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Queen For a Day

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                                                              Queen For a Day

To us, they lived in a remote and impassible wilderness.  But they believed they lived in the center of the universe.  Their lush little valley isolated them from the rest of humanity.  Fortunately for them, they possessed nothing that the outside world valued, so the outside world ignored them.  Yes, they vaguely knew that people existed beyond their valley, but outsiders always brought violence or disease.  So outsiders were made unwelcome, violently so.

Since they knew of no other villages or cultures to distinguish themselves from, these people had no name for themselves or their little hamlet. So we’ll call them the “Village People”.  Naturally, the Village People had a culture, including a system of customs.  To outsiders, some of those customs might seem strange and primitive, perhaps even cruel or immoral.  But their customs worked for them and suited this tiny civilization.   

The village was ruled as a matriarchy.  The Queen was the absolute authority.  Her consort was a man chosen for certain special skills and respected as a teacher of those skills.     

One custom that seems almost universal across human cultures is some manner of “coming of age” ritual, especially for females.  The Village People had a rather unique custom to mark a girl’s transition from maidenhood to womanhood.  The translation from their language is “Queen one sun”, but we’ll call it “Queen for a day”.


Erga was a young maiden with a developing body, long legs and flawless dark skin.  There are no secrets in one room huts, so the basics of sex held little mystery to Erga.  Although no mystery, sex was forbidden to Erga as it was to all the village maidens. 

Since the moon had been making Erga bleed for two seasons now, the Queen judged her ripe for womanhood.  As a woman, she would have the right to choose a husband.  To mark her official transition, she would be made Queen for one day.  For that single sun-cycle the Queen’s consort would serve as her personal tutor into the mysteries of womanhood.  

On the appointed day, the Queen arose before sunrise.  Quietly and regally, she walked from the village and into the wilderness, leaving her consort alone in the royal hut.  Nobody knew where she went on these occasions, and none dared follow.  She would stay gone a full day,  reappearing the following morning to greet the village’s new woman.

The day before, Erga’s mother lovingly prepared her.  A long scrub in the stream, her hair deloused and plaited, her body ornamented, and her best loincloth prepared.

At sunrise, Erga’s mother escorted her to the Queen’s hut, and to the waiting consort.  The mother dutifully sang the customary chant to announce her daughter’s arrival, but there was a sadness etched on her face that any mother from any culture would understand.

As you would expect, Erga was simultaneously excited and frightened.  The details of her training inside the Royal hut were supposedly secret, but girls talk in any culture.  Besides, sounds escape the hut!  So she had an inkling of what to expect. She was resigned to pain, but had also heard hints of great delights.  Erga bit her lip as the animal skin that served as a door moved aside to allow her entrance.  She looked around, but her mother was gone.  She found herself alone with the consort in the privacy of the Royal hut.

To the Village People, the male’s role was primarily as hunters, workers, and fighters.  Also they existed to serve and to please their women, who were the heads of their households.  The Queen’s consort was the bravest and fiercest fighter of all, yet he treated Erga as gently as if she were a new born baby.  He removed her loincloth.  She was stiff with tension, so he used “medicine man” tricks to massage the hardness from her flesh.  She began to enjoy his ministrations.

A log served as a chair.  He sat and eased the naked maiden across his lap.  The Village People punish their children when they misbehave, so Erga was unhappily familiar with this position.  She tightened up again.  Again he massaged the tightness from her.  Working patiently, he started with her arms, and then her shoulders, and then down her back as far as her waist.  Then he moved down to her feet and patiently massaged his way up.  As she gradually relaxed, he felt her go limp and hang from his lap.

He urged her thighs open, then massaged her thigh muscles.  Moments later, Erga felt the first ever male touch to her womanhood.  It was the merest brush, seemingly accidental.  She caught her breath, shocked at the sensations that little touch had unleashed.

Now he worked on the big muscles of her buttocks, massaging away their nervous tension.  As he did so, his touches to her womanhood became more often and more frank.  She squirmed with awakening desire.  He smiled as he felt her intimate parts swell and detected the first lubrication.   
The Village People’s vocabulary was sufficient for the consort to express that there was some pain coming, but she should trust him and surrender herself to the experience.  Immediately, her buttock muscles tightened up again, and patiently he massaged out the tension before he blessed her taut, shapely bottom with the first mild spanks.

Alternately he spanked her bottom and massaged between her legs.  Erga squirmed and panted.  She wondered what was happening to her as her arousal built towards an unprecedented pinnacle.  As the spanks became firmer, Erga became more vocal.  Soon the hut rang with slapping noises and her squeals were clearly audible outside.  She kicked and shrieked her way through the hardest spanks.  With amazing delicacy, he continued massaging her aroused but delicate quim.  As she built towards her very first orgasm, Erga was simultaneously afraid that he would stop his ministrations, and afraid that he wouldn’t!  She had never felt this feeling before, had never even been allowed to masturbate, and now that it was finally happening she was afraid that she might explode, or perhaps some spirit would take over her uncontrollable body at this defenseless moment.   Erga screamed in release, writhing over the consort’s lap, her red bottom pumping and clenching fiercely. 

