he noted was that the lady was a rather ineffective spanker. The boy’s bottom was pink, but not even close to being bruised. So there would be no visible damage for the parents to complain about. Sam hadn’t been making a lot of noise, further evidence that he wasn’t really hurt. His face was actually redder than his bottom and he seemed to be nearly out of breath. At first Ted thought that it was embarrassment that had so flustered the boy, but then he noticed the erect penis, which Sam ineffectively tried to hide.

Ted guessed, correctly, that Miss Newby had come very close to having a messily stained skirt. This spanking had stopped in the nick of time.

Carefully putting on a stern face, Ted ordered Sam to pull up his pants, and then asked Miss Newby what her problem had been with Sam. When told that Sam had disrupted the class multiple times, he scowled at the boy. "OK, you’ve been spanked, but you got off lightly just this once. I’m going to do you the favor of not telling the Principal this time, but if I hear of any more problems with you, you will be meeting him and his big paddle. Understand?"

"Y...Y...Yes Sir" Sam stammered.

"In that case, you will apologize to Miss Newby, and then get yourself out of here."

Sam did as he was told and then fled.

Ted was pretty sure that Sam had been cowed enough that he would never mention his bare-bottom spanking to anyone. So he felt that he had safely defused the incident. Now it was time to deal with Miss Newby! "What the hell do you think you are doing! You know that you aren’t allowed to remove any student’s clothing, and you certainly aren’t allowed to spank any student on the bare bottom! You know I must report this; right?"

Suddenly realizing the depth of her error, Miss Newby begged for Mr. Osmund to not report her. Together, they figured out another way for the young teacher to learn an indelible lesson.

Having agreed on a "lesson plan", a contrite Miss Newby rang Tom Osmund’s doorbell that evening. It was a classic win-win situation; Miss Newby got to keep her job, while Tom got to satisfy an old fantasy. As ordered, she appeared in slacks. After a short corner time, she found herself imitating Sam’s earlier pants-down adventure, except she endured a bare-bottom spanking that was considerably harder than the one she had given Sam.

That evening turned out to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship, but that’s a story for another day.

As Young Sam walked home, the sting and itch in his bottom rapidly evaporated, but that was his only regret about what had happened to him. He wanted that "just-spanked" feeling to last forever! Sam had a million thoughts bubbling and churning together in his head. Like flavors mixing in a stew, these thoughts all became forever blended together. First, he had finally found a way to win Miss Newby’s undivided attention. Then came the memory of that chalk dust, and then the shock of his sudden exposure. And then...did she really caress his penis? Finally there was the frenzy of that nearly orgasmic spanking! Never before had his mind connected spanking and sex, yet now the two subjects seemed seamless. What did this all mean? Where could it lead?

One thing that Sam was sure of was that this was terribly private. Of course, he wouldn’t dare tell his parents that he had been spanked at school, because his father would take him out in the garage for a session with his belt! But this was something far more than just a spanking. This was a life event! ...albeit a very private life event.

Sam went straight to his bedroom, locked the door, and dealt with his sexual feelings in the way that teen boys usually do; except that he did it repeatedly until soreness forced a stop. Each time he ran the story through his head, it got a little better. For example, now instead of merely brushing his penis by accident, Miss Newby stroked and caressed it until he nearly climaxed before gently leading him to her chair, and taking him across her bare thighs to spank his naked bottom.

His idealized, sexualized version of that spanking would feed, inform and guide his sexual fantasies for the rest of his life.

Naturally, Sam tried in subsequent weeks to goad Miss Newby into a repeat performance, but it was hopeless. Mr. Osmund had ordered Miss Newby to send Sam to the Principle whenever a verbal warning failed to immediately yield good behavior. After his second meeting with the Principal’s paddle, and the resulting belting from his father, Sam gave up on Miss Newby.

But he never gave up the memory of that one wonderful eye-opening spanking in room 305.


News Item: Jefferson Junior High to Close
December, 1982: Due to decreasing enrollment and budget limitations, Jefferson Junior High will close at the end of the school year. Jefferson’s students will be divided between the other two county junior high schools. Opened in 1922, Jefferson is the school system’s oldest building. The school board hopes to find another governmental use for the building to save the historic landmark.

