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Appointment for Contrition, Part 10

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Appointment for Contrition, Part 10
 (A Husband is Chastised)

It was Wednesday morning, time for the weekly Ladies Circle meeting.  It was convened in the fellowship room, located in the church basement.  The fellowship room seemed long and narrow because space was taken by a line of small “Sunday school” classrooms along the length of the basement.   

In cheap folding chairs, the ladies sat in an arc around today’s facilitators, Pastor Lee and Sister March.  Today’s subject was unusually interesting to the group, involving plans for the confirmation of two girls who had recently come of age, and were to be declared adults and full members of the congregation.  Also. those girls must be presented with their new “truth gowns”, introduced to the Contrition Protocol, and inducted into the Ladies Circle.  Since this had never been done before, the group was treading new ground.  How should the church deal with the sensitive issue of private Contrition Appointments between unmarried ladies and their young unmarried Pastor?  What if spankings were required?   Was it OK for him to see the young ladies nude?  Would it start rumors?

Riveting as this subject was, an onlooker might notice some of the ladies seemed a bit distracted.  Certain of them glanced over their shoulders at a man sitting alone in the back of the room.  Some looks were hostile, some curious, but one lady, Sandy, gave him a concerned and loving look.  She caught his eye and favored him with a wry smile.  Sandy noticed that he was sweating, visibly nervous.   Sandy was vaguely worried that her husband, Earl, might bolt. 

Earl had good reason to be nervous.  Upstairs in the sanctuary there was another meeting scheduled shortly after this one.  It was to be an “ Intervention Gathering”, a public punishment session.  Earl was the person to be chastised.  

A few minutes before the end of the Ladies Circle meeting, Pastor Lee gave Sandy a significant nod.  With others watching knowingly, Sandy rose, walked back to her husband, and led him into one of the Sunday school rooms.  She locked the door behind them.  The two embraced, their nervous trembling mutual.  Finally the man spoke, “Don’t feel sorry for me honey, I deserve what I’m about to get for cheating on you.”

He continued with a choke, “Sandy, when this is over, when I’ve taken my punishment, can things be normal again between us?”

Squeezing a bit harder, Sandy replied, “Things already are normal between us, and they’ll only get better.  Today is about your contrition to the church members and to our God, but soon that will be over and then everything will return to normal.  Should we help each other get ready?

For the trip upstairs, Sandy would wear her white “truth” gown.  Since there was no equivalent male garment, it had been decided that Earl would wear a white bathrobe.  Since Earl was the first male to face an Intervention Gathering, some inventiveness was required.  It had also been decided that Sandy would accompany her husband to the altar, where she would have the honor of delivering the first warm-up spanks to her husband’s bottom.  

Alternately removing one item at a time, Sandy and Earl undressed each other.  Just a few weeks ago, this would have been unthinkable for the formerly sexually repressed Sandy, but a week spent at a Christian retreat entitled “Godly Sensuality for Couples” had helped her immensely.  Soon they were both naked.  As she had expected, Earl sported an erection solid as a steel rod.  Upstairs, in front of dozens of parishioners, mostly female, Earl would be expected to doff his robe for punishment.  This would never do!

Sandy had thought ahead, and had the solution.  Again, it was something unthinkable to her just a few weeks ago.   She had stashed a few items in a bag.  She fell to her knees before her turgid husband.  Even though he was already perfectly clean, she extracted a wet cloth from a plastic bag and used to wash Earl’s rigid member.  For the first time ever, she touched her tongue to his glans and then circled the tip of his penis several times.  Suddenly weak-kneed, Earl groaned in surprise and delight at this unexpected favor.  This was as far as Sandy was willing to go.  Not yet ready for full-on oral sex, she had another trick in her bag.  She opened a small bottle of massage oil left over from the retreat and drizzled some on her hands.  Guessing what was next and not trusting his legs, Earl backed into a corner to support himself.  With her warm, slick hands, Sandy inexpertly brought her husband to orgasm.   Earl enthusiastically spurted into the cloth that Sandy produced barely in time, sparing them an embarrassing cleanup job. 