Never before had Erga connected the supposedly opposite concepts of pain and pleasure.  Now that her very first orgasm had happened in the midst of a spanking, the two were forever one!

She rolled off his lap, landing on the royal sleeping pallet.  She knew what was next, so she tensed up again.  She erroneously believed that the first time would hurt almost as much as childbirth, so was afraid.  The size of his erect organ reinforced her fear.  How could something that size possibly enter her tiny virgin opening?  But the consort was a master!  He cooed at her and again massaged the tension from her body.  As she relaxed, he gently stimulated her towards arousal.  A true professional at his art, he knew the value of relaxation, arousal, and lubrication.              

When the moment was right, he pushed firmly.  Her eyes widened as her body accommodated him.  It only hurt for a moment.

A few delicious minutes later, happily impaled on the Royal manhood, Erga became a woman and enjoyed the second orgasm of her young life.  

When she finally calmed down, they dressed each other.


Erga truly was “Queen for a day”.  That was a key part of the custom.  Today the consort would escort her around the village, and she would actually rule!  As she walked, people came from afar just to bow to her.  As custom demanded, all males turned their heads away from her to show their submissiveness.  Just like the real Queen, today she would make all decisions, settle any disputes, and dispense any justice.  Today, Erga’s word was truly law.  The only person she wasn’t allowed to rule over was the consort himself, and that was only because he was her teacher.  (Just to be safe, the true Queen had already ensured that no really important or irreversible decisions were likely to come before the girl!)

With her morning’s queenly duties done, Erga escorted the consort to her parent’s hut, where a special noon meal awaited.  Erga’s parents acted as gracious hosts to the temporary Queen and her temporary consort.  But still, Erga’s mother looked at her wistfully, knowing that her innocent daughter was forever gone.

As they left, the consort made a suggestion: If the Queen would like, they could make a detour to the royal hut for a bit more instruction.  Yes, the Queen would like that!  This time he demonstrated how another male organ can trigger an orgasm.  Half the village heard her shriek of release.          

That evening, the village enjoyed a huge feast and dance, but Erga and her consort retired early.  All night, they alternated between napping and mating.  Always gentle and careful, he demonstrated different positions and different techniques.  The Royal consort happily enjoyed the orgasmic benefits of his tuition, but like the professional he was, he ensured that Erga’s satisfaction and comfort always came first.  After all, his main function in the village was to break in every virgin correctly!  This assured the arrival of  future generations of villagers.

Just before the break of dawn, the consort awoke Erga from an unusually long nap.  It was time for a last-minute spanking.  She was reluctant, but the teacher insisted.  Over his lap the naked maiden went.

This time, the spanking was more intense, almost like a real punishment spanking.  Her dusky bottom bucked, heaved and colored  under the onslaught.  She cried loudly and deeply.  When he finally allowed her up, she hugged him furiously and sobbed out her hurt against his chest as he comforted her.  Gradually, almost imperceptibly, his “comforting” became more personal and distinctly erotic.  Soon they were back down on the pallet for one final furious shag.  As she came, she wrapped her legs around him, screamed, and dug her fingernails into his back.  It was a wonderful performance that left them both breathless.  Erga had learned again that pain and pleasure can mix wonderfully.

Meanwhile, the Queen had come strolling back into the village to reclaim her rule.  She smiled in approval as she heard her husband deliver his final carnal lesson to the village’s newest woman.

As he dressed Erga for the last time, he reverted to instructor mode, “Erga, the Gods have granted us only this one sun-cycle together.  I have lit a permanent fire in your loins, so you will forever crave satisfaction.  But it will never again come from me.  You must choose a husband and teach him to satisfy you as I have satisfied you.  After your marriage, bring him to me so I can teach you how to properly discipline him.”

Erga shyly emerged from the Royal hut to the applause of the Queen, a small crowd of well-wishers and a gaggle of hopeful future husbands.  The Royal hut had just given birth to a new woman.

Her special day over, the much-changed Erga started her new life as a real woman with a newly-stoked yearning in her loins.   

Soon there would be a new hut and a new family to produce the offspring necessary to assure the future of the village.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you continue with this, I would love to read more about Erga and her future husband.

11:17 PM, August 01, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder... how many little Village kids bore a resemblance to the Consort? Although not mentioned in the story, the Consort might have been portrayed as to hold back from his own physical release. If so, a fitting, alternative ending would be to tell of the rejoining of the rightful Queen and her Consort, thus giving the two of them (er, at least the Consort) a glorious, pent up release of their own! Great story!

11:54 PM, September 06, 2015  

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