News Item: Old Jefferson Junior High Building Listed in National Register Of Historic Places
July, 1984: Thanks to a massive effort by a coalition of Jefferson School alumni, the Closed Jefferson Junior High School building has been listed in the National Register Of Historic Places. According to Samuel Walker, a spokesperson from the group, this is the first concrete step towards preserving the historic and beloved building. The school board had funds in the 1985 budget to raze the building, but this new historic status will stall any plans for demolition. 

News Item: Old Jefferson Junior High Building Sold
April, 1986: A consortium of local real estate developers has purchased the historic Jefferson Junior High Building for an undisclosed sum. The exterior of the building will be renovated and restored to its 1922 appearance. The interior will be developed into luxury apartments. This promises to be an innovative way to preserve this landmark building and it’s heritage for future generations. In honor of the building’s heritage, this "new" apartment building will be named "Jefferson Arms".

There were delays, years of delays, while financing and an incredible amount of permitting and paperwork slithered slowly through various governmental agencies. Although the official historic status of the building had rescued it from demolition, now that same status served to greatly complicate and delay the project because every change in the building must be approved by some reluctant bureaucrat. By 1990, construction had finally advanced enough for the consortium to quietly open a business office in a temporary building on the site.

They were surprised when Samuel Walker appeared on the very first day and demanded to lease apartment 305.

"But we haven’t even numbered the apartments yet, and they won’t be ready for occupancy until next year" they explained carefully. Sam didn’t care. On the blueprint he pointed out the former Room 305.
"That’s where Apartment 305 must be, and I insist on renting it. And by the way, is the blackboard still in the room?"

Since Sam had been instrumental in saving the building, they humored him. He donned a construction helmet and toured room 305 for the first time in nearly 30 years. His heart soared when he saw that the room was empty, but virtually untouched. He walked to the old blackboard. He could still smell a bit of chalk dust on it, and he felt himself swell in a private place. It would take a year, but Sam would eventually live in the place that still held a very special place in his fantasy life. Naturally, the blackboard stayed. He also worked several pieces of real school furniture into the decor of his new home.


1991, Apartment 305, Jefferson Arms:
It was a very special day, their first evening in their new apartment. Today, history would finally repeat itself, only better! It had taken Sam 20 years to find the perfect woman, and now he had finally found the perfect love nest.

Sam sat in an old student desk while his beautiful wife berated him for "disrupting the class." Finally, she ordered him to the blackboard, where she drew a circle on the board and ordered him to stand with his nose inside the circle. Sam was already hard, but the chalk dust still had its usual aphrodisiacal effect on him. His heart rate reached a record high as the lady scolded him, and then reached from behind to undo his pants.
She pushed down Sam’s pants and underpants until they puddled at his feet. But then, instead of simply brushing his penis, she reached around and gently massaged him while still scolding. Just as he neared the point of no return, she abruptly turned him and led her "bad boy" to an old but sturdy armless chair. Her needle heels click-clacked as she walked. She sat. As if in a dream, Sam floated across her thighs. She guided his bare bottom into exactly the right position, and started work. The lady was a master at the art of the spanking! The ensuing tanning was easily vigorous enough to be "real", but not so severe as to kill his ardor. As she spanked his quickly reddening bottom, he squirmed himself deliciously against her tight silken skirt. Propelled by his kicks, his pants and briefs flew across the room.

For Sam, the effect was indescribable! He sobbed cleansing tears. His bottom stung as if it had been attacked by a thousand hornets. At the same time, his wife’s expert ministrations brought him near orgasm for a second time. Although her skirt separated them, he had never felt so close to the lady, nor happier that he had found her. She was a real find! For her, spanking "bad boys" wasn’t just a sexual accommodation, it was a lifelong passion. She found herself nearly as aroused as her husband by this reenactment of Sam’s boyhood fantasy.

As always, the lady knew exactly when to stop. She allowed her sobbing husband up. They immediately embraced, passionately kissed, and "made up." It was only a few steps to their new bedroom, where they celebrated their new apartment in the way that happy and sensual couples have forever privately celebrated. They "celebrated" enthusiastically, athletically and repeatedly.

At last Sam Walker felt truly fulfilled. He knew that history would continue to repeat itself at Jefferson Arms again and again, and that each repetition would be fresh and exciting for him and his wife. It was truly Groundhog Day in Classroom/Apartment 305.

© Guyspencer 2013


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