Irreverently,  Earl wondered how many  wank jobs happen in Sunday school rooms.    The operation was successful.  At least temporarily, Earl was deflated.  They helped each other on with their robes.  Poor Earl’s nervousness had returned, he shook with fear.  Hand-in -hand, they walked upstairs to the waiting congregation and Earl’s corporal fate.
Pastor Lee blamed himself when he realized that he had been seeing Sandy at her contrition appointments, yet had missed the clues to her sexual problems and how unhappy they had been making her marriage.  Sandy had been raised in a strict family and in a church with conservative teachings about sexuality.  She had been taught to think of sex as “dirty”, and as a sacrificial “duty” of a wife.  Sex was only for procreation, never for recreation.  Sandy’s parents even slept in separate beds!

On her wedding day, Sandy had walked to the alter as a virgin in every sense of the word.  No man had ever gazed on her charms, let alone touch them!  Denied any satisfaction until after the wedding, Earl had married her on faith that a wedding ring was the key to sexual happiness with this beautiful young lady.  His optimism was misplaced.   As it turned out, for the first three years of their marriage, Earl seldom saw his wife naked.  She dressed in private or in the dark.  Sex was a quick and furtive duty, done under the sheets in a dark bedroom.  Sandy expected no enjoyment from the act, and the thrill soon wore off for poor Earl.  Earl stayed loyal at first, but eventually his eyes wandered.  The other ladies in the church had long noticed, and kept their distance from Earl.  Eventually Earl strayed, and almost immediately was caught.  Sandy did what she and Earl should have done years ago, she asked for help.  She took the problem to Reverend Lee.     

Reverend Lee’s first priority was to end Earl’s philandering and get the couple back together.  Punishment could come later.  Earl claimed his cheating days were over, but Dr. Lee felt that promise was worth little until he could be made happy in his union with Sandy.

After several counseling sessions designed to convince Sandy that sexuality in marriage was not only not “dirty” but was actually part of God’s plan for happy and secure family life, he sent them to the “Godly Sensuality for Couples” retreat.

The first days of the retreat had been difficult for both Earl and Sandy, but difficult for vastly different reasons.  Sandy was fighting against a lifetime of sexual repression, and was trying to change her ways by honestly participating in the group discussions, and by obediently tackling  the later “sensual assignments” in their private room.  Earl, on the other hand, found the “sensual assignments” highly stimulating, but was required to hold back and make no advances on Sandy beyond the “assignment”.  He found this very frustrating.  As the days went by, the “assignments” pushed Sandy’s limits further, and thus became more to Earl’s liking.

On day six, they had a huge breakthrough.  Earl was allowed to give Sandy a long massage, which became “personal” enough that he was able to bring Sandy to her first orgasm ever.  Her reaction astonished him.  For the first time ever, he found his wife naked and clinging to him passionately.  They did what came naturally.  For the first time ever, Earl felt truly married.

The final day was dedicated to “variations”.  They were sent to their room and told to select one of several role-play scenarios.  To Earl’s surprise, Sandy decided to be the “bad girl” while Earl played the part of “daddy”.  Earl pretended to scold her, removed her skirt and panties, and took her across his lap.  Sandy mind was filled with conflicting images.  Part of her enjoyed playing at being childlike again, part of her brain swirled with old issues from teen spankings, while a newly discovered part of her quickly became aroused!  The spanking was a mild affair, barely turning her bottom pink, but she writhed, kicked, and hunched.  Earl’s finger explored, and Sandy’s second orgasm quickly followed.  Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, Sandy still hadn’t totally left her sexual repression behind her, but she was suddenly on her way to becoming a passionate wife and a budding spanking fan.        

It was only after it became clear that Earl and Sandy’s marriage was on the mend that Pastor brought up the subject of “contrition” in a joint counseling session.  “Earl, are you ready to accept full responsibility for your actions?  Are you ready to seek true forgiveness and accept a fair consequence for your betrayal of Sandy?”  Earl gulped.  Concern in her eyes, Sandy took his hand.  She could feel him tremble.  They both knew this would eventually come, they had even discussed it, but here was the true test of Earl’s resolve.

His voice shook when he finally answered, “Yes Pastor, I’m ready.  Would you like me to leave so that you and Sandy can discuss my punishment?”

Dr. Lee spoke kindly, “Yes Earl, that would be appropriate.”

Earl was aware that at least two other men on the congregation had felt the sting of Dr. Lee’s strap.  As he glumly left the office this was the verdict he expected.   Alone in the sanctuary, Earl had stewed alone for 20 minutes when he saw Sister March at the front door.   She greeted him distractedly, and then disappeared into the office.  It was clear to Earl that the three of them were now discussing his fate.  Perhaps Sister March was to restrain him while Dr. Lee applied the strap to his bared bottom?  Thinking of the possibilities, and fearing an immediate summons for punishment, Earl’s heart thumped. 

The reality turned out to be worse than anything Earl had imagined!     

After what seemed liked hours, Dr. Lee stuck his head out his office door and beaconed to Earl.  Feeling condemned, and with his buttocks cringing, Earl crept into the office.  Nobody offered him a chair, so he stood.  He tried to avoid all three sets of eyes, but he noticed tears on Sandy’s cheeks, and he saw Sister March’s mouth set in a thin white line.

Dr. Lee finally cleared his throat.  “Here’s the problem,” he began, “this isn’t just about you and Sandy.  It’s also about many of the female congregation members.   It seems that many of them feel that you have hit on them in the past, and others feel (rightly or wrongly) that you have improperly stared at them.  Further, many of them think of Sandy as a sister, so they take your betrayal of her very personally.”    

The Pastor allowed a few moments for this to sink in before dropping his bombshell, “So when problems have spread to the larger congregation, and when you need to show contrition to many members, we have a special way of dealing with that.”

Earl felt his mouth go dry. “You can’t mean... Oh no!  I thought that was just for the ladies.”   

“No” Dr. Lee corrected, “You will be the first male, but an Intervention Gathering is for any congregation member.  Nobody is exempt, not even myself or Sister March.”  Sister March squirmed at that last, but she didn’t contradict Dr. Lee.  On reflection, she could only agree. 

Pastor Lee led the four in prayer, asking for wisdom for the group and bravery for Earl.  Moments later, Earl agreed to submit himself to an Intervention Gathering.


So now you know why Earl and Sandy were wearing their gowns and walking arm-in-arm up the stairs to the waiting congregation in the church’s main sanctuary.  In the foyer, they met Sister March, who locked the front doors of the church, and motioned them down the central aisle.

They paused just outside the wide double sanctuary doors for a final snuggle and kiss.  Fortunately for Earl, there were only about three dozen parishioners in today’s congregation.  Since this was happening during working hours, the crowd was mostly female.  The only males were Dr. Lee and a sprinkling of retirees.  

Hand-in-hand, they started down the aisle towards the altar.  The effect was almost like a silent wedding march.  But this was no wedding!  Earl was about to receive his first spanking since his teens, and do so in public!  She could feel her man tremble, his breath came in gasps. 

One of the most difficult things about an Intervention Gathering is that it must be lead by the person being punished.  Nervously standing before the congregation, Earl spoke haltingly.  With Sandy standing next to him, he started by leading a prayer.  That done, he launched into a detailed listing of his sins along with a sincere apology to Sandy, to the congregation, and to his God.  Finally his talk drifted to an awkward halt.  Pausing, he drew a deep shuddering breath and asked “Are there any questions?”       

There were none.

 He drew another deep breath.  Sandy could have sworn that she could hear his heart beating in his chest.  “In that case, I will ask my wife to please prepare my bottom for your intervention.  Sister March may choose to add further preparation.  After that, I hope each of you will apply the paddle, and do so without mercy.  I am here because I fully deserve your intervention.  My wonderful wife has already forgiven me.  After your intervention, I pray that you will find it in your hearts to follow her example and to accept me back into the church family.”

“Sandy,” he asked, “will you please prepare me now?” 

At that, Earl unbuttoned his white terry bathrobe, and removed it.  Standing nude in front of the congregation, he folded the gown and laid it on the altar.  Sandy peeked  down just below Earl’s waist and was relieved to see no embarrassing protuberance.  Her “treatment” remained effective.

There was a chair waiting.  Earl put himself over its back, his bare bottom facing the parishioners.  A strategically aimed spotlight lit up his white buttocks.  Incidentally, the light illuminated a rear view of his male equipment, causing a few of the females to titter quietly, nudge, and look significantly at each other.  Well endowed, Earl hung amazingly low.  Having never seen another man to compare, Sandy was clueless about her good luck.

Sandy moved to Earl’s left and, to the best of her ability, started belaboring his bottom with hand spanks.  Her face showed determination, but she wasn’t a strong person and had never spanked before.  After two minutes of effort she was breathless, but had managed to barely color her husband’s bottom.  He braved this first part of his punishment with only a slight wriggle.  Clearly, it was time for Sister March to take over.

And take over she did!  She thanked Sandy for her efforts, before taking her place and pulling her paddle from a large pocket.  She motioned the congregation to line up against one wall, and then turned her attention to Earl’s bottom.  Using fast but medium-force spanks, she thoroughly reddened Earl’s bottom and thighs.  Long before she was done, poor Earl was howling and energetically dancing in place, imparting an interesting motion to his bottom and dangling parts.  Watching from a seat, Pastor Lee pursed his lips in sympathy for Earl.

By the time she was finished, Earl was loudly sobbing.  Without being asked, Sandy had moved to his front to hold his shoulders down.  

Earl was ready for the main event.    

Sister March turned to the congregation and gave her stock instructions.  “You each get one swat.  Make it hard, like this...”  She gave him a full-strength swat to the right buttock.  Earl jumped and screamed while Sandy held on for dear life.  “Don’t all hit in the same spot,” she continued, “Get his thighs also.  The thighs are tender, so that’s a good area for you folks with less strength.”

“Remember,” she said before handing the paddle to the first person in line, “We have a job to do!  This isn’t the moment for sympathy or compassion.  That, along with our forgiveness, he gets after we have given him the  memorable intervention he desperately  needs.  Make each swat count!”

The next few minutes were hell for Earl.  Each person in line accepted the paddle, took careful aim, and gave Earl’s bottom one mighty whack.  It wasn’t a large paddle, but 36 heartfelt swats can do a lot of damage to an already-red bottom.   Because there were so many spankers, the force, timing, and location of each swat was a very individual thing.  Therefore, Earl’s reaction to each swat varied considerably.  Sometimes he screeched, sometimes he merely bawled.  Twice he nearly broke away from Sandy’s hold, and Sister March had to assist. 

Finally it was over.  The last person raised the paddle high and brought it home with a magnificent “splat” to his beet-red and mottled bottom.  Earl shrieked one last time.  Sandy comforted her husband and then helped him with his robe while Sister March reminded the congregation that now was the time for “unconditional forgiveness”.  She was about to invite everyone to the front to express their forgiveness when Sandy touched her arm,  “Can I please speak first?”

Surprised, Sister March agreed, so Sandy spoke to the group, “Adultery is always wrong, so you were correct to chastise my husband.  Now I hope you will all forgive and forget so you can discover what a wonderful person he really is.”

She took a deep quivering breath, and then continued, “Just because my husband is guilty doesn’t make me totally innocent.  I haven’t been a good wife to Earl.  Perhaps you think I should be excused because of my upbringing or because of some mental issue, but I should have faced this problem years ago.  Therefore I will ask Earl to ‘take me in hand’, and punish me for that failure.  So in private, and after he has recovered from today I hope he will sp-sp-spank me, then surely the two of us can move on from there.”

His throbbing bottom forgotten, Earl stared at his wife in mute astonishment.  Suddenly he was gobsmacked by his luck.  His wife had always been beautiful, and now finally was learning to be sensuous, but today she suddenly showed a submissive streak.  He couldn’t wait to get her home! 

She paused again, tears in her eyes, before finishing her thought, “And perhaps I could have been more forthcoming with Pastor Lee in my Contrition Appointments.  I was always afraid that the topic of my sex life with Earl would come up, so I avoided it at all costs.  If Dr. Lee feels I’ve been dishonest, then he may decide on a reckoning.    If so, I will present my bottom for whatever consequence he decides on.”

Still seated, Pastor Lee nodded thoughtfully.

After a quick benediction, the congregation pressed to the front to express their forgiveness and to welcome Earl back into their good graces.

The Contrition Protocol had saved another marriage.


Now that the Contrition Protocol had healed yet another marriage in the young Pastor’s rapidly growing congregation, he had more time to daydream about those two young ladies.  The church’s rules were clear.  Today they were officially children and thus untouchable by any adult, but their coming confirmation would magically make them adults in the eyes of the church. 

The congregation was abuzz.  They understood well that the girls were about to become “fair game” for their young unmarried Pastor.   The word was that those young ladies were not only willing, but were likely to compete for his attention.  Were wedding bells finally in Pastor Lee’s future?

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